“It Sucks Getting Old” Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro explaining why…

De Niro and Douglas do NOT appreciate the effects of aging.
Interview for their new movie Last Vegas with Kjersti Flaa

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188 Thoughts to ““It Sucks Getting Old” Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro explaining why…”

  1. nealanilove life

    De Niro an old and stupid goat

  2. mar dileo

    De Niro FUCK

  3. Tally Amnel

    Clint eastwood, Michael dougles, Morgan freeman, Michael cane, meryl streep, Robert de niro, Robin williams and so many others more are the reason i fell in love with movies .. They might be getting old but they are forever timeless…..❤

  4. LordHeath1972

    My favourite actor of all time (Michael Douglas) and the actor whom I believe is the greatest of all time (Robert De Niro). I mean, come on…. WOW! So glad they got to do a film together.

  5. Rich Jones

    Wow can’t believe how much you got out of Robert de niro. Great interview

  6. Bruce Burns

    The saddest thing about getting old is celebrities you have read about all your life have their ups and downs like everybody but when one of them gets off the rails in a big way like Robin Williams it just shocks you to the core , I still struggle to look at any of his videos as I did not ever think that life was so tough on him to the point where he done himself in the way he did . .

  7. Kim Owen

    It doesn’t matter how old you are embrace everyday and be grateful you’re still here to see your child, grandchildren or great grandchildren, look after your health. Walking everyday. Eating just until you are full and being kind to people. Age is just a number. Some people die at birth or die in a car crash at 18. Life is too short. Enjoy every moment. Don’t be lonely get a dog. Being older is a gift not everyone is that lucky. These two men have been extremely lucky, they have looks, money and they are still alive!!!!

  8. ChromeOS Brasil

    Fuck the two my favorites actors of all time!!! Don Corleone and Gordon Gekko!

  9. Gail Troxell

    Michael looks so much like his father. Awesome interview.

  10. Gavin Masterson

    Great interview! Definitely agree with Michael Douglas about getting more comfortable with yourself as you get older.

  11. Georgie Thumbs

    Good thing Hillary lost the election, otherwise Obamacare would have put an age limit on people to save the government money. Everybody over 50 would have been executed.

  12. Halifax

    This fucked me up.

  13. hollywoodsaint57

    Loved this interview! 2 of the Greats right here with the most awesome advice

    1. Kjersti Flaa

      Thank you for watching 🙂

  14. Tina Christensen

    I just love that man – Michael?

  15. jasmine bats

    interesting what they say
    but people should make kids as soon as they turn adults if they really want them.
    which means somewhere between 18/20
    kids require a lot of energy

  16. last unctives

    Became a racist misogynist by the time I was 60, that guy I was for 49 years don’t exist. Laughing at other peoples misery is a plus . Glad we get 10 years less of this shitty world than women.

  17. kieth itreal

    Bob is the greatest and so humble.

  18. PungiFungi

    Ageing….well that is the way it is since the beginning of time.

  19. haley bissett

    So far I don’t mind aging because I am not superficial! I desire more meaningful things than earthly nonsense

    1. jasmine bats

      aging doesnt affect only your appearence lol

  20. Dean

    time’s a bitch.

  21. gwwayner

    The worst thing about growing old, aside from physical decline, is the loss of family and friends. People are always moving away and even a partner may die before you. Oh well at least there is TV and the Internet.

  22. pentti k

    De Niro = idiot

  23. Vicky 12

    That is an honest interview rarely anybody in Hollywood ever gives!

  24. Margaret Yap

    I like Michael Douglas honesty and frankness. Refreshing.

  25. Zain844

    Men age better then women do, FACT.

  26. Why Not Now

    Support sens foundation who are working on therapies to eliminate all age related disease and death from ageing sens.org

  27. Joe Mel

    I love listening to you guys

  28. Roger Jackson

    growing old sucks but growing old alone with no family or nobody is twice as bad.

    1. Trance_World_Artists 2014

      I live on my own, 53, never been married, no kids, never get lonely. I spend a lot of time traveling and people watching, that is, analysing human behaviour, and I have all kinds of plans to see me past my 100 birthday!

  29. Rose

    I’m about to turn 23 and I’m like god, I need to go out clubbing getting drunk and high. It’s gonna be weird doing that when you’re 38

  30. ronniegeorge10

    sorry, but their film sucked.

