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  1. Sifa Gabriella

    Ew. Some of y’all have disgusting personalities in these comments.

  2. Goddess DeVirgo

    Thank you sista. I appreciate your knowledge!

  3. lil drip

    Why do Nigerian girls like to bleach?

  4. Aa Mateus

    wow! I must admit I was more interested in your skin care regium!!!…But I will try the hair growth remedy…The powdeer is a good idea, you can also buy the leaves to make a hair rinse or tea.
    Anyway I do not know why any one would be rude to you on here, you are so naturally beautiful. Not one drop of fakeup and your skin looks flawless, love the freckles.

  5. Sybille Gaiva

    I have a question…. what do you use Apple cider vinegar for on your hair?? I know one girl she uses It as a shampoo…

  6. Grace Akpan

    can it be used on permed hair as well? Or just on natural hair?

  7. bobcat8 Sowhat

    U look so natural

  8. Sherrell S

    Please excuse all these rude nasty commenters who have doubt. They can stay baldheaded and wear other women’s hair to feel like they are somebody. As for me, ive used fenugreek on my hair for 2 years and still do. It helped grow my hair out thick and healthy in preparation for my locs. Its easier to just soak the seeds overnight and use the water as a light everyday moisturizer. I got your back honey. A living testimony that it does work. And it does alot more than grow hair. One thing i know is its good for your skin. Especially in the summer. You get a glow without all that lotion and oils.

  9. Jovan Monroe

    You look like you’re related to this boy I know named Elijah, I know. Like maybe a sister. Then I wondered if you’re Nigerian and I seen it in your description. That’s crazy!

  10. melon tasty

    Rude People will always Talk!

  11. J Free

    I enjoyed your video will try it

  12. Ria!Ria! N.

    Your skin is beautiful and I love the freckles! Don’t hide them Sis!

  13. RealEstateSantaFeNM Judy

    Does it stain white hair ? It’s a constant challenge to rid white hair of yellow. .. Thank you.

  14. Candace Qualls

    Is this safe for babies?

  15. yuraraina LNG

    I think she meant you can leave it in your hair over night. Not that it will literally grow over night.

  16. Denise pleasures

    Beautiful !

  17. Mossie Mclain

    But hope it works

  18. Marilynn's Corner

    My mother has bald spots. I will try this on her hair, thnkx

  19. nubeing500


  20. Mojoks Mojoks

    Can I use fenegreek oil?

  21. Sharon Byrd


  22. Sharon Byrd

    Hair doesn’t stop growing. 1/2 inch a month

  23. LadyC285

    Very clear instructions. Some people are bored. I’ve heard great things about this product and can’t wait to try mine..

  24. Lisa Aniebo

    Lovely video ?

  25. Sarah Morgan Mathey

    Fenugreek makes you stink but it’s good for hair and to increase breastmilk

  26. Toni V Wade

    Grow up people! Always do your own research. These videos are suggestions and people sharing what works for them……but, ultimately, it’s your call and your responsibility. ??‍♀️

  27. Maggie Baidoo

    It will not works she is lying

  28. mz twixy

    Pls can it be use on kids hair and for how long can I leave it for before I rinse it out pls I need ur reply tnx.

  29. Mems Itoe

    Where do you get the fenugreek powder and the other one
    I’m in Holland how do I get it

  30. Halima Nabiryo

    Where to buy the powder

  31. Alli H

    Where can get the powder?

  32. jet blue

    You must have had a shaved head last week.

  33. jet blue

    Well , I think you should have posted this afternoon your hair started hanging down your back, I’m not convinced.

  34. Pam Lawson

    Very interesting, is this good to use on locs too??

  35. Fuzzy 1983

    Im not being rude or anything like that but if it make your hair grow like that dont u think her hair should be longer then this, me i would have grown my hair out first and showed some before and now pics if i was really trying to convince people, just saying??

  36. Dini G

    Mad people everywhere,make your comments without being rude.

  37. samantha Ramey

    When it comes to adding all these different additives I really don’t have time for it so I found a page with simpler ingredients just get you some pumpkin seed supplements Rehoboth oil and drink veggie shakes in the morning and my hair grew back I had to alopecia patches and they are all covered thank God

  38. Rachel Beal

    Very pretty face and beautiful spirit ?? thanks for sharing

  39. Carla Beechem

    Great video!! New subscriber alert ?‼️. Callab ??

  40. juicy0975

    Can it be used on locs?

  41. Missydiva Light

    I’m interested to see your progress with this.

