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Kylie Will Hate Me For This… KYLIE X GRINCH REVIEW | NikkieTutorials

In today’s video, I’ll be putting Kylie Jenner’s NEW The Grinch collection to the test! I LOVE the Grinch, so I have high expectations for this drop. I test if the eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, and even highlights are any good, and in the end, I might get kicked off the PR list for my honesty… Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!


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🎀 Doing My FIANCE’S Makeup! ►



Disclaimer ‣ This video is NOT sponsored. All thoughts mentioned are my own. No affiliate links are used. Honesty is key on my channel. Thank you for supporting me!

Visuals & sound by Studio Beng Beng:

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ, I love you.

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1,000 Thoughts to “Kylie Will Hate Me For This… KYLIE X GRINCH REVIEW | NikkieTutorials”

  1. NikkieTutorials


  2. PS_Ultra 100

    You still got make-up on, looking like you don’t. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Allison Bobst

    OMG I love the inner corner color for the second eye!!

  4. KinKin Bakar

    Pls just like my comment and continue scrolling and reading comment section. ❤️❤️

  5. Vitopa13

    As a dude who knows nothing about makeup and clicked because I’m bored, I feel like I understand makeup even less now than I did before.

    Why isn’t the lipstick green? Why would you name a fashion/makeup line after the Grinch? Literally the last think I thought of when I saw the Grinch is “Hey, I wanna look like that.”

  6. Wisam Abou Harb

    Omg I love when this girl suddenly sing 😂😍🤗

  7. Suna Colak

    People say she is super honest but I feel like she holds back a little

  8. Lilia

    i will be verassing if kyle dosent kick you off lmao

  9. Tory Staal

    Was she joking about not knowing what “last can of who hash” means?!?! Are you sure this is your favorite movie??

  10. Ryan Wolf

    Haven’t worn makeup in years, can’t stand how it feels on my face, have NO talent for it whatsoever…but I see Nikkie and I clikkie. LOVE her. So talented and so real ♥️

  11. El em

    We say in German: muss los Bruder

  12. Ashleigh Nicole

    Girl the amount of fallout I saw with that first tap turned me off. I already feel like her make up is cheap but over priced but 🤢

  13. Marshall Ginder

    team green!!!

  14. liv5776

    “Mr. Gringe” “the Gringe”

  15. Kayla Heynoski

    I definitely love her lipsticks but I really dont think her brand is worth it for the price compared to the well known good brands we all love. So happy you kept it real just went to the top of my favorites for that thank you❤

  16. Tracy Dieleman

    Team Green here!

  17. kaycie92

    Wtf is a “gringe”

  18. 94breanne

    Can you find a dupe for that red? 😍

  19. jseal091

    I am not trying to be mean

  20. jseal091

    Your face kind of look like a man when you take your makeup off

  21. Pamela Corona

    That was a great review I don’t think she’d b upset

  22. Denise Romero

    I’m watching this video right now and almost spit my candy apple out when you said “candy apple”. LOVEEE YOUUU !! 🥰🥰

  23. kaZuma

    Nikkie I love you, but blind girls and gays like me can’t see your eye looks too well from far away.. things like patchiness and inconsistency within the shadows aren’t too clear for me so zoom in on the eye looks ? 🥺 you used to do it 🥲💚💚

  24. Symphony S

    I also think the names of the shadows and other items were so bland like I am an uncreative asshole but I can come up with better names for this collection

  25. Adèle. W

    Where have you bought your jacket ??? Need it 🤗🤗🤗

  26. Miranda Rae

    I love both. But I favor the green.

  27. Fawn Whisperer

    This feels like clickbait… you overall praise the products but just say you expected more… guess even when you’re a millionaire you gotta have that clickbait.

  28. Steve Blanton

    I Love you

  29. Chelsea Volcjak

    You always look so stunning!
    You could literally wear a dried out, crusty 2 color basic blue & stark white pallette from the 80’s and look like an angel. 🤍

  30. jawaadthebest

    Is that a woman or man

  31. Xfiles Fan

    Claire’s makeup foreal, The Grinch would be livid honey.

  32. Colette Wolf

    I love your honesty! Love the green side, I can’t pull it off, but it looks fab on you!

