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Hellooo worllddd! This video is an updated version of my first How I Cured my Back Acne video. A lot of you asked how I kept my backne under control since then, so here are some tips for ya 🙂

I’ve struggled with back acne since I was 15 and it’s just been a on and off cycle for me. My back is no where near super clear, but this is the best it has ever been due to the tips I followed in this video. If you would like to see my first back acne video on how I cured my severe back acne, check out this video:

P R O D U C T S – M E N T I O N E D
Alba Botanica Face & Body Scrub –
Alba Botanica Deep Clean Astringent –
Murad Clarifying Body Spray –
Dr. Bronners Magic Soap [peppermint] –
Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent [blue eucalyptus & lavender] –

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I’m the sister you never had…..or the sister you never wanted. Haha
My videos consist of hair, beauty, advice, and anything random…really.

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  1. ariana alemi

    wait wait wait hold on…… did u say tarjei as in target. Uma flip my shit if thats how she pronounces target omg

  2. Mr Brooks

    Do men get back acne

  3. Leyla Rustamova

    The beginning though???

  4. Sacked Potatoes

    Also when you wash your hair, do it first, rinse it out really good. Then clean your back, so you’ll get the oils from the shampoo and conditioner off your back! ??

  5. How To Get Rid Of Back Acne

    How could you have back acne!!! you’re crazy good-looking haha. So true about your first tip.

  6. talop deedoo

    What is tarjei ?? You mean target?

    1. talop deedoo

      No affence

  7. swatstune

    Lol she cracked me up with the intro

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  9. hectorqwer

    Hello beautiful! Do you eat dairy & gluten?

  10. Mëntäłÿ Ünstäbłë

    Ur so cute and funny and ur helping me with my bacne! U totally earned a subscriber

  11. Hoa Vines

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  14. gooker

    bacne cure = cold showers

    worked for me. i would recommend it if you have acne (whether it’s bacne or facial acne). save your money and don’t buy those creams or facial rinses. they don’t work most of the time.
    it’s the hot water. it makes your acne worse

  15. Elham Ahmed

    *keeps same shirt on for like 5 days fml*

  16. Screaming Bird

    OK. I was coming here for tips and such, then I had a moment. I use the same acne-dote too!! Ironic….

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  21. Angel Lam

    Alba brand has bomb chapstick too. Coconut oil based 🙂

  22. Lillie

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  23. Leslie H.

    1:30 saved yo some time from all that non sense bull shit
    thank me later

  24. Letitia Krueger

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    1. Maritza Martinez

      I love this remedy.?? It’s steps are so easy.

  27. Monique Lee

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  28. Sasha Ward

    She’s so pretty

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  30. spottercorp

    Does this work for Men too?

  31. Kathleen Chambers

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    Mines is not severe, but I just want to use the right product for it.

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  39. hello_129

    For me I just have really gross scars 🙁 any tips on how to get rid of the scars?

  40. Meme Star

    Finally a video that isn’t like rubbing a potato or lemons on your back ?

  41. Debra Green

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  43. L P

    It has been affecting me since puberty. The only thing that truly worked for me are contraceptives containing anti-androgens. I recently saw doctors prescribing Spironolactone to some people but I’ve never tried it. (I tried accutane 10 years ago but it didn’t work, it damaged my gut though.) I got the skin texture from my father’s side (he has nice tiny scars and never had a pimple) but the endocrinous system from my mother and she got a strong back acne too (unfortunately for her she scars quite bad), which ended after her menopause: it runs in the family. It spreads also on the chin and a bit on the chest, the typical hairy areas of the male body. My mother also has alopecia on her scalp (like men you know) so, I guess it is all related. I break out especially before my period or after consuming lactose; ginseng makes it worse too. A dermatologist once told me that my testosterone manifests itself on the skin. My gynecologist thought I had PCOS. At this point I am glad I don’t have a beard!

  44. Debra Green

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  46. You'll See It When You Believe It !!

    u r beautiful ☺

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  51. Carolina Hashimoto

    God Bless you?

  52. juliette willms

    I’ve had back ance for 3 1/2 months now and it’s still there but it’s mostly gone. I just have scars. What helped me a lot was sun, and salt water. going out REALLY helps

  53. Faye Wilson

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    this may sound crazy but does sunburn cure acne scars?

