Use Vicks Vapor Rub To Shrink & Reduce Belly Fat, Stretch Marks, & Cellulite FAST DIY WRAP

DIY Body wrap to loose inches QUICK using Chest rub/ Vapor Rub.
I have been doing this 2-3x per week!

All you need is vapor rup and plastic wrap!! Please give this video a Thumbs up & Don’t forget to Share it!! ?

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758 Thoughts to “Use Vicks Vapor Rub To Shrink & Reduce Belly Fat, Stretch Marks, & Cellulite FAST DIY WRAP”

  1. iKandy

    @tooprettykatera yes u can

  2. Jmoney Martinez

    It really works

  3. Jmoney Martinez

    I just tried this for like a couple hours on my love handles

  4. King Quan Gaming

    Waist wraps do not work…

  5. Audrey Battle

    Can i do this even if im breast feeding

  6. La Kotah

    LOL GIRL UR FUNNY AFFFF but yaaassss??


    Haha, stop eating like a whale and exercise ?

  8. LivingwithAsha

    I’m doing this now and my body is on fire well my stomach

  9. Ya ng

    gonna try this, does it also works on your arms and thighs???

  10. Komal Raj

    I’ve tired this for 3 days and nothing has changed I’m doing it now but nothing really has changed it doesn’t seem to work..

  11. Dillina Burks

    Is it suppose to burn?

  12. 3K

    Did you loose your fat belly on that plastic its amazing.

  13. Isabella Tuttle Tuttle

    “I’m trying to be snatched”?❤️

  14. Pinky Marie

    Y’all know menthol is one of the main ingredient in sweat creams. Well at least the ones I’ve heard of. And that shit is overpriced, just buy a big ol thing of vapor rub.

  15. Ruben Vargas

    Hahaha, that’s so ridiculous, intermittent fasting and hit the gym, stop putting chemicals into your body

  16. Joseph King

    She sos beautiful I wanna see her without makeup bet she’s still beautiful

  17. Lin Proctor

    Do this actually work? I’m trying to get my body together before my birthday. (July 9th)

  18. Unique Llama

    Can you use something else if you dont have plastic wrap?

  19. Sarita 2123

    Is this for a temporary effect?

  20. Alison Garcia

    Is it permanent??

  21. Von Wi

    ice packs worked better and faster for me

  22. Gottii C

    Can i use it for my 10 hour shift

  23. Tyisha Massey

    Can you do this everyday?

  24. Cari Kindl

    I find that after about ten minutes the menthol gets really uncomfortable. I do have fibro so maybe that is it.

  25. Irma Castaneda

    So does it work ! Had any viewers actually tried it! All im reading is” Gonna try it ” “Haven’t yet” so has anyone ! Please let me no the outcome!! Thanks

  26. Allison Young

    I have been using castor oil. Trying Vick’s today. It has worked. I also exercise. It does only cause water weight to come off. Drink water the entire time you are wearing this and all throughout the day.

  27. Shop Sasha Blake Online

    I tried this too !!

  28. Adetutu Dosunmu

    What’s is the wrap called please

  29. j m

    Careful using too much vicks will make you shivering cold and you try to wash it off but you are still cold. Only small parts at a time. Dont just rub it over stomach and thighs at once. It is miserable!!! Rinse and take a warm bath if this happens to you.

  30. that one weird gurl

    Makeup on fleek!!

  31. Yen Mua

    It works but it’s only temporary ? really temporary

  32. 0fficial Supabadd

    Is this safe after c-section

  33. Tajera

    how long does it take before you see results? And how many times do I have to do this?

  34. Michelle Darville

    Girl you look good! ? I wish I had abs. I got a watermelon belly no definition of abs. My last child did it ?

  35. Dioross Orozco

    Just work out you fat ass.

  36. Maria Ramirez

    It worked for my stretch marks after giving birth!! ?

    1. Maria Ramirez

      +Monica Ward there lighter and there not deep like they used to. I’m really seeing a difference.