  33. Dev S

    Where are those hair clips from? So cute 😭😭

  34. Ghandii Dubaii

    No shade buttt
    If yall a true Nikkie fan
    You know she hates green shadow 😂

  35. Kara Robertson

    Girl it’s GrinCH not GrinJ. 😆🤣🤣🤣

  36. Dark Carousel

    Damn you look good sis.

  37. Renee Wadsworth

    it’s literally all marketing. That’s it. The product can’t be good at that low of a price while they are paying to use copyrighted characters and themes. Thanks for the review Nikkie!

  38. Felix Perez

    The FLOSSYBABY shoutout, we love to see it

  39. Jada Pops

    i think that patch is happening because the eye primer is not set or is sticky and it stuck to where you focused the product the most.

  40. Sara Pelczar


  41. John Frost

    Considering it sold out in minutes It doesn’t matter what you think, food for thought with here brand in general. 💚

  42. Lauren Edmunds

    I feel like Kylie just pays people to come up with all this stuff for her. Like I think she is very very minimally involved

  43. Sara Pelczar

    Omg that eye look is amazing

  44. Ali Ali

    I love Green Eye!!!! 🟢 👁

  45. Lucy Esperum

    Honestly for a Grinch special, this collection is….. tame…..

  46. B K

    It sounds like you’re saying gringe. So I’ma use that now.

  47. Z

    Personally this is great for those who love super glam and those who love a more toned down look. Unless your buying multiple pallets, this is great for normal people who dont own 10000 pallets

  48. Jasmine Puri

    i love how she was honest

  49. Stephanie Spencer

    Mr.gringe haha i love nikki

  50. Ava Lagressa

    Nikkie “da hoo dorase?” Me: Da who door as?

  51. sara kukacka

    Love the green 💚💚

  52. Jessica Girl

    Babe, you always put waaay too much contour etc on your nose.

  53. Jessica Girl

    Babe, you always put waaay too much contour etc on your nose.

  54. Damarnie Stuart

    Im only a couple of minutes in but the green on her eye lid is really making her blue eyes stand out more and it looks fabulous. The second one looks like a lion with them colours

  55. Emma Poloai

    Kylie just needs to find a theme and stick to it. if its a christmas pallet make it reds, greens, golds, shimers. Come on mrs Jenner

  56. Vannasgran 617

    You know Nikki “last can of who hash” when the grinch took the last can of who hash.

  57. chess xox

    Omg I love the Grinch so happy it’s the og version aswell! Who has watch the newest grinch ??? ITS AMAZING 👏

  58. Aiza Swan

    It’s almost same with charles james?

  59. Aiza Swan

    Thats super beautiful

  60. JessieNicolee

    Nikkie: “The grinch is my favorite movie of all time”

    Eye shadow name : last can of who hash

    Nikkie: “….idk what that means”

    🧐🧐🧐 ok lol

  61. Ainsley Tarlinton

    When that patch on the eye happens, I take the morphe continuous setting mist and spray it over the eye then go in with the eyeshadow again and it seems to work a lot better

  62. Dayana Ahumada

    thanks to this video i am motivated to try a green shadow look for christmast day

  63. This Vs That

    Ok I think That other youtubers just be nice but she is honest 😊

  64. Deseree Cox

    Oh, those LIPS!!!! ♡♡♡♡ I prefer the green.

    The GRINCH!!! 💚💚💚

  65. Slukas S

    Why is this Goomba trending

  66. Slytherzia Pranto


  67. Shantelle Ciccia Garcia

    Those eye looks really make your eye color pop

  68. Kelsy Jones

    GrinCH 😂

  69. Jacob Onorato

    At 6:00 you fixedit

  70. mallori laws

    The way she says gringe🤣

  71. infected barbie

    green side for sure! pigments are really good, better than the (orange)?? side in my opinion!! 💚💚🎄

  72. Stacy Orick

    Please review Jeffree Star’s new pallet!

  73. Allisonxx 666

    Not worth buying

  74. Suzi Davis

    This palette doesn’t say grinch at all. What a missed opportunity!
    I would love to see you review blood money though.

