What Are You?

What Are You?

So. Are you your body? And if so, how exactly does this work? Lets explore lots of confusing questions.

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What Are You?

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  1. Daniel'sthing!!!

    you is what you call you. so what is you?

  2. Positive Anion

    I like that idea. I am more of a constantly changing pattern than any solid object. the human body is completely dynamic, and you can only really look at it as so. so, our identities are dynamic, as well.

    Nothing is static, any ways. We don’t care about characters as static ideas, but as ideas that change. It is the change that characters go through that we care about.

  3. Ther7

    This video really makes you reflect about the whole “when you die, is a complete new beginning” idea.

  4. Arrow

    this is fuckt…

  5. Сок од малине

    Brain machine broke

  6. Jacka da Hacka

    “In this strange and beautiful universe”
    Next time
    Here’s why the entire universe is doomed to turn into a cold and static void in which nothing can exist

  7. Yeti tubby the Xdemon 616

    Well second part was creepy af

  8. pablo thiccasso

    thank you SO much for mentioning HeLa cells! so often they’re forgotten

  9. The saiyan

    Perfect cell

  10. ClusterTacoXander

    I’m actually a dog sitting on a log, eating a frog, in the fog, drinking eggnog, all while reading the latest blog.

  11. Daniel Butcherine

    I feel so smart

  12. Alexandre Meyer

    I’m 18, I already worked on some HeLa cells even got some photos of it on my photo, btw this video is amazing

  13. Miguel Alfaro

    I know that we are cancer and dead inside

  14. Ariane Vigneault

    This is the best thing I have ever heard and seen.

  15. 올해는2018년 입니다

    죄및돵!!! 나는 수많은 조각들의 패턴이라… 커즈와일의 말이 생각 나는군…

  16. Jacket Stfu

    Existencial crisis is so overrated

  17. Arturo Coronado

    “There’s no thinker, only the process of thinking”. Love your videos!!

  18. ZXZ Demon

    Maybe we are not a thing, perhaps only an experience.

  19. One happy Potato

    I’m a mailbox

  20. Manuel Camacho

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  21. SK 101

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  26. KingBanana 64

    I didn’t get one thing that was said during this video.
    It was amazing! Keep up the awesome work!

  27. Zuber Khan

    Everything comes down to soul(consciousness) which nobody has been able to figure out yet. You can say that we are programmed and that we don’t have free will. Your soul knows the difference between your brain and everything else that is not your brain. And it never makes a mistake in that regard. That means your soul has structure and rules, like a machine.

  28. JuanDiego Villacis

    6 and a half minutes proving the self is just a mental concept haha! Amazing

  29. bogdan95

    My braaaain!!?

  30. Natalie Nguyen

    S this video could be 2 seconds

    “what are u”


  31. Reid Wasankari

    This shit is tripping + science to explain it

  32. Curious Khan

    Basically, a pattern which continues to exist, continues such that overall entropy is positive.
    I am not concluding anything, but there are many people who believe that the pattern in question is God.

  33. Chrysi Meow

    existential crisis EXISTENTIAL CRISIS

  34. Fuarian

    we don’t really exist… on a subatomic level we are just a bunch of atoms and subatomic particles floating around in empty space. We are not individuals but rather one collective being of… well everything.

  35. Smol_Hornet

    I still think I’m an idiot sandwich, though.

  36. Serena Cai

    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  37. kristian remiter


  38. American History 101

    Ironic. She could save others from death but not herself.

  39. Tomas Flores

    atoms atoms atoms!!!

  40. Bharath Nallapeta

    Karzgesagt – Guys, please do a video titled, “What happens when you sleep?” I really want to know what happens inside our body and our brain when we are asleep.

  41. Oreo Dimasdale

    If not because of one naughty virus, there wouldn’t be that one thing I remember from grade 8 biology.

    Thank you, Mitochondria, power house of the cell.

  42. Awesome Falcon 15!

    I’m Rick Harrison, And This Is My Pawn Shop.

  43. LinkInHyrule

    uhh were made of space stuff

  44. Superdwarf

    The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

  45. hank the tank

    science is very confusing…

  46. Veronica Coronado

    So…cáncer is inocent?

  47. ThatGamerOfYoutube

    Brain exploded!!!

  48. Ryder Scodes

    I’m stuck in a loop.

  49. fishmrinc

    Anyone else watch this in a mental hospital?

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    His voice changed in the end

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    YOU are just ENERGY. Simple.

    Think of life as a Premium Grade of ENERGY.

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  64. robloxtrolling&more 1234

    Why do cells want to survive? I mean if what you said was true about cells not having morals like animals do, then why would they want to?

