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How To Get Rid of Dandruff | Seborrheic Dermatitis | with Dr. Sandra Lee

How do you get rid of Dandruff? I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Seborrheic Dermatitis (the medical term for dandruff) – what is it, why you get it and how to treat it – so I thought I’d try to answer some of these in this video!

There are a few reasons why you may get Dandruff – genetics and environment are usually the most common. But this is a VERY common condition that is very controllable and simple to treat.

Hope it’s helpful!!

Thanks for your questions and keep them coming!!

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284 Thoughts to “How To Get Rid of Dandruff | Seborrheic Dermatitis | with Dr. Sandra Lee”

  1. Danny S. Kost

    *I had eczema over Twenty years since teenage. I visited many physicians and used many different prescribed products, it worked for short period of time, it always came back after stopping using them. I tried eczema guide ( **** ) for about a month, surprisingly, the condition never came back for years.*

    1. Susan B. Jenkins

      Where are you????

    2. Betty Dempster

      wow !!!! i used this .. very effective

  2. Falzeee

    Typical brainwashed dumbass doctors who parrot everything they are told. But I’ll give her one plus, she actually said they don’t know what causes it. BUt using steroids and anti-fungal medication works against your bodies make up and immune system. Everything is based on diet, food is medicine. Don’t listen to doctors they are full of shit and only care about profit. Go look up a real doctor, Dr Bergman!

  3. althea bird

    Makes sense why this flared up during my pregnancy! – hormones lol

  4. Prize Grand

    Thank yoy this helped i’m a teen..smh

  5. Miranda Abung

    I’ve so many treatment for this kind of dermatitis disease. But once i going to hospital to consultation with dermatologist, she said that my dermatitis seborrheic won’t be heal forever. It permanently in my body, so it’ll be rise again in my head if I’m not treating it frequently. So what do you think doc? I ask you for the patient who so pathetic with this disease. I’m so ashame with this condition. Help me :” is this really going permanently in my head? Or it can be healing? Please. Help me.

  6. Online scam

    I have sebohorric dermatitis. I use ketoconozoale and topical steriods but its not going away. I even used oral itraconozoale for some time. It did lower the severity of the condition but seb. Is still there! What do i do?

  7. Pietro Troia

    This video isn’t helpful at all. I thought i’d found something useful in Youtube English, but I didn’t. What does it mean that we don’t yet the causes of dermatits? We’re in 2017 and in ten years we will be on Mars! Anyway here’s what I’ve learnt so far:
    For the face use Aluseb cream at bedtime and it works pretty well.
    For my hair the best shampoo that I’ve tried so far is called Nizoral.
    Aside from that i suggest you not to scratch your head. Also stop saying which food to avoid or it’s about the stress: it doesn’t fucking matter.
    Unfortunately this stuff is something you have to deal on your own, because you have to find yourself the best products, since there’s a lot of crap on the market. Many dermatologists are just idiots, or I think they have some kind of deals with pharmacists and suppliers.

  8. Gabs

    I had shampoo prescribed from a doctor, and it hasn’t helped. We have this normal dandruff shampoo and it caused me to have bumps of dandruff on my scalp to where when I tried getting rid of them I’d end up with scabs from bleeding

  9. SevenRayedGod

    Omega 3 omega 6 balance, the fungus lives all over your skin. High omega 6 intake can increase oil production making more food for the fungus which causes dandruff. Plus stress response is also involved. Higher omega 3 over omega 6 does wonders for me.

  10. laughablelove 2020

    A majority of dandruff shampoos have sulfates that make the itching worse. I’ve tried every dandruff shampoo since 2011, and not one of them has worked. I can only use natural, chemical free shampoos. So, that’s hogwash what she said about dandruff shampoos.

  11. Sandeep Shonik

    You said you don’t know what causes dandruff. Who made you a doctor???
    The same things can be told by a roadside barber also. And the medicines you listed, nothing works.

  12. Malini Dee

    Oh…..really thank you….Dr.pimple popper…. <3
    My fear for dandruff is gone now...

  13. Kama's Queen

    I have White Dry stuff coming out of my hair whenever wash it or bush it or comb my hair is that psoriasis because my mom says I got Dry scalp but my mom says I got dandruff

  14. Flora Basmajian

    I’m 45 I had dandruff since a teenager, it itches so bad, I do get scabs and huge flakes I was thinking of seeing a dermatologist

  15. Brendan Abel

    I’m surprised she’s not recommending two shots of vodka…
    oh wait wrong Sandra lee!

  16. Anant Santhanam

    Coconut oil is the best for scalp and body. All problems of dandruff and psoriasis are under control or completely cured.

  17. thedarknessofnana

    My scalp is so sensitive to oils, the only oil I can use is tea tree oil. It is naturally antiseptic, so it tames the overgrowth of the malasezia. My scalp is pretty healthy now that I use tea tree oil only. I apply it every other day or so.

  18. Melissa Ochoa

    I have a friend who hasseborrheic dermatitis on my vagina! It’s been diagnosed and in between the inner lips. It constantly itches and makes her miserable. The steroid and shampoo doesn’t help. Do you have suggestions?

  19. M S World

    virgin Coconut oil is the better choice

  20. Liz *

    Is there a difference between dandruff and shampoo build up?

  21. Matt Deleon

    I wash my hair every day and my dandruff still stays the same heLp?

    1. unicorn Blake

      Matt Deleon Washing it out everyday doesn’t get it out. Maybe buy a shampoo that gets rid of it.

  22. Ashley S

    I had tiny spots of eczema and treated it utilizing this eczema guide “kuzo great plan” (Google it). I found great results with the guide and later utilized it to heal the eczema affected areas of my face and it was effective. My breakouts are greatly minimized and I was able to achieve a more healthy skin through the help of this guide.

  23. DJSQUISHY213 Allen

    Dr.: Dandruff appears where hair is”

    Me: Oh, so that’s why I scratch my balls all the time thanks doc!

    Dr.: No problem anytime.

    Dr.: Here’s some lube “AHEM” I mean medicine…

  24. Santos Ugalde

    You can get dandruff in your beard

  25. dqp. spaultima

    Dermatitis is an inflamation… dandruff is uncontrolled multiplication of fungus… so you have to stop the inflamation inside the body.

    1. كابوس الماضي

      dqp. spaultima
      How can i stop the inflammation ?? I heard basil leaves are good for internal inflammation

  26. Heidi

    ?? Thanks, Dr. Lee!

