Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?

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If you could decide today… how long do you want to live?

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Why Age? Should We Try To End Aging and Live Forever?

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10,122 Thoughts to “Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?”

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Watch part 2 by CGPGrey: Also, if you for some weird reason don’t know his channel you should feel bad for a moment, watch a few more videos and subscribe.

    1. Rain_bow Pop26 //Singer and Gamer

      Why should we feel bad for not knowing a YouTube channel, if we don’t know or didn’t know it existed in the first place?

    2. no name


    3. no name

      Why was the cigarettes made and what’s the purpose of cigarettes?

    4. Tristan bul

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
      Stop or delay, if you delay it long enough they can stop it when im still alive cause ill live much longer, and the advances in technology and stuff speed up faster than ever before and that will be even faster in the future.

    5. José Miguel Soto Balam

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell p

  2. superspider64

    Long enough to see the end of One Piece

  3. Pieter Haegeman

    I wonder why evolutionarily speaking we don’t already live longer if it’s as simple as they way we replicate dna… Wouldn’t this already have happened?

  4. hacker the Poop

    im a kid

  5. Cyberknight 0117

    Depends, if you want to live your life then u will want to die when u are bored but if you want to use your life for a certain purpose then it will depend on how long will that thing take to fulfill or u get bored before it.

  6. ت ت

    I like to be free to do anything any ware with anyone , and 5billion $

  7. scott hough

    Id say about a thousand years or greater

  8. Wolf SurvivalX

    I would live forever so I could share my knowledge and wisdom with the people of the future.
    It would suck for me, but if I could do it, I would

  9. Kai Na

    I already don’t like this CGPGrey guy. No, I’m not “unconvinced”… unconvinced of what btw? This video had a perfect ending and your contribution is unnecessary.

  10. Cesar Saenz

    500 years

  11. Protato_ Life

    Who else was thinking about Life

  12. MrBeast Is Sexi

    69000 years

  13. Khayri Hyder

    I read something about this in school , there are a lot more cons to living longer than you think . Mentally physically and emotionally

  14. Casey

    I would like to play Fortnite for all eternity

  15. Vítor Medeiros

    But I want to play outside forever!

  16. TheHadesShade

    I would want to stop aging around 30 and keep living till I am 120. But it also greatly depends on how everyone else would “grow old” If everyone I knew or loved would die I would not want to live on. But in the ideal scenario? I would want to keep living indefinitely until I am just too tired.

  17. angelika Scutts

    Haha Suckers I’m an emo from 2005 and my soul is dead.

  18. John doe

    2581 years are enough for me…

  19. Robin Bruce

    probably something between 200 and 1000 years leaning more towards 200 xD

  20. Mats Martensson

    “Should” is a myth, it doesn’t exist outside the imagination.

    The question “Should humans end aging?” has no answer just as questions like “Should a person drive a car during their lifetime?” or “Should mankind still be alive five years from now?”

    ‘(sigh) We humans are stupid egotistical self-deluded beings’

  21. The Mono & Raquel Show

    My great great grandma is still alive, shes in her 90’s

  22. WaterMelon Gaming

    honestly id like to live forever just because id like to see how far we as a race can go, like can we conquer our galaxy or will we all die from needles wars or from some super plague that we couldn’t stop well for a more detailed answer id like to live at least a few minuets after our race has completely died,

    which is impossible but that would be awesome if i could live that long ^.^

  23. mamuburaa

    If humanity was a body, then immortals would be the cancer.
    Death is necessary for evolution. Infinite age could even lead to extinction. Ironic, isn’t it?

    1. ROAD To The Top

      mamuburaa Evolution would still go on through descendants, and remember, evolution is an effect, not a necessity.

  24. SilentBeats __

    OMG the animation is too gud

  25. Harry Turner

    300 years

  26. Gabriel DeMers

    999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years in maximum

  27. PIL LOWS

    prevent aging more time for us right??why dont we use that to travel to other planets build stuctures in space light years away no problem cause we dont age

  28. Voo Too

    I just what too live too see the year 2100

  29. Tate Davis

    Honestly I would want to live to be 1000 so I can see how far humanity can go in 1000 years but at the same time, I don’t think the planet could support everyone living to be 1000 so yeah overpopulation would definitely be a problem

    1. ROAD To The Top

      Tate Davis In 1,000 years, we would probably colonize the solar system, and maybe terraform Mars and Venus sometime. Plus, we could travel at near lightspeed and find other planets. Maybe a warp drive (that’s actually theoretical).

  30. Shawn Carlson

    My answer would likely be about a millennium

  31. Avery Lucas

    500 years and beyond..

  32. Peter Rosqvist

    Elves in lord of the rings are immune to aging, but they can still be killed.

  33. Izzy Török

    50000 years ago? Adam was born in 4026 bce

    1. ROAD To The Top

      Izzy Török The Bible isn’t accurate on these things. Humans have existed for over 100,000 years.

  34. Carl Åhlin

    I would like to live for another thousand years or so but not forever.

  35. A fire in the puppet theatre


  36. Ορέστης Ρεπούλης

    Curing aging would be bad… overpopulation would then occur

    1. ROAD To The Top

      Ορέστης Ρεπούλης We could colonize the solar system eventually. Find other planets.

  37. Keith Tiberius

    “I grabbed a pile of dust, and holding it up, foolishly asked for as many birthdays as the grains of dust…I forgot to ask that they be years of youth and beauty”

  38. maximus Lucky


  39. Geff Gefferson

    ill take 400 billion years thank you

  40. Kokanauka

    Maybe 450 years? I mean, think back to the 1600s. Things have changed so much since then.

  41. Inorganic Produce


  42. 김사늠

    씨발 뭔 원론적인 얘기만 존나 하다가 돌아가서 또 얘기하고 또 얘기하고.. 그냥 좆같은 소리 반복질 하는 병신같은 영상이구만 ㅆㅂ

  43. Turtle

    Ferever please, thank you.

  44. woo jaeho

    I want to live for about 150 years

  45. Will Colmorgan-Starr

    10000 years

  46. RetroSupporter93

    600,000 years, please.

  47. Necron Lord

    Even without my relatives and anyone I know now, I’d like to live forever, in case I will remain reasonably young and healthy. Duncan MacLeod is my best example of this kind of existence. I think, even if people will have to kill for eternal life, they will do it happily.

  48. Seagle

    >summer evening when your mum calls you inside >if you go inside you die /// just kill your mum

  49. Hey u gullible noob I’m normal don’t judge me

    Personally I want the world to live forever and humanity at middle age you stop right there and stay like that forever… there happy ending

  50. Cry mc

    I would never stop aging

  51. Simon Stadler

    I think as long as we have a purpose in life, a goal we would like to reach we want to stay alive

  52. Gentlemen Z

    I’ll take one for the team and die. It is ok for me. And this way those who want to live forever won’t have it crowded. But living without aging sounds good to me.

  53. Error_404 PL

    Watching medical care costs per age when in Europe it’s 99% free.

  54. nathaniel lake

    I want to be 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 years old

  55. NadoLife

    Well… I work in a hospital ER, I LOVE helping good people who are hurting. Car accidents, asthma attacks in children, splinting and bandaging broken bones and bangs and bruises of all kinds, I love it! However, the VAST majority of people who are here in the ER are sick by there own hand. Fork full after fork full of crappy diet, bad life choices, alcohol, drugs, smoking and just general bad life choices. One of the worst choices you can make is to sleep with someone you don’t want to have children with. That you do not know their family history, their ability to care for themselves your relationship and your future offspring. It is insane to me how few people I treat who care for themselves. Who are fit, who do not live on fast foods and nicotine. I rarely ever see someone (even in the traumas) who is an honest to God “good patient.” Most of us deserve to die based on our terrible life choices. I honestly only wish the sugar, nicotine and fast foods were better poisons and killed the people who choose to eat them faster (except for the kids). My parents fed me sugar and other crappy foods all the while smoking and drinking way too much and unfortunately they are some of the few who do t get fat or seem to deal with any consequences for their foolishness. They are both obnoxiously healthy well into their 70’s. I figured out by the time I was 12, i preferred to go hungry to eating crap and did just that. If you make it past your 20’s and haven’t figured out to eat LOTS of leafy greens and other good vegetables (ideally growing them yourself even living in a down town apartment it only takes 1/2 an hour a day to maintain a window green house, or eat jarred veggies from last season), a little HEALTHY fruits, meats, carbs and dairy, then you have EARNED your early grave. But I will go on treating the obese self indulgent panic stricken masses, who don’t even worry about paying for their own health care in their rush to buy the next cool phone, shoes, hair/nails, purse, car etc. To get laid. To have more of kids like themselves that they don’t really try to care for despite their claims of love… god it is just so black pill depressing! Seriously, go talk to ANY ER Doctor, ask them what they think. God I need to get to church.

  56. levi ackerman

    That is a terrible idea

  57. Mike Rurak

    If we could live that long we would see interstellar travel even at sublight velocities as feasible. Because one could possibly minimize ageing to the point where the crew could sleep for 50,000 years and wake up healthy. Stopping the aging process won’t save us from a comet or asteroid.

  58. Joe Siemoneit

    im not read to die until im about 4000 years old

  59. Ruth Dehantschutter

    500 years

  60. Pew Diepie

    99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999years would be enough for me?

  61. :)

    I’d live until I could learn everything in human history and discover all of it

  62. Ryaken

    I would like to live 1 million years.

  63. Razvan Florea Stefanov

    If you live for a eternity is to much information for the brain you forgot saying it.

  64. влад поращенко

    i’d like to see death of the universe

  65. Mahendra Joseph

    Once there is no aging, all emotions like love will lose their value. You love someone just to share the few moments of life she has in common with you. Once you stop aging, you will get tired of loving her for a hundred years. Believe me, there are relationships that are broken up after just a few days or even a few hours. I have been in such a relationship.

    Think about a world without love.

  66. Leah Welch

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want immortality? It seems terrifying. To be unable to die even when everything around you is.

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      That’s stupid. First of all, not everything around you is dying. You would not be some godly immortal living in a world of mortals….everyone else has this kind of treatments aswell.
      Secondly you only would be ageless, not immortal. If you want to check out, just pop a pill.

  67. Jamie Coxe

    I’m not afraid to die, but if I had a choice, I would want to live for as long as the quality of life is good. I can’t define a set age. 90 years or 100,000 years, it doesn’t matter as long as I’m enjoying life.

  68. lian salmon

    Wait a second, so if we cure all disceases and make indefinite/repariable/switchable organs, we’ll basically live forever?

  69. locojambo

    “If we could work for 150 years how mu..”

    KILL ME NOW!!!

  70. Banana Bread Man

    If I lived forever i would honestly sleep for a year straight if i got bored

    imagine how good that would feel

  71. Kenta Davis

    how long!? fuck that!!! thats not the point!
    lemme die after i did evertthing i waned!!!!!

  72. Nicholas Houndalas


  73. Popgoesthecat

    If i could choose how long i would live, i would live so long it’s worth it.

  74. Jonas F.

    There is a way to stay fit when getting older. Do sports, stop drugs, be happy and the most important…stand up and get away from your desktops from time to time.


    I’m already immortal anyway

  76. Shanella Akhtar

    The ending really lifted my spirits with hope

  77. Sun Jeevs

    I want to live as long as I could in good health, the moment I dont know im as old as i am is the moment I die.

  78. Blood Fire Drake

    As long as possible

  79. 柴犬神


  80. cullen manley

    I have been strolling through the comments for this video and not once did I hear a single person who “wants to live forever because it would be cool man” mention the logistical nightmare this would cause to the human population. All of us would be fucked on planet earth if we came up with a cure for aging tomorrow. Resources completely disseminated in the next 100 years. Population growth is a already a huge issue for the future of human civilization at least on this planet. I can’t imagine the scope of this with immortality. The universe will indeed go one for many billions of years but eventually that will end science has already predicted this will happen when the last star in the universe implodes in 1 trillion years . All things come to an end at least within our observable universe. But to think curing aging for humans would allow you to live for thousands or even millions of years is a highly ignorant viewpoint considering the damage we have caused in only a few hundred years of advanced civilization.