  42. Sandra Bennett

    I would like to know what it smells like

    1. SuperPhdiva SRB

      Maple syrup

  43. Jinaki Lalanne


  44. Yamin Fabelo

    Where do I buy those seeds that I live in the New York

  45. Morenita NaTURaL

    i just use jamaican black castor oil or tea tree oil

    1. Linda SmilesRFree

      Morenita NaTURaL Does it work well on hair growth? Thank you for sharing.

  46. Mavina I

    Thank you for sharing this

  47. shantal lewis

    This video shows me how harsh people are. I wonder what it takes to be nice or if we don’t have anything good to say if we can’t shut up. A girl posts her video, she showed how to make a hair growth product and you have people doubting that the ingredient used is real…how are we so ignorant??? I mean, if you’re not used to good things then shut up! This powder can be found at any organic store, any food store, on amazon etc. People asking where, what and how, when all we need to do is do our own research and put our own twist on things because her way might not work for everyone. People on here describing her look! Man come on. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are , what color you are or how rich/successful you are….if you’re not happy then all of that means nothing, and obviously she’s happy in her own skin. We just gotta be nice to each other! I found that some people who are good at sarcasm and just plain hate it is caused by extreme depression and lack of love for self. Work on loving yourselves before u come on social media and type unkind things about total strangers .

    1. Goddess DeVirgo

      Well said… they just miserable beings doing what they do best… Bullying smh… luv her freckles & accent!

  48. Anil Deonarine

    Does this work on guys who are already balding thank you I would like to know so I may try it out

  49. Racheal Alagba

    Does it really work

  50. Diva Taylor

    Whats the name of the 2 items and where can i get them??

    1. Carol Mitchell

      GNC stores should have them both

  51. Veronica Detwyler

    Got damn fun snatchers..let this lady be great.

    1. Patricia Patton

      Yes, unfortunately too many haters in this world. Smh

  52. Monifah Alexander


  53. Pretty Lil humble girl

    Just use rice water there are tons of videos showing how to make it and it’s very simple. I don’t believe her.

  54. Dee Elo

    Watching u stir and add water for such a long period was VERY boring

  55. Millicent Nzama

    Where can I find that I’m in Durban??

  56. A Phoenix Rising Wellness Institute

    I and my daughters use Fenugreek water for our hair and it has grown thick and naturally wavy. It is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this secret! Those who wanna HATE on you— oh well! ?

  57. Bernadette

    Thank you Sis! I will try

  58. Cherita Michelle

    I very much enjoyed this video but I don’t know if I’ll return to your channel. Because some of your subscribers are batshit crazy! How do you deal with them?

  59. Carolyn Anderson

    My natural gets tangle a lot. Its very dry and lacks moisture. Will that help my hair?

    1. Carol Mitchell

      Drink lots of water and use moisturizer for your hair..I suggest Shea Moisture products..hope this helps?

  60. Mark 311

    Anyone see the women who used a bottle of coke and just poured it over her head, voila.

  61. Maria Rivera

    Se usa cuchara de madera esa le quita Las propiedades

  62. mlazarre96

    why DON’T you use before and after of your HAIR not someone else’s

  63. A'prel Phaige

    So tired of these hair growth tutorial

    Nothing works for my hair

    1. A'prel Phaige

      +ANGAFACE1 thanks

    2. ANGAFACE1

      Seek a dermatologist that deal in ethnic hair care/alopecia there may be an underlying issue ur not aware of..knowledge is truly power..good luck?

    3. MisterJohnson

      A’prel Phaige starts with proper diet… remove meat detox

  64. Denise V

    I make a fenugreek powder and alma powder and brahmi powder and plain yogurt to make a mask. I leave it in for 2 hours with a shower cap, rinse and wash my hair. I love it. I got the recipe from curly proverb…. thank you for giving us your time and recipe.

    1. Mrs Rhodes

      Can you share your measurements and mixing process? Also can store for later use or do you have to make a fresh batch each time?

    2. Meme War

      I use curly proverbs recipe to it works really good actually hers is the only one on youtube that have worked for me

  65. Louise Paul

    What’s the oil you use?

  66. melinda sutton

    Well I’m not on here to say it dont work but where do u buy the seeds and powder u didnt list a site

  67. Gloria Washington

    When did you get the product

    1. Gloria Washington


  68. Enoch Believe

    Does this help with male pattern baldness?

  69. mr hollands opus

    Overnight hair growth. Started off with a lie. Bye

  70. Mz Mika?

    I am laughing so hard at the comments I have yet to pay attention to the video ???????????????

