How to Lose Arm Fat – Get rid of Flabby Arms in 1 WEEK, Easy exercise to reduce arm fat

How To Lose Arm Fat | Simple Exercises at home for Beginners.
How to tighten and tone sagging arms by doing this simple arms exercises daily. This will help to get rid of flabby arms. Arm Workouts for Sagging & Creepy Skin.

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454 Thoughts to “How to Lose Arm Fat – Get rid of Flabby Arms in 1 WEEK, Easy exercise to reduce arm fat”

  1. Stacey Yildiz

    I’m going to do this. I just had a baby so I’m pretty huge but I’m also dieting. Trying to save money from surgery so I’ll update. Can’t do green tea because I’m breastfeeding. I will measure my arms soon but they are huge

  2. cheima malik

    I actually tried this and I’m on my second week now and I have to say that I do see results despite just doing it a week, I skipped green tea but did all the other excercises. There isn’t A LOT of difference but you do see the a difference. Ain’t gonna lie, since I have a lot of armfat the excercises really hurted and I wanted to stop. But I’m glad that I didn’t. Now it’s a lot easier and it doesn’t hurt after a week. I did it twice a day. ( 1 min. )

    Btw: I have A LOT of armfat I even did some before/ after pictures and it still amazes me

  3. Pallavi Mishra

    Iski wajah sa cheast toh nhi badhata h

  4. Nethmini Francis

    It really really works you guys…. I lost Alot of arm fat after doing this

  5. Syazwani Shukri

    My first time to try it out (hope I don’t forget considering that I’m quite busy nowadays).

  6. Vani Shankar

    Can I do these exercises with dumbells??? Please advice

  7. Lena Johnson

    does it work

  8. BluueApple K.

    My first week:

    Day 1: I barely could do ONLY the first exercise. And just once, not twice during the day like the video says. It hurted like hell for the rest of the day lol. Did the third exercise twice a day without a problem. (Didn’t even bother trying the second exercise, I barely could lift my arms up)

    Day 2: Almost the same as the first day, couldn’t even do the first exercise twice. Couldn’t do the second exercise neither. Did the third one twice. Still hurts.

    Day 3, 4 and 5: Did the first exercise and this time I could do it twice a day. I could barely do less than HALF of the second exercise. (The second exercise was the hardest for me, it was almost impossible, my arms would burn so much. I could barely do it 3 times, not 10 like the video asks)

    Day 6: Did the first exercise twice the day without a problem, just as the third one. First day that I could actually do the second exercise twice in the same day. It hurted a little, but much less than the first day when I try it for the first time.

    Day 7 (Sunday): Did all the exercise twice a day without a problem.

    So, for someone who has not exercised her arms in A LONG time, I’m afraid this first week was more of a warm-up than a real exercise haha. But I think I can safely say that it works. I have been seeing some difference on the muscles of my shoulders and arms tbh. This week I would be able to do the full rutine without missing anything. Today monday I already did everything, I will see in 10 days from today.

    Thank you so much for the video!

  9. Faktoria Nadoosh

    How is trying this and it gives a results??!

  10. Boby Bhardwaj

    Jai Guru ji

  11. Victoria Fange


  12. Shae __

    Just wanna let people know this actually works you do loose actual arm fat doing these arm exercises but you have to be persist every. single. day. And you’ll see results within maybe 2 weeks. I was doing them every day and I saw results in my arms and I was honestly so happy about it because I didn’t think it was gonna happen but because I’m in college I had stopped after a while so you will gain your arm fat back if you don’t keep it up. I wasn’t gonna be those people who comment “I’ll update my results” because I’ll eventually forget that I even commented on this in the first place so I just wrote after a long time of progress hope that helped people. Oh and I did two reps for 30 seconds each. Yes you’ll be sore for 2 days but after the 2 days you’ll arm strength will improve and you’ll be able to do it. It gets better 🙂

  13. bangtan_trash

    I’m gonna do this and update every week!! Idk if I should measure myself or not but eh I’ll just eyeball it

  14. TheJanicetunes

    Anyone else arms pop and crack when you raise and lower (first exercise)? I want to do this but my shoulders keep cracking and popping lol

  15. Joy F

    The workout routine:

    1. Scissors exercise for 30 sec then rest for 10 sec. Do this 10 time and twice a day.
    2. Arms up and down for 30 sec then rest for 10 sec. Do this 10 times 2 a day.
    3. Stretch your tricepts by putting your hand behind your head and use the other hand to push down on your elbow.

