Trump’s Move Brings seating of Antichrist Closer…

This world is being led by the Beast, who is controled by the Dragon. The Beast is a man, who belongs to a nation of people under the influence of the dark forces of the Dragon. The Beast is not just one man but an entire Kingdom of men. In The book of Daniel 7:20-25 it explains that Daniel was given a vision of the Beast and it was a Kingdom and race who holds power over the earth at the end of our time (present). Daniel said to the angel who showed him the vision, “Then I ask to know the truth about the fourth Beast, different from all the rest, very terrifying, with iron teeth, and bronze claws, eating, crushing, and trampling underfoot what remained.”The angel then tells him that, ” The fourth Beast is a fourth kingdom on earth different from all the other kingdoms it will devour the whole earth, trample it underfoot and crush it.” This is none other than America and those who rule are the European Gentiles. That is why Revelations 14: 9-10 warns that, ” All thoes who worship the Beast and his Statue, or have themselves branded on the hand or forehead will be made to drink God’s wrath.” So when you see the word “Beast” it is refering to the Kingdom of the European Gentile nations and when it says “image of the Beast” or statue it means, a painting, sculpture or statue of a European Gentile White Male portrayed as Jesus who will, incarnate and appear as the Antichrist. So now you know who the beast is. You’ve know it all along by his actions. Now this dark pull on their subconscious (and those who submit to their will) is now growing stronger and stronger. This is the reason for the social and political chaos; not only in America but Europe also. A realignment of light is now taking place, which is canceling out darkness. It is a power shift; a paradigm shift, which is disturbing the balance of power once held by the European Gentile nations over the earth. Therefore, God’s people must awaken to this reality and begin to disconnect from this wicked Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which includes; their educational system, their financial system and ideology. God is shifting this earth from darkness to light in preparation to give it over into the hands of the Saints, as the Word promised. This cycle began in 2012 therefore, everything connected to darkness WILL be lost…

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155 Thoughts to “Trump’s Move Brings seating of Antichrist Closer…”

  1. atgss 4U

    It’s not Trump of what he does or doesn’t do, it’s satan doing it all! Since satan-feminism, things have steadily gone downhill and more and more distancing from GOD.

  2. Lily Rose

    What are you reading…which book

  3. Lily Rose

    The beast and Babylon could be a system

  4. D Boyes

    You are a good example why women are not to teach the gospel. Your theology is a bit twisted. Try getting your teachings from a man who is gifted to teach. Obviously, you are not. Hint: There are no races in heaven. You are a racist pig who is trying to hide behind a veil of christianity. Repent now while you have the chance.

  5. HBIC_.45 Donald

    This is the Tribulation. The beg .

  6. HBIC_.45 Donald

    The book of Enoch. I had a prophecy in 2015. It’s all unfolding. The book of Rev.

  7. HBIC_.45 Donald

    Hi, The beast will reign for 42 months.

  8. Johnny Tekstar

    All people are born with a sinful nature, not just white people. For God has said ALL have fallen short of the Glory of God. Ye must be born again by the holy Spirit of God and receive the imputed righteousness of Jesus(Yeshua) in order to be saved from the sinful nature regardless what color your skin is, or whatever nationality you were born into. We all need to stop making blanket statements about peoples race being the reason they’re lost. There are good and bad people in every color of humankind on the planet. You need to repent sister, you’re sounding like a racist, like there’s no red ,yellow,black or brown evil people on earth. Take this as a rebuke in Love, for the Lord YHWH is not a respector of persons, ie not prejudice by outward appearances of mankind, but judges us by the thoughts and attitude of the heart and spirit that governs our minds. It’s time to put on the mind of Christ and die to the sinful nature of being prideful, or thinking we’re superior to other people because we’re Black, or White or rich or poor, for in YHWH’s eyes it’s nonsense to believe that we’re any better than anyone else. Without God, none of us are worthy or righteous.Amen?

  9. Lisa Sapp

    The sins of the fathers will be passed on to generations to generations? …… The Most High GOD is soon to return to judge these evil demons monsters ?….. #TIMEUP?

  10. 54321Truth

    Jews = Anti Christ + Children of the Lie + Synagogue of Satan

  11. Mariano Mendez

    The Beast is the muslim Barack Hussein Obama :The Destroyer of USA !

