Kim Kardashian West has collaborated with her makeup artist bestie Mario Dedivanovic! In the KKW x Mario collection is a glam eyeshadow palette ($45), two perfect nude lipglosses ($18 each) and a gorgeous nude lipstick ($20). I got my hands on the collection and will be putting it to the test in a NEW series: FACE MATCH. Today’s guest artist is @mmmmitchell – hope you enjoy!

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FACE MATCH intro graphic by Studio Beng Beng.

Disclaimer ‣ This video is NOT sponsored by any of the brands mentioned throughout this video. All thoughts mentioned are my own. Some affiliate links are used. They do not cost you anything, but I make a small percentage from the sale. Honesty is key on my channel, thank you for supporting me!

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1,000 Thoughts to “KKW BEAUTY x MARIO COLLECTION REVIEW | Face Match”

  1. NikkieTutorials


  2. Verin Dedrick

    Why did Nikkies voice sound different at the start….?

  3. The Fish

    Me: Making sure to let them ad’s play all the way to support my girl Nikkie
    Loving the new series

  4. puathepufekc

    you’re over flown lip filler is super cute mustache look✌️

  5. Emmy Elliott

    Nikkie, I have so much fun watching your videos <3 you both did outstanding looks

  6. Paige Pinet

    This was uploaded on my birthday march 30th

  7. Shafrinaz Ramlee

    I love u nikkie but mitchel kills it in this one. ???

  8. Veronica Caines

    I live for the more natural brow!


    His lid with your under eye would SLAYYYY

  10. Emily Mills

    I definitely like the end product of Mitchell’s but I like the lower lash line of Nikki’s. And her eyelid is softer than Mitchell’s but his, in my opinion, has a more intense kind of look. It’s a toss up.

  11. moody af

    I love both. but I love Mitchell’s way more it makes ur eyes look amazing.

  12. Tin Bernas


  13. Caitlyn Bruce

    I like Nikkies look??

  14. Life is CRAAAZY


  15. Baylee Kotcamp

    Omg I love this Series and I can’t wait for more. I think it’s such a creative idea! By the way I think Nikkie won

  16. Polly Pocket

    I actually like Nikki’s look best…the eye shape was much more flattering!

  17. Mahinar Ashraf

    your side looks much more softer and blended i like your side better

  18. ForeverRia101

    I can’t even choose!! WOW so creative, the both of you! I’m beyond shoook

  19. Pamela _

    I have been watching so many videos of people reviewing this palette just to hear them saying “Now I’m using the shade Albanian”…feel proud and leave.

  20. Veronica Rivera


  21. Keiko

    this is really an interesting series that i haven’t seen on youtube previously. just by the first episode i’m already hooked and can’t wait to see more!

  22. Averi 2


  23. Erica Pinto

    you are a true make-up artist Niki

  24. erva özusta

    i choose yours

  25. Elliet Schulte

    Loveeeeeee this!??

  26. Anni Ernstson

    I loved this series and I loved both of your looks but I actuallty liked yours a little better Nikkie. <3 <3 <3

  27. ruiqi22

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I would’ve liked to see someone put the blue on the browbone…

  28. fatima huq

    Mitchell is such a qt

  29. JohannaGMakeup

    Such a cool concept! A great way to show 2 looks for one palette and learn new techniques! Please do more of that series!

  30. Valentina Roso

    Why do all that work and then hide it with a lash so big? Gorgeous but the lash was a bit much :/

  31. Lauren Kenwo

    Mitchell is the most northern lad I’ve heard, love him

  32. Breann M

    Such a cute series!!

  33. Maria Ivicheva


  34. MsPomeranianlover

    Nikkie hands down!

  35. Makayla Charles

    Love Mitchell’s side! I think it’s a different twist on the normal eye look and it flatters your eye shape so well!

  36. Cari Hallberg

    In my personal preference I like Nikkie’s look better just because im not really into dark colors that much. THEY BOTH ARE STUNNING THOUGH!!!!!!!!

  37. Devon Baker

    Oh my gosh!What highlight is on her skin!??It is gorgeous! And also I can’t believe I wasn’t following him before?

  38. bela flor

    BRASIL✌Nikkie é sensacional ❤???????????

