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How to Cure Diarrhea Fast – Stop Diarrhea Fast

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How to cure diarrhea fast: Do you have diarrhea? Watch this tutorial for helpful tips on best way to treat diarrhea fast.

For most people, the treatment for diarrhea is simply waiting it out. However, it can be very troublesome to go to the restroom every now and then, especially if you are out and about or at a social gathering. Moreover, it can disrupt your work schedule and cause some serious delays if you do not do anything about it. Fortunately, with the following ways on how to cure diarrhea fast, you can speed up the recovery process and quickly get back in the game. Here’s how! – waysandhow, diy, diy video, how-to


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492 Thoughts to “How to Cure Diarrhea Fast – Stop Diarrhea Fast”

  1. the 11 year old savage

    I have to cry myself to sleep

  2. Nathans BananaArmy

    Im supper late on this

  3. Alanderos 468

    Who needs febreze?

  4. Bryce Jensen


  5. worldwidelengend

    i was at school and had to ditch 3 classes to take 12 shits

  6. savvy ledger

    Well at least I get exercise from running back and forth to the bathroom

  7. Mystic Image

    Thank you wayandhow your awesome ?

  8. Zen Playz

    I just got diarrhea from eating subway ;(

  9. Adliad Adliad

    Fellas I feel you

  10. Beachy

    I pissed out my ass for 5 min

  11. Yung Bullshit マン

    Yo my nigga I got the flu and I’m sitting on the toilet shitting my brains out.(help me it burns)

  12. kait lin

    going on a 3 hr road trip. love life rn

  13. The Hentai expert

    We out here

  14. Santos Lopez

    This shit just won’t stop. I have enough water and I eat fine.

  15. Abbie Walmsley

    My tummy hurts and I get diarrhea

  16. Royce Jose

    The video is lit

  17. Nayan Cat

    Man I swear the god diarrhea is the only way that I will be able to experience real pain.

  18. Nayan Cat

    I feel like I am going to have a big sh*t tomorrow or tonight since I have been drinking different ways to treat this

  19. zisis stip

    What a tragic contradiction and terrible mistake !!! People and especially women are advised to wipe front to back. That means it is realized the danger on t. paper use of UTI, and still everybody keep telling them to use t. paper! How somebody could be sure that the millions of microbes in the remaining feces film, would not later travel to their ouro-genitalia?

  20. Cories

    I only poop out water… it doesn’t hurt though 😛

  21. Seadweller451D

    Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss!

  22. LondooPlayz

    im afraid to fart rn

  23. Captain Hermit

    god, I’m so paranoid rn because it’s like 99% liquid and it’s lasted for a little over a day, and I’m really scared because I’ve never had it straight like that, and i hate going to the doctor, so I’m like “I’m not going *just* yet because i haven’t puked or gotten dehydrated,,” and plus I don’t want to be told if I have a parasite or i need surgery ?

    anyone else who can relate to so I’m not as paranoid?? haha

  24. BrattyLottie

    I have a flight to catch does this work or am I gonna have to blast ass at the plane

  25. Erfajriyah Mohammad

    I’m in eternal pain in the toilet right now

  26. G B

    I’ve been drinking gatorade & powerade and been taking Enerlyte everytime I have a loose bowel function. But I still feel the same… It’s been going on for a few days now and my stomach is still rumbling and my ass is pissing out shit. Plus I’ve puked aswell. Not a nice feeling. I’ve had chicken and pies plus some muesli bars so maybe that’s why. I just want it all to end??

  27. G B

    So for the BRAT diet do you add it all together?

  28. Cyan Dunn

    Feels like you’re pooping acid

  29. AngryBearPlayz

    Who else is sitting here watching the video while their ass is on fire.

  30. Niellia Grindley

    How am I suppost get rest if I keep having to use the toilet ????

  31. Joelly Sheep

    Actually, there are some sodas that can cure diarrhea. Like ginger ale.

  32. Here I'm

    How to cure Diarrhea?

    Start fasting

  33. Odie the cat

    IT BURNNNNNNS!!!!!!!! ?

    1. Odie the cat

      Btw I just got off teh toilet

  34. Student MaSophiaMelany Pedro

    Can you drink chocolate milk?

    1. WaysAndHow

      Why do you ask?

    2. Lily Tube

      Student MaSophiaMelany Pedro yeah I’m on the toilet btw ??

