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There’s a saying that goes like, ’’When I was 20, it seemed to me that those who turned 30 are already old. I must have had a great imagination.’’ As we grow older, things really change. It’s not just about our appearance, but also about how we treat our health, our family, our money, and other things. What was significant in our 20’s, becomes not such a big priority when we turn 30, and vice versa.
Today Bright Side decided to show how people change over time.

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  1. Ramona King

    At 1:54 they spelled Effects wrong

  2. slurpie games

    3:44 hey I’m 9 and I can totally relate to that

  3. Pat Becker

    I’m 8 but,
    I can be as smart as 30 learn your physics KIDS

  4. Asta Marie Møller Hermansen 7B Havdrup Skole

    I’m 13 yo, but I act like I’m 30 xD

  5. لجين شاش

    Ohhhhh i am 22 but do things like 30 ???

  6. Dina Vojnovic

    I am 12?

  7. Waffle Gurl


  8. Hafsah Ghafoor

    I’m 11 and I am apparently I’m 30 yaers

  9. Millwater Publishing

    I remember my 20s… Fighting dinosaurs with pointy sticks. Mastering the use of fire. Trying to invent the wheel…

  10. Layla Torres-Regnier

    I am 7 and apparently I am thirty!

  11. Allysa Putman

    *What do you usually do in the evenings when your in your 20’s?*
    *pauses video*
    “hold up i need to comment something”

  12. Aaron Cutting

    Please.. 3-4 am means I have 1-2 hours before I have to get up for work/school… I’m 19

  13. Emerald Lion

    Its all wrong… all, its Not that Easy

  14. Aryanna Moon

    Not completely accurate but I will say I already don’t care and litterally have like two friends. 18 and I’m “in my 30’s”

  15. Therese Sicam

    Im only 9 years old

  16. Marie Louis

    I’m mix of those like sometimes I do stuff from 30 others 20 and I’m only 11

  17. Roti Khaase

    Haha my moms almost 40 and I guess she’s in her 20’s here

  18. Lauren Cagurin

    I’m only 26 but I feel like I’m acting like a 30 year old than a 26 year old

  19. Cristy's Cichlids

    I’m 27 and I have been living my 30s for a long time now.

  20. Ariana Tavakoli

    my mom is 40 and she goes to bed at like 2 to 3 am watching Korean shows ??? and were not even Asian at all!! but she likes it so…..

  21. Rebecca osullivan

    Soooooooooo not true

  22. Futuristic Baizer

    1:59 who eats chocolate like that?

  23. Lorielle Walker

    I am only 9

  24. Puja Singh

    i luv ur voice

  25. Amaan Khan

    I m 14 & my dad is currently 39 but he still has his whole gang from his childhood like 15 to 20 people… he always hang out with them during a vacation….

  26. Shayani Satheeskumar

    I did a test on what is my mental age and when I did it I am 14 years old and it said that my mental age was 2 Click the link if you don’t believe me.

  27. JasonIsBored7

    Nothing is right for me in this. It is not legit AT ALL.

  28. JasonIsBored7

    I’m not 20 nor 30 I’m 100 years old. (JK I AM 10)

  29. Maria Evie

    I don’t eat much sugary stuff and workout for 30 each day (2 hours if I have P.E) and I go up the scale like crazy. I’m 12, turning 13.

  30. Trisha Dev

    all girls like this.Im also

  31. Renee Buckle

    Very true

  32. Taylor Allison

    The spelling mistakes are really annoying.

  33. Taehyung.serendipity

    So wait im 15 but im actually 30? Wow haha amazing.

  34. NataKitty

    ” In the 30’ies youre like “WHO cares, let Them talk!” ”
    Im already like that and im only 11 ?

  35. Sapphire and Me

    I’m ten and I do everything like 30

  36. Rachel Hudyma

    My mom is 34 and she stays out with friends from 10pm till 6am
    And she has 10k followers on instagram

    She’s a youtuber xD

  37. bolluru B deepika

    youngh I love boyfrinds

  38. Elisa Baretta

    it is to trueeee

  39. mrellesp_ 1205

    I’m just 12 yrs old but I think I’m 30 yrs old eh?

  40. Kristan Rae Stops

    Its not true that u gain weight after 30.. wth? It has to do with being physically active.

