How to Cure Aging – During Your Lifetime?

What if we could stop aging forever?

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How to Cure Aging – During Your Lifetime?

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    1. MasterPvpDude

      Video has 4 mil views and pinned comment has 10 likes…

    2. Joseph Parkes

      Looking at this… You explained cancer as “I don’t want to die” cells that keep on splitting. Wouldn’t it be ironic then to cure aging with cancer? Know what I mean?

    3. Blueyandicy

      Posting this on such a old video? Nice determination man.

  2. Robert

    im eating mouse from now on

  3. captain death

    These scientist are so lazy they need to work faster I’m dying out here by getting fatter and fatter doing nothing.

  4. Dunky Gamer

    Human existence is intertwined with the nature of this planet and nature just won’t allow us to cheat death and upset the balance. It will never happen.

  5. It’s DodgyDoritos901

    Everyone around the world fussing about testing on mice but this helps a lot

  6. deacon foster

    I’ll take all 3 I’m happy to be the first test subject as I want to live for as long as scientifically possible. If I had to choose I’ll be happy to have a extra 10-60 years. Because I wanna see the future not die before the future. “Hey these methods haven’t been tested on humans yet” me: “idc inject me with everything even if it kills me I wanna live for ever!”

  7. Bhargavi Suhas

    So this will make us die young?

  8. Aaron Pacheco

    these videos are making me want to live healthier now that I’m young in order to prolong my life, and be around for all these advancements to be a reality for humans. I also want to help with this process. I’m currently a freshman in college going for a computer science degree and I know getting this degree has potential for so many things in the genetic field. Thank you for posting these as they’re really having an impact on my life.

  9. Uniquely QA Tester


  10. SG Bros

    Great video. i love how they thank the mice.

  11. American Patriot

    Eternal Youth and living forever in my prime sounds awesome. All coupled with the assurance that an unnatural death is still possible, granted much harder because medical breakthroughs, which is fine by me. I would love to grow old, wise and intelligent while maintaining the energy and appearance of my youth while exploring in an age just beginning to grasp at the stars and space exploration.


    Imagine a mice which have been known to live forever because of all the tests it went through ,but escaped and bred until more and more mice became immortal


    past: how to live longer?

    current: How never to die

    future: how to bring the dead, alive

    The end of the world cause:

  14. samdaboss Gaming

    Get vaccinated and eat your greens.

  15. UHFStation1

    I am partial to young blood plasma therapy which is also getting human trials now. I think it might even help the body produce more stem cells which is good because we can’t seem to produce meaningful amounts in labs.

  16. MrAlexanderLang

    None of which will ever work because they tests were conducted on mice, it’s improbable that they are going to work on humans, which just means 30-40 more years till they actually re-create half of the amount of progress they’ve made on mice on humans.
    To bad government just wants everyone to die (else there wouldn’t be any restrictions on what is allowed to research in regards to life extension and immortality), otherwise we would already have a viable solution to immortality, if not just really long life spans.

  17. The Pug

    U pause the game or fast forward the fallout days

  18. Shailaja Dubey

    I would like to watch my life like that in my Grave 
    because i will in the grave soon…

  19. Makara Gaming

    id prefer conditional immortality.

  20. star_light

    I can’t believe I’m going to die !

  21. Lion Lion

    I don’t like the idea of immortality but I like the idea of eternal youth.

    1. MrAlexanderLang

      and that’s different how, i think guy in the video said that there isn’t just one component that contributes to death, there are hundreds if not thousands, one of whom are stem cells which control your bodies repair mechanism, if they give you more of those your body can repair itself.

  22. tasheem usman

    It doesn’t matter what ever you do every single one of us is gonna die. Face it our elders did and our kids will its part of life

    Fun fact ?

    Vandal savage said he was a king in a time then a begger then a scientist and then a mad man life chaged for him after every generation he couldn’t kill him self so that was a pretty bad life to live seeing everyone you love die after every 100 years would be painful as fu*k

    I hope you all have a good day i am sick right now ? lose motions.

  23. livia cleo

    if blood was cute id cut myself every day

  24. Andrew Reyna

    I really like this approach! It’s not so much “living forever” but just getting the most out of your time alive in a healthy more comfortable way! Sign me up!