  71. OmMystery

    This is true about fenugreek, thank you for the video!?

  72. Joyce Solomon

    What the name of the stuff u are mixing with water

  73. Latia Feaster

    You keep adding water but I under stand why

  74. sharla scurlock

    Where can u buy this????

  75. Trish Barnes

    I’m looking at you and it’s scary as if I’m looking at myself. We look so much alike down to the teeth, wow!

  76. Lydia Flowers

    But you don’t have long hair

  77. Corey Davis

    Newbie here. Do you have low or high porosity hair?. Want to try this.

  78. Savvy Sammy

    I testify the MOST growth I’ve ever seen in my hair was when I started using ayurvedic powders (shikakai, Brahmin, amla, hibiscus, fenugreek and bhringraj etc. Along with essential oils My growth exploded and in 2 years went from shoulder Lenght to just a few inches short of waistlenght. They work but only when you’re consistent ( I was doing weekly washes).

    1. esther albert


    2. Chaunice Pegues

      Is there a video that you could suggest me to watch that will explain what you did that grew your hair in a two year time period

  79. Jarvis Frederick

    I was so excited…..until she said the first ingredient. I am 36 never heard of fenegir…whatever…?. Thank god for google

    1. Baby TT

      Jarvis Frederick its Fenugreek – you can buy the seeds in the packet

  80. Nwabisa Shiya

    Bullshit!!!!! Bye!!!

  81. Antoinette Bell

    Grown peoples are worst than kids, always talking cramp, grow up

  82. Antoinette Bell

    Rice ? water really works I’m doing it now my edges is growing back

  83. Pamela Foreman


  84. Keiri Respect the theory

    Yep because your hair is sooooo long -_-

  85. sarah jenkins

    Where do I buy this and does it work on white people too ????

  86. Linda Bessong

    So, how do I get this product

  87. Joanne Salama

    I always like you

  88. l Wallace

    Can this be used on relaxed hair and does or will it help with growth of edges

  89. R

    I’ve heard so many great things about Fenugreek, I even used it for milk production and it works, but that maple syrup smell drives me insane..

  90. Murphy moe

    If this thing works you would become a millionaire not losing time

  91. nubian goddess

    That means yours should’ve been on the floor Smfh. ??‍♀️

    1. nubian goddess

      msCamLagata yes I was listening and yes I heard her say she cut some of her hair HOWEVER how much did she cut? Is my point! Her hair is obviously VERY SHORT! If this really works her hair would’ve been much much longer . So go cry me a River .

    2. msCamLagata

      nubian goddess she said in the video if you was listening that she just cut some of her hair off.

  92. Theopolis Stewart

    you are a very good instructor, I will try it. Thanks’ ! And I will subscribe.

  93. Dove Heydon

    Just use this and hair will never stop growing….. this hair mask looks fantastic, thank you so much, can not wait to make some. Thank you ?

  94. Ongeziwe Mbane

    My darling where can i buy fenugreek



  96. Eby Njoku

    The Sprair seems good.

  97. Ava Clemons

    The disrespect on the comment section is unbelievable, there is a before picture in the subtitle, thanks for sharing this video i am definitely trying it. ignore the ignorance you are beautiful.

  98. Linda Lynn

    If you been doing this they why you used what looked to be a fresh pack of fenugreek powder. Plus, why sleep with it on your hair without a conditioning cap? You selling dreams, sis! You don’t believe the so call hype your self.

    1. Sifa Gabriella

      Ew. Your personality is disgusting.

    2. Sherrell S

      Excuse me, its not a lie or hype. It grew my hair out thick and healthy. When I had loose natural hair, I had less shedding when I detangled it. I agree she should have used a plastic cap for that thick mixture. But you can make a light everyday spray just by soaking the seeds in water overnight. Fenugreek seeds smell like pancake syrup. But peppermint or lavender oil will cancel it out. It works ladies.

    3. plush furr

      Sis u Stoopid ?? ??

    4. High Priestess

      She selling lies for real life attention. She gone have women out here looking like they ready to protect King T’Challa from the Black Panther Movie. Just bald headed and mad and ready to kick somebody’s ass.

  99. Myralu Beauty

    You just can’t help some people. Fenugreek has great benefits for the hair. It helps you retain growth because it slows down excessive shedding.

    1. Myralu Beauty

      +Sandra Rhodes you can purchase fenugreek at your local Indian store, Amazon, mountain Rose or Google for more options. You can buy it in whole seeds or powder form. It is also called methi. Hope this helps!