    1. John Benjamin

      Mariano Mendez
      Bigger than Obama
      George Soros the billionare and others pumping the bank…
      Clintons and others…
      jb shalom

  12. Ruby Perez

    You said many times what you’re saying is in the Bible how convenient it is that you don’t give scripture it would be so easy for you to give the scripture on where to find what you’re saying but you choose not to because you’re twisting the word of God it’s sad. God told us there be false teachers and boy are you one of them.

  13. Gary Songer

    Sure is a lot of racism on here! People who are consumed with skin color are rascist’s…something to think about!

  14. Jason Barrett

    Genesis doesn’t say Adam seed it says “her” seed…Genesis 3:15
    [15]And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

  15. Roderick Carter

    This is some good stuff

  16. Jennifer Savoy

    Oh, May’s egg was enlarged as well then shrank both sperm and egg.

  17. Jennifer Savoy

    As the mini red spiders are impossible to create the small body so God enlarged the spider has eyes a mouth, etc. as God took Adam and created a sperm and once Jesus was molded God shrank Jesus and put Jesus in Mary’s egg.

  18. Talialevi1

    Please Watch and share… A trumpet is blowing!!! A warning is sent!!! Will you hear and forbear?? A message of the truth on what YAH has commanded us to do concerning our return and gathering. Everything you need to know. All that our shepherd will not or cannot explain about our exodus and return.

  19. winston ledford

    blacks didn’t count

  20. winston ledford

    god was white to

  21. Yasha Isreal

    Are you going to make any more videos? I hope so !

  22. winston ledford

    the year 2066 end.

    1. Abiola Quddus

      Nobody knows , even Jesus said only his father knows

    2. Terry Smith

      winston ledford only 10 yrs left at most till TILL JESUS comes back

  23. Barry Harding

    Are you saying all white people are a child of the devil?

  24. winston ledford

    the devil getting mad and his puppets at trump god are paying back

  25. Stew Kool

    Racist or what. Unbelievable hypocrisy. So deluded.

  26. Troy Mohican

    Now that’s a face, not even a mother could love.

  27. Bernard Koranteng



    Jesus loves ALL people, no matter the race!
    This is just sad, and evil.

    1. D Boyes

      She is false preacher. Apostasy.

    2. John Benjamin

      Jason Barrett

    3. Jason Barrett

      Not everyone is called out. Yes Yahuah loves His creation but not everyone belongs to Him. Scripture stated He hated Esau. And Esau seed will be wiped out completely.

    4. John Benjamin

      has nothing to do with black or white or even color at all…
      has to do with Hebrew Isrealites
      and the Gentiles~who time is up..
      do me a favor go to you tube
      put in a csucasion male given revelation knowledge about the so called nappy headed negroes and who they are The True Hebrew Isrealites…The Gentiles….
      jb shalom. just listen to his videos
      only Yah can enlighten like that…

  29. Mimi Zimmer

    When God created Adam & Eve, he created man & woman, so you are saying God created WHITE PEOPLE FIRST?

    1. John Benjamin

      Mimi Zimmer
      has nothing to do with white
      has to do with Hebrew Isrealites and gentiles..go to You Tube put in
      Dana Stevens a caucasion given revelation knowledge and view his
      view. jb shalom

  30. Mimi Zimmer

    God created us all equal. He gave us talents we could bury or grow. God does not teach hate. It was Satan, madam, who is revealing HIS plan of hate to you, NOT God.

  31. Jiwbink w

    Check out Dave Hunt.Chuck Missler,but MOST IMPORTANTLY

  32. Nein Toten

    Brace yourself and dare to watch this video. Jews are NOT White. As a matter of fact, they hate the White race.

  33. Larry Hollins

    Have you notice everybody complains when poor people here in the US need help, but no one complains when they send billions overseas to places like Israel and they all are in agreement with almost no push back

  34. Larry Hollins

    Have you notice everybody complains when poor people here in the US need help, but no one complains when they send billions overseas to places like Israel and they all are in agreement with almost no push back

  35. Rina Freeman

    Finally it all makes since now , thank God for shining light

  36. Oral Powell

    Got to disagree with your “Don’t hate white people it is not their fault” I’m sorry but they that have the spirit of the devil is indeed the devil and their deeds throughout have shown they do indeed have that spirit. May as well say “don’t hate the devil” No point saying it is not their fault while they continue with their abomination pumping disease s in the veins of black people. Just name one of their endless dirty crimes.
    The devil is the devil. Simple.
    Our God did not create these so called people. The devil did. How many time must your people be lynched before you all realize.

