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This Happens to Your Stomach Fat When You Plank – 6 Good Reasons Why You Should Do Plank Daily

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6 Good Reasons Why You Should Do Plank Daily. When you do the plank exercise your body burns fat faster, especially your belly fat. Watch this video to see excactly what would happen to your stomach and your entire body with this proven fat burning exercise – Waysandhow.


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2,409 Thoughts to “This Happens to Your Stomach Fat When You Plank – 6 Good Reasons Why You Should Do Plank Daily”

  1. waene

    ye im gonna plank now i guess lul

  2. Christopher Picos

    5 minute unskippable ad ):

  3. gdawgs101

    I love how all my recommended videos are “Why planking is bad”, “why I don’t use planking”, “why I don’t include planks in my workouts” ?

  4. Smokey Mitchell

    Who quotes the navy times? Aka the Army times or Garrett news Corps. It’s not a government source or pier reviewed. It’s also known as the Naval inquirer

  5. Michael Nelson

    nice job

  6. Lexxus Jade


  7. Pinzack Zero

    I like the way ads pop up and load 10000000000000% faster than the video

  8. Holly O.

    I’ll have you know I plan ked for 1 minted and didn’t throw up.

  9. Thierry Lasserre

    30 minutes plank I can barely do 1 minute ??

  10. rebels prophet

    How is planking done then? Standing on the elbows in a strain?

  11. Rachan Sai

    If we add weights on body to efficiently work on planks so that without weights we can do longer planks. And adding weights is wrong or right?

  12. André Erland

    This is bullshit lol

  13. Zync z

    Like if u watched this video during a plank

  14. nonsolojazz707

    Planking doesn’t help in spot fat reduction, infact nothing apart from liposuction does

    1. WaysAndHow

      Not true, but good luck to you.

  15. Steven Bergman

    I thought it was a good commercial……However the flirty model at the end totally destroyed your credibility.

  16. Mafia01

    Planking is a Good way to get a Sixpack!!

    1. Mafia01

      Do Sit-Ups top everyday 50 Times i got a Sixpack in 4weeks or maybe less

    2. PL Basketball 2

      Mafia01 are planks the only best abs workout?

  17. Panther132014

    Planks are good unless you’re a non endurance athlete, and please stop thinking “toning” is a thing lol

  18. Pussy Destroyer

    A normal plank can help you lose weight, but a weighted plank can give strength to your abs…

  19. Health & Beauty 365

    I tried, Plank is really good for our health

  20. Girly Man Wrestling Fan

    So then how long and how often should one do it? And will it work for men too tho? You didn’t provide much information at all.

    1. Girly Man Wrestling Fan

      That did. Greatly!

    2. WaysAndHow

      Well, girly man, start with 5 times a week. Do 30 seconds rep, rest for 20 seconds, and repeat 3 times. So 90 seconds to 120 seconds will be an ideal for a beginner. When you’re strong enough, you can extend your reps to 60 seconds. I hope that helps.

  21. Sobeye Freeman

    Thanks for sharing. The information has motivated me to do planks more frequently.

  22. Kristopher Burt

    Everyday tasks…..masterbation has become more easier, they are right

  23. Piano Man42

    Is planking the same as a push up? Can anyone comment?

    1. Hence Myname

      Piano Man42
      No, it’s not the same. Push ups engages more on your triceps and pectoral muscles. While planks engages more on your core and front deltoid which is the front shoulder.

    2. Kristopher Burt

      Piano Man42, yes but without the push. You just hold yourself up/flat for an extended period of time.

  24. Vignesh Chand

    Please for the love of god! stop saying it burns fat.. Fat burn happens when you hit caloric deficit, period. Not planks, not crunches or anything.. One valid point it does strengths the core!

  25. Andrew ///



  26. pepsi7801

    we need more guys!!!

  27. Tom Fisher

    Sooo impressed by your body. Will planking prevent your eventual death?……Wait for it……NO!!! LMAO

  28. Albert Enlund

    My record for the plank is 8 min. How Much is yours?