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      Yes, you are right. Of course only if you are naive enough to think that one of the grates changes of the human condition wouldn’t have any other changes aswell….

  81. AzTK

    As the example of the child playing, I want to live until I don’t want to live. But living always in my 20’s.

  82. Shubham Gupta

    Someone needs to write a book

  83. Aapeli Huhtinen

    My choise is 1 000 000

  84. Alek Yoseph Sarausad

    I would want to die reasonably at the age of maybe 400 years or 1000 years, so i can go to heaven and stand with god, and also enjoy life at the same time

  85. Tragic Ending

    Listen all, I actually want some opinions. Please? I enjoy thinking, so here’s this:
    1. If age prevention was within a drug or device, should it be available to all?
    2. What if people had to earn this ‘immortality’ by contributing to the betterment of humanity? Say if genuine geniuses were granted a lifetime of good health instead of in addition to a medal, honor, grant, or whatever. Thoughts?
    3. If all humans didn’t age, all complicated problems aside, how should we build our world? Even if we transfer.

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      1. Yes. (Maybe with some really rare exceptions in some corner cases were people might lose that privilege)
      2. They don’t, see 1. Also this would be a really distopian idea. What I could imagine, if necessary, is a quota for new children, though. But I would base this on “first come first serve”.
      3. Don’t get the question

  86. Brian Lee

    iMMORTALYTY! Mother of all changes 🙂

  87. HeligO

    I don’t want to die

  88. SantiVZ

    I would want to die in my sleep peacefully tbh, even if we had an option to live forever. I feel like the future is going to get crazier and crazier so I just want to live my normal, healthy lifespan and die peacefully.

  89. Juan Villalba

    That sentiment of dying is important and dreadful. Because it makes us worth time. But, at the same time, got us in a constant concern.

  90. Zack Fly

    i would be living life all over if that was the case

  91. Valentine Clarissa Alanis Star Maxwell Constantine

    I want to live forever, like to no end. I might go insane from billions or trillions of years alone in a dead universe, but hey, wonder if you can tunnel to another universe.

  92. R.E.d

    You are a heretic…

  93. Upendra Bhele

    I want to live 1000yrs but as a young

  94. muhamat aliyev

    One thing I never hear being mentioned is the earth over crowding if we some end up finding a way to cure aging ho would you get it how much will it cost. There are over 7 billion people on earth and were heading for 8 billion if we cure age if we would over populate and that will start wars

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      You never heard it? Haven’t you spent 2 minutes in the comment section? That is the single most often mentioned concern, followed up by “But death give meaning”.

  95. everx7

    Stopping aging is a great thing, it could be at least, BUT theres the problem we face right now, overpopulation, if we can eliminate the aging factor, op could take over very quickly, if there wont be some steppes taken before curing aging, like we will almost certainly need to relocate many of the earths population, to colonies planets, moons etc. We will certainly need a plan to get to those planets to establish those colonies, the science needs to be top notch on so many lvls so we can be slowly aging or be immortal and also not overpopulate the earth in a few years. Universe is pretty huge, galaxies are many, populating them with human life should be achievable in the distant future, of course if we cancel the possibility of alien life, then there are planets supporting human needs for life, so its just about the means of getting there. Here comes the fact of the longer life span, if we can propel our modern spaceship only with the fraction of speed of light we can get to some of these planets in a matter of some years (hundreds, tens, or thousands i dont know), cause we are lets say immortal, so years doesnt matter anymore, but what about our mental health, will it be up to the task, taking hundreds of years through space to get to a earth like planet. Age is now not the concern, but food, water is, so the ship must be huge to be able to sustain the population of that ship, of course theres the hibernation method maybe in the future possible and able to reanimate frozen ppl to life, but still technology must be very advanced. Maybe it will, i dont know what the future holds, but my honest opinion is that make ppl immortal could and will place many today not so alarming questions into foreground. We will have to cope with those first before we can be very slow aging or immortal. Slowing aging or eliminating it entirely could cause more problems then it could solve.

  96. Salahudeen Ahmed

    No intro ?? ?

  97. Ghostmarine10

    I can never die?

  98. Yaume Lepire

    My answer: forever.

  99. Nathanael Thompson

    Without a doubt, I want to live forever young.

  100. Joris Lousberg


  101. crazygame crafter

    Clearly until the univurse dies.

  102. launchedrug4

    80-90 yes old

  103. ROAD To The Top

    To quote John Lennon – “I don’t wanna die”.

  104. MrReikura

    I’d be ok with at least 300 years.

  105. Sigurd Kuhlmann Smith

    even though i personally (being very narcisistic and selfish) want to be able to not age, i believe that ending age forever or not letting people die
    this is because death is a very important part of life that keeps us preparing for the future

    it would also just multiply our overpopulation problems

  106. IdioticUlt1mara

    I would like to live a longer life without the health disadvantages involved – as long as my family, well son, could as well.

    I have had multiple discussions with friends over “would you want to be immortal?” I always answer no as I dont want everything/everyone I ever cared for and loved die before my very eyes. Not only that but it will repeat over and over again. Now if everyone could join me with being immortal then I would happily accept – same with living longer – as that means everyone we love(d) will stick around as well, this could be a blessing or a curse e.g. exs lol.

    Anyways yes I would like a life without aging as long as the others around me had the same benefit basically

  107. BrewBrewBrewTheDeck

    Ageing isn’t the cause of ALL disease as the video claims. Kurzgesagt being imprecise garbage yet again.

  108. karen liew

    Oh great i should learn more about the human body

  109. Shaamaan

    How long would I like to live in good health? As long as possible. I’m a curious person, and so I think I’ll always be curious about what the world will come up with next and what will be around the corner. Of course, not every new thing done or discovered in the world is good, but I’m still curious.

    I guess the only way this could turn badly for me is if the world entered some kind of stasis, where nothing is actually happening any more.

  110. Tony Lott

    Personally, I’d like to live to 75 or so

  111. Ethan McDonald


  112. Max Barrow

    I’d love to live forever I mean like true immortality of my self without end without entropy and without destruction that is what I want

  113. UnknownUser025


  114. Mike Ross

    personally either hope i die at 50 or suicide at that time . Better to die young than have the horror of falling apart

  115. Princee Erick

    I want to stay young and stop againg forever

  116. Maria Beatrice


  117. Ghabriel Melo Oliveira

    : )

  118. KanishLIFE

    One day we will beat the death

  119. Live with kittys Kittys are cool

    I hope they create a cure for aging you can use at any time of your life, so you can stop aging when you don’t want to get any older.

  120. Le Waver

    420 years fam

  121. Deepshikha Gangwar

    I want to live for like a billion years and discover everything there is. And if I want to die after that, alright. I do believe we may get exhausted of living. But human lifespan is way too small to learn and grow and be.

  122. Emperor Blobby

    If you’re answer is anything other than never then the grim reaper has given you stockholm syndrome

  123. Lassigamer

    This video is a paradox!

  124. Luihutin

    Even if we lived to 200 we’d still make the same mistakes.

    I’ve wanted to die since I was a child and it’s never going to change, because I make mistakes. Whether it matters in the grand scheme of things doesn’t really change that. I’m ready to leave. I don’t want to make anymore mistakes. Leave the living for those who are adept at it.

  125. TwoGamerzz

    100 centillion years. (303 zeroes)

  126. Peaceful Genocide

    as long as i please

  127. Kyle A

    About 3 seconds or less.

  128. Tristan bul

    Wait if its unnatural why does physics allow it then

  129. TırrekGamer

    I would like to live years

  130. ichabe dichlieb

    130 for everyone, except those who are very important for the development of humanity.

  131. Luis Pérez

    Call me and old-head, but I just want to live enough to see the children of my grandchildren graduate from University and getting married. With then, I could die happy. Idk why, tho.

  132. Jillian J

    I’d say 200 is a good number, assuming that indefinite can’t be accomplished without overcrowding. Even with that, though, loss of sanity is a possibility. Assisted suicide may be desired after a certain point.

  133. Neko

    I have a fear that there is nothing after death or it will be a bore, I want to watch the universe end and watch if (if it does) rebirth, thats just my opinion now idk about th efuturweffw

  134. Mr Leprechaun

    Fuck the natural order, fuck the naturalistic arguments. Immortality all the way, and with the time we could even mechanicize our bodies to become invincible. The only thing that bothers me is if everyone would have access to immortality. I think it should be accessible for everyone at the same time, and end disputes forever.

  135. DoglinsShadow

    Keep it simple: one child per immortal couple. In order to become immortal, you must give up your ability to reproduce.

    This is a very fair trade off and will prevent too rapid of a population explosion.

    Hell, maybe even 0 kids for immortality. I would rather live forever (but still be able to have sex please!!).

    Also, c’mon guys. We have the whole universe to explore.

    We damn well won’t run out of resources, we just have to learn what’s already available.

    There are so many possibilities and this earth-only scarcity thinking is ridiculous.

    Either we completely limit reproduction for immortality, or we expand slow, etc.

    That’s a fair trade off

  136. Allan Plais

    the disease of all immortal, boredoom.

  137. Sergio Solórzano

    a couple billion years of life is all i ask 🙂

  138. Harvey Thompson

    They is a new company coming called andromia. IT WILL CHANGE OUR WORLD! there even planing right now!

    1. Harvey Thompson

      So I’d say forever if they succeed if not 120

  139. AhegaoComics

    I would love to live forever so I could watch humanity develop or end.

  140. Magikarp TV

    i would like to life forever its not a kind of joke, my dream is it to life forever stop aging at an age of 27. I think of it a long time like 4 years and i think the ability of not dying would be a iternal pain but also a way to see everything till the end and that would be great, only the knowledge of how the human race will evolve and how the Universe End could make me die in peace but its only a dream no one will life forever… its a kind of funny and i think when i am older and have kids i will change my mind about the death but i think my dream will always be the same.

  141. Heavy Weapons guy

    Ur videos make me so sad

  142. Bob Bobson

    I really hope we crack interstellar travel before we manage eternal life. If not we’ll all be stuck in an increasingly crowded solar system

  143. Floris -

    But wont that result in overpopulation?

    1. Random Guy

      Venrox you are right on a point, but if we find a way to stop aging, even before that we will find how to lessen the accidents. murders and only suicide is a way of less population left, and by the way there will be sooo much people that people suiciding would be very less.

      Edit: one more thing more humans = we will need more food out of the earth which will cause in famine so it will CAUSE IN OVERPOPULATION

    2. Venrox

      ending aging doesn’t mean we are immortal people will still die because of accidents, diseases, murder, suicide…and many more , thats having fewer children will in a way stop it

    3. Random Guy

      @Venrox ?If we have fewer children,it wont stop it bacause older people will never dye and it will keep growing

    4. Venrox

      Floris – not if we make fewer children

  144. Klaus

    living with the ur grand grand grand child. wow that would cause nice generation struggle.

  145. Mr. Multidimensional

    There’s so much to learn and experience in this life. Live life to the fullest everyday guys.

  146. Mr. Multidimensional

    I wanna live forever too and stay young forever. I’m gonna have this beliefs all my life. I hope it will serve me for the better.

  147. John Stefanov

    Forever of course.

  148. 05candyman

    How about this, you live until you’re bored and then you kill yourself. It’s not about eliminating death, but taking control of it and being able to implement it at will. I’d like to be as healthy and powerful as I have ever or could ever be, and then some, but eventually a time may come when I know longer want to live, and then I will choose when to die. Death should be a choice, not an inevitability.

  149. DarkPaul1ux Gaming

    well,im hoping for atleast surviving till 100 years :/ but if i had option i would love to live for forever just because i want to see how people progress 🙂 but i guess i want to much 😀 haha

  150. Silva T

    “I plan to live forever, of course, but barring that, I’d settle for a good few thousand years. Even five hundred would be pretty nice.”