    2. Sandra Rhodes

      I would like to try this? Where can I purchase the product shown in video?

  100. Tanya Roberts

    Click on this because of the image, false advertisement. I didnt bother to watch.

  101. mooka Manuel

    Where do you purchase the ingredients!

  102. Sky's the Limit! Forever Young

    Sis, you are so BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the hair tip:)

  103. Claudette Williams

    Thanks for sharing, well done. I will definitely try this remedy, I am loosing my hair.

    1. msCamLagata

      Claudette Williams this a button on the bottom of your screen that you can use to fast forward. Try using it sometime.

  104. Maureen Amunga

    Why a you telling her bad things and she did not ask u to watch that’s her channel not yours manless.

  105. Ebony G'ess Amore

    Have personally seen fenugreek change people from having bald spots to flourishing hair.

    1. Linda SmilesRFree

      Ebony G’ess Amore Thank you for sharing your confirmation; much appreciated!?

    2. ChameleonOne

      +Lyne’t C. Gray , sis thank you much for this wealth of info! I take a multi vitamin daily. I have to increase my water intake but I dink about 80 ounces or more a day. I’m trying to get to a gallon daily. I need to get the dermatology appointment booked. Thanks again!

    3. Lyne't C. Gray

      +ChameleonOne – I am a hair growth specialist. If you have traction alopecia you will have to go and see a specialist. Also wearing headwraps, wigs and braids will rub your edges off. Try taking a multivitamin and taking in 1 gallon of water per day. Most often our hair doesn’t grow because it isn’t nourished.

    4. Carol Mitchell

      +ChameleonOne you’re welcome!

    5. ChameleonOne

      +Carol Mitchell , THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve tried everything else so I might as well try this sis. No harm, no loss. Wishing you continued success with this product as well.

  106. Meekee Me

    The thumbnail picture is savage.

  107. earth angel

    Proof is the KEY!! and did you USE a different hair in the thumbnail????waste of my time!!!!!

  108. Sonya

    I wonder how it is combined with rice water.

    1. Alchemical Architect

      Wondering the same?

  109. Jodhi Givhan

    Thank you.?

  110. Miss unapologetic

    I use nature farm products it’s very very good, I purchase them from Jamaica,

    1. Miss unapologetic

      Nature farm look for them on fb

    2. Georgia Thompson

      Miss unapologetic what are the products I would like to try, I’m in JA


      Name of website please?

  111. Sherry Barner

    Where would I get the fenugreek

  112. Fanta

    Why are you LYING to these ppl???!..ain’t no potions or lotions, homemade spray either, gonna grow your hair super fast

  113. Hermenia Parker

    For everybody’s information, hair grows constantly just like fingernails. You don’t need to use anything special. Some people hair just break off as it grows, because they don’t trim their ends. Products is just a huge money maker.

  114. treasurewithin

    WOW there’s nothing Easy about this video where can I find this product

  115. Linda Williams

    Hi beloved jesus want you to know that he is coming and SOON the restrainer will be out of the way 2 thessalonians CHAPTER 2 – 1 – 8 2019 the year of decision and false peace this is the year for you to make up your mind to choose jesus or this wicked world this year will be the decision to choose LIFE with me or death away from me this year will bring about a lot of blood shed this year of decision will also be the greatest time in human history for those who want to come into the kingdom this is the end time harvest IAM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE if you BELIEVE in jesus please REPENT now please REPENT all of your SINS to jesus please SURRENDER all to jesus and seek jesus in praying God has already taken his hand off of America and SOON judgment will come to America please REPENT now and stay READY SOON satan will be apart of this wicked world please REPENT REPENT REPENT for the time drawn near jesus love you all and so do I God bless you all and I hope to see you in the sky

    1. Pam Bowers

      Linda Williams….May God Bless You Sister in Christ!!!

    2. galactic empress


    3. Shavon Jackson

      Amen and thank you for that ????????

    4. Roma Martina

      So true my sister

    5. Puchie Brown1

      Linda Williams Thanks sis Linda for spreading the Gospel. so needful in the end times. Great witnessing tool. Lord bless you and keep up the good work. Smile, Smile

  116. Cynthia Crowder

    The bald spot sparked my curiosity. Was that how your was before using this?

  117. Ty'liyha McWilliams

    I just got one ? Why everybody that’s on YouTube that say they have the magic hair growth solution hair alway short as hell! I’m just asking a question ??‍♀️??

