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How to get rid of stretch marks fast at home! These at home remedies/ hacks helps get rid of stretch marks, dark spots and scars all at home fast! You can see a difference within a week or month depending on how much effort you put in! I’ve used these methods to reduce my stretch mark appearance. Get rid of stretch marks on your stomach or even get rid of stretch marks on your butt with these methods! I used it to get rid of stretch marks on my back and waist!



Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast With These Remedies:
*If you can’t buy it in the store here are some links!*
1. Olive Oil:
2. Eucerin Moisturizer:
3. Aloe Vera Gel:
4. Raw African Shea Butter:
5. Cocoa Butter:
6. Almond Oil:
7. Castor Oil:
8. Potato Juice
9. Lemon Juice
10. Tea Tree Oil:

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  1. Melisha Niles

    Where is the before and after pictures?

  2. Kylie Adams

    I have stretch marks on my lower stomach and love handles makes me feel SO self conscious because they’re so dark and thick I’ll try this because I’ve used “stretch mark cream” and they don’t work!!!

  3. T&Ms

    Omg so like I️ use to weight 192 and I️ lost ton of weight currently I️ weight 146 and I️ noticed my stretch marks on my stomach:( but I’m gonna try this !!!

  4. Waki Fisher

    I cannot say enough good things about this argan life %100 pure argan oil . I gained 50+ lbs during my pregnancy and did not get a single stretch mark! It is very important to use consistently (every morning and night).

  5. Ram Kumar

    Why we should not use eucerin while sleeping

  6. Kylie Ring

    I use body butter

  7. Brina Walker

    Ima need to try this

  8. Your Average Stalker

    I got strech marks because of puberty.

  9. Radioactive Toast

    She looks like Jean from attack on Titan

  10. christina mitchell

    how long did it take before u start seeing results

  11. mae castillo

    Can u pls comment down the one u used..coz i cnt see d names properly..i only understand aloe vera and shea butter?

  12. Bethlehem

    Thanks so much. I was taking mental health meds (olanzapine)and gained looaads of weight. Now I have scary looking stretch marks on my hips. I can’t wait to try this out. Loads of love for sharing xxx

  13. Randomstranger

    I have stretch marks. Im 14 and i have stretchmarks because i have stress for like my whole life. And i hate them and every day i almost cry because i want to get rid of them

  14. Sausage N Bellenz

    Do these methods work on the shaft of your penis

  15. Jenniii G

    ugh i hate stretch marks? i got made fun because i was wearing a dress and these girls at school were making fun of me because i have some on the back of my legs. and ever since that day i never wore shorts or dresses. so hopefully this works?

  16. Heaven Stiles

    You have really pretty hair

    1. Heaven Stiles

      Essie Michelle no problem?

    2. Essie Michelle

      thank you!!

  17. Tressie Dawson

    Awesome tips to get rid of stretch marks. Sooner or later women face this problem on almost every part of the lower body. I’ve used revitol cream for stretch marks and its really effective . I almost got rid of the marks on my thighs in no time. Its a must try.

  18. Agadagidi Emily

    How much is the cream and how can I get it.

  19. Kimberlynn Boon

    Can you Send me one please

  20. Alix Chan

    I can’t use Aloe vera 🙁 allergic to it.

  21. Emily Silvester

    Can any oil work like almond or white mineral oil

  22. Nae.l Chelz

    in your thumbnail with the before & after picture, is the before picture your actual picture of how your stretch marks looked before ?

  23. Sehrish Masih

    I have heard almond oil helps to reduce stretch marks too ?

  24. amanda ugwu

    too much stories

  25. Clea Fransaw

    Did you mix the olive oil and eucerin together or did you apply them separate?

  26. body massage Gujarat vadodara

    Mera whatsapp number hay 09725317548 body massage kahartahu

  27. Andrina patricia

    Olive oil really does work…my stretch marks are pretty new…I’ve had them for about two to almost three months on my stomach…I’ve never had stretch marks before I’m (25) so I️ kinda freaked out but I’ve been using olive oil twice a day for two weeks and I’ve seen some really good results along with changing my diet as well. Idk if that helps at all

  28. Elizabeth Totor

    Amazing ???? but if it take time… so check this Activewear Tank Top it’s great to hide it for now ? and feel amazing

  29. KeyboardWarrior

    I have bunch of stretch marks on my back and they feel like massive scars. Basically when i was like 15 i grew taller very fast and ya… fuckijg annoyingmthat i have them and probably will for themrest of my life because they are so big

  30. Armoney Johnson

    What a waste of time this is the same shit I’ve already heard 10,000 times guess I’ll just have zebra tummy for life yay smh

  31. Madeline Nolia

    Pure arganLife oil is a wonderful product. It has removed several blemishes and evened my skin tone. I have received several complements about how clear and smooth my skin looks, now. ?????

  32. Roma Bhandari

    I don’t have any kids but nowadays on my bump n thigh like scratch are seen I’m worrying why this is happening I’m only 25 years old please Mam give me Some tips y it’s seen n how can it will reduce?

  33. TaylorMeowsGames

    I gained weight during summer I’m 5’9 and like 155 now. My thighs got super big, and I am starting to get purpleish stretch marks behind left thigh. Not in my right though. Gonna try this I hope it works ?