    1. tpcs

      Damn, nice. Mine is maybe 100 seconds . I have much work to do. 😀

  29. Saboor Khan

    But what was the last type of planking exercise the hottie was doing!???

  30. Rose Noah

    I’ve been doing a plank daily for around 4 weeks now (I’m literally the most unathletic person you’ll meet). I only started doing it because I’m getting graded on it in P.E. class but I’ll definitely continue planking! In the beginning I couldn’t do more than 30 seconds without almost dying, now 3 minutes seems easy! So don’t get discouraged if you can’t hold it for very long in the beginning!

    1. Padme Skywalker

      Are there visible results Rose? Does it really make your stomach flat. I wanna try this too

    2. WaysAndHow

      Good for you, Rose.

  31. spiegel

    I don’t feel I’m getting anything out of planking.

    1. WaysAndHow

      Okay, add other cardio exercises to your daily routine.

  32. Blaze Lord

    I feel so bad about my belly does anybody have a way I can get rid of that shit. I have been doing sit-ups for forever now and it seems to be doing nothing. Help. My belly also isn’t that bad it’s just still there and I guess it sucks but still help!

    1. TheEmoOne

      Blaze Lord make sure you eat healthy too.

  33. Tim Leon

    In my opinion… planking is the lazy way to train midsection.

  34. Turbo Trickster

    But but…the burger in my house…is planking

    1. Ya Local Mexican

      Turbo Trickster You’re not even funny.

  35. shaun johnson

    Wear suncream

  36. Kitty Gonzalez

    float tower standing rgbpgd desire objective separation story.

  37. Arianna Acocella

    I am watching this while working out. Eat healthy ! ?

  38. Memoz

    Who else is watching this while doing a prank. oops i mean Plank -,-

  39. Reaper

    I plank 90 seconds everyday and do 50 sit ups before bed.

  40. Carlo Kop

    Doing the same exercise every day isn’t good. If you don’t take enough rest you will get over-trained. Best to do this no more than every other day and skip if you still have muscle pain.

  41. William Close

    We do planks after we lift weights. And that shit hurts. We have to last 5 minutes. And that is painful in your arms

  42. ADMI official

    Just do planche or maybe two-three planche pushups, then you are on the good way???

  43. The Other One K

    Colossal Titan.

  44. Amanda

    *Awesome. Learn how I lost 15 pounds in my channel*

  45. Alex Cowell

    Don’t bother planking, it engages the muscle 10% of the amount that leg lifts and various other exercises like weighted crunches or incline crunches, also it does not work the obliques and does not burn anywhere near as many calories as various other exercises that also engage more muscles and more so. Doing a plank a day will not change a thing, you will need a full body routine that you do consistently (roughly 3-4 times a week) this is what will really help you burn fat as your pushing your body further and not just relying on one exercise to help burn fat, so when your abs give out you can move onto something like pull-ups which will also burn fat and barely engage the core so you can be active for longer and achieve results.

  46. Pope Sweet Jesus

    Funny how the next video says to stop doing this exercise cause it’s the worst

  47. ImRagu

    trying to attract men I see

  48. the vlogger 64

    Harder better faster stronger

  49. Mr. Fox

    I do 2 minuets of push-up planks daily

  50. Adam Smith

    I planked the whole vid it was hard

  51. Bertalan Sándor

    Guess what is the title of the next video? “The WORST Ab Excersie Ever” and the preview picture is a men doing plank …

  52. Dirty Dan

    “What planks do to stomach fat” Doesnt address the title once. cool.

  53. Elisabeth Bakirdan


  54. 100PercentOS2

    Are you kidding? Why are using thin people only?

    1. Deez Nuyz

      I’d love to see a 200lb+ person try doing this (Not 200lb of pure muscle, because they can). That and it helps the narrator’s point on how it helps core strength.

    2. Holly O.

      100PercentOS2 because only thin people ever exercise apparatus

  55. I LiKe TURTLES


  56. I LiKe TURTLES


  57. Tamasa Dey

    Par day how much time doing this exercise to lose weight fast???