  35. Melissa Ravache

    When you have too much probiotics

  36. ja ck

    All these comments got me shitting my pants

  37. Sachin Dave

    Pomegranate helps!

  38. Oscar Else

    I have eaten 200 tic tacs and the shits haven’t started yet… getting prepared

  39. Itsfoxxy K

    Who else is looking through the comments to see if there is any 2017

    1. hailey g

      Itsfoxxy K well I’m 2018

    2. Lily Tube

      Foxxyk VlogS meee

  40. xX squeaker Xx

    I piss out my anus while im at work and handle your fries and burgers after i feel sorry for yall who buy food at burger king

  41. PAKS

    Bruh I got shit on my phone??

    1. Lily Tube

      PAKS you’ve survived ???

  42. PAKS

    Bruh hurry my asshole burns???????

  43. Karim's SmashMania

    Ughhh my stumich

  44. Karim's SmashMania

    I’m literally in toilet with diarrhea

  45. Very nice hentai

    I just ate some meatballs i bought from some guy i dont really recognize and now my stomach hurts

  46. Grant McGill

    Jesus Christ, I’m sitting on the toilet suffering with my ass burning… HELP!!

  47. William Paice

    Oh ? ? ? ? we are in this together shitting

  48. FlameCano3

    Fvck this I got school tommorrow and it’s whole day and each class is 1hour and I need to hold it ?

  49. Awesome flying mega Mewtwo

    It’s funny how many people googled this while taking a massive crap on the toilet

  50. FlameCano3

    I’m watching while having one and it’s getting worst ahhgg

  51. oldguy8177able

    corn flour in warm milk

  52. Claweet1231 Roblox

    This devil keeps coming back halppp

    1. WaysAndHow

      You need to see a doctor, ArVlogz.

  53. Alice Kim

    I’m dying, pretty much

  54. charline Byakweli

    Watching this on the toilet?

    1. WaysAndHow

      Good for you.

  55. Neko and Inu Princess

    Please who ever posted a video of them pooping don’t act like such a kid ??

  56. CG4165 Gaming and Vlogging

    Coke cures diahreeah it’s true

  57. Like my comment Bitch

    First constipation then this my ass hurts from both of them

  58. LastKing

    Im very nervous everytime i fart ? earlier i did not stop my fart and it goes wrong and ?lil bit

  59. crazyace808


    1. crazyace808

      I feel like shoving an ice cube up my butt

    2. crazyace808

      don’t know how much longer my raw butthole can handle this it burnsss

  60. velma stanford


    1. WaysAndHow

      Sorry to hear that, Velma.


    I’m watching this on the toilet

  62. BeastMaster 264

    Heres a technique if your poop is liquid that means the water in your body is missing so after you poop drink gatorade or powerade everytime and lots of water

  63. William Ortega

    I was having sex and s spill first date and she said last

    1. doge the meme pupper


  64. FishingHobo

    Help me I made a watery mr hankey at school 4 times and I’m still making him 3 days later


    I keep peoping and it’s hurts my ass

  66. Skywtaker Is here

    To get it removed see a specialist

  67. Adam Abukhaled

    Who is watching this while pooping liquid

  68. Maria Alfaro

    Who’s on the toilet watching this as their ass feels like its on fire?

  69. Generation 5

    I shit water

  70. NessaMSP

    I had to wake up at 5 am to poop diarrhea 3 times I just wanted to sleep ??

    1. Claweet1231 Roblox

      XxNessaPlaysxX same same same

  71. NessaMSP

    Does anyones butt hurt after they poop diarrhea

    1. Shewolf

      NessaMSP Not mine

  72. Galaxy Grit

    I hope this works ;-; i gotta perform in 3 days and every 15 mins i gtg to da toilet

  73. zll-xGETxBODDIEDx-llz

    Drink Powerade it helps a little

  74. Bridget Gassen


  75. Andr3w559

    Idk how I’m going to rest if I’m sitting on the toilet 24/7

  76. Killer God_08

    My stomach hurts and and I have diarrhea

  77. I REACT

    Who do you think

  78. raceofheroes 16

    I honestly rather kill myself, then have diarrhea for the rest of my life.

  79. David Suchite

    I’m on day 5. Fml

  80. Deck The halls With Boughs Of Hanna

    I ate Chinese food and I have very runny diarrhea. Help I keep accidentally shitting my pants. I’m dying?
    I also messed up the bathroom with shit

  81. Donald J. Trump

    “get lots of rest”

  82. Joseph Stalin

    my diarrhea is going away

    1. WaysAndHow

      Good for you.

