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OMG… Thomas Halbert has created a trend here! After seeing The Gabbie Show following one of MY makeup tutorials, I KNEW I had to give this a try. Today I’m going to attempt to follow a SIMPLY NAILOGICAL makeup tutorial!! Let’s pray I do the holo queen proud. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Cristine’s original video:

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  1. NikkieTutorials

    *HOW DID I DO??? – shall I do ANOTHER one? let me know who!* ??✨

  2. Sophia M

    She didn’t say the word HOLO?, AT ALL during this video???


    the tears are violet pink Nikki!!! great job regardless

  4. Sophie Lemisch

    ?? girl this is BRILLIANT!!

  5. Alex Guerra

    Holo everybody

  6. Celebrity Network

    Stop playing i know you’re reading this just know that God love you so you are not alone.

  7. Diane Perez

    I love love this!

  8. Shades


  9. Forrest Abbott

    Maybe it’s your face.

  10. Hector Calvo

    I love that you are having fun doing this video

  11. Lizzy Darkness

    Yasssssss the holo queen this is awesome what a fun video ??

  12. Ann guglielmino

    TOO MUCH FUN!!!!! I love it! Except for your nail…did you hear my gasp of horror?

  13. Carameja

    Do a react video to gabbie doing your make up tutorial please!
    Zou dat heeeeel graag willen zien Nikki x’3

  14. Lokasa & Yaw

    You are slaying anyways! HATERS GONNA HATE?

  15. Just2 Vicious

    I’m living for this look tho

  16. Badwolf Makeup

    We missed you ❤️❤️❤️ and this is awesome!!!!

  17. miss. husky

    I’m going to be honest

    I thought she was coping your makeup tutorial

  18. Shane James McCann

    Stop doing make-up, get a real job and loose some weight. People shouldnt let these kinds of people influence them. Terrible role model.

  19. Sage Fishbein

    “Crying about YouTube ad revenue?”

  20. Tadeo .

    Hahahahahahahaha i love you Nikkie

  21. Briana Gilchrist

    I absoulelty love this look! It’s so creative and glittery! ?? both looks r amazing!

  22. Adelita

    Start filming your halloween makeup tutorial before you forget !

  23. Skeleton clique Member

    I don’t think she did it well

  24. Daan van Os

    We waren tegelijk in tenerife❤️❤️❤️??

  25. Sarah B

    And yet… I’m living for her lids. I really want to put purple in my crease and a pink lid… ? leave it to Nikkie to slayyyyyyyyyyyy this look!

  26. Just2 Vicious

    That nail polish is everything ?

  27. Audrey Blackmon

    What color are you wearing on your nails? They look amazing 🙂

  28. Tsetsi

    What is happening with these people following Nailogical tutorials… are they that good?

  29. Ada Przychodzka

    Not glitter! HOLO!

  30. vivi


  31. kiley colleen

    Awesome video. It kind of looks like someone spilled the unicorn frappuccino on your face? but it’s still beautiful. Love you Nikki?

  32. Shama Gandhi

    This is lovely

  33. Juuzou Suzuya

    How tall is nikkie??

  34. ouhshesam

    Btw I love uuuuuu

  35. ouhshesam


  36. Dymphna1990

    OMG! I have not laughed so hard in forever! Thank you so much for this! <3 XD

  37. Paige Smith

    Love how you recreated this look. I think you should try a madeyewlook tutorial. Also I’m not a fan of green but ooohhh your nails are just gorgeous!! ❤❤ Sending love from the UK

  38. Janeth Castro

    I feel like nikki did it better

  39. Léa Thammathino

    That was so cute and funny

  40. sana jabeen

    Tried to follow promise promise phan she did the best one of you

  41. Stonner c

    Oh how materialistic we’ve become.

  42. Hailey J

    #4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holosexuals take over!!!!

  43. Anja Winklhofer

    Looks so good?

  44. Fahda s

    Nikki did it better ???