  27. Shayhaq Baloch

    I’m suffering from dandruff since i hit puberty it’s been over 8 years now and i’m starting to get bald at a really young of 21, which is the primary reason i’m upset about it.I’m currently using hivate lotion+baby lotion on my hair it was suggested by my cousin who claims it got rid rid of his dandruff utterly, it’s been two month since i started using it, it’s minimized the flakes slightly however my hair are still falling like crazy. I wonder if you could help me with my hair fall that would mean a great deal to me.

    1. google account

      Shayhaq Baloch I don’t know a lot but organic oils help, such as castor oil, tea tree oil and more

  28. Ted loring

    I have dermatitis on my eyelids, groin, ear canal, and back of my ear/earlob.  I did a patch test and my dermatologist believes it’s contact dermatitis caused by fragrance.  However it’s greasy scaling and seems like it could be SB.  The dermatitis seems to be responding well to anti-fungals especially Nystatin.  If the dermatitis responds well to Nystatin can I assume that it is not contact dermatitis and not because of fragrances i.e. its seborrheic dermatitis?

  29. Chaima Amlouk

    what about dandruff caused by keratin treatment even after 2 years of getting the treatment ? ?

  30. Askar Zhaparov

    Sometimes I just want to shave my head and get rid of dandruff

  31. Zeglex

    i have dandruffs

  32. William Levy

    I think there’s a direct correlation between stress, dandruff and balding. When you ask patients about their behaviours leading up to the dandruff do you ask them if they experienced any significant stress recently? When I experienced stress the sebbheroic dermatitis flared up particularly noticeably at my forehead line. Consequently when I scratched the flakes it caused my hair to fall out along with them and I began developing my typical balding at the top left and right of my forehead. There’s definitely a relationship between the two.

  33. William Levy

    Did you really need to clarify that all ethnicities get it? We’re humans of the same species. Why would race or colour have anything to do with dandruff?

    1. imani brantley

      Because had she not somebody would’ve asked a race related question

    2. Danette Falaschetti-Tschuor

      Because, certain ailments are either specific to or more prone to occur in a particular ethnicity. She was merely clarifying…

    3. bportcarman momoney

      Chill out race baiter.

  34. Darryl D

    This eczema guide “kuzo great plan” (Google it) is absolutely wonderful, it cleared my eczema on my hands in two days. It has been a few months since I got this problems, and I could say that this guide is far better than the medicated steroid creams which I have tried.

  35. Ashley S

    Got this eczema guide “kuzo great plan” (Google it) for tiny spots of eczema. I found great results with the guide and later utilized it to mend the eczema affected areas of my face and it was effective. My breakouts are significantly minimized and I was able to attain a healthier skin through the help of this informative guide.

  36. Vicki Jennings

    I always thought that having thicker hair was a culprit too. My sister has thin hair, never has dandruff and I have super thick hair and have ALWAY struggled with mild dandruff.

  37. Chops NC

    How do you treat scalp acne? Is there a shampoo?

  38. Hell55 Drake

    how do I get rid of dandruff on my nut sack?

    1. John Ma. Timothy Camins

      Cut it off.

    2. Big Mike Johnson

      Acetone and a wire brush worked for me.

  39. Dumb Dumber

    Ketoconazole Shampoo is what has worked best for me!

  40. Tracey Renwick

    AG SHAMPOO called CONTROL Works like a hot damn!!!

  41. Walter Bonney

    *This stuff really works >>> ****  I can not say enough good things about this . I am very grateful for the results of using this. I had been SUFFERING with an awful itch and rash for months. NOTHING worked and as the summer months approached, the itch seemed to become worse. Several areas of my body showed black scarring marks from where I had scratched the area, in some case, causing it to bleed. I saw this Mother of all Creams products and the associating reviews and thought I would try this product -This product began to work immediately!!! Within two days, the area on my forearm which was previously covered with scratch scar mark, began to clear up. I thought “No way – maybe just my imagination mixed with deep optimism??”. NO – it was for real. The itch waned and the spots began to clear. This product WORKS!! I am experience life almost 100% free of itching, my skin looks so much better and most of the scarring is clearing away. Thank you God!*

  42. crosseyedbandit

    To fix this problem, you’ve gotta water fast for a few weeks. Kidneys and digestion is the problem.

  43. sandy sharma

    mame im suffering from sd since 8 yrs i use topical corticosteroids it relieves it but it again re appear… plz tell me anything so that I get rid of it

  44. Jerwin Mancenido

    Hi Dr.Sandra Lee please create videos on home made product to treat skin conditions.

  45. Paula Denna

    Chlorine and chemicals in water… we all eat different.. live in different climates from home to outside to exercise .. and shampoo arent made for every person and their habits.

  46. SunshineGirl

    May I ask what if we have lesions that are: rounded triangles , petal or almond shaped, or sunflower seed shaped? They are red then yellow then white? And a lot of white and red papules in strings . Clusters , or 4 together ?

    I received multiple diagnosis from various derms and docs : folliculitus , sebhorric dermatitis , psoriasis….

    and only treatment has been doxycycline, minocycline, clindinmycin. And nizoral sal acid shampoos .

    This problem started 2 years ago after a reaction at the salon . And past year it has been out of control with severe progressive hair loss along with burning pain. Please help

    1. SunshineGirl

      Lesions also sometimes turns into yellow crusting .

  47. Mera Pind

    Dr. Lee is Listerine good for dandruff and fungus .its usefull or not please reply ….

  48. Sarah

    I think it hasspread to my face. How do I treat this?

  49. Will Barber

    I got rid of it when I shaved my head and rubbed alcohol on it everyday then moisturizer with shea butter. After 3 days it was gone. But when I grew my hair back out it came right back

  50. Ruel Fami

    Does saudi arabia climate cause a different skin disease?

    1. AmandeepPlays

      Ruel Fami the climate in Saudi Arabia is really warm so yes people that are in Saudi Arabia are likely to get dandruff.

  51. mackenzie crichton

    i started using a coal tar shampoo which really helps

  52. Joe Phon

    Hello dr sandra lee can you help me please? I keep getting pimples and white heads and hard red bumps on my scalp. Had these problems for years nothing works. Can you please give me your personal advice. Thanks

  53. weez

    your cradle crap!

  54. Mary Alamo

    my dandruff is actually really dry not greasy explain that??… super annoying I’m a clean person and it makes me feel blah…

    1. Arnold Hill

      Mary Alamo p

  55. ahmed makki

    this lady doesn’t know what she’s talking about all u need is a candida cleanse and the dandruff will be gone

  56. Betty C

    hi i hav serborric dermatitis on my scalp also my scalp will burn all of the time i was told my my derm that i hav contact dermatitis on my skin burns all the time i even tryed coconut oil and bjco and that burns to bt my derm gav me ic ketoconazole 2% shampoo and fluocinolone acetonide topical solution usp,0.01% 60 ml and this one gav me hives bt i use the shampoo i do hav bad allergies to most foood and meds what can i try

  57. langit tinggi

    really helpful…tq dr…after this i will massage my scalp…bcoz bfore this i just shampoo my hair with dndruff shampoo less than 1 minute????…

  58. Max Manx

    I love these educational videos! Thank you for posting!

