Electric Blackhead Remover Vacuum Face Ance Pore Cleaner Black Head Remover Suction Pimple Clean Skin Scrubber Skin Care


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  • Brand Name: LURNOFY
  • Material: ABS
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Standard Voltage: 110V(不含)-220V(不含)
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • blackhead vacuum: Ultrasonic Scrubber Skin
  • pore vacuum: Ultrasound Skin Scrubber
  • Rechargeable Skin Scrubber: Portable Face Cleaning Device
  • Deeping Cleansing: Anion Skin Cleaner
  • Ultrasound Facial Cleaner: Deeply Clean Skin
  • Ultrasound Skin Peeling: Facial Skin Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Peeling Machine: Facial massage machines
  • Ultrasonic Therapy: espatula ultrasonica
  • peeling ultrasonico: limpiador facial ultrasonido
  • limpiador de rostro: blackhead remover
  • blackhead removal machine: pore vacuum
  • Face Skin Care Tools: Face Skin Care Tools
  • blackhead remover acne: remover acne
  • Cleansers: pore vacuum cleaner
  • vacuum acne cleaner: tool for blackheads
  • facial pore vacuum: pore clean vacuum
  • facial vacuum: skin pore vacuum
  • vacuum clean: pore facial vacuum
  • vacuum facial: vacuum cleaner nose
  • suction microdermabrasion: pimple suction
  • remove pimple: skin acne
  • puntos negros: removes black dots
  • blackheads and pimples remover: face cleaning vacuum
  • blackheads: cleaning pores
  • pimple: siyah nokta temizleyici
  • aspirateur point noir: cosmetology for face
  • mee eter verwijderaar: puistjes verwijderaar
  • pulizia viso: vip link
  • vip link for drop shipping: blackheads remover
  • removedor de cravo: puntos negro
  • aspirateur a point noir: extractor de puntos negros
  • removedor de cravos: aspirateur point noir
  • limpiador de poros: black heads

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Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Blackhead Remove Deep Face Cleaning Machine Facial Whitening Lifting Dirt Wrinkles Spots Reduce

Skin Scrubber Function:

1.Deep cleansing

An operation way of 45 degree angle shall be adopted to accelerate the metabolism of epidermic cells and renew its normal upgrading rate, enhance the shedding of the aged and irregular aberrant cells, soften the keratin, reorder the epidermic cells while restoring the skin elasticity and reverting to a firm, smooth and delicate skin.

2.Leading-in nutrition & activating skin

By adopting ultrasonic vibration theory and tepid effect, it can promote blood circulation inside the dermis, accelerate lymphatic return, discharge toxin which accumulated in the deeper skin and eliminate dead cell to avoid Corneous layer cells accumulation excessively, thus to make the moisture and nutrition to transfer rapidly, enhance cell’s penetrability, strengthen skin care product absorption, improve skin moisten.

Skin Scrubber Notes:

1.Before and after the product is in use, please save a little alcohol to wipe cloth shovel head

2.Do not impact and collision

3.Do not Stay the skin more than 3 seconds, feel slight fever please move immediately to replace parts

Blackhead Tips:

✔ Please don’t suction on the same area all the time, it will make the skin swell. If the skin swells, stop using immediately.

✔ Before using the product, use hot steamer or hot towel or blackhead remover gel/cream on your skin for 5 minutes to completely open your pores first to ensure the best performance of the product.
How to use?

STEP 1: Clean your face, use the blackhead Export liquid or facial steamer to open the pore.
STEP 2: According to your requirements, choose among the Five Level Suction. Start with the lowest.
STEP 3: Move the blackhead cleanser back and forth around the pore with a constant speed, slowly move, do not stay in one place for too long to avoid injury, and do not press it hardly or pull vertically.
STEP 4: After washing your face, please use ice towel or cold water or shrinking liquid to restore the treated pore.

Package Includes:

1 x Ultrasonic Facial Skin Scrubber
1 x USB Line
1 x User Manual

1 x Blackhead Remover
5 x Probe
1 x USB Charge Cable
1 x Manual

1x Moisturizing spray

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