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When doing some online shopping, I stumbled upon the Givenchy Noir Révélateur blush… aka: BLACK BLUSH!!! Wait… what?! This crazy looking cream blush promises to adjust perfectly to your skin tone, and leave you with a healthy, pink flush! Is this indeed the WORST blush on the planet or is it a hidden gem? Watch the video to find out!

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1,054 Thoughts to “WORLD’S WORST BLUSH?? Testing BLACK CREAM BLUSH!”

  1. NikkieTutorials


    1. valentina a

      NikkieTutorials hhaha you’re hilarious this blush is a total crap i felt like crying I’m glad that I’m not the one doing this review?

    2. A little bitof Suga in your life Lovable

      NikkieTutorials hell naahhhh I wouldn’t use it. But you my lovely young lady always make me laugh you’re to silly and you make my day

    3. SJ Gee

      From laughing so hard maybe

    4. Ade Christine

      So funny… ???

    5. Phillipa williams

      NikkieTutorials please send it to me to try if you dont want it caz i dont use foundation all the time.

  2. meryem eraslan


  3. Tawni Ammons

    it looks like you have bruises on your cheeks!! lol

  4. L Rigby.x

    Does anybody know which beauty blender she uses? Thanks x

  5. justrobin._

    with that clothes no makeup and youre hair yo slay so much

  6. Ashleigh Martinez

    ? you look like you got punched in the face

  7. Jessie Burgers

    Haha your boyfriends reaction ‘the fack..??’ Hahaha love that

  8. María Angélica Contreras

    Say whaaaaat?! XD

  9. the queen tube

    The funniest video on youtubeeee??ilyyyy❤

  10. yara ad

    What foundation did you use?

  11. reim Latoza

    You have to use it without the foundation and all the things that’s going on with your face. This is perfect for the drunk blush make up look. Or no make up make up look. And you have to put a tiny bit.
    Use it as lip tint as well. ??

  12. Kim Taehyung

    Pikachu… is that you?….

  13. Imane Ben Moussa

    I was litterly dying watching this

  14. Corrally Cow

    I am in stitches.

  15. Svenja 2107

    Haha it can go and eat baguettes?? I’m dying???

  16. Chalsey Vinca

    For a moment there, I thought she had an allergic reaction….?

    Big fan of NikkieTutorials!

  17. فاطِمة

    I think that the blush is for people who enjoy a natural finish maybe ?? like they can use it under a sheer tinted moisturize ??

  18. Jem

    Filipinos would love this product fr ❣️ try applying it without foundation

  19. Emily Russell

    Your hair ?

  20. Makeup_ Geek

    The French like to embrace their natural skin so maybe you should try it without any makeup ?

  21. Faizureen 17


  22. Laila Green

    Ewww this looked so gross!?❤️

  23. Gracey Cordova

    The blush could go well if you go with a natural no makeup look. It’s just like liptints.

  24. Syam ahhh


  25. Amy

    yesss rosacea realness ? Santa is QUAKING rn

  26. Grethan DolanTwins4Ever

    It looks like you put those hot massage rocks on your cheeks

  27. Ines ben zarga


  28. Krystal Cha

    Her hair is GOALS!!!??

  29. Sundays Comrad

    maybe if u put ur eyeshadow on it will look better. ????

  30. Lua Nanda

    “Can go and eat baguettes” ????????
    Come on! Those ‘madames’ who’ll play Mrs Clauss will use it!!!

  31. Nourah

    I can’t stop laughing lmaooo ???

  32. SSS YYY

    What foundation is Nikki using?

  33. Nikkita Landi

    Can we all just take a moment to thank Nikkie for taking one for the team in trying new stuff. ? we can know if it’s worth it or not ahaha

  34. Sofia Zarran

    Your hair looks bomb

  35. Monkeh Bunnes

    BAHAHA who’s idea was this?

  36. Ciao Bellamour

    Your jewelry tho ??????

  37. Melanie G

    You totally said it right 😉 I’m impressed most YouTubers never prononce french products right hahaha

  38. Hayfa Al-kuwari

    She looks like pokemon ?? sorry nikki

  39. Carolina M.

    love u girlllllll ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  40. Where are your earrings from??

  41. Lisa Santos

    Never laughed so much over a blush. God this was a funny video. Thank you Nikkie! x

  42. Missie Marissa

    *war flashbacks to summer 2015 when I started doing makeup and knew n o t h i n g *

  43. Kenstar Fierce

    This look like somebody press too much your cheeks and the cheeks get hurts lol OMG that blush is something, Hell Noo too me

  44. BEAUTY

    Might work good as a lip stain ???? good thang I got to see this train wreck beforehand.

  45. jari van delft


  46. Christy2873

    Does putting on makeup ever annoy you? I mean, you do it a lot, but doesn’t it ever get tiring doing thee same thing over and over again?

  47. Amy Whiffin

    Hahah this is brilliant, your cheeks look swollen ?

