Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

We asked three centenarians what their most valuable life lessons were, and also their regrets.

The conversations that followed were remarkable. They talked about the importance of family, people, relationships and love. Their view on life, as an elderly citizen with a lot of experience is truly an inspiration and motivation. Enjoy the video!

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Executive producer: LifeHunters
Producer: Marcel IJzerman
UK Producer: Anna Snowball
Director: Chris de Krijger
Script: Marcel IJzerman / Chris de Krijger
Camera: Marcel IJzerman
Sound recording: Tjeerd Melchers
Interviews: Anna Snowball
Editor: Marcel IJzerman
Sound engineering: Tjeerd Melchers
Music: Federico Durand

Thanks to: The Birchwood Grange, Cliff Crozier, John Denerley, Emelia Harper, Leslie Masters, Ruby Martin.

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10,864 Thoughts to “Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds”

  1. markatl84

    Wasn’t expecting to get emotional today. What inspiring people.

    1. Keto lifestyle 50 Plus

      markatl84 I know!!! Right? Wow!

    2. Mackem Forever

      Abousley Amazing

    3. Neo Olifant

      It’s ok sad rick we Earth humanoids C137 understand

    4. Tanya's Art Endeavors

      Everyone should watch this video! It is so lovely and heart warming 🙂

  2. Aris Arthur

    I can’t wait to have 100 years of advice from kids today who will be old in the future. *sigh*

  3. C. Aubrey

    One of the best video ideas ive seen for a long time!!!!

  4. SailorMoonComeBackk

    i cried so so much. i’m 23 yet i think my life is pointless ,without destination ,i suffer from anxiety.i have amazing grandparents that raised me,amazing boyfirend that loves me,a few amazing friends.. But I can’t seem to be happy i don’t know why.. i cry often and i’m afraid of everything .. if i only knew how to overcome this 🙁

  5. MTG Phil

    Really heart-warming. Even those who are 40 years old now will never get to be as wise as the older generation.

  6. スティーブSteve

    “We did have problems but we got through them, and I think nowadays people give up too easily.” – SO TRUE!!!!

  7. Hanan Shakeel

    I am not crackers, i just miss my children, (Made me cry)

  8. Snakebite

    “I don’t have many failures.

    If I’m making a cake and it fails, it becomes a pudding.”

  9. Genesis Kravitz

    The secret to being 100 years old is being alive for 100 years. That’s it.

  10. Captain Franco

    How joyful and uplifting! Notice all these people have an optimistic, light hearted and kind attitude.

  11. Jerico anon

    I dont plan on living past 60 or 70, sure you get pension but theres no point if your body is not the same

  12. Mayra Gutierrez

    Omg I absolutely loved this video! They’re so wise and have such positive minds. It’s true what one of them said, marriages don’t last now in days because people give up so easily.

  13. Charles Putz

    12 12 is also only a number

  14. Anthony Ramos

    Beautiful video

  15. jabrown1978

    Time is intoxicating. Just witnessing these people makes me drunk with wonder.

  16. Guter Preuße

    103 year’s old wow and I feel old with 15

  17. Mary Novovesky


  18. Fadi Shalabi

    That nigga in purple is happier than a moutha fucker

    1. Von Musklaus

      Show some respect , buddy, and get an education . Your not funny, and your only showing people what an idiot you are

  19. Jarvan IV.

    ,,When people pass and hear me talking to myself they think I’m crackers
    but I’m not crackers… I’m only thinking about my children.”
    This and her telling it, the way she’s smiling but also the sadness you can see inside her eyes made me kinda cry… maybe…
    She radiates sooo much positivity, you can see that she’s in peace with herself and that she’s still a strong woman, even though she’s beeen through a lot.
    She reminds me of my grandmother. She’s had a rough life and in the past months it’s been getting worse but she’s still so remarkably strong and keeps smiling everytime I see her. I think it hurts me more than it hurts her to see what’s happeneing and additionally to her condition she’s not getting younger… I’m not ready to lose her even though I know it’s inevitable but it kinda helps me to know that when she’ll go one day she can look back on a wonderful yet tough life. Only wish I could’ve been a better grandson in the past years

  20. Camielle N.

    Beautiful .

