Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered

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Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered

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10,682 Thoughts to “Time: The History & Future of Everything – Remastered”

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    1. Chaitanya Singh

      wait a sec, isn’t our sun gonna become a red dwarf instead of a white dwarf?

  2. Andrea Whitley

    I Atually Did Ask My Crush Out And She Said Yes Thank You 😉

  3. Samia Kagfhf

    Please do a video about toxoplasmosis

  4. Tahir Hakeem

    Thanks Kurzgesagt – now I’m rejected by the girl I liked :(. But hey, I know it means nothing to the grand scale of the universe.

  5. CodingMarco

    A video about elementary particles would be awsome!!

  6. Elvis Chrysler Vierneza

    This is one of the actual coolest videos I’ve seen in a long time

  7. Joezema

    The only think I now by now, is that this couple of time I spent with these video was totaly worth it…. 🙂

  8. Ismail Paine de circ

    Time is precious, make it count. Dont waste it on stupid videos like this.

  9. Denis_LT

    Now i want to kill myself even more

  10. Iv Pu

    Damn, i will now ask thet girl out, no time to waist

  11. Cristián Navarro Parraguez

    Don Celino just suffered a home accident. He broke a few ribs and got a pneumothorax. Hope he recovers quickly.

  12. ollyollyoxenfreee


  13. Hybrid Theory

    Great video! Time really is a concept that is so hard to grasp. One thing that really baffled me was the part about the T-Rex being closer to us than a Stegosaurus. I mean they were both dinosaurs and lived so long ago … And of course ending the video in a nice existential crisis about how our planet and the whole universe will die inevitably …

  14. Bogdan M

    all of your videos are absolutely amazing, but i got just one word for this one: EPIC

  15. padmanathen PADMA

    I loved it I got scared when you told the universe will die it great good job guys keep it up

  16. Ryan Salvador

    I hate thinking about heat death like shit thats depressing

  17. Petík Georgiev

    Timing is everything.

  18. kaemjalo

    the first year of the 21st century is 2001 🙂

  19. Nadir Novruz

    Wonderful video, Wonderful message! Thank you ♥️

  20. Pinu'u

    you genuinely made me tear up with that last part

  21. claudio rosas

    Celino Jaramillo is the oldest person on earth, not the one the Guinness records claims! Good one kurzgesagt

  22. "Marty"

    Could you re-do the GRB video? I’ve wondered exactly how does the GRBs spread over distance and the relationship between it’s power and effects. Along with digging into the *other* types of radiation/waves associated with a GRB (X-Ray, Radio, Micro, UV, IR, Visual Spectrum…) and going into “how much Gamma to kill a cell/plant/person/planet”

    Oh, that and the False Vacuum video.

  23. Viks

    Too bad, I’m too shy to ask her out

  24. Sarcastic Arepa

    where is Jesus in all of this? lmao

  25. P R

    Great video really put things into perspective.

  26. Akshay Gupta

    You guys are perfect from the first video of this channel. I don’t really want remakes of older video (unless there is an update to the theories and all). I would rather love to see videos on new topics like:
    Energy (What? How? In detail.)
    Consciousness (In detail.)
    How do organisms evolve exactly?
    How does the immune system deals with a virus infection and others.
    Why atoms behave the way like they do? (in detail) Why and how do they form complex organisms and then why is it necessary for them to die?
    How is information stored in atoms and how do they process this information and act accordingly? (Or more to the information paradox)

    There is a lot I want to learn and really look forward to your videos.

  27. Narender Sehrawat

    What is life redone plz

  28. Narender Sehrawat

    Love you kurtz

  29. Jace Rocha

    How can human beings go so far in their knowledge to be able to what’s to come and what went after

  30. Claire Chevalier

    amazing video

  31. Your Favourite Reuben

    it’s ‘the plague’ or it’s ‘the black death’ do not mix them

  32. Your Favourite Reuben

    the oldest living person is Nabi Tajima born 4th August 1900 please correct this
    source: Wikipedia

  33. CutiePi

    Wasn’t that a repost?