    2. Monica Ward

      Maria Ramirez did they go away ?

  37. Lesa Kerr

    Isn’t It The One That Says Reduce Cough??????

  38. Napi Coyote

    I’d likes to stuff her mouf wit my rubber…! ?

  39. Ashleigh Glave

    I’m trying it now

  40. Island Boy

    Gorgeous smile

  41. Megan Gabrielle

    How bad did it burn

  42. Destiny Alexander

    Not a good enough review .. we didn’t even see your stomach BEFORE, & then you left for like a hour lol talking bout after results ? but these comments are very helpful!

  43. erick saenz

    Damn she is so gorgeous ? ? ? ?

  44. Francisco Gonzalez


    1. Alexandra Omalley

      Francisco Gonzalez no

  45. Kris Chelle

    31 lbs loss in 90 days! Plant-based weight loss products for 40% off! >>>

  46. TheFuntimeFilms Channal

    Great idea I’ll try tomorrow’s

  47. Deej

    thanks so much for this! I just re-started my weight loss journey and this was recommended (perfect) !! I quickly grabbed my vapor rub and plastic wrap and started cleaning the house and ooh girl it’s only been a few minutes and I can feel the sweat underneath it. great tip!

  48. Dre 007

    I slept through it and it still didn’t work??

  49. Fernando Cabanillas

    Dam she’s beautiful and thick!

  50. Dolan Imagines

    I don’t got a belly I’m skinny but I have stretch marks on my waist which really annoys me I hate them

  51. Jordan Darby

    How do you get it to stay in one spot mine moves so much ?

    1. abayomikiss

      That’s the problem I’m having. It rolls all night. Lol

  52. ღ ingrid rosa ღ

    This makes my stomach feel like it’s burning… is that bad or does it mean that it’s working

    1. Yolanda Reyes

      Ingrid Carr it’s normal I tried it too!

  53. Yolanda Reyes

    Just tried this on my channel girl ??

  54. DarkMeans

    No clue on how I got to this video, but she’s gorgeous

  55. Mo Carter

    Works for me… i sleep in it overnight and i was amazed my jiggle in my belly was gone

  56. Khlood Al-dosari

    How do you have that dimple in your stomach

  57. Dee Millz

    I have one on now with Vick’s vapor rub. I’m sitting in front of a heater at work and I’m overdressed. I’m hungry so I’m eating a grilled chicken salad and drinking a mango smoothie. My work out will come once I actually start work

  58. Adrienne

    What does ‘snatched’ mean?

  59. Sulthana Begam

    Does this work for me???becoz I have too flabby and lax abdomen can I use this???how many days???

  60. Evelyn 0w0

    Do I have to use vicks vapor rub? Or can I use any vapor rub?..

    1. Ciara Williams

      Evelyn 0w0 I use off brand, works just as good

  61. The Review Channel

    Nice video look at this program too and lose more weight.

  62. Grace Garcia

    Will Vick’s baby rub do the same thing?

  63. Zosia K

    Does it work without waist trainer?

  64. kendra montgomery

    I don’t have saran wrap but I do have Vaseline, gauze wrap and surgery bandages so I’ll let you all know if it works the same

  65. kendra montgomery

    I don’t have saran wrap but I do have Vaseline, gauze wrap and surgery bandages so I’ll let you all know if it works the same

  66. Nayale James

    Using this method has help lighten my stretch marks and still doing to get the belly down ❤️

  67. shona lisa

    Can I use this for my flabby ass arms… I fucking Abhor them

  68. Myaa Crenshaw

    I’m using a plastic bag and the knock off vicks vapor work ? Will it still work the same

  69. Lonnie Gee

    Would vaseline work

  70. Keyanna Johnson

    I most definitely will be trying this. Just had my son 4 months ago and I have just a little baby weight I want to get rid of. This mommy will be snatched by the summer. Thanks so much for sharing ☺️

  71. Laaalareeen

    why am I not seeing comments about how this shit feels? Cause I tried this and this technique burns or is it just me ? ?