  31. peligro20

    they have a lot of knowledge

  32. Luz Figueroa

    Getting old dose Sucks!!!!!????

  33. Luz Figueroa

    Why not a little nip and tuck? Or maybe a little fillers.

  34. Filmfan64

    Everyone gets old, there is nothing you can do about it.

  35. Ciorchinele Suprem

    am I the only one who sees that Douglas is high as a fuckin kite?

  36. MIKE DEE

    Its so true.. Youth is wasted on the young… and yes time goes by so fast.. I wished I had listened to my father more when he did tell me what would happen to me when I got old…

  37. Swoop223

    Superb interview

    1. Kjersti Flaa

      Thank you !!!

  38. Millard Thompson


    1. Hakan çevikel

      She is unfortunately bipolar and she can’t help him.

  39. Nucci604

    I will show this clip to my sons !

  40. Oleander Caltrop

    ITS GONN BE POPPIN! :/ 0:17

  41. Daniel Kinske

    You two are not old at all–mature, maybe–venerable, most certainly. But, if Michael’s dad, Kirk, at 98 and 99 can still build playgrounds for children with his lovely wife Anne–and he plays on the slide too, he isn’t old–he is young, at heart for sure, so Mr. Douglas, if your dad is young, then how can you be old? You are both aging gracefully and are both great examples of “fighting the good fights” as Jay Leno champions as a theme in his “Leading with my Chin” book. Kirk Douglas’s “Life Could Be Verse” book, written at 98, is even more inspirational–like father, like son.

  42. Valerie Pagendarm

    Oh boo hoo! Both still gorgeous and sexy. Enjoy your life and families. Write and produce movies for “old”
    actors. Real stuff not cutesy plots about denture cream and erectile dysfunction.

    1. Valerie Pagendarm

      You got that right and not moaning about it Pup.

    2. pup101

      Valerie Pagendarm okay grandma…

  43. The Scoop!

    Michael Douglas looks great!

    1. Bardotte

      +Bardotte These two guys are talking great sense, but isn’t this all we have each been told by our parents, good words.

    2. Bardotte

      Yes, he has a good Plastic Surgeon. Looking more and more like his father, the great Kirk Douglas.

  44. Catherine Mathers

    Douglas looks very thin. worrisome because of past bout with cancer

  45. Maria Szczygielska

    Great film, all my favourites rolled into one.

    I know what they mean about getting old, after my divorce, i was still young and good looking enough to attract 22 year olds – i am now 64 and men still look at me in disbelief that i do not have anyone – lots of the time they think of me as a young chic that’s worn out. I don’t mind, it’s a laugh.

  46. ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn

    they look great…even after all the shit consumed

  47. frankenbat

    these guys are so awesome. it’s great to see people do what they love and love what they do.

  48. Bamba Zillah

    I love your interviews because of the fact that you actually let people talk. you don’t cut them off or change the subject. and your interviews are about the interviewee and not about yourself which is very respectable. thank you


    Its because being an older white man used to be respected.. and now it is not. Now you might as well have the plague.

    1. dios bananos

      Of course you are ‘unsure’ because you grew up with feminist bullshit. Look more closely at the role of older women in agrarian societies. They played a vital role as matriarchs.

    2. jasmine bats

      childless single women were even less respected, im unsure if married mothers were actually respected

    3. dios bananos

      The great irony is that in a pre-feminist time older women actually had more respect. They were often the head of the families etc, especially in collective cultures.

    4. jasmine bats

      it isnt vanity
      it is that women often get valued only for their looks

    5. pup101

      Dancing Candle the vanity is strong in this one…

  50. Music girl bb

    I loooooove that interview , such an honest, funny and true thing, that child/teen/ within. And that from my favorite Actors de Niro, Michael Douglas from since ever they are just so great. Then one day, it will be over, my “Actor Grandfahter” told me, you’ll notice when you become more “see true “, when you are older. So, let’s live, love our loved ones and do a lot of fun living exploring. ??

  51. FlashySenap

    I almost feel a depression that keeps growing as I truly and purely HATE aging… Feels like life has lost it’s purpose. Only in youth life feels meaningful!

    1. Jeffrey Youngblood

      I’m 43. I enjoy things with a depth I didn’t have at 18.

    2. Trance_World_Artists 2014

      Whatever, it still shouldn’t stop you looking to the future with hope for something better.