  65. Jeb Shep

    Wait, did you just make me question my existence in 10 seconds? Wow

  66. Markel Reutov

    What I consider me is not my apearence or the cells that I created, but the complex neural network I have develaped, in other word anything that has all my memories I consider me

  67. zachariah liles

    Any time I feel like having a good old fashioned existential crisis I just cruise your page and click a video like this. Keep up the good work.

  68. thomas smith

    “PART OF YOU IS DYING CONSTANTLY” well that’s nice to know.

  69. Gideon Jones

    asking if your cells are still you when taken away seems like asking if a molecule of hydrogen is still the sun after it is taken from the sun.

  70. Nerd Gaming Guy

    Wait if we can harness the “immortality” of cancer cells we could some how control it we could live for ever

  71. ˆ Sraku ˆ

    What if someone was made entirely of cancerous cells?

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    We are all a bunch of stupid robots

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    awesome work, thank you

  75. Austin Bennett

    tecniclilly beacase I believe christan you are a spirit

  76. Guldb3mse

    Okay.. Lets say you could live for 1000s of years, if you moved to a different climate, would your skin start shifting colors ?

  77. Harshit Mehrotra

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  78. Harshit Mehrotra

    I would never exchange my cells with some random person on the street.

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    So I’m LITERALLY dying inside?

    1. Absolute Nonsene

      Starlen Bolt thats called growing up

  82. Joel Gratte

    That ending was incredible! The fuzzy line analogy reminds me of Alan Watts.

  83. Marcus Halberstram

    Read the declassified CIA “Gateway Experience” it explains everything about space-time, human consciousness and the nature of reality.

  84. Half-Gamer Half-Cartoon Fan

    Life starts on atom

  85. Ruce Bajer

    What does he say at the very start of the video?

  86. Javier SSTO

    Can’t you be like software?
    Consciousness might be better understood as an operating system or a program.
    It doesn’t exist physically, it’s just data installed in the computer.
    And some of the same logic can be applied here.
    Computer parts can work on their own, but software can’t exist without a computer.
    It exists as a concept, as a conglomerate of inner workings and electrical powered functions, but we can call it a thing.

    Obviously I’m simplifying too much… But when I ask myself what am I? I usually answer with “a survival program installed in the brain, with different functions and tools, sensors and information.” I’m too tired to think of a better way of putting this idea, but… It makes sense to me.

  87. Ugandan Knucklez

    A human

  88. Chris

    Theseus’ ship redux for the millionth time over, because there is nothing new under the sun.

  89. An anonymous user surfing the web


  90. Shadow Banned

    What Are You?

    Voice in a voiceless environment.

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    My mind was just blown into a bunch of little pieces.
    Am i still me?

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  93. H0lm3s

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  94. Atheist Supreme

    Those cells will mutate and gain self-awareness, kill it with fire!

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  98. Dragon Squad

    Mind blown

  99. Dr. Abhishek Bhandawat

    Thats really an interesting question. As far as I understand. We are not our cells. we may be in all in our cells. When a cell die we do not. This has to do something with conciousness. We are our conciousness that may reside in our brain and other cells. But is does not die when brain dies. How people recalls their past lives even when all of their cells die.

  100. Destroyer 186

    i was switching between both videos until i realized the videos were just going around in a infinite loop

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  109. Stainsteel0

    For those who keep saying that “We are cells controlled by a ” There is no point to believe or think that ,there are hundreds of different definitions of the soul and all are related to either religion or just other personal beliefs , there is no real definition of it , it’s not demonstrable so its no point taking it as a possibility , whatever definition you give it

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  117. Dragoonthegamer

    I think you are your brain, and the rest of you is just a meat-suit life-support system. You could take out your brain and put in a mech suit, or a spaceship, and it would still be you. Just now instead of a meat suit, it’s a metal suit.

  118. EfiXtra

    I just fucking love the Art style

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    wow, this rally made me think… like if yur also 13 years old

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    the illustration of the cells is just so cute?

  125. netauri123

    All there is is consciousness. Life is consciousness.
    There is no physical world
    There is the consciousness of what we call physical

  126. Cedric N goran

    This is simply madness

  127. AxxL

    What if someone would make an exact copy of you after your death (including same memories, same conscience etc. = therefore more than just a clone) – would you be alive again?

  128. RadicalGam3r YT / Nevermore Reaper / Rub1x

    I’m a living organism composed of several different varieties of atoms, sub-atomic particles, and bosons, which form things like proteins and cells.

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    WHAT AM I?

    I’M A KAIJU lol

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    Then I came to the conclusion “I” don’t exist.

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    The body isn’t you. The body is just a tool to support your mind.
    I believe that the mind is you

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    In an another video about “what is life? Is death real?”, you said cells are non-living.

