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Natural Drugstore Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Makeup For Black Women | Beginner

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F O L L O W : M E : O N : S O C I A L : M E D I A:

E M A I L: Bellaaa.Inquiries@Gmail.com

I N S T A G R A M:

F A C E B O O K:

S N A P C H A T: PrincessBell237

Hashtag your looks to #PrincessBellaaa

B O O K M E :




1. Mac prep and prime


1. Tatrlette palette in Bloom- ACTIVIST shade for brows
2. La Girl Pro Concealer In chesnut and fawn mixed up to clean up


1. ABH Modern Ren. Palette
2. Lashes are from LA COLORS
3. NYX Liquid liner
4. False Lash Drama mascara from covergirl


1.Nyx total drop foundation in 19 mocha
2. Makeup Forever matte primer- my t zone, IM VERY OILY
3. La girl pro concealer in Chestnut and Fawn
4. Black opal deluxe finishing to set my highlight
5. Mac Deep dark power to set face –
6. Blush and Highlight from IMAN Cosmetics


1. Man cosmetics brow cocoa liner
2. Nyx nude gloss
3. fawn concealer in the middle


1. Skindinavia


Song→ A Variety Of Different Ones
Camera → Canon T6i With 50mm F1.8 Prime Lens
Software → Final Cut Pro X
Lighting → ring light/ day light



How old are you? 23
Do you go to college/university ? Yes 🙂
Are you a beauty blogger ? YES
Do you make custom unit wigs ? YES !
Where are you located? NYC






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204 Thoughts to “Natural Drugstore Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Makeup For Black Women | Beginner”

  1. Princess Bellaaa

    Hair I’m Wearing:
    ❤️ Pre Plucked Frontal:
    360 Lace Frontal:

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      +Itsmy Ownvevo my dad is going through it with my mom and my mom is hooked on the drugs she isn’t coming back. We are moving on without her

    2. # Dora

      Kayla Reyna honey I think he needs to to get to the root cause of his problems. there is a reason he is acting that way, he might not know it cause it could be rooted in his subconscious mind. so he needs to get help. you can’t do it alone. you mom can’t do it alone. see a counsellor, therapist. believe it or now there is a reason for all our actions and we won’t know until someone helps us dig it out. as for your mom, she shouldn’t give herself into such, she is worth a lot more, she can love and support him by making sure he goes get help and not get unnecessary emotional abuse.

    3. Itsmy Ownvevo

      Kayla Reyna my mom is going through the same thing it’s just that my dad is cheating on her with four different other women ???

    4. Kayla Reyna

      +Reesie Rascoe it’s my dad that’s going to say “Bye bye” to her she fucked up she chose drugs over her kids.

    5. Reesie Rascoe

      Kayla Reyna I’m not expert, I been married 10 yrs, with my husband a total of 18 years with 4 kids as well and we went thru something before but that shit got shut down…quick!!! Because we both knew that we belonged together and the respect remained because of the honesty. If your dad keep lying to your mom, tell mom to say “Boy Bye” and don’t look back any more! She has given him chance after chance to end back up at 1. It’s time to let those 22 yrs go. Unless she’s good with being “The Other Women”

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