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Nadira037 | DIY Sequins Top with lining

Hey Material Girls! Finally a new DIY tutorial. This time I’m make this super dope sequins top with a lining. It’s easy to make and I hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment below and let me know what you want to see next.

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Blog Post for fabric & Measurements | COMING SOON!

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My current sewing machine | Brother SQ9185

My previous sewing machine | Brother XL-2600i great for beginners

My current serger | Brother 1034D


Comment below I LOVE LAMP! if you read the description box because that means you’re awesome! ?

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76 Thoughts to “Nadira037 | DIY Sequins Top with lining”

  1. Nimmi Islam

    beautiful work

  2. soso Ahmad

    ??? amezing

  3. Cupcake95 N.J.S

    You gave me a perfect idea for this white party I’m going to. I was going to incorporate silver with it. I’ll just do my own thing and do white pants and a sequin top. Thank you. I love this shirt.

  4. 542tia

    thank you, here from Holland. nice tutorial. Bless you.

  5. T

    Great tutorial!! Thank you. How would you add a zipper to this?

  6. Keionna Lee

    This is super cute I so excited to try to make one , it’s just when I trace my clothes it never looks even ?

  7. ShirleySaidSew


  8. phong Irene

    salam im just a beguinndr for this and i would love to see you teaching us how to measure and put it on draft or pattern im getting confused how to put my measurement intk dratf or pattern shukran ?

  9. Yasmin Hassan

    Hi Nadiras, thank you so much for the videos, you are amazing! !! I want to start sewing more clothes for 2018 and this is going to be so useful

  10. Courtney

    Hey Nadira, where did you get the sequin fabric from?

  11. Riki Nut

    I’ve learned a lot from you. You are a very good instructor but the background music/noise is most distracting. I’ll watch for more videos with out it. I can’t endure the background noise. I’ve turned my sound off and I can figure out what u r doing but I do miss your voice. Please consider doing the videos with out the background noise. Thank you ?

  12. Tamu's Parlor

    love it!!!

  13. Ayse Can

    Will a sequin dress look pretty? Love your videos. Please continue. Mashallah you are so pretty.

  14. tt20102011

    Salam, love your videos. Made a skirt and top for my daughter and it cam our beautiful.
    May you post a video on how to make a maxi dress with a umbrella sized flowy bottom? I keep trying to put this and that video together but to no success.
    Thank you. It’d be much much appreciated

  15. Sabrina Christine

    These are very nice basic wardrobe items.

  16. Truly Tyesh

    Can you show us how to make a jacket with a hood?

  17. Lori Carroll

    Wher is one of the first maxi skirt tutorial with the elastic in the back of the skirt

  18. that girl keya!

    i just subbed please tell me u r still active! cant wait to do this…all of your vids! love it!

  19. Veronica Clouse

    Loved the video. I would have never thought I could sew sequins…..but I will try now.

  20. s Bouie

    I love your material girl part. I’m a new subie and I have been binge watching your videos. Awesome job and thank you!

  21. Ruqayyah Wilson

    As Salaamu alayki. How are you and your family my beloved sister? Insha’Allah may I ask a question, knowing you are probably very busy with Ramadaan approaching soon. Please forgive with the timing. I have been hospitalize for some of the EiDs, I would make my EID garment this since I been doing a little better Allahu Akbar. Insha’Allah can you do a tutorial of how to make a Jilbaab (it start from the top of the head to the feet with a small scarf you tie underneath, oh the underneath is not attached). Is been really hard finding someone I can follow or make it easy for a beginner on making something like it. My Allah Bless you and family with beneficial Ramadaan this year. We needed a Ramdaan!!!!

    1. Nooriya Madeline

      Ruqayyah Wilson wualikum assalaam my dear sister, may He give you shifa and a cure , amine 🙂 i definitely advise you to check out Bobiz Kollection here on youtube, she recently did an amazing tutorial on how to sew a jilbab , allahumma baarik laha! <3 ive been looking for a tutorial like this for ages but i never found one

  22. عالم الخيال


  23. Layan Kahtan

    Naderia I love you so much , I am from Makkah ?

  24. Deborah Yahsavlanoot

    You are really amazing.  I normally may garments for my husband who happens to be a teacher in our assembly.  But girllllll…. I’m about to do me…I love your ideas and the fact that the garments are modest are an added bonus.  I have never made a pattern, so this will be a first.  It looks so easy the way that you show, I feel confident enough to give it a try..  Thanks for allowing The Father to use you and sharing your gift with us.  You are a blessing….Shalom

    Oh and I love your wraps too.  Still learning how to make those work for me.  But getting better.  Keep up the good work.