  45. Cineys Merle

    I love it! Unicorntires ?❤

  46. Sandra Rose

    I feel like you’re festival ready ?


    Bruh, the music in the background is hilarious to me???

  48. Ayanna Blackburn



    Number 4 trending on YouTube!

  50. Clara Prates

    Caito Potatoe did a video following your video and it is sooooo funny! watch it

  51. Lizzybeth Clearwater

    Glitter always saves.

  52. Dayis Quiñones Murcia

    Seriously I liked the combination of colors jajaajaj… and the glitter to do a nice work too. that happens when you have the exact colors and good makeup. a direct blow to my poverty. greeting from colombia. @NikkieTutorials I love u


    Cristine finally thinks that she has to live in LA (Land of beautiful people)?? PS: I’m a HOLOSEXUAL❤️?

  54. samantharice

    You’re so beautiful x

  55. Steve Holmgren

    I find her so unattractive. Make up just makes it worse

  56. Sandra Rose

    Why are juvias place pallets and pan sizes smaller now?

  57. rachel grace

    you should make a video reacting to people who have followed your make up tutorials

  58. Limelights!

    OMG why weren’t you following her so far!!!???

  59. Madison Shull

    The fact Nicki was like “when am I gonna be on this” with her teach me how to beauty tour ??

  60. a sishter

    She’s such a perfectionist it’s crazy

  61. Madison Shull

    “Throw glitter on all your mistakes”
    -my parents run in and throw glitter at me-

  62. Like mate stop procrastinating

    You looked stunning ?

  63. Emeril Ledet

    What is the pink in your inner corner??? I LOVE

  64. FairyFlozz 0.o

    Please react to people who try to follow your tutorials! <3 ? love you ?

  65. Von Diddle

    I’m here from Cristine’s snap chat ??????

  66. Kaitlyn Ortiz

    Aheeeeem. It’s SimplyFACElogical hurhurhur

  67. Becca Menth

    This is how I feel when I follow your tutorials lol

  68. JoritseL

    You slayed it! Bamm!

  69. Melissa Holbert

    I like it

  70. Ginja Ninja

    Ahh I love Christine. ?☄?

  71. Anshika Kumar

    You did better than her!

  72. Carolyn Williams

    Looooove this!!!!!

  73. abby chadwick

    Girl you look identical if not better. Also coconut oil is great for glitter

  74. John Ashmore


  75. Bailey Jade

    Instant like because of who it was ♥️

  76. Haydee Pabon

    Im living for this !!!! ??

  77. Xime Ruizdiaz

    It’s beautifull but it is not holo

  78. Morgan Orthner

    I really like this look! Super cool and creative

  79. Sarra Geiersbach

    this look was sick! You did a great job! Please follow a James Charles or Manny MUA tutorial!

  80. Emma Claire FX

    when in doubt glitz it out??????

  81. Britney Royalty

    HEY!!!! It’s HOLO not……


  82. Fun Unicorns

    Do this following a lora lee tutorial

  83. Ewa Ewcia

    You and cristine should definetly collab !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Mod sqoud


  85. Fun Unicorns

    Can you do it again following a tatis tutorial

  86. Mod sqoud

    Not kid FRIENDLY?????????????????????????????????????

  87. Fun Unicorns

    Omg I just love this I can’t stop laughing

  88. Ambs Hearn

    Did you ever find out what happened to your nail ?

  89. Daniel C

    You look like a frog

  90. Kandy Kane

    So think you meant Simply facelogical :/ XD

  91. Angelisa Sassamoto


  92. Florentina Avalos

    This is goooddd!

  93. Fe Andujar

    Pretty dope.

  94. Mariam Amr

    you look so beautiful please do another video

  95. Lizzie Kearton

    But it’s not… hooooollooooo

  96. Simran Bathija

    @simplynailogical CRISTINE YOUR MAKEUP HAS BEEN NOTICED THE DAY IS HERE CRISTINE!!!! Also nikkie should be on the next teach me how to beauty episodes

  97. Nessa

    Love nikkie’s take on this look!!