  151. Vir x

    kurzgesagt I came here to learn something, why you put me on the feel trip ? T.T

  152. Hal

    Living forever means no retirement=working forever. Thanks, but no, thanks. I’d rather die.

  153. Ali Mills

    We would be overpopulated, more than we already are.

  154. Jacknukeuly

    I would want to live for…


  155. Moocifer 666

    How about 300 years?

  156. Денис Спиренков


  157. TheManBehindTheMaskVEVO

    idk like 300

  158. 914ThePro

    i want to live forever

  159. VenomPrestige

    I will have eternal youth and immortality and regeneration until i get bored of life and then I will have the option to turn it off

  160. The Oddman

    My answer: forever

  161. bangyahead1

    The Sumerians who said their gods came from the heavens, said those gods lived to be 750,000 years on average and drank cocktails of chemicals to maintain their youth. Imagine what Einstein and and Tesla could have accomplished if they had lived 750,000 years instead of 75. We would already be off the “milk it for all it’s wortth” rocket technology.

  162. bangyahead1

    Bullshit. Aging is caused by biology, not physics. Most aging is due to a geniological weakness in the cell wall known more commonly as “oxydation.” The weakness in the cell wall is caused by genetics, not by physics. End oxidztion through better DNA and you effectively stop aging. That is a fact. Look it up.

  163. Mediocre Moth

    I’d wanna live forever if there’s no god I don’t want to find out I’m Cristen and I’m having a fear that there is no god and that’s its eternal nothingness what will happen? will I be able to come back? is there a god? when I die, am I going to be stuck in a void for the rest of my existence or is there just nothing? is it like going to sleep? you close your eyes and then, poof, its day to you just become reborn as another being without any memory of having a past life. the thought terrifies me so much so that it leaves me awake at night. feeling an awful hole in my heart that my loved ones aren’t in a better place but are just gone it’s just like before you are born and when your to young to remember anything you just come into existence without any warning I don’t want to die if theres nothing at the end I’d rather keep on existing keep on living and my life span is cut short every second and I’m not going to say why because I know I’ll just get bullied and I already having my mind being torn to shreads mentaly and physicly but I know that my life is getting shorter and shorter and I can’t fix it and I’m afarid that I won’t live long enough for people to fix me! it’ll keep coming back and dragging me back down making me more and more and I feel like I can’t get my life back in control my belief that God exists keeps getting weaker and weaker and I don’t know what to do.


    If I was in good health and with friends and family I’d want to live forever

  165. Swimmer Nick

    8 rotate 90 degrees

  166. Stupid_Tree

    I want to live until I don’t feel like not living anymore. So maybe a thouand years or so? I’m perfectly comfortable with death though. I want to start childhood again, but being 19 is nice too.

  167. Tyler H

    I want to live longer than a whale

  168. Nate Plays

    I would love as long as possible

  169. Mckenzie Welsh

    Well my dad would be happy because he has cancer

  170. Cabby Cabby

    I want to live to 100 then explode.

  171. Honor Réfi

    There are plenty ill man because the people are living very unhealthy, the aging is just a plus thing which makes the number bigger. I think if we dont want to see our loved ones ill and sick they need to live more healthy. Lot of people thinks that they are healthy and stuff while not… sry for my english mistakes i am not perfect 😀

  172. sam mcliesh

    We need to end aging now I don’t want to end up dying. There’s would still be so much to do

  173. TheSofa

    and I thought the videos about how space and how we’re extremely insignificant were depressing.

  174. Mystical Gameing123

    My granny would be alive today if this worked died of alzimers a truly horrible way to go if I had to pick a day when I wanted to die it would be never beacause I would be so paranoid what would happen (I’m atheist btw that’s why I said that) after I died,tell me if u agree (don’t say anything about religion or try to break me unless u want me to tell u exactly why I dis believe , cuzz it will piss u off

  175. Wieldable Power


  176. Mike

    but time is different in the 5th density and that’s where we would be by then. you didn’t add that in to your equation sir.

  177. Nich Alva

    I would like to live 1000 years to gain incredible knowledge and experience and become a person potential influence.

  178. Emily Reynolds

    Something like this would probably worsen overpopulation though with messed up death to birth ratios

  179. Dat Shy Boi

    idk *91773648839927562732535439592773828378202097836848939834029257092* will be enough for me (just kidding i wanna be immortal)

  180. bzz bzz

    I would love to see this universe end.

  181. Kyla Elliott

    No we should end aging. Read tuck everlasting the book and you’ll understand what I mean.

  182. NORMIE

    Any one else get fucking chills watching this?

  183. zach4310 zach4310

    Wtf. Who WANTS to die? I would wanna live as long as physically possible. Perhaps 500 would be my ideal age of death, really just long enough to see the world become new around me. Do you realize how fucking dope it would be if we were 100 years old and just like playing football or fucking around. Like BRUH

  184. Adity Dev

    Even if we manage to live forever, it will be quite depressing after billions of years waiting for the stars to lit off, matter to ripp off, scientist diving into the abyss of unknown and finally finding the limit of their capacity, losing all hopes and waiting for heat death to swallow everything.

    1. Mystical Gameing123

      Adity Dev wow man quite dark lol

  185. Alien Soup

    Life extension or indefinite mortality is not a personal issue.  It has profound consequences for all of society.   The sudden destabilization of population would place numerous stresses on our economies and social structure.   Although, if older people are healthier and capable of continuing their working lives, this might offset that problem.   An unknown question is whether the world will be a place in which people would want to live indefinitely.   Many people reach a stage in life in which they no longer have the desire or motivation to keep up with social and technical changes.   How many elderly friends and relatives do you have that refuse to learn how to use a computer or the internet?   People get used to their way of life and may find the continual struggle to keep up with changes simply too challenging and not worth their time and energy.   Social and economic conditions may become so bad that people would not want to live indefinitely under such stresses.

  186. Electric V

    I would live to be 104,475,575,783,457,574,890,467,324,688 years old so I could experience all of the universe.

  187. Electric V

    all my friends would be dead if I am 120 years old

  188. Kevin Yao

    where are the birds

  189. Władca Wymiaru

    When we stop aging, humans just start to choosing their time of death. The problem is brain…there is only 140 years for memories, beyond that is insanity…

  190. Hannalu Club

    U can die in any agr, I dont wanna die goood

  191. Van Courtesy

    I just want to live longer soi can watch what humans build in another 100 years.

  192. Rick Ranger

    Kurzgesagt, could you please make a video where you explain why there isn’t a cure for small penises yet?

  193. Ab de Buks

    Bro put about cryonics humans are freezed to death

  194. infinite science

    why so serious ????

  195. William Olsson

    250 years

  196. fthis1234567

    hurry up and drop dead already you smelly old farts.

  197. Finbarr Perry

    My answer here is simple-two quotes from Terry Pratchett’s (and may he rest in Peace):
    1: ‘Non Timerus Messor’ ( Don’t fear the reaper.)
    2: ‘Don’t think of it as dying. Just think of it as leaving early to avoid the rush’.

  198. merien2

    Mine maybe,100-200 i want to see how world is going to grow..

  199. chocolatalamonde

    Im holding back tears….this video is so powerful

  200. DomTogMittNamn

    The problem I see is overpopulation should aging become a thing of the past.

  201. orange peel

    yes to all the questions

  202. Engi 2004

    This video very sad because the music

  203. Corey Speed Mode


  204. Aiyishia Daugherty

    I’d rather pass away by 60 – 80 years, thanks.

    Death is a completely natural, and I think, crucial part of our lives.

    Without it, we’d be unwise with how we spend our time.

  205. ms chuchu

    its such a bad idea theres countries that are full of people its good that we die because new people are being born so theres kind of enough space but tbh people are being more born than die thats why if we wont die everything will be ruined dont be selfish i know its sad but dude the planet will suffer DONT do that,

  206. CraftingTheMinecraft

    its ok to die if there is after life n even after death i have sense of consciousness n memories i had when i was alive.. reply if u agree

  207. Bryan H.

    I would want eternal youth until the finals stars begin to die.

  208. LORD XT19

    If there is one thing that saddens me it’s not to see if humanity will one day colonize space, becoming immortal as a vempir is the solution, so many experiences to live, so much stuff to learn , so many games to finish…, life is too short to taste everything in the universe, and that’s what makes me sad.

  209. Miguel Soriano

    This is just a sad and beautiful thought of age, in my mind I guess I want to die at 200 yrs old thats good enough for me

  210. redcloud16

    I want to live as long as I can keep experiencing and learning new things. I want to see the world and space and learn astronomy and chemistry and sculpture and dancing and calligraphy, but I’m too busy paying money to exist. If I didn’t have to worry about that, I would live as long as possible to experience as much as I could.

  211. Max Barrow

    The most likely thing to happen if humans could extend life for about 200 more years then immortality would most likely come about because we have more time to work on a cure for death

  212. João Pedro Voga

    I would like to live for ∞ years

  213. DC Nation

    I would like to live mini lives. Move somewhere new, take up a new job, keep it for 20-30 years, then repeat.

  214. LegendGaming__YT X

    It’s better to die at 80 because the older you get the weaker you’ll get

  215. Deloxo


  216. p.s.s. santosh

    150 years would probably be the right age to die I guess….but stopping death forever is…..a dream come true

    1. Voo Too

      p.s.s. santosh im fine with 120 just too see the year 2100 for me

    2. Mr. V.i.p

      Striderx52 then why there are millions of planets way more bigger than earth?

    3. Harvey Thompson

      Striderx52 3rd type humans aren’t that far in the future that also means more people more food we could even be 4th type and use a galaxy for making food

    4. Harvey Thompson

      p.s.s. santosh we still have crisper to come to cure all diseases so you won’t die in the middle of them 150 years

  217. Endergames

    Forever so I can watch everyone around me die

  218. Thotslayer 42069

    Ok I wanna die now

  219. OneHitGamer Studios

    I would choose Forever. Solely because mankind will change and change…there will be constant new things on the planet that would keep me busy…sane. The only downside would be if mankind never figures out how to escape the solar system. The suns death would leave you floating in space. Passed out, forever…well, until the universe deletes itself. Which i guess would be your only way to die. Would also suck if say an asteroid hit above your head, ejcted you into space and into the sun…where you stayed forever…burning…Anyone else come up with a shit sandwich of living forever death scenario? lolol. Stuck in the center of a black hole…compressed but unable to die. FUCK!


    This could create a global cold war

  221. Andrzei Sapkowski

    I would like to live forever, to admire with my own eyes, the eternal glory of the universe

  222. 1Stormrider1

    I’d rather live till I’m 50 but stay biologically 25 years younger until then.

    As a side note, if this type of “medication” becomes real, I doubt anyone can just receive it without some sort of sterilization, otherwise Earth would be flooded with people in literally no time.

  223. SavageHippy

    What about cryopods? If you got the money there are experimental companies that will freeze you.

  224. desu38

    “Once you reach a certain age, you will want to die.”
    Well, that’s what a noose is for.

  225. Nathan Ezra

    You’re missing one key factor as to why your plan couldn’t be implemented any time soon: OVERPOPULATION.

    1. Supershadow301

      Although morons wouldn’t want immortality, and bad people would probably be denied it. Afterall, not everyone will actually want to live forever, so if someone decides they had enough life, then the gap they leave can always be filled back again.

      Moreover, isn’t it fair to keep a next einstein alive or someone even more extraordinary and not giving a chance for some morons or bad people to be born?

    2. LifeUpz

      Isn’t it unfair tho to keep some morons or bad people alive and not giving the chance for a next einstein to be born or someone even more extraordinary?

    3. Supershadow301

      You’re missing another key factor which makes your argument invalid: Humans can control births. That’s right, birth prevention exists, with several degrees.

  226. Mauri QHD - Try

    most of the boring and uninspired ppl thinking 60-90 years is enough, will die quick every new generation, while we still enjoy life, till we cleanse the world from them, so thats enough incentive for me to live longer, or forever

    1. Insert name here

      One day your brain won’t have space to store any new memories and you’ll keep forgeting your past and reach a point where you’ll have done everything a human can concievably do.