  39. jadegirl12

    I need to know the highlighter

  40. tabitha de leon-david

    Both look amazing… I prefer ur side tho…

  41. Amber S

    I like your look better blending queen

  42. Nataya Putri

    Both are so gorgeous ?? Actually I like Mitchell’s look, but Nikkie’s look is suit her eye shape more

  43. rachel nusbaum

    i like nikkies look a little more cause i love the cat eye shape

  44. B H

    Mitchell won hands down!

  45. Jenny Skenet

    You won.. u placed the Blue better

  46. Trying to Mom

    I think you won nikki

  47. Lou Lou Doty

    Omg this is by far my fav look that has been done with Libra color from this palette! Seems like everyone is using the same look with that color. Amazing job!

  48. Brittany Brewer

    I honestly love your look more than Mario. ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  49. Laura Cook

    This is such a creative idea i LOVE it ✨

  50. Alison Colby

    I love your make up more than Mitchell make up.. You re always the best for me

  51. Malalau Stylish

    ?️?️Hi guys, I make makeup videos too, if you WANT You can go to my CHANNEL to see more?️?️

  52. Prani Szauer

    Mitchel <333

  53. Julia Paiva Machado


  54. Joshua de la Paz

    Mitchell won. What he made was stunning omg ❤

  55. Andrea Cervantes

    What is the song in the back round when he wipes the eyeshadow on her face

  56. Cecilia

    Both are extremely skilled, but Nikkie, yours matched your eye shape WAY better. I think Mitch’s eye makeup was good but I think yours just looked better on you ???

  57. Shelby Millspaugh

    “There’s a little kickback in the pan, but nothing like, yaknow, Anastasia” THE SHADEEEEEE

  58. shri hiremath

    Nikkie, I loved your look, for me YOU won this challenge

  59. Juliet

    I like how dewy it looks

  60. Becky Adamson

    I’d say Mitchel xxx

  61. WrapFiqah

    It’s funny that they look so different but with the lashes on and her eyes open they almost look like the same thing

  62. sterrevv


  63. WrapFiqah

    Mitchell is so talented it’s wild!!???

  64. Queen Anna

    Highkey ! tho nikkies look is beautiful bt yes ii looooooved mitchels lol

  65. Tamaimai


  66. AliGrim136

    I liked both! They both look amazing and super wearable. For my face though, i would most likely go with Nikkie’s side, I like the way it looks a bit more open and makes her eye look a little bigger. I have itty bitty eyes and like to make them look as big as possible (which i still fail at cause I don’t follow a rule base, i just put color on and look like a 5 year old ith fingerpaints)

  67. Ellen Finck

    love the idea of the series very entertaining ❤❤❤❤❤

  68. Hana Zachery

    Hey what brush are you using for applying the eyeshadow?

  69. Jessica Smith

    I think you won the look, but that’s because while I do like a halo eye, I prefer the darker outer corner with a lighter inner corner.

  70. Valerie Martinez

    I like how he applied your eyeshadow never seen that technique before , hopefully I can try it and hopefully I can finally find something that will work for my hooded eyelids

  71. olga repo

    nikkie really knows her face, an open cut crease looks so good on her. mitchell did an amazing job as well, although I do think another pair of lashes would’ve brought more justice to the work of art on the lids? ++even though i typically stay away from brown/ bronzed lid looks, the blue shadow was a really nice (and needed) pop to both of their looks.

  72. Alice Abrahamsson

    im so bored of the blue in every eyeshadow look with this palette, every guru uses it and its basically the same eyeshadow look on everyone using it

  73. Shannon Noriega

    Mitchel did a great job but I love yours more. The shape & how you used the blue liner. ❤️

  74. Raegann Pokornik

    When you’re so talented that the looks are basically the exact same ????

  75. Taskute

    Could you please, please do a new most used brushes and palettes video?

  76. Alexis doyle

    Nikki won

  77. Celeste ThaBest

    Dyinnng for another episode of FACE MATCH ?

  78. Chigu Khan

    Nikkie won this. I LIKE NIKKIE’S makeup …. excellent

  79. Matt Lemos

    It´s Bomb gloss by Fenty Beauty? sorry but… saaaaame

  80. Rachel Hanselman

    Honestly why does Nikki’s look better from a far but his looks better way up close

  81. pizza man

    ? Why tf is it not called face off

  82. Patricio Rincon


  83. Andrea Draper

    You won Nikkie!

  84. Bárbara Grigoletto

    Nikkie wins

  85. laurence bureau

    Sorry… Mitchell’s side is better! ??