  98. meemers sremeem

    You didn’t use any Holo….. Wtf

  99. meemers sremeem

    This was lazy… You didn’t even follow it and just used her name for views

  100. Noemi Semme

    I would like to see you following make up look from MadyewlookTwice

  101. Chicken Nuggets

    Omg congratulations this video just reached #3 at trending!

  102. meemers sremeem

    You clearly own tons if makeup and no doubt have money, yet you were lazy and just threw stuff in your face not even trying to look like hers

  103. Christian Micheal

    The amount of cringe is unreal

  104. meemers sremeem

    Not even fucking Holo….

  105. meemers sremeem

    You didn’t even try to do it like hers….

  106. Arianna Jaramillo

    yes you look beautiful do another one

  107. tay audrianna

    can we make this a look please. i need the freedom to wear this out on the town in a normal setting


    I loved this video and now I feel like I want to have glitter tears too and if you could please follow a jordan hanz or creative cliche’ body painting tutorial I would love that

  109. Joshua Hooper

    You honestly look so much better

  110. Juliet Patterson

    I think you mean Simplyfacelogical

  111. meemers sremeem

    Even her scalp is red…

  112. EXOL AF

    It looks so pretty on you but I know this will look weird on me. ??

  113. Kaylee Brawner

    make a other makeup tutorial

  114. Jagoda Krzywda

    I love your version! Wearable 😀

  115. Vanessa W

    This is wonderful

  116. Leah M.

    how was GlowCon? 🙂

  117. Pickle Dick


  118. Kaylee Brawner

    my name is Madison and you are amasing

  119. Madelon Verheijen


  120. Oxwidth Diq

    Did anyone else go back and try and find when she lost her nail?

  121. Hadassa G.

    3 on trending WOOOH

  122. Marysol

    The missing tip of the broken nail and the eyelash in the hair ??? I’m dying ???

  123. Aleyna Ariana

    I always love your makeup video nikki!! But We just did the TOUCH MY BODY CHALLENGE on my channel with my boyfriend! Would love if some of you checked it out!♥️

  124. Raff K

    Nikki try to do some natural looking makeup ?

  125. kittencat

    Anyone else mad that she didn’t use the eyeshadow things?

  126. Natisha Lipscombe

    You sound so new yorkan here but what happened to your side burns on the left?

  127. Aqsa Ibrahim

    Love this look!!!!

  128. carah wheeler


  129. kez

    Please follow a denitslava makeup tutorial??

  130. Madelyn McCormick

    I like that you can see the extent of each artist’s creativity. Cristine took a more direct approach and added definition to her makeup while Nikki used a more abstract approach to add a reality to her face. It’s nice

  131. Jaqueline C. Acosta

    Omg your tears looks way better love it ??

  132. Fredrik B Zera

    Oh….. MY GOD! This totally made my day watching you Nikkie!!! #10/10

  133. Ale Riedell-Reynolds

    This is the cutest recreate I’ve seen. The fact she had the Juvia palette because of you is so empowering and lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  134. Koda & Lola

    #3 On trending!!!!!! Great Job Nikki!

  135. NightShade1161

    PS. you did fantastically honestly everything you do always comes out very beautifully it wasn’t perfectly the same!, but it’s was very difficult look! to re-create I’m sure Christie herself struggled!!…… but you did great!! I would love love to see Christine do one of your looks!! LMFAO that would be awesome!

  136. Zahkia Allen

    Yes another ☺️☺️

  137. NightShade1161

    ???her what flow ! ! Over what!!! Wtf! !! Lmao!!???? I love you Nikki that is fu$#$ing hilarious! absolutely effing Serious! Honestly didn’t even sound right!! I am Visual thinker I think it pictures literally like flashes of pictures it’s very difficult because somethings cannot fu#&ing be unseen!! thank you for that!! Lol But I still love you so much!, I hope that you have a great year and that everything goes absolutely wonderful for you!!. Sorry about the glimmer shadow nightmare Nikki we will all pray!! Love you

  138. Timothy Edwards

    Okkkkkk ummmmm now how did I get to this side of youtube!?!