  59. JLindsayH 101

    im 12 i just got dandruff… what… im going through puberty

  60. Kenpachi TM

    i have dandruff on my face :/ how to remove them i want to get rid off them

  61. Rebecca Wijesuriya

    thank you. this was really helpful !

  62. Jerry John

    I want to know that is dandruff. causes hair whitening.I hv lot of white hairs and I m 26 only..

  63. mattgsteezy

    hydrocortisone cream helps a lot. I had it on my face and it helps. If you dont use it every day/every other day it will come back. Im still searching for an easy way to keep it from coming back but until then im using hydrocortisone cream

  64. Joveth Mojica

    Hi Doc.Do you know what is food to avoid if you have seborreic dermatitis?thank you

  65. Sophie K

    I had eczema and I saw a my dermatologist three times, and three strikes you’re out ! Research. found that Sea Salt ( NOT mortons)helps people I put the sea salt in bowl of warm water let it dissolve after my shower just splashed it on my arm and let it air dry and the eczema went away within days this apparently helps with all sorts of skin issues. Good idea to start at the doctor first . Also started taking selenium and probiotics . Stopping gluten, dairy since they cross react might be helpful, my doctor thinks gluten and inflammatory food is what is causing major allergy issues in people. I never eat gluten

  66. Nom DePlume

    Very educational. I thought dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis were two different conditions. I don’t know what I have exactly because the flakes aren’t very dry like described. I would like to wash my hair every other day because it’s better for the actual hair strand health/dryness/frizziness, and it just wastes more water but I really have to wash mine everyday to keep my scalp less oily. I like using T/Sal with salicylic acid mixed with a sulfate free shampoo, and let it soak for awhile in the shower. Head and Shoulders and those other shampoos don’t do much for me. Every once in awhile I mix tea tree, peppermint and jojoba oil into a pre-shower scalp treatment for instant itchy skin relief. The longer you leave it on the better. There’s no cure like she said, but this is making it more manageable..

  67. xxx xxx

    you call yourself a doctor? sebhorric dermatitis is not just dandruff.

  68. Elie M

    I have been battling with dandruff for a long time. My dad has severe psoriasis. I felt that all the dandruff shampoos/treatments (over the counter or prescribed) I used never really used and sometimes I felt it was making my dandruff worst, it was the same thing for my dad. I started using sulfate/paraben free shampoos and finally, I see a HUGE improvement, so has my dad (who looked like the pictures you show on your video). Have you seen this with your patients? Would you then have recommendations for sulfate free anti dandruff shampoos? I accidentally used a sulfate shampoo and I flared up instantly again. 🙁

  69. Joey Sal

    My face is having small plugged pores and (blackheads) right at the hair follicles (don’t know what to call these other than blackheads) how ever I’m trying many things but after few days dandruff strikes bad!! I never had dandruff!! I never had blackheads! What’s wrong with me??! ??

  70. Sergio Alfaro

    Nothing works, my parents tell me that I’m not washing my hair correctly, but how the hell do you wash your hair incorrectly?… “do it like this” I do but my hair still smells and I still have dandruff.

  71. Sergio Alfaro

    2:39 so my option is suicide?

  72. Ryan Kim

    Are you korean?

  73. Harie Amjari

    I have a dandruff in eyebrows​.

  74. Quazar

    I can’t stand people telling me i have some white things in my hair!!! I know that already so shut up!!!

    1. Violet

      I feel like people around you are quite rude, nobody ever told me that

  75. Imran Ali

    American accent sucks it hurts the ears

  76. WeLove MusicVEVO

    Wow~ very useful information. I think you covered every detail! Thank you so much. 6 mins is worth watching till the end

  77. Nothing

    Here’s my advice as a professional. Don’t bother with natural products. What works best is a shampoo with selenium sulfide in it, or an anti-fungal shampoo like selsun blue or nizoral. Regular use should have your skin clean in a week or two and your skin will remain clear as long as you continue to use them. In the event of a breakout, applying hydrocortisone 2% topically can reduce the redness, swelling and itching, and will also help large flakes of skin come off with ease. For an initial treatment I would recommend using hydrocortisone and then waiting a few hours until the skin flakes have all loosened up, then you can wash with shampoo (head, scalp, face, doesn’t matter where just don’t get it in your eyes) or if the flakes aren’t loose enough yet, you can apply hydrocortisone once more and wash after a few hours. Your skin will likely be left very red and sore and raw after this and after 24 hours, a thick layer of scaly skin will form over it again. Just repeat the process once every day or two and after a week, maybe 2 at the most, your skin will be clear. From then you can just manage it with using antifungal shampoo once or twice a week.

  78. Marwan Ahmed

    Hey doctor , could chlorine in tap water cause dandruff ?

  79. Kajol P

    My dandruff comes but never goes I think half my weight is dandruff?


    Wait, Isn’t it bad to pop pimples?

  81. DeeEll86442

    I had dandruff when I was a teenager, but then I started bleaching/coloring my hair. Ever since I did that my dandruff went away and never came back. Do you think there was something in the hair color that got rid of my dandruff? Maybe the high volume peroxide? Or something else? Just curious.

  82. Bianca Gaban

    I’m experiencing hairloss so I read about fungal causes because I got itchy scalp even after washing it so I thought it might be a fungus. I read aobut ”white piedro” and observed I do have little sand piece like formations only smaller than sand pieces… could you extrapolate on “white piedro”?

  83. blair

    i really cant tell what is wrong with my scalp, it very sensitive, and get every oily by the next night of washing ( i cant really get away with out washing every other day, or it will be an oil slick) my scalp is almost always hurting, but that may be cause i keep touching and scratching it. i really have no idea what else i can do at this point

    1. MrsVenus27

      blair I also have extremely oily hair. It’s worse if I let it dry naturally as opposed to a blow dry too. I definitely can’t use conditioner! The only shampoo I can use that doesn’t leave my hair greasy is head & Shoulders for greasy hair. Keeps my dandruff away too. Give it a try for a couple months.

  84. Aaaa Bbbb

    If it’s yeast/fungus related cut down on sugar and refined carbs in your diet.