    1. D Boyes

      Racist pigs, all of you. God does not see colors and anyone who really LOVES doesn’t either. You people are a disgrace to his holy name.

    2. John Benjamin

      Oral Powell
      when the Holy Spirit indwells them (Yah’s presence within) they are gentiles and can be grafted in..go to youtube
      put in caucasion Dana Stevens look at his videos he breaks it down for you..jb shalom

    3. Allen

      Oral Powell I agree with you but, don’t let that anger consume you, I am a firm believer in defending yourself, but don’t let the anger get out of control.

    4. Oral Powell

      +Karlin Williamson I tell what post it here so that we can all read how god advised us how to live with people that are killing you. When exactly are you expecting god to step in and save you. After they have killed you all?

    5. Karlin Williamson

      +Oral Powell actually I did.  The Bible shows how to live with the wicked. That’s why I said read Jonah and Ninevah. It really is cut and dry, that’s why Jonah had that same dilemma. But if you don’t read it, than you will stay in your paradigm of unanswered questions, with no peace of understanding.

  37. Judah King

    New here to your channel and I must say I love the content of your videos. Keep up the knock out work my sister in Christ and all praise to Tmh!

    1. D Boyes

      She speaks apostasy. Stay away.

    2. Delena Spinelli

      Brother Judah King — Thank you for your positive comment. I truly Give all the Glory to God YHWH for His power, grace and wisdom!

  38. k odu

    Nobody is a saint but as a black African man, I would rather live under Caucasians than under any other race.
    Black people were chased out by Arabs and they have remained slaves till this day. Caucasians have changed to a large extent while Arabs have gotten worse. Please stop defending the Palestinians. They are the same philistines who kept fighting the jews in the bible. Where are the Palestinian Christians?
    Where are the Lebanese Christians? Please leave Ja people alone.

    1. Abiola Quddus

      Cami Mons no, blacks taught you how to read and bath, and taught you a lot about Mathematics, Science , Astrology , Algebra e.t.c read up about the Moors.

    2. Cami Mons

      k odu oops. Sorry.

    3. k odu

      +Cami Mons Thanks. Because your response came under my name.

    4. Cami Mons

      k odu You have many here who are hateful. I am responding to them, not you.

    5. k odu

      +Cami Mons Do you even understand English? I never criticized Caucasians or were you responding to someone else’s post?

  39. Room 2three7

    Lucifer is a latin word in an English translated bible and its only mentioned once through the entire book. All these alleged attributes but not all these attributes you ascribe him to have are in the book.

    1. robert partlow

      Lucifer real name is HAYlale

  40. Stephen Bishop

    The Beast represents a nation America fits the description.

    1. John Benjamin

      Stephen Bishop
      She has become a modern day Babylon her sins stench the
      the nostrils of YAH…
      The Gentiles time is up!!!!
      Yah is giving her a little time to repent just a little…it is only because of those praying mothers
      on their knees that Yah has stayed his hand and mercy….jb shalom

  41. john folger


  42. wilbert mcbride

    VERY VERY DEEP!!!!!!!

  43. Pat Hendricks

    The Father hated Easu. Why not hate the spund of Satan the vampire, all white. Pure evil. Rev. 2:9 & 3:9 and you know who those fake Israelites (Jewish) people say they are. Also Yah only love is people he chose and only spoke to that nation out of all the people on the earth. We are that people (blacks) he is talking to. Also it was him who first separated the nations from his people. Please read your Bible with understanding, if not ask and he will show you. Keep your head up family our time IS coming. Here are a couple of verses to witness Cain is of the wicked one please read. 1 John 3:12 and Matthew13:38. There is answers in the Bible please read and understand.

    1. Prophet Richardson

      So true

    2. bill2526 bill2526

      Are you a racist…there are good and bad in all colors…and you tell me the whiteman cant got to heaven il call you a barefaced liar.