    Also drink a lot of green tea

  16. Michael DeTorrice

    repeat for 10 more times!

  17. Syed Irtiqa

    Hears the letter “V”…
    Me:I am gonna do this?

  18. Dkakade Dkakade

    Nice video???

  19. alanoud makki

    I’ll do this for a week and I’ll update

  20. Chonsatae Kim

    i’m doing this now, i’ll update in a week .. ask me then ????

  21. Sanam Shaikh

    Just did this and felt the burn, always have a struggle with loosing arm fat so will definitely be trying this out and will update whenever I see any sort of results !

  22. Oscar_jr45 Gaming

    you copied bright side…

  23. Doggo With Anxiety

    Alright cunts I’m on day 1. Didn’t feel too bad. If I don’t update send a hitman

  24. Destiny.

    Im gonna try this and update yall in two weeks

  25. There is a meaning to nothing but everything

    I did the hands up, scissors, and Tricep stretching workouts for 2 months and here are my results:

    Month 1:
    Did around all 3 of these for 4 or 3 times a day before going to bed (The majority of my arm at this point was all made of fat and I had little if not any muscle nor tone at all).

    Month 2:
    I saw major results, my muscles show and it is not too muscular looking. The only problem that I have is that my flaps are still underneath my arms and I am betting if I keep doing this workout I will get more muscle which will lead to arms that I wouldn’t desire. I would say if you are looking to have muscular arms use these workouts longer, but if you only want a bit of muscle I’ll say do this for two months. So now I am looking for other workouts to remove arm flap and not really focus on getting muscle. Hope this helps.

  26. Mogana Mona

    ѕσ cσnfuѕє wєn rєαd tíѕ αll.mєѕѕαgє trч mч вєѕt,trч ít

  27. jihoonie winkeunam

    I’m actually trying this just now and I’ll go back after 10 days. Wish me luck!

  28. Brick Rrb

    I’m gonna start today, i’ll be sure to update each day !

  29. potato_027

    I’m going to start this as well as other exercises. I’ll respond to any comments as well as do arm measurements and weekly updates. since I’m underage for any of my local gym lets see if this hopefully helps!

  30. Umair Awan

    Am stat this exc lass seen what hapend to my arms this exc work or not

  31. Iyre Alax

    You guys should try the 7 day arm Challenge by Lucy along with this one. Three days later almost an entire inch gone from my arms and shoulders and they were some of my main problem areas.

  32. Senthil Senthil

    yes it working it is very use full every one can try


    I started working out today. I’ll do this arms workout and face workout frm tomorrow. I’m too tired rn. I can comment the same thing tomorrow but I’m promising myself to do this. So i need to type it down.. I can do this !
    Day 1 :
    I can’t do push-ups ??
    *3500 steps*
    *20 squats*
    *20 wall push ups*
    *16 side lying leg lifts (rt & left)*
    *20x butt bridge*
    *16x claps*
    *30s Planck*
    *No diet plan but I’m trying to change my regular meal plan*
    *I never did workouts before. So i know my muscles gonna be sore tomorrow.they are already numb right now*
    I have a test tomorrow. Lol why did I think of workout at this time.. anyway I’ll update daily
    Day 2:
    Okay today i ate a lot..a pizza and a biryani.. that’s a lot and my muscles were not sore in the morning. But they hv become sore by the afternoon and i couldn’t walk today. It’s hard today. Since I promised myself to do this..i just finished my workout. I think I’m gonna die,everything is just sore???
    I’m following the exercises based on 30days fitness challenge. Though i hope to lose weight at the end of the month, i don’t think I can since I’m not following any diet. But i can hope for my muscles to get a bit tighter ?

  34. Maria Bunny

    I’ll do this and for sure update! Heck I’ll even give my kik for those who want to know (no I domt care if I talk to strangers, I love meeting new people).
    Kik: Tenshi103

  35. Dark knights

    How much days reduse in my arms fat

  36. poonam safariya

    This exercise r really gud thanx for sharing video ??

  37. Nimo Nagib

    thanks again

  38. Iffat Rizvi

    Is the green tea necessary?

  39. Jamila castelo

    idk if this really works. But i’m desperate so, i’ll give it a try. (i really hope this work)??