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    I will be supporting this Channel. It’s Phenomenal

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    If cancer cells are immortal…

    If ALL of our cells turned into cancer cells…

    Would WE become immortal?!?!?!

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    I’ll stick with God and the whole soul thing on this one…

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    1. Christina Sibaouih


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    Please make a Video related to SOUL

  156. Sexy Beast

    You as you is just a label our brains give you in order to identify you as something. The reason it has to identify you as something is because that’s how it works the most efficiently, hence langauges.. so it’s a social construct and not something that actually exist in universe. How much of you makes you depends on our consensus, which don’t exist yet. General rule with labeling is that as long as you are a fairly similar thing from moment to moment, you remain you. You would stop being you if you underwent so drastic and rapid transformation you’d be unrecognizable and therefore unpredictable. How fast transformation has to be is, again, down to consesus.

  157. ' Xercel '

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  172. Arth Shukla

    I see identity as more of a psychological matter. In my eyes, my body doesn’t make me, my body holds me. Say, for example, we figured out how to transfer my consciousness onto a computer, but I would no longer in my body. In that case, I’m not dead, as I’m in the computer. The body holding me, however, is dead. It’s sort of the way people think of cells, but rather than being another form of matter or some supernatural object that we cannot comprehend, but, rather, it is the set of reactions that generate my thoughts. which creates my consciousness. (All of this, by the way, is assuming a consciousness can be made through reactions, and souls do not exist.) So, even if all of organs are switched with all of another person’s organs, I am still in the body where my consciousness resides.

  173. sense

    while listening to this i thought of this you were talking about a pattern well guess what is prob bc all ure cells have mutated so much that they are not you anymore they are diff so basicly the pattern is diff so you the pattern can not exist is this what you are trying to say jk know ure not so yeah thought of this while watching great vid btw

  174. lolzomgz1337

    Isn’t “You” sort of the precise way in which your neurons are connected? So, it doesn’t matter whether you swap cells with someone else, the question is, what configuration is each brain in after the swap?

  175. Chuka Amur

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  184. Annu Ranjan

    Hindus believe that you are your SOUL and you keep on changing bodies after each cycle of birth and death. So, after all, Kurgesagth seems to suggest we and nothing but the consciousness which Hinduism advocates.

    1. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

      It’s nice that it reminded it on something you value. Still, it seems to me that you interpret the video too much, trying to read it into something you want to find there, even if that’s not the case.

      With “we” I referred to mankind in general. I might be wrong, but in my entire life I’ve heard of no single rational reason supporting the supposed existence of a soul. The concept of a soul seems to me to be the result of wishful thinking, of wanting to be immortal, of not accepting that, when we die, we cease to exist.

      I think that “we” in as our consciousness and conception of self are merely the result of a complex brain, and that anything with a similarly complex neural network can reach this state.

      “We can’t rule out the possibility” can be said about basically anything. From the existence of a soul to that of a Yeti to the core of the Moon being populated by intelligent jellyfish. The question is not what we can or can not rule out, but rather what the information we have suggests to be objectively true.

      Well, yes, we can cheat death. It’s just a matter of technology, the definition of death and the cause of death whether it’s possible to revive a person or not. And yes, if we keep the body working and in good condition then we are in that case immortal. There are animals on this planet that never die of age.

    2. Annu Ranjan

      Thank you for assuming that I am a religious person though I count me as an agnostic-atheist person. Did I bring in a religion in the comment section – YES, I did. More than a religious concept, I would say this is a spiritual concept.

      “According to all “we know,” souls do not exist.” – What do you mean by “we” here? The all of the humanity, or the people of the country/faith you belong to? If the soul does not exist, what are “we” then? An aggregate mass of individually “alive” cells? We are nothing more than our bodies? Well, I tend to disagree that souls do not exist. We just can’t rule out this possibility. If the soul doesn’t exist then it is possible to cheat death by keeping our bodies on life support system. But as it has been observed “every single time” that once the “soul” leaves our body, it is not possible to bring a person back from death even putting the body to the life support system, pumping the heart etc. What has changed – the cells are still there and alive – even the brain at the time of death. IF WE ARE JUST BODIES, THEN, KEEPING THE BODY IN CONDITION AND WORKING can lead to immortality. This is the video just about that. Isn’t it?

      What you know is what has been taught to you by your surroundings, and not necessarily the truth. If you believe in flat Earth, that doesn’t mean the Earth will change its shape according to your wish. The content of the video just reminded me of the teaching of the Hinduism, which I commented it here. Whether you accept it or not, doesn’t matter much to anyone!