  139. Vanessa Tutorials Loya

    I see SimplyNailogical I click?

  140. Dulce Robles

    You guys should culab! !!!

  141. Cheyenne Turner

    I loved this

  142. UBER & LYFT Promo Code iØtuzh

    Leave it natural as almighty God made it

  143. Jai Dani

    *LOVE* ?? i know you would’ve slayed the purple-pinkish brows but this was gawdly. ???

  144. Allison Earle

    Don’t get me wrong, it looks great, BUT WHY NO HOLO?????!!!!!!!!! ??????????????

  145. Nosaiba Night

    I bet Cristine is SHOOKETH

  146. Natalia Vanderlan


  147. Miih Silva

    Algum brasileiro? Cadê os BR?

  148. The Man Who Sold the World

    Why is this on trending?

  149. cantik glam

    Omg nikkie looked beautiful ? as always ?

  150. Toby_da_bunny _

    You look amazing! Even though you don’t look the same as Christine, you still did a great job! Also it looks exactly like unicorn tears ??

  151. Nora Vellis


  152. theunicorn squad

    Congratulations #41 on trending

  153. Asad Abrar

    You did an amazing job nikkie I really like the tutorial. And please make more of these videos. ???

  154. emily jones

    i liked yours better than the actual tutorial

  155. Melia's Playhouse

    You look so pretty!!

  156. Belinda Resendiz

    Yes plz do another one

  157. Jessica Chelsey

    I love you both! You both made it gorgeous! ?

  158. Strawberry Lover

    Who came here because of Cristine’s Snapchat

  159. Makeup By Taylor

    Gauva Juice remaked ur makeup tutorial like so she knows

  160. Rachelle Treat

    Just started watching make up artists and I love you ?

  161. Dankis Himmie Boi

    is this a male or female? sorry I cannot tell anymore.

  162. Ren Yin

    Nikki your skin looks so flawless in this video!! Do you have a skincare vid?

  163. Eva Bukovska

    You crying becaus u broke your nail ???

  164. gh0stly._.m0stly _

    please everyone use the frown upside down joke im actually sobbing


    yes another one

  166. Someone Was Here

    Have you seen guava juice’s new video? He tried to follow a Nikkie tutorial.

  167. yazzmin _

    Hi simplyfacelogical :)) I’m here for the tears

    I’m sorry it didn’t make any sense ???

  168. jetta baoli

    This is the most fun video that I ever watched Nikki!! I just love it thumbs up!! ??????

  169. Royal_Bees VDEng

    Omg you nailed it!
    This was so cool, I totally want to do this for a casual Sunday lol

  170. Eddie Morales

    Next video should be “I tied a diet but quit in a hour”?

  171. Agnete May Jeppesen

    i loveeeeeeeeee youu

  172. JustCharise K


  173. Brook Madden

    I love the when she like f that we can go see a movie !!!

  174. Josie Carter

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  175. robin sharma

    Did i heard about a makeup community……. Fuck

  176. Sarah Kali

    I met this guy and as soon as we started about what to do for a date, he said “let’s go swimming” ?????????????

  177. Alex

    Can this trend die already..

  178. Professional Dog Trainer

    This was great, and I love the look. Maybe not so wearable, but certainly creative, artistic, and fun! Unicorn tears indeed.
    Yes, please do it again.

  179. Any Sutherlin

    *clears throat* das not holo

  180. ragretS nitsuJ

    You look better without makeup.

  181. Meeleah's Animations

    Nikkie, you spelled it wrong. It’s Simply Facelogical.