  25. Belinda Blake

    I really like your sewing style… easy and clean

  26. MalkiaNzinga

    Great tutorial! I look forward to what you share with the YouTube world (don’t use my other social media 🙁 ) May Allah continue to bless you and inspire you!!! P.S. Don’t mind the judgemental, nit picky, haters…

  27. Miss Sarah

    You’re so crafty and I love you. But I’m questioning myself here. Are you a practicing muslim? Because I mean if you are then I’m hoping you’d know the dress code for women in the Qur’an.

  28. ngzouklove

    nadira what kind of machine are you running, sewing not serger? please and thank you

  29. D. Ali

    Assalamualeikum, I love your videos! And yeah I love lamp 😀 I also love sewing! You are doing awesome!

  30. ayesha charles

    a sun of wad of gum to you too lol love your videos

  31. Lasonya Thompson

    Thanks, that was one of the easiest diy I have seen. Keep up the good work!!!!

  32. summer 1999

    do any of the sequins fall off?

  33. MarMarcea B

    ?????? love this.

  34. MremboOne

    cute!!!!! if I wasn’t allergic to sewing I would totally try this!!!

  35. Sely Lusiana

    I love it

  36. Linda Isaac

    each time I see your new video, I always know it’s full of surprise

  37. Mika Linda

    Very nice! ❤️

  38. Tamika Robinson

    Do you know how to make a full swing ?

  39. Amira Mohamed

    love it ?? can’t wait next tutorial ?

  40. Regina Saka

    love ur head wraps tutorials

  41. kimmykim007

    Love your tutorial I will do a dress version and send a pic soon!❤️

  42. Jodie Baylor

    Absolutely gorgeous, once again!

  43. Maïmouna DIEDHIOU

    great video! thanks

  44. Scriptures Veggies And Thimbles

    Very nice. The music made it hard to hear you at times.

  45. Nappily Rooted

    Thank you Queen, for another great video….

  46. Beautiful Texture

    Asalaam alakum sis
    Where did you learn how to sew?

  47. maryjanew20

    I’d enjoy your video so much better without the music. It’s terribly distracting.

  48. Lovaine Niblock

    Brilliant I’m gonna make one of these! Thank you.

  49. pamela kitchens

    That music is irritating I am hard of hearing and this is so distracting

    1. Sherry Campbell

      Stop that annoying sound. Terrible and distracting!

  50. DZ zouzou

    جميييل جدًا ?????????

  51. Whitney's Worldd

    I loved this ?

  52. angelam perez

    lovely blouse . your tutorial very good.

  53. Michelle Frechette

    very nice. love watching your tutorials because you explain everything your doing to make it easy to follow and understand for us beginners. look forward to your next video ☺

  54. chaynel cook

    I love lamp ??

    1. dontworry834

      i just wanted to know if the Topazio hidrocore soloticas look realistic in person? on video the lenses look like a real eye

    2. Nadira037

      +chaynel cook you’re awesome ?❤️

  55. Tyenisha Mosby

    Thehehe I love lamp

    1. Nadira037

      +Tyenisha Mosby you’re awesome

  56. Rahma Mabveni

    You are my inspiration…I look forward to your videos everyday. Got a new sewing machine yesterday and I can’t wait to start sewing for the first time. Your videos motivated me and made me feel like I can sew anything. Thank you so much

  57. sandra dove

    sorry ima beginner x

  58. sandra dove

    i have watched this twice and still dont get it ha ha

  59. Mary J'Nell


    1. Nadira037

      +Mary J’Nell thank you hon! ?❤️

  60. parveen A

    it’s amazing but if u guide us with measurements then it ll b very useful for beginners lyk me

    1. Nadira037

      +parveen A hi hon, I’m finishing the blog post that will help you with fabric selections, making your pattern and measurements ? link will be in the description

  61. allli/ فصال/وخياطة ينابيع المودة

    عزيزاتي لكل وحدة تحب الازياء العصرية وتحب تعلم الخياطة والتفصيل تشترك بقناتي واكون ممنونة

  62. Oliver Thomlinson

    this is gorgeous! I’d love to see a sequin maxi dress/gown ?

    1. Nadira037

      +Oliver Thomlinson thank you sew much! ?? I will add that to my request list

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