  34. Ugly God

    Nobody cares if your sexy ass got stretch marks

  35. Rajesh Sharma

    U are not showing the product well

  36. lea rodriguez

    Was that really your belly before and after on display pics of this video?…

    1. Sanjeevni Health

      अब मिंटो में छूमंतर करें स्ट्रैच मार्क्स

  37. AmandaxLit

    Can you use sun flower oil?

  38. Krystal Rigsby

    OMG mine grew in exactly dark like that!!!! They are starting to fade now but there are still traces of them. Thank you!

  39. gha da

    I have a question. when do you put olive oil and when do you shower?

  40. im shook

    Mine’s are on my thighs I started when I was 11 or 12

  41. Princess Lary

    I’m just 12 and I got stretch marks from my first period and I said to my friend cause I was in fear and now when I read the comment section. I fell good I just wanted to know weather it works or not

  42. Emely Fernandez

    Thaaank you!!! I need this. First time being pregnant and I don’t want to get stretch marks so i’m starting on remedies early to rid of stretch marks and keep them away during pregnancy and I will stay using the remedies after pregnancy. I already have them on my butt, I don’t want them anywhere else.

  43. Auwnjanaye Hills

    I’ve been using rose oil , I’ve been told it’s good . & I don’t use lotion bc it’s really bad for your skin bc it doesn’t seep in & has chemicals . & if your using ” good ” lotion , it’s prob organic & has oils . ? anyways , I’ll use these products to help ?

  44. Khalil Ash

    It’s happening to me and am working out and gaining weight to maybe

  45. NightcoreGirlyGirl OwO

    I got it from me stretching a lot or weight gain or loss ? btw ur pretty!

  46. gmcmim1

    Girl you are gorgeous.

  47. Antoinette Clarke

    omg your teeth are so white??

    1. Sanjeevni Health

      अब मिंटो में छूमंतर करें स्ट्रैच मार्क्स

  48. TheBurge22

    if you were to sit in the sun would the stretch marks be visible again?

  49. librini

    Isn’t this valid for all oils?

  50. Belinda Bly

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH?????????❤❤❤?????????❤❤????❤❤❤❤????????????????????????

  51. s Suban

    Anybody got results? Please help I really want mine to fade away

  52. Alex W

    Ok I’m only twelve and I have stretch marks on hips, butt, and knees. I’m only TWELVE. I really would like your advice because I’m pretty healthy, and I’m not overweight so…ehhh?

  53. Kayla Harrell

    I have really dark stretch makes like her were. Does anyone know if it’s possible to face stretch marks that dark? I’ve been trying everything and nothing it’s helping

  54. Rob M

    Erase Your Stretch Marks. Take Control of Your Life and Unlock the Secret of This Powerful, All-Natural System in Removing Your Stretch Marks

  55. Somi Takes

    Is it okay if I use tea tree oil instead of olive oil? Or does olive oil work best?? Btw this video was very informative and you’re so beautiful!!

  56. Hello It's Jello

    Girl you’re so beautiful

  57. sister patrick

    hey guys if you have white stretchmarks this isn’t going to work for you. White stretchmarks indicate that it’s already old. Like a closed wound that’s already a scar. The only way you can get rid of it is to actually get laser surgery done. But if your stretch marks are red, which means it’s new, then these methods can possibly help you get rid of it.

  58. Malexcia Morrow

    I don’t even know why I’m watching this because i love my tiger stripes and they not going anywhere soom.

  59. Jim Watt

    Opened thr video threw my phone and screamed

  60. General Ka-boom

    Eyebrows on fleek da fa da fa

  61. Health Reviews

    check out this stuff got ride of my stretch marks !

  62. Health Reviews

    check out this stuff got ride of my stretch marks !

  63. MissIvery14

    Your videos are really good & informative! Just wanted to know tho, In a previous video you did, before this one, where you use Kojie Soap, did it help to get rid of your stretch marks or slight improve the appearance of your stretch marks?

  64. Maha Najaar

    حطو ترجمه عربيه موكلنامتعلمين انقلش

  65. Crybaby.Skylar

    Your stretch marks are beautiful ❣️❣️

  66. ṣṯṟịcṯƚẏ ḋöṗë

    I just got it bc I think I’m fat…

  67. Kitxx Xxxcorn

    Does it work?

  68. bellazure 23

    I’m 14 and I have like purple pink stretch marks on my hips and shoulders and they’re pretty bad. I’ve been using this coco butter cream and it’s made a bit of a difference but I’m going to try the olive oil and see how that goes????

  69. Julia101

    A shot of OLIVE OIL and a drop of COCONUT OIL helped my get get rid of 65% of ALL my stretch marks I am so happy and thankful for this video just rub it in you skin 1 a day and have it on for 1 hour to leet it seep in

  70. Legendary Fan Girl

    The stretch marks are red if it is new but if it’s already old, it became white.

  71. Historical Drama

    I don’t know man I got my stretch marks after I eat and when do bed when I was in my sophomore year in high school I wokê up the next morning my hips got bigger got a Lil bit of stretch marks on my hips as the year goes on it gotten worse now I can’t take of my shirt anymore smh

  72. Chrissi L

    I have my stretch marks as well I don’t like it

  73. stylin4eva9091

    Did you mix the olive oil and eucerin together when you used them? Or did you did like one and then the other the next day? Thanks.