  21. Liberty Chick

    State of mind is key. My mom and 2 of her sisters are in their 80’s. My mom and the next oldest are loosing their memories. The younger one has the most positive attitude – seems to find something to laugh about in any situation. She just seems so much younger than the other 2. Find the joy and laughter in life. If it isn’t there, make it. Make it happen.

  22. The Baba Yaga

    Imagine how it must feel to be able to witness the evolution of our society for them. When they were young they never thought that smart phones, or computers would exist or that we would go to the moon one day. Truely amazing individuals

  23. Ellie Parker

    Wow I live on the Wirral shook

  24. duane daichawi

    Secret of those people? They lived during the very small period of humanity where the government were not corrupt and the works industries were treating people as human, not useless tools of production. You’ll not live to 100 because this period is over, sorry about that.

  25. Reis sevdalilari

    ingiliz bunlar senelerce dünyaya zulmettiler, biraz da müslümanlara yapılan zulümden bahsedin

    ama Allahtan Recep Tayyip Erdogan var, ülkemizde oynanan oyunlara karşı dik duruyor

  26. Vixxen Fox

    Wow he looks amazing, the first dude! And walks fast too! He isn’t slowing down any time soon.

  27. Callisto000

    Who are the 3,800 beings that disliked this

  28. benni987

    I’m not crying! You’re crying.

  29. carl os

    great to see.

  30. Great day 2 start

    I don’t know why this made me cry so much… I am so glad fot the woman who has no regrets. I yearn for that happiness, I think that is why I am so emotional.

  31. PANeth V

    Please, if someone knows them, give them a kiss from me, thank you very much …

  32. JamiAndMarla LOVE

    Quality Relationships, taking better risks and being present for life!!

  33. Argiope Trifasciata

    “Touch wood” omg here in Chile older people say the same 😮

  34. xomegaxz

    Can i give my additional maybe 49 more years to them? I dont really want them

  35. Mel B

    I will be 69 in a few days and play competitive badminton twice a week, play saxophone in a in a ‘pop’ band and really do feel about 35. Plenty to look forward to but listening to these wonderful people and reading many comments, I have to say the reason we think they are brilliant is because of the ‘era’ they came from. They would be into their late 30s before they had television, 60s before computers. A car would have been a luxury item for the few and as a consequence they grew up “talking” to other people. Very likely knew everyone in their street/ village. A time when it was the norm to be neighbourly and “look out ” for one another and most of all respect others and their elders. Sad to say the world we live in now has changed so much that very few ( if any) of today’s young will be as warm and thoughtful as these three. I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I am not optimistic.☹️

  36. Yunus Meriç

    OMG Clifford looks like 70

  37. Melody Headburn

    It makes sad that I’ll have to live without my parents and siblings one day 🙁

  38. Are you for real?

    These are the coolest grandpas & grandma that i couldn’t imagine. Their families would be so proud.

  39. PapaNoahh Hhh

    Wish i had nice grandparents like these, mine just make me feel like shit :/

  40. aldus austria

    I aspire to live this kind of life, if possible nowadays 🙂

  41. Alex Smith

    So lucid and such down to earth view of life.


    The keey is happiness,freud said it,they lived to prove it,everything is emotion,control it, you will have a great life.

  43. Ben Accer

    A positive view on life seems be be key for long life!

  44. Ray Hudson

    How wonderful and not one complaint.

  45. Max Power

    No one should bury their children

  46. Greg

    Lol,i am 20 and already wanting to die

  47. 王钿


  48. Lyle Benson

    I love old people


    Relationships nowadays with a small arguements they do give up easily and moves on quickly. Back in the days, they will fight for one another. ?

  50. icarus

    reminds us of the beauty in life, huh?

  51. TheHvk

    This is the kind of information I need to seek out and consume more of. Fascinating.

  52. matt bomer

    Who the fuck disliked this video?? how pathetic you are.

  53. Herbal High

    Amazing to think these wonderful people existed in a world with many of our great great grandparents.

  54. Ryan Barnes

    They all are so incredibly cute and positive. I love it! Positivity, smiling, and the mantra of ALWAYS keep going are the ways to live a long happy life. May we all learn from their example.