  58. Henry Jones Jr.

    You can’t target where fat is lost. The reason the links are made between planking and fat loss around the stomach area is because that is the first place where fat is deposited; and it is the first place where it will be burnt off too, regardless of the exercise.

    Performing too many ab/core exercises can actually make you appear fatter than you are, because the muscles push the fat away from your body. 

    It’s better to do something like pull/chin ups, where the core is exercised isometrically and the rest of your upper body also has a good workout too.

  59. Muhammad Sharjeel Shakoor

    Hi, I love your channel when I wacth this video and Im going to Subscribe your channel✌

    1. WaysAndHow

      Thank you, Muhammad.

  60. Tommy Poledna

    its good but you can do better excersizes and different movements in the planking positions

  61. grthym21

    Plank is for pussies

  62. David Each yet

    I’m 61 yrs old, 35 lbs over weight, I did my first plank – made it to 40 seconds. I’m going to start doing 1 plank everyday. Good info, thanks

  63. Miamaar Mimi

    But I’ve heard that you shouldn’t work out every day, because muscles need rest. Is that true? Is it enough to do this 3 times a week?

  64. Gary Nicholas

    This is why the fitness industry is so f*cked up . Never heard so much BS. God help us

    1. David Rakoczy

      stop spreading wrong information with your cardio stuff..

    2. Hence Myname

      Gary Nicholas
      You’re looking at the wrong fitness industry mate. Any real fitness industry will tell you that plank is just strengthening your core and shoulders. Cardio is the way to go to remove that body fat.

  65. Graham Straughair

    Lot of generic rubbish with nothing of note.

  66. Lawrence Morris

    remember guys when they compare it to crunches they are fake. if this video was serious, they would compare it to SQUATS. but instead they wanted to support static planks and i got to say freak you.
    You shouldnt be using youtube videos anyway for learning how to work out.

  67. Al Musica1995

    I came to get some information but now I’m leaving for masturbate after seeing these hot models pics

  68. Unicorn Princess

    *Watches this while eating cookies*

  69. Foo Kelevra

    I plank daily. I’m definitely a massive planker

    1. WaysAndHow

      Good for you, Foo Kelevra.

  70. NoamEG

    Ok thanks for telling us but y do you always use sexy girls to tell us?! Its straight up wrong!!!!

  71. cory wright

    I’m the dumbest mofo here

  72. Leocomander

    Do not do this at the gym if you are a dude this is probably one of the least alpha exercises out there and it is dangerously close to yoga bros.

  73. Alessandro Rossetti


  74. Can I Get Uh Hooyaaah

    1: 42 seconds through the video… Oh yea I’m convinced

    1. WaysAndHow


  75. llamawithglasses

    hears #2

    immediately just starts planking while still watching youtube xD

  76. Mctod59

    You can not target fat in any area. When you plank you are still. You must burn less fat planking than watching this video.

  77. captainrobots

    If you do crunches dont put hands behind head hug yourself lightly but strong enough that your shoulders that it won’t slide off.

  78. Joey's Chin Licker

    Watch at 1.5x speed. Nvm 2x speed is perfecr

  79. Edward Lei

    People still believe this shit? The best and fast way to lose belly fat is through water fasting!

  80. Themi

    If you’re looking to lose stomach fat, calorie deficit is the way to go. You CANNOT target fat on one specific part of your body. You have to lose weight entirely. If you’re looking for core strength or a six pack; planks are bullshit. Weighted ab training is your way to go.


    What’s up with the girl in the end?? ???

  82. BloxiKong

    on how many likes this comment gets, thats how long i will plank for

  83. John Stots

    I planked but someone tried knocking a nail in me.

  84. H F

    Silly bitch at the end lol

  85. Carlos Valenzuela

    It should have been a pirate narrating this. Who better than a pirate knows more about planks..

