String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?

Is String Theory the final solution for all of physic’s questions or an overhyped dead end?

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String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?

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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    In the video we introduced Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle in terms of the effects of a measurement (what is sometimes called the observer effect). The two concepts are not exactly the same, but the observer effect provides an intuitive physical interpretation of the uncertainty principle—in fact Heisenberg himself used it as a physical justification of his principle. A more precise way to introduce Heisenberg’s principle is to see that very small objects, such as elementary particles, behave like waves: a famous experiment in quantum mechanics shows that electrons going past an obstacle “diffract”, i.e. they go around the obstacle. This is similar to how sound waves behave: if you sit in theater behind a column, you can still hear the music. The uncertainty principle is then a mathematical consequence of this wave description, or in more mathematical terms of the fact that “quantum observable do not commute”. In this sense it is not a principle in itself, but a consequence of the axioms of quantum mechanics; yet, given its historical importance in the development of quantum mechanics and the fact that it is a basic feature of quantum mechanical effects, physicists think of it as a founding principle of quantum physics. It is indeed correct that, while the observer effect gives an intuitive way to justify Heisenberg’s principle, nowadays physicists distinguish between the two, and they have been working hard to better understand their subtle differences.

    1. PureAbsolute

      This is where dissension hits the ranks — only when we measure is its position ‘known’. Not blaming U — QM uses your statement.. But the mechanics of this, while taken as a given by QM, are what make QM not a universally accepted theory.

    2. Poornima Deepak

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell you look pooped

    3. rayan chebbo

      Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell they discovered a galaxy without dark matter,that’s impossible!

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  3. Karan and Team

    So what do science say

  4. Karan and Team

    Actually this theory proofs time travel, when the compressed wave of light hits the quaks or sting whatever it displaces it.
    So already the object is vibrating, by the characteristics of matter i.e they are continuously moving .
    And the force of light will displaces the quaks or sting etc,
    And it will go to future.
    Since a particle moves to future when it moves faster, equal or a little less. By the theory of relativity by ienstien and theory of hawkins

  5. Name Name

    Is there a 2+2 is 4 minus 1 thats 3 quick maths joke in there?

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    What if there is much smaller things than the elements.

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    How is “seeing something” is interacting with it? It’s a one way “interaction” so there is no real interaction when you only receive light in your eyes. You aren’t sending some rays from your eyes back at it. That’s why when something only goes one way it is not “communication”.

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    This is one of the best music I’ve heard on this channel so far. Great work guyes

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    String theory is soo funny and wrong.. We can never understand its like explaining what a computer is to a dog.. U were made through these process

  14. Polina Belousova

    I adore this! Thank you for making something as fascinating as string theory simple to understand for an ambitious 16 year old 🙂

  15. Harrzack

    FINALLY – I got a good explanation of how “looking” at particles (the need for visual light) can change them. THANKS!

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    How about go to church and ask Jesus? He will give you the answer after you die in the heaven if you pray hard enough.


    Heisenbergs’s Uncertainity Principle states that it is impossible to determine simultaneosly both the position and momentum of an electron

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    This is by far the most intuitive explanation toward quantum physics. Thanks

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    When the Photons surpass elementary particle when do they get reflected

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    and yet the flat earth followers throw all this sience out the window and come up with a completely new and bonkers explaination to everything, welcome to 2018 everyone

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    Easy, the story of Steven Hawkings is THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING.

  37. Yeoss :3

    I thought String Theory meant that every string is made up of even more strings.
    Because it’s a knot, made of knots….
    That’s what I thought it meant.

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    String theory, we don’t know what it is but we hope it’s useful

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    I’ve come across many videos explaining various phenomenons in physics but none of them explain them so clearly than this channel.

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    Love this video! Good beginner’s overview of string theory.

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    This might be my favorite Kurzgesagt video so far! Between explaining QFT and String Theory in terms my Grandma could understand, plus the Zelda reference, I’m blown away.

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    I tought this was a video about kbar string theory lol

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    Wrong, Everything is actually made up of tiny worms

  53. Barry Hough

    I can only believe in three dimensions. Not even time is a separate “dimension” – that proposal is just a theoretical physicist “waving his hands in the air”, trying to get grant money by nefarious, lying means.

    1. Locke

      You can believe anything you want to, but that doesn’t mean you’re right. Reality exists independent of your mind.

      Unless, you’re solipsistic, of course.

  54. Barry Hough

    The “vibrations” of string theory could be akin to light being an electromagnetic wave (or vibration of luminiferous aether).

  55. Barry Hough

    Gravity is not a special force, but rather it is electromagnetic force on the cosmic size level. We are like dust grains stuck by static cling to the Earth.