  227. Mauri QHD - Try

    achieving this should be the main reason of living for the 3.5M ppl who watched the vid
    like it is mine

  228. Rob Flynn Drums

    Although you are not talking about immortality per se, there is one thing I’d like to say about it. If we were to become immortal, population density would undoubtedly become a problem. We already have 7 billion people. Even if we continued to reproduce at our current rate but did not die, this would increase exponentially. That’s a problem! This is presuming we remain confined to this planet of course.

  229. Stephan Kahng

    What if we get stronger as we get older?

  230. RadChrome Dude

    Wow, just found your channel and it’s amazing! Anyway after watching this vid I think this- if a cure for aging/immortality elixir is found, who would it be given to? I’m just wondering if some people would just use this for killing off races that are declared “inferior”. It would suck for a guy to be 70 and can’t even walk seeing another of the same age yet is practically in his 20s. Science will probably keep running into the ethics thing a lot of times as we advance technologically and scientifically.

  231. Yonatan Ginsburg

    What about overpopulation?

  232. Bombsgamer2221

    Forever so I can travel the universe

  233. OustFoX

    I’m ok with dying around 70/80

    1. TeacherToolkitDemo

      90 for me if i can.

    2. Sophia

      but u cant i hope u dont die younger

    3. TheNumberOfTheBeastx youtube

      OustFoX I’m ok with dying never

  234. Chunky Monkey


  235. bobwinslow

    Science holds all the answers. I really liked CGP Grey’s take; it’s stockholm syndrome to welcome a forced death because a book about sky daddy or the “natural order” makes it seem like we HAVE to, and that wanting more is somehow unreasonable. Biological aging is a cancer that holds us back and tortures us all literally to death eventually, and I’m not making excuses for it. I’m fucking angry. Not in blustery way, but in an “WHY IS THIS OKAY WITH EVERYONE WHY DOES THE IDEA OF GOD MAKE IT OKAY WHY DO PEOPLE SHOVE THEIR HEADS UP THEIR ASS AND WATCH EVERYTHING THEY CARE ABOUT DIE IN ORDER TO FEEL COMFORT WHEN WE COULD HAVE A WAY OUT I can’t seem to stop crying” sort of way.

    It’s feels strange, but this channel has really changed how I feel about dying, and the way I want to conduct my life.

    1. Dangerous Joy

      I’m Christian, I wanna live forever if I can.
      I wanna see Christ come back.

      Fuck off with your sky daddy shit, you obviously don’t understand what religions are usually about, you’re just being another smug atheist with nothing productive to say when you spew moronic drivel like that.

  236. Goran Gelo

    I am very afraid of death, it caused some sort of depression when I thought of it. Having a choice of living forever seems tempting till I started to think more about it. We would all like to live thousands of years but that’s just an insignificant part of eternity. Living forever would be impossible,t we cannot even comprehend eternity. Sadly we all must deal with the fact that everything ends no matter how depressing that is.

  237. Graceful betool

    No don’t end aging I wanna go to college and university and have a successful life and maybe go to heaven and reunit with my first mom

  238. Elythas

    I’m scared of death. I literally never ever want to die and until the world ends and I die that way I want to live even if I knew everything and had done everything, I just don’t want to die… please.

  239. llO Oll

    actually human before us were living much longer like 900 to 1000 years. but they die too .!

  240. Kaze Vongola

    If its a question of stopping aging, then I would say indefinitely. The inability to die would be a horrible though, in the long run, after the inevitable demise of humanity, as we run out of resources, but if death was possible, but not by aging/diseases then I see no reason to limit your time-span.

    That said, the problem of overpopulation would become an even larger problem, so while the concept of stopping aging would be amazing, for humanity as whole it would undoubtedly be disastrous.

  241. Miles Prower

    Technology equals might.

  242. Camjam

    Plenty of K’s videos are depressing, but to be honest I wouldn’t mind immortality, or at least living until i’m killed by something else. At most(or least, if we leave the planet by then), I would have a Billion years before the Earth becomes inhospitable.

  243. Cole Kemper

    300 years. That’s a good number. You can get a shit ton done in that time. You could fake you’re own death and become a different person like 5 times in that time. Not saying I would, but it’s just an example

  244. OverREACTOR3000


  245. aa

    Yes. Selective engineered people: very healty smart beautiful and benevolent, give them age over 1000 to lead, govern and take care the rest of us. It’s not much riskier than today’s despicable leaders/warmongers/genociders.

  246. Russell Hogben

    I love this voiceover.

  247. Vlafiery

    I want to stay alive until I can see the truth of the universe and then.. I can Rest In Peace

  248. nicefox1

    indefinitely if possible

  249. Kevin McFarland

    I’m dying at 45. It’s the only thing I can plan.

  250. Sistine

    You wont age if you become a god being

  251. iAmMDog

    In good health and with friends? Right now 200 more years

  252. User

    *FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER… There is nothing you can not sacrifice to live forever.*

  253. 1sub Mapper

    I’d choose to live forever at 20 years old. Live forever and see everything with a loved one

  254. Andr0o H

    Ah Jesus Christ guys stop giving me an existential crisis.

  255. Ma Sato

    Imagine over-population if we all live 120 years

  256. UrielManX7

    Overpopulation, anyone?

  257. MixinThe Bisquic

    Untill the end of time I love life good and bad

  258. No Name

    If you want to prevent you descendants from dying just don’t make any 🙂

  259. Nana Piong

    Don’t stop aging. Of course many people would be.. Happy being able to live longer… But imagine this. With more birth rate than Death rate, human population would explode with millions of people living up to more than 100 years old. Even now, the earth is already over flowing with humans, That haven’t been able to live over 120 years. Not only that, space and food would be limited. Now think of it

  260. Unknown Sandwich

    End aging. If I could… I would want to be around until somebody, or something kills me. If I want to die, I don’t want to suffer my last few years. To be honest. I would rather live as long as possible. Never having a single limit. To be honest, I don’t ever want to stop living. But if I did have to stop living. I would want it to be when something ended me… not because I was weakened. But because that thing was strong enough to do so. 120 is still too short. And while I have a feeling it would be impossible. I want to live until the universe ends. I want to have all the time possible till I can find a way to make humanity thrive as a species. To ensure that if there are great filters, that I know how to bypass them. I don’t want to become a god amongst us. I was us to be able to bypass our previous limits of imagination. So, even if I would have to see loved ones go. I would want to live until everything no longer existed. Being able to truly rest in peace, because there is nothing to worry about, because nothing will exist.

  261. PRO3LEMS

    We need to tweak physics not biology to achieve eternal youth. Nobody has made any progress in changing the physical laws of the universe. Even if we were able to achieve such crazy tool, I would love to have “eternal youth” with the possibility of suicide at any moment

  262. nicolaszx1234

    The reason i don’t want to live longer is because if i do i might live long enough to experience water sources expiring and global warming. But if humans colonize other planets that has natural water and maybe even farmable land i would definatly want to live longer.

  263. Khalid M

    I’d like to live till 200 just until we start colonizing other planets and i’d like to see what the future of technology looks like.

  264. sylveon 69

    gonna go with 10 billion

  265. TheRealX1ras

    I would live until we colonize the solar system. Maybe two solar systems. I would want to see all of the amazing technology humanity could come up with in that time.

  266. Cobalt•Blue•WQ

    NO! What would we do? There would be over population. I prefer to live then die, and I say this at a quite young age.

  267. Don Johnson

    Too boring. And learn to summarize god damn it.

  268. joannaz

    I think we would be less stressed out, because in psychology we learned that old people, with their experience, are generally less affected by negative emotions. However, I think it would be pretty weird if we had 500 year olds walking around — would it make a single year, the memories of the twenties, or all those small experiences less meaningful? You know how kids and adults think differently? How differently would kids and their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmothers/grandfathers think? Also, if we stopped aging forever, wouldn’t that use a lot of resources? Or would we stop needing resources at all? This might be the “reaper whispering into my ear”, but…the shortness of life can make it sweet. If we know we are going to die, we will try to live more meaningfully, knowing we don’t have much time to change the world. While it’s cool that you guys are exploring such things as extending life, maybe we shouldn’t have a pessimistic attitude about death. After all, we don’t know what it really feels like. Maybe death is just the beginning of something greater. Maybe we don’t need to fight it, but try to make our time here on earth as meaningful as we can.

  269. Balding Bin chicken

    I believe it would be nice to live a little longer, but, over population may be a huge problem in the future

  270. XTheWickedShadowX

    End aging but don’t end mortality, I think Id go mad

  271. Hannah Hagans

    I’m a Christian so i know that death is the last thing to overcome. I’m ready to live forever.

  272. Dayv vy: the lost ening

    I would like to see perfectly working implants, a much better understanding and control over biology, and our first space colony. I could die happy after that.

  273. Cookie

    i would like to live forever, so i can experience everything and help change the world for the better

  274. DJ FX

    It would create overpopulation and kill the earth

  275. Tarun Suresh

    i’ll never stop my aging

  276. SuperBabyMario0C

    Smoke a blunt till I die when I’m old

  277. A Random spinosaurus On the internet.

    Id say that we should Experiment to be able to breathe Other substances. ( Or Dont need to breathe at all )

  278. Unexpecter

    Eternal life? Hell no!!! I love this planet, but I’m already sick of human society. I’ll take my 70 years max and then get the hell out of this sh1thole. On top of that the inevitable death is the ONLY justice in this world!

  279. Nick Perez

    Why do you bastards always have a completely great video and then say one simple line about being a child at sunset or any other beautiful imagery and make me burst into tears
    You people do great work here

  280. N Maharaj

    200-300 years

  281. A. lized

    I would love to live like 300 years to help the world as much as I can and enjoy it at the same time

  282. the old ones out 2

    I’m gonna start the video you said how long do you want to live well I want to live for the start that the start of time before the start of time forever before forever the end of time off before the end of time after the end of time after the end of time after the enzyme you know what I mean years and you keep going going on keeps going on forever years

  283. the old ones out 2


  284. the old ones out 2

    I want to live for just before the start of time the start of time forever the end of time after that after that after that after that after that just keeps going on forever years

  285. the old ones out 2

    I want to live for the start of time forever and the end of time

  286. the old ones out 2

    I would like to live for the in the numbers and letters that I said in my last comment and then numbers and letters are you I said in my other comment before that and the number as I said in my last comment but they got the lead runner sanded it all the numbers in the comment before that but got the lead for the Nissan did it years

  287. the old ones out 2

    I would like to live for the start of time for ever yeah end of time infinitypi and the number that I said in my last comment and everything all the numbers that all the numbers everybody wants to live forever6897797(8868867987877868776897896787686868778577677797897797688778768689778778878977886887886896687966998679768868878899889086689977977897688 all the numbers I said in my last comment all the numbers I was going to say in my last comment Numbers that got deleted my commentall the call and links I drive but but delete after all the numbers going on repeatedly for ever9999999999999999999999 all the numbers I said in my last comment but got delete all the numbers in the world going to put repeatedly on forever years

  288. the old ones out 2

    I would like to live for678779778667887689967908578990867888777909788778767899766789997767888987786776678777897897989796897897787878798979888889999999999999877885213531134422678977967967968976016789902679986796688688077968997688667678867888908689008796678999999999999999999999999997789977988977989967886777789097680977677897687679768778767767866666777886797808668678767877699876899789678799999999999999999990999999999999999968986899789877667787776689966887579999999999999977797685789977000000000000009866897689678799686687686677669977987687679789009766899076689976808767997896806689776867778876666767789999999999999909999999909999999999099999999999099990999999999999999999999999999999999999999999985795686866876777686676698568867868086896796787796876899779977887898867879779677897680999978686797669679866779767867 infinitypi 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 until the end of time90000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years

  289. Killer Dog

    I live beyond infinite years

  290. catrionaakacat

    Maybe people who don’t want children should be allowed to live longer… If everyone is allowed, that would cause severe overpopulation.