  85. Vesphuong

    I usually break out during extreme weather fluctuations from cold to hot my head really itches and giant pieces that looks like a shedding snake starts to fall off, It’s really embarrassing and I tried everything but nothing is working

  86. Hammad Ali

    Nice video DOC.

  87. p berry

    I have dandruff or Dermotitis behind ears and in ear canal white flakes type and also on scalp what to do I have also many pimples on face plz help urgent

  88. Dipanshu Khatke

    dandruff is get completely cured by medicine or not ?

    1. schneeroseful

      Dipanshu Khatke She says no.

  89. Dony sy

    All shamboos with zinc are 100% eliminator to dandruff but must be used every time and only shambo to wash with….i use cayoss ithink its famous and avalible in all countries

  90. urstruly83

    I have had SD for quite a while. Recently have had some bad flair ups over the last few months. Getting my haircut sucked and was VERY embarrassing. After sitting an trying to figure out what worked in the past I finally remembered. I literally have used RX and nothing has cleared or worked as good as what I just tried. Selsun blue medicated and sulfur 8. When I tell u it cleared this up in one session. The sulfur 8 after apply did have a cold/hot sensation. I have applied this maybe 3 times in 2 weeks. Going to the barber next week and finally don’t have to feel so self conscious. Try it. Hope it works for you as it has for me.

  91. KΛI

    Dandruff shampoos work well.

    1. MrsVenus27

      Azors I use Head & Shoulders. I have very greasy hair so I use the head and shoulders for greasy hair (it’s actually been the ONLY shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair greasy after the wash) I recently switched to another shampoo for a month and my god did the dandruff come back ten fold! Needless to say, I’m back on Head & Shoulders!

    2. Azors

      trap what shampoo do u use I tried 3 shampoos 1 worked but I forgot what is it I think it’s sunsilk but I’m not sure so please help

  92. CakesSux

    I don’t have Dandruff but my brother does and he said his hair is full of white flakes…… and he Scratch his scalps a lot and I see dandruff that’s normal right???

  93. trash boat

    I use to have dandruff when I washed my hair with shampoo everyday and even every other day, I still had it when I started co-washing. What really made my dandruff stop was washing my hair with honey and water not shampoo any more, I use oatmeal too, and mixed apple cider vinegar and I dont need any product, not even the stilyng ones, my hair is curly and when I was shampooing and co-washing I really need it to put creams or treatments, and now I don´t 🙂 I only put some oil, any oil, even baby oil.
    btw sorry for my bad english

  94. Trisha Meloling

    how about ezema on your scalp?

  95. whitesun99

    What is the difference between dandruff and seborrhea?

    1. Trazzo TV

      whitesun99 dandruff is fungus and seborrhea is skin condition

  96. Sami Leigh

    i have dandruff looking flakes. It’s like my skin peeling off like every other day. it’s not oily and not itchy and it doesnt smell or whatever. its just annoying because I have dark hair and it’s obvious. anti-dandruff shampoos just make it worse.

  97. Zak BenZaid

    You can control it but not eliminate it.

  98. Kristin Milla

    Can you do a video on scalp psoriasis?

  99. Boodieman72

    I switched from anti dandruff shampoos to a tea tree oil and the dandruff went away. I also use a good conditioner.

    1. thenightdances21

      I was just recommended tea tree oil by my cosmetologist! I hope it works for me!

    2. schneeroseful

      David Willison You could also add tea tree oil to your regular shampoo

    3. Boodieman72

      +David Willison Paul Mitchell Tea Tree

    4. David Willison

      Boodieman72 which shampoo

  100. Michelle Lopez

    Serborrheic dermatitis is chronic its all hereditary in the families dna i have battled over 20 yrs it’s not curable but treatable you can subside it not actually cure it i have been prescribed a prescription shampoo,steroid tablets it supposed to kill the root the of dermatitis fungus then it all would reoccur came back i was evening using 91% rubbing alcohol which does kills the germs when i applied to my scalp but it singed my hair caused thinning and dryness, how i keep the seborrheic dermatitis under control is i use a over the counter shampoo called dermatitis w blue lid not the pink lid you can purchase at wal-greens or cvs pharmacy stores also i use tsp’s of baking soda mixed into my shampoo’s and apple cider vinegar or yellow generic mouth wash also kills the bacteria and germs also mix or apply separately over scalp baking soda cuts out the infection scalp odor any peppermint oils,spearmint oils and lavender sooths the itchiness mixed with tee tree oil i also purchase 4 fl oz of tree tea antiseptic cream that does work sooths the itchiness on contact now brand 100% oils that you use for defusers that can be purchased at any herbal supplement store or occult store that sells all herbal supplements w using the mint oils i do suggest the now brand 100% pure oils i had to be placed on Xanax meds for anxiety to keep calm any stress,depression also is hereditary in families aggravates the such dermatitis issues on skin and sugar as we know in this era is number one cause of so many teeth and skin damages worst then prescription drugs so it seems that we consume on daily basis at times when i would sweat in the heat or rains my scalp would be wet and damp causes me irritations it can cause the scalp to mold cause itchiness and irritations especially when we women or men use hair product chemicals in our hair, the dermatitis shampoo itself sooths as well as any mint oils the scalp what helped me to grow or thicken my hair back out caused form the dermatitis conditions i use is castor oil mixed with mint oils, lavender soaps then i apply dermatitis shampoo then rinse out and at times i would use campho phenque used for pain and itch relief on my scalp would literally i would tear my scalp open caused by tenderness from constant scratching it all would go away and heal. i suggest do NOT shower in hot water it can also and does aggravates any skin irritations such as eczema, dandruff skin irritations all this what i use works for any skin irritations,itchiness bath or shower in cool or cold water. Also an idea is to use foot fungus creams,ointments apply to skin and any cooking lard,grease you can apply to skin it moisturizes the dry flaky skin.

    1. Saul Lopez

      Kristian Pavic – razz oh I tought we were talking about Eczema and not acne

    2. Kristian Pavic - razz

      +Saul Lopez lol i have it too am 21 and im good now but i cant drink white wine xD just wash ur face daily and scrub with a towel before sleep got more problems with acne this days xD

    3. Saul Lopez

      Kristian Pavic – razz 🙁 I don’t have it but here is my email: btw im 15 years old, thanks a lot

    4. Kristian Pavic - razz

      +Saul Lopez facebook

    5. Saul Lopez

      Kristian Pavic – razz hey is there any way i can contact you because I have been seing all of the videos of Rob and I feel that I have thos dermatitis too and I don’t know how to cure it

  101. Angelito Vannoy

    One more question, please!: Do you think it’ll help if I use the correct medication and shave off my all my hair it’ll help me get completely ride of sebbroheic dermatitits!? … In my opinion I think it will, it’ll make it easier for the shampoo/medication to work and cure my condition!