  41. Farica Sabrina

    I have one of the 30s and the 20s too, but I’m 12!

  42. Presly Choate

    same lolololololololololol????

  43. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    But if your jeans don’t fit u how do u buy new ones?

  44. Opie Hqvoc

    Iam 22 but why my lifestyle refer 30 ? lol

  45. elle belle

    I remember being at a park and I was pulling my sister and a friend on a roundabout swing. Some of the sterotypical popular girls were watching and waiting in their designer jeans. I was wearning North Ridge and Trespass walking gear as we had just climbed a mountain. They were laughing at how I didn’t jump on. One of them tried and fell in the mud. I jumped and landed perfectly on the swing. They were making comments on me being a nerd as I was explaining the difference of the Imperial March with the Star wars theme so I went up to them and said, “If you have a problem with me, at least go and gossip somewhere else. We don’t want to listen to you complaining about how I am not like you. We are different for a reason. For that I am grateful as I would never like to be like you.” They walked away.

  46. Stuffandstuff Animals

    I’m 11, have I discovered the weird side of YouTube or is it beside I’m 10 years away from being 20 so I don’t really understand this

  47. Clorox Bleach

    Wow. I’m 13 and I don’t have friends. That’s my life

  48. lauro lucas

    about the hotel I still prefer hostel, but my girlfriend wants just hotel this part couldn’t change hahaha

  49. xXTheAwesomeGirlXx

    I don’t know yet cause I’m ten ????

  50. InLanasWorld

    YOUNGH dude what

  51. Thinlay Choden

    I am 21 and I swear my life is same as the 30’s or maybe even 40’s. ??

  52. Kirsten Jasmine Ross

    Okey I’m 20… thank God most of them aren’t true 4 me!☺

  53. CuteLittleDemonKitty

    I’m a teen but I’m 30… what

  54. LewisTurnerPrime

    I’m only 14 and feel like I’m 30 ?

  55. Sasha .h

    Why are there so many spelling mistakes

  56. anjali maraj

    Anyone thinks after thirty is more mature

  57. anjali maraj

    Haha I’m not even 13 I’m 11 going to 12
    Lol that’s cool

  58. Nathalia Nicole

    That’s so me… And I’m only 16 ?

  59. Tarunima Dasgupta

    I am 18 but living like 30

  60. Missy Cabic

    Not true…I am in my 40’s and my husband and I have been married 13 yrs and we still text sweet stuff all the time.

  61. Xx SuperPuppyLoverGirl xX

    3 or 2 AM?!

  62. Arctic_Wolf_458 Aj

    I’m 10 living like a 25 yr old….. Maybe a bit of 30….

  63. Kid Acraman

    Um… can u learn how to spell pls? just saying

  64. Lazaro Aguilar

    my mom has like 90 freinds

  65. Xxsavage liyahxX Wise

    my mom is 33 and shes not old shes young

  66. The girl that Makes you Lol

    What is this vid I’m six and am I a 6/30 ?!?!

  67. The girl that Makes you Lol


  68. Joanna Marie Segura

    Attitude spelt attetude. just sayin

  69. Same Syd

    Aww!!!so true ☺

  70. kuhu saxena

    Spelling is attitude and not attetude

  71. merrell twinner forever35

    come on 30yearoldis not an old age its still young

  72. Daria Nicoleta

    I’m 10.. And I feel like i’m 30

  73. obliviousdimenions

    Totally agree. I’m 35. Please make another one comparing 30’s and 40’s so I know what’s coming 🙂

  74. Corey Sabin

    I’m 11 and I am 16 inside

  75. Family Mukenya

    I feel like it’s 1 but it’s two ??????????

  76. Habiba Husejnovic

    i think i live a 30s in my 13s

  77. Becki Isabella

    im younger than 30 and i still don’t Care what other people think of me.??

  78. kubek kawy

    My teacher (Mr. Nutter) is 26
    In 4 years he will be 30…..
    This is a good example for him.

  79. Non interessant nom

    I’m 30 at 13, heh ?

  80. Alzain the Jake paul

    Bright side ,U peaple need to stop jugeing who agrees

  81. A T Morgan

    Well I’m 57, but only feel 90. I need a nap to stay up till 10.