  291. catrionaakacat

    I’d love to stop aging ???

  292. Albert alvaro

    …let me tell you, people work because they fear not being healthy, money is used to buy resources, wether it be needed or not, resources are used to sustain yourself, now if you were to throw risk out the life of someone…..well, they will most likely quit their job and do what they wish, they can still die, but the workload is MUCH less once you know that disease and old age can’t get to you….

  293. three hats official

    they found the cells in the brain responsible

  294. Amazing World

    الأعمار بيد الله

  295. Amazing World

    dear… no one can make your life longer but the god “allah”

  296. Irina-Stefana Andrei

    eternal! I want to become a goddnes!!!

  297. Phappy Name

    I want to dia at 87

  298. Luca

    Eehhhh, I rather die in old age than being immortal, because having a eternal life seems….bland, like it’s bitter in my mouth.

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      Well, you could always make an end to it

  299. Dimas Aditjondro

    Your video and CGP Grey’s still haven’t answered something nagging in my brain. If and when the first “immortal generation” arrive, how would we handle the ever-growing population size? At 7 billion we’re already feeling a bit cramped in this planet of ours.
    Also, resources will become increasingly scarce I feel, so even if we somehow find a way to move a portion of humans into space, how would we sustain that number?
    Should we stop procreation all together? And will there be a divide between the immortals of society and the rest, at least in the beginning before widespread availability?

  300. Meò LaOiuVeE

    I just want to live to be able to explore the vast universe. There’s so much out there.

  301. SamFlynn 777

    I don’t like the idea of myself dying while everyone I knew is already dead. It’s depressing. But if we never aged there would be no point in Death

  302. ShauntSerelu

    My personal answer is forever. I’d rather live forever than risk not being

  303. RoadSamurai

    I want to see spaceships travelling to far far stars

  304. Anela Dedovic


  305. Brice Page

    i’ve always felt like I’d like to live to 200 if I didn’t age *appearance, and health wise.

  306. Super posh

    200 to 300 years

  307. francisco prazzio

    I hope aging will gone in the future so can be younger and live forever like in 9 years time everybody hates aging I don’t like aging either.

    1. Samet Chan

      Same here.

  308. khdqwer 123

    I want to live till my grandsons get kids

  309. E Nally

    I would personally want to live for 125 years but that’s just really my opinion because I just want to have grandkids probably see my great great grandkids but still I’m not afraid of that because I know God in heaven and Jesus and Mary is real so I’m not afraid of death but you never know what route you take so you don’t know if you’re going to end up in to hell or heaven and only you can put yourself in help so that’s all I have to say

  310. MadjickOrb

    This is all kind of useless considering natural disasters and things like that, to survive just that bit longer we would have to terraform Mars in the span of 9 years maybe 10. In my opinion, this would be impossible because Mars is roughly half the size of Earth. Furthermore, as far as I know, It’s dry of water. The amount of resources we would have to carry to Mars in-order to make it suitible to live on is obsecene.

  311. rishi111able

    more than my body, my mind makes me suffer. So if I lived longer in perfect physical condition, I’d go insane anyway. happy to die by 60

  312. YouTube Police

    Imagine someone like Hitler living for a thousand years…

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      imagine someone like Dirac living for a thousand years…

  313. Ian Mann

    I’d like to live for 1000+ years

  314. Supernova

    i want to live to be about 130 years old

  315. Sang Nguyen

    Everyone has to die one day, to make room for our offspring to live a good life.

  316. Noor Amjad

    Over 9000

  317. Katrina Thorsvik

    We can live and then we can go to another planet for more resources ??????????????????????????????????????

  318. DruBoomHS

    Unlimited Power!

  319. 956zѳʍвiє956


  320. This comment is literally

    I want to live until our sun goes supernova.

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      our sun will never go supernova


    Everything we want to do forcefully ultimately proves to be bad for all of us humans. Its very much like, when we were a kid we all would want to play for sometime more and more, would like to pursue our favourite stuff, but finally we would get into some kind of trouble, as was warned by our parents. Hence, we conclude that every artificial cycle is not normal, there’s some kind of twist associated with it, and thus, natural things are always great and normal. But since time immemorial, human beings had been in a habit to harness nature and put science to their advantage. We should not forget that there’s obviously many limitations intertwined with it. Hence, the only thing I would like to say is that: stop behaving harshly with every living creature unless they disturb you and treat them with all love and kindness and always try to appreciate science in all its brilliance so as to appreciate the nature, and thus our very own existence!

  322. Queen Remains

    If I could choose how long to live I’d drop dead immediately. This dirt ball has made many useful, beautiful, and outstanding advancements but humans are the absolute worst and I’m done with each and everyone of them. Peace out.

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet



    The problem with immortality is that it would mean a generation full of the accumulated mental defects that are in-built in human brains (prejudices) would stay around forever, hampering any sort of progress. Older generations are always more conservative and prejudiced, working on a mental model of a world that is no longer around, and often one they haven’t even lived anyway.

    1. Dangerous Joy

      Nah, fuck you, alot of younger people are right leaning these days, and leftism isn’t more advanced by default.
      We’ll do fine.

    2. Mike

      funny how the guy in the video is asking questions to everyone and not participating in the conversations he stirs up.


      “Luxuries everyone has in North America”
      You… don’t go out much, do you?
      Inequality is the problem.

      Also, wow, without Steve Jobs we wouldn’t have overpriced phones with useless features produced in sweatshops? I can hardly contain my fright. Btw, Jobs never wrote a line of code in his entire life, he was a salesman. The work of actually designing his shit was done by everyone else. He also stole credit for his friends’ work.

      Rich people don’t give back, they hoard money or put it into the luxury market of things that contribute zero to society. Almost all tech is developed from public institutions, like NASA. The Internet was an army project. All the market does is commodify and sell things that already exist, it’s not the driver of innovation in any way – it’s simply a means of unequally distributing what is produced and would be produced anyway. Hell, capitalism hasn’t existed for long – for the majority of human history, other social structures have done the same thing you think only neoliberal capitalism is able to do.

      And the result is the creation of classes, ones in which you have to work 14 hours a day to even be able to eat, and ones where you can surround yourself with luxury without having worked a day in your life just for being born to the right parents – and most importantly, where you control the use that is made of the available resources with your money, so resources can be spent on luxuries that benefit only you instead of actually improving society. Take Intel. Great innovators in the field of electronics, right? Most of their money throughout their history went towards false copyright claims to prevent their rivals from using their tech, or retailers to have them sell their own inferior products to consumers and not their competitors’. Because when your objective is monopoly, you will secure it in any means necessary – even though you’re actively hampering progress in your field.

      I agree, we don’t need to just hand out money to poor people – we need to set up a system to manage resources in a way that it’s not possible for individuals to accumulate them and come to own them through gaming the system, so that it’s impossible for a single person or group of people to hijack the use of global resources to benefit themselves to everyone else’s disadvantage. The idea that you can “create more jobs” is asinine – rich people want to keep their money, not spend it unless they’re getting more than they started with. The idea that you can just expand the market indefinitely to compensate just can’t work because, as we see today, once a monopoly is established, stagnation comes in and those at the top start amassing resources, locking them away from circulation.

    4. zach4310 zach4310

      Also I see you didn’t give me any inequalities only reasons why you don’t like rich people, I don’t really like ben shapiro tho he is kinda a douche but he still uses facts which is the only way to prove a point. Most people don’t use facts and just say shit as if it’s true and then can’t back it up.

    5. zach4310 zach4310

      First of all, Nobody NEEDS a ferrari but you know what? Nobody needs tv, nobody needs the internet, nobody needs McDonalds, nobody needs a 2 story house, nobody needs movies, nobody needs a cellphone, nobody needs a Playstation or Xbox, nobody needs to have premarital sex, nobody needs to have freedom. These are all luxuries everyone has in north America , you probably have at least most of them so get the fuck off your high horse because you aren’t gonna give them all up to save some kids in Africa anytime soon, all your gonna do is complain and complain about rich people even tho to someone in Africa or homeless people YOU are vastly rich and surrounded by stuff you don’t need, even tho if everyone gave it all up then they could at least have homes. hell you DO realize that without steve jobs we wouldn’t have the fucking Iphone, rich people do give back, they never simply have one pile of money, they are constantly investing it back into their work which actually DOES improve technology, without those investments nothing would improve, money is literally always in circulation. I would like to see people go for one week without the luxuries of a free country and still think the way they do. It’s the same with rich people they want the best they can get and so they keep their money and use it to buy more luxuries then pass it down to their children, which is fucking fine just cause they themselves didn’t work their parents before them did just so that their family could live as comfortably. Literally if all the rich people in the world suddenly weren’t rich every single company would just shut down. We do need a way of helping the less fortunate but we can absolutely do it without simply giving them the money they need. If we create more jobs and then did something to help those people get jobs then the homeless epidemic would decrease greatly. There are a lot of factors man, simply giving them money is a bad idea.

  324. Phoon Yi Xuan


  325. Anusha Rani

    No need to be 120 or 200..just as soon as possible wanna go.

  326. hufdsnhf

    That last minute or so was actually very inspiring


    All of this feels like battling symptoms instead of finding the root of the problem, which lies inside our minds and not in our bodies.

  328. Quiett Bear

    I think that is a horrible idea. People fuck up all the time and squirt kids out because they are retarded and single and don’t know how to use birth control, a lot of people can’t even work to keep themselves in a good living environment and rely on social welfare and that hurts everyone. I think we should just get old and die until technology can cover the ones who should die because they are a burden on society. I’m not being mean, it’s just a simple fact. If you can not support yourself, why should the society support you? Evolution brought us here, why shouldn’t we trust it?

  329. Aaron Partin


  330. Chunky Monkey

    I want to Live for ever.

  331. Chunky Monkey

    No one wants to die. And anyone that says they want to go the old Fashion way is a fucking idiot I don’t want to die it’s your choice if you want them to burn your corpse they will make people live a very long time maybe even forever through downloading technologies artificial intelligence is the way to go and I sure hope it happens soon

  332. Jaime Kaput

    Imma die at 45

  333. HornyMiku Nya

    My biggest dream is to see the collision between milky way and andromeda. Soo.. i want to live for 4 billions + – years. Plz fix aging.

  334. juggalotryhard Bloodybeasty

    i kinda really just wanna die now

  335. TriviaTree

    Go Aubrey de Grey!!!!!!!

  336. gil bkk

    another bullshit video …. you have a new body every 7 years !!!! unless you feed it crap SUGAR that is POISON and junk empty calorie food !

    sick care will bankrupt every country, everybody living till 120 ???? not enough people on this planet already ?

    hahahahahah the part of chemotherapy curing cancer 🙂 so funny …. it helps people die sooner, just as planned by our government lies !

  337. Joseph Garza


  338. True antitheist2006

    The problem is people become rigid and set in thier ways as they grow older, could you imagine what the world would be like if people from 200 or even a 150 years ago were still alive today.

    If we extend life with no limit humanity will become stagnant and unwilling to move forward, the future is built on the graves of those who came before.

    I personally wouldn’t mind extending our lifespans by a couple hundred years, but there should be a limit.

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      Yes, but maybe it is precisely because of that. They are growing OLD

  339. ale Solís

    Heck yeah fuck death

  340. ChaosDesigned

    What if they came up with a shot to end aging but in order to qualify you had to submit a report on yourself detailing what you would spend your life doing. Nobel Prize Winners automatically qualify. There could also be certain jobs in which you would be granted anti-aging, like Guardian of All Human Knowledge, in that secure storage seed vault and the one with the precious documents in it. As well as anyone who volunteers to go on a spaceship and explore the cosmos. Unless you have a reason to be alive forever, you shouldn’t be able to live that long.