  83. Ghaliya

    My stomach hurts so bad I’m sufferingg

  84. Its Lay

    ; – ; i just shat on myself while trying to blow my nose FML

  85. Camdyn Crosby

    On my period, having diarrhea, and worst of all, in the middle of marching band camp. Anyone else on their period?

  86. Venus Nazareno

    My parent is a nurse. And she tells me to drink coke

    1. WaysAndHow

      She is wrong.

  87. ARTRIX

    Out of toilet papper.Time to lick my ass.

    1. WaysAndHow

      Very funny.

  88. Courtneys Cookie

    It’s 10:43pm and I can’t go to sleep because I keep going to the toilet and it hurts my bum and I just wanna go to sleep but my bum hurts so bad and it’s really painful ?

  89. Fuzzy Potato

    iv shit 19 times today

  90. ღSnowyFanღ :D

    I can’t rest….either…

  91. ღSnowyFanღ :D

    Oh my god it hurts SO BAD!!! Oh and it’s sooo HOT

  92. ToXiic Huevon

    Help me my asshole burns now instead of wiping im showering dont trust farts anymore

  93. dimitrie jovanov

    But yogurt gives me diarehhh

    1. dimitrie jovanov

      ya i don’t no why everything from a cow actually

    2. WaysAndHow

      Really, yogurt?

  94. ronch550

    I’m scared shitless when I’m in the car stuck in traffic with no comfort room nearby and I feel like really going to the toilet. I’m sure we all had this experience. It’s one of the situations I’m most scared of. Horrible!!

  95. Neox Animator

    Lost a ranked game because this…

    1. Tyler Sanchez

      Neox Animator ur comment just made my day

    2. Tyler Sanchez

      Neox Animator LMFAOOOOOOOO

  96. jake mcdonald

    I’ve had like 20 shits in the space of 2 hours 🙁 it hurts as so much >:'(

  97. xXNeoDaBombXx

    100% drink warm cola dont cool it just drink it warm and eat soda cookies and make the tea that helps you with diarrhea its not in a bag its a plant and dont put sugar 100% made me better

  98. Road 2 Glory

    It says get lots of rest, I farted in the middle of the night without knowing and when I woke up my boxers had poo on them

    1. Shewolf

      Road 2 Glory hahaha rest in piece boxers?

    2. Fallon Greene

      Road 2 Glory that’s funny ?… it happened to me too

    3. Gordon Ramsay

      Poo poo???

    4. vikas vickys

      how much time it will take to recover..from diarrhea

    5. WaysAndHow


  99. Todos Lxkdjd

    I feel sick and I have diarrhea, GOD HELP ME PLEASE

  100. Ghost

    im watching this while im in the toilet……

    1. Ghost

      WaysAndHow thanks

    2. WaysAndHow

      Good for you.

    3. Ghost

      WaysAndHow ohh yeah and after that i eat yogurt and my diarrhea stopped….

    4. WaysAndHow

      I hope you had a good time.

  101. Sarah lawson

    Okay okay. My ass hurts af. I got gastro and it’s the worst I don’t feel like eating and I farm so loud that I’m worried that my family can hear it?

  102. This is War bish


  103. JakeLovesIceCream

    Oh, I just ate a whole bagel

    1. WaysAndHow

      Don’t tell me you’re having diarrhea because of bagel?

  104. Fatma Deniz

    The fucking comments really made my day here ???

    1. WaysAndHow

      You think so?

  105. Mike

    Too hard to rest when you have to shit

    1. WaysAndHow

      Yap, I hear you.

  106. Mike

    I’m laughing so hard because of these comments ?

  107. Major

    This worked well, thank you.

    1. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome, please share the video.

  108. Jeonpapi

    Fucking Taco Bell brought me here ?

  109. Margarita Garcia

    My ass is burning!!! HELP ME!!!!

  110. Oaklleqf

    I have been in the bathroom for an hour just suffering in pain and wanting to cry, what helped me was his voice, it’s so soothing thanks for curing my suffering!!!

  111. Rachel Chen

    Never had this actually happen before, but ugh. It must be horrible to have diarrhea at school. Especially when u have one of those annoying teachers that are like, “No, you can’t go to the bathroom AGAIN. You are just avoiding class aren’t you. UGH! Students these days…” You just wanna punch them in the face ?