    3. Matthew Crum

      You are not supposedto hate anyone. Yashua teaches us to love everyone even our enemies. Yashua said to forgive others so our heavenly Father will also forgive you. Yashua came to his holy chosen people to save them first but he told them to go out to all nations baptizing them and teaching them to observe all things he commanded. Matthew 28:18-20. Also in Acts 10:44-48 it says the Holy Spirit fell on all them which heard the word. And it says the Holy Spirit was poured out on the gentiles also. Isaiah 49:6 and Acts 13:47 and other parts of the bible tells how God sent his chosen people to be a light to the gentiles so they might also have salvation. So you can hate me because i am white if you want but i still love you.

    4. John Benjamin

      Pat Hendricks
      Started in Genesis Adam and Eve
      disobeying Yah’s command.. then
      Cain and Abel the murder. Cain offered a sacrifice of the cursed earth..Abel offered of the Sheep
      it was acceptable sacrifice unto Yah…Cain was jealous and murdered Abel…
      Yah saw the wickedness of it all in a once beautiful repented Yah he created man..Genesis Chap 6 all Yah wiped out the inhabitants but spared Noah.. the rest is history…But the Gentile time is up..
      jb shalom

  44. Rosee Negri

    Hi sis, im soooo glad ive come across your videos! You speak on things God has put in my heart. Its like all europeans do is so befitting Satan. The way they want the world to think theyre superior because of their light skin and light hair but its a trick from Satan himself because its gets people of color to think they are of God when all they have done thru the ages have been demonic and evil (from wars to sexual deviation).

  45. Ben R


  46. Phil Turner

    My spirit bears witness that you are truly a prophetess. Evidence of such will surely come by way of stones being thrown at you. But don’t let that stop you. For many are called, but few are chosen. And the prophets of old went thru the same persecution.

    1. Delena Spinelli

      Phil Turner — Brother Phil thank you for visiting my channel and leaving an insightful comment. Yes, the Spirit of God YAH is moving and kindling a fire in the hearts of His people to seek the whole truth because, the expiration date for Amer. is very close. May God YAH continue to bless you!

  47. Lala324

    Scripture says that Adam had sex with eve and birthed cain

  48. Lala324

    They’re all rebellious and defiant

  49. Lala324

    Where does your information come from?

  50. John Causey

    Well… That’s on them for beating this false narrative for so many centuries. People in hell want ice water.

  51. John Causey

    It’s going to be a whole lot of crying with no Kleenex to wipe away the tears

  52. John Causey

    They are going to literally empty their bowels and loose their minds all at once

  53. John Causey

    I can’t wait to see the shock and awe on people’s faces, especially Caucasians when they see the Messiah.

    1. Rina Freeman

      winston ledford it’s revelation sir, God already knew who the devil was going to be. He white and evil God already knew he would be evil seeking to kill steal, and destroy , GOD is intelligent and has no dealing in those ways, he is a Good God and a loving and God of Justice

    2. Rina Freeman

      winston ledford nope the devil is reddish, God is black

    3. Rina Freeman

      John Causey yes he black

    4. John Benjamin

      winston ledford
      I truly believe he was reddish the devil and his reddish pitchfork….
      as in ESAU The Edomnites.
      jb shalom

    5. winston ledford

      god was all colors if the devil was white god was white

  54. John Causey

    The facts are in the WORD and Biblical verses that had been strategically remove to deceive just about everyone

  55. Woozy Rocketman


    1. Delena Spinelli

      Exactly! In my travels I have come to understand that this is true. It’s like talking to a fish about how he should come up on dry land. It’s like talking to a dog and telling him chasing cars is dangerous. It’s not in him to understand, that no matter how you shout, he will not grasp it.

    2. methead lee

      Woozy Rocketman………..It’s not in you to believe!!!!!!!

  56. Israelite Woman

    KEEP spreading truth. I have been kicked off social media for spreading truth.

  57. L. Davis

    Satan has a seed no doubt according to the word. Jesus/Yahushua reveals this truth. Cain in his heart had satan as his father, because of who he chose to listen to, and to yield his members to. He became the servant of satan, for Yahushua said to whom we yield our members to obey, of them we become the servants thereof. I also know that the Watchers came down and took women to wife, so there is a literal seed in the earth belonging to satan. If we are Yah’s we do not find the works of the flesh normal, or we do not love the works of the flesh which is the mind of satan ruling in us instead of the mind of Christ when we are walking after the Spirit of the Most High God.