  72. Jessica Perez

    If you put epsom salt and lemon cream girl, it works 3 times more than Vick’s by itself! It helps with cellulite!

    1. Star Phlame

      Will this help with wrinkled tummy skin

    2. Jessica Perez

      I also stoped all carbs and carbonated drinks. Less sugar. I lost 5 pounds doing that by itself. In a 7 day period. Now I’m just loosing inches on my waist. I walk on the treadmill 30 min a day. Nothing drastic.

    3. Star Phlame

      Thanks soo much

    4. Jessica Perez

      Star Phlame

      Vick’s vapor rub with lemon. Large container, 2 table spoons of epsom salt, 1 yellow lemon and one green lime. Juice it. Use all the juice mix all ingredients together. Rub on just like you do the Vick’s alone. You can use it on your arms and thighs. It works. If you don’t want the lime and lemon juice there’s a lemon cream you can buy in Mexican stores. I went the natural way it works better. Hope this helps!!

    5. Star Phlame

      Jessica Perez how do i make it

  73. Christal Playtime

    I’m bout to try this on my arms, thighs, n belly. Ima try it daily ever night for this month I’ll upload it so I can see my results lmao.. Vegas here I come all snatch up.?

    1. Keyanna Johnson

      Island Mrs. Register lol I said the same thing ??? just had my second baby 4 months ago too. Oh this mama about to be Snatched for the summer lol

  74. songbird372 P

    Hair is beautiful as well as you!

  75. The Review Channel

    Nice video look at this program too and lose more weight.

  76. Ray Landstrom

    Well done! I’ve lost about 15lb in 3 weeks. This is the diet I’m on now and the only thing that ever worked for me 🙂

  77. danyale WAlker

  78. penyou

    I wonder if this can help with the stretch marks on my butt

  79. Mary Stewart


  80. Mary Stewart


  81. skyiightx

    Do you have to use Vick’s Vapor Rub?

    1. Queen Zyonna X

      You can use Sweet Sweat it really works

    2. Amanda Star

      I don’t know if there’s anything like it… Vaseline probably wouldn’t work considering that only the texture is alike, other than that completely different.

  82. Chelsea Janee

    Lyin ahh hoe that shit dont work waste my time n money on this bs dumb ahh hoe

  83. okpala Ngozi

    But were can I buy this wrap

    1. Ebone Lewis

      okpala Ngozi Walmart, Kroger’s, dollar tree

  84. Caitlyn Rios

    You have to put it on overnight and sleep on it by keeping it on 28 minutes isn’t gonna really affect your weight

  85. Trinity Oquinn

    Can you use Vaseline?

  86. Mary Dominguez

    I have been using this for months and omg it works wonderfully!!?❤️

  87. Nice Girl

    Sleep in it aswell it will be more affective x

  88. Shanae Black

    Chest Rub

  89. Shanae Black

    You got absolutely baby girl

  90. Shanae Black


  91. Shanae Black

    Is this safe?

  92. Daniela Bravo

    How often can you do it? Like daily? Or weekly?

  93. Sher M

    Is it supposed to burn ?

  94. JSelena

    I will try this

  95. Brihita Bennett

    What if I don’t have a waist trainer? What can I use?

  96. Sadhan Biswas

    Can u plz. Name the cover u r wrapping with. Plz. I’m frm INDIA

  97. NeishaDaBrat

    Okay so I’ve lost a lot of weight already but I want my stomach to be flat flat, so I’m going to try this since I’m walking 5-7 miles a day walking to class in college.

  98. Carla Shears-Jones

    Your videos are Amazing

  99. Christiena Foster

    What can u use instead of Vicks?

  100. Doris Modiba

    How accurate ??? ?