  56. Barry Hough

    I believe that fundamental errors in theoretical physics have led to absurd physics with no experimental basis. I am a Maxwellian – I believe in luminiferous aether in which electromagnetic waves travel. Of course being a Maxwellian, you have to reject not only Stephen Hawking, but also Albert Einstein’s proposal of the photon. I believe photons do not exist. Photons were proposed during “particle mania” when theoretical physicists thought that everything could be broken down to particles. This was an over-arching theoretical approach that was just not supported by experimental observation.

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    The Legend Of Science!™
    01.03.2018 By Kurzgesagt

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    String theory
    Is like a key that can be inserted in the lock but can’t be turned , we don’t know if it’s the key or not?

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    Why we continue to struggle with this endless quest while is it all allready solved? Study the Abhidhamma: matrix of the entire existance (the elementary particles are not the ultimate undivisible unit) . The dhamma, the teachings of the Buddha… Please Science and mainstream Scientifics, WAKE UP!!! Help to free the world with the wisdom of the enlightened one.

  77. Faizan Ali

    This means there are literally unlimited possible versions of the universe. Also, who knows if these are the so-called “elementary particles”? It might be that we might not have the means of studying them good enough to realize there might be something that made these elementary particles.

    It’s entirely possible that the universe is as infinitely small, as it is (supposedly) big. We won’t thing until we find out about that specific thing.

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    1. Chaf Cancel

      Well, one of the Sci-Fi theory about elemantary particles is that it’s so complex that it may handle an entire universe within it. None of that was proved scientifically, it’s pure SF. So it’s another “story”.
      But it’s still better for us to consider the particles as points, rather than something that “can be divided even more”. It helps the math around the domain.

  100. Dwi Rimawanty

    “Mathematical fiction” the story of a point particle.. Is this what we call a mixture of fiction and reality? How can mathematician or physicist be of certain in a theory which comes from a fiction?

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    1. Chaf Cancel

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    Great video, but the part about the origin of string theory is a bit misleading. It was born largely because a few physicists realized that a few equations that we used to describe quantum phenomenon were describing something like a vibrating string.

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    “The Chaos” and “The Case”.
    Well thats what I think…
    (Sorry for my english)

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    ゼロ除算 0 / 0 = 0 は 算術の創始者、ゼロの発見者 Brahmagupta (598 -668 ?) によって定義されていたにも関わらず、それは間違いであるとして1300年を超えて続いており、さらに、新たな説、論文が出版されている実におかしな状況にある。しかるに我々は ゼロ除算は既に当たり前であるとして、沢山の証拠を掲げて解説、説得を続けているが、理解は着実に進んでいるにも関わらず、理解は深くはなく、遅々として夜明け前のぼんやりしているような時代であると言える。数学者は、真実に忠実でなければならないのに、数学の研究では、論理には、感情や私情、予断、思い込みを入れてはならないのに、それが、数学の精神であるはずなのに かえって、数学者が予断と偏見、私情に囚われている状況が皮肉にも良く見える。 それは、ゼロ除算の理解が、素人の方の方が理解しやすい状況に現れている。 ― 数学は 絶対的に 厳格な論理でできているはずであるから、基礎が揺るぐはずがないとの信仰、信念を有しているためであろう。しかしながら、人間精神の開放と自由を求めて、非ユークリッド幾何学の出現から、人は大いに学ぶべきではないだろうか。 絶えず、人は何でも疑い、 我は存在しているか と 問うべきである。 ― 人間存在の意義は 真智への愛にある。
    ゼロ除算の歴史は、数学界の避けられない世界史上の汚点に成るばかりか、人類の愚かさの典型的な事実として、世界史上に記録されるだろう。この自覚によって、人類は大きく進化できるのではないだろうか。 ― 汝自らを知れ、というソクラテスの言葉は何を意味するだろうか。
    ゼロ除算の進展には 世界史がかかっており、数学界の、社会への対応をも 世界史は見ていると感じられる。 恥の上塗りは世に多いが、数学界がそのような汚点を繰り返さないように願っている。
    ゼロ除算は 不可能であるとの言明によって数学的には問題は永く封印されてしまった。 しかし、考えて見れば奇妙な事であった。アインシュタインや多くの物理学者が本質的な問題として考察を続けていたばかりか、ゼロ除算回避を意図して、計算機関係者や数学愛好者がともに真摯に追求してきたが、奇妙な議論を世界的に行っていた。 約20名くらいの海外の関係者と交流してきたが、少年期からあるいは何十年も空しい努力をしてきた者がいる。膨大な空しい努力に数学者の責任の感情が湧いて来る。そればかりか、数学全般の欠陥と我々の空間の認識がユークリッド以来おかしい様は、既に歴然であり、世の数学、世界観は天動説のように基本的な間違いが存在する。
    ゼロ除算は、発見されてまだ4年、今後大きな発展が行われて、現代初等数学の形相は相当に変化して、ゼロ除算発見は世界史上の画期的な事件として記録されるだろう。その歴史の大義を受けて、世界の数学界は 面目一新を図り、数学界の信頼を回復すべきである。
    以 上

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    Now you might be wondering:
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