    3. WOLF MAN1008

      Trance_World_Artists 2014 I live in the past too much man ?

    4. Trance_World_Artists 2014

      Nope, you’ve just got a personal problem….I expect you had a troubled childhood which has unfortunately given you this depressed outlook on life.
      The boy and teenager and young man are still inside me , I let them out now and then to stave off old age, coz most people my age are boring old farts, I don’t wanna be like them!
      The mental and physical decline in aging is different for each individual, you can choose to keep fit and ride a bicycle until ur 100, like Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122, or lead an unhealthy lifestyle and die of dementia and heart disease aged 65.
      When I was younger I got lost in a world of creativity, which is still with me now in my late 50s – it’s one of the reasons I don’t want to die, I’ve got too many ideas swirling around in my head!
      Everyday I wake up thinking how exciting the future is gonna be! I know I’m getting wrinkly and a bit of arthritis in my hands, but they won’t stop me squeezing as much fun as I can out of this fantastic world!
      jasmine, you need to focus on something, or you’ll end up dead soon.

    5. jasmine bats

      im a am far older than 12 life only gets worse once you become an adult , granted you had a so called normal childhood/adolescence.
      it isnt about having responsibilities.

      your brain simply stops giving you that sense of awwe you had a as a child, you become less and less prone to play .. it all gets boring and there s no alternative out there for you.

      to make things worse once you become an adult you start to have a slow, very slow, cognitive decline and a much faster body decline.

      when you were a child you had these great hopes for the future , which you dont have now .. you want now the time to stop , you stop thinking and fantasizing about the future because you realize you ll be in a worse situation than you re now.. the future is no longer promising . it becomes something you want to avoid.

      christmas and birthdays become a dramatic event no more what you were anxiously waiting for. because you know you re getting closer to weakness and death and so disappearence. you look at the mirror and you no longer see yourself but the death creeping on your face.

      you sound like you havent reached adulthood yet. i guess as an adolescent the world can become more interesting than when you were a child. you re much smarter , you can understand far more things , you have access to far more stuff. but you re basically still in kidhood . you still have some characteristics you had as a child which you re going to lose once you become an adult. you still have that sense of awwe and the illusion of a great future waiting for you.

  52. Thompter S. Hunson

    I’ve met Douglas in person at Mykonos island in 2005. With Catherine Zeta Jones. He’s so down to earth guy. But De Niro he looks so cool guy too 🙂

  53. horatio caine

    de niro talked !!

  54. Paul Dashwood

    These two are great .many a true word spoken here…

  55. puppiesinspace

    I dont know who Todd Young is, but he can go fuck himself

  56. Lass 11

    Old age… This is depressing when  rich, great and respected  actors surrounded by beautiful people and money get melancholy.

  57. dirkbogarde44

    I wish someone would ask De Niro why he does such bad films these days. He’s pissed away his legacy.

    1. beingsshepherd

      Only in the eyes of the intellectually honest.

  58. Nautilus1972

    To be a young man with the knowledge I have now. Indeed.

  59. Dan Reese

    Back in the 80’s +90’s , Douglas was known as the Man with a 1000 face lifts LOL

  60. maddymud

    did Douglas know he had cancer at this point?

    1. Alexander Dimitrov

      obviously he mentioned it

  61. Gustav Storck

    Brilliant interviews. Others: take note.

    1. Kjersti Flaa

      +0KJo THANK YOU 🙂

  62. tiffsaver

    DeNiro never talked so much in his entire career. Nice interview.

    1. Rose

      When you’re around your friends you feel more comfortable

    2. PiCheZvara

      Because he actually could contribute something more than typical empty PR bullshit. So he chimed in. He seems like a thoughtful guy.

    3. Job Hd

      LOL. I was just thinking the same thing.

    4. brian lucore

      +tiffsaver these living legends must feel good together.

    5. Gerard van Schip

      +tiffsaver Agreed! Seriously, never seen him talk this much. Good reporter!

  63. kirby19711

    Super Stuff!…TY!


  64. sugeeban !

    i think this age thing is just a number apart from the physical transformation and health concerns. It does not make big difference whether you are 20 or 60 or 70 except health changes. But people get ill all the time at all range of ages. We should forget about the age and just live the life at the present accepting that you don’t have much time left regardless of your age. You are as young or old as your mind is, physical nature apart.