  86. Giorgi Aladashvili


  87. ItzStrickless


  88. Metin Turgut

    There is no such thing as local fat burning. The fat surrounding a muscle group doesn’t just burn away when that muscle group contracts. Those muscle contractions, if they continue for a period of time with enough intensity or volume, will only lead to hypertrophy, meaning that muscle group will be repaired to be stronger and bigger(when a caloric surplus is provided). Best way to get rid of fat is a calorie restricted diet. Combined with weight training, your body’s energy consumption will be so high (lots of calories are needed for muscle repairs) your body will start to lose fat. Also, your body is programmed to preserve muscle and use just fat to supply energy when there is enough stress in the muscles (weight training) since body determines you need those muscles. Instantaneous fat burn happens only during cardio and even then it isn’t burnt locally. It is used as energy source since glycogen stores in the muscles cannot supply the body with energy while your heart rate is elevated for a period of time. So you switch to aerobic mode (burning fat with oxygen). But even the most intense cardio sessions can only burn 700 kcal in an hour. So doing cardio to burn fat isn’t really the wisest decision. You should rather do cardio for its cardiovascular and other health benefits and fat burning should come at the side as a small extra benefit. So in short, plank or any kind of resistance training won’t burn the fat instantaneously and you won’t be able to lose fat without a caloric deficit. Basic formula to lose fat: caloric deficit + weight training + cardio = leaner and healthier body. Here, i wrote everything you need to know to hit the gym.

    1. Metin Turgut

      That’s what i did man and it worked pretty good 🙂 Lost 14 kgs and all of it was fat.

    2. Steven R

      Metin Turgut I agree that’s why you do a clean bulk calorie restricted diet while lifting will burn fat

  89. K2H777

    i do plank morning and evening daily for 60’s sconds

  90. Destructor 2000

    I already do planking….. how did I get here?

  91. Gavin Rossdale

    Planking has zero effect on fat. Intermitant fasting. Weight training. Does.

  92. Olive

    I can’t get down on the floor so I do my plank with my forearms on the kitchen counter and my feet about two feet out from the counter.  My body is still  in a straight line and I think it works pretty well.

  93. Jan Cerny

    I love the phrase, “include planking in your daily workout routine…” If you do a long set of planks, you won’t want to move again for a while–planks are a lot harder than they look, if you’ve never tried one.

  94. Stacy Hartman

    Its called pushups

  95. runnerisfree

    “Crunches lead to back pain” then shows people doing incorrect form as apposed to proper crunches

    1. WaysAndHow

      Not if done correctly.

  96. Justin Time

    Nothing happens to your stomach fat when doing planks, absolutely nuttin’

    1. WaysAndHow

      Have you actually done a plank before?

  97. Wahduhhec

    Clicked on this video to see benefits… following video is “stop doing planks”
    welp I’ll just stay fat.

  98. ms. snoopy

    Why isn’t plank from ed, ed, and eddy teaching us this?

  99. Hot Guy

    I can do 2minutes plank even not doing regularly. I do once a week or once a two or three week and i can do for 2 minute. Think what happens if i do it regularly

    1. WaysAndHow

      Good for you, Hot Guy.

  100. Nadir Ahmad

    I don’t need to grow Abdominal Muscles I got shit load of that tbh i actually do, is just covered with a layer of fat…

    1. WaysAndHow

      Yes, like most people.

  101. Samuel Raymond

    Planking with motion is better you will feel it more. Starting from the plankig position then pushing your but up in the air while tightening your abs.

  102. Surinder Kaur

    Wow ..I have been doing crunches daily and planks alternatively .. I m Gona reverse it now ?

  103. Frieza Golden

    Will it engage psoas?

  104. darryl dempsey

    You can Not target an area for fat loss through exercise!. You can increase your capacity to burn fat, but you still require a calorie deficit.

  105. So maney

    I heard Planking can make you go blind ?

  106. Paul Charles Morris

    I can’t do the plank. I get so bored!

  107. Alpha Potato

    Would have been better without all the porn. I wanted to show my husband why planks would be a good work-out, but all he is going to remember is all the naked women. Sheeze, I will look for something more professionally done. Thumbs down.