    1. WaysAndHow

      Yes, that would be difficult.

  112. Jennifer Estoy

    lol…. meeeeè tooooo???????????????

  113. Mr noob

    Just drink water

  114. Young Ster

    who else is watching this while blowing their ass out with liquid shit

    1. Young Ster

      WaysAndHow lmao ???

    2. WaysAndHow


  115. real eyes realize real shite

    i have been pissing yellow shit out of my ass for 3 days now

    1. real eyes realize real shite


  116. TK 9519

    Suffering on the toilet while looking for a way to end the madness. Man I did NOT think this was how 2017 would go for me.

  117. Plazzko

    Don’t you hate it when you wipe and it gets on ur finger?

    1. WaysAndHow

      Use more toilet papers.

  118. Siennary RBLX

    Ugh, who else is watching while on the toilet with fucking explosive diarrhea?

    1. Siennary RBLX

      I’m back… After drinking milk an hour later I had more explosive diarrhea. Welp, I think I’m lactose intolerant

  119. Haley Roberts

    is it just me when you poop it sounds like peeing

  120. Dominator JM

    bruh its the middle of the night n i got diarrhea but im outa toilet paper?

  121. Thegreatwhiteround Studio

    i choose rest

  122. MysticKitty

    Had to miss a birthday party because of this crap. This stinks

  123. Full Of Gay

    Sitting on a toilet.

    Tummy sore, searching ways to stop. (((( ;°Д°))))

  124. ibradeybunch

    Great timing diarrhea. On my grad nite

  125. Bleach -.-

    I can’t even sleep

  126. Ritika Bhria

    I am doing all things but still

  127. MeGaRiOn Senard

    please help me, I’m begging god and Jesus to. forgive. my sins and make the pain go away when I poop I’m screaming for help and when I’m off the toilet. my tummy hurts Pls help

    1. WaysAndHow

      If you condition is as serious as you said, then you should see a doctor.

  128. Armie 321

    Lol of course I’m watching this while sitting on the toilet with diarrhea while drinking fucking apple juice

  129. LPS Dashy

    I had a cold yesterday (5/17/17) and I ate some chicken noodle soup and some toast. Now I’m having this situation and I’m like, oh my god this needs to stop. Fuck it, I’m getting information on YouTube. (Which is the best source to look at ???)

  130. Arceus. sLIMEs


  131. L0L

    Mine is all lumpy, watery, and gross and I’m sensitive to gross things so everytime I go I almost vomit and during school my stomach be like “RRRRRRRRRR”

  132. GreenManJumpsDownFromDeskAnd SaysImGayForNoReason

    I’m so sick ;-;

    1. GreenManJumpsDownFromDeskAnd SaysImGayForNoReason

      +WaysAndHow I’m much better today! <3

    2. WaysAndHow

      Get well soon, Broken inside.

  133. Emily Gomez

    I was eating takis yesterday and I have diarrhea but I didn’t know it …….. rip my butt

  134. Orion Riley

    fuck that i need my morning coffee

  135. Tina.Thirtina

    Banana made me diarrhea just then so maybe not banana for me

  136. Carlos Ordonez

    Guavas thats it theres nothin better quit the suffering and go get some Guava juice is awesome.

  137. Cutie Chan

    ugh well i am now okay in 5 hours

  138. Rachel Morocco

    diarrhea is shooting out of my butthole like a gatling gun going 6000 rpm

  139. - JustSimplyThinking -

    my freaking diarrhea feels like piss coming out of my asshole. help.

    1. LavaMonster1212

      – LittleLalaLaughs – Same

    2. WaysAndHow

      That was very descriptive.

  140. marshmello even more marshmellos

    My ass is burning its on fire cuz I ate like 14 spicy mad chillies kebabs I’m never doing that again

    1. WaysAndHow

      Lessons learned.


    I we’re too slow… Just shitted on my pants 🙁 Like if you did too.


      Welp, everyone shiets them pants at some part anyway 😀 Its life!

  142. Sylvester Cash

    Am I the only one who doesn’t feel pain, but yet feels uncomfortable because it feels like I’m peeing from my butt?

    1. Sylvester Cash

      That’s alright. My diarrhea is gone now. 🙂

    2. WaysAndHow

      You may be the only one, Sylvester.