  102. Angelito Vannoy

    Honestly it shouldn’t be hard for scientists to find a “CURE” for “Sebbroheic, Dermatitis”, but for some reason it is.. Hopefully really, really soon they find a cure, in the next year! Or so..

  103. Angelito Vannoy

    Does anyone know.. If it’s treated correctly and it goes away. If it’ll stay gone!? … Also how long does it usually take for hair to regrow once it is treated!? 3rd and last how long does it take for it to go away with the right medicine on average!?

  104. Aito

    Hello, I have multiple scabs on my head or single scabs, Alot of people say its psoriasis But I don”t think so. I keep looking on google “why do I have scabs in my head” And it’s been an addiction lately, I keep picking them, It hurts, And thats a constant routine, I get blood patches sometimes. Yes I know it’s gross and or disgusting. But it’s happening. this has been going on I would say for about a year now. Sometimes I get bumps in the scalp, sometimes I get scabs in random spots. Please help. Identify: If the scabs heal from the picking, it’s usually yellow. If not, It’s red or can be a transparent white.

  105. Nigel Old & Grey

    maybe I’m getting cynical in my old age but can’t help thinking its not in the pharmaceutical industry’s to cure dandruff and other chronic and ailments, far more profit in something that needs ongoing treatment.

    1. Erik Cervantes

      Nigel Old & Grey .. that’s exactly what i think

    2. Dumb Dumber

      Not an argument.

    3. Orlando Ellis

      Dumb Dumber
      Educate yourself with the knowledge that the pharmaceutical industry feeds you with. Your name says it all.

    4. Orlando Ellis

      Nigel Old & Grey
      You are perfectly right about that. The pharmaceutical industry (including doctors of course) isn’t there to cure diseases or ailments. It’s there to treat them and make possible trillions of dollars. The goal isn’t to cure, it’s to make profits.

    5. Dumb Dumber

      Well you would be wrong, and that statement that comes from pure ignorance and lack of understanding basic economic mechanisms or the medical industry. #EducateYourself

  106. Samantha Barrella

    I’ve been to two dermatologists and they claim I just have dandruff/seborrheic dermatitis. No medication they have ever given me has cleared it up or even slightly helped. It spreads further down my neck and in my ears. The itching is terrible and I get frequent swimmers ear/ ear infections because of the damage its caused. It’s embarrassing and upsetting that I’ve been dismissed by these doctors because all they see if a few flakes on my shirt.

    1. Ajaz Shaikh

      Tea tree oil with Coconut Oil is ur Guardian Angel ?

    2. amna hussain

      Try Listerine i swear it helps alottt

    3. Christian

      Samantha Barrella Samantha did u find out what is causing it and are u treating it? I have the see problem. helppp

    4. Sapere Aude

      Less chemicals doesn’t mean more safe.

    5. Samantha Barrella

      +Jennifer Kitchens that’s actually not a bad idea. I also tend to have allergic reactions to certain hair dyes. I can only use one type because it’s plant based and has less chemicals. Thank you for your advice!

  107. 11Poirot

    I treat dandruffs in my hair with lime juice 3 times a week. And I can’t use Head and Shoulder again because it doesn’t work anymore

  108. Melissa0774

    Is it possible to get psoriasis only on your scalp and nowhere else on your body?

  109. David Reece

    i was diagnosed initially with seb derm in my early 20s. this got worse on and off. but i was eventually diagnosed with scalp psoriasis. i then started on betnovate solution then mouse and then back to solution. too expensive for nhs in uk. then i my 40s i started llsing my finger nails and extremely painful joints. inktially it was thought i had a fungus nail infection. it was only when the medication didnt work for fungus i read the notes and it said do not use with nail psoriasis. now i had been looking up what had been going on with myself so this was wasnt a surprise. drs took exception when i said i thought it was nail psoriasis. anyway we hack the nail off and sent to the lab. i was asked to come in and speak to a dr. my diagnosis was correct. if i get a tingle now i dip my fingers in abth of exorex a coal tar solution for psoriasis. it does seem to stop it quickly. but since then i have proceded to psoriatic arthritis. jjst sharing my story of a mis diagnosis of seb derm.

  110. kaity velie

    Hi Doctor!
    I’m using a selenium sulfide lotion for the pigmentation of my skin, is it/ would it help with my seborrheic dermatitis?

  111. Alex Ishibi

    Hi Dr. Lee,
    Could you do a video about scalp folliculitis please? There are not many informations regarding this unlike seborrheic dermatitis!
    Thank you very much! 🙂

  112. nicole. navarodri

    What if i take a shower every day and it don’t help

  113. Patrick Adams

    One time back in middle school I had a large piece of shedded skin from the top of my head. I was a full complete piece almost like it was pealed off. I don’t know how it happen but I just touched my head and found it. Many I wish I had a camera then but that was years ago though but still pretty weird. Never happen again though I do have dandruff from time to time.

    1. Patrick Adams

      +Sapere Aude lol I kind of wish it would happen again mainly to get a picture of it.

    2. Sapere Aude

      +Patrick Adams yeah, but it has to peel (just like any other part of the body that gets sunburnt). It happened to me while I was traveling last summer. I felt like a reptile, lol.

    3. Patrick Adams

      +Sapere Aude that’s so wierd though

    4. Sapere Aude

      That can happen if you get sunburnt on your scalp!

  114. sunny lee

    you can use virgin coconut oil, only put a little all over your scalp and massage your head lightly, tie it up loosely into a bun, put on a hair cap, go to sleep, shower and ull be dandruff free! it worked wonders for me

  115. Be Positive

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  116. mirawenya

    Oh… my… god… I an wash my hair every day???? It is GOOD FOR ME?? My mom always said to try wash my hair rarely, like every third day…. I started washig it every second day a while back cause I was so tired of how oily and horrible my hair becomes… IM SO TOTALLY GONNA WASH MY HAIR EVERY DAY NOW!!!

    1. mirawenya

      +Taylor M. Collette I use Vichy for oily hair. The dandruf one. It keeps my scalp in check very well. I can also use it to wash my face. Or at least, I’ve been doing that without issues. I have some that I got from the hair dresser as well, but I can’t use that for long without my scalp going bad, unfortuantely.

    2. Taylor M. Collette

      +mirawenya What kind of shampoo do you use?