  34. Saleh Abusheikhah

    Your videos are beautiful. Keep it up

  35. Alfredo Cavalcanti Segundo

    This is so beautiful and inspiring! 🙂

  36. Ami Lannister

    Time is God
    He can destroy everything
    He creates beautiful lives and creatures

  37. Elvar Snær Ágústson

    I don’t know what to comment but I just have to comment on this video

  38. WG C

    Can you redo or make a part 2 of the Black Hole video and stars? Thank you!

  39. Mohi Mozumder

    Remake the end of the universe

  40. Mohi Mozumder

    I wish he was my teacher. He makes everything so easy to understand and is fun

  41. Taliyeth

    This is a great remake! I saw the original and thought it was lovely and amazing, and when I saw this pop up on my dashboard I was ecstatic!!!

  42. mona abdelkhaleq

    The moment the ticking sound stops when the narrator says that one day billions of years later the last star in our universe will die? That gave me chills!!

  43. Soda

    I these vids. The animation is cool too

  44. Hutagaol Darmawangsa

    what if. the universe dies and create another big bang (universe) will it be a never ending loop till forever, how know or will never know

  45. MegaMoh

    when you’re ignorant and share your ignorance on a youtube video,

    Iraq war ended in 2001, which was the year 9/11 happened, the pyramids were built 3.5 thousand years ago while the mammoths exticnt 4.5 thousand years ago. I could go on on how much crap you have no idea about you just said, so pathetic

  46. somebody

    Just asking, what editing software that you use to make this great video?

  47. I am a Llama

    The music doesn’t even really help in decreasing our depression from what you say..

  48. Cassie Ang

    After the universe dies what if the big bang happens again? I don’t rly understand the big bang but yeah…….

  49. himanshu bahl

    This has to be your best work so far. and I have seen each video you have ever posted (on this channel). My child is 6 months old now, I hope I am able to convince her to see these videos once she is old enough. Thank you.

  50. Zachkills4

    You’ve officially made me feel like my problems are for not.

  51. FreeDom Sy

    Gamesense > interwebz and all 🙂

  52. Angelina Mainetti

    Well, at least the future looks brighter than the present time…

  53. Juan Vicente Caballero

    Vamos Chile!!!

  54. Raff 69

    Dont worry , in a bilion years we would have conqured the entire Solar System , and some other solar systems in our galaxy , but only if we manage to survive the next century because WW3 might break out , over population , little food left , big chunks of Earth flooded if we dont stop using machines and factories alot , causing New York , Los Angeles , Washington D.C. , Rio de Janeiro , London , Rome , Tokyo , Beijing , Shanghai , Hong Kong and other big cities near sea/ocean to be flooded , thats why i want a 2 child policy in every country (3.75B parents = 7.5B children = 3.75B parents.. which means we will manage to balance out our population , also i want cars to stop being used , instead just eco buses and airplanes , and ships , which will cause 50%+ less carbon dioxide which will slow down the process of melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica , giving us more time to use more eco transportaion and another way to make electric energy and another fast way to make stuff without factories , doing this life will be saved.

  55. Midnight

    Columbus invented America.

  56. Melani Sánchez

    We want new videos with new content.. not remakes

  57. Kshitij Kapoor

    The information paradox video. Because it was so dang good and I want to know more about it.

  58. Ahmed Engineer

    Wow !! Now that was both depressing and uplifting at the same time , good job

  59. cdwraw

    This has been one of my favorite videos you guys have done.

  60. Dark Max

    I was born in the 2nd year of the 21st century 🙁

  61. Adeel all

    Yeah! And now I’m going to play Minecraft….

  62. deebleu carpeso

    *So there’s a… happy ending?*

  63. Daniel

    If a big bang happened before why cant it happen again to restart the universe before it dies. Why arent there heaps of big bangs actually?

    1. EFYN

      Thats what the multiverse hypothesis is.

  64. Wilfried Siems

    DAMN!!! What a NICE Explanation in how USELESS my life is for….but how NICE it is to be lived!!!I lived that NOW for about 5 yrs now…haha….and haven´t regret a moment  since that decision 😉 TIME is all about the NOW….the past is lived and forms you; the future is hidden….so live….NOW!!! 🙂

  65. I bims 1 Gangsta

    Ich hoffe du verreckst

  66. Benjamin Wright

    This is one of my favorite videos of yours. Aw, who am I kidding? They’re all my favorite.