  74. Rpm M

    Erase Your Stretch Marks. Take Control of Your Life and Unlock the Secret of This Powerful, All-Natural System in Removing Your Stretch Marks

  75. Karen Martinez

    I got stretch marks when I was 11

  76. sugadaddy drizzy

    Girl the same story for stretch marks for me ya girl got some hips n thighs n my body was not ready-_- but Thank you! A couple months back I was using olive oil on my stretch marks but I got so lazy I stopped? ima start again and bless for recommending eucerin! I have dry vERY sensitive skin and I’ve been using coconut oil?? it works but I want to try something different.

  77. Daytona Geesey

    nothing worked for me until i used this product

  78. Raeann Hicks

    It happens to me and I’m 12 it casus eod my puberty my so got them to and she was skinny

  79. zee matt

    I need help pls reply. Im 7 months pregnant with a petite stretching body is so itchy. Im using bio oil but marks heave come throuhh theyre pinky and purple. Wht can i do to reverse this scar or remove them.completely. something easy lol it looks awfulll xxxxxxxx

    1. Sanjeevni Health

      अब मिंटो में छूमंतर करें स्ट्रैच मार्क्स

  80. Emanuelle

    This argan life argan oil makes my skin feel softer than ever. I have also noticed less lines and wrinkles after using it only a month.

  81. Dylan Wheeler

    I’m 14 and when I started hitting puberty I was like 12 and a half and i started to get stretch marks a few on my thighs and on my shoulders it makes me self conscious and i always keep my top on as im afraid of people seeing them I will try this because I don’t like being self conscious

  82. debbie perez

    Does it have to be olive oil

  83. LNewby6

    Thank you sooo much!! This is going to be such a money saver. I bought maderma and I have stretch marks everywhere from gaining a lot of weight and I feel bad that I have to use so much because it’s so expensive. Can’t wait to try this!!!

  84. Naruto Uzumaki

    Im a guy lol but i got stretch marks on my lower back cause of hockey

  85. rockie0708

    Your an angel. Thanks.

  86. Taejana Knight

    Did you use the eucerin and olive oil at the same time?

  87. KG'S Down

    I have lost 132 pounds in the last 9 months. I had heaps of stretch marks. I found this here. It has worked wonders. I used to be real paranoid about going swimming. But it actually worked. Not trying to sell anything but i was for the first time able to go into the pool with the kids.

  88. Darling Maximums

    Thanks so very much for sharing xoxo!

  89. Lorette Irvin

    could we just get to the point?

  90. Fluffle Puff

    Is it normal for a 10 year old girl to have stretchmarks?

  91. Summer Rye

    Any Small YouTubers wanna support each other ??

  92. cristina isip

    You aŕe so beautiful and your skin is goal

  93. Sam Hussein

    You look stunning.

  94. ATiny Plant

    I got stretch marks for exercising, I started doing leg exercises and squats and now i got stretches on my butt ;-;

  95. blossom skate

    I’m getting some right now, I really small one of my stomach, I think…. I don’t know if it’s a stretch mark.. I have them on my thigh. I’m not gaining weight. I’m still 110Ilbs but IDK MAN IDK

  96. Roufy 16

    I have dark stretch mark and it says that it will never go and I won’t be able to get removed

  97. itz_wolfieboy_ TV

    I getting wm now ?? 13

  98. Linda Loo Hoo

    Um exactly how did you apply this stuff

  99. Linda Loo Hoo

    I have stretch marks on my boobs and it’s terrible HOW TF DID THIS HAPPEN UGH

  100. aey - es

    after massaging the olive oil on the area, will you leave the oil on or you’re gonna wash it after?

  101. _hemhem_

    I had few stretch marks when I was younger but it never bother me and now Im getting stretch marks after my first full year of college. My body started to curve up and now I have so much stretch marks Im just like oh geeeezz where you come from

  102. Maria Galeana

    Where can i get the first lotion at ?

  103. Molusco

    That tooth thou

  104. screechingforbangtan

    I have stretch marks on the back of my knees and I literally can’t wear shorts.

  105. Vinessa Taylor

    I would recommend Coco Butter or something with Vitamin E in it. I use Coco butter and my doctor recommended it, and the stretch marks are fading.

  106. Mr Ghosty

    Yo I’m a dude and I got them from rapid weight gain will these work

  107. Briana Orozco

    Omg I got stretch marks to!

  108. Bila Michelle

    OMG thnkz a lot its gonna be useful cuz its like on my whole body

  109. Aniqual Griffin

    How long did it take to start working ? & did it just lighten your stretch marks or made them go away

  110. Hannah Prudnick

    You talk too much in your intro get to the damn point

  111. TheNevaehShow

    I just stared to get stretch marks there on the back of my arms and my hips

  112. Gael julith


  113. Ari ii

    Shiddd….Stretch marks are sexy shows you’re perfectly imperfect, idc about mine anymore.

  114. Amba Skeete

    Love this video suscribed!!!

  115. kenya crayton

    Also pumice stone

  116. Sebastien L

    A long time ago? … You look like your a college freshman.

  117. Joy Wangu

    How long did you take to get rid of them?

  118. Joy Wangu

    How long did you take to get rid of them?

  119. Khriz Herz

    Am i the only guy here?