  118. jade foshee

    and you know the picture you see in the intro is not her bald head, I wish someone would just really tell us the truth about growing hair. I have alopecia and have tried all remedies I see on the internet and nothing helps, I know alopecia is a different condition. but the hair I have left on my head doesn’t grow either. I am very disappointed in these people. and also very desperate and sad.

    1. Natacha Daring

      Baby TT how many milligrams Or the oil

    2. Natacha Daring

      Shavier G biotin in what form

    3. Baby TT

      jade foshee Vitamin E tablets take them and you’ll thank me later.

    4. Shavier G

      jade foshee do you have CCCA type of alopecia? That’s a scarring type where the hair does not grow. If so, pumpkin seed oil and biotin has helped me. Not sure if you have been diagnosed by a dermatologist.

  119. Kountrys Queen

    Im not sure if its a bunch of 5 year old viewing the video or what but damn come on people when she says your hair will grow over night shes not being literal damn, smh shes just saying you will see hair growth quickly please think logically people.

    1. Tiffany Moreland

      66i9mlp9 rut 1 iui

    2. Carla Vintage

      Kountrys Queen I sometimes wonder if they are adults. I don’t know if the school system is to blame or what, but girl, they daffffft?

  120. Joyce Potts

    This is the very reason why I hate people like you tell the truth

  121. vicky Landind

    I wish that i could just purchased this hair growth that you made from ur website if this product thanks for sharing

  122. Laurette Osnac

    I thought you were not going to put chemicals in your hair

  123. Angel Mcnair

    I don’t like that picture you put to attract people to watch your video it’s like false advertising you can’t be trusted

  124. B R

    Great video! Thank you ???✊??

  125. Beauty Frye

    I have know idea where to buy this stuff from feungeek power

    1. michelle french

      Amazon sells the seeds and powder.

  126. Joanne Hypolite

    Is that your head in the picture?smh

  127. Joanne Hypolite

    I was hoping to see your hair on your shoulders because I’m sure you used it everyday right! If it does miracles over night?

  128. Dani Smith

    Trying it!

  129. Nomi Soandso

    Stop being so rude…if u can’t receive it from her…youtube an Indian/Asian women and see can u receive it better?- With love and prayers 4 u mean and evil folk. Try it…bet ya baldness deceases. Ya ugly spirit’s gonna need much more. ?

  130. Nomi Soandso

    Fenugreek is a longtime ingredient in hair and skin regimens of African and Asian beauty products. Yll wanna buy Indian hair…just follow their hair care staples. U can find it in any fancy grocer. Use oil like many have said bc its messy…so on AND ppl are lazy.

  131. Michelle Glover

    Thanks for the video. I found the powder & seeds on amazon. I saw that vitamin shoppe has the capsules & liquid kind. I wonder would those be better or would those make my hair grow more EVERYWHERE else more also!! I don’t want that!! Lol

  132. Iwaiu Rates

    With all due respect – How do you normally wear your hair? Picked out and nicely shaped – Blow-dry and flat-ironed? I was seeking to see a before and after process.

  133. Unique Investor Concepts

    Thank you very much for this tutorial♥️

    Stop the trolling! Or get off this ladies page.. obviously you ladies don’t know how to conduct yourself on what others spend their valuable, time & energy. So you all can act ignorant! Stop the madness! Your 400 yrs behind the time still acting like Slave masters abusing your own ppl from another continent! Messy!

  134. Magdalene Okolo

    How do I get the hair treatment? Where do they sell it

  135. Carolyn Locke

    Where can you buy the etifrank skincare product from?

  136. Ausie Thompson

    She better use it????

  137. Jaye Johnson

    You are beautiful freckles and all! ❤️ Thanks for sharing.?

  138. hp77

    I like your lamp

  139. Juliet Robin

    Do you keep it outside or in the fridge? I’m thinking to make some and use it for a month. I don’t have the time to make it every couple days.

  140. bell gray

    And my sister yours didn’t grow over night ????

  141. Halima Abdi

    What is it called so I can buy it

  142. Kimberly Wright

    I have something better than that for hair growth……MY OWN URINE. THAT’S RIGHT it contains stem cells hormones all types of minerals amino acids and everything you need for hair growth for healing throughout your body drink it too

    1. lisa brown

      How do u apply it to your hair, I knew about drinking it but didn’t know about it for hair

  143. Nicole Hill

    This lady has less hair than I do. Should we really trust this?

  144. Rita Powell

    Can you list the ingredients of the hair growth mixture and where I can buy it.

  145. Bridget Robinson Foster

    Where can i get the ingredients for this

  146. Jae Bea

    Eti I use to use fenugreek spray. I would soak the seeds in water and use the water you can reuse the seeds too. Tfs ?