  86. jazmine ajouza

    I love your look better

  87. Shelby Mae

    I feel like nikkie won. I like her positions and placements she did with the shadows more

  88. Leah Hubbard

    Mitchell won

  89. Ferret Bear

    Mitchell wins for the inner half of the eye, you win for the outer (IMO the shape you chose is more flattering for your eye shape).

  90. LalaTranslated


  91. Jennifer Angelie Nazario Velez

    Like the Mitchell one, but I love the color combinations that Nikkie did on the bottom lashes. I’m stayin’ with Nikkie, loved it!. ?

  92. sapphire tiger

    i think nikkie won this

  93. Jocelyn Iniguez

    i absolutely love our your looks but i think Mitchell won this !!

  94. Heather Adrian

    See I like Mitchell’s top eye lid better and Nikki’s lower lid better HOWEVER I’d say overall Mitchell took the crown

  95. Bikini Sarah

    mitchells is nice, but i think yours won. Yours looks way better on your face! It’s the home field advantage 🙂

  96. Gucci Santos

    His side is not flattering at all. The shape makes your eye look like it droops down at the corners and widens your face; whereas your eyeshadow shape lifts your eye which also adds the illusion of a contoured face. His look would’ve won if the shape was better but it’s not so yours wins.

  97. Leila Oliveira

    two are perfect, xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  98. Victor A Santiago

    I like NICKI’s the blue eyeliner made the difference and I thought that the colors showed better… like each color had its turn to shine… if that makes sense .

  99. JessicaMarie Love

    I was laughing so hard at the intro. Lol???????????????????????????

  100. for fun

    mitchelle definitely won

  101. fabi jata

    what was the name of the first shade??

  102. Horse Power

    Nikkie my gurl your eye was smoking hot compared to his. His was still good but not as fab-u-lous as yours!!!

  103. Sydlopaige

    what blending brush is mitchell using?? omgg

  104. Bobbi Jones

    I love the way Mitchell’s side is a really rounded shape!

  105. Thatswhatilike

    love the idea for this new series and love the inro! cant wait for more but as a fellow brit im gonna have to go with mitchell

  106. phyllis Goddard


  107. Ava Wineman

    They are both GORGEOUS! I honestly prefer your side because I think it suits your eye shape better but I love them both!

  108. Elmari Jankowitz

    Great video idea! So glad that you will be making this a regular thing. Colour me excited!

  109. Autumn Calma

    I NEED to know what foundation and highlight you have on ???

  110. FATAL

    When you start uploading once a week cos you know you getting that youtube money and your subscribers aren’t even priority no more 🙁 I just want more videos 🙁

  111. Marta Bessa

    omggg mitchell slayed!!

  112. Kelley Broussard Mackaig

    That blue dab under Nikkie’s eye was everything!

  113. Joanna Garcia

    Barely got a chance to watch this and I love it!!

  114. Sharmin Akter

    Soo Soo beautiful

  115. Lubna Mahmood

    U r beautiful ?

  116. Hor Lim

    can you make girlfriend done boyfriend make up Challenge

  117. Haseen Rehan

    Hi nikKie, this is Haseen I Am Your Biggest Fan….. I just love your makeup you are like my inspiration love you

  118. Hande Kuş

    Hak din islamdır

  119. Lilah Amed

    When r u revealing the winter wonderland week winners!? It’s been months

  120. Vanessa renee

    What concealer ?

  121. Makeupbyharriettt

    Loved the style of this video! Two icons ❤️

  122. Leeann Mussatt

    I loved nikis more. Probs cause the eye look wasn’t so dramatic. His was such a party look

  123. HarleyQuinn257

    What highlighter did you use?

  124. Rend Alsabba

    Both are great but I prefer Nikkie’s side

  125. Moustache Maniac VLOGS

    YOU BOTH WON !!!!!!!!! i love both of the looks and you guys put so much effort into it.??

  126. Molly Salkeld

    I like Mitchell’s lid but nikkies lashline??

  127. Nameless

    You are so cute Nikkie at the intro

  128. Annie Khan

    O I’m a big fan of yours and try to follow your makeup tricks on special occasions as well as daily routine… but Hands Down “Mitchell” did a fab job ??? can’t stop my self of starring at the eye he has done ?????

  129. Daisy Chain

    Both so amazing… how do you do it?!

  130. Alex Cardinal

    Hey girl! LOVE the Face Match idea! For the eyeshadows, I think Mitchell won for the top part, but you won for the bottom part. Love ya <3 <3 <3

  131. delmiie

    I actually preferred yours.