  67. oddvp

    Strange Channel Name = But Awesome Videos

  68. Maysam Wgs

    I wish he was my teacher?

  69. TheSorrowLand

    The universe is created upon your birth, and will be destroyed the moment you die.

    1. Hunter Alexander

      To you

    2. Omar619kamis Kamis

      TheSorrowLand noshit

  70. Ben Nguyen


  71. JtheKproduction

    Love this video. 3 things. 1. Religion will always be with human history no matter the scientific advancements because even science can’t answer the core question that started every everything. If science can’t answer what happened before existence or what happens after existence, it can’t provide a reason and the cause for existence itself, rendering god as the only possible solution. (we can’t figure it out, so let’s say some supernatural that’s out of our understanding created us)

    2. Just like how the world has its beginning and an ending, humans do as well. I believe that since the birth of the universe and the birth of humans were at different times, the death of each would be different as well. And I also believe that death of humans would be caused by humans just like how the birth of humans were caused by humans. And death is inevitable as long as there is birth.

    3. The reason for all the political debates is essentially because of speed as to how fast we change, or how fast we age as humanity itself. The logical and rational way is to stay conservative and stay alive as long as possible. The natural and innovative way is to be progressive and let the natural take us all. Simply put, there is no right answer. All has reasons. All has purpose. All contribute to reality. And the flow of reality is out of our control.

    If that doesn’t make you worthless IDK what would. Personally, this just makes god more believable. Hell, believing that “I’m specially made by god” is logically better than “I’m a product of time plus space plus chance with a miniscule percentage of existence and even less percentage on making an impact.”

    All humans are ignorant, including myself.
    Thanks for the read, ignorant.

    1. QuesoCookies

      Spiritualistic nonsense. “Can’t” is the only four-letter word science eschews.

    2. MultiEnergico

      Well, we should not forget that when we say science can’t find an answer, that means that people using scientific method can’t find an answer, so maybe we are not intelligent enough. Still, that doesn’t mean that we may find an answer in the future, there are theories about what could have happened before the Big Bang.
      But ok, let’s say we never find an answer to what happened before existence or what happens after existence, that doesn’t mean that there is an answer, we just were unable to find it. So there can be more answers than a God.

      What’s more, the concept of before and after only makes sense if there is time, as it is my understanding, space and time were born with the Big Bang, so, was there ever a before that? Difficult questions to answer, as you precisly said, we are ignorants.

      Have a good day.
      Another ignorant

  72. Victor Scott


  73. Draw 4 Kids

    nice but its terrifying

  74. Sophia

    This video made me cry ?

  75. Berke Can Işık

    Please big bang again??

  76. Brian Tran

    “Time is precious, make it count”

  77. Angela Zhu

    Whenever I want to feel small and insignificant, I watch a Kurzgesagt video. I guess you could say the video makes me feel… kurz.

  78. Ludi the Cynical Reptile

    Existential crises! Come get your complimentary existential crises here!

  79. StreetManTV

    Holy fuck this opened my eyes more than school ever has done on this subject. Thanks, i guess

  80. Chen Markson

    Wow, astonishing.

  81. koo101

    Celino Jaramillo’s birth date is debatable and unverified. The true oldest living person with a verified birth date is Nabi Tajima.

  82. Yuanyuan Qu

    this was so incredibly inspiring. one of the few kurzgesagt videos that don’t cause a serious existential crisis. or at least, have a hopeful message. yes, everything in the universe will die someday, but that will never, ever happen in our lifetime. sure, we’ll die someday when we run out of time, but then why hesitate? why wait? you’ve only got so much time left to do something of your life, to take a chance and live. make sure it’s a good life.

  83. Night Howler

    Our lifetime is sooooooooooooo small !!!!!

  84. Jeg Workshop

    what is life

  85. Wheatly The Moron Core

    “Discovery” of America xDD

  86. Guillermo Fernandez

    gorgeous !!!!!!!

  87. Leo Michaels

    I watch this every morning..really pumps me up! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ and at the same time I wish I could live to see all the changes ahead of us..