    1. Chaunice Pegues

      Fanta does it really ??

    2. Chaunice Pegues

      Fanta really

    3. Fanta

      Drink fenugreek and it’ll make your titties grow too

    4. Dolores Kirtley

      Does it work?

  147. newphillygirl

    Please pray for all the rude comments. Thank you for posting your remedy

    1. bigjayking24

      Hey. Love your pretty beautiful smile. We should talk Phillygirl. Lol ?? And I’m a NY dude btw.

  148. Sandra Edem

    Malabress good to see you here

  149. lavallee tiparadis

    Were do you Find the seed

  150. Carmen Munoz

    Thank you for the tip, I hope you get back to us with progress reports. Blessings on your hair growth.

  151. Pamela Middleton


  152. Tonia Phillips-Henderson

    Hi there,
    Where can i purchase the seeds?

    1. ♥BlkandBeautifulDee♥

      Amazon. You can get 2lbs of seeds for around $13 on there.

  153. Official Jane

    There is no such thing as an “overnight hair growth” spray, etc. At least not yet.

  154. The E show

    Her hair growth just 20inches..wow amazing

  155. The E show

    Get to the point birch how..with no hair

  156. Novelette Hylton

    How are you gonna come on this ladys page and tell her too much talking get to the point youre so rude and disrespectful.if its too much talking for you then you should have left..

    1. Linda SmilesRFree

      High Priestess I see what you are saying and your point is a valid one. However, sometimes it’s good to demonstrate some emotion and to call people out so they are aware of their own stupidity and insensitivty to the feelings of others. Some people are truly grateful for the time spent putting together these informative videos so we can all learn and incorporate some of these techniques into our own lives. Therefore, many people feel that they should be respected for their time and effort. My Grandma said, “if you cannot offer anything constructive then you should remain silent”. Perhaps it would behoove the naysayers to remain silent. In some small way, your comment is based on emotion too. You’re slightly baffled by the fact that some people became irritated with the naysayers. We all exhibit emotions at times even when we dont think so; it’s human nature. Further, if everyone saw everything through a “Mr. Spock ‘logical’ perspective then the world would be devoid of emotion and very boring. Our creator made us with emotions as well as intellect; therefore, we human beings utilize both depending on the circumstances, and it’s perfectly normal. Sometimes you simply have to call people out! ? Peace!

    2. Erica White

      +High Priestess i agree with offense being taken but whether offended or not, being evil/nasty/or bullish/belittling is still an issue and choosing to speak up on someones behalf is ok when done properly. I have stood up to many rude people for harrassing or belittling people in a calm manner and emotional state and i wouldn’t change it if i could. I do practice being spirit led instead of being led by my emotions because Man have i also made an ass of myself lol. I guess the wisdom is knowing when to speak upon an issue and when not to. ?

    3. TeCrette Knight


    4. High Priestess

      Offense is taken not given. Also freedom of speech. Y’all read others opinions and get emotional. That’s irrational. Another emotional quality. When you’re emotional youre not logical. If you were logical you wouldn’t care or react to others opinions, praise, or criticism on this woman’s page. Learn emotional intelligence. It’ll take you far in life, and when reading others opinions online you emotionally disagree with.

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    1. Martinique Adams

      +Nesha Brown U right. However, if anybody going to put a video on about hair growth. They need to just cover all bases.

    2. Nesha Brown

      Martinique Adams from the looks of it she just sprays it on her hair and then massages it into her scalp..I would say use a plastic cap although she used her bonnet (but that’s just me)..and google tells you everything some times it’s best to do your own research even even they tell you the benefits

  159. Marilyn Grimes

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    1. Roseline Stcyr

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      I am going to try this on my hair, it’s just in one spot but I’m trying everything to get it to grow back.

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    4. Eti Frank Skincare

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    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      Sean Gonzalez Read my pinned comment

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    1. Cherita Michelle

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    3. YoRuiChI san

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    4. Eti Frank Skincare

      Miss Tee ? you are getting it wrong, if I’m offended I don’t reply to comments or I simply block the person. I’m not arguing with you, we are having a conversation here that’s why I keep replying. I’m not trying to make you agree with me, I’m only maintaining my stand.

      Quick tip: I chopped my hair so I can get the full benefits of natural remedies. You will soon find out ✌️

      Also, I will post my big chop hair video on this channel so you get to see.

    5. Miss Tee

      +Eti Frank Skincare If its not that deep, then why do u keep commenting back n forth as if ur so offended? Its my opinion….u cant argue with everyone who doesn’t agree with u my dear.