  40. Taylorchick24

    I’m on day 2 of this arm workout (though I did somewhat skip the stretching – I only did a minute of it – 30 sec for each arm just to try it out. And then I used the same stretch in between the scissors and up-downs since it kind of felt good to stretch after the burning of those exercises)

    Day 1: within the first 30 sec to a minute of the scissors you can already feel a slight burn (btw – I started with the 30 sec each but then extended it to full minutes because it felt a bit too easy). After a full minute each with 10-30 rest in between your arms will burn. The up-downs, I felt the burn almost immediately. And after a couple of minutes you may want to quit but DON’T. Did this twice yesterday

    Day2: Started again this morning before I left for work. Will do the 2nd set tonight. Didn’t feel as bad this morning because I knew what to expect. The scissors I’m fine with but those damn up-downs are vicious.

    I guess it also depends on the pace you’re rockin with. I initially started out a bit slow yesterday but then gradually sped up. So my pace is basically one motion per second or close to it. So if I go for 30 sec I’ve done close to 30 up downs (completed after raising my arms all the way up and bringing them all the way back down) or scissors.

    So I did a total of 5 min of scissors and 5 min of up-downs. And as I mentioned above the stretching was sprinkled in a bit. Honestly I didn’t feel like the stretching was worth doing unless you’re just doing it in between the other exercises. I’d rather do some other exercise for my triceps. But if someone else has tried it and really recommends sticking with it then maybe I’ll give it a go. Let me know.

    I read through a ton of hilarious comments yesterday about ppl not replying back with their progress after saying they would and how they wouldn’t be like the other folks who never replied back. Also comments saying “if you’re not really going to reply back or forget then don’t say anything at all” ? So I won’t bother. Let’s just say I’ll post if/when I remember or how about whenever the hell I feel like it. Hahahahaha.

    Good luck to those of you who decide to try this arm workout. I’m sure I won’t see even the slightest bit of results for a good week or 2 but I still feel like it’s worth trying ?

  41. Mamatha Mamatha. C

    Mam how to burn belly fat

  42. WTC AF

    In Sha Allah let me try and update soon

  43. Sandhya's Fashion World

    S it works, for me

  44. Nattiya Kalalayam Redhills


  45. laywall

    or another way to remove fat is to play on a drum set with some practice

  46. Nicksdiva Abah

    wow it does work am on my second day buh I can see d difference buh damn its so painful

  47. Sarada Jh

    This is what we do in yoga
    Please practice yoga

  48. sitifuji yuliyanti06

    Such a good tips, thank you ?

  49. G-ann Arnibal

    Im doing it right now.its my first day 🙂 no pain no gain ?? i can do it,.for sexy arms ?

  50. Sobia Umer

    Breastfeeding mother’s can do these exercise for arms fat plz tell me ?

  51. 穷穷人

    what about for legs and face

  52. 穷穷人

    are you sure is wroking?

  53. binnat Shafique

    thats good n easy

  54. Schatze Page

    Day 2 1 min x3 for each exercise. I’m going to see if this works

  55. The Princess Fairy

    Will this cause your shoulders to become broader? ? Please can someone tell me?

  56. Jenita Jenita

    wooooow…..I’m on it…it worked really well. …i was able to see a vast difference in a weak…

  57. Jonric Nera

    hi everyone! i’ll be updating everyday for the 10 days i’ll be doing this. although, i did switch up the routine to fit it for my way. I would do 325 scissor “X”s for 20 mins, 215 hangs up-down for 20 mins, and the same sets of tricep stretching in the video.

    Day 1: wow, it was pretty hard, i was really out of shape. i didn’t even reach my quota, wasn’t that sore after.

    Day 2: while doing the exercises, it was difficult, but it was easier than day 1. i did feel sore because of day 1 too. i noticed some muscle formation forming.

    Day 3: i felt sore because of day 2, yet it did get easier, probably due to the two days of enduring these exercises. i did reach my quota faster than day 2, still sore. my muscles do stand out a bit when trying to “flex”.

    Day 4: I skipped this because i walked a mile home from school. Though, my arms felt less sore.

    Day 5: I did have to cut my workout short due to shortage of time. The arm exercises did get easier in a way. I did endure more duration and my breathing was more controlled. I didn’t even need to drink water.

  58. Luna Enter

    I actually want try this exercise and I actually did it. A week later, I brought arm shaper and it work ? Yes I cheat !!!