  132. Lana Lasah

    Heyyy girl have you saw dope2111 video she tried your look and she looks like you I was like OMG ? she smashed it she was soooo good ? got check it out just look up I tried nikkie totorials makeup ? look btw love you ?

  133. Cowgirl Up

    i love yours the best Nikkie! ?

  134. Janet Lee

    I think Mitchell won. It was so close

  135. Isabel Herrera

    From a distance with your eyes wide open, and the lash effect they look very similar, but kndeed gotta give it to Mitchell

  136. Ethan Harris

    I love Nikki’s style because it’s so subtle and classy.

  137. Andrea Altuna

    Thumbs up for the intro

  138. KYMA


  139. Joanna Campos

    Mitchell should be everyones teacher wtf ???

  140. Joanna Campos


  141. Elida Matei

    Please do an exotic makeup tutorial! I feel like that’s what you would go for, I would too 🙂

  142. Lele Kim

    Those neon nails tho

  143. Megg.slimeee On IG

    God is it just me or dose that eye look, look sorta simular

  144. Nallely Ramirez

    Nikkie, yours is better!! Reason being is the shape you have for your eye makes your eyes pop more but Mitchell did a nice job. You win though ?

  145. Gönül Aksu

    What a face?!?

  146. Chena 2000

    Ik vind de jouwe het beste nikkie

  147. Lauren Askins

    Nikkis bottom lash looks better, but Mitchell’s lid looks BEAUTIFUL!! I’ve never seen a cut crease done so intensely

  148. Ruby Thornton


  149. Katy Gonzalez

    Nikkie won!!!!

  150. Talea Langner

    hands down, nikki won

  151. sam

    he’s so cute and sweet awww

  152. Saffron Beauty

    yep..that intro gave me anxiety

  153. Hollie Rutter

    Loved this video. Awesome watching you both give you interpretations on the palette. I definitely preferred nikkies look as I loved the shape more. I need this palette in my life ? that blue shade it’s immense ? thank you for the vide and looking forward to the next episode ???

  154. Gustavo G G

    Mitchell está en las ligas mayores por mucho!! Lo de Nikki fue lo de siempre, misma técnica

  155. Kym Phillips

    I actually prefer yours Nikkie the shape is better and the colour placement is more flattering …

  156. Lila Pinto

    Both are WAYYYYY better than I can do but Mitchell

  157. Penny Hanlon


  158. Veronica M

    Nikki, teach us a Dutch word at the end of your videos ??

  159. Leen Al-kayyali


  160. Thirza Mendes

    Ahh Nikkie wat ben je toch een leuk kind?❤

  161. Iram Javed

    plz tell me which foundation is best for oily skin plzzz

  162. Christina Sanchez

    beautiful but ive seen this look and color scheme for the last 3yrs….

  163. jessmay192

    I like mitchells top lid and nikkies bottom lash line

  164. Christy Holmes

    I like mollies better. More wearable

  165. Mar Bar

    Mitchell’s heightens the eye, Nikki’s elongates it

  166. Noemi Hernandez

    My sister met her on Tuesday and she’s the nicest person I ever heard about I love her makeup

  167. Makeupbyyaya

    What Eye pencil did he use on you? ?

  168. Gabriella Olguins

    Nikkie has such a beautiful face omg

  169. tristan shae

    mitchell’s brow looks more like a nikkie brow than nikkis brow ??

  170. Saima Farooq

    Luv this new series

  171. Tegan Bermas

    I love your videos!! So excited for this series!!

  172. Anaclara kawaii

    does a makeup video with CL, she’s a kpop idol, I’d be very happy.

  173. Gabriela Makhlouf

    This gives me tv show vibes!!??

  174. Ilana D'Agostino

    i wish someone would’ve done a winged liner with that blue shadow

  175. Ashley Beavers

    Nikki won, his look closed off your eyes and made them look smaller, by not using brown on the inside it opened them up

  176. Lyndsey Taylor

    he is so amazing like w t f

  177. baby girl ay

    Hey guys i would really appreciate if you guys subscribed to our channel we posted a grwm thanks

  178. chloe gabrielle

    it gave me anxiety when he was blending powder eyeshadows on WET concealer/foundation under hahah

  179. Annabelle O'Neil

    I think Mitchell won the lid, but I like your under lash line way better

  180. Lea Johnson

    Girl if u sucked u wouldn’t have 9.5 million subscribers.???????????????