  82. She's multiplying faster than a calculator

    I’m not even thirty yet, matter of fact I’m 15 and I feel like I’m already 30..

  83. Sci-fi spooghettii

    at 1:51 they spelt effects as affects

  84. AnNumme Imagination

    Actually I still have 10 years to go and my only true friends are my stuffed animals. There was only one other girl I met once that was just like me: weird, otaku, all the same things. A little more mature in everything though, except her age.

  85. Līna Sirsniņa

    liesssss…. turns out im over 30 and my parents are 20

  86. Basic Basics

    I’m 15… so no lol

  87. KAWAIILOVER 1306

    At 11-30
    *10 pm at night*
    Mom:go to sleep
    Me:aaw but its so early uugghhh
    10:00 pm
    Me:its so early ill just keeo watxhing youtube
    Me:wow its 9:00 so late i btter go to sleep for work tomorrow
    Daughter:MOM why are you still up! Go to bed and get your rest

    Moral n 1.we go from child-tween-teen-child
    Moral 2:our moms are always telling us what to do and we get revenge when our parents grow old and dont understand life anymore XD


    Finaly am not afraid growing up to 30 THANKS !!!!

  89. Fire PeaShooter

    nope im 11 none were true

  90. Thereal LizM

    Sooooo trueeeee

  91. zeineb bh

    I’m 19 but already feel like 30 . I always think and act like an adult not like a kid

  92. Danielle Krupa

    I’m just at this point in my life but instead I’m going on my second holiday alone yes it will be in a hotel and I can’t wait I am hopping to make a friend. Of my age though I not actually 30 yet.

  93. WolfOnline_Gamer GrEeN

    what’s Affects? Effects*

  94. Christopher Salguero

    Is it just me, or during the friend part is said “Massages” instead of “Messages”? I’m not to sure about that

  95. Yesheng Freddie

    I am only 9

  96. Molly Lafnter

    Dang ppl!!! I’m 21! ????!!! Hope u can see it! ??

  97. pinkcrazygirl

    Metabolism before 30: Eat whatever you want and stay thin.

    Uhm, yeah, sure,… LIAR!

  98. Rebecca J

    I’m 26 and I am already in the categories with the 30s here. I’m introverted and work all the time. I stopped caring what people thought at 18. I’ve been through a lot that has forced me to grow up quicker.

  99. Cynthia Esquibel

    Most of it spot on!

  100. CrystalYT90 Yt

    Idk why I am watching this I am 8..

  101. Kitty Meyw

    Nah. I’m 23. I don’t wear make-up save for date night. I don’t own a dress. I don’t travel. I stay at home unless I pay bills. I eat what I want and don’t care. Love me for who I am and not your idea of what I should be. I’ve been with my current man for little over a year but we still talk sweet. Usually it’s just business though. Honestly I was with someone else for 5 years and just grew up. It’s not like I missed anything accept a lot of bad choices.

  102. bit bot

    i’m just 12 but still i act like everyone when theyre 20 (kinda weird)
    and i have a *girlfriend*
    and i live in *finland*
    😛 •_•

  103. Ibaad

    Feeling 30 with Bright side and one million others at the age of 19 !

  104. the meeper

    2:35 or in your single digits you stop giving a flying feather about others opinions like i did

  105. David Stojilkovic

    This is not so true i don’t even have 20 and i don’t care about other’s opinions.

    1. David Stojilkovic

      Also i barely even have any friends!

  106. liliana cristelle

    Great spelling ?

  107. Stephanie :0

    I’m 21 but I’m more like the 30 side ? Except my metabolism is still fast

  108. Paige NotPage

    well still a teen but ig i’m 30 ??‍♀️

  109. kikml22

    yeah this is all just kinda cliche bs? it all just depends on your personality. i’m living the “30 year old” life and i turned 20 two months ago so uh???

  110. tetola nono

    1:54 not really ☺

  111. tay sanders

    I feel like none of this stuff applies to me, maybe it’s because I’m a dude.

  112. ShopkinsLPSKids Play

    You have more $ after 30 which explains a lot. The hotels, etc

  113. AMitoh

    Myself at 39 feel no more than 26 – 27 .. does my brain require thorough washing ??? ???