  120. Sophie Habi

    i literally have stretch marks on my arms and they aren’t even like cracked or shit they are just straight down like the length of my arms HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN IM LITERALLY 17

  121. Obiora Juliana

    Did you use the oil only for your lower back
    And can I also use only the oil

  122. Dolly Mlanjeni

    for how long must you do that

  123. ale

    I feel like there’s no solution for stretch marks

  124. LÖřYCee

    I started getting stretch marks since 11 on my hips and still can’t get rid of em. Ty

  125. Hauwa Usman

    Wow awesome

    1. Essie Michelle


  126. Shay Blossom17

    I love your channel girl . Loving the tips !!! Thank for the video . It’s appreciated ? SUBbing ?

  127. Peña 12

    Alguien que diga que ella dice

  128. monan

    Those are disturbing

  129. Chicken nuggets are the The best damn cookies ever

    What if you’re a dude and you have stretch marks on your hips. I’m not overweight, I’m only 5’4 and I’m 13

  130. Clem Bay

    I’m using Shea butter to grow my hair and for burn scars even stretch marks but it hasn’t proven yet.

  131. Mol Bradbury

    I’m 12 and have stretch marks, I’m really self conscious and depressed over it. None of my friends gave them and I feel uncomfortable wearing shorts due to my thighs. I’m definitely going to use to olive oil treatment. Thank you so much for the tips?

  132. Kian Lawley

    I want them to go and I’m going on holiday in 2 days?

  133. vedji barb

    I have a bigger butt than most boys, no surgery. And I’ve got stretch marks on the side.
    I’m only 14 too.

  134. msgirlygamer

    I have stretch marks on my breasts bc I am chubby

  135. Tans Kitkat

    Your eye makeup is perfect

    1. Essie Michelle

      aw thank you!

  136. Aphmeu10

    I got stretch marks on my boobs.. advice? Please help im insecure about them !!

  137. Flying Alysa

    Does it have to be olive oil? Or can I use canola oil as well?

    1. Essie Michelle

      Olive oil is healthy and has different properties in it than canola oil. So i would stick to olive lol

  138. Alex Lopez

    Omg thank you very much u just helped me a whole bunch you the best

    1. Sanjeevni Health

      अब मिंटो में छूमंतर करें स्ट्रैच मार्क्स

    2. Essie Michelle

      aw welcome!

  139. mona mesgari

    Does coconut oil work too??

  140. Danielle Nothmann

    Does bio oil actually work on stretch marks?

  141. Vivian Okunrobo

    Please help me

  142. Vivian Okunrobo

    Please where can I find all this product?

  143. Susie Kiss

    Allergic to Aloe Vera ,, do you suggest anything else ?

  144. John Lavern

    Do you mix the olive oil and the cream or? ?? Please help!

  145. rafa hernandez

    Are you suppose to mix it all together ? Or just any one ?

  146. Breonia Cross

    Omg!!! Her have the same story about how we got stretch marks! lol I’m not alone ???

  147. Chicken Nugget

    SHE IS SO ADORABLE! I’m at a loss for words, she is just so cute!!

  148. Vanilla Belko

    I have always been thin and I have stretch marks on my hips, butt, inner thighs, and knees. I believe I got them when I had my growth spurt in middle school.

  149. Onorine Aochi

    how long did it take to get rid of them?

  150. Sad Becky

    is euceren the same as sudocrem ?

  151. Tushima Hurst

    Do you apply both the Olive Oil and the Eucerin?

  152. Chloe Boo Thomas

    How long did it take to get rid of your stretch marks?

  153. Morgan Brown

    E45 helped me too coz for some reason I had stretch marks on my knees and I started using E45 and now you can only see them if you go really close up

  154. Tara Coleman

    I have strech marks and I’m ony 12):

  155. W.O Squad

    How long did it take for them to disappear?

  156. Eloise Peacock

    does anyone know if bio oil is any good?

  157. hellob.l96

    how did you do the before and after? did you get rid of them right away??

  158. TiffTiff

    you look like Yolanda Adams and Steve Harvey’s twin daughters

  159. ItsMelinna

    I have stretch marks on my butt and I’m only 10 years old and I got them because I kept on scratching my butt and you can get them by just scratching a lot .

  160. Alja Juntez

    I’m 15 and I have stretch marks all over my butt. I’m really skinny so I still don’t know why I have them. I’ve had them for about a year now and nothing has helped me. I hope i find something usefull.

  161. High Rollers-TV

    does any one else have stretch marks on there inner thighs???

  162. flawless girls

    if somebody try it tell me if it work plz???

  163. Payton Hopkins

    I have tons of stretch marks on my legs because of muscle gain

  164. Abi Gael

    I used lemon juice for two weeks and its almost gone and mine were soooo dark

  165. Hey It's jay

    She’s so pretty!!

  166. Julie Duke

    I’m 14 and have stretch marks all over my inner thighs, outer thighs, and butt. I’ve asked my mom to buy me honestly anything to help them (i don’t have a job) and she just responds with “you don’t even notice them.” it just hurts how she doesn’t realize how much they destroy my self confidence and self love.

  167. MspKaylaGoalz

    I have stretch marks on my ARMS is really embarrassing, and I’m only 11 and I got them when I was 10!