  101. Shakee 22 Turner

    Try my arms as well

  102. Laurie Wolfe

    Must try this for the first time. Great body slimming ideas for tummy, arms, and thighs. Thanks!!! Will keep you in the progress loop.

  103. Gethrude Adu Koranteng

    where do I get the vapour rub?…am in Ghana

  104. Estelaaa

    Does this actually work??

  105. Emily Avila

    No lie I’m doing this rn???

  106. Twenty Øne Black Veil Crybabys At The Disco

    You should do it overnight while you sleep, it helps a lot girl, i’m a new sub 🙂 i love your channel sm so far

  107. CoffeeLover

    You’re like a pretty version of that comedian adele givens

  108. Nyeela Faith

    If you do this every night and sleep with it it will increase your chances a whole lot more

    1. tasha grimes

      Nyeela Faith good to know . I starting last night I definitely felt the water leaving my body

  109. Rella S

    Thanks soo much im going to try this. I gave birth to my daughter 4 weeks ago so 2 more weeks then i can start working out. Im already making sure im eating healthy so just need to add workouts and this wrap and ill hopefully get back in shape in no time ??

  110. Mia Primavera

    is it supposed to burn?

  111. Senetra Waddell

    Why didn’t you show your stomach more before?

    1. lmae xo

      +Nia G I know that’s why I clicked off this one and went to the better ones ?

    2. Senetra Waddell

      Nia G I mean it would of helped though for others to see ! ??‍♀️

    3. Nia G

      lmae xo Welp there are better videos

    4. lmae xo

      +Nia G no shit…… I’m just saying we didn’t even see what the before looked like

    5. Nia G

      lmae xo It’s her video she can do what she wants ??‍♀️

  112. LaLa_D 33

    You had me Rollin…
    “Just use somethin that’s gonna suffocate you” ?

    “Now that you’re all wrapped up and ya look like a sandwich” ?

    I’m a new subbie☺️

    1. D Boy Tha Mack

      She said she ready to get SNATCHED! Lol!!

  113. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    it’s good for going out every now and then but it’s just dehydrating you

    1. flutter diamond

      Nice username xD

  114. Terri Statham

    These recipes are lovely. They promote weight loss.

  115. Moesha DeRoche

    Chest rub can be used to?

  116. Bubblez

    You’re so little &fit!!??

    1. Emerald Green

      Bubblez I like the more truthful and realistic videos on this like the one on the channel theladynicole3

  117. Rafael Pillier

    Ice and hot is all u need..

    1. Rafael Pillier

      +Karen Torres ?? aight

    2. Karen Torres

      +Rafael Pillier lol ? imma look for it

    3. Rafael Pillier

      +Karen Torres I guess I only know one ice and hot idk if there’s anymore similar of those

    4. Karen Torres

      +Rafael Pillier imma look for it…u kno whhich ones im talkn bout right?

    5. Rafael Pillier

      +Karen Torres on the pharmacy or any family dollar

  118. Lew Wizarddd

    Tried it several times, never saw a difference..

    1. Emerald Green

      Lew Wizarddd theladynicole3 did video on this and a results video and it’s more truthful and realistic. Check it out. She’s funny too

  119. Nakiyyah Messi

    What if you can’t use the plastic rap because some ppl have allergic reaction to some raps…like me so what can i use?

  120. Universe

    She thicc tho

  121. jingles bellez

    Idk if this works but a big misconception is that the more you sweat the more calories you lose. Which is false. If it’s hot I sweat a lot in my sleep yet here I am still the same weight. Sweat is designed to cool your body down, which is why we don’t pant like dogs when we’re hot.

  122. Loretta Williams

    I try it because n it works.

  123. racquell

    I don’t know if I did it wrong but I saw no results ? just posted a video on my channel on it

  124. Natelege Zaritz

    You are so beautiful

  125. life with jayla

    I think I’ll try this I’m trying to get a flat tummy fast

  126. ha

    Aye this only works for like 3 days or even less.