  55. rose pegasister

    This comment section is so optimistic and positive that it’s kinda scary
    (I’m not saying this is a bad thing I’m just not used to it)

  56. Ciocco Lato

    live long and prosper

  57. Vlog Therapy

    I love listening to senior population.

  58. Dominick Romero


    “Im staying put!” what a bad ass ???

  59. SirFlank Boring

    I found the meaning of my life in this video ..

    I learned that there is no way to overcome death, but there is how to deal with it.

    I believe that if death were a person, she would be very happy to know that you understood her, understood that there is no way to overcome it, but there is how you accept it

  60. Whiteboard Coaching

    Over a 100 years, imagine all the things they have been through. They all seem to be focusing on the same regrets and milestones yet we still focus on so much nonsense..

  61. Nisar Ghazia

    I’m 14 and turning 15 very soon 2 jan , i saw that there are alot of childrens don’t like elders things . But honestly they are the most important thing to our life , they have there past and the present , and they know how they past all those things they loved to do , and they all gives us beautifull advices , and i learnd alot to them , thank you sooo much to making these kind of vidoes i love it

  62. VirtualVictory

    “What could I possibly want to hear from these racists?” – Kids today

  63. Nonah

    I can’t stop crying

  64. Sina

    I hope they’re still happily living ever after

  65. shane murph12

    I love how positive they are I would love to listen to the stories they have

  66. 3DTyrant

    These people seem so nice, I just want to give them all a hug for some reason.

  67. Sam HD

    Dang the thumbnail slogan is accurate af ? ?

  68. DIYDaveT

    These fine old folks have no idea why they have made it so long and in such great condition. It’s a genetic lottery, and they won.

  69. Rickie Sanchez

    That guys doesn’t look or sound 101 at all wow

  70. tomas

    This dude looking good for 100, he could be 60 and I won’t know the difference.

  71. MaryArts

    Wonderful that there are people that age who still have a clear mind. Whenever I visit my grandma in the hospital, there are women lying next to her who cry for their family, are always confused and don’t want the assistens to touch them. All I can say is that getting help is not a bad thing and that you should always hear people out.

  72. Natali Kiria

    absolutely stunning people with their minds… no wonder they made it so far

  73. Step It Up Morons


  74. Apoc Yokkee

    the fact that they can still remember and haven’t gone senile is amazing.

  75. drgnft jsus

    Was I supposed to cry today?? Wow..

  76. 1990

    The first bloke moves better than many people half his age, and he sounds so young.

    3,800 people didn’t like this video. What is wrong with them?

  77. Ron And His Bitch

    So touching. Gets me every time I come back to watch this.

  78. Corrie- Onagoodday

    This was so precious. I loved it! Idk how anyone could give a negative. The woman is an angel

  79. Akshat Guleria

    You can see the smile that’s worth a hundred year

  80. Paul Mackenzie

    Wow, almost cried, didn’t think I would when I clicked on this video.

  81. Giulietta Murray

    this was so sweet

  82. Andy King

    Omg I live on the Wirral Birkenhead is 20 min away ❤️

  83. Stewart Dyson

    It’s only as you get older you can appreciate what it takes to get to an age like that… the mental, just as much and if not, more than the physical.

    “I’m not crackers, I’m just thinking of my children”.

  84. 124 DamSpider

    Marriage is out the window these days. Values have changed and many not for the better.

  85. Planet2stroke

    Truly inspiring, made me look back on my actions and i think it has changed me as a person! Thankyou, have an amazing life and dont regret it!

  86. Nadia De Simone

    I giovani senza lavoro anche quando lo cercano, i disoccupati e i licenziati prima del pensionamento non si nutrono di pensiero positivo.
    Mangiare è necessario per vivere,potersi curare se ci si ammala idem perchè nessuno ti cura gratuitamente
    Con tutto il rispetto è un gran bel video del caxxo


    Damn the first gramps was a hundred and one and still can walk really really well! And his back man, not as curve as people in their 70’s! What a healthy guy!