  75. Jada Fullwood

    ~nikkie~ the ginch is my fav movie

    ~also nikkie~ what is who hash


  76. Princess Of Cinci

    Im sorry i did not like these eye looks. The lashes saved them.. It was way too patch and i think its because of her pallet 😭

  77. Jennifer McCutchen

    Green side ftw 💚🍀💋

  78. Barbara Walker

    Well for me I like more of a blue red and that doesn’t look like a blue red to me!! I like both eyes but if I had to choose I’d go with the green green looks good on you 😊

  79. Maycee Wilkie

    I know priming is a crime but I don’t have any go even start using makeup:(😂

  80. Tressa Barnett

    Team neither BUT very pretty looks. I experienced a lot of balding as well that I solved by wet patting.

  81. Lilpoohbearism

    I love them both together the way you are wearing and it goes with your cute jacket 😍❤️😍

  82. XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII


  83. Sydney Collins

    i love you nikkie but the way you were saying grinch… like gringe… 😂😂

  84. Jovanna Flor

    Jeffree Star made a better “Grinch” pallet than Kylie with Blood Money 💵 🟩 🧪 ❇️🎄💚

  85. Danielle Lou

    I honestly feel like this collab was the weirdest one ever. Like it’s the grinch, why the hell was Kylie doing the collection. Any chance to take advantage of a cash grab I guess. I also feel like they failed at making this grinch like. Like what is that palette even? My 9pan baby yoda palette, has more relatable colors than this.

  86. Sofia Barrera

    The way it ✨shines✨…. lmao I died

  87. WalnutStreet Art


  88. Michele Silva

    Your comments are super professional and very informative !

  89. Franchu Mint

    That glitter shines brighter than my future

  90. soybean legs

    I keep hearing *gringe* instead of *grinch* oml


    Kylie cosmetics doesn’t worth ittttttt

  92. Maryam Fatima


  93. Jovyswrld B

    The second eye reminds me of fall 🍁🍂🧡 .

  94. Emily Elise

    Good lawwwd Nikkie, you are so beautiful! That red lip is everything on ya, babe!😍

  95. Miranda Summerset

    Kylie cosmetics & kkw beauty have the worst palettes tbh
    They are not worth the money

  96. alicia fernandez


  97. Lisa McGrath

    Nikkie u so need the grinch hair clips. U do great with makeup looks on ur eyes. PS WHICH ONE DO U LOVE THE MOST CARTOON OR LIVE ACTION NIKKI

  98. Carlos Rodriguez

    Nikkie: i thought it was reflective and strong but its….. like me on a morning monday NOT INTERESTING
    Me: she described me there

  99. Realest Jay

    Anybody tryna support eachother channels

  100. Naimz Life

    The sheer patch is bc you didn’t fully blend you eye primer so some parts are covered more

  101. Sarala Lynn


  102. Jenny Estrada

    Green team

  103. cami suarez

    no one:
    niki: ✨the gringe✨

  104. Brooke Clark

    Obsessed with this background and yes The Grinch is AMAZING. The look turned out stunning but you can make anything look stunning!

  105. K B

    She keeps saying Grindg not Grinch

  106. Taty Alexis

    no one cares about Kylie anyways lol. it’s the same palette with different packaging

  107. Suzy E

    1:40 with math….SAME

  108. Maddie Sara

    Nikkie ”I hate green”.

    Wears green jacket 😂😂

  109. s

    Am I the only one who finds Nikkie’s voice extremely relaxing? Also love this look, you look beautiful!

  110. Elizabeth Lowe

    How does she take the hardest pallets to work with and make it gorgeous on her face 💗😍

  111. Susana G

    Love it how she’s quoting flossy baby

  112. Jim Berton

    Wish this hadnt popped up. Jesus H. Christ, don’t we have anything better on here to watch.

  113. MeganAshley ASMR

    Nikki counts to 7 and deduces there is 9 more.
    *I am a math queen*
    Literally all of us.

  114. Christine Green

    The whole collection is sold out, which is crazy.

  115. kat vlogs

    Maybe there was a patch because you didn’t put primer there ??

  116. Amanda criis makeup

    Very beautiful your Makeup 💚🇧🇷🇧🇷✨

  117. anna banana

    who came from her tik tok?