  127. princesslexc

    if youn got saran rap then cut up a trash bag that’s what i do

  128. Sidney

    Do you have to use wrap can you just use the rub????

  129. electra heart

    this absolutely works! i have a chubby stomach, and i’ve been doing this method 1-2 times a week for a month and my stomach is looking and feeling flatter day by day. i also recommend wearing something around the wrap just to keep it in place like a waist band or corset or something. consistency is key! i recommend doing this a couple nights a week and try to avoid over eating or eating a lot of sweets to keep that body in it’s shape.

  130. Hey Beautiful

    I wrap my stomach at night and wake up the next morning unwrap it and it be soaking wet ! Really works ! I just have to stay dedicated

  131. Sammii sammii

    what to use if u don’t have vicks?

  132. x0.meshaa

    my name is Mesha too☺️☺️

  133. Connie soto

    You are so beautiful ?

  134. Gabriela Maldonado

    It’s bad for your kidneys

  135. Christian Flores

    You didn’t even show you stomach before ??‍♀️

  136. Flower Jazz

    I love how you explained everything and demonstrated it in suck a short time. Too many people on Youtube will have a video rather it’s this, hair, makeup, etc. and the video is over 30 minutes long and most of the time they’re constantly off of topic trying to do the most or make things more difficult than it should be. NEW SUBSCRIBER. I love it! I’m going to try this 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  137. Everine Hogans

    How do you stop it from rolling down? Or should you take it off when it rolls down?

  138. Everine Hogans

    It’s not dehydrating the skin. It’s dehydrating period. Idk how effective these are for weight loss because once you eat or drink your fat again. It does work for stretch marks I know that

  139. M Stokes

    So pretty ?

  140. Angelique Paul

    I had to subscribe bihhhhh ???❤️?

  141. Ash Brown

    What if don’t have Saran wrap

  142. ËMPRESS Baksh

    So true I do it only 2 days now n I c my stretch marks getting lighter . It works ??

  143. Ada Lucky

    You are too fast

  144. Spaghetti Tosser

    What if you have stretch marks on your butt, how do you wrap the Saran Wrap around?!

  145. Carole Helmandollar

    My body is curvey when I put plastic or anything like that is rolls up any suggestions cuz my stomach is not so big but my thighs hips and butt is so what u think I have also tried tucking in my pants before too

  146. Heidi Wohlhart

    Weekend goal! Thank you for sharing!!

  147. Erika Dos Santos

    Thanks girl for the tip. You look so cut really love the hair. Keep it up and let us know how is it working for you

  148. Amanda Stephen

    Plastic wrap , garbage bags are really expensive right now.. Can I use a towel? Asking for my retarded cuz

  149. Papa Stalin

    Placebo effect just go to the gym or cardio and weights

  150. urtrim #1

    Hello people I’m Ernesto. I us to train for a living so i love to help people quickly get in shape. it’s the top of 2019 {WINTER} so it’s now time to trim down the belly, for the Spring and Summer. My best advice is to first get in the right mind set. The right mind set means, make losing the belly fat or your extra baggage FUN???. The exercise part of your day, act like a child about to go out to play,
    Before you begin ur work out, have a nice cup of green tea or a big cup of water. Water and tea is great. It flushes the bad stuff out ur system.
    Then put on a tummy belt to have the belly sweat a bit more the other parts of your body. then do 10 sets of 10 Sit Ups. You could even squeeze in a crunch or two. So green tea and or a big cup of water then the sit ups, should be applied in the morning and before bed time.
    i also would have my ex-clients drink prom juice or beat juice. These too juices gives you energy as well as flushes out your system.
    In order to loss the tummy, one needs to go low carb, slow down on the soda’s, REALLY cut down on heavy meats and get a good jog in per day, if you could.
    it’s so amazing to see a person loss that extra weight, that belly fat, because they fell better and are more happier.
    1. 8-10 cups of water and green tea every day
    2. 10 sets of 10 sit ups, morning and before bed time.
    3. beat and prom juice
    4. CUT DOWN on the heavy meats
    5. Get a good jog in.
    And most of all, make it fun???. Having a good time in the process turns it into play time instead of work time. Now if these steps are not getting you shredded i would then recommend checking out this product, Well, BEST OF LUCK ??.