  108. Ahmet Alici

    There is one thing I dont understand. There is a rule, that muscles need about 48 hours to get bigger. But in this video tell us, that we can plank everyday. What is true or best. Enyone please help 😀

  109. unknown player56

    How long do you have tp do them a day

  110. Sara Berhane

    I broke my back ???????????

  111. jordan19862000

    No, there is no such thing as “spot reduction” for body fat. Lowering body fat comes from being in a caloric deficit. Lean muscle mass does help increase metabolism, which makes a caloric deficit easier to attain, but one cannot target areas to reduce fat there. This is a myth!

  112. Calvin DiCaprio

    I don’t want my metabolism to speed up tho I don’t even gain any weight even if I sleep and eat like a pig

  113. Aika

    This channel has like early early 2000’s vibes XD

  114. Janis Snow

    Agenda infection series camp Muslim club ticket pie discipline react.

  115. David Rodriguez

    Title is automatically mis leading, or mis informational, because you CANNOT spot fat reduce. Meaning, when you burn calories your entire body loses fat, you can’t burn fat in just your love handles or arms or feet targeted

  116. Tejash Patel

    I already done this workout…..

  117. Heena.a.ahmed Ahmeds

    Can we do it on the bed Will it be effective in the same way as done on the floor

  118. YockCurl

    Give me your proof, not your opinion. Target fat loss… Pffft wtf…… HIIT training… Macronutrients…. Cardio!!! You won’t get abs in a gym… You get them in a damn kitchen… Do you even work out bro???

  119. Uncle Tom Genocide

    Yo is with all these women I wanna see some dick

  120. Nicolle Smith

    I’m going to start planking everyday for a week and see if it helps

  121. Ukraine Revolution

    did anyone use реісох.com to hookup chicks?

  122. 5325bunny

    Stuffs another oreo in my mouth….pppfffhhhttt….yea… whatever

  123. Paul McGahuey

    I hold for 5 min

  124. Dragon Lord

    I could jerk off to this…

  125. bboyfocused

    proven years ago you cant target belly fat, everybody loses fat in same order they gained it, if legs was last to get fat that will be next to go! ways and how misleading nonsense !

  126. Maxi G_MLG

    The video says to do planks in your daily workout but the video right below it is an athlean x video with says why I hate planking and you should too…what do I do

  127. dor

    doing this every day is a waste of time, and is not going to make you stronger.

    1. Dark Genie

      dor actually that makes more sense. Thanks for the explanation.

    2. dor

      Dark Genie
      yes but im right, and here is the explanation, when you do a plank you force your body to produce a certain amount of force in order to keep you stable, it doesnt matter how long you do it for it still requires the same amount of strength because the weight that you have to stabilize doesnt change, the only thing that happens is that you get tired, and getting tired doesnt mean you get stronger, it just makes you tired, what makes you stronger is lifting heavier weight, which due to the mechanical nature of this exercise you cannot do efficiently over time… if you are looking for an efficient exercise that makes your spine stabilizing muscles strong, do the press.

    3. Dark Genie

      dor anyone could say anything on the internet

    4. dor

      Dark Genie im actually a trainer who trains people instead of wasting their time

    5. Dark Genie

      dor you’re probably a jealous fatass

  128. Roy Rogers

    What a piece of shit video! Doesnt even show you how to do a plank. Fake!

  129. Jeff Wiresinger

    This is so true planks have really been a blessing to me

  130. Johnnie James

    Does anyone know if this PLANKING stuff actually has any real benefits in shaping the stomach and back as suggested by this video?

    1. sschat

      well, not sure, but every where i go, they ADD it to the complete routine. As a pure stand alone exersice, it will have less effect on the ‘flattening’ of the stomach…


    I’m doing planking tonight

    1. WaysAndHow

      Good for you.

  132. Jeffrey Spare

    it’s Agent Spare congrats everyone

  133. Alejandro guevara

    tks great!!