  48. Andrea Becerril


  49. Rise Animations

    I think the blush has to touch your skin, I don’t think you’re supposed to have foundation on for it to work…. just a thought 🙂

  50. feyslays

    these are my favourite videos

  51. Jasmine Smith

    Omg I love u. You are so hilarious ???????

  52. Lucero Caballero


  53. Boel Palm

    Your hair in this video??

  54. Queen of cats

    I’m french and I love so much when you speak french ahahahahah love u Nikkie ♥

  55. AlanaUnicorn8 Alana

    Try foaming foundation by the way great video so funny

  56. carol zebra

    Her cheeks are just getting redder and redder (if that’s even a word?, which I guess not)
    sorry, I just can’t contain myself.

  57. Alyssa Tan

    The product targets girls with flawless skin/do not use foundation. Kinda like a go to blush when u have no makeup on and just want a little color. My mom has one but its a white cream that turns pink. Love your video though ❤

  58. Sam Castro

    Ooomg LOL poor you, I feel you pain girl 🙁 but also you make laugh hahaha sorry

  59. Jen Marchese-Barbuto

    Do you think its meant to be used with no foundation underneath?

  60. rdb ana

    I laughed so much that my mom was checking weather I am fine or gone insane

  61. Daddy

    Blames the product but doesnt even apply it how your supposed it. It cant detect ya ph levels on top of a cake face of makeup and you used way too much

  62. Aimee Devine

    try young questions makeup

  63. Тардис

    This blush is perfect!… If you wanna break up with smb???

  64. ItsSteven

    it will take effect on bare skin…

  65. Chris Wallace

    Her skin is so pretty without makeup. I’d never wear foundation.?

  66. Aayushi Deo

    Let your skin breathe…you fkn just painted it!!

  67. Kitsune RedWolf

    maybe it is ment to be used on bare skin

  68. Kitsune RedWolf

    I laughed so hard!

  69. Heather M

    The way that damn illuminating primer makes your face look!! ??☉?? makeup for me today…?thanks!! ????

  70. Aleesha Chavez

    It looks like u got bit by 1000 bees haha but im glad u had a good laugh

  71. Linda Kuhn

    I love the chokers

  72. Jameelsa Silva


  73. kylie duthie

    perfect for the nutcracker season

  74. Ina Mel 2

    Omg! Looks like Annabelle! Lol

  75. Catherine Yim

    Hahahaha it looks like u got pinched SO HARDDDD!!! Ahahaha

  76. Alyson Ament

    maybe you’re not supposed to use it after a full coverage foundation?

  77. Tristian Dodd

    it might be better if you apply the blush before your foundation .

  78. Sophie Maher

    your hair looks so nice in this video x

  79. Sophie Maher

    love you x your so stunning. Any chance you could make a video on the laura lee cat’s pyjamas palette xx

  80. KkayKris

    The instructions DO say to “apply directly to the cheek,” but I do think it should be more clear that though this is a blush, it’s not supposed to be used over makeup. It seems like such a strange concept in this age. Modern culture doesn’t generally have women wearing blush on bare skin. So why would anyone assume that is what Givenchy meant?

  81. muzicteechsop

    It looks like you got punched in the face! lol!! Save it for Halloween… it just keeps getting darker!

  82. Zahra

    The way Nikkie applys makeup is so satisfying to me ✨


    Maybe It’s meant for when u don’t do full face makeup. Meant to put on bare face. More of a natural look

  84. Joy Loke

    Lol, its meant for those who do natural make up. I dont put foundation on and i use this and i love it. Definitely isnt for someone who loves full make up. 🙂 you look cute Nikki hahahaha

  85. lax_man91 Call of Duty

    send it to me i like to do special effex makeup it would work perefect lol jk

  86. Jamie Saunders

    Your hair color looks amazing!

  87. Jennie Ahn

    Oh my that’s way too much foundation…

  88. Hà Thạch Thảo

    ?? lol laughed so harddd, u r super cuteee

  89. Qudrat Ehsan

    You are so funny nikkie?? i love you hunny ??

  90. Helena Baee

    omg i love your video and this blush makes me think of Pikachu ? sorry ?❤️

  91. m sp

    I think the foundation on your lips is the bigger problem here…

  92. Dagmar jurkič

    We were so positive at the bwgining??

  93. Elisha Barrows

    It looks like you got stung on the cheek lol

  94. Maria Blanco Serrano

    Ik ga zo stuk om deze video ????

  95. Abigail Oshaughnessy

    Your french accent is amazing

  96. breana ramos

    What if it was put on a bare face and then layered with foundation?

  97. Jenny P

    I think they used it to create Annabelle makeup look??.

  98. underground2faust

    Just a shot in the dark, but I think that this is kind of a French product. And most French women don’t use a lot of foundation, or heavy make up. I could imagine someone just putting this product on fresh face. Not that I think this is a good product, but it’s just a thought

  99. PersephoneAnderson

    I love all of your videos. I always have. But, I miss your monthly Hits and Oh God No videos! No hate what so ever. Just miss them! ❤?

  100. gaysoullessginger

    It’s because you set it with a powder first and then put it on, put it on before setting everything

  101. Rachelle Pieri


  102. Thalissa Rodrigues

    omg ?