    1. beingsshepherd

      You’re ignoring generational difference.
      Young people don’t have great grandchildren nor steam train nostalgia.

  65. Chakaflow

    Amazing interview with great legends and solid questions.

  66. Craig Talburt

    it is so refreshing to see two icons of the cinema being so open and so human letting us know that their realities are truly no different that the common person. They just have a profession that puts them in the public eye. Thank you Mike and Bob for your contributions to entertaining the world.

    1. beingsshepherd

      Douglas is an icon???
      For what, Gordon Gekko?

  67. SmokingBirds

    why did u cut some of the questions u asked and only left the answers?

  68. Patient Grasshopper

    If heredity is anything, Michael Douglas has many more years ahead.

  69. LokiV

    Love em both 🙂

  70. Ephrem Goldstein

    some little children suffer and die for no reason and here you are complaining that people ignore u when u get old, how vain, grow up you pathetic old hags!

    1. VanIsleBC

      +ChemicalFX same goes for u

    2. ChemicalFX

      +Ephrem Goldstein They are apparently more grown up than you, sitting around on your ass all day writing hate comments..

    3. Tsuss

      +Ephrem Goldstein No, fuck you off moron!!

    4. Ephrem Goldstein

      +Tsuss no fuck you off!!!!!!!!

    5. Tsuss

      +Ephrem Goldstein Fuck you off!

  71. jon jonson

    bad a idé to have some valium before.

  72. Kawakeb Astra

    Love their honesty – two great stars … Kirk Douglas is a Hollywood icon & legend & young folks only know his son, Michael. Michael emphasized nurturing love & Robert sharing w family as most important aspect . Being a woman there is the loss of beauty … I noticed Michael looks so much younger than Di Nero who was so beautiful as a young man … Guess it’s just as difficult for men, especially actors.

  73. Anthony Damian

    Douglas is slurring his words big time. Sounds like xanax.

  74. Joe Pyne

    There’s something very sad about this interview. These guys realize
    they’re at the end of their lives and the best is behind them.

    1. jfunf

      +grubal muruck or in front of them.

  75. Andrea T

    They both still look good.

  76. Juan

    “If I only knew then what I know now” – I’m still 27.. What is it that old people know that we could learn? Is there a good book on that? Anybody?

    1. Zain844

      There is no book for life experience and wisdom. As you get older you learn how to manage and handle things better. You figure out what is important in life and what isn’t. I’m 32 and I already am so much wiser then I was when I was 18. and look back at that time and think “gosh I was an idiot” and when I’m in my 50s I’ll probably be looking back now and thinking “wow I knew nothing” Seriously the stuff I knew now if I had a chance to go back to when I was in my late teens early twenties I would have done A LOT of things differently. You learn so much just by living life and you learn so much stuff that you can’t get by just reading it in a book. It’s hard to explain.

    2. Old Man Strength

      Problem is you cant learn it if you dont live it. sometimes you can garner wisdom by listing to the old, but youth is stuborn

    3. Ed

      Here are a few:

      1. Don’t worry about anything. Life’s just too short.
      2. Be who you are.
      3. Follow your passion but don’t worry if you can’t make a living from it. Make sure you enjoy whatever work you do enough.
      4. Learn about compound interest and investing. Get saving/investing a regular amount into an index tracker fund. Invest every month without fail. Starting young and you can quit work in your 50s!
      5. Travel as much as you can.
      6. Don’t keep up with the Jones. They’re living on credit.

    4. Ed

      +Job Hd
      Great words.

    5. Job Hd

      Great question, I wish I had asked that back then. To give you the simple answer, its pretty simple, learn to be comfortable in your own skin and don’t let others intimidate you. They are just as scared as you, just put on a better front. That Juan, is one of the big lessons about getting older. Life is too short to give a you know what and try to please everyone. But I would add a few more things to that. Don’t be so proud to be kind. Forgive and don’t hold things to heart. Laugh everyday and realize that little flower that you walk by everyday, might have a smell too! Hate and anger have a damaging residual that can last a few hours to years, so don’t let that energy in your life and when it does, kick that sucker out. What else have I learned…..oh yeah, sleep well, treat your body with respect. Three secrets of youth to me are water, sleep and hills! Learning will forever give you joy. To have good friends, be a good friend, but there are no guarantees. Be kind to your kids and learn to apologize if you do something wrong as you surely will. You don’t have to have the best seat in the theater to enjoy a movie or the best of something to have that experience. Go up to the Mountains, like the Eastern Sierras and see the majesty of something that beautiful and simultaneously Ominous and feel the presence of that energy every society has come up with a name for. Remember, Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. But most of all be kind and genuine and live life with integrity. Here is a quote I was told when I was younger “If you lose money, you’ve lost little, if you loose health, you’ve lost much, if you loose character, YOU HAVE LOST EVERYTHING!” Best of luck in your journey.