    1. WaysAndHow

      Thanks, please share the video.

  134. Alex Marichal

    Plank after crunches works better for me.

    1. WaysAndHow

      Good for you.

  135. XDVid-MasterXD Legendary

    Jawzrsize look like a gag lol! 😉

  136. pdspublishing

    Always wear sunscreen

  137. Health & Beauty 365

    Very helpful, thanks

  138. Wild Cat

    great channel only if you didnt speak like a god damn robot

  139. john hendrix marcaida

    my max is 7 minutes, how about u guys?

  140. Zachary Robbins

    I was planking while watching this lol I honestly stumbled upon this while doing my ab exercises and I was planking when I saw this lol

  141. jay tawake

    Well in every exercise the two most important thing to watch for is correct posture and proper execution, and please for beginners, have a professional standing next  to you to guide you because we have different ways of understanding instructions, some gets it the they listen and saw the demo, others well, some one have to be there by their side to guide them through … alight yall have blessed one.

  142. saurav bharwal

    Lost ur fat %first

  143. HeZhenZhen

    And that’s why I love planking. I do 5mins straight almost everyday.

  144. ElBlanco Reaper

    everything causes back problems today huh? even working out

  145. Omgwafflezz

    Rip i eat a lot of junk food lol and i have a 8 pack

  146. Joshua Weaver

    Wont lie throught this was attack on titan

  147. Solo Entire Game

    Lol and then in my recommended section a video from ATHLEANX: I HATE PLANKS (and why you should too!)

  148. The EXO-Thermic yeol

    What daily workout routine? ?

    1. WaysAndHow

      What do you mean?

  149. xDumplingKing - Battle Bay

    I look to the related videos on the side and the thumbnail says to stop doing the plank lol

    1. WaysAndHow

      Yeah, that related video is a joke. Look at the date when it was uploaded, they are trying to get attention by saying the opposite of what our popular video is saying.

  150. TenTonNuke

    Do I have to be a supermodel in ridiculously tight spandex to do planks? I’m confused.

    1. WaysAndHow

      Very funny.

  151. Amir bargh

    thank you so much this was an eye opening

    1. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome, please share the video.

  152. joujou laama

    I started doing planking daily about 2 months ago. I started from 1 min then I went to 1,5 and so on. Now I’m able to plank for 12 mins. I highly recommend you to start doing it too! It will be worth it. -boy 15

    1. WaysAndHow

      Thank you Joujou for sharing your thoughts.

  153. Pink Puppy

    When they said it can improve your flexibility I started to do a plank

  154. Jesus Amat

    I agree.  I was suffering  from an ankle sprain for the past 4 Months and I started planking a few days ago and my ankle is a lot better. At first it was not easy at all but now I can do it much better

    1. WaysAndHow

      Good for you, Jesus Amat.

  155. Christy Marshall

    Planks do not work eating clean works only

  156. Fabian Yeow

    This is strangely motivating

    1. WaysAndHow


  157. Tartan

    As if the info in this video wasn’t bad enough, all the replies from WaysAndHow have made it clear that you should NEVER watch another video on this channel again.

  158. The Naughty Spanish Channel

    Where are the links to the studies you mention here? “Studies say..” Which studies?

  159. Matt

    I up the ante and multitask…I wank whilst I plank. Works wonders!

  160. Luis Guerra

    Think we problem musicle body under reason tail 25¢ effect on of flag not work use YouTube close by end

  161. Xxchain killer

    the titan in the thumbnail

  162. Sng1s

    Well that’s ironic, I was just planking and watching that video xD

  163. Where's My Hero

    My back hurts when I plank tho. Is that normal?

  164. RaviTeja Pinnaka

    Good One , Will do from today


    Oh m g this video is not lying I tryed for 10 minutes everyday I have a growing nearly six pack

  166. William Playz

    Well lets just say before my friend showed me what planking was i couldn’t do push ups i was too weak now i can do almost 9 im 14 so yeah thats pretty good or in my opinion it is

  167. ShifTy 15



    I do it every day…

  169. Pat Ribbing

    phuc boi workout!