  88. FreedomTruth

    Respect from Somalia

  89. Crystal Palace

    Thank you very much… Lovely. One word Wisdom! For those who ask what’s the meaning of life there you go. Probably life can be defined as memories construction path… And for doing so I guess we will be better suited when foster sensitivity…

  90. Faizal Khan

    Everyone was so real in this episode 🙁 what happened to the society and young people now

  91. michael bryan lanzona

    The 2nd grandapa looks like 75 yrs old

  92. Urdu English or Wo

    The problems of the Western culture. No wonder marriages don’t last long cuz of the fact that these westerners are dogs who can have sex with anyone without marriage and all the false promises!
    Then they come up judging us Easterners… least we have the morals which you don’t have or ever will. However I do hope you guys get to find something better in life than sex, money and alcohol!

    1. Urdu English or Wo

      Except the fact that I love these old generation people no matter where they’re from. Nowadays respect and dignity has no price.

  93. Charles Charlemagne

    bet they are infuriated by what the leftist freaks have done to western Europe over the last 30 years. These people watched their relatives die in wars defending their country only to have the current leaders hand much of it over to Islam

  94. Stars And Stripes

    Amazing how most of us cant be happy and content with what we have now, and these people are just happy to go grocery shopping. Wtf happened to the world sometimes i ask?

  95. RenchRage

    No parent should ever bury their children.

  96. Pierre Curie

    Damn, they look super good for centenarians. The age doesn’t show.

  97. Krish Lamba

    Damn the first guy walks more energetically than me and I’m like 15

  98. Tejah

    That’s inspirational.

  99. ThatOne

    You just have to think about how many incredible experiences that they have had. Living through World War I and World War II is the most interesting part to me. They have really lived the most significant portion of modern history.

  100. Peeenos

    Far out Cliff Crozier looks like he’s got about 20 more years left in him, Reminds me of an old Hobbit lol

  101. liz c

    gets me every time.

  102. Aycan Doğanlar

    Pure beauty 02:25

  103. John Raymund Tugade

    Ecclesiastes 12:13
    Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God and keep His commandments. For this is the whole duty of man.

  104. Norbero Fontanez

    A Shot ó WHISKEY AY????

  105. Timothy Lovett

    John Denrleys smile is so contagious!!

  106. Carlos Banegas

    They’re so clever.

  107. Becky Madrid

    I really didn’t get much information from these elderly people on their secrets of staying old. One thing I noticed not one said: Party, sex, rock and roll and drugs.

    1. Jeanette Nizza

      No, but one gentleman said staying up all night and listening to jazz bands play, was very beneficial.

  108. Deco Lard

    Rider on centenarians

  109. Deco Lard

    cliff crozier said now a days ppl give too easily! that fact hes on point about that!

  110. Tycini1

    Nobody of you numnutz will have any braincells left at this age.

  111. Shenika Chapman

    I like what God have blessed me with; Education. ? perfect

  112. Apoc Yokkee

    4:35 all generations are the same

  113. spapanek1

    So much energy and optimism them… Not that much of it in much younger people these days.

  114. johnnymcblaze

    ” I was born at an early age ” That man is brilliant.

  115. GrimReaper1123

    Clicked on this to listen to while i found another video. Ended up watching. Memorizing.

  116. n5oq

    ” You get healed, but you never forget”, I learned a new word in my life.

  117. Sarahi Garcia

    Ughhh I’m crying?

  118. Antony Khoury

    “3 is my lucky number “
    ? hey me too ?

  119. jeff Beau

    What beautiful people. They are precious and inspiring.

  120. Wacks Pro

    “I don’t have many failures, if I’m making a cake and it fails it becomes a pudding”

  121. Kurt Outdoors

    These amazing people are the absolute definition of being “cool”…….Seniors are very calm and peaceful because they have seen it all before….they have no need to get worked up over the little things cuz they already know what the outcome will be….always take advice from seniors…..they are usually right…..and….They are COOL!!!

  122. Meister Klabuster

    That was beautiful thank you very much

  123. Nomad -81-

    Don’t waste your life, don’t become a social justice warrior.

    1. Paul Mackenzie

      I would like to make you president.

  124. Yegeon Seo

    8:47… Im literally crying

  125. Lorrenor-Zorro Genç

    3:00 – 3:12
    Idk idont think thats true or sth to be proud of because
    Shouldn’t you want to change the world into a better one and etc…

  126. Chamsns Creek

    Didn’t expect a 100 year old to mention Sigiriya Sri Lanka ❤️


    101 and still walking wow

  128. dd99games

    These kind of people are like a talking Wikipedia. Full of wisdom and knowledge, just bursting out stories with meaningful messages. I love these kind of people, because you learn so much from them!!!