  59. Bushra KHAN

    Brilliant yrr I got slim armss yrrrr after doing this exercise thank you for such n amazing exercise for usss

  60. Tiffany De Goya

    I’ve gained weight these last few years and though I love it, (I use to be stick skinny ?) I don’t like my arms so much, they are getting bigger and if I don’t take care of it I’m sure it will turn to flab. I got a party to go to next weekend so if anyone comments I’ll let you know if it worked.

  61. Swathi Shetty

    Is this exercise make breast small?

  62. Dane -chan


    Criscross – 30 sec.
    Arms up and down – 30 sec. 10 reps
    Tricep stretching – 30 sec. each arm

    Do this twice a day
    P.s. the 10 sec. rest depends on you

  63. ron ً

    im doing this and I’ll update later


    Pls clarify my doubt….. Shall i add honey or sugar in green tea

  65. Sushma Rawat

    How do u make green tea..somebody plz tell

  66. Tyler Jøseph Jøsh Dun

    My friend tried this and her arms are thinner (after a month of doing it)

  67. Melted Butter

    I’ll start doing this routine and update you guys.

  68. Gina Jen

    based on the fact NO one ever updates I’m assuming when you work out…you die…

  69. Saidu Keita

    I will try this I pray it works

  70. Tyler Jøseph Jøsh Dun

    Day one: obviously no results.
    Edit 10/21/18: I’m doing the v and x and raising my arms up and down and doing arm circles instead of the last one.I’m using this link as a timer because I’m lazy to reset my timer every minute

    V and x : do it for 30 seconds. 10 second rest repeat 10 times

    Up and down: do it for 30 seconds, 10 second rest and repeat 10 times (im on my second day so I didn’t do it 10 times because my arms got tired quickly so I’m gonna add a set as the day passes)

    arm circles: do it for 30 seconds, rest 10 seconds, repeat 10 times (or as many as you can)

    I suggest drinking water if you don’t like green tea.

  71. Alena Garcia

    Is this good for just a 13 yrs old girl?? Do you think it is fine ti drink green tea??

  72. matty the parkour master

    Tracy Anderson arms is way better than this and it burns x

  73. maru as a tree

    ♥ i’m gonna try this today;; i’ll try to update you guys!

  74. Flora Aren Ding

    Im gonna try this

  75. Liam Tough

    Number 1 is shoulders

  76. Y R

    I’m going to start on October 13 2018 Saturday.

  77. Naomi Barrita

    Lol maddison deadobrien in the comments actually responded so imma do this

  78. Shrey Pandey

    Nice one..easiest way..

  79. Coy London

    Day 4 update: started out slow. I’m doing
    Scissors, hands up, and wall pushups.
    10 x 5 times morning, noon, and evening. So three times a day. Instead of resting between, I’m doing 10 squats (which helps tone thighs and butt) that’s 50 squats per set x 3 sets x 3 per day = 450 squats per day.
    Second day my butt, Legs and arms where super sore and still are.

    But still at it and can already feel the difference. I started the green tea on the second day. Organic Green Tea 8 oz per day x 2. Alkaline water -all day long because fat can not store in an alkaline body.

    I will update later.

  80. tatiana benitez

    Well I just saw this and hopefully I’d be able to tell for myself I’ll attempt to keep an update /I just did it and honestly felt the burn I have high hopes for this though I’m not sure if drinking tea makes a whole difference if I don’t (please lmk if it does) I sincerely want thinner arms and am sooooo insecure I’ll update in a week or sooo ♥️(ps it’s 10/7/18 let’s seee how long it takes)

  81. Vee_SmileyFace

    I’m going to do this everyday. Please comment and what not to keep me accountable? let’s see what’s up!

  82. Sudhrity Chakraborty

    its really worked I do this everyday per exercise 50 times daily both side … I get the result in 4 months

  83. Sonot you

    i have a muscular body. will my arm get bigger muscles if i do this?

  84. sh00ktea

    I’m gonna start trying this. People call me disgusting in school so I want a change. The only problem is that sometimes I won’t even notice what I’m eating, but that stops now.

    Breakfast: Nothing on school days, but on a weekend I’ll have hot dogs and I’ll try to stop eating rice

    Lunch: Anything, but I’ll try to make it healthy

    Dinner: Pasta, or meat

    I’m fully committed to this because I want a change.