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    1. patricia belgrave

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      +Rahdi’s Butterfly Kisses So true…lol!

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    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      N2UDEEP I’m not forcing you to use this on your hair. Come back and check my hair in the next 6 months. Happy balding

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    Fenugreek is a miracle seed depending on what you are using it for. I’m a mum of three and my sister and I use fenugreek to make our breast big and more fuller….? thanks for the video.

    1. Lydia's

      +Ajisafe-mercy preaches try to seek out a west Indian Market or African market some states have it somewhere in like a smaller town try to Google it. Or u can always order it online. I’d not try a common shopping market like stop and shop look in the international aisle and see.

    2. Your World My View

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    3. Voracious Child

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    1. believe oneh

      Megan Hicks add up the great one on WhatsApp via +2348170991722

    2. Jamedra A

      I got Fenugreek tea bags. I tear 1 open & soak the seeds in water overnight (stirring periodically). Then using w strainer & a funnel I pour the water into a spritz /spray bottle. 3 days a week I (lightly) apply it to my scalp & spread to my ends as a leave in. My hair (natural) is easier to comb through & thin spots have mostly filled in. 30 days

    3. Megan Hicks

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  197. Roslyn Guzman

    Fenugreek is absolutely great for your skin and hair. But beware the way she’s using it.. it will stay in your hair like that for days. I use it on my face. I used it before in my hair but, it was just too hard to get out. But to each his own. I guarantee you that didn’t come out of her hair when she rinsed it.

    1. Missydiva Light

      I used it yesterday as a mask and you are right. Either I did not blend it well but the tiny bits are stuck in my hair!!!. I think next time soak it for at least 8 hours and boil it to soften it up and then blend

    2. Jenni Kai

      +Carol Green Yes I think that will work just fine. I read that someone made a fenugreek gel(for hair) with the seeds.

    3. Carol Green

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    4. YoRuiChI san

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    5. Roslyn Guzman

      +Missydiva Light
      Powder form .. But if you have coarse or curly hair. it’s going to be very hard to rinse out. That’s why I use it for my face. But if you try it just let it settle at the bottom of the bottle. And use the the water. But be very careful not to get the crumbly part in your hair.

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  199. Kazzy M

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    1. Amee Genius

      Rosemary oil

    2. Kesia Armbrister

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    3. Desi Snow

      Eucalyptus and rosehip oil is better…Peppermint oil can make your hair dry.

    4. Kazzy M

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    1. Angie Butler

      +cynthia yemoh, thank you so much. ?

    2. cynthia yemoh

      +Angie Butler yes u can do that too, but I usually use a different water and oils to blend then either drink or use de water from de seeds as a spray for my hair. Remember to use distilled water and keep de remaining in a fridge

    3. Angie Butler

      Hi Cynthia Yemoh. After soaking the seeds overnight in water, you then put the seeds and water in a “blender.” Is this correct?? Thank you. ?


    Next time you want to make a video like this, use yourself as an example show before and after. Then I MIGHT JUST MIGHT believe you, I’m not gonna try this because I have absolutely no idea what the heck this product is.

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    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      Alanda Stevens yes you can infuse the seeds in oil as well

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    1. Agatha Kimbelley Kudjey

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    1. Lizzabitty

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    2. Jesus loves us

      *That’s true I did experiment but it has side effects too research before drinking*

  217. Lovelyn Obiageli

    Can this fenugreek seed be found in the market
    If yes,where actually

    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      Send me a DM on Instagram @etifrank_skincare or @eti_frank.

  218. Monlah Joloka

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    1. I Am A Bajan. Cuthbert

      You can purchase it on Amazon or eBay.

    2. Eti Frank Skincare

      Send me a DM on Instagram @etifrank_skincare or @eti_frank.

  219. Ramatou Boubacar

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    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      Agatha Kimbelley Kudjey relaxing my hair every month and flat ironing it damaged my hair. You may not see it as damaged before the big chop. I just wanted to get rid of chemicals on my scalp.
      It has nothing to do with Coca-Cola.

    2. Agatha Kimbelley Kudjey

      +Eti Frank Skincare what damaged it please? Coca cola? Can you tell us? Then a lot if people following you might have their hair gone as well, or?

    3. Eti Frank Skincare

      I cut my hair because it was damaged. I decided to go natural and grow my hair from scratch again. I can care for my hair better, now that it is natural. Thanks

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    1. Adaku Egbuna

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    2. Eti Frank Skincare

      Send me a DM on Instagram @etifrank_skincare or @eti_frank.