  129. ghostryderkelate

    Thank you for sharing how life could be across the other side of the wall

  130. One Shot Studios

    These guys don’t look a day over 70!

  131. Jon Snow

    What magnificent people, hopefully we can be like them

  132. Reuben McReuben

    Most of the people that made these people happy are now gone, people who had taken part in their childhood are either far away or had died already, it’s really sad when you think about it but it will happen to us one day.


    They are really wonderful people ?

  134. Basically Tee

    this was beautiful, older people are so lovely and interesting

  135. Azania Sonqishe

    they look younger than 100 years

  136. Mc Lovin Bangtan


  137. pineapple Person

    It doesn’t seem real to outlive everyone you love and cherish.. Watching them all disappear, that just broke my heart.

  138. AC/DC I'm a fan

    life is good and people call me an old soul. I’m just 11 and I act like I come from the 70’s. each day I learn more.

  139. Ibby Shan

    Way life is now i dont think there will be another 100 years.

  140. Harry

    They look nowhere near 100

  141. sam fletcher

    So all thats left is memories…

  142. sam fletcher

    The secret is pepto bismol, shoots that shit out of your butthole and makes you feel great

  143. *hi* *you*

    It’s very weird to think that when these were all 50 they were only half way through their life , and that would’ve been back in the 60’s.. Crazy.

  144. Lo Riley

    Great people with great stories inspiring

  145. Felix Hernandez

    John looks great for 102 1/2

  146. Totalavulsion

    1:31 seems that Emilia’s secret is getting her knee down on a regular basis

  147. Totalavulsion

    I’m not crying, you’re crying

  148. TheYandereBaka

    Aww i love old people for some reason

  149. Tonto Epstein

    “I regret banging the Queen when I had the chance, she was a smoking hot piece of ass.”

  150. Saik

    Man I hope I get a nice death, imagine leaving life with no regrets and full of memories. So many memories holy shit

  151. SweetCupcake

    Respect ❤️❤️

  152. Son Of Malebolgia

    “I was born at an early age.” I know what he meant by that, but I still laughed.

  153. Jmich96

    Geezer’s wisdom

  154. Ff Ss

    Que Linda ainda. Se sente forte .
    Deus abençoe

  155. Ff Ss

    Que bom escutalos

  156. vhtriyok

    Take your parents’ advice…this is the worst advice you can give to anyone.
    They. Most. Definitely. Don’t. Know. Better.

  157. Nuzki Abib

    Ohh the Tea Elixir is really something.

  158. Fred 5292002

    6:40’s hilarious. Anyway, it was lovely to watch and to listen to.

  159. strawberriesncandii

    Clifford is in amazing shape. I would have never guessed he was 101.

  160. paul irvine

    godbless them very smart humble people live longer people

  161. Bloody well right

    Awesome video.

  162. Trollolourdss

    Im 15 and i miss being a young child i miss everything i wish could go back even just for an hour just to experience it all again being a kid and have nothing to worry about be a kid and play outside be a kid and chase butterflies be a kid just for an hour i wish my teenage years would be more longer i hate to see my mom age i wish it all to comeback ? sorry it was emotional

  163. Anastacia Reynolds

    “but life goes on, regardless”

    I think I needed to hear that…

  164. Adville747

    They are still positive until they grow old.

  165. King Queen

    1:13 age is just a number ?

  166. mmaalll3_

    beautiful :))

  167. Imtimmytammy

    The third guy is our generations life story now. These elders are awesome 🙂

  168. Tauney Elysia

    Life is Too Short. ♡

  169. TazerNips

    I’ll be lucky to make it to 70, and I’ll be even luckier if I can keep some form of happiness like these folks. Real wholesome stuff.

  170. MegaPixlz

    “staying up from midnight up to breakfast” me every day ?

  171. sukesh kapoor

    Great lessons for happy living

  172. Robert Braun

    It’s embarrassing reading some of these comments and then listening to the words of people who were around when some MAJOR world events took place, and who clearly have nothing but love and advice to offer.