  25. Hayabusa Hanabi

    Science not believe in destiny ? That the sickness only a reason for ur end in this worlds, how maany young people die more than old people, whaatrve u do have a faith in God plans

    1. Hayabusa Hanabi

      +carson mayo may u have a good life amiin ?

    2. carson mayo

      no, I do not have faith in the plans of something that does not exist.

  26. Veckless Gaming

    I was wondering what was missing from this video. It was birds till the very end

  27. maggs131

    Im not worried. When i die i will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine

  28. Hacks in 5

    Why?!?! I was supposed to start my homework 3 hours ago!! WHY ARE YOUR VIDEOS SO INTERESTING AAAAA

  29. ThisisPow

    Is there a major that basically researches this topic?

  30. Anime Wegin

    When they call NAD+ “Never Aging Drug”

  31. Rajiv Mukherjee

    Please I need this medicine because I am scared to die


    Are you sure NAD+ is impermeable?

  33. Mauro Henrique Perdonati

    canal fantástico

  34. Ala Qadan

    Where are sources in this video?

    1. Ala Qadan

      +hi I have looked in the description, I don’t see it there. Can u see it, if so I would really appreciate it if you can comment the link

    2. Ala Qadan

      +hi , i have looked for it in the description, I cant see it there?

    3. hi

      Ala Qadan Description…

  35. S K Das

    I hope this happens soon….great content by the way

  36. Roelant G

    i’m still 8 jears old

    1. Youlasty

      Roelant G really

  37. ElectroSalvo

    Biological bodies are inefficient, we need to be sewn to a mechanical avatar.

  38. Klaw

    BIG LIKE ! Very great video ! ???????????

  39. BENEDICT Free

    I dont wanna die

  40. Flavio Chavez


  41. Jim Leseman

    No: better food, less caloric intake, less growth hormones (proteins), exercise and fasting?

    1. Nor Adrenalin

      Less superfluous protein intake and fasting are ways to increase autophagy, which is a way to slow down certain aging processes because it reduces the number of senescent cells in the body. So it’s basically the 1st method thy talked about. I recommend Prof. Ōsumi’s work for reference.

  42. KeoneEwe Yummy

    where can I go human trial subject?

  43. Gut Eater

    But the thing is , not everybody wants to live longer .

    1. FeelTheBern101

      ok? .. if you don’t want to live longer then don’t its not like somebody is holding a gun to your head telling you to live longer

  44. Felipe Souza

    Cadê os brasileiros? ????

  45. Firedude 1

    Just don’t be white

    1. -Star_27-

      Firedude 1 What do you even mean by this? Explain more. What is wrong with being white?

  46. Sam Fox

    A G L E T don’t forget it

  47. LOL Science

    I need all these treatments… oh wait I’m just 14… guess by the time I’m ~55 I will be able to just go to a clinic and get all these treatments.

  48. Mint Cream

    I really don’t want to live forever. I can’t commit to the idea of living another year let alone hundreds of years

  49. firepaws 1269

    There called aglets

  50. Maan Dut

    Does that mean mice are going to be in us

  51. João Alves

    Your Channel is amazinggg i became a addicted fan ?

  52. Farida Yesmin

    What is soul .what it is made od

  53. Jin Google

    진짜 잘 늙어서 나중에 기술 발ㅈ런되면 오래 살아야지

  54. Steve Johnson

    All I’m saying is they need to hurry the f@“) up! lol

  55. starry figs

    *If a baby took NED+, it would just disappear.*

  56. Yehya Cheikh El Ard

    1:25 theyre called aglets you uncultured swines

  57. #Team Tg

    Oh gosh your videos are so awesome I already know that this one won’t be an exception after hearing the intro.

  58. Gage K

    2:53 where the hell do I sign up

  59. MightyWolfTV

    I watched this video one day when I was depressed and it made me feel a little better cause it tells me there’s hope for immortality, I don’t wanna die.

    I also coincidentally saw another one of your videos in science class and now I really like your channel.

    1. David Ordaz

      MightyWolfTV well we all live and die it’s just a part of life

  60. Shaun Dreclin


    Don’t forget it!