  58. L. Davis

    Correct that Lucifer was created with the sum of wisdom, was very beautiful and powerful. He was not the Light but the light bearer as you said holding or reflecting God’s Light (like a lantern). I can see all that in Ezekiel’s book. However, I don’t understand how you are saying Lucifer was fighting God’s enemies when he is Yah’s enemy. There’s no other account I aware of Yah having any other enemy before Lucifer betrayed Him. Please use scripture to explain how Lucifer was a warrior fighting dark matter coming against Yah; before he fell into prideful sin. Wasn’t he the one who brought evil: pride, insurrection, started a whisper campaign against the Almighty in the ears of the other angels; envying/eyeing the throne of the Most High desirous to be like Him. What then was the dark matter if not Lucifer himself?

  59. L. Davis

    KJV Genesis 4:1- “And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord. The serpent did not impregnate Eve with Cain.” Satan is not Cain’s biological father through Eve, because the scripture reveals Adam knew Eve and she brought forth a son, Cain. NOTE: She said “I have gotten a man FROM THE LORD.” Knew means carnal or sexually here. The lie beguiled Eve with his words, enticed her with his words. They didn’t coin the phrase “silver tongue devil” for nothing.

    1. Delena Spinelli

      I’m sure you’ll not be surprised to find that your King James and other Wicked men purposely left out points of Devine Facts in order to cover and conseal what really happened. However, if you love truth like I do, you would have dug deeper. The book of Enoch tells it like it IS and records that “Satan Seduced Eve but he didn’t touch Adam” Hummm why did it say “Touch” if he was only speaking to Eve. Listen, this uncovering of truth is for those who are ready and willing to hear it. Injustice is just a another Word for “Covering Truth” so when I hear Gentiles attempting to resist the truth it is just another form of what they have done for over 400 and sadly convinced many Blacks to fall for that same tongue you spoke of because it is still at WORK! But this Time the outcome will be different…and may God Yahweh get all the Glory!

    2. Jason Barrett

      +Delena Spinelli the watchers that fell and mated with women were a totally different batch. They had authority over the earth before they fell and this was sometime after ha satan had already fell. The Enoch states the watchers made an oath amongst each other, it doesn’t mention that satan had anything to do with it.

    3. Delena Spinelli

      L. Davis —- For detectives some cases are harder than others, mainly because someone has tampered with Key Evidence. Therefore, reason and simple deduction, in many cases, does the trick. Here’s a few facts that will show Truth behind the Vail.

      1. If Satan was the one in authority over the Fallen angels, who later fallowed him to earth to have sex with human, it stands to reason that Satan Did It First!

      And, knowing that Adam And Eve, were being groomed as the New Owners of the earth that Satan desperately wanted, then Eve was his first sratiegic conquest.

      2. After Eve was caught in her sin, what did she say? She said, “The Serpent beguiled me.” But in Ancient Hebrew text it reads, “The Serpent seduced me.”

      3. When God handed out punishment, notice what punishment Eve got. God punished her reproductive organs. God said to Eve, “I will increase your Pain in Childbirth.” Now according to the Word of God, “The instrument of sin is the instrument of Punishment.” That means That Eve’s womb was that instrument of Sin, by having an unlawful sexual union with a chief Fallen Angel.

      4. Satan was a murderer and so was Cain, His son. In the Book of James, it says that “Cain Belonged to the Evil One.” I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about Adam.

      So although Bible Scholars did a real piece of work on the cutting floor by chopping up the Books of the Bible. The Holy Spirit will always lead us TO ALL TRUTH, just as Yahshua said. Be Blessed.

  60. Barbara Hartman

    Is it okay to share your videos?

    1. Delena Spinelli

      Yes, please do share. God’s people need to hear the truth. Thanks!

  61. Sharon Purnell

    God made man in his image….when God says “man”he means more than one….the antichrist is more than one person….anybody without Christ is anti-christ

    1. Dwight Whitfield

      Sharon Purnell If antichrist was plural, meaning more than one it would have a s at the end of it. That is just proper grammer.

    2. Delena Spinelli

      I would like to correct you on one point. The Anti-Christ is that man or women who rejects the TRUE Christ and His original image and then changes Christ’s Identity for themselves.. That means if a person says they are christian but clings to the lie that Jesus was a White man, he has just rejected the entire Creation process of God and colluded with the enemy, who has taken on the identity of Yahshua. The definition of an Antichrist is not just someone who refuses to believe in Christ, it is that person who has stolen His identity for himself.

