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How to install a cornrow wig:

FYI: This wig is handmade! This is not one of those made in China braided wigs. The quality will NOT be the same!

I’m getting a lot of emails and messages about ordering these wigs from me. I DID NOT make this wig! I brought it (which I stated in the video) like I would buy any thing else online. I DO NOT know the person or people who created this wig. They probably didn’t know I existed until someone shared my video with them. After following this company for years and researching, I do know they have a shop 20 miles away from my home and there’s a few people in the comment section that has purchased wigs from Kaylis before. Their feedback is pretty good.

FTR: This is the third company I’ve purchased these types of wigs from. I like to purchase from different people if I like their work.

Things I forgot to mention:

This is a BOB (black owned business) ☺

The wig has over 200+ twists and it’s pretty lightweight. It’s just the right amount of twists.

This is a LACE FRONT not a full lace! (As stated in the video) You can attempt to put the entire wig up in a ponytail but it’s going to look like a wig unless you plan on using a scarf for the back. If you want a full lace you probably can request one.

If you’re allergic to synthetic hair and want human, you probably can send a message and put in a special request. (Human will most likely be higher) If this price is too much for you look for something that’s in your budget like I stated in the video. Let’s be real this type of work is not going to be under $100. People are going to charge their worth for their work, time, and money invested into supplies.

WARNING!!!! If you purchase this wig and do not like it DO NOT CUT THE LACE!!! Most companies will not accept returns if the wig is not in it’s original condition!

No products available.

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