  151. Crazy Bruja

    Beautiful girl. Thanx for the info.

  152. Nangonzi Josephine

    Ill try it out and see thanks

  153. Dude1010 Miller

    please reply

  154. Dude1010 Miller

    Is it ok to use a robe string

  155. Shalini Makkar

    Is it compulsory to use wrap

  156. Queen Rayna

    I wear it overnight with a sweat band and clothes that make me sweat (a sweatshirt), as well as leggings to keep it all in

  157. Trinity Hill

    Can you put this on your arms too

  158. Quan Datzmeh

    Tried this today and all I can say is this mess is tingling I feel the sweat but geesh the tingle is sum else ???

  159. Saydis smith

    Look kinda like a ninja turtle stomach with cooking oil rubbed all over it
    Kinda look like a flat ass with save a lot grease on it
    Look like a butter down potato ?
    Anybody who try’s this is a damn fool and stop believing theses you tubers they are stone cold liars
    If you want a flat stomach just workout drink plenty of water eat healthy
    This right here is a lie

  160. Shay Bryant

    You are so pretty!

  161. Jane Vilela

    Defo going to be giving this a go!

  162. shamarria paris

    I was 240 pounds I woke up and took it off I was 260 pounds don’t try this

    1. lucy wanjiku


  163. R Martin

    Not looking like a sandwich LOL I fell out ROTF

  164. monique Rodz

    Is this safe?..

  165. Anna2 Sablan

    Omg youre like an island beauty sis…love that hair!

  166. Mysti D'or

    I used to do this and wear it in between workouts everyday while I went to class and walked on campus everyday… and I ate small snacks and meals throughout the day and I lost 45 pounds in 2 months… some was water weight and the rest from burning more calories than I was consuming daily… it is extremely helpful to continue to sweat water and also take a diuretic

  167. D Ramos

    *Hefty Hefty Hefty*

  168. Empress Love

    That shit burn the vapor rub

  169. Jaymina Ransom

    I just put the Vick’s on my waist so it can be tiny tiny tiny girl

  170. KaribadariLove Yang

    Damn, am about to wrap my tummy, arms, and side breast. I want to be snatched up before Valentine’s day, jk. lol.

  171. Terry-Ann Cooke

    I want try this but I don’t want to loss any weight
    Jus the belly fat

  172. Alyssa Vaca

    Is this okay to do as a mother who breastfeeds ?

  173. Baby G

    I’m tryin it rn?

  174. MONT-MONT W.


  175. Mss Behaven

    Im 20 now & use to use saran wrap minus the vaicks when i was 17 My body was most def snatched After My 2nd son i just stopped doing it nd forgot all about it …and I think imma use this method

  176. Judi Christopher

    I love your video.. it is great…
    but the background music was distracting
    and it made it hard to hear you at times…
    please leave out the background music..
    all I want to do is listen to you speak…
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video.

  177. Rachel Parker

    I’m trying it tonight comment below if you have any questions

  178. Rachel Parker

    I’m trying it tonight comment below if you have any questions

    1. lucy wanjiku

      Did it work?

  179. Xocaloid otaku Kun

    Is it gonna remove flabs

  180. Solange like

    your talking as if you don’t like to talk

  181. Rachel Parker

    Has this worked for anyone ?

  182. Veronica Asante

    Please what’s the name of the cream you used before rapping

    1. Angela Guevara

      Vicks vaporub

  183. Alicia Celestine

    Thanks for sharing ???… You look amazing ??