  62. Dwight Whitfield

    Crap. There is no devil. There are no angels. This is black self hate believing in this crap.

    1. Shawn Robinson

      +Dwight Whitfield He’s gonna prove himself , when he sticks a 2 edge sword in your wicked ass !

    2. Stephen Bishop

      Sharon Purnell Maya

    3. methead lee

      Dwight Whitfield………!!!.BIG DUMMIE!!!!! thought your Grandmamie would have taught you better!!! FOOL!!!!!!A man that dont believe is!!!! A FOOL!!!!


    You better be glad I ain’t ya neighbor I’m a young one with a strong back. Wit you fine ass

    1. Leon Barnett

      Sweet back lol

  64. John Causey

    Listen to this Boogie Down
    Productions/KRS 1 song … You must learn.

  65. John Causey

    Caucasians became very proud after the eastern European/Russians started separating each race into groups.

  66. John Causey

    Cain could not have been Caucasian. True dirt is black. After the sun hit it, it becomes brown.

    1. Justin Gray False Doctrine Killer Revelation 1:3

      +Mr. Evans you bitches no what makes me a zombie? A zombie is someone who is Dead! I’m alive my friend!

    2. Mr. Evans you bitches no

      +Justin Gray False Doctrine Killer Revelation 1:3
      So you’re a zombie?

    3. Justin Gray False Doctrine Killer Revelation 1:3

      John he was originally black or brown just as Adam and Eve and Abel! When he killed Abel didn’t the Lord set a mark on him lest anyone should find him? Don’t the quote on quote white people turn black after they die? An, 666 is the number of a man, The Jewish star of David!

    4. C. Toomer

      John Causey – It is not wise to express yourself with your emotions. In doing so you make many presumptions. FACTS: Soil color does not affect the behavior and use of soil; however, it can indicate the composition of the soil and give clues to the conditions that the soil is subjected to. Soil “can exhibit a wide range of colour”; gray, black, white, reds, browns, yellows and under the right conditions green. Varying horizontal bands of colour in the soil often identify a specific soil horizon. In the region where Adam was “formed” by the hand of YHWH there is strong reason to believe that this soil was “red’/”ruddy”..ruddy meaning a deep brownish-red color. Why? In the original Aramiac language Adam is spelled “Adamah” which means RED. Try earnestly to get past your pride and look at these matters objectively. Your very soul could be at stake should you chose not to do so. I wish you nothing but Peace & Blessings Sir.

    5. Sharon Purnell

      John Causey .cain was of the world (tiller of the ground) and Able was spiritual (keeper of sheep)…God will receive anyone from any nation who comes to him Matt. 28:19

  67. John Causey

    I believe so called Black people are the original and chosen people of YAH, but GOD created humans after their own likeness. (Gen 1:26)

    1. john shepard

      John if you’re Caucasian you’re not created in his image & likeness. Rhesus monkey and neanderthal DNA is not of us black folks.

    2. John Benjamin

      John Causey
      YAH IS A YAH OF ORDER..jb shalom

  68. John Causey

    So if so Blacks were the original people, how can that make Caucasians the demonic race?

    1. John Benjamin

      John Causey
      Go to Genesis Chapter 6 read all
      jb shalom

  69. David K. Courtney Sr.

    Delena Spinelli, Greetings sister, and may God continue to show His light on you and take you higher. You remind me and favor my Mom Delena, you know my Great Grandmother was a black slave to a Jewish man, and my Grandmother and Mom were great women of God, it’s because of their prayers and God’s grace that I’m still alive today Praise God. God has shown me alot, and if we ask He will continue to reveal the secrets and mysteries of the galaxy to us. I have a question for you and you may have or have not answered it in another of your vids, I haven’t seen them all. I always thought that if God had waring angels then God must have enemies. And in this vid you said something about Lucifer’s pupils being small with light, I guess not to let darkness in or something, forgive me if I quoted you wrong. Who were you talking about, who or why did God create waring angels for?…..before the fall of satan. Does God have other enemies that live in the black hole or something?….