  61. jbird1777

    Forget biology. We need to get out of these weak bodies and into computers! 🙂

  62. Dandan681

    How can we cure ageing when it’s scientifically proven that vaccines cause autism

  63. Indigo

    And then when this becomes readily available there’ll be groups of protesters all around who want their ‘natural’ degrading bodies back
    Also people might not believe these ‘miracle cures’, we’re living in an age where there are a lot of scammers out there, after all.

  64. Tlasan Dukats

    All aging is is a switch in our cells. It wouldnt be hard to keep that switch from flipping but it’s not profitable for the drug and pharmaceutical companies.

  65. Shounak Kulkarni

    This is one amazing channel!

  66. goldtitan 337

    What if you had all the anti aging done to you would you turn into captain america

  67. doifhg

    The idea of living a younger life for a longer span I think is the best outcome of this research. I guess the big questions are too much to definitvely hold the answers for, but I feel like humans kind of do need to pass on. Not that I’m saying people shouldn’t want mom, dad, grandma, grandpa etc. To stay around

  68. dragonhold4

    Do people deserve to live significantly longer?

    1. dragonhold4

      Reiterate: It’s a real shame.
      Some people are too conceited to elevate themselves to ideas.
      Though flat earthers still exist. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Warp Scanner

      +dragonhold4 I did not insult you specifically. I said your question was meaningless gibberish, because it was.

      Sometimes things just are what they are.

      That you took it as an insult is perhaps understandable but not precisely what I was doing there.

      In fact, despite how you “politely” worded it, you clearly are actually the one being insulting, directly referencing my “character” and “Depth of Thought” rather than the substance of what I’m saying.

      The topic isn’t thought provoking. There isn’t anything to discuss or think about. “Deserve” is a human construct and cannot meaningfully be applied to humanity as a whole. “Deserve” fundamentally requires social evaluation, and is relative. Humans can’t evaluate themselves as a whole species against itself as a whole species. Its a non-starter. There are only so many ways to convey this point.

    3. dragonhold4

      With no disrespect, I’m saddened how you cheapened this potentially fruitful subtopic.
      My 2nd post was strictly rhetorical; If you weren’t wise enough to see the implication of the original question but immediately resorted to base human insults rather than simply asking intent, it honestly speaks to your character and depth of thought.
      Again, it’s a shame that a potentially thought-provoking topic has been blocked by sheer human passion, instinct, ignorance.

    4. Warp Scanner

      +dragonhold4 The only reason we care about the environment is because we need it to live.

      As for us destroying each other, that sounds like a very cynical opinion, not any sort of actual real life crisis humanity will face.

      The “logical” implications are that we individually live longer. If there are further problems as a result, they are lesser problems than having a aging population and the particularly sharp existential pointlessness of only getting to live for a max of 120 years.

      You are welcome to off yourself in 120 years of life if you don’t think people should live that long.

    5. dragonhold4

      Why get triggered.
      Can the Earth sustain a non-depleting population?ーpeople actively destroy the environment for themselves and every other species; As well as the moral argument, can people sustain the indefinite presence of other people through robust communities?ーpeople actively physically or psychologically destroy one another.

      Anyone that can’t recognize the logical implications of the video’s subject matter is a testament to their education system’s failure.

  69. 치킨비둘기


  70. Anir

    Naturally every one and their grandmother will want it
    , and unfortunately, this brings more problems than solutions. Who would get to use the cure? Who decides who gets to use the cure? Will this halt our natural evolution? Will reproduction be banned to avoid overpopulation if available to the general public? Just a few questions to ponder on..

  71. RamenNoodle Gaming

    I wanna live infinitely its better I wanna see all the events

  72. Zachary Cushing

    wouldnt injecting this protein cure cancer then ?

    1. Nor Adrenalin

      Not necessarily cure but it could help to prevent and slow down cancer. All processes that facilitate autophagy and other programmed cell death in fact reduce the risk of cancer. Some of which as mundane moderate muscle training or intermittent fasting.

  73. Shiro Bai

    I just need to regrow lost hairs

    Real bad

    1. Warp Scanner

      I want my foreskin back.

  74. Rishabh Goyal

    Why not just copy paste our brains into computers?