    OMFG!!!! I got stretch marks at 11 years old cuz a girl pointing them out when I was at the pool and she was like you have stretch marks in I was like b**** please the f*** everybody has stretch marks on their body the fuck even of you can’t see them nobody body’s is perfect


      Logang 4life cus I can do u have a problem in I’m also not even 11 no more in I said when I was 11

    2. Grace Xox

      ASIA QUEEN y did u beep out 2 cuss words but not the last one, girl u probably still 11 so stop cussing

  169. Chantel Guzman

    I felt so much better after watching this video. I’ve always been ashamed of my stretch marks on my sides so its a relief that it happens to a lot of people too.

  170. Savy x Edits

    I have slight stretch marks around my thighs bc my thighs have gotten thicker ig but I wanna get rid of them before they get worse

  171. Josephine Graham

    The darker the olive oil, the better


    you cant get rid of stretch marks, its like a scar. sorry.

  173. K Free

    I have st reach marks im 11

  174. AnnihilateStretchMarks.Com

    I absolutely love shea butter, it is such a multi-purpose product.

  175. m rnsz

    did you use this when they were new/still pink?

  176. Ohhnoo Julie

    Im 12 & have??

  177. Qeyshawn Michael

    i don’t have stretch marks. I only watched it cause she’s attractive

  178. Maddie Walker

    I’m 12 and my stretch marks stress me out and make me so insecure

  179. Jenniii G

    ugh hopefully this works! i have stretch marks on my legs, you can barely see them but still. i dont like wearing dresses cause people keep talking about me. im really insecure ?

  180. Nathan Steele

    sexy lower back

  181. Maria Hanscom

    I started getting stretch marks all over my legs since I was 8 because I either gained them lost weight , or grew too fast and now I’m 13, I feel really insecure whenever I wear . shorts . I hope this works for me

  182. Ka Te

    i got stretch mark since i was 10 / 12 , not sure tho. and i got it by scratching it then It’ll be wound and will left scars that were reallyy Dark. helpp meee

  183. I'm Stupid

    I lost 40 pounds in a month and I got stretch marks when I gained it back and lost it. When skin is stretched or tightened it will get stretch marks.

  184. Sweetneicy08

    Does anyone know of a substation for the aloe vera? Im allergic to it 🙁

  185. You'll See It When You Believe It !!

    sexy waist – lol

  186. Emerie Blessing

    how can I get those things you used on your stretch marks please i need it

  187. minasaywhaa

    I just watched a video about rubbing the potatoe juice on you to do it ?

  188. Kamrie Donyé

    does this work on old stretch marks… I have a 2 year old & I can’t get rid of them

  189. Piret Tikand

    Hell0_People..♥Maxelder Argan Cream♥ great stretch mark cream ( I ordered from here w…nyarganoil..c )..This cream works well. Has a nice smell and goes on really smooth. Ihave only used this a few times and I have definitely seen results.. I apply a generous amount on my stomach, before bed. It doesn’ t leave you feeling sticky or smelly. Daily use of this product and I could see it making a drastic change. I would recommend this cream.

    1. Tymia Ford

      Piret Tikand does it really work

    2. Melanie Violet

      Ihighly recommend thisproduct to anyone who is trying to erase their stretchmarks.

  190. Beril Ly Ella

    it worked acually very well! i had them on my legs and lower waist and i tried it! worked well!

  191. Elena İkoh

    I love this argan life %100 pure argan oil product! Smells nice, and so far proved effective, as I have quite the belly now, and no marks.

  192. Simple Stretch Mark Solution

    Thanks for the informative video!!!

    1. Essie Michelle

      welcome love!

  193. Karlie

    I started getting stretch marks in 7th grade. I got really sick. lost a lot of weight and then gained it all back fairly fast. if anyone else has tried any of these please tell me which works best!

  194. Adoreme me

    I thought you can’t fully .. EVER..get rid of stretchmarks??

  195. Destini Owens

    what about coco butter????

  196. Kayla Harrell

    I’m a little confused. My stretch look dark exactly like hers did. Did she only use olive oil and eucerin?

  197. real steve

    am 17 now, I started getting stretch marks at 16 it’s very embarrassing because am a guy and I hate this fucking stretch marks on my shoulder and when am having sex with girl I hate when she see those stretch marks on my shoulder

  198. Wifey Ally

    Does anyone know if the Aloe Vera Gel works the same?

  199. Ayannah Maldonado

    this is the first time I have seen your videos and my first thought was “Oh my gosh she is so pretty!”

    1. Essie Michelle

      aww thanks sooo much my love!

  200. Tia Baker


    1. Essie Michelle

      oh no! try the coconut oil

  201. Fartuun Jama

    I got a strech Mark on my daamm booty, love handle and daam knee. ..? which is the most random place ever

  202. mausiii1999

    A friend of Mine always uses raw eggs for her strech Marks ?

    1. mausiii1999

      Essie Michelle definitely, she used it every day After her pragnancy And nearly all strech Marks disappeared ?

    2. Essie Michelle

      wow! I haven’t heard of that. Does it help?