    1. Leo Michaels

      I ain’t gonna be a normal comment boi and like my own comment

  88. Saalih Abdul-Salam

    terrifyingly beautiful, but out of all the things you could end with, you chose dating? You do realize that some of us are in religions or cultures where dating is impermissible?

  89. Electro The Rebel

    What if…Somehow, by the small small SMALL bits of remaining white dwarfs forms together….it can ignite, and eventually start another Big Bang…?

  90. Andy Little

    2000 isn’t the first year of the 21st century. 2001 is.

  91. Samuel Harper

    That “arbitrary year 1” is not arbitrary at all, and you know so, Kurzgesagt. Why spread misinformation when it suits you?

    1. Yuanyuan Qu

      it’s based off the birth of one random person who may or may not have existed based on what he said about 2000 years ago and that a couple sheep herders made a children’s story out of that somehow turned into the monstrosity it is today. your point?

  92. Naveronasis

    You could have done a better job with the future. Color code the sun’s life, show how long it will be a red giant, how long a dwarf takes to burn out, how long a neutron star takes to burn out, how long till the milky way merges with andromeda, how long it will take the resulting eliptical galaxy to run out of star forming material, how long until the expansion of the universe isolates the local group. ETC The end of the original video was way more creepy, a bigger scale of the future that shows these things in relative terms would better the impact.

  93. Mr MangoBerry

    Your thing is veeeeerrry wrong… nebulae will form new stars.

  94. Jerry Cronan

    WAIT WAIT WAIT!? How long have we been eating Tidepods? … but seriously, heat death is a theory on equal standing with “The Big Shrink” whereby, at some point, expansion ends and everything begins to move back to the singularity, which will result in another big bang, over and over again, for what can be considered infinity…. I am inclined toward that theory because nothing we have observed every truly has a “beginning” and a “end,” but everything in nature is circular. Hence, perhaps what was before the Big Bang, was an infinite cycle of Big Bangs, and Big Shrinks… and no, I’m not talking about my sex life here.

  95. joe sunshine

    Nice love the remake
    Redo the immune system vid

  96. Wadilson Oliveira

    I love Kurzgesagt

  97. Connor G

    Can’t believe I wasted 8 minutes of my life on this video…. (Not that it matters, since I will live eternally like everyone else. The only difference being about 90% of people will be burning in hell, including those dumb evolutionists.)

    1. Connor G

      Yuanyuan Qu Satan is pure evil, mate. You wouldn’t have a party thrown. You would be in cpnstant pain, fear, and agony. And I’m not criticizing evolutionists, I am merely stating that they are not saved.

    2. Yuanyuan Qu

      and how are you so convinced of that? wasn’t jesus’s preachings were to love everyone “do unto others as you do unto yourself” or something like that? by being a dick to evolutionists you’re in effect invalidating jesus’s teachings.

      also if you really think about it, where do animals go? purgatory? and where do plants go? also purgatory? if so i sure damn wouldn’t want to live in heaven if all it’s going to be is basically a really brightly-lit cement parking lot with annoying angel choirs singing in the background or something.
      and satan actually fell to hell because he was an angel who no longer wished to be bound/controlled by god, which is why atheists/people who go against “the will of god” go to hell. if he was just like us, why on earth would he torture us? if anything, he’d probably hold a huge party with everyone who chose to ignore god because hell yeah another way to spite Him. i’d like to live in hell, in that case. you can throw the thieves and murderers into purgatory or have them eaten by Ratatosk, i don’t care. gimme that satanic party

  98. Matthew Molina

    Love that message at the end
    You’re amazing
    Keep growing

  99. Hayle Near

    *asks the cute boy that I like*
    Friend: Woah where did you finally get the motivation?
    Me: …umm… definitely not because of a science video.

  100. Michael J

    This was crazy to watch while high

  101. Alleywr

    The original was probably my favorite video of yours, and seeing it remade was a fantastic surprise! Animation and music was so good, I had to listen to it afterward. This channel is one of the best! Keep doing your best! <3

  102. Tawuka L

    一切都结束了 时间还算在走吗

  103. Humpty Dumpty

    ‘01-‘10 was the best years of my life, that’s when I was a teenager.

  104. Byron Hutton

    Can you Re-make CPG Grey’s video The United Kingdom Explained 😛

  105. ABCDEFG

    I looooooove the music in the background!