  114. GeekyCat 15

    I’m 12 and I’m so shy that I don’t even like HOTELS… this information is not accurate for everyone

  115. Yomna Abogazia

    I’m 17 and now I feel like I’m 30

  116. ummeZain forever

    1 like -1 life

  117. Luna Runa

    Leave a like if ur scrolling through the comments and watching at the same time
    -EDIT- one of the likes is me

    1. Cyr!x_ DA2

      Aiasho Glade xD

  118. Laura

    I feel 30 now. And I’m 14

  119. Samantha Diamond

    I’m really just a 30 year old trapped in a 19 year olds body

  120. Zineb Pavarotti

    hmm actually I have never worried about getting aged

  121. bobtheduck

    3:37 unless you’re too poor for hotels. Then Hostels still look kind of good.

  122. The Reaction Peep's

    Okay all of this is a lie my mom is 40 (and I’m 20 and still doing things) and she is still a tap dancer and great at it, an actor on stag, a running teck, and is hanging out late like 4 IN THE FLIPPING MORNING!! With friends. ?

  123. Athul T

    ishtapettu likadikkunnu…

  124. Matas Burmonas

    im visiting this like 100 times

  125. Klelia Sim

    The moment you are 13 and you feel like 30..

  126. Liz E

    Ok then.
    Isn’t this like a huge video of stereotypes

  127. Draco Strong-Heart

    Im a teen and i think im living like a 30 years old person

  128. Captain_Levi_Ackerman

    Ageing not so much I mean it’s inevitable so is death why be afraid of the inevitable

  129. some type of k-pop trash

    im 12 and my mental age in 33

  130. Sofia Prendiville

    I’m twelve but I act like a thirty year old, apparently.

  131. Clay and Crafts

    My mom is 40 and she doesn’t do the 30 or 20 year old things! Well some of the 20 year old things, but she acts very young and does stuff with me!

  132. BrokenOcean

    *when your not even 15 watching this*

  133. The Educated Retard

    Who wants to stay in a hotel room on vacation get out and explore

  134. dogtags ,

    i’m 13 years old so that have not happen yet

  135. Simon Petkov

    Guys when you say to a thin girl or a boy “you eat that much food and you are thin as a toothbrush”. Or something like that even if you tell it in a good way that you want to be like him its like you say to someone more chubby “You eat that little and you look bigger then 3 houses combined”. It really gives the person complexes. I talk that from personal expirience. ?

  136. Army 아미

    0:10 no 30 year old looks like that …

  137. Majestic Milk

    I’m 12…

  138. KILLimanjaro Unfriggenbelievable

    I’m 17 and on most i’m mentaly above 30.
    2.09 I’d like to stay that way my whole life though 😉

  139. Evan Kenna

    I’m only 9 so that’s luck

  140. Shayne Hopkins

    I’m 17 and I’m pretty much a 20 year old

  141. J Williams

    Well I’m not a woman so…

  142. SistahBallingah _

    Ummm thats not how you spell Attitude…

  143. Mari Dv

    my mom is still the same

  144. Toast

    when I was 10 I didn’t care about what people were saying about me 2:28

  145. DotKritic

    I turned 29 yesterday.

  146. LpsBanana Shake

    I am only10 so I can not relate

  147. Haimchand Lall


  148. bloody thorns

    my mom is 30 something and sjes still scared to get old but I tell her “mom… You will be fine”

  149. Cody Self

    Cute but very over-generalized.

  150. Spectre

    The spelling hurts….

  151. Creative Moe

    I’ve been 30 since I was 15

  152. Wolvos Firesoldat

    I have only 15 years old and I really love hearing any sound, sleeping but I hate when I’m standing up without moving

  153. Beef Curry

    I love all the misspelled words.

  154. PigVlog

    my mom Only thinking about bussines.I saw writing with my dad and hes was like very angry and write to take some food and no kisses smiles or other 🙁

  155. The Lynx

    Guess I have the mind of both a 20 year old and a 30 year old at the age of 13. Lovely.

  156. Silvia Hernández


  157. Shiwoo Lee

    im still 11…

  158. Felix lama

    I’m 35 but I look like 25 ?