    1. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

      That’s the question. If I copy your brains structure and stuff into a computer, and you and the computer brain exist at the same time, is it then really you?

  75. Droid3455

    I just want to live until we go to other planets.

  76. Parth Kaushal

    In a future where humams lived indefinitely people would be banned from having children and also people would start giving a fuck and stop polluting the environment. Wars would become much rarer and scietific advancement and space exploration would probably be the main task that humanity would focus on, instead of violence. Also I guess there would be way more suicides.

  77. rushhour killa

    No need gor this at all. We have telomerase in our every cell, it is just turned off. Scientists should study how to turn it on again. Then, you could pull out a tooth and a new one would grow, you could cut off your arm and a new one would grow and you would never age or get sick, bcs telomerase literally regenerates every lost, dammaged and sick cell.

  78. Will Bigger

    I don’t want us to live for thousands of years??‍♂️

    1. -Star_27-

      Will Bigger then don’t. Nobody is ever going to force you

    2. Warp Scanner

      And we don’t want you to live thousands of years. You and your misanthropy can die.

  79. Bacchanalia

    This is why New York Democrats legalized late term abortions. They want those baby stem cells.

  80. Just someone

    Could the effect of anti-age-pills also be reached with placebo? (My english is not the best)?

  81. Emre Sengul

    Whenever I watch your vids, at first I always think the channel is Bright Side

  82. RawLu

    I’d love to live forever to see as much of this incredible universe, as long as ‘Everyone’ can choose to live well as long as they choose? Not only the rich…

  83. Fite-4-Ever

    let’s cure dis bitch

  84. Jackmandeux IsAwesome

    When I grow up, I’m going to use 5 hour energy and sugar to make a potion of youth.
    I hope that this will work.

  85. billy bobbles

    sooo NAD+=radaway


    Were are my birds?!?!?!


    Poor mice ?

  88. YouGottaMineDeep

    It’s easy, just type in the aging=false command

  89. The Titans League

    they were taking all these parts from baby mice and then giving them to the older ones and their bodily functions improved. my only question is what does that mean for humans

  90. iUFOm

    I can’t thank you enough.

  91. Skoomd

    Oh idk the only true way you can be without pain and suffering and eliminate aging is God humans are going to get what’s coming to them trying to out play god and live forever. He’s much smarter than any of our tiny brains.

    1. Skoomd

      And just remember something had to create science and particles, and if you think an explosion made a universe this perfect you are actually dumber than a rock

    2. Skoomd

      Nor Adrenalin That is precisely what satin wants you to think further proving we are just pawns in a spiritual war and this reality isn’t as real as we think, u pick evil I pick good, we were given free will and satin wants to see us all die, sad to hear your one of them.

    3. Nor Adrenalin

      Religion promises knowledge of the future. But prophets can’t tell the future. Science can predict weather and star movements.
      Religion promises relief from your ailments ailments. But prayers can’t heal people. Modern medicine can most diseases already and every year we find new cures.
      Religion promises answers about where we came from. But every claim the people makes about human origin is demonstrably wrong. Science not only found our origin but even what came before us.

    4. Skoomd

      Like creating gmo’s? Oh and giving dogs all sorts of problems by cross breeding them and giving them much shorter life spans, messing with dna and science clearly shows that we have not a fucking clue what we are doing, the creator got it perfect the first time we can’t get it right after the 100th. You have to be retarded to think their is no creator.

    5. Skoomd

      Nor Adrenalin really? Like what?

  92. AMARO

    *_A way to study this in more depth for a possible cure, we should experiment with Mayflies, since these creatures live a lifespan of 24 hours only, to see what is the cause of such a short lifespan._*

  93. Matthew Paule

    So are senescent cells are like cancer

    1. Warp Scanner

      No, but they can cause cancer. Cancer cells rapidly and uncontrollably multiply.

  94. error420

    this gives me hope

  95. zip IT!

    so when will senescent cell clearance human trials begin?