  106. Acureyt

    Heat Death, the most metal band name.

  107. Mason Galioth

    It would be pretty cool if we changed the Gregorian Calendar like they referenced in the beginning of the video. It gives some respect to other cultures. I like the idea.

  108. Joey F

    If you believe all of this you’re retarded. I’m sorry but you just are.. lol

    1. Yuanyuan Qu

      and here we see a brainwashed religion nut climbing out of the woodwork. go back to the church you came from, you’re not welcome here.

  109. TrayIncProd

    I love you peeps at kurzgesagt!! <3

  110. roswellautopsia

    Nearly made me cry

  111. Dalton Todd

    Evolution. A boot that needs to die.

    1. Dalton Todd

      Yuanyuan Qu The evidence you speak of is non-existent.

    2. Yuanyuan Qu

      religion nut #35 who chooses to ignore all evidence to the contrary and stays with their beliefs anyways. we call those people stubborn blind idiots, unless they’re religious. then we call them religious people. or if they die. then they’re martyrs, not suicidal.

  112. SamHamTheLamb

    Time really does go fast….

  113. Chloe Uliano

    oh i know whats missing is this stupid video.. GOD

  114. тѕсм.Burning Pixel [GER]

    I was born 2000 aaaaand i’m 18 now. 🙂

  115. Brians Frikkedeller

    I fucking love this

  116. Model Trains & Planes Channel Steam Trains too

    Go read someone’ else’s comment


    “HOMO ERECTUS” I loled so hard 😛

  118. Jack P

    I broke down at the end…I hope we can do stuff after life and not just be completely still and lifeless for eternity.

  119. XplosionsLite

    “Time makes sense in small pieces,” actually, wouldn’t it be better to say,
    “Time makes sense backwards,” as evidenced by this video?

    Just small pieces are easier to look back on

  120. adriano Reece

    I was really shocked when I saw that the tyrannosaurus existence
    was closer to humans than a stegosaurus I feel kids dinosaur shows are making kids believe crap

    1. ju1ce3m

      Seriously, he just ruined the whole Land Before Time saga for me 🙁

  121. Frozen Gumwad

    Fuck rent… I’m going out. May as well.

  122. Mathew Richey

    uhhhg… no reasom to reboot any videos old Kurzgesagt was good enough

  123. Chris Tam

    Ughh I’m totally going through an existential crisis right now

  124. Tyler Garrett

    Still phenomenal content as always.

  125. Dashmeet Singh

    A BIG THANK YOU @Kurzgesagt

  126. MutsKun

    I feel so small right now

  127. thomas fink

    could u make a video about psycodelics in the future?

  128. The Calvary Syndicate

    Year one was literally the opposite of “arbitrary.” It was exceedingly purposeful and serves its purpose well.

  129. Venkat Ramana

    @kruzgesagt: your videos are so helpful for the people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. One of friend has totally recovered after watching your videos. Thank you.

  130. Lidia Altagracia Rodriguez cuevas

    La vaca lolo

  131. SGRBeezy

    Ask them out, literally what do you have to lose. Seriously dude? Ask her out. I did. And she said yes. It’s been great ever since.

  132. The Chiefs

    They should show this in history class.

  133. Bienvenido al Holoceno

    I’m Chilean and I had no idea that the oldest person alive was also Chilean.
    Nice video as always.

  134. Kyle Nokes

    You forgot the part where North Korea, Russia and the US have a missile fight and destroy everything on Earth

  135. Kevin Boijoly

    daaaaam, i didn’t know i signed up for an existantial crysis

  136. Yousef Bassem

    No matter how many years we have left we still can’t figure out why we are here or how did we get here or what is the reason for all this so I will just stick to feelings
    So tell me what is the name of the music in the background at the end of the video

    1. Yousef Bassem

      Yuanyuan Qu then why are we keep asking our selves so many questions and why do we find a feeling that keeps us thinking

    2. Yuanyuan Qu

      why ask? after all, you don’t have much time in comparison to the rest of the universe. not everything needs a reason.

  137. Ares

    This was one of your best videos! The music was magnificent. Really well done guys!