  182. Aylie Rose

    Do a smaller youtuber, like maybe someone who done you, I think that would be really cool!

  183. Denise Kühlem

    Wiiie bekommt sie das hin das alles sooo ultra krass verblendet aussieht ?? Hooow ? ? BLENDINGQUEEN level 9000 ????

  184. NightCore

    What about following a Shane makeup video, those are hilarious

  185. Cesia Martinez

    Love it ❤️??

  186. Hassan Mourad

    you did good

  187. Lesley v.

    That’s a look

  188. Ragad M

    l like this look ,you should do this aging

  189. Maile-Lani Awai-Cortado

    Omg! I freaking ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it!????

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    You should do a challenge doing your makeup backwards….. So like starting with lipstick going back to foundation

  191. Kayla McClellan

    Congrats on this video being #3 on trending

  192. JentoSchaf

    omg what glitter did u use , i’m obsessed

  193. Jennifer Nelson

    That was a fun video.

  194. Doriana Stefanova

    Omggg have you lost weight you go girrrrllll

  195. Sylvia Rose

    They dont look alike but i like it

  196. Sandy Rose

    I really like this…but I challenge you to do it exactly as she does 😛 No base, all same colours, blending in the same shape as she does, etc etc

  197. Kamsic Man

    You look like an ape lol ?

  198. the loltitip

    Bet you cant get me to 20 subs

  199. krystal lanphier

    Idk how you have ?? on this I loved it!! ???

  200. Sofie Andersen

    We need a beauty room tour!

  201. pretty bear

    Omg I love your hair nikki

  202. Maloohee

    Someone should make a video doing a tutorial of this tutorial

  203. Natalie Christelle

    So your basically fixing her makeup look ? (no hate)

  204. AthenaRowe

    My two queens together.?
    Did Nikkie just create a runway look from a parody video??

  205. Skanda Sudhir

    You mean… HOLOOOOO

  206. Sawsan Syrian

    Hi ? im frome Syria ?

  207. Beatrice's Beauty

    Why are her intro’s so amazing?!

  208. rita xoxo

    I just realized her voice reminds me a bit of Kylie Kardashian towards the end and she also kinda looks like her a bit with the lipstick.

  209. Kristen w

    U don’t look the same at all but both are great

  210. Crystal Mermaid26

    So cool???❤️❤️?????

  211. Nicole Smith

    Simply: youtuber crying about ad revenue
    Nikki: *that’s* the one

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    “I hereby apologize to your ears” ??
    I loved this video btw?

  213. wylow ward

    hear me out fam.



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    i like it but i don’t love it

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    personally i think they could both do better

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    you forgot the purple brows !?

  219. Purge Lover

    Uhh. Hi… ._.

  220. AliGrim136

    I think it came out amazing! Even if you made asmall booboo with the pinks they look gorgeous inverted!! I enjoy seeing you go “out of the lines” so to say <3

  221. Misreve MSP

    YAS MEID 10/10! Goed gedaan!!

  222. Esther Teeuw


  223. Joanne Lateef

    I laughed out loud, you did a great job as always.

  224. Heather Huber

    This looks fabulous though

  225. Panthergaze

    *facelogical x)

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  227. Paige Ratliff

    Yes you should do it again! DO IT!!! Lol your my favorite ???

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  229. Rosie Kellett

    Not holo ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  230. PHH

    why tf are some ppl complaining? she used christine’s video as a guide & then did her own thing w it. this is just for fun & i think it looks cute af <3

  231. Anna Holm

    Omg!! Rachel ballinger started this trend!!!!

  232. Kristen Burry

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  233. coroto

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  237. Cierra Graham Williams

    exactly but ppl hating on glitter

  238. Tjaša Pavlič

    This was so fun to watch!??I’m totally up for another one of these videos?you nailed it though?

  239. Daisy Senpai

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  240. adaminopolis is here

    She used so much blue lol

  241. Gracie Clement

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  242. bodybalancer

    I LOVE IT. It’s very mermaid ?‍♀️ actually ?✨??️‍?