  173. Nathan Coleman

    I would love to live with one of these lovely human beings.

  174. Just kinda here

    I hope I’m like these people when I grow up to be an old man.

  175. TheVoice OfTruth

    Ok youtube I’ll watch it -_-

  176. Alex Bacchetta

    I’m so happy this video came up on my recommendations. ❤️ what amazing people.

  177. Evelina Russo

    This was beautiful and heartbreaking. My grandmother passed away one month ago, she would have turned 97 in a few weeks. So many similarities with this lovely lady. My grandmother’s rock was my grandfather, with whom she celebrated 70 years of marriage before he died at 94. In her widow years she always felt him around, she never stopped grieving a day. She had a beautiful life but also hard. She also lost a child. She was very strong and very generous. And she always taught me to behave and respect others. A few weeks before dying she told me “I had 96 wonderful years”. She loved, loved life to the core. She worked hard. She knew what was right. Damn I wish she was still here. I loved this video and the wisdom of these beautiful people. Thank you so much for sharing.

  178. Karina Cuellar

    I graduated in 2015 from High School. 100 years after Mr. Cliffords birth. I’m here thinking that 21 years of age is old :/

  179. Ashley nisbet

    Take note that none of them talk about possessions; it’s all about family, friends, being a nice person, being helpful, getting a good life partner and being positive. Our current generation is far too obsessed with wealth and physical possessions.

  180. charissecoal

    Living to 100+ seems like a double edged sword. I’m not sure i could handle the amount sorrow they lived through, but them seem so positive and contented. I hope that if i make it to 100 i’m as at peace and happy as them. I think i’d be looking forward to dying it would be exciting and not scary at all.

  181. TheBlackLionessRrr

    This video reminds me that we don’t live forever and someday we all will become old, that’s make me sad.

  182. Luke Hammond

    God loves you all have a blessed one y’all!!

  183. Cristy Cornejo

    Thank you for making this video

  184. Anya Contreras

    The people that disliked this video are the people that give up in life and are horrible people 🙂

  185. Polly Bradshaw

    John doesn’t look old

  186. Lisa Reid

    My God! He looks really good for a hundred year old

  187. Cassie Rexroad

    This was more inspirational than any of those speeches out there.

  188. Inspire Everyone

    *I am Also A Motivational Speaker*

  189. _jacorn_ ya boi


  190. Gandeloft

    9:05 made me cry..

    1. Gandeloft

      I think I’d have fallen in love with her.

  191. Jazmin Luna

    Growing up in this generation is a bit sad now we waste so much time on our phone … like I am now when we can be enjoying the real word. I think slowly but surely our world will be dependent on technology and consumed by it. People are so consumed with the media and things that don’t really matter that we easily get distracted by what is really happening around us

  192. Dutch BLT76

    “touch wood”

    “oh there’s wood underneath there”

  193. RikkTheGaijin

    Who the fuck downvoted this video?!

  194. COOLak

    When I was a little kid (in the period of 3 to 6 years old, I think), I was contantly saying things like “I never want to grow up”. And now I’m an almost 24 year-old man and I look 12 years old, being 5’2″ tall and having a kid’s face and a voice, with no beard growing except for several tiny hairs coming out of my chin and the kind of mustache that normal people start having at 12-13. Please be afraid of your wishes, people.

    1. Antonov

      Damned Jews are putting these things in the food nowdays. It’s biological warfare.

    2. Antonov

      Lack of needed testosterone. You either have some disability, or heavy soyboy diet poisoned you with Xenoestrogens.

  195. Grigori Rasputin1990

    who cares ffs, just fucking die already

    1. Antonov

      Grigorij, you are the one that just couldn’t die.

      Red Jews poisoned you, shot you, stabbed you, not dead. Then they drowned at last.

      But Antonov must admit that you were some damn tough Russian monk, i tell ya that.

  196. Jewii

    I feel so bad for the granny. She lost all her children and her husband yet she’s still so optimistic

  197. JRoostah

    I love old people. This video Makes me miss my grandma who passed 19 months ago at the age of 101. ?

  198. armin harper

    It seems to me that people only stay alive for as long as they think they are usefull for someone or the society as a whole and im only talking about dying of old age.