  341. ricky marino

    supongo que ayudaria a algunos , pero esta claro como en el ejempo del tabaco que nuestros pincipales enemigos somos nosotros y nuestra necedad

  342. The Doctor

    I’ll like to live 2000 years or more

  343. D4RK Gaming

    i would like to not age for infinite would be nice ?

  344. Shashank Telang

    Kursgezagt…. what does that word mean

    1. Shashank Telang

      +AndDiracisHisProphet k..thanks again

    2. AndDiracisHisProphet

      Literally it means “shortly said” but “in a nutshell” is a more fitting translation

    3. AndDiracisHisProphet


    4. Shashank Telang

      +AndDiracisHisProphet k thanks sir, bt in which language…

    5. AndDiracisHisProphet

      In a nutshell

  345. Peri Flores

    Get older? Dude, I’ve been trying to kill myself since I was 11. (15 now)

    1. Daniel Forrester

      Peri Flores I am still intrigued as to why but at the end of the day telling me is your choice. However your comment has interested me!

    2. Daniel Forrester

      Peri Flores I have seen and experienced it all from the best of life to its shittiest but i have never understood why someone would do that (except to escape terminal illness and its long painful death) Rock bottom is shit, I know, but rock bottom is an excellent foundation from which to build. I think its a shame for people to do this as we all have some potential. Kurzgesagt themselves in their Optimistic Nihilism video have a good point. If the universe ends in heat death, every humilation/bad thing youve done is forgotten. We have one shot at this life, theres video games to complete, places to go and stuff to do. If the universe has no rules and is pointless, it is up to us to decied its purpose and to give it meaning. Do what makes you happy and bonus points for making the lifes of those around you happier too! At the end of the day I am a random 17 year old on the internet and i probably wont change your mind but trust me, it gets better. It did for me and i didnt think it would!

    3. Peri Flores

      Daniel Forrester Do you have about 4 hours?

    4. Daniel Forrester

      Peri Flores If you are serious, why?

  346. IWroteThis

    Live long enough to get over the fear of death.

  347. Rick C-137

    I’ll want to life forever

  348. Rick C-137

    If I want to make something like this what I need to study?

    1. Supershadow301

      I’ve heard genetics and gerontology.

    2. Rick C-137

      X XX thank you, that was helpful

    3. X

      Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyewevwe Ugwemuvwem Ossas Biology and neuroscience

  349. David Perez

    Entropy will eventually claim the whole universe…so no, we cannot stop aging…but keep dreaming folks…

  350. Mr Nave

    I would rather not have born but if i had to life i would age to time until the last white drawf star goes black.

  351. Jur Van eijndhoven

    For ever

  352. Justin Case

    Has it occurred to anybody that sometimes life often becomes a burden? Life and its vicissitudes have a lasting effect on one’s physical and mental strength of endurance. From life comes wisdom gleaned from one’s experiences. When you are young you have the strength to ward off constant attrition. Maybe when you are old there comes a time when one would sooner avoid the conflicts of life, and just capitulate to the inevitability of time and wear.

  353. Xed Aguirre

    How are we going to deal with overpopulation?

    1. Caelan Maina

      No unprotected sex

    2. Dangerous Joy

      Genocide, warfare, wholesale slaughter.
      Fun stuffs.

    3. Sing Kize

      Civilization of other planets

    4. Fetty Krill

      *reading y’all comments* interesting

    5. Xed Aguirre

      AndDiracisHisProphet that’s a good idea.

  354. Arantyr DarkHand

    Aging is caused by Biology getting slower. The damage its caused every day, when we age cells stop lose the capacity of replicate, and you age. (almost every cells have a limited ammount of duplications per say).

    Ive a teory of how to end age, and live forever. To bady i dont have the staff and the resurces haha.

    I love medicine, and ive not enogh time, and means to do it, with infinite time, damm. Paradise on earth while i mastery everything and create new stuff.

  355. Lucy Raworth

    What if your great grandma looks the same age as you at one point. That would be creepy.

  356. Hellskeleton

    Forever or until nothing exist its how long i want to live…

  357. Silverscale Derg

    Sometimes bodies need to be shed for a new one…I know we reptiles are…but no just no. Humans are already heavily invasive

  358. First Last

    You probably have already thought this but what about overpopulation, Or even resource exhaustion.

  359. flapthreedoodle

    I don’t want to live longer than 90 years. *But why?* Because death is a natural part of life. *But what if it wasn’t?* But living would become boring after too much time. *Isn’t death even more boring?* idk, science is scary 🙁

    This happens every time I talk to someone about extending life.

    1. Supershadow301

      ikr. There’s always that pesky “Death gives Life meaning and makes it worth living” argument that keeps coming back… But life doesn’t work like that! It’d be like saying that Happiness has a meaning only if it ends with Suffering. If one could not feel suffering, then they’d not beg for it unless it’s their kink or something. Same goes for life and death imo.

  360. Revival

    im 12 and i want to die

  361. it's time to hajima

    Shout out to Simon and Martina for recommending this bomb ass content.

  362. Blahble splah

    I would want to live to be 150 jut because I can become the longest lived human by a good 28 years

  363. Haeshel Jaikissoon

    1 trillion years

  364. Luke

    I just wanna see us colonize worlds and stuff. Build crazy shit and construct things I couldn’t even have imagined.

  365. SpokesK

    I don’t want to and will never want to die. It’s boring being dead.

  366. Nelson van Ewijk


  367. John Alvarez

    Without a second thought, I would choose immortality and youth in an instant.

    1. Klaus

      dying is easy. u can kill yourself if you ll feel bored immortal life.but it would be hurtful your family.imagine they r not gonna die. they r not gonna forget that u killed yourself.they ll mourn until the world destroyed or maybe a deadly accident

    2. Brandi Quesenberry


    3. zach4310 zach4310

      Yeah I’m with John I only want to live. Life is so great everyday is a new day and a new chance. My life isn’t even great but it’s life and I’m living it and I can do want I wanna do. The thought of life ending is comprehensive for me life is all I have ever known. The thought of dying is just… I mean it’s the end man. I’m the kinda guy who basically never wants anything to end. I hate waking up I hate going to sleep I hate stopping stuff to do something else but then I don’t wanna stop that. If life ends that’s it you know. There is no more, it’s the end of all.

    4. John Alvarez

      @ Aditya @Max I agree with Max. Life is always changing; society evolved, new trends come out, new discoveries, new ways of thinking… Everyday will always bring new experiences. Get bored? NO WAY!

    5. Max Barrow

      Aditya Narasimhan manthri no not at all

  368. Najdorf sicilian

    8 90 degrees rotated

  369. Alexandre Boucher

    I want to live 5000 years at least

  370. highflyguy1

    Our bodies were made, designed, created to live forever, see star signs by Linda goodman for more details. chapter 9 will blow your ficken minds

  371. highflyguy1

    our body was made to live forever

  372. Roblox L-Zed

    I’m watching this because of my mom died.

  373. okashi10

    I’m here with likes from Simon and Martina’s channel 🙂

  374. Bryan Agostini

    This seems like a plug for telomere research

  375. Acrimonious Oxide

    Oh God the existential dread is coming

  376. Nigel Holland

    The book of Genesis says human lifespan would be 120 years max… seems to line up with what we see

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      There are multiple reasons why we age. Doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it.
      You might watch one of Aubrey De Grey’s talks about this topic.

      Also, a well meant tip….stop quoting the 2nd law of thermodynamics. You clearly have no clue what it actually means, and anybody who does will immediately dismiss everything you said when you use it.

    2. Nigel Holland

      But the reason why we age and die is because of mutations in cells. They are almost always neutral or deleterious and you can’t stop them. And the mutations you acquire you pass on to your offspring. Thus, the human genome is deteriorating. Remember, “everything tends toward disorder”.

    3. AndDiracisHisProphet

      As it is know? With “classical” medicine? I don’t know, but probably the 120 or 130 figure you mentioned.

      In absolut principle? Infinite.

    4. Nigel Holland

      So, just out of curiosity, what is the age limit for human beings?

  377. Alberto Tonon

    Good job
    This is one of my favourite videos on the internet
    If not my favourite
    You guys do an amazing job, and one of my favourite channels
    If not my favourite
    Go on please
    Never stop
    We are with you <3

  378. Bryan Ruiz

    1000. To see the year 3000.

  379. Manuel Gozzi

    Amazing video
    I would love to live at least a couple hundred years more to see how things play out
    Especially all the space exploration stuff

  380. MrMustache Gaming

    I personally think we should expand the human lifespan (just a little bit) but I think we should not try to cure ageing, it is unatural to prevent ageing. I just don’t think we should have that kind immortality given to us. I don’t want to live for 200 or 1000 years, I would rather just die at the age of 85 or 90. Just my opinion.

    1. Schokoladenkeks

      MrMustache Gaming I want become 1000

  381. Akshay Roy

    i just wanna die meeting some aliens and explore universe that ma dream

  382. Lunos Nocturne

    Two of my favorite creators collaborating on a subject I am super passionate about. This is wonderful. Thank you for making this.

  383. ultima plays


  384. gtafan110010

    To me, the perfect age is 70. I don’t want to suffer and get very old. I prefer to die while i am still fit. Even if i could somehow regain and maintain a 20 year old body permanently, i’d probably want to die at age 150 or something because life gets boring. Working the same job that long? Living in the same place for that long? It sounds horrible. Travel can only postpone your boredom temporarily. Imagine what permanent life would do to relationships. Can couples really live together for hundreds of years? I doubt it.

  385. Pranay bhattacharyya

    Till the time machine is invented

  386. Sunny Lee

    To depressing and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ssssssssaaaaaaaaaadddddd?????????

  387. Taavo Lippus

    But where can we get the food for all humans who are immortal and their immortal kids,and their immortal kids and so on

  388. May Jeanette Fast

    Overpopulation would be a massive issue. If people stopped dying of old age that’s the entire population now young enough for that treatment living onwards. And having kids. And more kids. And their kids living for much, much longer and having kids.

    And then if only a selected few as a result would be viable for the treatment? How do we choose? Money seems most likely.

    1. AndDiracisHisProphet

      Then just have fewer kids. Easy

  389. Viki Wie

    Sure, make everyone with enough money life as long as they want, while the planet already has problems with overpopulation

  390. Xavior Smith

    No simply cause over population

  391. Breanna Sloan

    I’d like to die a quick and painless death at age 50

  392. Nathan Alcocer

    When you said the whole playing outside analogy, I cried at how beautiful of an analogy that is. Peopole just want to play outside a little longer, the only thing is that some don’t see how the game might get boring and that some things in the game may become undesirable. This makes me question if death would even be good if you got bored of living, because if you go to some heaven then your still experiencing but your just in a new place so if that makes you happy, it really doesn’t seem like you anymore. If there is no afterlife then why not kill yourself so you feel no pain of life at all, after all you can’t miss life or even think if you don’t exist. And lastly, if there is no afterlife but instead a re-birth or reincarnation, then who are you really? Because most don’t remember there past life, but if you do, wouldn’t you still be bored and stuck with no escape? I’m only 14 but o can’t help but ask these questions as my mind runs like a news paper machine, so fast I don’t even fully keep up with it all

    1. zach4310 zach4310

      Bruh I’m 15 and I gotta say …how. How could you ever get bored of life. Especially now, things are advancing so fast that by the time your 50 there will probably be flying cars and shit like that. Imagine living to 150 or 200 then there are so many new things you could do so many opportunities that you would’ve missed cause you are too old by the time you get there. Can you actually imagine life as you know it just ending. It won’t be relaxing it’ll be nothing. There will be literally nothing anymore not even the ability to enjoy the nothing

  393. Tall_guy123

    Yeah I wish I was asguardian

  394. Austin Worthington

    500 years old

  395. justsomeawesome dude

    What’s with all this aging and immortality videos?

  396. Zomg's fun octoverse Vasja

    I want to live forever but how my loved ones are curently are

  397. gambafilo 02

    1000 years i m a selfish bastard

  398. LoserDotExe O


  399. Sam Dixon

    I will never die.