    1. David K. Courtney Sr.

      +Delena Spinelli (The Paradygm Shift), Yeah, this has been one of the biggest controversies in the Bible, and to me there seems to be 2 sides to story. And it’s funny I just started reading the book of Enoch. And note I have alot of deep information to suggest and share what I share and ask you about sister, believe me, you have to understand that God did not create Angels to procreate, there’s no proof of this is what I’m saying, unless the Watchers found a way or were able to, or had a knowledge of. Obviously they had free will, but without taking on human form how could they be able to have offspring with humans. That’s my question. Sons of God could mean the chosen like Enoch or Angels. Thanks for your references and thoughts, I will continue to read the book of Enoch.

    2. Delena Spinelli

      David K. Courtney Sr. –For conformation of why the fliid came, you’ll need to read books like, “The Book of Enoch” and The new Jerusalem Bible: Book of Wisdom. Here’s how God YAHWEH guided me to write my book, The Stone Rejected. As the Word says about the ancient writers, I too was guided along by the Holy Spirit. The Father would tell me these hidden facts, that European bible scholars tried to conceal. Then, later the Father would prove it to be true by showing it to me in ancient books and writings, such as the books I mentioned above. Continue you search for the truth and you will find it. Be Blessed!

    3. David K. Courtney Sr.

      +Delena Spinelli (The Paradygm Shift), We know that there is a good and bad bloodline through the whole Bible, but about Angels having intercourse with humans, if that was so why aren’t any mentioned in any of the genealogies given from Adam to Jesus?….They show the evil bloodline and the good bloodline all the way back to Adam, and yes there was giants before the flood. Also why did God say he was going to destroy man instead of destroying the Angels that supposedly had intercourse with the daughters of men creating the Nephilim?….

    4. Delena Spinelli

      David K. Courtney Sr. — As for CAIN, killing his own brother for nothing is just as bad as killing others. Also, There was no one else to kill until he went Eastward. He had also been humbled as an outcast or “Marked Man” so he was just trying to stay alive. However, his descendants began killing. Read in Genesis.

    5. Delena Spinelli

      David K. Courtney Sr. — David, i’d like to share a fact that most who read the Bible have overlooked. And that is about Ham and this so called curse.. If you’ll notice in the Bible it never says that Ham was cursed it always says, :”Cursed be Canaan.” The reason you never see that is because the European Bible translators had enough fear not to completely change the story, and therefore they didn’t say, “Ham” was cursed. But, there is a simple way to find out who was CURSED. Here’s How. Remember that when the Bible list a man’s children, it Always list them in the order of their birth; from the oldest til the youngest. Notice, it list Sham first, then Ham and then Japheth who is obviously the youngest. Now, if you’ll read what Noah said when he awoke you will know who did the dirty deed. It states, “When Noah awoke and found out what his YOUNGEST son had done he said, cursed be Canaan.” You see Japheth, as we know was the father of the Gentiles nations and that means Japheth was White (Albino) a descendant of CAIN. It makes since then because the European Gentiles have always played the lead in deviant homosexual behavior and still does. We forget that these were men; not boys. They were already married. Japheth had some homosexual desires if he looked at his own father.

  70. Carolyn HOSTAGE2EVIL


    1. Delena Spinelli

      Carolyn HOSTAGE2EVIL — It was 30 billion; not million. Thanks.

  71. Carolyn HOSTAGE2EVIL


  72. Carolyn HOSTAGE2EVIL


  73. Carolyn HOSTAGE2EVIL

    This is EUGENICS intertwined. THIS IS DONE TO ME.



  74. Racecar Johnny

    white countries have rejected god and we are receiving his wrath. god made us great while we all worshipped him, but we have forgotten him and europe and america are being destroyed.

    1. John Benjamin

      bill2526 bill2526
      Your a Gentile and your time is up clown….has nothing to do with racism color etc ignoramus..
      now for your class lesson u have a F so make up the class and least get a D…your assignment is go to
      you tube and view a caucasion male named Dana Stevens a gentile given revelation knowledge by Yah and listen to what he is warning you gentiles your time is up… U are not Asher they are Colombia to Uruguay bros and sisters Get your head out of the
      sand ignoramus…WALKING IN LOVE TOWARDS YOU…
      jb shalom

    2. John Benjamin

      bill2526 bill2526
      I be waiting for you…do not deal with racism spewed from U
      or anybody…Go sit your ignorant arse down and shut up…. u are so ignorant
      and need to be spewed out of this life u ignoramus get out of my face….LEARNING TO WALK IN LOVE TOWARD U CLOWN…
      jb shalom

    3. bill2526 bill2526

      +John Benjamin if I was you I’d be worried about yourself..the tribe of Asher is the white race..and they would do good now take your racist self to God and ask forgiveness for all your hate.