  56. 08KMG29

    I usually don’t comment on videos, ever. But, I am beyond happy I gave this a try! I got a soft bristle body brush and I use Alba every time I shower. After words I follow with the Murad body spray. My back and chest have not looked this good since 2011. As far as pricing goes, I was able to find Alba at Marshals and TJMAXX for $5. Ebay $8 and Target $7. The Murad is expensive and so far I haven’t found a way around $30. I highly recommend this acne routine! Thank you!

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  60. Bruce Lee

    I love your itty bitty tittys tho 🙂

  61. Chris Gtn

    Thanks for the video! I’ll give it a try and share it to my fb page

  62. Peter Smith

    See a doctor if you have any form of acnes.

  63. Celo and luka Productions

    She looks like laurdiy

  64. Pam413

    THIS explains everything!! i always reuse shirts at least 3 times lol

  65. Estelle Lewis

    My own daughter absolutely loves this acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it). We have previously spent a hefty amount of money trying several acne treatments for over a year now but none of them had worked. I`m truly pleased we discovered this guide. After a few days of using it, I observed its change and her acne had cleared up after a couple of weeks.

  66. Alexia Jones

    You’re funny, love!!

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  68. Duein August

    My pregnancy, has cleared some up. I use facial wash and my clarisonic for my back.

  69. Vanessa Valadez

    I thought i was the only one with back acne ??

  70. thaid w.

    Great book with lots of tips on how to have the best skin you can possibly have with natural remedies *Check This →**** :)*

  71. Estelle Lewis

    This acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) was extremely beneficial and valuable. I oftentimes suffer from mild adult acne and this book covers all the possible solutions for mild to serious acne whether natural techniques or otherwise. I am normally inclined to go the natural way and have found that the key remedies discussed here works the very best.

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    1. LazyLies

      Robbie Brown How is it working for you?

  73. Mary Ellison

    I am in my 40`s and just began with adult acne. It didn’t have any better. I did not encounter acne before. I applied acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) and within 2 weeks i had already begun to observe a difference! It has been 2 months now and I have my self-confidence once again.

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  75. IrishBard

    Yeah but you shouldn’t over clean your back either because that also causes acne.

  76. Arianna Angulo

    Im 13 And I have such bad back acne that my dermatologist told me I have to go on accutane, and I’m going on it in January

    1. lololol 2134

      Arianna Angulo I have acne on my back,chest and not so much on my face but I’m taking tablets to help it not scar or worse

  77. bob duncan

    Drink a gallon of water a day

  78. Xirui Yang

    what about your pajamas? do u change it daily?

  79. mahima prakash

    can u recommend some natural remedies for back acne scars?
    my skin dont do good with chemical products

    1. Gmar80

      Neem Oil !!! Get the Neem seed oil and you can dilute if it’s too strong. But, it is the Coconut oil of the east. Just don’t cook with it or ingest it. It clears eczema, scabies, bug bites, dark spots, tightens pores fades scarring ….etc. so man too long to list. But, this stuff works but, it does have an odor similar to garlic, so dilute it and add essential oils like Tea tree, Jojoba or whatever suits you.

  80. trip2themoon

    Ask your dermatologist for Roaccutane.

  81. ahmyy istfgg

    Uniquе Aсne Syystem
    How to gеt lasting аaacne freedom
    сlеar skin e-bоok reveaals all
    My Back Acne Cure ilikeweyliе

  82. MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall

    Hoping your tips would help me out.

  83. kira knippa

    Acutane that’s the cure

  84. Bellstrology

    I cured my bacne by quitting fabric softener. Those that have bacne should really try this, because it might not be your “over productive pores” that are causing you to break out, but by your enivornment and what you are putting on your skin.

  85. chuy visente

    they say lemon juice works.. does it?

  86. Lily

    Engaging story. I couldn’t put it down! I can’t wait until the next one comes out. *here **** :)*

  87. Idk ?

    Will this work for arm acne too?

  88. Napolitrash

    I’m investigating treating acne at home and found an awesome website at Pats Remedy Plan (google it if you’re interested)

  89. Hello

    I’m a 15 yr old girl with a hairy stomach, back, butt, arms/pits, face, chest. Any body part u name it. The hairs are long and dark. And to top it off I have acne on my back, arms,chest chin area, forehead and a few pimples near my nose. I don’t know what to do I want to be able to look in the mirror and see a body I love. SOMEONE HELP ME!! Do I have hormone imbalance. I’m so insecure I don’t let my mum see my body. Every time I get changed im constantly covering up. HELP!!!!