  203. Pink Princess Jin

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    4. Essie Michelle

      I only mix just the olive oil and eucerin together. The other products I tried separately

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    2. Essie Michelle

      Hey love I either mix the two together or first I’ll rub the eucerin all into my body. Then I’ll take the olive oil and massage that into the spot as well

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    2. Essie Michelle

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      Thank you , & Yea mines aren’t deep They’re very light On My Belly But On My Thighs They’re A Bit Darker . The First Picture Is A Picture Of My Stretch Marks On My Thigh & The Second Picture Is Stretch Marks On My Belly & I’m Pregnant Still So I’ll Probably Get More Since I’m Barely 6 Months. So I’m Guessing It’ll Take A Couple Months As Well Sorry I Posted Pictures But It Won’t Show So I Deleted My Comments .

    2. Essie Michelle

      hey boo! it depends on how deep your stretch marks are. Mine took a couple of months. some can be shorter, some can be longer love. But yess! since you are young our body can restore itself faster I believe. So you’ll be able to bounce back boo

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    1. Essie Michelle


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    1. Sanjeevni Health

      अब मिंटो में छूमंतर करें स्ट्रैच मार्क्स

  356. FelloChello

    If you don’t mind me asking, where are your before and after pictures? Any scientific data/research that proves such remedies work? Naturally stretch marks lighten over time…I would advice people to just learn to love your stretch marks and those looking to “get rid” of their marks…best results are most seen if your stretch marks are new and with laser…best to do your research and read some scientific journals because there is literature out there on these types of things

  357. Cortni HollyWood

    Omg…i have 4 kids and used EVERY thing on the market throughout all 4 pregnancies and after and although i didn’t get many stretch marks til my last child, nothing worked…EXCEPT the tanning bed!!! when i tan, you can’t see any of mine…so for all the ladies screaming only natural things work,NOT true so throw ya ass’s in a tanning bed and go un natural and take those chances from using tanning beds girl! ???….(ps-although tanning really does hide my stretch marks,im totally kidding so no1 needs to take my comment so serious)..also,radical honesty,everyone really is different so what works for one girl doesn’t always work for the next so be proud of your bodies ladies,we are ALL beautiful and no mark on our body defines who we are nor does it tell us we aren’t pretty bc every woman has their own something special that differs themself from any other woman so please embrace your beauty ladies and stick together rather than tear each other apart by picking on ones “flaws”…xo

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    1. Essie Michelle

      Almost every day 🙂 Twice a day if you want to go extra hard 🙂

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    I wsh I can use somthng to get ride of this stretch marks


    I wsh I can use somthng to get ride of this stretch marks


    I’m.having stretch marks on ma hips,arms I dnt knw wat to use anymrr pls help me


    I’m.having stretch marks on ma hips,arms I dnt knw wat to use anymrr pls help me

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    1. FelloChello

      Angelica Mahone you can never get rid of stretch marks…they can fade over time…but it’s scar tissue below the epidermis of your skin layer

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  374. Priya Priyanka

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    1. Essie Michelle

      +Jameshia Brunson you’ll be surprised. I get lots of questions from people to explain more about each product. You may catch on quick and know everything already but not everyone else does. So I have to explain each thing for other viewers.

    2. Jameshia Brunson


    3. Jameshia Brunson

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    5. Essie Michelle

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    I used soap and glory *flake away* body polish it so F* great <3

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    1. FelloChello

      Sabz Exactly. This video is so misleading and people will just watch YouTube vids and believe anything anyone says without actual proof…stretch marks are scare tissue formed below the epidermis of your skin…over time they will naturally lighten but nothing can ever make them really go away…including lasers, glycolysis treatments…they can fade but never will they go away

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    3. FelloChello

      Afua Adih it won’t…you can’t really ever get rid of stretch marks. There’s no scientific literature that any of these expensive creams or remedies work haha but they do lighten/fade over time. This video is misleading and notice she never showed you before and after pics and she did say her stretch marks were better after high school which was years ago…stretch marks form below the epidermis of your skin layer, its scar tissue. People having the best results with stretch marks are those who’s stretch marks are NEW, in combination with laser and glycolic treatments. Learn to love them and not be so self conscious over them good luck ??

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    1. Dani For Daysss

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    2. Nuzhat Nadiya

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  429. Malina Seidu

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    1. littlemermaid w

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    2. Horatio KJV Bible


      The cure:

      Dual Fraxel Lazer.

      It’s especially safe for dark skin.

      Stretch marks will be near gone after 3 treatments. Do 6 treatments and get your confidence back.

      You’re welcome.

    3. tia9273

      DEZI I also have it in the same spot. I thought about placing a tattoo there, but tattoos fade over time and it will be hard to continuously cover it. Your stretch marks will peep through the tattoo and make things far worst. I’m going to try massaging olive oil in my problem areas and see how it turns out.

    4. Жека

      Pls do look into all methods before starting, I’ve also checked for a mixture of vitamin E, emu oil and aloe Vera gel which is real good because they all have healing properties for damaged skin

  439. tribleA

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    1. Bella Linda

      Amisal Leave it on. She replaces creams & lotions such as Jergens to moisturize the areas.

  440. vcraglin

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    1. Elaine Delta

      Aloe vera toothpaste or charcoal toothpaste. The best is without flouride, I get these white stains that are permanent on my teeth but it depends on the person, maybe i’m just sensitive for flouride

    2. aaron chater

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    3. Dymdz R4ever

      +Joser Morales drink more milk? Cows milk? Isn’t that filled with puss?

