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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment for Rejuvenation and Anti-aging

At Premier Clinic, we use scientific, approved procedures to get the best results. Our own doctors and staff believe in our procedures and get the procedures for themselves. Even doctors want to look good!
Here our Dr Foo Wing Jian and Dr Vanessa is having Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment done for themselves.

Dr Foo had scalp PRP to the maintain healthy hair while Dr Vanessa had PRP for dark eye circles as well as scalp PRP for healthy hair. That’s her secret to her beautiful, long hair!

PRP is a treatment for rejuvenation and anti-aging.
There are many benefits of PRP.

PRP reduces fine lines, wrinkles and even improves acne scars. It also restores facial volume and stimulates collagen growth with healing factor. In summary, it restores youthful appearances.

But wait, PRP is not only for the face. Scalp PRP helps for hair loss and balding. PRP for knee helps with arthritis and knee pain.

Men and women can also benefit from PRP to improve their sex lives. Penis PRP improves erection. This is also called the P-shot. Vaginal PRP reduces dryness and improves orgasm. Vaginal PRP is also called O-shot.

Our doctors can’t afford to have downtime or major side effects such as severe bruising or swelling as they are hectic with their work and personal life. That’s why our doctors choose to get PRP treatment done for themselves because PRP is safe and effective with minimal downtime and pain.

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