  85. Hyunjin Hwang

    I promise I’m gonna update, for real lol. I’ll do the first 2 only for like 3 minutes a day twice, like 6 minutes a day. So yeah gonna try when my exercise time comes 🙂

  86. Palakian Shalini_ RAJPUT_GIRL

    Thanqqqqq ????

  87. Aichi Sendou26

    I saw a big change on my arms. It does work. You should do it in the mornings and before you go to bed. You should take a before and after pictures so that you could the results yourself.

  88. Solgen Molina Sprawson

    Doing everything except green tea

  89. Moe

    Ima update each day and if I can’t do it anymore or I’m not gonna commit anymore then I’ll just say so


    Hope this works gonna try this! DAY 1


    Super try it its a best wonderful ???????????

  92. Nicholas Mutchler

    Just so everyone knows this exercise takes about 12 minutes to complete

  93. Shireen Khan

    Can someone please tell me if it will still give results if it’s performed once a day?

  94. Ranya Hassan

    9/21/18 FIRST DAY I BEGAN DOINH THIS !!! I’ll awnser your questions etc.
    First time: hurts like a motherf**ker, but i felt a burn which gave me a achieving feeling . ?
    *day two* : i only did once the 20 min workout but i do drink green tea? not any changes yet
    *day three* : i skipped ik so sorry ksksk
    *day four* : i HAVE to do it today, will let y’all know

  95. Charu Sathish

    Sugar add pannalamahhh

  96. Cithlaly Jacobo

    Here’s my update:
    Day 1: it hurts sf bad
    Day 2: SUPPER SORE from yesterday
    Day 3: still sore no changes yet
    Day 4: a bit sore no changes yet
    Day 5: my body is getting used to it now and a tiny bit of changes
    2 weeks later and I’ve seen some changes not dramatic ones but I’ve been doing it for 3 weeks almost a month now.
    2 months later I see lots of changes now and I hope they stay that way.

    ^^^thats what I’m hoping to say ??

  97. Wanderlusty Lokhande

    I got my arms toned in a month by just doing planks… It’s great because it also reduce fat from stomach…

  98. Amber Verbeke

    OMG I can hardly lift my arms! Reminds me of 2 a day volleyball practice in college! Screw you matronly upper arms. I’m coming for you!

  99. Chochohtwe Chocho

    Wow amazing

  100. Chochohtwe Chocho

    I like

  101. Yoongi Infires me

    I’ll try it and update you guys 🙂

    Day 1 :

    Day 2 :

    Day 3 :

    Day 4 :

    Day 5 :

  102. The LB Body Co


  103. Take me Away

    I can hide the fact I’m chubby but my arms give it away they are so chubby I hate it

  104. laura

    I started this today, I’ve just finished doing the exercises second time today and i can already FEEL my arms aren’t going to be able to move tomorrow ugh if this shit won’t work….

  105. sabrina rose

    i just tried this and i am gonna do this for 10 days and will be back to update results for ya’ll to see

  106. Vivi Xajaira

    Alright imma try this for a week and see if there are any changes 🙂 No lie, i’ve been working on my tummy too ! 😀

    Day One: My arms burn a lot, I added 10 more to each arm to get much more of a change, obviously there is still no change ?

    Day Two: Still no change, I woke up to sore arms, I recommend doing this three times a day to get a quicker change, it got easier to do the excercise 🙂

    Day Three: I see a bit of change, my arms harldy get sore now 🙂

    Day Four: I see a somewhat change 🙂 after the fifth day I won’t update until the next week, that will be two weeks of doing it so there should be a change 🙂

    Day Six: Omg sorry I didn’t update on the fifth day, I took that day off because I was working all night with my dad :/ it was completely tiring, but that same day my dad pointed out that my arms were getting thinner and muscular, i took a look in a mirror & it was true ! There was muscle and my arms did look thinner !

    I won’t update the change until next saturday!

    What I do is 60 of each! I don’t drink the tea btw !

    Sorry guys I didn’t update. I hurt my left arm playing basket ball, some girl tripped me and I landed and my arm so I haven’t been able to workout 🙁 I will update as soon as my arm gets better

  107. Lee Ingrid

    You are not suppose to drink green tea on an empy stomach!!

  108. tricia melvin

    Quoting the late Joan Rivers, “If God wanted me to exercise, He’d put Diamonds above my head!” ??