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    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      You can make use of Jamaican castor oil

  223. nishani3

    Congrats on being natural?? I like the idea of using fenugreek for hair…I soak the seeds and then use the soaking liquid for spray. I then sprout the seeds. The powder, I use for Conditioner and oil

    1. Ohemaa Tilly

      +Eti Frank Skincare how many times do i apply it pls

    2. Eti Frank Skincare

      Thanks, next time I will use it as a conditioner without straining it. Thanks for the tips.

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    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      Tea tree oil, you can use castor oil if you don’t have tea tree oil.

  226. Pamax beauty

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    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      Yes you should try it, my goal is to grow healthy hair

  227. Pamax beauty

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    1. tracia Akubeauty

      Good morning,pls where can I get the ingredients

    2. Shellann W

      The pictures that you used at the start of you video are those you pictures? Are they your before and after? If not what do they have to do with your video? Because those are pictures of someone suffering from alopecia.

    3. Eti Frank Skincare

      Yes of course, you can use it as well

  229. peepla7

    Using water…you must store it in refrigerator that’s why I like the oil infusion you don’t have to put it in the refrigerator to use it it can stay on the shelf.

    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      peepla7 I will try with preservative and fragrance next time because I don’t like the smell of fenugreek. Thanks for the extra tip

    2. peepla7

      +Eti Frank Skincare to get around storing it in fridge… it would need a broad spectrum preservative….like germaban II. That means it has to be prepared with heat to boiling them combined and strained etc…then cooled to 140° then add the preservative. That will give it a shelf life of 6 months….but if only making small batches…the fridge is just easier.

    3. Eti Frank Skincare

      You are right, I store mine in the refrigerator

  230. peepla7

    Section or braid then spray roots

  231. peepla7

    Spray hair for slip and to detangle. Spray the roots for growth and stimulation.

  232. peepla7

    Use the seeds to make spray, powder is better as conditioner. Personally… I like the smell…. smells like maple syrup.

    1. Mavina I

      +melinda sutton you can buy online from a herbal shop. Some asian stores too

    2. melinda sutton

      Where do u by the seeds and powder

    3. Y T

      +peepla7 thank you for the tip.?

    4. peepla7

      +Y T different preservatives have different usage rates. Germaban II is 1% so I was using just under a teaspoon for a 16 oz bottle. Preservatives are not expensive but very important.

    5. Y T

      +peepla7 how much of the preservative do you use?

  233. peepla7

    Fenugreek seeds… Amazon…7.00 for half pound. Jiva is my favorite brand.

    1. peepla7

      If you are doing an oil infusion… Place the dry seeds in a pan, slowly heat, then add the oil of your choice, when it reaches boiling point….turn it off and let cool. Pour oil and seeds into a dark bottle and shake once every few days. After 6 weeks …strong enough to use.

    2. peepla7

      +Shirley Roddy use a tablespoon or two at a time….soak overnight and drain. That’s basically it. Personally….I start with a 5 min boil to be sure it’s sterile then I add hot water to the seeds and let it cool to 140 and add a presevative. Then I let it continue to soak untill 24 hours had passed before straining the seeds.

    3. Shirley Roddy

      peepla7 how do I use the seeds please thank you

    4. peepla7

      +Abdul Nashiru I love fenugreek!

  234. peepla7

    I use it as an oil infusion and use the oil as is and to make a hair lotion.

    1. Elizabeth Timothy

      +Theolinda Gibbon what? That is a naturally light skin lady, anyone with good eyesight can tell the difference between bleached or any chemically lightened skin and those that are created light skin by God!

    2. Theolinda Gibbon

      +Eti Frank Skincare is your skin bleach

    3. Eti Frank Skincare

      I will try the oil infusion next, thanks

  235. Crystal Bee

    Why no before and after pictures?

    1. Melanie Achie

      +Marie Bellabre is not lie i us fenugriek masker, oil and spray my hair grow very wel

    2. Megan Hicks

      +Fanta did u Even try it

    3. Fanta

      Cuz it’s a LIE

    4. Agatha Kimbelley Kudjey

      Oh yea ask again! Fraudulently rude she is in addition too

  236. neba t

    How about the smell??? I use once in a month but the smell buzzer to my husband

    1. Eti Frank Skincare

      That is why I add tea tree oil to mask it, the smell is why I don’t use it always.

  237. Reind Villarin

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      Fenugreek and tea tree oil

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      Fenugreek seeds and fenugreek powder

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