  143. zaki orbegoso

    I have a dirrhea but insted of water its blood coming out

    1. WaysAndHow

      Zaki, you have some issues, you need to see a doctor.

  144. Grace D.J

    My ass is burning

  145. Lucy Muscroft

    This has made a big difference than to just wait it out so thx

    1. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome, please share the video.

  146. Mimi W

    Thank god I have some yogurt

  147. Seojun_Maknae

    I’m having diarrhea and watching this rn ????

  148. Random Zeina

    who else is watching this on the toilet,suffering to death

  149. Ethic

    Having diarrhea again I was laughing so hard at some comments that I almost shit my pants

    1. WaysAndHow

      Funny, Alexa.

  150. Cosmina Draghia

    moust people go to the doctor

    1. WaysAndHow

      Yes, when you’re sick, or need medical help.

  151. amber devaul

    had a fever during school….. now I’m on the toilet

  152. David Beckham

    stomache, vomit, diarrhea…..3 at once..that was living hell.

  153. Ethic

    Pepto Bismal didn’t really help me but I had a couple sips of water and I’m having some apple sauce and I feel a little better! Thank you for the helpful advice

    1. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome, please share the video.

  154. TayKay 47

    Anybody accidentally shit on the toilet seat from trying to be fast so you wont shit yourself…….?

  155. Wiggie Noodles


  156. Izaya Orihara

    I was literally in the bathroom for 7-8 hours straight.

  157. Loomi Sisters

    Number 2.) AVOID FRUITSNumber 3.) EAT BANANAS ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  158. Matias Otano

    very helpful thank you!!!

    1. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome Matias, please share the video.

  159. I love Jesus Portgaslouise

    Who’s on the toilet watching this while the liquid poop is shooting out of you like a water gun?

    1. ll The eagle ll

      Oh my god me ???

    2. Alex Lewis

      I love Jesus Portgaslouise I

    3. Julia The Unicorn

      I love Jesus Portgaslouise me

    4. Neko and Inu Princess

      Me. I’ve had it on and off for 4 months. I could have ibs :c

    5. Rachel Morocco

      more like a gatling gun going 6000 rpm…

  160. Gloria Rivera

    I am literally on the toilet with diarrhea as I’m watching this.

  161. shrimpy 208

    OMG i just drank a milkshake and i have diarrha HELP ME!!!!

  162. Panda Plus_daisy

    Wait so your telling me to eat yogurt but don’t eat diary?!!!

    1. WaysAndHow

      Yogurt is probiotic and has good bacteria, which are good for you.

  163. Cosmina Draghia

    Just go to the doctor

  164. Official Moq

    i had 3 sessions of the squirts today and had an accident in my pants and it’s only 11:30

    1. lunar blossom

      @Elsa Anderson
      i didnt get ANY sleep last night and i threw up 4 times. My mom gave me it but idk how u can give another person diarrhea

  165. aiyana

    Every time I fart, I hear a whole bunch of liquid come out.. o.O

    1. Aryan Sharma

      Delirious Army exactly lmao

    2. Delirious Army

      aiyana this fkn happens while im sleeping

    3. Trickster duck Studio's


    4. Htxxx Emma

      aiyana ? y is this so relateable…

  166. Yasir Ali

    Can’t explain how much this has helped. Thank you!

    1. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome, please share the video.

  167. mortalkaiban

    I went from having the stomach flu last week and throwing up to having diarrhea this week. My bum hurts from wiping too many times. I’ve been in and out of the bathroom since 6 p.m. and it’s 11 p.m. now I was supposed to do my homework, but that’s not happening with me crapping every 10 mins. or so..

    1. Shewolf

      mortalkaiban just grab ur homework and do it while ur having ur explosion that’s how it roles

    2. That One Masked Girl 2

      mortalkaiban I know how u feel

  168. P4norqma

    does milk work instead of yogurt?

  169. osama almousallam

    we are all in this together……

    1. My Lps Fantasy

      omg me ;-; I think it happened BECUASE I drank a lot of water idk 😛 of if it was something I ate ??

    2. Adliad Adliad

      osama almousallam thnx

    3. Mialoop2


    4. unknown name

      Tiny Hamster Dude or candy

    5. Kasper Kongstad

      Haha so true

  170. Dere Omar

    Who else is on the toilet shiting water? Lol tmi

  171. Sharkie Alami

    I’m dehydrated from explosive diarrhoea

  172. Chicken Man

    I woke up and I see poop in my ass

  173. MXMGT

    Im burping rotten egg taste how can i stop that?? ?????