  170. Penus Drippings

    After i finish this bag of Doritos. Im planking.

  171. Dyantha Atwood

    but how long does each plank need to be?

  172. Joe Atwork

    I’m nearly 70. I started having back problem over 40 years ago. Once I found out about planks, I stopped having backaches. Once your core is tightened, 2 minutes a day keeps you shape. 4-6 sets of 1 minute planks will get you looking good.

  173. raju penchala

    Good msg sir

  174. Aidan Lisney

    You cannot spot reduce fat. In fact, doing abdominal exercises can temporarily cause the area to swell, making it appear larger. Any reduction in fat comes from the same thing it always has: diet. Less calories in and more calories burned. But even then the fat comes off at random. The studies that suggest that you can spot reduce show that actual amount of fat burned in a certain area is negligible.

  175. Victor Norman

    There are LOTS of superior ways to improve “core” strength than with the plank. Dynamic movements are superior in increasing strength, function and hyperthrophy (muscle growth), if better results are what you desire, you should definetly consider replacing the sub-par plank exercise with other exercises.

    Everything or anything can injure you’r back, but the truth is rather that will probably not injure your back doing exercises. The risk of injury is more connected to the lack of exercises/movement. Situps, although according to me a seldom useful exercise when compared to others are NOT dangerous.

    As for enhancing posture, this is just plain stupid. Posture comes more from awareness of posture, not mechanical weaknesses throughout the body. Even if the main problem with posture would stem from mechanical weaknesses the plank would stilld be a poor choice since the form is isometric (static) and very rigid. You also won’t engage the muscles of the upper back as heavily as the video claims, if this is you’r goal you’r time would be instensly more well spent performing high rowing motions, an example (not necessarily the best) would be face pulls.

    Any movement or exercise will boost you’r metabolism, you will burn more energy while blinking
    than while not blinking. If fat burning is you’r main goal you’r time would be better spent just walking, or progression of walking -> running. In case either of these are painful you could try swimming/cycling/rowing, almost any activity will do. There is NOTHING special about the plank, it’s an inferior exercise in a LOT of ways. And for the last goddamned time, there is no such thing as focused fat burning in certain areas.

    This video is useless, worse even, it makes people less knowledgeable about training and movements. Staahp, just staahp..

  176. Chance Jackson

    Spot reduction is FAKE. Wanna lose belly fat? It’s all about calories in and calories out

  177. Mindless vert

    Planking while watching this video B)

  178. Jd Dopico

    Planks a lot! 🙂

    1. Alyssa Roblox

      Snow White Slimes bruh

    2. Snow White Slimes

      Alyssa Roblox bruh

    3. Alyssa Roblox

      Jd Dopico bruh

    4. AteZxZ

      Was about to write same thing, cringy mf

    5. ismael cantu jr

      Jd Dopico this nig nog.

  179. Shed Dawson

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  180. GO3sLOW6Pk

    Cortisol and Insulin are the 2 main hormones which is responsible for the fat stomach section. I don’t care if you do 1000 minutes of plank, if you are not influencing these hormoens in any way (which is through mostly proper diet) you won’t tap in to fat burning. A lot of people here who comment here says you “can’t spot reduce fat” you actually can but not by exercising the abdominal are, but through managing the hormones in the body, because they are the reason you store the fat in the belly in the first place.The reason the hormones store the fat in the belly especially, is to protect the body of starvation and to protect the vital organs. This is basic physiology and FACTS. Source: Arhtur guyton textbook of medical physiology which is the most used book in the world by medical schools, Arthur Guyton’s research contributions, which include more than 600 papers and 40 books, are legendary and place him among the greatest physiologists in history and Ciba Collection Volume 4 Endocrine System written by Frank n netter which is of one of the most influential doctors of the past century.

  181. D_rare_1

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    Do a side plank (on 1 hand ) for 30 seconds or 1 minute.. [Do it for both hands]
    All the best for the workout.. Hope you get your results.. Stay fit.. Thank me later??