  109. Raisa 98

    For those who are asking if this works-
    I have been doing this for a few weeks. I am noticing difference but it’s not anything super drastic. I don’t think it’s gonna do anything within a week . But if you continue doing this you’d be able notice differences gradually.

  110. Low-key Gang

    I’m going to do this everyday and I’ll keep you lot updated lol I actually will xd

  111. A A

    I’m going to try this starting today will update in a few weeks to see if it works

  112. Road Runner

    I did this for 6 weeks and I can honestly say I have learnt to fly a lot faster.

  113. Aiswarya Rajkumar

    Only doing of exercise it is enough or compulsory drink the green tea

  114. Bushra Sheikh


  115. Aabha Vyas

    It really works!!!
    You just need to be consistent
    I’ve been doing this since 1 month!
    And there is a great ‘visible’ change…
    do 20 reps for every exercise mentioned here instead of 10
    Once you get used to them!☺️?

  116. Shania Chandler

    It works day 2 and feeling it

  117. Momo Momoko

    i´m obese im going to do those from tomorrow and actualize in a month .. let´s see

  118. L. G.

    Started it 4 days ago, dress was so tight on my fat arm it started to hurt. Tried the dress on tonight and it fit snug but not tight.
    100% works, I do it every time I have a free moment.

  119. LilFluffs

    Hey guys! I’m actually going to try this workout out. I will actually keep you updated unlike other people. I started today and I did the criss cross exercise and you can really feel the burn. P.S. I also do 15 minute workouts on top of this. I’ll keep you updated by editing this comment!

    Day 1: I started lol

    Day 2: Really sore but I did it. Fought through the pain lol

    Day 3: Slight change? I dont know.

  120. Esti Purwani

    I thought this was easy, until i tried it ???

  121. Brenda Schubert


  122. !!

    One day we’re all going to die. Heaven and hell are real. Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven. There’s no other way. All of u guys need to repent (stop sinning) . Ask God to forgive u for all of ur sins. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. have a personal relationship with God by reading the bible and praying to him. start living a godly life. life is about glorifying God and living a life like Jesus, full of love. if u arent born-again or dont have the holy spirit living inside of u, then u wont make it to heaven. Jesus offers eternal life to the repentant sinner. when ur born-again, u have a changed heart and a changed mind. when the holy spirit is inside of u, u no longer like to sin. it hurts u to sin and makes u cry. read the bible starting in John and read luke 15 🙂 we get to heaven by having faith in Jesus. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins on the cross but that doesnt give u the right to continually sin because ull be blaspheming him and nailing Jesus back on the cross and ull deserve ur own punishment in hell. Start reading the Bible starting in the book of John. The NLT version is more easier to understand than king james version ??

  123. Rose E

    Thanks for this nice video. That’s So useful and simple to do❤?

  124. Lucifix Aj

    I did arm circles 200 times a day for a few weeks once. Not sure about the flab but I definitely got a line defined so it’s not useless. You get more muscle.

  125. Se N Me

    i will update after 1 month ?

  126. -私を殺して Digoxin

    Do pushups to tighten arms

  127. Ash A

    I’m going to do this and update!

  128. Ram

    it works fine in my first time my arms feels like stones wow

  129. Vivi Xajaira

    Im going to start doing this today, I’ll update in comments 🙂

  130. priya dharshini

    Superb sissy…

  131. Schatze Page

    This hurts but is simple and can be done I’m going to start today and do this for 2x a day for 10 days. I will keep y’all updated

  132. CJ

    I’ve been capturing my journey throughout a month with pictures and I actually see some process. Not only is it slimming down my arm fat, but it’s also toning my clavicle area.

  133. Mimn chii

    I tried the scissor one It do toned my arm a bit in 1 week but you have to continue doing it for better results

  134. imlitabich

    I do it 10 times a day for 20 days now
    I saw big results in only 9 days

  135. imlitabich

    I do it 10 times a day for 20 days now
    I saw big results in only 9 days

    Plus i didn’t do the 3rd exercise so pass it

  136. jaleela fauzia

    dose it works? ??

  137. Debandra Nath Pradhan

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    DAY 1 : did what the video said to do.
    crisscross exercise 6 times
    arm measurement :12

    Day 2:

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    Hey, I am going to try this and keep you guys updated. Just keep commenting. Today is August 18th 2018.