    1. Tyler Sanchez


    1. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome, please share the video.

  174. Liv Lou

    You know that moment when you farted but it leaves a poop stain?

    I have dance today

  175. UnderThe Moon

    This helped me so much I was out of school because of diarrhea,throwing up,dehydration, I had to go to the hospital because of the dehydration so this helped a lot thank you

    1. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome, please share the video.

  176. AwManPati X

    Oww the cramps & tysm I drank some water and it worked for me tysmmm

    1. AwManPati X

      well i drank water and it stopped for 5 minutes longer :))

    2. natalie

      Patrycja Pysklo THE CRAMPSSSSS

  177. Indignation2172

    I’m sitting in the bathroom at 1 am.

    1. Dragon Tsang

      Indignation2172 omg saaaame

  178. Sakura Haruno

    Who Else Had this on the Toilet Cause you where Hurting

  179. j c

    I poop 10 Times this day fuck diarrhea

    1. Tina.Thirtina

      Carlo Arc that’s what my dad does his butthole has been used like over 10 times cause he diarrhea a lot

    2. Crazy Gamer 360

      Carlo Arc I have it right know and I have to hold it cuz Im in a party right know with family and friends…mmmh akward

    3. Indignation2172

      Carlo Arc 20 for me ?

  180. Kimberly Bunurai

    I just want to live in my bathroom… Ugghhh

  181. SlothPaints

    I need this because I have work tomorrow fuck, i hate being an adult with diarrhea.

  182. decon 237EastCoast


  183. VolptiFox

    I came here cause i have diarrhea, it hurt so much and i have school in 20 minutes. halp

    1. Lilu Koyen

      VolptiFox Assassination Classroom stay home from school.

    2. Liv Lou

      VolptiFox Assassination Classroom steal some diapers

  184. DutchDude002

    I hate this shit…

  185. Running Cookie

    after all that drinking of water u felt like vomiting

  186. DahWolfyWolf

    It’s kind of hard to get rest when you have diarrhea!!

    1. lisa ry

      DahWolfyWolf yes you’re right. Make me have to run many times a day

  187. Llama Skittles

    it’s funny to think that everyone in the comments is sitting here shitting themselves….. lol

    1. Mayang Wlo

      Llama Skittles ???

    2. TheLoveableBabe

      OML TRUE

    3. Regina Morales


    4. FlameCano3

      Llama Skittles oh fvck that’s what I’m doing 1 minute ago o wait I’m going back

    5. jadon mathew

      Llama Skittles then why tf did u watch this then lol?


    Yea ummm just gonna stop eating not anything else

  189. FNAF player 87

    This actually helps thanks

    1. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome, please share the video.

  190. Eery Roses

    Or just eat chocolate

  191. Kandy Kute

    and will regular black tea help

    1. WaysAndHow

      Black tea should help somewhat.

  192. Kandy Kute

    thank you so much u deserve more subs

    1. Kandy Kute

      +WaysAndHow done

    2. Firefly Rise

      WaysAndHow the for the advice it help and my stomach doesn’t hurt me

    3. WaysAndHow

      You’re welcome Kandy, please share the video.

  193. Jeremy Ramai

    i watching this while i have dihaera lol

  194. Qveen_Rose

    Can you drink a ginger tea for that?

  195. A.K.A Red

    I have diareha

  196. piggy choo

    well I’ve got the shits and I’m fucking dying over here. Actually resorted to youtubes how to area for help.

    1. Elise Regans

      well u guys got through it

    2. Lord Lazy

      +piggy choo ? thank you!

    3. piggy choo

      +Lord Lazy stay strong friend. You can make it through this.

    4. Lord Lazy

      piggy choo lmao same here xD

  197. Tiffany Hurst

    I’m watching this because I want to go get breakfast an my coffee, but my Husband is in the toilet and I’m ready to go. !!! ?

  198. Keyaira Hamilton


  199. lindalovesmusic1

    I was reading about Obama and Christianity and got diarrhea? So odd. Anybody else??

  200. Terrell Cobb

    anyone else having malabsorbtion too ???

  201. HARAMBE Haaraambe

    What if the sports drinks have sugar in em? Would that make a difference? Same with yogurt? Chobani mainly?

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