    3. mirawenya

      +Aj Vinger No I washed my hair every second day. First day it was pretty. Second day it was oily and filthy looking. When I used to wash it every third day, it was fine the first day, and then filthy for two days. Understand why I’m so happy?

    4. GoldenAsh

      when you wash your hair everyday and then switch to every few days, your hair will be a bit more oily because it’s use to it being washed everyday and your natural oils will be removed. over time, your hair won’t be as oily

  117. Jayla Katherine

    Apple cider vinegar. works every time. EDPECIALLY FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR! dilute it with water. massage your scalp. add conditioner. (optional) leave it on for 20 mins. rinse and bam! little to no dandruff while still cleansing your hair and not stripping it of the good oil because people of color need oil in their hair. over washing even every other day can cause breakage and dryness

  118. Ann Fournier

    thank you so very much! I’m struggling with my 15 Yr old daughter to wash her hair more often…..her high school thinks she constantly has lice

  119. thanos migiaki

    try taking pills with ketoconazole (like mycofebrin, or else, try 1pill per day for 1 month)also use your shampoos

  120. João Sá

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  121. Zachary Shorter

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  122. Danell Anderson

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  123. Kenzie Pahl

    Thank you so much this video really helped. I was just wondering what I do if I’m rubbing the dandruff shampoo onto my scalp as best as I can and I’m losing a lot of hair because of it? But if I don’t the dandruff will only get worse? Also I’ve been using the shampoo Nizoral 1% twice I’ve been using it every other time I wash my hair so I’ve been using my normal shampoo and Nizoral two times so far, I’m just wondering how long it will take to work? And however long that is if it doesn’t work in that amount of time should I see a dermatologist? My dandruff and itching is so bad that I’ve actually had to come home from school a few times just to wash my hair to get it to stop and I’m losing a lot of hair even though I don’t scratch my head/scalp can someone please help I don’t know what to do.

  124. santiago villongco

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    we all get it for free.

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  127. sn3k

    I usually get dandruff, or at least my worst dandruff, when I take a shower and not dry my hair before bed. I guess it’s all the moisture?

  128. Ms Morrisine

    Let’s talk Ringworm first! (bear with me)
    Oh look you have ringworm!
    Let’s look at it under the microscope.
    Ringworm, we know, is cause by a fungus.

    Let’s get back to seborrheic dermatitis.
    If we can definitely associate ringworm with a fungus, why can’t we definitely rule in or rule out a fungus for seborrheic dermatitis?

    How do the various active ingredients in the OTC shampoos work with respect to S.D.? The suspect fungus/yeast?

  129. sumake

    Dr. Lee, could you do a video on hair loss for women. Like what could cause it, ways to help prevent it… Hope you see this. Love you videos! Have a great day! ?

    1. sumake

      Thanks I will definitely have to try that.

  130. L Buscop

    Thank you Dr Lee for this information. I really enjoy your channel and I have learned a lot of things from you. Last week I had to do a skin biopsy, I used a small punch and I knew how to do it because I’ve seen you do it so many times. I had only learned it in theory. Thank you again.

  131. Carollee ballenger

    why dose my dandruff get better after I dye my hair?

    1. Dee Jones

      mine gets better after I dye my hair and just something to try it coconut oil and olive oil my scalp and hair once a week and have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference. hope that tip helps you 🙂

  132. Rachel Ramirez

    How do people get large pimples, cysts on the scalp?

  133. Crystal Neal

    Please do something on eczema . My wedding band made my finger turn red with blisters and ever since then it started to spread and now My whole left hand has bumps ,blisters a lot of redness and so dry and cracked. It really hurts so I need to know what to do or how I even got it .thank you dr pimple popper

  134. RandomDude

    Salt water has worked better for me than any other treatment. After I bathe and towel dry, I spray salt water on my scalp and let it air dry.

  135. Heather McAlister

    Please do a video about the treatment for psoriasis! Over the counter medications or anything that can help! Thank you!! Love your videos!!

  136. Rye Belphegor

    Hey Dr Sandra Lee, I was wondering if you could please enlighten me on how to get rid of pigmentation in elbows and ankles, thanks in advance

  137. Paintmaster5f00

    I have always been under the impression that Seborrheic Dermatitis is different then Dandruff…

  138. Stephanie Smith

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  142. Jessica Rafferty

    My husband has a fairly large amount of patches of dandruff in his beard/head hair. He has seen a dermatologist and that’s what he was told ( he also has eczema but he was told what’s on his head and under his beard is not eczema). But, we usually shy away from prescriptions unless they are a last option, we believe that trying to solve the problem naturally first is healthier for our bodies in the long run (unless the ailment is a matter of life and death). Are there any natural alternatives that you can recommend before using prescription shampoos or topical steriods? My husband uses a topical steriod lotion for his eczema, but only when it get bad enough that our natural remedies don’t work. Any advice would be highly appreciated.
    Also, could you try mentioning natural alternatives along side of conventional bio-med answers? I know a lot of people really do respect doctors, but wish they would suggest natural pathways of healing before going straight to prescriptions.

    Side note: we do use Melleluca and Lavender essential oils and those seem to help, but only sometimes.

  143. Alian Robles

    I have a horrible dandruff problem…how I treat it….Listerine!!!! no kidding! !!


    1. Cayden Elliot

      +Alian Robles tried that consistently and religiously for a week, leaving it on and not even washing it out… didn’t work. Glad it does for some though

  144. Hunny Tee

    I have the worst case of dandruff, sometimes i can even scrap it off ,its probably more to it 🙁

    1. Hunny Tee

      +jmmw oh wow thats good . Maybe i should go to my doctor .thanks

    2. Hunny Tee

      +jmmw yh thats exactly how it is . did you take this vitamin b12 once a day for 25 days?

  145. Chowdhuy_o4

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  146. Elver Galarga

    Talk too much, just say you don’t know lady
    Never once mention the lymphatic system which is the cause of dandruff, acne and eczema
    Move your lymphatic fluid with fruits, herbs and exercise also look up Dr Robert Morse.

  147. Angela Shrope

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    1. Sapere Aude

      Go see a dermatologist. You might have something else.

    2. mirawenya

      +WeKnowTheTruth2012 Perhaps caused by stress or hormones? My skin was pretty good for half a year last summer to winter, but now it’s just angry at me. Dunno why.

    3. Marcus Fry

      Will do. Ty

    4. mirawenya

      +Marcus Fry Yes ofc. It doesn’t work over night. It takes some time. 🙂 You’ll see results after a few weeks, if you wash it about very other day or so. Make sure to leave it in for a while (couple of minutes) before you rinse.

    5. Marcus Fry

      +mirawenya Just once but didn’t notice any results. Keep using it??