  96. Q Jones

    If you are fundraising from people that are deeply skeptical, you can still fund-raise 4 the disease research charities involved in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Etc. Because those researchers will be creating data and technology that will be useful in curing aging long-term

    1. Q Jones

      Yes, that’s why I talk about fundraising. People interested in transferring medical technology to the poor, or speeding up age-related medical technology are already focusing their private dollars according to their own metrics

      Fundraising is a different thing, you might never be able to convince someone 2 donate to one of the more speculative research ideas. But the alternative use of their dollars is vacations and chicken wings. Funding an Alzheimer’s researcher means that you are potentially funding someone with long-term goals towards defeating a host of diseases. Still speculative from our perspective, but much more likely to produce results than buying chicken wings does

    2. Warp Scanner

      Its more of an issue that those are less effective dollar for dollar for improving lives overall. We should still put money into those things, but a significant portion of funding for those ought to be distributed towards stuff like this.

  97. 3dgar 7eandro

    Very very interesting. Nice vid kurzgesagt ??

  98. Griffin Brumley

    I know that you guys took a break from Aging videos for a while, but I still need to say that you’re super skilled with these amazing animations and you’re really an unexpected and fabulous addition to the Longevity cause!

  99. S. Snake

    Born too late to explore the world?
    Born too early to explore the universe??

    But actually we’re at the time when the tide turns and humanity becomes something more than the sum of its parts,something great

  100. Silt

    1:13 This is a wrong image of a Chromosome. it is more like }{ than an X

    1. Nor Adrenalin

      Senescent cells don’t really drool, you know? ^^

  101. SevenDeMagnus

    I’d like to die of old age in my sleep, ready, without diseases or pain but still look young. I just don’t want to live forever, forever living in an imperfect society.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  102. Crescent Blade

    I 100% think that during my lifetime, and since I’m only a kid, that there will be stuff like immortality will be available, and if they don’t, we don’t die, just our souls go into a different vessel on another planets
    , no death, just a different life

  103. Rin

    If you want to help speed this up so that we have a cure for aging sooner, I recommend that everyone donates 1$ daily to SENS research.

    1. Daniel

      Thanks for doing your part! I myself plan on becoming wealthy and donating a ton of money to the SENS foundation. Wish me luck 🙂

  104. raph

    It would be fun to live forever to see how humanity changes and advances

  105. just Z

    This guys voice and the sad soft musis makes everything sad

  106. just Z

    This guys voice and the sad soft musis makes everything sad

  107. Devron Mania

    2119 here I come ;))))

  108. Максим Коротич

    Incredibly cool!!!

  109. UnableToChoose

    Great Video 🙂
    Looking for the studies, but cant find the sources page.

  110. Gertjan Koolen

    Great vid. However: eat healthy, exercise regularly,band you have gained 30% of your health span. Unfortunately people want to have a pill instead of doing the investment.

    1. Jochen Schütz

      This is not about gaining 30%. This is about gaining way longer life spans.

  111. Ivan Klochkov

    I believe that secrets of the eternal life or at least significant lifespan extension have been discovered long time ago. Simply they can’t be revealed to the public. Nor used for any celebrity person ( we’d already have noticed if someone stopped again). Revealing the information would cause terrestrial overpopulation and a war for the resources.
    However, in further future… if we start colonization of other planets and migration out there becomes a global tendency, then why not? Our descendants will be able to live much longer lives, if not even perpetually.

  112. Fuck You

    remove cheetos from diet

  113. Amy Müller

    can someone tell me the sources of the mice-trials please

  114. Ksjdjd Nmxmz

    I Will be so fucking sad if my parents Die a Day before this is posible

  115. ༺ĤƳקØ༻ PyRo

    Use all of dat… BoOm ImMOrTaLiTy

  116. Angel

    to cure something is to see it as something bad, aging is natural and to become immortal is to no longer be of this world

  117. Caleb The Tiger

    I say the best way to tell if these would work oh humans is trials on something similar: monkeys, chimps, or apes.

  118. Ujjawal Panchal

    It’s been some time since the video came out. It discusses how human trials were being tested at the time of it’s release. Does anyone know anything regarding it?

  119. MaxPSVR

    Can I volunteer for human testing?

  120. vovan1989

    This Crowdfunding as badly created as always, Instead of useless promo rewards, you should give people wat they want a hope of getting 1 of the first antiaging pils

  121. Fortnite Geek

    If we live longer we will be able to watch this channel longer.