    4. John Benjamin

      Racecar Johnny
      GENTILES TIME IS UP..jb shalom

  75. David Black

    My wife and I were discussing eschatology last night and that made me wonder if Trump’s recent declaration about Jerusalem would bring forth the new temple. I’m not the only one asking that question.

    1. David K. Courtney Sr.

      David Black, It’s close brother, but remember this, when the prayers and forgiveness stop, that’s when prophecy and destruction will come sooner. Jesus told us to watch and pray lest ye fall into temptation.(Matt 26:41) The stage is set, now it’s just a matter of time. Delena was wise not to try to answer your question, because nobody really knows, the answer would be just an opinion not a fact due to the saints prayers and God’s timing. Remember, Prophecy from a man or woman aside from the Word of God can change or be inaccurate, that’s why I never trust what every man or woman says when it comes to them prophesying over me. (and concerning an individual sometimes, prophecy over them from a Prophet that doesn’t come to pass can be because of their disobedience) Prophets are not always accurate because just like anything else it takes practice, trust me I know my Pastor is an Apostle, he’s on point bro but there were some dates that he gave nothing happened as far as I know in the physical when there should of been, and maybe it was something I didn’t do. When your open to the Spirit there is warfare going on around you and can maybe hinder a word from God. Anyways wanted to share brother, God bless you.

    2. Delena Spinelli

      I believe everything is lining up with prophesy. I don’t know what temple will be used but I feel we are getting close to the Antichrist arrival.

  76. Brad Sellers

    well spoken regal Hebrew queen

  77. Chris Florida

    I love your testimony keep it coming..

  78. Toni Garcia

    Delena Spinelli where should other people from different races and religions move to? Such Catholics, Protestants, etc.

    1. Abiola Quddus

      Delena Spinelli yes some whites will sojourn with the chosen people ( Israelites) .

    2. Delena Spinelli

      Toni Garcia —Toni Garcia any Christian who believes in Jesus/ Yahshua can take the communion if they partake of it in faith. we were all sinners saved by His Blood. it is memorial of what Jesus did for you and I by giving His life. Some of the Catholic priest are the worst of sinners. They are like the ancient Pharisee who, as Jesus said don’t want to enter the Kingdom of heaven and prevent others from entering by their twisted teaching. So read the Word for yourself and be blessed.

    3. Toni Garcia

      Delena Spinelli There are many Catholics who are fleeing the church of the evil Francis. And ignore the fact of giving communion to divorced and remarried people, because Francis allows that communion, which is why many Catholics are fleeing his Roman Catholic Church. Probably going to other Catholic Churches who do not follow the commands of him.

    4. Toni Garcia

      Delena Spinelli Well as a Catholic I mainly worship God and Jesus, and we do not worship Mary, we just ask her to be the intercessor for us and God grants the miracles.

    5. Delena Spinelli

      Toni Garcia—-Toni it doesn’t matter what race one is but what’s in their heart. Now what we believe makes the difference. That means if someone is Catholic and believes in worshiping idols which is idolatry, they must renounce and repent of that idolatrous religion and cleave only to the truth. When God brings the punishment on Am. There will be Whites who will also have joined with God’s people in safety because they will have humbled themselves to the truth of the true Hebrews as the Burnt Bronze people. it will be like the 60s when many young White people joined Blacks in the south to fight against Jim Crow. However, this time they will honor the Hebrews as the head of wisdom. Each of us will be lead back Eastward across the sea.

  79. Secular Gamer

    What a lack of education you show Delena. You show nothing but a willingness to belittle yourself and the rest of the world. Stop involving other humans in this nonsense.

    1. wilbert mcbride

      Phillips McCune REAL TALK, REAL TRUTH!!!!!!

    2. Karen Brank

      I think he is because everywhere I look on her channel he is there he needs to get a life!!!!

    3. NaTosha Evans

      Secular Gamer – Are you really stalking her channel? I believe it’s a cry for help!

    4. Happy Ted

      clean your dirty hart out clean your filthy fat vessel out so these TRUTHS can sink in GIVE THANKS FOR SHARE N SISTREN U ARE A POWER WOMAN OF THE ALMIGHTY

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