  150. Aislin Bryony

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  151. Brittany Huckeby

    loved this video… my hair stylist told me not to wash my hair everyday so I have been spacing it out and ever since I have had dandruff but thought it was just due to my hard water… also I love that you can use dandruff shampoo and regular shampoo.. I hate dandruff shampoo

  152. minion smalls

    I have a dry scalp and flakes but I also have little patches of skin that I pick off my scalp. like the pics you used for psoriasis but not nearly that bad as there’s only a few little spots every now and then. A handfull about the size of a pea in different areas. they don’t bleed but they feel so good when I pick them off. i used neutrogena dandruff shampoo and it seems to work but don’t know if I should call it dandruff or not.

  153. Vicki Stoner

    I thought if you had dandruff the recommendation was to wash your hair less often to stop stimulating the oil production?

    1. naturegirl2110

      In my case it doesn’t matter. I was prescription shampoo for several mths and still had dandruff. I didn’t help at all. Had to wash several times a week which is a pain if your black which I am. Tried every OTC there is and they did nothing. Now I have dandruff on my face this week. This is so embarrassing. I could use a pre poo treatment, use a dandruff shampoo scrub my scalp really well apply a good conditioner and still we flakes about 12-18hrs later. I’ve had dandruff on my scalp for about 20 yrs and over time it has spread. I wish they could a cure for this embarrassing condition.

  154. Cathy V

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    How do u tell if you have dandruff or psoriasis cause I have this one stop that gets really thick enough flasks but the rest of my head is just thin flakes

  162. nozomi himitsu

    Thanks a lot dr. Lee!
    I’ve been suffer for years because of seborrheic dermatitis, in my face
    Now I know how to treat it

  163. Diana Pinguicha

    I have been dealing with Seborrheic Dermatitis all my life, and this was a great refresher. I’m using ciclopirox shampoo at the moment, and yeah, definitely noticing a HUGE difference.

    1. FallnAngel07

      +Diana Pinguicha the Jamaican black castor oil (you can get it on Amazon) REALLY helped. apply it every night or as needed, and make sure that you put a satin/silk scarf on your head at night (or sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase) to keep the oils and moisture in. good luck

    2. Diana Pinguicha

      +FallnAngel07 Ooooh, looks like I’ll have to try the oils, then!

    3. FallnAngel07

      Using that as well. In addition, I use a sulfate free shampoo afterwards which helps my hair retain moisture and not dry out so quickly so my dandruff doesn’t flare up. I’ve noticed that using JBCO, coconut oil and Argan oil REALLY helped me scalp.

  164. Button Addict

    I have eczema on my body and I think it may have spread to my scalp, the symptoms you described as being true dandruff don’t fit mine, so how would you treat eczema on the scalp? I use a dandruff shampoo but I guess since its not really dandruff that wouldn’t help. I sometimes put hydrocortizone cream on really sore flaky areas I can see and it helps but I don’t know if its possible to get steroid shampoos or something like that to help.

  165. luvspurple1969

    WOW I learned one IMPORTANT thing while watching this……I thought washing your hair MORE would cause MORE dandruff when in fact it does the EXACT OPPOSITE!!!! Also, I don’t know if this will help or not but my daughter NEVER had dandruff UNTIL she started helping out with the elementary kids and NATURALLY there was a lice break out and my WORSE FEARS came to light….you see she has EXTREMELY THICK yet FINE hair and it was SUPER LONG and though she never had dandruff I did wash her hair every other day and sometimes every 2 days because it never “looked” or “felt” oily or dirty. ANYWAY getting off topic here (which I do QUITE OFTEN rofl) well I noticed AFTER her “lice break out” she started getting dandruff REAL BAD and I didn’t change her “washing” routine or anything like that. I DID however start using denarex (not sure how it’s spelled) once a week to prevent another lice DISASTER/NIGHTMARE!!!! xD I don’t have dandruff UNTIL the colder weather comes and that’s understandable seeing how “heat” dries out the hair which in turn gave me dandruff but not bad enough to freak out about. Anyway like I said she NEVER had a problem with dandruff UNTIL the whole lice thing. I don’t know how long she had lice until the school found it and called me because I’d NEVER seen lice and I certainly never HAD lice OH and btw the ONE THING that shocked me about lice was this….they LOVE CLEAN HAIR not dirty oily hair but CLEAN!!!! I heard wearing hair products helps along with the shampoo I mentioned AND tree oil….put alittle tree oil in your shampoo and that will help with them as well. OMG there I go AGAIN off topic SEE I TOLD YA xD D D D Anyway I was wondering if maybe her lice incident might’ve had something to do with it??? Just curious and TYSVM for SHARING THIS WOOOOONDERFUL EDUCATIONAL and VERY VALUABLE INFORMATION!!!!!! I learn something new everyday and I LOVE IT!!!! Lord only knows I need all the help I can GET!!!! xD

    1. Catswa

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  166. Maureen Tay

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    1. 2degucitas

      YES!!! So common. Everyone in my family has it.

  167. Random Rashida

    I use a dandruff shampoo that works but requires washing twice a week up to a certain point then you can go down to once a week but because my hair is natural it’s a drag. =/

  168. Kate R

    Dr. Sandra Lee, please do a video on info about and how to treat Keratosis Pilaris. I have it on my bicep area and thighs.. I’ve also passed it down to my children and it’s embarrassing for me and annoying for my kids. Is there something I can do?? Thanks! 🙂

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  171. dingleberrykrump

    I used to get oily dandruff which was well controlled by over the counter shampoos. Then menopause hit! I suffered from dandruff again for ages and the shampoos didn’t work any more. Then a stylist put me onto Kerastase anti dandruff MOISTURISING shampoo (my caps). Miracle of miracles the dandruff turned off like a tap and has never restarted. (Just thought I’d add a dry dandruff story into the mix.)

  172. Anna Howley

    Does dandruff cause large thick scabs on your scalp?
    (This is regarding to my other question)
    I want to make sure I know what I have before I spend $100 on a dermatologist just to tell me it’s dandruff

    1. Anna Howley

      +Noa Leshem that may be it, but I’ve had it for over a year and nothing seems to work

    2. Noa Leshem

      +Anna Howley (Annamalcrackerz43) sometimes when you scratch your dry scalp your skin breaks and you bleed a bit without even knowing it. keeping it untouched and hidden sometimes forms surprisingly thick scabs

    3. Button Addict

      +Anna Howley (Annamalcrackerz43) thick scabs sound like psoriasis or another skin condition

    4. Liana Rodriguez

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  173. Anna Howley

    How can you tell if you have dandruff and not scalp psoriasis?