    1. trip2themoon

      Get down to your GP as soon as possible. She might have to refer you to a dermatologist, but it would be worth it to get your skin seen to.

  90. Flora

    worked better then expected *Here>**** :)*

  91. Mariana Fernando


  92. Michelle Olegario

    very informative, where can I buy your products?

  93. Selina Cordano

    When you were like “so I can show you my itty bitty titties” I was like GURRRRRRL SUB

    1. Jocilin Marie

      Selina Cordano yess

  94. Mary Jane Tan Si Hui

    chest acne? 🙁

    1. Giannie Ruth

      Same exact thing

  95. Kinsey Taylor

    Ugh, I just got it on my shoulders. I get more body acne then legitimate acne!

  96. AppleCuts

    Ten seconds in, and I subscribed?

  97. HannahBanana

    very helpful!

  98. Yong xin LoveLove

    I have no pimple on my bk only my face

  99. hs

    Witch Hazel! It has helped so much! I’ve only been doing it for a few days, but it’s almost completely cleared now! 🙂

    1. Kinsey Taylor

      Thanks for the advice!

  100. Lauren Sinclair

    Thank you for the tips 🙂 I don’t know if you have any tips for face acne but would these back acne tips also work for your face? I’m really trying to get rid of all my acne. I’ve before struggling with it since i was 13 and I’m sick of it. I just wanna finally feel comfortable with myself and i think getting rid of my acne will really help me with that. If anyone has any tips ,I will definitely give it a shot. 🙂

  101. unique zebra

    does this girl mean target

    1. JJ367

      Idk lol I was thinking the name thing

  102. Lydiaaababy

    Updated acne treatment please

  103. J S Cherrie Hill

    When I changed using dr Bronner’s for everything my skin changed to a nice glow! Plus living in a hot climate peppermint really cools the skin! Laundry, Hand soaps, Shampoo, Body wash, Body scrub evvveeerrryythinnngg! haha Great tips!

  104. Mochi Yumyum

    ohly ship too much talking

  105. jackie martinez

    my back acne is really bad I have the darkest acne scars all over and its so frustrating bc I can never wear anything that I like without having my scars showing

  106. Emma Lane

    What really helps me is face scrub with salycilic acid for the face. I use a Garnier one and it’s not too expensive around 5 dollars maybe everyday and my acne was cured in a week no scars left very minor 🙂

    1. Emma Lane

      +Alice Newport also the scrub is for blackheads which maybe is why it helps so much I forgot to add

    2. Emma Lane

      Also make sure to wash your back everyday but don’t scrub it you will irritate the acne even further. I had to pop some pimples but I waited for them to heal and it was fine. Shower after working out etc. use alcohol based cream on your back sometimes. That all helps but you have to keep at it especially during summer months when oily backs are more common because of the heat

  107. Francheska Irizarry

    How I cleared my back acne? I went to the beach and got a sunburn. A horrible sunburn. My skin started to peel off and everything was gone. I was like: THE SUN MADE HIS MAGIC. I need to say that I DID NOT did this on purpose. It was an accident. I was practicing bodyboarding I was so concentrated that I lost time motion. I suffered and I will not get a sunburn again ever. BUT, people say there is always something good out of every situation. Well, mine was that now I have the back of a baby.

    1. Tony Droid

      +Francheska Irizarry LOL. I’m a Dr.

    2. Francheska Irizarry

      Tony Droid no its not. warm or hot water allow your pores to open so, you can clean your skin deeply. even skin care salons do it.

    3. Kylie KAM

      noooooooo it will comback worst

    4. Tony Droid

      +Nikko​ allow me to elaborate. The pours don’t technically open. When your skin warms up it will relax just a little but once your skin dries up and cools down it will tighten back up. It’s not opening and closing. It’s just relaxing and then tighting up on a very small scale. I can’t stress this enough VERY SMALL SCALE.

    5. Nikko

      Tony Droid I’m pretty sure pores open with warm or hot water. Warm/hot showers are beneficial for skin

  108. AmandaMichelleFogel

    What is the music in the background called? 🙂 so cute!

  109. Jenny Nguyen

    WEYLIEEEE you’ve got to try APPLE CIDER VINEGAR on it
    Works for me
    Why not try it whats there to lose?