  400. Светлана Дёмина русская и англиская

    └( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)—━☆゚.*・。゚

  401. Светлана Дёмина русская и англиская

    ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  402. Светлана Дёмина русская и англиская

    C= C=ԅ(•́‿•̀)┐━☆゚.*・。゚

  403. Angelo Luna

    i’d rather die looking young and physically young at age 100 instead of having saggy skin, relying someone to wipe my ass, having terrible memory problems, trouble walking, falling from a small height which can lead to serious injuries because my bones are fragile like a house of cards, and terrible speech which no one can understand me becausae my jaw and tongue are weak. just give me that option if we really have to die

  404. Tyler Mcrae

    I don’t think we should be able to make people live forever. But, being able to keep the human body ‘young’ until they die? That would be good. I don’t think people should be able to live forever, but to be able to end suffering of the elderly by stopping their bodies from growing old and sick? That would be nice.

  405. OdCM190000

    Can you guys please do something on diet … like how it impacts our life , Vegan and vegetarian … and the different spectrums of it . I think it’s quite an interesting issue since there are quite a few studies on it.

    Thanks anyways , great content !

  406. MrAtilla6666

    Burn all of youtube to the ground,this shit is ridicules

  407. TheDeadComedian.

    i would like to live forever. to learn and to do everything…..but soon, you’ell get bored, or die from other causes.
    but the most frightening thing ever, is ideas. we’ll run out of ideas soon enuf. animations, games, everything will start to die. without ideas, everything becomes boring. but, maybe not. one idea can advance into many ideas, and grow for years. like for example. VR. vr is an amazing way to get out of reality. and, with no aging, you can work on something for centruies.
    hopfully i get to be young when no aging comes out….

  408. Sunny Lee

    My answer:3545432421332537866866554333456643223313568998877777

  409. Matthew Osborne

    70. We should all live to this age and no longer. There is a burden on the healthcare system to prolong our lives to a point where it is breaking. There are only so many resources and with unlimited years we would kill out our own species.

  410. Siu Wan

    Living forever seems nice. Not everyone wants to live forever but I do.
    There are so many things to learn, explore and invent.

    1. ConfusionFusion

      MK Ultra : Sounds like it’s time for some better quality of friends. They’re out there, but finding them means doing things differently than you’ve done so far in your life.

    2. ConfusionFusion

      Dave Asher : Dude, the fact that you said you would be sad for just a few weeks when someone you love dies means you’re either suffering from a brain disorder or you’ve never actually experienced the death of someone you love. I’m guessing it’s the latter, which means that you’re very very young, or you were raised by machines in a cave with no interactions with another animal.

    3. gabriel leandro sambrano


    4. MK Ultra

      Siu Wan I second this. Choosing between short life with friends or long life without people you know, I would definetly choose long life.

    5. Voidream EX

      Nothing. Most of us on the internet never had a actual life to begin with.

  411. Arian Ahmed

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  412. Rick Pyle

    Any substantial increase in human lifespans would cause major disruptions in our socio-economic sphere. Forget retirement and Social Security! As it is now many folks are staring down an impoverished old age. Living longer for most would just mean working until you’re 120 then dying. By 2100 we’ll have 11 billion people on Earth even without age extensions. I suppose the rich could live longer. Everyone else will just get the shaft as usual.

  413. A solis ortu

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  414. Gabriel Gutierrez

    55 because by that time my kids can easily take care of themselves and I don’t have to worry about retirement

  415. tonio789

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  416. Xiaoyi Liu

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  417. Vvv Gg

    Why are we scared of death? I mean, even if we die we won’t ever notice, society and religion made us think that inmortality is great and death is bad, but for example people from the ancient Egypt saw death as a gift, life is a right but so death is, and even if we could be inmortal that would be terrible, not enough resources are in the Earth to afford that.

    1. Vvv Gg

      And the humans shouldn’t conquer other planets, our life style is destructive so we have to die, everybody has, and there should be nothing wrong with that.

  418. Ron Tropics

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  419. Dodo Faachododo


  420. Rin Eric

    In reality, the human lifespan is about 460 to 480 years, which is how long the spine can last before the life virus conquers the death virus completely and motion stops. There is no solid reality, only motion; velocity. This generation could easily be the first 460 year old group. We will quite probably find the cure for that problem by then and go on to CHOOSING when to die, if so desired. It is not just death we are opposed to, it is INTERRUPTION. A will outside your own deciding your fate. That is the catch. Choice.

  421. Jacky Truong

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  426. Emrald70

    I am not at peace with dying at the moment, but i’m sure many are.

    Overpopulaton may not be a problem if, given the choice some people still choose to die.

    Millions of intelligent people put themselves in dangerous situations every day; racecar drivers, firefighters, policemen, soldiers, aid workers, political dissidents and many others knowing it could end their life. It is possible to face death with at least managed fear.

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    Long answer: we’re just making this video as long as possible for the views.

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    1. Money Maker90

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    2. Jelke Hoekstra

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    3. Half-Gamer Half-Cartoon Fan

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    5. Lilith Geisler

      If I had a definitive answer we couldn’t have this discussion. Its a very difficult question and one we are going to have to grapple with in the future. Kurzgesagt does bring this up in other videos. And since we both started talking here. We both know its not a simple answer. 🙂 Either way. BRING ON THE CYBORGNESS! Immortality, replaceable and exchangeable parts, memory upgrade. Who knows we could get creative and have cool cosmetic stuff like having stripped skin if we wanted. Neon glowing hair? Why not! Purple eyes! I mean, I’m a fan of green myself, but the option of purple eyes seems tempting none the less. So many awesome cosmetic and practical possibilities. Even some… Uh.. Naughty ones.. Don’t just me!

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  431. Mokki GO

    Personally, if I could be eternally young, I’d choose to liiiive until I feel like dying? Like choosing an age maybe 1000? I can’t really imagine how life would be by then.

    1. zach4310 zach4310

      couldn’t agree more. Death doesn’t seem so bad if you get to decide when your done with life, like 500 600 years for me. But tbh by then I will probably just be like “Oh no wait but there is this new thing”

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  437. Creeper Catgirl

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    I started with CGP Greg and then came here

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    19 Oct. 2017: +0%
    21 Oct. 2017: +9,000%

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    1. zach4310 zach4310

      I simply couldn’t agree more. My life isn’t even all that good but existence is all I really want. To experience the good and bad of life to know what tomorrow brings. Death isn’t what I fear but I don’t want to stop living there will always be more life to live

  460. Bunge Funge

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  461. iranoutofNamEs1111

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  462. browndd

    As a devout atheist, I want to live for as long as is possible. Not hundreds or thousands of years but more like millions or billions. I firmly believe there is nothing after this life, death is the same as pre-birth a complete lack of existence. I for one enjoy experiencing the universe and want to continue doing so in one form or another as long as is possible.

    1. Platonic Knuckler Fuckler

      browndd the only way you can do rhat is to stop being stubborn and accept your Lord and savior Mel Gibson

    2. King Kagle

      As a devout Christian, I concur.

    3. OfficerCow

      A devout atheist. I like that phrase.

    4. Voidream EX

      Cowardly Lion
      The universe would potentially go on forever, just that the process of the expansion of the universe would get slower and slower…

      The longest you would want to live before going insane is 1 billion years.

    5. Wavebuilder14 UDC


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    1. Rick Ranger

      Carlos Arroyo

      Life has no meaning

  468. Deryl Owens

    Machine learning, learning the process of machine learning to teach machines how to learn any task faster and better could make the insane progress of said processes take less time, over time. Yes english is fun but the concept is true and you know it.

  469. Aro So

    let me just blow a giant hole through this pleasant thought experiment;

    This procedure need not be permanent, but subscription based. How much, then, would you or others be willing to pay for it?

    It swiftly becomes: ~80 years a free person, or forever a debtors slave. No political regulation would be able to withstand the power of eternal youth as a bribe.

  470. WyattNelsonGames

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  471. DarkVeghetta

    Personally, I could go for about 15-50k years without gaming (love/sex/anime/movies only). Past that it -might- get boring. But considering the sheer amount of games that come out daily, I wouldn’t bet on me getting bored enough to want to die, any time in the next million years.

  472. owen dubose

    Even if we could stop people from getting old and dieing. We’d all still die eventually. At some point an accident will happen and you’ll die. Even if you could live another healthy couple hundred more years (which is still awesome) you’d die eventually due to natural disaster, car crash, getting shot, murdered, etc.

  473. Danilo Popović

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  476. Metanoia

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  488. George T.K

    To be honest I’ve never genuinely accepted death, there were only lies that I fed myself in order to feel okay about it. I actually want to see where this is all going

    1. zach4310 zach4310

      Same I can’t really comprehend dying. I am alive and have it’s all I know. Experiencing life is all I want to do

  489. Alexander McGrath

    I’m 35 right now but I’d be thrilled to live to 300. I know I won’t, but I would love to know I can take care of myself longer than the current numbers.

  490. Ken Gifford

    Myth. We do not live longer. The “average” was due to the high infant death rate. You have a guy who lives to 80 and one who dies after child birth. Average age 40.

    Look at what ages the signers of the declaration of independence died.

  491. kyskei

    right now I’d say 5 million but from knowing myself I’d say another 5 million then too so I’ll say as long as possible preferably never dying at all

  492. Fluffymiyster

    The book 2030 covers a hypothetical world where most serious illnesses are cured and people live longer. The biggest result was the youth protesting against it because it meant working longer to provide the social security of the elderly. Being the first cog to turn the gear is always the hardest but once running, it’ll be natural. This said, I’m sure there are a lot of other issues that would rise if we lived longer than we do now.

  493. crocket

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    but are you truly alive if you are dead inside?

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    1. Rick Ranger


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  504. Orange koala bro

    so the question is would you use the age you appear or the year of your birth minus the current year?
    this a like time-travel, if your 30 but you time-travel to when you were 16 are you now 30? or 16? or 14? or 24? or 26? or 20? or 10? or 4? or 6? or 1? WHAT IS IT!

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    I hate those promises of defeating ageing in our lifetimes .. I got this promise also with cancer treatment and I really hanged on to this idea till my mom died of cancer.. Now even if possible I don’t want to live longer..Promises for nothing..

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  520. GlobleTheater

    Im giving a speech about this tomorrow, I am so hyped and emotional about it.

  521. Donnie McKay

    I believe it’s our responsibly as humans to fight to live (appreciate the live you’re given) and to use our time to better the lifes around us. But riddle me this nutshell. With the progression in AI we may hit the point that the brain is no longer supernatural. We might be able to make computer software that can fully replicate a human brain. If this happens (we won’t stop until it does) then we might discover a way to transfer the conscious of one being to another. This would allow you or me to occupy the space of a robot. This is essentially imortality. Then what? What would we value? What would we do with our time? There would be no reason for us to fight, no purpose. I would like to actually hear back from people on this one.

  522. Cowboymeisje

    The process of ageing is not the cause of all disease and, in a nutshell, biology is a branch of physics.

  523. kiril nikolov

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  524. Brian Bennett

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  525. bob bobbgarte

    Once the technology to reverse aging becomes commercialized, my proposal is only make it available for individuals who were proponents of life extension. Conservative fundamentalist idiots who view life extension as ‘unnatural’ have low level of consciousness, and society as a whole would be better off if they just all die of old age.

  526. Matthias2018 HUN channel

    can i into immortality?

  527. mcx360

    who fucking want to live forever?? stop making life so special and stop making rational excuses about your fear of death, you have no clue whether if death is a better experience or not.
    bottom line: don’t accept death, accept that life gets old real quick.

    1. Echoing Moon

      mcx360 has anyone read the Declaration?

      Those who have knows where this topic is going

  528. Krogzax Ants

    Only the evil uber rich will live forever and poor people die anyway in the future. I feel we live in a time where honest hard working people are punished. And cheating lying and corrupted people are getting rewarded.

  529. Anakin Skywalker

    0, I hope I die

  530. wyatt13131

    I have to say this is the only video on your channel I don’t like.