    1. minion smalls

      I wanna know that too

  174. Cat and Caboodle

    Thank you for this! My daughter is in her early teens and has all this flaky stuff on her scalp. She also has psoriasis (from Grandma) and Keratosis Pilaris (from me). Not to mention very fair Irish skin. It really gets her down, all the ointments and special products she has to use. But I learned a lot here, so at least we understand that it’s not the Hair that causes this, but the scalp.
    Please, please….can you do a video on Keratosis Pilaris? We both have it chronically, moderate to severe, although it does improve a bit in the summer. What kind of home remedies, OTC products, and prescription ointments would help us? Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

  175. Monalisa Reyna

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  176. Jackie G

    Thank you so much for the video! My hubby has been dealing with dandruff for years. Most if the time it is controlled with over the counter shampoos. One tip we learned is that do not use a regular conditioner after your dandruff shampoo. It sort of cancels out the treatment. We saw this on an article somewhere and it really helped.

  177. Wendy E

    Thank you! I have SD more on my face lately as I’ve gotten older and it’s a real pain ? Can you talk about female pattern hair loss? Thank you!

    1. Preeti Rana

      sending hugs your way, I know how hard it can be to deal with hairloss <3

  178. Taylor Blue

    Dr. Lee can you talk more about fungus. I have fungus ( so I think)on my arms by the fold area and from time to time on my chest.. I later learned from my doctor that it’s not skin to skin contact , so I can’t pass it ( I was worried it was ring worms) anyway, I noticed my fungus on my chest was irritated by perfumes and lotions with perfumes. So I stop spraying on my skin yet these folds on my arms keep coming. I used topical creams in this area and it will go away for a short while … I will stop using the cream… The but it keeps coming back!!! My primary gave me topical ointments, I went to a dermatologist and got pills and more topical on ointments, Last doctor I went to said I had eczema and that’s why it is recurrent . I’m not sure… Please help! I’ll pay u in blessings ?????

    1. Taylor Blue

      Also it has spread to my hands smh

  179. antony aldelli

    I have eczema! Yucky, I hate it! After 6 months I have finally found what works for me. 1) original Dove soap only 2) Atopalm moisturizer (Amazon) for my face, small amount of Hydrocortisone, Polysporin. 3) For my body: Dove soap then Sarna moisturizer after showering. (Don’t put in on your face, I think I had facial swelling after I tried it once. Only body) 5) Working Hand moisturizer for my hands. ***I also try to avoid dairy. When I do have it I get a flare up. Then I wash with Dove, dry, apply a very thin coat of Selsun Blue, let sit 3-10 minutes depending on severity of flare up and wash off. Dry. Apply Atopalm. Let dry. Hydrocortisone. Let dry. Polysporin. My flare ups have been decreasing from 10 days to less if I catch it early enough with the Selsun Blue. Also, the National Eczema Association (I think) is a helpful site. My dermatologist did not do much for me: topical steroids, antibiotics. A saw her several times and suffered through that time. I looked everything up on YouTube. Dr. Lee has a great video about soaking your hands. You should watch that too!

  180. Chris derrick


  181. AngieAsk2012

    My scalp doesn’t usually get greasy but develop dry patches in certain area like around my hair line. Therefore my dandruff tends to be dry rather than greasy and sometimes even dusty. Shampoo products (like head and shoulders) that strips my hair and scalp of moisture seems to make it worst. Would you still call it dandruff or is it something else?

  182. Brandice Dykes

    I sometimes get a VERY oily spot on the front patch of my hair. It’s very wax like. The rest of my hair is fine. What is this and how can I treat it?

    1. Brandice Dykes

      Thanks! I will have to try. Don’t laugh… I’ve used dawn dish detergent and it worked. But, I don’t want to use that on my hair! Lol

    2. ELELEL

      I used to have that. Tea tree shampoo helps and The Body Shop rainforest range. But it makes my hair very dry. At least it went away after a week

  183. ThatOneGuy

    What about dandruff caused by Accutane? I’ve never had a problem with dandruff until taking accutane, should i wash my hair less?

  184. emericky1

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  185. hizevryware88

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  186. Vlrissolo

    Oh, I was wondering if you could explain why we see these older gentlemen with excessively dry skin (the Fireman, Pops etc.) who also has numerous blackheads and whiteheads? Is THAT dryness a skin condition? If so, can it be  treated at home and does it actually cause MORE clogging of the pores?…I’ve heard of washing ones skin with dandruff shampoo, but don’t know if that would help anything.

    1. sounds like rain

      Their skin was that way bc of extensive sun exposure over their life

  187. Vlrissolo

    Dr Lee, This is some excellent info! I think most of us on You Tube actually know more about cyst removal, than dandruff! lol ! …You are an extremely good teacher! Thanks again. I’m always learning new things here!!!

  188. Tony Sweet

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  189. iomoon

    I thought I had dandruff. Then a hair stylist said my scalp was just dry. If I did, my head would stink…

    1. Sarah Amazing Grace

      That’s why it’s best to get diagnosed by a doctor, and not a hair stylist. I have diagnosed Seborrheic dermatitis and my scalp doesn’t stink ?

  190. SirJ

    I have had it for years now and nothing seems to help. I’ve used many different anti-dandruff shampoos, that just won’t work for me. What should be my next step?

  191. Martylugo

    Please talk about Rosecea!!Thanks! 🙂

  192. DiamondDave

    I’ve had it for like 5 years and nothing has helped! I’ve tried 6-8 different types of special shampoos, coconut oil treatments, apple cider vinegar, etc. guess I am screwed

    1. Jesse Lynn

      Same here. Ketoconazole 2% worked for a while, but it always flares up again later on…guess I’m screwed too.

  193. joeyrz

    Does Coconut Oil help treat dandruff?

    1. Luna Mama

      Prob. Let it sit on your scalp for a bit. Teatree is s great anti fungal .

  194. Noah Hurley-Abelew

    Just found you!

    My first subscription on here! lol

  195. Angela Di Miceli

    thank you Dr. Sandra Lee, I hope you could help me

  196. Angela Di Miceli

    my seborreich dermatitis makes my eyebrows falling out, what can I do to have them back? ? it’s like six months I am not depilating them and they have less hair even

  197. Juan Archilla

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! ???

  198. Alejandra Contreras

    very helpful video!!!

  199. Grethel Vargas

    Thank you Dr. Lee! As always, your explanation techniques are very good, indeed. Ever thought about teaching?

  200. Suspicious Milk

    Hot oil treatments helped me a lot with my dandruff and itchy scalp.

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