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    Man I hate the taste of green tea but my metabolism speed is slow as hell, pineapple can also help boost metabolism if anyone does not like green tea

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    update- no change till now. but, I’ll keep doing it

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    I did it for almost 1 month, I could see some changes, and my arms were a little bit fitter. So it helps if you do it everyday. I used to do it twice in a day. And some days once, or not at all. I wanted to do it 5 times instead for 10 times. So 5 x 30 seconds.

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    And I guess I’ll do it 10 times a day and I will give u guys updates bcz Ik most of u r scrolling down the comments to c if it actually works and I’m in youtube literally 24/7 so if you have any questions just ask

    First day (10 times)

    Update 1 : so just now I did it and it wasn’t really that hard (I didn’t drink green tea)
    Update 2 : it kinda made me more tired but not bad
    Update 3 : (i drank water) I felt like it got easier since I drank water which helped me a lot to not feel dizzy
    Update 4 : My hands r hurting me already
    (I was so tired so I took a five minute break)
    Update 5 : after resting for five minutes it made it easier for me to continue the exercise
    Update 6 : my arms r starting to hurt
    (Drank water)
    Update 7 : I drank water and then did the exercise which made it so much easier
    Update 8 : idk why I’m starting to feel dizzy and only thinking about sleeping
    (Took a five minute break)
    Update 9 : I didn’t feel that good but I completed
    Update 10 : I’m dead!

    So I’m finally done thank god!!
    I did the exercise ten times in one day and I feel there is a little change in my arms and I will complete doing the exercise for like a week but I will do it less then 10 times

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    problem solved

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    I am a vegetarian and eat usually 2 meals a day (sometimes dinner) and I will not be using the green tea method yet, I am also not only doing this workout for my arms
    I will try to update daily or weekly, it really depends on how busy I am. The updates will be in the replies below ?

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    2 day update**
    IT WORKS without the bottles. Do it fast and at least 2x day

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    I didn’t update the first week because the results werent really that noticeable. However, since I have been doing it for two weeks I can tell you that this exercuse is definitely worth it. My arm skin has become a little tighter in comparison to earlier and when I wore a top which was tight at the sleeves is now fitting me. Let me tell you I do this exercise once a day and plus another 8 min arms exercise with 2kg dumbells and walk for an hour daily. I consume green tea too and drink a big cup of warm water with honey and lemon as soon as I wake up and have started cutting excess sugar from my diet . Be sincere and continue this exercise and you will definitely get results.

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    *May 19, 2018 // **11:42** PM:*
    So i did the exercise, i did 2 sets:
    • 30 secs of scissor with 10 secs rest for 10 times. I felt the burn around the 7th time.
    • I also did the hand up-down too, from the beginning you’re already gonna feel the burn and you’ll sweat.

    So i remembered that it should be twice a day, so i finished another one set of the scissor (30 secs for 10 times) But then i was so tired, i can feel the pain in my arms so i only did 2 rounds of the hand-up down.

    I did the exercise for approximately 20 minutes. 🙂

    PS: I used the timer in my phone, set it for 40 secs. When it is already 10 secs, stop and rest. Repeat it for 10 times, lol 🙂 Goodluck, let’s do this!

    PPS: Measure your arms first, record it everyday so that you can analyze and see if there will be a difference! Measure before you go to bed 🙂

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  326. Latoya Henry

    Yes it works ✋?✔you just got to stay with it I do the exercise twice or three times sometimes it just depends on how I’m feeling but I see a big change in my arms fast I saw a change in a week but I’ve been doing it for almost 2 months got some amazing results now and arms planks works wonders as well good luck and have a bless ☝

  327. softmin

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    I’ll try and update

  328. sassybynature

    yes it works however you have to keep up with it, I was doing htese exercises for physio and noticed my arms and shoulders getting stronger but my arms losing weight. However I slacked off for months and so my arms lost thier strength. Going back at it again. If you find the exersises to difficult or to much to start cut down a bit work your way up, you can also use an elastic band to help if you need to. I also do not drink green tea as it doesnt agree with me however there are many great antioxident filled drinks and supplements to help. Good luck and stick with it, its worth it in the end. Oh and no you don’t get fab arms in a week, however they do get much stronger and do lose an onch or so, but keep at it and you will end up with the desired effects soon enough.

  329. Shandelle Henson

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