  103. Sha OnAir

    Hahahaha!! This video was awesome. The blush really is a fail unfortunately… I wonder what it would look like on darker skin too.

  104. Nik Chip

    This is meant to be put on natural skin, no base. Most European countries do not cake on makeup like in the US, sometimes no foundation at all, maybe just a little bit of press on powder

  105. Shiloh Anjelyse

    Do a review on the Crayon Case collection!!!

  106. Nina Banana

    I really think you must use it only on bare cheeks hehe

  107. ShArks

    That pink shade is very similar to what we put on our kid’s cheeks here in Sweden durinng Easter. Google Påskkärring and u will see what I mean. Loved the vid tho, hahaha laughed so hard at your reaction to that blush

  108. EGGbutt

    To be honest this particular blush is probably alright if you don’t wear any foundation underneath and you just use the blusher for colour.

  109. Cassandra Sanchez

    That bling

  110. Marie Blanco

    Her reaction when Siri said 44 dollars was hilarious ???

  111. Nasty B.

    Well yeah ur ”base” is a ridiculously thick layer. No one applies makeup like that

  112. Eku cosplay

    Sorry but I laughed so hardly lol I love your sense of humor!!

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    Omg i love your hair and accessoires !! ??
    And how funky you are and you are A real inspiration!

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    Givenchy gimmicky -eyeroll-

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    Time to use it as a lip product, then! LOL

  118. Jennifer Lubigan

    i wanna try it! this is just too funny lol

  119. :: charactersongs ::

    Nikki it looks like two big ass blisters

  120. Bonbon C

    I could not “for the love of GOD” stop laughing. This vid is a gem in youtube

  121. Rebecca Barbosa

    Please do a full face of this

  122. Lolo Brubru

    Ton français est pas là ?

  123. lois trauschke

    What happened to your eyebrows the just didnt move the entire video? But anyway loved the video just curiousxx??

  124. Esther VB

    OMG wat een vreselijk product! En zo duur!!

  125. Georgia Mae

    Girl u don’t need full coverage foundation bcuz ur skin is literally flawless

  126. pinklady13

    It’s a french product, right? Please correct me if I’m wrong but french women wear less makeup, it’s probably supposed to be for a natural look on bare skin.

  127. somebody somebody


  128. AlanaTutorials

    Use that “blush” for halloween makeup

  129. Amaryllis

    This had me laughing so hard my asthma came back 

  130. alyflo

    What foundation is she using?

  131. Little Chortle

    Pretty sure this is supposed to be used on either bare skin or a very light base, lol…

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    her hair looks so smooth omg

  133. Barebones Makeup

    If you try to return this and they give you a hard time, just show them this video

  134. русский RU


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    maybe I just don’t understand because I’m 12…

    1. Nasty B.

      lipstick stays on longer that way

  137. Giulia Vantini


  138. Bonnie Merrilees

    it works better as a make up remover than a blush p.s love ya

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    Sometime to make my self extra happy I pretend in ure intro your saying hi to me ???

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    Omg. It’s not a blush. It’s like a makeup remover!! Love your personality!!
    ?? for your personality
    ??for the “blush”

  141. 10derhart

    It looks like a great blush product; if you were dressing up as Santa Claus. Also, if someone didn’t know it was make-up; they might think you are in an abusive relationship because the blush still has that grayish black tint to it and it is creating an odd shadow on the cheeks that they look swollen and bruised.

  142. Lauren Rivera

    Omg thats terrible ! Lmfaoo i can’t !

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    Where can I get those earrings?! they’re so pretty!!!!!!

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  145. Keira Jutte

    i love your hair in this video

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    Your hair gives me life. Please do a hair tutorial or something!

  149. Jade

    I feel like this blush is for actual skin not foundation under it. Like a more natural blush. Try it without foundation on.

  150. Mandolin Brown

    This blush can go eat a bagguette ??

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  155. Rosalie Townshend


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    I think that ur supposed to use it before the foundation

  163. Ddrsdd D

    I think it’s meant to be worn on bare skin , with no foundation. That foundation is way too heavy , anyway.

  164. pimenel

    well, it does reveal. Can’t deny that. =S

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    Considering it is a French product and the French wear very minimal makeup, I would assume this product was made to be used on bare skin for a natural type of look. It would make sense as to why it’s so oily and removed your foundation.

  190. Lala

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  191. Aliyah Sanchez


  192. Keri Jasysyn

    It’s not meant to be worn with heavy foundation and powder etc. It gives a natural look if you wear one drop for each cheek without foundation. You can pat a drop in right after foundation and before powder. Liquid never rubs in well on top of powder. It’s common sense. ?

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    Google the disease and you’ll see what I mean. (you do a perfect job of pronouncing Givenchy you the way ?)

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    I would like you to make a makeup tutorial without using filters and using day light to see how our makeup will really look. I would apreciate it <3

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    Case in point.

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    1. Jennie Ahn

      I agree.. Lol

    2. Ddrsdd D

      MyEnime I agree.

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