  118. Froy Gutierrez

    You look like my 13 year old cousin nathan🤣

  119. Crystal Lewis

    People judge business for removing them from PR Lists however, chances are your not going to promote a item you don’t like … which is the point of you being on the list to promote. Chances are even higher that your not going to like products that are basically the same formula but have a different slightly different look to them.. so it’s a win for them and you they end only having people promote who like their junk and you end up not being overloaded with makeup and skincare you won’t use or promote ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  120. Rachel Stevenson

    Can’t wait for you to face the real nightmare and review ‘blood money’ lol

  121. Golden 01

    From where are those lashes that she’s wearing in the video THO???

  122. Lucy Scarlett

    The whole collection is like, normal collection in grinch packaging.. we need more green and we gotta represent candy Lou with the reds n pinks

  123. chocolate chip cookies

    Stan Nikkie for clear and the most perfect skin 😍😍😍😍

  124. Ruth Stokley

    Have you ever used MaryKay

  125. Eden Unknown

    I love that nikkie isn’t afraid to upload a video even if she gets off a pr list, no fucks given, love that

  126. M. Guerra

    omg none. Not even your talent made this palette worth smth

  127. mortalia

    Nikkie can pull off literally anything, but the quality of these eyeshadows is not any better than drugstore ones to be honest.

  128. God has come into my body, as a angelic fire body

    God entered into my body, as a body. my same size. God rips my face, shoots into my mouth gum disease. Jesus appears and laughs. come to God

  129. Cassandra Arnold

    Grinch not Gringe. Pet peeve

  130. Sami Carias


  131. Jay Jay

    Is it me or has Kylies collections been coming with less and less items each time 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ her PR boxes used to be so big before 🤷🏻‍♀️

  132. Doracantfindmybrain XOXO


  133. Katya Yurchenko


  134. pieceofbasil

    why is no one talking about her butterfly clips they’re so pretty

  135. CHR1ST1NA

    I love how she says Grinch

  136. Deja Ls

    She said if anyone knows how to stop eyeshadow from patching let her know…Sis that’s why I’m watching you 😭😭

  137. 1call Bank2.0

    Literally to the 1% who’d read this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful year……

  138. pricyl jeans

    For a grinch themed launch, i was expecting more green shades on the pallette. 😶

  139. Zaxy

    How many palettes does she come up with a month I feel like every week bam a 🎨

  140. melissa Marie

    I love it!!! I think you look beautiful 🤩

  141. Zaxy

    That red is gorgeous

  142. Tatiana Rodriguez

    Can we just talk about how much shadow came off of the brush when she tapped it😭

  143. Jailyn Hill

    everyone else: Grinch
    Nikki: ✨Gringe✨

  144. Laila rafou

    Try Rclbeauty cosmetics!

  145. Faye Boyd


  146. America Little

    Are you going to do winters wonder week?

  147. Piper Hunt


  148. Heather Mitchell

    I am giving my daughter a Christmas Verrassing with the new NikkieTutorials pressed eyeshadow palette! The biggest VERRASSING is that I bought one for myself too!!!!! 😍😍❤️

  149. Grinch McCONall

    You’re gonna need a lot more make up to steal Chrismas before I do!

  150. eaden taylor

    i notice the patchyness happens when you pack on with certain brands of shadows. i find if it does that when packing it’s better to just blend immediately ❤️❤️

  151. Ava Cline

    Merry early Christmas and stay safe! ❤️

  152. Jaiden Rabbitt

    @kyliejenner 😚💀

  153. Laura Laughery

    That movie is my favorite to

  154. eaden taylor

    i love the packaging of this. i’m not a fan of Kylies makeup line but i would literally get this just for decoration

  155. Αφροδίτη Σαχινίδου

    Did you prime with plouise?? I have the palette and had the same issue with plouise, patches.. But using my sigma stick and UD primer potion, it worked PERFECTLY!
    Loved the look, you look amazing as always! Lots of love from Greece❤️❤️

  156. Livia Presbury

    Yall always cancel her for not being honest but when she is you cancel her for being mean and honest I just don’t understand?

  157. Anetrice Clark

    Big thanks for being truthful

  158. Kay Giglia

    Her saying gRInGg
    Instead of GrinCH has me dying over here

  159. Moon Star

    All about loving 🥰 amazing 🤩

  160. Jasmin Reynoso

    That red lip !!!