  159. Army Chan98

    I’m a teenager yet the 30’s all relate to me 100%

  160. buddy man

    after 30 life better than before 30. lol

  161. Diys4 Life

    Thumbnail at 2:18

  162. Stefan Technologies

    9PM LATE??? I sleep in 10PM and im not even 20.

  163. Genetty Thetics

    I’ve always been an old man apparently… I kind of knew that already though

  164. Ozan Turay

    I become more mature, but partying and coach surfing such things do not change much,
    think it is how you see the life and what triggers and makes you happy =)

  165. MeGa___

    my mum is 38 she is not old >:(

  166. Queenie

    What’s with the “H” at 2:15 ?

  167. Mickmick

    I’m 14, and I can’t get away with eating more than 2 pieces of cake without gaining weight.

  168. AlexisTheAnimeNerd

    My metabolism is pretty good right now. I eat pretty much all junk food and I’m still skinny. (I’m 13 and I weigh 66 lbs) but my brother was the same and now he is 17 and my mom is making him diet, so I’m going to try not to eat as much because it may not seem like it now but eating a lot of sugar and such now can be bad in the future. I have been trying to drop the laptop for 1 – 1 1/2 hours and exercise. I have also been trying to eat less junk food. I eat a few waffles and sometimes a bit of fruit for breakfast, sometime around lunch I get a little snack like a banana, at dinner I eat a good amount of whatever it is, and around dessert time I get a bowl of cereal (that has sugar in it like marshmallows of chocolate >;3 what its not like I HAVE to diet I am choosing to! I dont need to lose weight I’m just trying not to gain that much for the future.) Also my mom is opening the pool soon for the summer and that is a good way of exercising. Wish me luck and have a nice (Day/Night)

  169. Stacey Hunt

    I’m only 21 and fit the majority of these already! My Facebook has 27 people on it, most are family members and only 10 do I even talk to! Never been one to drink or go out to parties or clubs because, what’s the point? I was mentally 30 from the age of 13. ><

  170. Anti zarof

    Lol all of them its not true Because ???

    Im still young.

  171. mayla saraswita

    That is soo like my mom she’s 50

  172. calamityp

    They need to change this to “after 40”. Seriously? Who wrote this??

  173. Solongo Batbayar

    Where is my before 20 LIFE?!

  174. watertypepokemon 123

    More like extroverts vs introvert

  175. Destiny 4 ever 0_0

    I don’t have a metabolism
    And I’m 14

  176. NoodleKat / Kaylynn Li

    I have a 30 year old soul in a 13 year old body… :/

  177. Rachel Salz

    I’m 30 and always say that age is just a number. the mood thing is more me.ive really grown to not give a dam what people think about me.just be blunt

    1. GD Arlkalus

      Rachel Salz age is a word

  178. Latti

    im 12 but i guess i act like im 30?? lol

  179. MeTV

    That awkward moment when you have the friendship status of a 30+ year old at the age of 15…

  180. Alien in your World

    They make 30 sound so old! I know people that age and older and they do most of the things they say only 20 year olds do and vice versa. This video is not accurate at all, its just cliche.

  181. YouTube Addict

    What like 5 of these are true!!!

  182. TrollBean

    0:08 dat womam is totally 30 years old

  183. Jake Daniell

    So.. basically I’m 20 and act a bit like 30 ?

  184. Qualaya Cooper

    Very relatable!..well, except for the hostel part. I’ve only seen those in movies. The thing about staying up late is so true. When I was in my teens and 20’s, I wanted to be out as late as possible (3-4 am). Now, in my late 30’s, I can only hang like that but once in a while. I find myself gettin’ tired after 9 pm, even when I’m doing nothing but chillin’ at home. It’s so crazy how the body changes!

  185. Lilly Pup

    Video:before 30 girls but on makeup
    Me:not me

  186. Christine Cook

    I’m 21 almost 22, and still feel so young

  187. D DeSoto

    3-4 am is the haunted hour

  188. Luna Stella

    I must have been born 30+ if this stuff is accurate……lol…..too generalized…

  189. Your real mom

    OMG! This is so accurate it hurts!

  190. Koala Productions

    I’m 12 living the life of a 30 year old, well then…

  191. Esperanza Baca

    They cannot spell

  192. allitrash

    Thought I was about to turn 18, turns out I’m 30

  193. AA lisa


    evening – 20
    messaging – both
    late means – 20
    metabolism – 30
    youngh – none
    other people’s opinion – 20
    attetudes to ageing – 20
    friends – 20
    travel – 30
    im 12 btw..