  243. Emma Jones

    What’s up with all the thumbs down? This was awesome nikkie

  244. Mike Rotch

    Make up whore!

  245. marcicanp

    I wanna see Nikki do Christine’s makeup!!!!

  246. ScreechingMoose

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  247. Dance Girl

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  248. CarlaHDXD

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  249. Becky Bayless

    I’m srry but Christine did so much better ?

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  251. Idk what I'm doing Studios

    ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF THE H?L? QUEEN!!?!?!??!!???!!! >:CCCC

  252. Emma Jones

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  253. Janne van Rooijen

    Well… it’s not really holo, soooo you don’t really look like Cristine… but you look good nevertheless!!

  254. Jenifer Alvarez

    Haha I love Simply Nailogical. I loved watching this! I think your look still came out really great and looks stunning! I think Christine is hard to follow when it comes to makeup she doesn’t do step by step like she does with nails. I didn’t notice this until I watched you try to follow along with her. I think she’s historical and I found you very enjoyable while watching you try to follow along with her. I’ve never watched a video of yours before! I’m not much of a make up person but I am into skincare and all natural makeup! Eventually I’d like to get into makeup. I’m definitely going to check out your channel. I love Tati. And I’d like to say…I enjoyed watching a makeup artist recreate someone else’s makeup look. I have yet to see a makeup artist do this and I enjoyed it! ❤️

  255. Selin Xxx

    I absolutely adore you and I am so looking up to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    People always say it is just Make up but then you but also other people happen like boom no it isn’t just Make up it is Art and you are the artist I love most❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @NikkieTutorials

  256. Devyn Matheny


  257. Siriel Rintamäki

    Christine the Science Queen

  258. Lone Panda

    I feel like Cristine just had some fun, but Nikkie actually made a look out of it

  259. Melina Hase

    You should follow a tutorial of a youtuber who isn’t english 😀

  260. Maia Hernandez

    I’m so glad you did the holo queens makeup look! It’s an amazing to see your interpretation of her look! You took it to a new level!

  261. R gmail

    Love it!!! Simple nailogical is fantastic!!! And also Nikkie!!! Seen both together has been awesome! !!!

  262. little_rose _19

    Nikkie why do u have pink in your hair ??

  263. 395 jj

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  264. Erin b

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  265. Alice Philippa

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  267. the3-dkiller1

    Love the make-up, hate the face sorrynotsorry

  268. Soof 15

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  269. abc 123

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  270. Kay Kay

    I liked it but it wasnt how she did, you added your own stuff but anyway it looked great

  271. Ericka Morales Microblading

    Me encanto y en gusto mas tu maquillaje. Mil bendiciones Nikkei

  272. literally a narwhal

    You should do a second one following a Manny mua tutorial or James charles

  273. Harley Roberts

    This is called following a tutorial not making up your own rules??‍♀️

  274. fibi164

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  275. Missaoui Fatma


  276. Mira Salvatore

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  277. Loes dg

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  278. Fabiola Gomez

    I DIED when she had that lash in her hair after finding out her nail broke ???

  279. Nurçin Yılmaz

    THIS IS SO IMPORTANT like everyone did nikkie and nikkie did simply nailogical. Cristine yo made it girl

  280. Rachel Yancey

    You should recreat a nailogical nail tutorial!!

  281. Hollicorn 101

    Omg Christine will be so happy

  282. Blue Hex

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  283. Sophie Mitchell

    They are both great. The differences show your own unique style to the look

  284. Paola M.

    Absolutely love this

  285. Dema Khateeb

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  286. Mr, Me


  287. Lea Baier

    Nikki you have to watch a german video and recreate a look, Alycia Marie did it with a french one. It’s fun!

  288. Mathilde Coudert

    What do you think of my idea? I thought you could try to follow a makeup tutorial but from a french youtuber or somewhere else 😉

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