  161. Rhonda Brown

    I really like both sides. The Green is more glamorous. The Pink side seems like a nice everyday or daytime look.

  162. Danea Diaz

    Maybe try setting the eye before putting the green Im not sure haven’t tried it😊

  163. Jared Merry

    Anyone else notice the big dust cloud when she tapped the brush after using the first green shadow lol

  164. Alia Aldhaheri

    Try doing an Arab make up look

  165. Dragonbreath Smaug

    The red lips to die for and reminded me of pin-up tats. Fabylous! Went beautifully with the green. Btw it’s GrinCh not GrinGe – sorry it was bugging me a tad. Love you good vid as always. Have an ice-cream to match the pin up vibe.🍦 🥰🦩

  166. Kor Skyzz

    The eyeshadow palette looks like 1 of the ones from the storm collection same colors

  167. Cátia Sofia

    question: why you never try jeffree star makeup?

  168. Rose Hunt

    The only good thing about 2020 is watching Nikkie have the success, love and care she finally deserves. Baby she really did glow this year x

  169. Miley Santilli

    the green is perfect with the red for christmas, but the other side with the red gives me taylor swift lol

  170. Hannah Hamilton

    Team GREEN for sure! Looks beautiful as always! I’m super interested in seeing a video about your current, favorite, brushes. 💛

  171. parapa the rappa fan girl

    I have bin watching you for like a year but I forgot to subscribe 🤣🤣🤣

  172. Laura Proctor

    I have seen the grinch and I love it the grinch is my favorite movie

  173. pershya1

    It’s sad Nikki feels like if she speaks the truth she’ll be removed from the PR list. I now feel this review has been sugar coated.

  174. Eva. W

    Well i mean….. i still prefer beauty bay x nikkie tutorials collab pallette….just saying 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

  175. stream walls

    omfg nikkie your voice is literally kris jenner im sorry i-

  176. Valerie Lauren

    “the color dahouduris”
    LOL Dahoo Dores, Fahoo Fores🥸🎄

  177. Ghofran Alsubaie

    I had a hard time with batchy eyeshadow, I found that putting again on the patch only P.louise Base and apply again the same used color will fix ur problem I swear try it

  178. Rachel Elizabeth

    am i the only one who can’t get past her pronouncing grinch as “gringe” sorry love you nikkie ❤️

  179. Claire Beth

    Proof I’m spying on you…
    Ur not in full screen

  180. Jane' Pienaar

    Nikki saying “yeah” like one of the kardashian/jenners.. Lol

  181. Kim14 berly88

    I grew up in the 80s and we wore cover girl or wet n wild. And $20 would buy you everything.

  182. Danielle

    Did Kylie cosmetics buy the rights to use the “grinch” brand? Idk how all that legal stuff works, but I’m sure the grinch is copyrighted

  183. Jaimie Mirella

    im sorry i love nikkie but how can you claim the grinch as one of ur all time favorite movies and not know what the last can of whohash is ?!

  184. Francie Greenberg

    this is how many people want nikkie to do a collab with james charles

  185. Briana Castillo

    green eye is better

  186. Jackie Vu

    Nikki plz do the Blood Money palette 🙏🙏🙏

  187. Brittany Garcia

    It’s the title names for me 😑


    GREEENN hunty!!!

  189. Zbuggzy Gaming

    :Me Just casually watching Nikkie’s video:
    Nikkie: “I Was Scared The Shimmer Eye Glaze Was Gunna Have A Lot Of Fall Out But Actually It’s-”
    Me: * *Randomly finishing her sentence for fun* * “nOnE aT aLl”
    Nikkie Again: “nOnE aT aLl.”
    Me Again: :O

  190. Mindy MacDonell

    I’ve seen the Grinch I love it

  191. Jasmeen Arechiga

    If she takes you off the P.R. List then maybe she shouldn’t be in this business or have any business for that matter.

  192. ChanG

    The way she kept saying the Grinje

  193. oxXEVIL LYNXxo

    Nothing about that palette says the grinch to me. Her liquid lips are ok but honestly imo, her eyeshadow palettes are mediocre at best 🤷‍♀️. Not worth the price to me.