  184. kaashmya dhaliwal

    You have horrible tummy

  185. David Kungfu

    Does it work for men

  186. Inocencia Palmer

    This really works. It is amazing. I am doing my exercises everyday almost 1 hour. I am happy.

  187. jamalguerra28

    Your body ??

  188. Lashana Murray

    Can you sleep in it?

  189. Tenisha Stephenson

    She sucking her stomachin at the end

  190. stephanie sanchez

    Ahhh ur hair love it!!! Where can I find:?

    1. MakeupMesha

      Brazilian bundles & frontal…

  191. #DreamCeline

    Do you still do it? How’s it been going. Please update us!

  192. Natausha Dudley

    Does it work

  193. Kenyatta Battle

    Thanks for the before and after I’m going to try this today

  194. Alex Gomez

    Eating healthy and working out does it for me

  195. UNICORN- Gril

    I’m 10 can I still do it in too fat :/

  196. Federica Di Fraia

    If only I`d been aware of the “fetching tuti space” (Google it) earlier! I would have shed this weight years ago. After trying out this product, I received awesome results. In just a couple weeks, I managed to drop five pounds. This product works if used properly along with a well-balanced diet program..

  197. Patience Noelia

    ”fetching tuti space” (Google it) is a diet plan that got me really excited. My buddy dropped eleven pounds on this plan. I have been utilizing this for 3 weeks and have lost twelve lbs already. I didnrrrt make any significant alterations in my lifestyle. The plan taught me how to regulate the amount of fat I take in..

  198. Rooya Hassani

    can it be used after a c.section for getting rid of belly fat?

  199. Precylyn Edwards

    Any pictures?i just started doing this i have to work out in order to see the results quicker?I am lazy to work out lol,the only thing that i need to get rid of is my belly fat,I literally look like a frog lol skinny arm and leg but big fat stomach..any suggestions?

  200. Li Bad

    I just posted my first video , I need ideas maybe I should try this who agrees ????

  201. Kaniesha Jackson

    Can u keep this on overnight

  202. Sergey Kosimov

    I shed 17 pounds while following the “fetching tuti space” (Google it). I cannot suggest this program enough if you are prepared to invest in altering your lifestyle with the byproduct of healthy weight reduction. It’s a wonderful feeling that my body is now losing a great deal of fat..

  203. Ennard TV


  204. Bruce Wayne

    Just get your fat ass in the gym and quit trying to take shortcuts!!!

  205. CanDoesIt

    I love ur personality. Thanks for all the tips!

  206. Steven Vialpando


  207. Steven Vialpando


  208. Ronda

    I’ve been doing good with my weight loss and I battle with extra belly fat from having a csection so I’m going to try that cause my stomach has been getting flat but I know it can get flatter lol

    1. Ronda

      Justine Estrada what I do is I limit my snack intake I’m a snacker so I refrain from eating chocolate, chips and substitute it with fruit and yogurt. Also planking on my sides and doing side squats help too.

    2. Justine Estrada

      After my c section I keep gaining weight and don’t know how to loose the flap any tips ?

    3. Adenike Sanyaolu

      Same with me sis.

  209. Patrick Jones


  210. Roman sharma

    Wow you look sexey

  211. pal Export

    Omg you are gorgeous girl shuutt ?

  212. Faithly Marvel

    Why do you have to put on celeute wrap?? Why can’t you just put vapor rub??

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    Because of ingredients in plastic wrap, you could use ace bandages, as bandages are often used in Body Wrap Centers. We recommended doing this as part of a juice fast for 2-3 days. Take Vitamins and drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Both are vital!!!! Drink Green tea, v8 healthy greens, and more green tea.
    Since you’re at home, do the wrap at night then sleep. Vicks vapor rub, bandages or saran wrap whatever your preference, and waist cincher or abdominal band. Sleep. Keep on and remove in morning. Best to video your experience so you can see your own weight loss. Yes its water weight. It works though. Some people do this to give themselves a kickstart to eating healthy, exercising, taking care of themselves.

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