  181. HelloChesca


  182. Ysmaldj Jaquez

    Hey guys my friend started a youtube channel and i would love if you guys subscibe and watch her video. Her channel is called Baby girl ay and the video is called Get ready with us / get to know us

  183. Eliyah Jagroop

    I love you so much Nikki but Mitchell wine this one lol

  184. Matt P

    Hi ! What’s the blue eyeliner you used ? Thanks

  185. danica

    review the lustrous collection by nadine lustre!!

  186. LifeOfCharl


  187. Elisa Alincaj

    Both were good but Nikki won

  188. candy panda_15

    I think that Nikkie won because her look looked like something I would wear whereas mitchell’s look was too intense for me. They were both amazing tho <3

  189. Anh Phạm

    hey nikkie, y don’t you try asia makeup? or JP makeup?

  190. Christina Molina

    Makeup GIVEAWAY and review of the Elsa and Olivia palettes on my channel ♡ giveaway open until April 30th ♡

  191. Barulho Music

    Ela é incrível! Amoo seus vídeos rsrs

  192. Bhavneet Kaur

    When is your next videoo.. Waiting eagerlyy

  193. Chloe Toribio

    Ordered my palette after watching this… Nikki convinced me ???

  194. pizza goals

    omg? both

  195. mimi jac

    Mitchell eye makeup makes nikkie eye lid space more bigger

  196. Hanni Halim

    Woahhhh mitchell won

  197. Anne Bay

    mitchell win!?

  198. Nancy Yang

    Wow you both did such amazing job but I have to say I loved Mitchells look more. Youre still the best Nikkie. Maybe its cause I’m so used to seeing your look that it’s nice to see someone elses spin on u.

  199. j money

    his side looks best on top of the lid, but your side looks best under the eye!

  200. ItsStill Mya


  201. marina samano

    You should of done his eyes and him your eyes and in the end look at it to see both of your reactions

  202. Zena Murphy

    i think nikki won

  203. Nina Williams

    Tyler Oakley is that you ?

  204. Cynara Christensen

    Try FOCALLURE liquid lipstick!

  205. Crystal Cool

    nikkie always giving me that eureka realness.

  206. Mirna Carlos

    What is the base he uses??? Does anyone know- Thanks love!

  207. Janette Acolt

    He is amazing!!! A true artist!

  208. TheScottClan

    Everyone else in the comments is like: OH MY GOD MITCHELLS LOOK IS EVERYTHINGGG. But ima go and say that my queen Nikki won this round. But for like the launch of the KKWxMario pallet, I would have used Mitchell’s but as a like “spice it things up” kinda look (what I’d usually do) I’d use Nikki’s. Ya know what I mean?

  209. Crystal Stangler

    Absolutely love this new series!

  210. Freckles&polkadots 16

    I liked the shape you created for you eyes, it suited you better than Mitchell’s did, but I prefer his pigment compared to yours, his cut crease was hella strong so imma say this one is a tie ❤

  211. Romana Carden

    they look the same exact to me! barely any difference!

  212. Heloisa Soares Sestak

    Well I loved both but Mitchell won, I want to say it is Nikkie but I loved sooo much Mitchell’s, ah I’m sorry, this hurts ?

  213. Nayisel Barajas

    Mitchell yet I loved Both beautiful ways to use the same colors but Mitchells eye look goes more with your eye shape

  214. Joanna Szemberska

    wow cant wait for more Face Match! <3

  215. Ella Chadney

    LOVED THIS VIDEO! and Mitchel is AMAZING, followed him for a while and he amazes me everytime. Can’t wait to see more of these vids

  216. Elsa Bettha

    Michell ❤️❤️ … sorry

  217. Kamila Maldonado

    Why not doing a full face using only kitchen tools

  218. Chloe Kendrick

    omg i literally live 15 mins away from mitchell its so insane that a wiganer is doing nikkies makeup 😀

  219. Angel Jove

    I actually like your side better.

  220. Stephanie Hardware


  221. Alicia Snow

    Am I the only one who likes Nikki’s side more?!

  222. Vanessa Ortiz

    Definitely wins Mitchell, omg I love how he do your eye.


    such a good idea nikki, i feel like i learned so much in this video! thank you!!

  224. alondra lopez

    I love both ❤️❤️ you are both so talented!