  194. Valerie Branam


  195. Arcade Craniacs


  196. Kennedy Malsch

    Sometimes youtubers talk about patchiness but I can hardly see it. not for this tho, I saw it immediately when u applied it

  197. Diego Alpizar

    Her say the names was it for me

  198. Random Pie

    Can I just say something: you rock queen

  199. Alice Stokes

    Can you please review mmmitchell’s new make up line? His eyeshadows are supposed to be incredible!

  200. Tara Agnessi Wijnand

    She starting with the clickbait like everyone else

  201. Ceay

    I will never buy anything from any of those people in that family

  202. Diego Alpizar


  203. Jamie

    4:02 is the MOST American I’ve ever heard Nikkie sound! 😂😂 “Like, Okaaaaay?!”

  204. Darling kiko

    That jacket😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

  205. otakusan 00

    I like the green side more

  206. IVAnéa vasques cruz


  207. Mayara Alves

    Do more reviews! 😍

  208. Jennifer Bowen

    Loved the lip! Eyeshadow palette wasnt that interesting to me🤷🏼‍♀️

  209. kelly Lavigne

    Wait kylie makeup up is still a thing lol i literally stop paying in 2018

  210. Markie Kaiser

    I get the patch too, almost every single time I do my makeup. Wondering why it happens as well 😫

  211. Laurapeetje

    Oeh, de groene eye-look met de rode matte lippenstift <3 I LOVE it. You should definetely wear it sometimes

  212. RR

    Nikki this blush looks better than your usual peach one.

  213. Nadiia Goncharenko

    Why she started to speak ,as Jeffrey Star?… I liked it before
    Thanks for you honesty!

  214. Hayley Witzke

    Team Green 😀

  215. Doctor Proctor

    Phat pigus

  216. Charlie Sanders

    For someone who loves the grinch, I’m surprised you didn’t know The Who hash reference 😂❤️💚


    Jefes Star esta revolcándose en su mierda , por qué nikkie ya no hace más reseñas de el

  218. Katherine Quinn

    I remember the days of silver eye liner, purple lipstick and butterfly clips 😬

  219. Wasakahaw Mikisu Iskwew

    Right when she said she didn’t know what the last can of who-hash means I knew she wasn’t a true grinch fan lol 👀

  220. X Kaxsky.

    I baught a Kylie lip kit and the liner was the worst. Used up in 2 uses, broke off, dry af.

  221. Sophonie Leah

    I like your make up collection

  222. Sparky Spark boom boom boi

    I thought Nikkie hated green?

  223. Allison Herrera

    Ella salio en glow up 😺 I LOVE YOU ❤

  224. Hannah Herndon

    unrelated but i just got the juvia’s place foundation bc of you Nikki, also Verrassing

  225. Dame Soul

    I just HATE this collection 🤢

  226. Flywithpaula

    I missed your videos <3

  227. RR

    This is why I love the Dutch. They are fking honest❤️ (also tall😍) Halo Nikki😘

  228. Nuria Tamara

    Any single mum here struggling with loneliness like me??

  229. Archie Way

    get saved in christ right now before it’s to late. just pray that you believe he died for your sins and that he is your Lord and savior then tell him to enter your life. when you say this that dead spirit in you comes alive, your born again, soul is saved from hell, name written in the book of life. after that get to know god. repent and trust in God. serve god, you will be rewarded.

  230. paige gilbert

    Half of the names on the palet I don’t understand and I am a big fan of the Grinch

  231. maria a

    You look gorg the red lipstick looks sooooo goood on you 💄❤

  232. Lorelai Jones

    Yes sorry Kylie

  233. S. Nero

    I don’t give a damn about the Kardashians and make-up in general but watched this >18 min video because this girl’s personality is absolutely captivating

  234. Veronica Aucone

    Colab with Bailey Sarian please

  235. BethAnn McGill

    I love her so much…nikki not kylie lol just to be clear. Love her!!! She is everything i want to be

  236. Lili

    Plz tell me where you got those butterfly clips?

  237. Melanie Spiering

    Woord van de dag groen

  238. cherrysoda97

    The fallout is a bit bothersome, as well as the patchiness, but if I am able to pull off a bomb ass look then was it really worth the price point? Everyone’s opinion is different 😲

  239. Sowia Sówią

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