  77. Dan Bolivar

    Fabulous interview!

    1. Kjersti Flaa

      +Dan Bolivar Thank you!!

  78. Ejup Ganic

    Douglas sounds like he is stoned



  80. Falsetymology

    Aging Bull

  81. GenevianFilms

    This might be the best junket interview I’ve ever seen. I often revisit it.

    1. Kjersti Flaa

      +GenevianFilms Starting off with a journalist degree should help. Then maybe study film. But most people I know started in this business kind of by chance.   

    2. GenevianFilms

      +Kjersti Flaa (Junketlife) I’m a college student trying to decide on a major and a career path, what avenue would you suggest if someone wanted to get into the business of doing these junket interviews?

    3. Kjersti Flaa

      +GenevianFilms Aw, that´s so great to hear. Thank you. These two guys are just amazing, aren´t they?

  82. reb1138

    What a great interview

    1. Ato Cox

      +Peter Clarke Soon? they are in their early seventies as of 2015. Michael may very well inherit the long life genes of his also famous father.

    2. Peter Clarke

      +Kjersti Flaa (Junketlife) i have to say it must be amazing talking to them! i would be so scared and star struck! its sad to think these guys are getting so old and soon we will not see them anymore 🙁

    3. Kjersti Flaa

      +Rebphoenix Thank you 🙂

  83. MotherF Jones

    I envy you for getting the chance to meet these legends, Great interviews btw 🙂

    1. Kjersti Flaa

      +bobbyperu cogs Thank you!

  84. Robert White

    I think about aging in terms of famous people that I admire at times. Famous people get a sort of youthful immortality. Harrison Ford will always be in his mid to late 30’s to me, because that’s his age range when he played Han Solo and Indiana Jones the first time. What’s really weird is when you catch up to, or surpass, actors that you always admired. You know, factually, that this person was born in the 40’s, you were born in the 70’s, whatever, but aesthetically, or ideally, it’s never fully accepted.

  85. Imran Ali

    it’s okay for you two..all that money..a nice job and tapping fine women!

  86. Smiling Babs

    This interview is awesome!! And they’re fantastic. I feel their pain….I walk into my son’s work and everyone calls me Josh’s mom….lol

    1. beingsshepherd

      It’s not obviously indicative of decrepitude to share the title of many a teenage mother.

    2. Smiling Babs

      More like mid 50s with a full grown adult son. But what’s your point?

    3. beingsshepherd

      Wwwhich probably makes you at least in your early thirties. * shrugs *

    4. Ray Turner

      +FRENEMY Sick twat!!

    5. Ephrem Goldstein

      +Smiling Babs hey josh’s mom!

  87. Paul M

    They sound like they’ve had a few too many jacks lol…

  88. Philip Magnusson

    It’s gonna be so sad to see this movie legends like Robert Deniro pass away in the future. These talented actors who has made movies since the 60’s and 70’s.

    1. hollywoodsaint57

      Philip awesome
      I love these guys. They respectful, charismatic, and responsible. Just listen to them speak about life

    2. Imran Ali

      +Philip magnusson.. de niros last good film was in the 90z…he’s been coasting since..

  89. Bryan Walker

    mike’s 70 his father was 75 when he had his stroke. Plz De-niro make another taxi driver?? Travis ” Here is a man who stood up!! “

  90. Stephen Payne

    awesome interview. VEry interesting. Great host

    1. Kjersti Flaa

      +Stephen Wright Payne Thanks 🙂

  91. Nymeria73

    Love your interview and love your name Kjersti. 🙂 Don’t agree on the title tbh.
    One question, out of curiosity, is it difficult to interview De Niro? He looks very introvert type of guy. It mustn’t be easy. 😀

  92. Marley Mason

    So much inspiration. I found that michael is so open in his movies.  A perfect murder is one of his best performances!.

  93. Adi Adrian

    Come on guys. This is fucking depressive.