    4. Joser Morales

      There are a few suggestions for lessening stretch marks
      Apply any of the following – peanut butter, aleo vera, and vanilla extract
      Take natural Herbs
      do more exercise
      Drink more milk – helps flush toxins
      (I discovered these and why they work from Javins magic plan website )

  441. xStephism

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    1. Danielle Hufke

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    2. xStephism

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    3. jan p

      xStephism exfoliateee everytime when u are in the shower n then use n intense lotion, I think shea butter is good. I use kojie San soap n then lotion n mine are white they are fading a lot n becoming same time as my skin! don’t give up, exfoliation is key!!

  442. Kindy Holl

    After my breast augmentation surgery I was not happy with my scars. Learning about %100 Pure Argan Oil Treatment. I had to order it. Applying it twice a day sure made my scars lighter and flatter!. Extremely please with the product! You can get more information by searching on Google as an Argan Rain.

    1. Calista Calista Canna

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  443. Danica Laura

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    1. Horatio KJV Bible

      Update pls

    2. Raja Shaan

      Did it work?

    3. Essie Michelle

      you are welcome my love! I went thru that too in HS and I didn’t like it at all! 🙁 I hope this helps you boo!


    Well I guess it depends on the individual and their type of skin. what works for you will not work for me or someone else. without knowing about that, I’ve been using euccerin for over 15yrs along with olive oil and Bio oil to help clear off my stretch marks, and it is still there. nothing changes. thank God mine is not bad, it’s very light since the birth of my first child. now I don’t believe anything I see on YouTube anymore , all of this is just a waste of money buying stuff that Don’t do shit.

    1. Natalia Valentino

      Problem is people have a fundamental misunderstanding of what stretch marks are. They are a specialized type of scar and need to be dealt with in a different way. Just applying olive oil and then slapping your clothes on isn’t going to do anything. After a hot shower, you need to take the time and massage olive oil into the area gentle for AT LEAST 10 minutes every day in every area, twice a day is better, effectively adding a moisturizer while simultaneously breaking down the scar tissue. It’s way more difficult and intensive then people want it to be, but you will get results that way. It also takes time.
      Another method is the Derma roller. It is a specialized tool that punctures tiny holes in your skin, which effectively helps to break down the scar tissue by causing just enough trauma to increase blood flow to the area and promote new skin growth. Adding a great moisturizer with this will do the same thing as a massage, maybe even more effectively.

    2. sierra wilson

      yeah but I got mine from getting fat. nothing to love about that 🙁

    3. Brooklyn Z

      SUNSHINE JOSEPH you should combine what you do with microneddling.

    4. Ralonda Tiller

      SUNSHINE JOSEPH right if you have that type of skin. no matter what you use u gone get them and they not going away. I have 3 kids and I’m 40 I have zero stretch marks zero. I use olive oil because it’s natural. I don’t use lotion. it’s a waste. olive oil is great after bath put on socks.

  445. Abigail Shanae

    Would canola oil or Avocado oil be good too for stretch marks ?

    1. Abigail Shanae

      Oh Thanks <3

    2. Essie Michelle

      Avocado oil would be good but i’m not sure about canola oil babes

    3. Whitts

      Abigail Shanae I know about avocado oil it works

  446. Da'Naisa Love

    Castor oil mixed with coconut oil works amazing for me somehow. I think because they both penetrate the skin very well. Oppose to Shea butter it just sits on my skin.

    1. Zahrah x

      Da’Naisa Love Thank you for replying 🙂 i hope so too!

    2. Da'Naisa Love

      Zahrah x Thanks. You can apply it as many times as you want. I applied mine twice a day. Hope you see results like I did

    3. Zahrah x

      Da’Naisa Love how many times do you apply it in the day or week? Got red stretch marks on my stomach. Going to try this method.

    4. Da'Naisa Love

      David Lfingerboard I use it based on the most beneficial products from Most beneficial in fading scars to least. I rarely measure. And I mix it in an empty jar and let it soak in.. I use more Shea Butter though so it would have a hold instead of a greasier texture

  447. iCanonlybeash

    Very informative I have stretch marks on my waist from weight gaing and loss I’m so happy I found your channel!

    1. jan p

      plz don’t listen to ppl u can’t get rid of stretch marks anything is.possible. personally for me exfoliation is key!!I use kojie San soap.n just use a shea moisture infused lotion n mine lighten a lot and continue to do so, n they r white old ones

    2. Lioness Davis

      Ive always had stretchmarks and unfortunately a lot of them.
      Ive tried everything from cocoa butter, bio oil, olive oil, coconut oil girl I’ve tried them all but my stripes are here to stay.
      Gawd damn it.

      Loosing weight has helped them look like less but that’s basically it. I haven’t tried aloevera gel though *last hope*

    3. starlightlovev

      Ann Auko no, they do not disappear

    4. I_love nikkah

      Ashley Thompson me too I had stretch marks after adding weight.. so if you loose weight will they disappear??

  448. imani watkins

    I have the same Shea butter ?. I use it all over my body ??

  449. Stacy Samms

    alovera plant leaf works on everything. old school.