    3. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

      Why do religious people always attempt to twist other peoples words to match their own believes… Kurzgesagt is a channel explaining (mostly) scientific concepts. According to all we know, souls do not exist. They neither supported your nor any other religion, but, quite the opposite, mentioned most often that there are no deities.

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    We are an organized cluster of living beings they are not, they are clusters of abiotic mechanisms and we are not, but what makes them look alike is consciousness (if they have artificial intelligence).

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  212. BlueSofa

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  213. Iron Overheat

    Saying the mind doesn’t exist, and that we’re all just meaningless pieces of flesh is as unscientific as claiming life begins by spontaneous generation. The simple fact we can ponder if we’re nothing but mere specks of randomly generated cell combinations proves we’re much, much more than that. Inanimate combinations of cells don’t create societies, emotional bonds, philosophies, personalities, achievements, humanity. We’re beyond matter. Call it mind, spirit, soul, whatever you want: but we’re not simple organized cells, and you’d be lying to yourself if you believed that.

    1. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

      That’s silly.

  214. BratHeringTV CrechenderLP

    So. I dont exist. I get it.

  215. SyKe SuperMikoo

    I believe that you are just your brain. Your body is just a vessel and means of nutrition for your brain. If you were to be put in a robot, you would still be the same person, just in a different container.

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    1. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

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      This is actually something that I discuss a lot with myself. I have clinical depression since I was a little kid, but only get treatment last year. I spend more than 12 years of my development phase struggling with a disease. So what is “me”? What choices I made because I want and not the disease? How much of what I believe I was is actually me? I have suicidal thoughts too, even attempt one. My development is in part because of depression, its a part of me now.

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       We can’t control those things because they are instinctual, our self-aware minds evolved recently in evolutionary history, life was mostly automatic for a long time, our control is something new, though still emergent from instincts such as curiosity that come with intelligent brains like ours.

       It is an adaptation, that gives an edge compared to more mindless creatures like plants, most animals have some amount of “control” over their actions, we just have the most, though creatures such as elephants or dolphins and some of our primate cousins are pretty close.

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    1. Fandom guy

      Indeed, curse Human’s complex emotion systems.  He baited us with the use of 1. cute design which stimulates pre-evolved baby sympathy emotions, 2. sad face self explanatory.  3.  change in tone of voice to a more sympathetic one.  We’re very sensitive to tones of sound, since we’re one of millions of organisms that have evolved to communicate with sound and since we’re 1 of 2 groups of organism (primates and cetaceans (whale family) that have evolved really complicated vocalization systems.   It’s why we make/are sensitive to things like music.   Well played.

  668. RoyalKnightish

    We are legion for we are many

  669. markdelej

    You are the pathways in your brain. Your brain fires in specific patterns giving me my personality and likes and dislikes and makes me behave like i do. Different firing patterns makes someone else. Even though my cells change the shape of my brain is kept roughly the same, the pathways are kept roughly the same. This is why i am different than i was when i was a kid because i have many new pathways now than before and have learned many new things, so i behave differently and have a different personality than when i was 7 and probably will be different when im 70. However a lot of the brain patterns are the same and memories are there so i can remember what it was like when i was 7. Its all just to do with the neural networks, they are what make us different. You’re ego is an illusion, it is all just brain networks firing and this firing is being controlled by the laws of physics.

    1. Fandom guy

      So, you are *data*.  As a computer’s behavior is governed by circuit pathways.

  670. Murtaza Malak

    no joking here…long before this video…. the subject of this video was driving me a bit insane …just thinking about it for a moment made me uneasy…..
    i dont know why….but it wrecks your brain thinking as to where you are in your body….

  671. GarlicKnotz

    Did you just make me sympathize with cancer?..

    1. Fandom guy

      same…  Curse Humans and our natural instinct of emotion which we share with a lot of social species.

  672. Oskar Andersen

    please make a GIF of 5:00

  673. darkracer86

    No wonder I’m tired all the time. But… um… keep it up cell and bacteria! Plz don’t get sick and keep your machine alive. Thanks!

  674. tojiroh

    All I know is my body is ready.

  675. Chubby

    The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  676. Rawhead Rex

    The reality/answer is we are all the same person. You believe you are unique because you dont know any better/different but just about any experience or person if you try hard enough you can understand just how they feel, put yourself in their shoes. You are who you are partly because of dna but mostly because of your life experiences but there are only so many? Nomatter what you have experienced someone else has also or will also. There are only a set number of emotions any human can have but we all experience them. There also seems to be a set number of personalities? In every town in every school there are bullies, nerds, loners, leaders, every kind. Like when you meet someone that reminds you so much of someone else you know. Ever read that story “the egg”?