  194. The Stacy Foster Show

    We get so old acting at 30 lol

  195. popcornis freakingawesome

    I hate these typos

  196. TWo PROtoTYPES

    I’m a 30 year old at 9 years old… crie evretiem

  197. michelle imel

    lel cant wait for motabilsm XD

  198. Nature Heart

    Look, look , i understand that people want adventures and stuff, but all i want is: Become Adult -> Get a House -> Fill the house with so many puppies that it’s beyond your imagination -> take in any homeless dog -> play and run with all the puppies -> run after those little brats when they escape. *That way, you can also be a parent , single , and HAPPY*

  199. seraphiccandy21

    Wow, turning 30 in 2 days and still living the life of a 20 year old…like even if I could afford it I would not stay in a hotel….how would you meet people? Plus who wants to pay that much for one night when you coud use the money for clothes or another couple days of traveling?

  200. Elsa Rowza

    Guys I think we should forgot our age a live an independent life

  201. The Skyi

    Older gets more wiser .. I guess

  202. IShallNotSubmit

    sounds more like before and after married..rather than 30

  203. Randomins t

    Why do i act like them both sometimes, but the word late is 6 AM

  204. FrostedFork wants to die

    I am a girl and I hate make up yeah I am a tomboy you should
    of said most girls

  205. Azul Marquez

    SO much typos

  206. Mia Siliezar

    I go to bed at 9:30 sometimes I don’t know if still 9:00 and at 10:00 my mom says “it is late

  207. Alma Silvanius

    I guess i’m a 30 year old at15 then

  208. Disk disk Siaiaiai

    What if you were born on leap day? ?

  209. Ice Cream

    On social media we have more than 1000 friends…..pfffff sure

  210. Yati Djuraemi

    lol im only in my.. 10s

  211. Jordan Patton

    Mmmm I’m only 19 and already living like a 30 year old. Hmm cool

  212. Jasmine Hussain

    I am only 12 I am wondering why i am here

  213. Madina Ahmad

    Soooo true but depends on ur partner if u happy with him ur live of romance will start after 30 if not even from young age u feel old I didn’t had happy live from 7 year till now iam 30 before I had hope now even I don’t have dreams and hops now iam to young to feel this Mach old 🙁

  214. M1 Hellcat

    my metabolism failed at 9

  215. DeadlyLoneWolf inc.

    I have 0 friends, hah take that before 30’s

  216. Mystic Anime

    I’m only 10 and I act like a 20 year old..great

  217. Pøm Pøm

    welp I’m 11 soooo…….

  218. Raven Grave

    i guess i was born an old man HAHAH

  219. ii AngwA ii


  220. Devin Doge

    Piece of cake
    No the whole cake

    That’s a pie

  221. sky plizx

    my mom’s younger than 30 and does all that stuff

  222. Shadow Wolf

    my mom says hi in text’s like this.
    “hey sexy~?”
    And she’s 41

  223. Splushie

    I’m 12 and I still kinda think 11 pm is still kinda late

  224. Just Saying

    In your 20’s, you think you know but you don’t know. In your 30’s, you know you don’t know. In your 40’s, you know but you do not think that you know. In your 50’s you know that you know!

  225. ElisaAndKiwi

    Great! Now it’s official I’m a over 30 year mind, stuck in 20 years old body.

  226. Cryptixz Bruh

    apparently I’m 30 my mom told me that I was 13.. I guess not??

  227. Sandy Skulls

    do you mean life as a introvert vs extrovert lol

  228. Damian Greenup

    im 9 years old and watching this

  229. Smash Boy LUC4S

    Ik nit even 18 and I act 30
    Am I okay?

  230. AishiPotato

    Why am I watching this?! I’m 12…

  231. Benjamin Welton

    And also at 2:12, it says Youngh not young

  232. Benjamin Welton

    Notice at 2:58 it says Attetudes instead of attitudes and ageing instead of aging. Like if you saw this too.