    Even if your scenario pans out, eventually some kind of death will return. At least in the sense of removing unimportant information and/or lives. After all, death helps us make sense of what is important. In an infinite life, things like marriage, goals, career, ambition etc. would lose importance and urgency. Why get up today if tomorrows are infinite? We already have a depression problem, imagine the depression of an immortal.

    On a societal scale: in a world where everyone lives forever, you’d eventually need to cull some people or ban reproduction. Imagine a world of the same constant set of people, it would run out of ideas and fail to adapt, regardless of how technological. Death has evolved numerous times in nature in numerous species. This is no accident.

    You guys are a great science channel but could use a philosophy lesson.

  531. Andrew Rice

    Yeah that’d be super interesting if you could essentially be 24 for the rest of your life

  532. Brampiescampie

    why end aging? who wouild wanna live forever? i certainly don’t, at least not in this shit world

  533. Sebastian Luna

    Mehh,fear of death is for atheists. What comes next is more interesting to me and there are many more things to worry about now then aging. I think ding well is more important, painless and without suffering and not necessarily on demand, not for me at least not a fan of suicide. Ending aging dose not end death it just makes all deaths caused by accident and suicide and would it not guarantee overpopulation? Idk just some thoughts from someone with a religious frame of reference on the matter

  534. Jovit ___

    we shouldn’t end aging, resources will be scarce

  535. ginnyjollykidd

    Not dying will put a lot of pressure on the Human species and the environment around them. If we don’t die, then we as a species will strip the world of even the resources to regenerate the food and materials to sustain us. Our species would change to even subvert long life: things like cannibalism when no other food is available abs using human bones to create structures to live in.

    So, humans live forever, then all the Earth’s resources are consumed and their regeneration capability extinguished. Nothing left but cannibalism. Read Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” and one way is to eat the offspring because women can have them once right after the other and singularly suckle many of them. Then the ability to keep a species alive is depleted due to depletion of mothers because they die of thee wasting away of the mothers’ own nutrition and the non – replacement of mothers because girls are sacrificed for eating.

    Do it the other way and eat the old, and you have defeated the goal of living forever. However, eating the old in this case would also remove the pressure on the environment, and then Nature in infinite variety will provide new life to cling tenaciously to the small niche opened up to it.

    Then Nature, being a clever Gaea, will have some new scourge that makes its way into human beings that will shorten their lifespan, once again creating a balance between living and dying, between being flush with resources and being impoverished, between predators and prey, and so on.

  536. bilibull

    80-90 sounds like good age to die without having to suffer. Living a century sounds cool and all but i would rather experience life and then be go for good.

  537. Interprestor


  538. Zedi gan

    The number one reason why I want to live forever is that I’d love to live through ages. See societies change, adapt, rise and fall, but that’s only if I was able to live into the hundreds. What I would really love is to be able to live withing the thousands if not millions and see our world’s climate change, see drastic evolution happen before my eyes. It’s definitely far fetched, but I think if I could live forever I would.

    1. ashton attri

      I agree. Deep down everyone wants to avoid death and live forever. Its not like a curse. Some believe loving forever will get boring. I believe we have much to do yet. We might have infinite things to do and 80 years is too little for that. We must witness the end of solar system, the birth of new stars, the colonization of other star systems or perhaps If we can we may also witness the end of.. Universe.

  539. Pawel Szulewski

    i want to live for 90 years

  540. Enes Karakas

    Why not in German ?!

  541. BlazeTheDoja

    dieing in a hospital bed isnt that bad. we are the only creature on the planet who dies like that. its way more comfortable than being eaten (like most everything), or slowly dying in the wild because u r to old to do anything (like an elephant, lion, or shark or something like that)

  542. TheNaZeus

    Just die in a blaze of glory fags.

  543. Jan Christian Frodahl

    Yeah right, like the planet isn`t already overpopulated..
    “hey lets end hunger and war and poverty by stopping rich people from aging :D”
    If anything people should have shorter lives!
    Solution to world hunger=stop helping africa.
    Yeah it sounds cruel, but sooner or later they`ll be at a point where they can feed themelves and stop getting sick and get an educated population, and THEN, they`ll be self sufficient and not aid reliant like today.
    All this “oh help the children” shit is just prolonging the suffering of poor people while inflating the ego`s of wealthy middle aged housewives with “aid” as a hobby and a way to get meaning into their OWN lives.
    And america can stop invading every shithole country on the planet calling it self defense because is a bunch of corporate bullshit.
    America created most the terrorist groups, so they`ll have an enemy to fight, as a distraction for the american people and justification to go to war, and as a business opportunity for companies that deal with weapons and armament, “security” (looking at you blackwater and halliburton) and a reason for the american forces to bomb schools and hospitals with drones, that have 20% actual killrate and 80 civilian casualties, so they later can invade (all this needing funding), then stay there and have private corporations come in and rebuild the country.
    War is money.
    So is disease, and if anyone think that corporations haven`t been spreading disease just to sell the cure they`re delusional idiots.
    Get edified fools, discover what`s real so you can vote with you money and act responsibly.
    Then and only then, will there be less wars and less starvation, less poverty and more prosperity.
    Until then, stay in your little bubbles and feel like a good person for sending 10 bucks to some african warlord, or a charity that uses 70-90 of it on red tape.
    Feel smart for agreeing with fox news, and try not to reproduce, because you`re ultimately just a part of the problem until you`re aware of what`s going on.
    No, we shouldn`t stop aging.
    It`s what makes us appreciate life, it`s finite, and we have to make the best of it, life isn`t like “oh I messed up, gimme a do-over”.
    And you won`t get infinite mulligan`s.
    Carpe Diem will loose it`s meaning completely, I mean, why seize the day when you can seize another day..?
    Why appreciate a relationship when you know it can last forever?
    And the only people who would get this power of eternal life, are the richest people in the world, that don`t appreciate anything as it is, and who got to where they are by being ruthless and plain fucking evil.
    Great plan!

    1. Jan Christian Frodahl

      Listen kids, start learning about how the world works, and who`s actually in charge.
      Learn a little psychology and philosophy, and last but not least, social anthropology.
      Study life and society and you will be amazed, shocked and horrified, but I`m guessing you`ll stop fueling the fire, and maybe just MAYBE, illuminate at least SOMEONE, with your newfound knowledge and understanding.
      Having a good life is about living WELL, not LONG, and to leave an impression on those who come after you, so they can take advantage of YOUR teaching and experiences, learning from your life, passing it on, so THEIR successors can do the same.
      What good is the progress of technology if we don`t evolve our minds?
      A person shouldn`t become 500 years old.
      It`s fucking evolution for fucks sake!
      Selfish and arrogant, heartless and frail of mind, ultimately self destructive in their ignorance, are those who seek eternal life and ultimate power.
      I will not live to see such pride be the fall of the common man, but I can fear it still..

  544. Bishal Debnath

    Nothing new will happen. Things will be the same it is.

  545. Michael Sylvia

    Do we really enjoy the highest standard of living? What defines standard of living?

  546. Xavier Wagner

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  547. Patrick Wise

    Probably around 500. Plenty of time to enjoy life, discover my passions and grow a family.

  548. Manos P

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  549. -LEGODUDE-

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  550. Lubinator 666

    Immortallity is easy. Just create undestroayble computer and download world of warcraft. Then make character. Problem solved :3

  551. john underwood

    I would like to live as long as I can. The end to aging would be a good thing. Why a mere 200 years if could live 500 or 1,000 years. It would be nice to be as ancient as some of the ancient wonders of the world and be as healthy as my 20s.

  552. Tristan bul

    We r humans
    Evolution gavr us brains for this
    Unnatural and natural are swapped with humans,
    If a human lives in the forest not inventing things while evolution gave us the job to invent, it means its unnatural to not invent as mankind

  553. This is Me

    Personally, I don’t want to live as long as possible, I just want to live a happy and healthy life…Also, the growth (?) of life expectancy means more people on earth, and that’s not very good for our planet

  554. Mikkel Lind

    Please make more videos and faster. You are my favourite youtube show, the wait is worse waiting for your videos than for Christmas.

  555. SumaTJessT

    I would love to live a very very long time or maybe even an indefinite amount of time, there are many things that will come in the future and it saddens me greatly that I might not be able to see all of them. And it would be nice to learn a lot of stuff during all that time. 😀 … oh and things would be even funnier for me since I look younger than my actual age so situations like saying my age would be quite hilarious for me.

  556. Khorothis

    This entire video is misleading, just like CGPGrey’s. The assumption is that everyone on the planet will have access to anti-aging tech. We won’t, only the richest will, since this will be just another product as anything else. You could moralise all day but that’s the reality of our situation. Sure, I’d love to spend decades upon decades learning but it’s simply not going to happen.

  557. Victor Scott

    We must end the disease

  558. mick mills

    the earth is already getting to the point it can not support the people living now what happens when the resources are gone but everyone is still alive? They go to war over what’s left and the whole world suffers living longer is already a huge drain on the economy since retires need the medical support to live to a ripe old age but cant keep working to pay for it.

    At some point the resources will run out and war will happen that’s what living forever would do and only going to space to find other planets would sustain us but the planets that have what we need will probably have someone or thing living on it and that means wars to get what we need to survive. So in a nut shell we should really have an age limit so we dont over populate the world and destroy it for everyone.

  559. Jack Miller

    How the hell doesn’t want to stop ageing? Who?

  560. Anthony Campos

    I️ would want to let be long enough to leave my mark upon this world; to build my legacy.

  561. Adrian Andreiadis

    Read my Facebook wall to see how to live forever and always be healthy: Adrian Andreiadis

  562. Vosgues Fabulous

    This video is awesome, damn you are really good at this!!

  563. Oliver Tsai

    Scholar is ancient China has answered the question about living forever. An emperor cried because he will one day leave his beloved people and country. He wished that he could live forever. His wise adviser laughed and said that if everyone lived forever, he would not be the emperor. Instead, he would be working in the farms just like everyone else.
    When life is eternal, the value will be near zero. Imaging North Korean leader will live thousand of years and rule that country. Imaging Jeff Bazo will own the whole world in a few hundred years. Imaging our congressmen will be the same for the next few thousand years. You will be stuck with the same mother-in-law for the next 800 years. There are only half of the population in this country are working right now. There are more and more people became disabled every day. A lot of them are receiving the government assistance for their living. There are people confined to home due to injuries. They will need care forever. The people you don’t like will breed faster than you do. The world will be taken over by the people that have the most children, unless you will abandon the system of election. You don’t know what you are wishing for. Like everyone is a billionaire. Money will be worthless. The world you know will no longer be the same.

  564. Imperator Crispico

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  565. Sunny Lee

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  566. MilckyCow

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  567. Zerviscos

    Immortality is more of a subject of philosophical in nature, also including in existentialism. A lot of ppl would want to live forever, but probably a lot of ppl might not even able to handle it. I would very much like to live a long time myself, but would I really want to? Disregarding the “sole immortal” problem of living past ppl you care about if all of them are also living as long as you, there’s still a matter of self-implied values, morality, and even life questions of existence.

    There’s a great woman politician from where I am, a lot of ppl undervalued her even if she had made great contributions to the country, just because she wasn’t as much of a showman compared to other politicians, and probably because she was a woman. One of the few last things she had said before she died was “I am dying, but I am not afraid to die. I’m afraid of what happens after death, but I am willing to embrace it”. This was a very philosophical in nature of a quote. Sure you might live for thousands of years, but if a lot of ppl are already taking for granted their current limited time on earth, what more so if they can live longer?

  568. Lek Yy

    120.But u do realise it is more about our experience and what we consider living longer or shorter. At young we feel that a year is almost our entire life but as we get older each year becomes shorter mentally to half then third then quarter until it is a mere fraction of our lives, hence I would rather my future years be similar to the years I had when I’m young rather than just regular years.

  569. TeiKh3n xD

    I would rather transplant my brain into a small receptacle that sustains it’s (my) life, so I would fart no more..

  570. jonathan

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