  110. John M Yarger

    Its still amaze me just how many people don’t know about Fopobiacne Secrets (do a search on google) even though a lot of people clear their acne naturally with it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about this. I’ve get rid of my acne problem.

  111. apple39815

    You sound like laura murano

  112. Kyaaa Is Bored

    you are amazing. ?

  113. Kiran Khan

    i have back acne with spots ufff i feel very shy to show my back ?

    1. cool cat

      Hayet djame3 its about to be my seventh year buddy 🙁 I’ve tried SO many things. Wasted so much money…I just read a comment about epsom salt might try that

    2. Codech Tapia

      I don’t show my back but I was shy to show my husband ???

    3. AndrewProblematic

      +Hayet djame3 sup mate, u heard of acne regimen org?

    4. Daniel Tingstveit

      +Home Designs lol commercial

  114. Katrina Ford

    I have a question, so do you have to change your pyjamas every night or really often?

    1. Lana.bby -

      every night girl! and at the end of the week you can wash them

  115. Chatsire

    I think I’m part of the Itty Bitty Titty Club #ibtc ?

    1. OkayChloe

      As soon as you mentioned your boobs I subbed ?❤

    2. Sabia Não

      Disccoveer How to Cure Acne At AAny Age, Evеen If You’ve Tried Everуthing And Nothing Has Ever Worked For You BeforeClick Here –> My Back Acne Cure ilikeweyyyylie

    3. trip2themoon

      It’s a shame that so many girls don’t realise how beautiful small, perky boobs are and pay thousands for implants. Big fat blubbery boobs are not nice.

    4. Madison Claire

      itty bitty titty committee if you wanna make it sound cooler ? (ps I am part of this as well)

  116. Taryn Michelle

    I will update y’all in 2 weeks. What I am doing in the morning is waking up, eat breakfast, and then go to the bathroom and wash my back with a rag and soap. And then i go through my day and I work out 6 days a week so I sweat almost EVERY day so I take a quick shower to get all the sweat off after my work out. At night, I usually take a bath with 2 cups of Epsom Salt in it and moisturize my body when I get out. I also wash my sheets and clothes every other day. (I know I wash my sheets a lot) If anyone wants to try this with me reply!

  117. Taryn Michelle

    I literately HATE things being unclean and it is SO easy for me to wash my sheets so I wash my bed sheets everyday or every other day if I’m lazy so I never get acne because of that

  118. Rizza Mae Rementizo

    Take a bath everyday and use body sccrub.-Elumpa back acne alchemist ,search on google

  119. BTS in my DNA

    You speak too fast ??

  120. linda liu

    Are u Korean?

  121. Sahar Ali

    great video, thank you!

  122. Lucky Love

    much better to Change your Food style (vegan, rawfood etc.) instead of using chemicals…

  123. Gee Amores


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    You look Asian but you sound Latina.. Love you though ?

  125. Arthur Chan

    Do you have problem about acne in the back? Try to google Elumpa back acne alchemist to solve your problem.

  126. Madison lemaire

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  127. emaan sam

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  128. Rachel Roberts

    you’re like, my hero, CAN WE ALL TAKE A MOMENT TO REALIZE THIS GIRL HAS SO MUCH COURAGE! thank you for being open and honest about this topic.
    I know it can feel like bacne is an easy thing for people to judge but at the end the day YOU, ilikeweylie, are inspiring a LOT of girls to be comfortable in their own skin

    1. Martha Guffey

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    and its soooo bad and none of these products are available in my country and amazon has it really expensive because it has to be doubled up for shipping so I don’t know what to do go cure my bacne 🙁

    1. Trix Dez

      I’ve been suffering from bacne too. Mix turmeric and yogurt to make it a paste then apply it everyday, leave it for 15min then rinse it off. Been doing that for 3 weeks now and I’m starting to see result

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    1. Fatima Rosales

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    1. simplychillinnn

      +Priscilla Nieto lol I understand you. I’m not as extreme as you but I used to live in a tropical country and would shower pretty much twice a day. I know this is not really good but the humidity sucks! Then I moved to Canada…. you FEEL cleaner when it’s cold and you don’t feel like you have to change your bra often so I started getting body acne (or it could be due to puberty Idk could be both?) Sorry for blabbering ?.

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