    That’s why depressed people die faster and younger than happy ppl cuz tgey think no1 needs them and most of the times they are wrong.

  199. Hady Bz

    the best video i’ve seen in YOUTUBE

  200. Emanuelle Trigo

    God bless them…

  201. M Munroe

    Made me smile. Keep RIGHT! Lord bless them.

  202. JayIceColdD

    How the heck have almost 4k people disliked this video? This was beautiful and inspiring.

  203. Keto lifestyle 50 Plus

    Awesome ??

  204. Miloš Stojsavljević

    Your royal overlords are a frail old woman and a small baby. Good day.

  205. Michael Tratter

    aww my heart broke a little when I heard, that she lost her children 🙁 very inspiring people nonetheless

    1. Michael Tratter

      i can very much relate to the guy with the purleish shirt. i’d love to have a conversation with him

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    1. Little Kitty

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  492. Robb 95

    Need to appreciate the key to knowledge that these old timers hold before they go and you no longer can ask. My last surviving Grandpa lived through both wars in Poland and with that had a lot of valuable life lessons to tell (though some ugly thanks to WWII). One thing that makes me sad is that he’s stuck in time, with his whole apartment furnished with the same soviet furniture and wood paneling from 1959 when he purchased his floor. Technology speaking, it’s just him, an old Russian RUBIN cold war color tv, and a rotary phone from another Russian company from many years ago. It’s ironic he always laughs that he has “the computer signals” in his apartment but he doesn’t know how to use them (coaxed him to buy a router so the family can Skype the US during the holidays since we all meet at Grandpa’s home).

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    These are people we should admire and aspire to be like! What gifts to live!

    Keep right on till the end of the road!

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    practice makes perfect… losers never become winners
    experience is what molds your personality
    ….damn, imagine what these people have seen and experienced throughout their lives… born in the early 1910’s!? that’s crazy!
    but just look how positive and happy they are… clearly happiness is the key to longevity
    i can’t picture watching a miserable person at that age…
    “the law of attraction” comes to mind when i watch this
    speaking of happiness/love these days…. we’re LACKING it

    look at their stance on marriage (and people are going MGTOW ) they should watch this and understand that it IS possible to live a long happy life with someone you love.. i’ve always said to those people “every human being is different/unique in their own personal ways…putting down a gender in one complete category is ignorant” ..i mean cool, you want to “go your own way” but don’t go around promoting the negativity on ALL women/ sharing your hate to gain followers as if you’re recruiting “gang members”, because one fucked you over in the past… it’s just sad & quite honestly, makes you look bitter and the type who easily surrenders
    ….another great line from the same guy “these days people give up too easily” …AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH
    … (just finished watching )
    that was beautiful <3

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    All I know is that once my mother didn’t come back home, and so, he went out to look for her out in the woods.
    Mom said the day he left rain fell heavily in their village.
    Mom came back from another village, only to find out that her dad went out to look for her, and when he did, he didn’t come back.
    As the rain fell, the village sent out a group of men to look for him out in the woods.
    The mud bearing his footprints disappeared due to the rain, but they waited a few more days for his return, but he didn’t come back.
    After a few days, a funeral was made for the loss of mom’s dad.

    After a few weeks, a hunting group from mom’s village came back from a hunt and found some bones while they were hunting.
    There was no way of proving that the remains were his, but at that time, they didn’t know any better, so they just buried the bones near his grave, so if they were his or not, they’d still pay their respect to the dead and give the dead a proper burial.

    Sometimes I wonder what he was like, but mom said it happened when she was about 7 or 8, and that sometimes it hurts her
    that she forgot how he looked like, let alone behave. All I can do is ask Allah to give him a peaceful afterlife. I mean, that’s all I can do, right?

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    My own father passed away a few years back aged 94, he served in the royal navy throughout the second world war with a variety of experiences both awful and awesome (He witnessed the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck first hand, and survived his own ship being sunk a year later by Japanese dive bombers with the loss of 600 lives, he clung to a piece of wood for 2 days before rescue….), whenever I remember him I always think of the Rutger Hauer’s “tears in rain” monologue from the first bladerunner film, it breaks me up sometimes, but to see these wonderful sparky humans really does lift your heart. God bless them.

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