  138. sandeep joel

    The moment when life becomes more interesting when you receive new video notification from Kurzgesagt ?

  139. Achozzi

    Another kurzgesagt video, another existential crisis episode..

  140. Yash Gupta

    /s Thanks for basically the same video again.

  141. Apostoł

    You’ve hit me badly with this ending…

  142. Mousie87

    Okay, so I know it’s been a while since this came out. But I feel like I have to say; not many episodes have made me feel like this one has. I rarely rewatch videos (unless I don’t understand). This one, and What is Life, are probably my _favorite_ videos. The animation in this is stellar, the music- my regards to Epic Mountain, I’ve probably listened to the track on Soundcloud a hundred times by now, oh, this is such an experience. I really hope you do What is Life. It’s what brought me to Kurzgesagt, and it has, up until this video was posted, been my favorite. Watching you recreate it would probably be the best thing, ever.

  143. Emoji Flower

    This is next level animation and I doubt it’s done by just one person. It’s too beautifully done, probably by a great team.

  144. Just A Person

    Fish and Stuff?

  145. pavlac

    Climate change? I have enough. Thank You and goodnight. Unsub.

  146. kang pimp

    1hour movie class of kurzgesagt in every school on earth!

  147. James Rosso

    The information and graphics were and improvement but the MUSIC IS BROKEN. You completely disrupted the rhythm of the song and therefore the flow of the presentation. It’s like listening to a child randomly pluck a ukelele. I prefer the original for this reason.

  148. Prancer

    I love how this whole video was basically a motivation video for asking someone out.

  149. Nina Merritt

    best kurzgesagt video ever.

  150. Agoraphobication

    Absolutely love everything about this.

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  152. ayoub garman

    Atomic chick 😀

  153. hey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I really wonder when the last human will die.

  154. Brian Boucher

    Climate change? Really??

    1. Louis-David Doyon

      Brian Boucher climate changes are real my friend.

  155. benj7210 benj7210

    this is worse than vsause.

  156. CrooserTheLoserYT

    45th on trending! My my kurzgesagt, getting popular are we?

  157. th3freakie

    Your music person(s?) is really good btw.

  158. Sandro N.

    Here’s something really worth pondering:
    Our planet was formed in a process that lasted *billions* of years! And life is as well existing for an incredible long period of time yet. But we, the humans, changed the planet earth overly in just a few *thousand* years, maybe just in the last hundred years or even in the *recent* *decades* …!
    Isn’t that crazy?

    1. Peace and Love

      Not really. It makes sense that intelligent beings capable of changing things would change things. It’s not particularly crazy or interesting at all.

  159. Adeoye Simeon

    Columbus’ *cough* Discovery of America

  160. Alexi J

    About the girl thing, she said no 🙂

  161. ateamofone

    I could only get through 3 minutes. Lots of false truths there.

    1. Yuanyuan Qu

      well, why don’t you tell us some real truths. seeing that you seem to be believing in your own superiority and not literally hundreds of years of proven fact.

  162. Sadad Gabbarsing

    May be our ancestors initiate the bigbang for continuing the life

  163. DropinDonuts

    That boi

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      *While morality and religion are different entities, they are entirely dependent on one another. Otherwise, morality becomes subjective*

      That is completely false. I can create a moral framework as such: All actions which are conducive to the survival and well-being of human social groups are “good.” Actions which do the opposite are “evil.”

      “Survival” and “well-being” are objective things that exist, so this moral framework produces objective moral values.

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      Today, evolution is proposing yet another challenge to religion. It proposes that we are not special, we are just animals. That’s why those same religious guys I know, mostly don’t believe in evolution.
      Hell I know a guy who wants to work biochemistry and is religious. Imagine using something in your everyday job and not believing in it. Religion is sick.

      And how can it be so powerful, when it’s also so, so wrong? Well, it has the answers to everything, even if they are not the right answers. It gets us while we are young. It tries to make morality simple. It capitalizes on division. Money. It makes you feel special, and like you can control the uncontrollable. It surrounds you. Many of the religious people I know would become atheists, if it didn’t get them while they were young. Hell, when I was first grade, some gal advertised religion classes and I almost attended them, but I was too absent-minded. Imagine if somebody just advertised atheism, that would be ridiculed.

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