  233. Great Value Bleach

    My mom is 30 and acts like she is 20

  234. GreyedInterests

    I’m apparently 30. I’m not even 20 lol

  235. Praetor_Fenix420

    I still use tonnes of emoji with gf! So does she! Both over 30.

  236. Blue De Leon Tagorda

    spell check, yeah?

  237. Ritesh Ram

    I’m 18 soooo……

  238. shatha woow

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    33 to 38 was rough , but a I knew I would pull through it….all the problems of divorce/ single parenthood 24/7, etc
    39 onwards got myself educated and things really did change and it was, good enough.
    40’s to my 50’s and all is well. I’m happy.
    But my metabolism really started to shut down at 38. I was lucky in that aspect. And being I am a natural night owl, there is no such thing as “late”, except for work on occasion.;)

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    1. Camilish pilish


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    Yay! I’m 11, haha, older than all my 10 year old friends!!

    Age 30:
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    For example, even in your late 20s, I think going to clubs and staying up all night likely don’t appeal to you as much anymore, especially once you graduate from college/university and you start working and building your career (this includes freelance and the traditional 9-5 job) professional developments , personal development… maintaining functional relationship with people around you and running our own household starts taking up a lot of your time. As for metabolism… I think everyone has different metabolism and some people won’t be able to eat whatever even in their 20s. I know I can’t eat like I used to when I was a child or even when I was in my early 20s now that I’m mid-20s…leaning more towards being closer to my 30s very soon. Finally, as for attitude towards aging… is guess I am not a person who feared getting older, but I am now getting more accepting of being older. I aspired to be a wise, responsible, independent woman who shows both internal and external beauty appropriate for her age. I believe there is beauty in every age of people’s life for sure: I chose to embrace it since I won’t get younger, I only get one year older every year!

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    There was a man, let’s call him Bill, Bill was 16 and needed to study, he said “PFFFT, I’ll do it later!” He failed not only the next test but his SATs and was accepted to colleges that weren’t that good. Bill got older and started to work at McDonald’s selling cheeseburgers and fries at the window. One day he told himself “One day I’ll go to California for a vacation, I’ll save up!” Bill got his paycheck of $68 and started to save. Instead of saving he spent his money on shirts. The next paycheck he got he spent on a tattoo. Bill forgot about his idea to go to California and kept working. He stopped working at McDonald’s at the age if 65, after becoming manager to see if he could could still find love. Bill looked and looked for 2 years but found no one. Bill finally found the right girl but when he saw her he didn’t like her. He went home to cry. Later that week he went to the doctor and found out he had only a couple of years to live. After that day he swore he would go on a plane around the world before he died. Bill saved money he had and got a job at a super market. A year later and he forget his ideas and left his job. He stayed home and only left to buy food and collect mail. He spent his final days sad, bored, and alone, all because he didn’t use his life to have fun.

    I have no idea how this video and this story relate. lol

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    1. Alana Thomas

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    1. MrCordycep

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    2. Sophy 2001

      I wont say we don’t have a life, it’s that things you yearn to do in your 20’s are not that amusing at 30 because you have already been through it or done it. Life is more quiet, you settle down, you have more responsibilities and you have to mature. So yeah it is more calmed and not as hectic, but its enjoyable in a different way.

  584. Tami P

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    1. Janay K

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    2. Olivia Anzaya

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  599. Jade

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    1. Dorothy Matthews

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    1. Jen H

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    2. happy Gabby!!!

      Fallen Grace it’s not that it’s bc you’re still a teen so you still got school and other things that at your age you’re need to do but once you hit your 20’s you’ll probably be doing the same Lol?

    3. Krystal Hopes

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    4. Lolo

      That explains it but you should have been more specific about your age because that clearly confused Luis and I. Anime Lover 101 only said that because you had an aggressive response to that comment, I know you don’t care and honestly I am proud that you don’t care what people say about you but not proud that You are admitting you are rude and your fine being rude.

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    1. Futuristic Baizer

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    1. Denise Sumpter

      Abdullah99Gaming I don’t know if you are joking or straight out serious but I’ll let you believe what you want to believe “Bro”

    2. 69Bros

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    3. Denise Sumpter

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    1. Levi Ackerman

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    2. otterlover95

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    3. Becki Isabella

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    4. eric neitzert santamaria

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  618. Whazzap!

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