  225. sofi gorlizky

    .Please do one tutorial with out skipping the part you bland the eyeshadow. . I want to see who you blend it.
    Love you so much

  226. wisperinmyghost

    I honestly see no quality difference! Just as preference I happen to like Mitchell’s spotlight a little bit more. ^^;

  227. izzy thomas

    Oh this hurts my heart to say BUT Mitchell won ?

  228. sadlydeeply

    yemin ediyom makyajsız daha güzelsn kıızz

  229. Cansu Yilmaz

    rujcu senin ? yesin ?

  230. danielle mcgarry


  231. Alanna Beardmore

    Mmmmitchel ❤️ LIVING for the spotlight eye

  232. Emily Stewart

    I say Nikki won ❤️

  233. HJx

    It’s amazing because I love both artists!!❤️❤️

  234. HarleyQuinn257

    Do you think this lipstick, works for paler skin tones?

  235. Nelly

    I know it’s not the focus of the video but i ABSOLUTELY LOVE how he did your face makeup. The left (your right) is glowing and blushing so beautifully

  236. Kara Smyk

    Mitchell won

  237. Waqiya Wahid Beigh

    both of u were the best but he made crease in lil square shaped which i loved alot so mmmmitchell ?

  238. Beatrice Snow

    Loved both looks! Amazing techniques (gonna try to recreate with what I have) but I think Nikkie’s eyeshadow looks better on her eye shape. Mitchell’s is probably better for someone who wants a more round eye.

  239. David Cas

    He’s so fuckin cute

  240. Candice Hodges

    i’ve watched this 7 times

  241. Jeandre Coetser

    Nikkies is better, I think. They’re both amazing and make the pallette work but I like the way nikkiedz looks , the shape, how the dark colours are blended and the brightness of the blue

  242. Gözde ÖZTÜRK

    Love this ❤️

  243. Ern Ji Chew

    where is the april fools video ??

  244. kylie ingraham

    Both valid looks on both, but I gotta give Mitchell the win, his keeps snatching my gaze lol

  245. Olivia Davies

    You should do a full face of makeup using only testers challenge like if you agree

  246. Tia Glackin

    I’m actually going to go with Nikki! I think the shape is more flattering and I like the bold blue under eye more. Mitchell killed it, though!

  247. Pratiwi Utamiputri

    LOVE this series!!! keep it up please Nikkie, Much love from Indonesia

  248. ShaWaaat

    I vote nikkie! Erry thang is a perf 11!The blue in the center of the lower lash clashes with the rest of the eye on his, but i love his depth. I am just thankful to finally see a tutorial without the blue washed over the lid!

  249. azarialynn

    I wish we could have seen him beat your face too, because CHILE he went AWWWFFFF

  250. Hitsunyan

    i liked Nikkie’s side a bit better but both of them look stunning

  251. Catfrogz

    Great series idea! I, however, can’t decide which I like best. They’re similar and you can only tell major differences with the eyes closed. As far as this episode is concerned, it’s a tie. Can’t wait for the next one!

  252. hope mills

    Mitchell !!!

  253. Jacqueline Meadows

    Post a challenge video ppppppplllllllleeeeeeezzzzzzzz

  254. Lioness006

    I think Nikkie did hers really well and it really complements her eye shape and lid space, plus we got to see a bit more of that gorgeous blue. My style would be similar to how Nikkie did hers. Mitchell is much more technique focused and more detailed and really puts good use to her lid space with the placement of the colors. Love the purple & blue on the lower lash-line for both of you. They are both good. If you’re judging on technique, Mitchell definitely won, if you’re judging on wearability, ease of application, & accentuation of the eye shape, Nikkie would win. So really, it is up to preference who won bc both sides were beautiful.

  255. Louisa Christina

    Queen of cut-crease is getting cut-creased

  256. Shelby Strange

    Hella random but you should do a video where you create a makeup look using techniques that you used to use in your old videos that you no longer are a fan of ??‍♀️

  257. Asha Chagoyen

    love the idea, wish you would have done it with a model.

  258. Jackie Jackman

    I like both eyes but yours was my favorite.

  259. Laura H

    I love this. Please do more like this. Such a cool idea ??

  260. Yaxu Xing

    I like how the shadow blended but the falsies is just too heavy for these eyelook

  261. Shaks Ahmed

    i looooove mitchell’s methods of makeup! definitely followinggggg

  262. Katie Elizabeth -

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