    1. Rae Asana

      Stacy Samms I grow those in my house so I’m gonna try it out thx for the idea

    2. Zee G

      Tell me stacy, what are the preparations , I wanna try it

    3. Valentina Catherine

      Ibought ♥Maxelder argan cream♥ ( website w..nyarganoil…c ) because Ihave so many stretch mark on my leg, my hips and my breast. Although it takes awhile to take the stretch marks out but it help. I apply it to my marks 2-3 times a day and also apply it to my itch skin and it work. It_soothe and moisturize my skin after massaging to my skin. I am still using the product to see more result

    4. Elsa Beth

      I love this argan life %100 pure argan oil product! Smells nice, and so far proved effective, as I have quite the belly now, and no marks.

  450. Jennifer Canyo

    I noticed tonight that my stretch marks have faded considerably in this short period of time, they’re flatter, and whiter. I am amazed at my results with such cheap simple products. I will continue to do this religiously. I really believe my success comes from the” argan life products . It is my new holy product!”

    1. good life....

      Mary Keras Don’t buy a brand name, just look for pure original Argan oil 100% in any drug store
      Argan life brand are big scammers avoid it

    2. good life....

      Mary Keras Don’t believe him, it is just an ads. Argan life company is mixing the oil with lot of chemicals this if they really use the pure argan oil. If you’re interested in using Argan oil go get it from the drug store not from scammer argan life.

    3. Mary Keras

      Thank you 🙂 I’ll try it

  451. KiaraCupcake

    Wow, you’re so gorgeous! ? I desperately needed to see this. I must say that I can’t wait to try it. Thank you so much for helping another girl out. ❤

    1. Essie Michelle

      aww thanks my love! soo happy I could help!

  452. COURTNEY Gerzetich

    I have really bad stretch marks and I don’t know how to or want to tell my parents we are going to Florida in 2 weeks and I don’t know what to do I always wear basketball shorts or leggings because I am self conscious about that mine go all the way down to my knee help me plz

    1. Lety Jay

      to be honest, stretch marks will never go away. thats the truth. otherwise we all wouldnt be pondering how to get rid of them if there was some miracle product.

    2. alecia gottshalk

      COURTNEY Gerzetich scrub at least three times a week and moisturize with olive oil. To be honest it really takes time to fade. It takes alot of discipline and commitment. I saw this product that is called V Gel from Vanna Belt . I’ve never tried it but I’ve seen good testimonial about it.

    3. Danica Laura

      COURTNEY Gerzetich they are totallyyyyyy normal. Almost every single girl gets them. Just go to your mom and tell her about it and that you’re embarrassed!! They seriously will not judge you. No one is gonna, cause once anyone sees them and realizes what they are it’s no big deal in anyone’s mind.its not your fault you have them, and it’s as common as a zit !

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    1. Raja Shaan

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    2. Shante' N. Rennick

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    3. Shante' N. Rennick

      yes, I saw no stretch marks on your sides at all, I said, I MUST try this asap!

    4. Essie Michelle

      +Shante’ N. Rennick lol yes girlaa! Try it! I was so happy to see my go away!

  454. Clara Bizan

    I’ve been useing Argan rain %100 Pure Argan oil for over a month and i don’t have the strech marks on my tights and be ly. also is better than lotion after a shower. i love it .

    1. Essie Michelle

      I really want to try that as well! I heard its great! thanks for sharing! x0

    2. Megan Holls

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    1. Cleojoy Chigamba

      here’s several tips for treating stretch marks at home
      Apply any of the following – milk, aleo vera, and ground coffee
      Eat berries, acai and citrus fruits
      do more exercise
      Consume larger amounts of water – helps to detoxify
      (I learned these and the reasons they work from Javins magic plan website )

    2. sachula mariposa

      Kookie Monsthur thank you

    3. Kookie Monsthur

      sachula mariposa i used coco butter the raw natural kind that you have to refrigerate and used it 3 times a day 1. When i woke up 2. In the afternoon and 3. Everytime after i got out if the shower

    4. sachula mariposa

      Kookie Monsthur
      Wat did you use? Plzzzzzz help

  456. micaiah black

    I have stretch marks on the back of my leg and there dark i hate it will it still work

    1. micaiah black

      +Essie Michelle thank you

    2. Essie Michelle

      +micaiah black yes boo! It should work anywhere. Just take time to really massage the area twice a day!

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    1. Essie Michelle

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    1. Essie Michelle

      +Kalea For Yesss argan oil is wonderful as well!

    2. Mark Dero

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      aww thank you so so so much Jazmyne x0x0

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    1. Sanjeevni Health

      अब मिंटो में छूमंतर करें स्ट्रैच मार्क्स

    2. RoryValintine

      @Essie Michelle What about the stomach area ? I just got some really bad ones- 4 of them. Pree sure it’s weight gain since I was 160 and now 200. Do you leave Extra virgin olive oil on to sit ? No rinsing it off ? Just leave it ? Then put Eurcerin cream on ? BTW WHICH Eucerin was it ??? what is the SPECIFIC one you use ?? I wanna buy it !!! I REALLY really do not want these marks on my stomach !!!!!!!! please reply asap !! Thanks 🙂

    3. Essie Michelle

      Yesss! For sure love. Boobies, butt, thighs, back everywhere ?

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      +Caylai Shayle you’re so very welcome love xo

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    2. Keke1980s

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    3. Essie Michelle

      +A S H L E Y yes girl!! I’m happy u know! Lol so many ppl sleep on it!

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    1. Essie Michelle

      +Jessica Wilson hey babe, I started seeing results in like a month. Mine were sooo dark and long so it took a while

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