    1. Catherine Mathers

      I’m 60 and happy. you can drop alot of b.s. as you get older.

    2. Norman Bates

      Yes, it a bit depressing,..but..What I took from it is enjoy life now, enjoy the ride, time aint gonna wait forx you to be inspired.

      Also don’t follow others. We’re all gonna age and die, may as well do it our way.

    3. DannyO

      +Adi Adrian truth always is……

    4. Nymeria73

      +Adi Adrian They’re simply being honest about it.

  94. SurfWave01

    I love your interviews! You ask interesting questions of the stars and they really open up to you! I subscribed. Keep up the awesome and interesting topics and interview!

    1. Kjersti Flaa

      +SurfWave01 Thank you so much. Really appreciate you saying that. And I will. Off to interview Michael Douglas for Ant-Man this week 🙂

  95. Josh.A Adefuye

    Superb interview Flaa…#Thought provoking…

  96. friendlywhiteguy

    All these famous people that I grew up watching or listening to are getting so old now. Its kinda scary. It makes you think life really is short, it goes by real quick.

    1. hartono dyx

      friendlywhiteguy life is real horror… Imagine u see someone at the luxury or standard hospital… Dying… Someday every one including me will suffering what was happen to them… ???

  97. Daniel

    I saw the movie and I enjoyed it very very much! xD

  98. TheLeatheryman

    That’s why drama students are so full of shit. 90% of zctors are out of work. Get a real fuckin job.

  99. Michele Bryan

    I bet they both walked away from that interview thinking or saying “THAT was depressing to talk about!” HA!!

  100. Jimmy Jensen

    Much respect to these 2 legends!

  101. H_H

    the few scenes i have seen already sho that this movie sucks….same ol american bullshit.

    1. Lifted 420 Legend

      +H_H i bit you a sand nigger from the middle est but ya everyone hates amarica so i dont even care the most hated place boo usa

    1. ADORADOR De jesus


  102. MrSomeoneIam

    They spoke the truth…and I found it immensely depressing haha. But it got me to reflect on a few things so that’s good.

  103. mark maguire

    They both seem like they’re blazed. LOL

  104. gabor ap

    Wisdom, I see what they are saying but I doubt I understand it like they do. Good interview from two guys that have gone through life and have hindsight.

  105. 2000Betelgeuse

    Very true, I wish I was younger with what I know now

  106. redrumax

    Michael Douglas seems drunk here

  107. VTK XTO

    I’m not scared of aging, I’m scared of life passing me by too fast. I want it to feel like an eternity if I make it to 80.

  108. ahkillez64

    Very good topic that addresses our fears, social dynamics(peripheral vision from youngsters caught perfectly) and we all took advantage of time until we notice the changes. Aging sucks. Nice video of the brutal reminder that befalls us all. Death. Sucks

  109. TheReviewSpace

    I don’t know how much time I got left, but youth is definitely wasted on the young. I’m 27 and lucky to still be here, but feel I haven’t accomplished anything at all. Getting older by the day but still feeling like a kid. It’s pretty sad, really.

  110. Lisa Hubbert

    How old would you be if you didn’t know how old your are ?

    1. simplicity63

      I’m 51, I feel like 51, but my mind says 18. LOL.
      How young are you Lady? And how old do You feel?
      Btw, never seen De Niro so spontanious.
      Amsterdam here.

  111. Actor Kris Mavericko

    i simply <3 this video because both these icons taught me very important lessons about life & growing older. after this interview i'm more fortified - if you will. i begin to look at life slightly differently; with a lil more abandon but also a lil more seriously..thanks to them. enjoyed every bit of this learning experience. i wanna remember e msgs they've tried to impart so im more 'prepared' when i get to their age. Michael was so spot-on right: at that age, your dream is to be a much younger man with the same knowledge he has now. 

  112. abdulmohsen almilli

    For some strange reason,I never thought these two would ever be in the same movie together.

  113. Raging Kid

    It is a little depressing and I made myself finish watching it. I got a problem of aging fear.

    1. jasmine bats

      i am suicidal because of it

    2. Adi Adrian

      Or you can just kill yourself at a certain age when you feel you are old

    3. datbtrue

      +Raging Kid it’s a lot more common than you think. I do and many I know and have talked to do as well.

    4. Adi Adrian

      fear is the path to the dark side

  114. lawerence olayemere

    this is depressing 

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