    1. Andrew Shaw

      Sidney Lowery once every other day, if you do it every day it won’t be as beneficial and can lead to you getting injured.

    2. Dien M

      30s is beginners…not 1-2minutes….i used an app for abs…and actually there they started with 20s …and increasing the time to 30-35-40-45-50-60s… need to start slow..then insist your way up…you can do it!!!! After 2weeks of doing it daily for 30s …im able to keep it 50s….hopefulli i will get to 1min….cause it s amazing how my abs are showing tight now

    3. Sidney Lowery

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    If you really want to get in shape, especially around the belly, the first thing you focus on is your diet. Eat more Veggies and less fastfood, pre-packaged food, and snacks (because they are usually processed food). Replace sugar with freshly blended fruit/veggie juice. I highly recommend vietnamese food. Avoid wheat. You can literally scarf on these and still lose weight because of how fast veggies/fruits burn, but find a happy balance. Burger patties and Chipotle burritos are very unhealthy. Staying in shape as you get older requires a lot of dedication. Exercise can only get you so far.

    After I get off work from building houses/remodeling, I buy my own groceries and cook, so there is really no excuse for pencil pushers. It is cheaper to cook, you get the exact flavoring you want, and you will feel less groggy after meal. I cheat sometimes myself; occasionally when I’m too tired I will go to Charles Jr but I keep that minimal to once or maybe twice every week or so.

    The whole objective to what I said is to consume lesser calories/fat/carbs/sugar/wheat (this includes sweet-n-low) that are the biggest culprit in weight gain and diabetes. You will use the bathroom a lot more eating healthy, but that is because they are easier to process and doesn’t clog up your body’s system. The upside to eating healthy is that it is easier to convert the food you ate into muscle.

    I’m literally tired of ppl asking me how to get in shape (its not like you never had P.E. classes before) as they are munching on nachos and chugging cola. It is actually harder to shed body fat with exercise when you’re eating things that stick in your body system. Healthy food eliminates waste fast while retains the nutrients.

    Last thing to note: Beef jerk is super unhealthy

    1. WaysAndHow

      Thanks for your insight.


    Been planning for over a year. My tummy is flat and when I breathe out, my abs flex like crazy. My posture has improved dramatically, and I no longer have bad back problems. Planks are a must do during EVERY workout.. Planks for 2 minutes, ‘at least’ 3 times during your workout. Drink tons of water, and eat better as well.

    1. WaysAndHow

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    – Your upper back muscles are used for pulling, planking is an isometric exercise that will do very little to nothing for your back
    – If you want to “increase calories burned throughout the day” planking won’t do that alone because it is not a high intensity exercise
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    1. WaysAndHow

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    2. Mur R

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    3. WaysAndHow

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    1. iceberg265

      Its a great workout for beginners, its an OK workout for intermediates, its too easy to be a good workout for anyone who has been training for a while.

    2. WaysAndHow

      No, nobody suggests that, but we all can agree that plank is a good ab workout.

  401. Jay Bell

    Flatting the stomach? You really have zero comprehension of how fat burning works. You cannot spot-burn fat. This has been known for decades.

    1. Jay Bell

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    2. WaysAndHow

      Jay Bell, where, in the video did you hear or see spot-burn fat? The video talked about six tips, and most of them have nothing to do with burning fat, did you actually watch the video?

  402. Dimitar Mihov

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    50 calories is NOTHING>

    Same effort and TIME (we all have works) spent on intervals or heavy lifting is much much more fat-burning.

    Dont get me wrong – planks are great. I always condemn crunches and situps and to me NO ONE should do EVEN A SINGLE ONE IN HIS LIFE!

    But planks are the best tool for CORE STRENGTHENING, not aestetics!
    They wont HURT aestetics, but they are NOT the most optimal or effective choice given competition from other choices.

    Again — strengthening the ability to stay in certain pose, which is crutial to not fucking your back – yes.

    Burning fat on belly? Fuck no.

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