  122. Alex H

    I am 14 so many more years of my good comments.

  123. Tc

    1:24 Do you mean aglets?

  124. Jack BlazeBurn

    Mice share a lot of the same DNA as humans, but the tiny bit that’s different is very important. Therefore those trials they did on mice might not work the same on humans. Sorry, science!

  125. Władca Wymiaru

    5:16 – usually that way create monster cancer…

  126. Osiris Eiite

    And yet there are still somehow people against stem cells. Mindblowing.

  127. Weeb Wizard

    Maybe fucking around with the natural processes of our cells is how we accidentally start the zombie apocalypse…

  128. Jerrell Hill

    0:40 ??

  129. best PKER

    when can i use this

    1. Şahin yaşar

      may be 100 years later

  130. PHC Ozone

    I dont think we can do this because of overpopulation, or if its expensive, it is not fair, but im in it

    1. Şahin yaşar

      for overpopulation humanity need Suicide booth from futurama
      If humans get sick of living more longer then they can choose to die

  131. Dino World

    I personally dont want to live forever but Im afraid of being a failure in life, and 80 years, only 50-60 years of it being the only time I can have a great job, a great marriage and be a good father. Then I have 20 years either pondering about whether I had a good life or not, while I decay slowly. So, I would want to prolong my life, so that I have time, and there is room to mess up sometimes.

  132. Kilyén Balázs

    I wish to add, that i read a lot on these trials, and right now the max is 30% extended life span, but also have to add, these mice are regulated to have a healthy diet and movement. AKA : Sports and food are atleast as important as the therapy itself.

  133. Geefiasco

    …or eat a whole-food plant-based diet with <5% animal products, lead an active lifestyle, stress less, meditate and get a little sun on your skin!

  134. marcin majewski

    Exploding tnt is happy from knowing that all mouses live longer

    Check his channell

  135. Edwardo the Tejano

    If there a cure to aging then the population won’t go down it be booming,yall think is going to create more problems?

    1. Şahin yaşar

      for overpopulation humanity need Suicide booth from futurama
      If humans get sick of living more longer then they can choose to die

  136. Emmanuel Landwehrle

    Just take Soma, lol

  137. 김상우

    그래서 운동하면 노화방지가 되는구나. 자살하지 못하는 노화세포에게 단백질을 공급하여 자살하도록 명령 -> 노화세포 수 줄어듦 -> 젊음 상태 유지

  138. Banana

    I love how kids watch these complicated as fuck videos. (I’m 11)

  139. Salty

    Why does NAD+ look like a Cheeto?

  140. Salty

    It’d be pretty gangster to live forever.

  141. Hassan salad

    Yes, let’s try to CURE something that is natural to the human body lol

    1. Rafa Cuadros

      None of nowdays technology is “natural”, but you don’t stop using it because of that.

  142. Rusty XD

    I dont wanna live for ever but living 10 quintillion years wouldnt be long.

  143. Viryl Lucas

    How old Philippine politicians stay alive.

  144. Abdoh Ash

    Poor mice.

  145. xXDelta KillerXx

    Just inject some cocaine directly into the brain and you will be able to travel in time

  146. Wyatt Unrue

    Ok some one tell me when this is all ready for the public

  147. DrJay Craft

    i want that seneson cells to die!!!!! ? *so i can regrow ma hair* if i get old hhahahahah, and those cells to be in me

  148. XXXcrystalXX _XD_

    I used to know Only duck in your videos

  149. XXXcrystalXX _XD_

    Is it all about mice mice mice mice mice mice mice mice?

  150. No Idea what to do!

    I hate science!!!
    *Afterwatching videos of kurzgesagt*


  151. Mateus gama

    Eu quero é imortalidade como a lagosta ou então como a água viva que se desenvolve do zero quando chega ao fim da vida

  152. Nor Adrenalin

    If we really find a cure for aging then science will have kept every promise religion ever made.

  153. Zoe Moonlight

    This video released on my birthday lol

  154. Tarang Patil


  155. Viktor von DOOM

    These cells are straight outta Slime Rancher

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    This would be better than cryonics because with cryonics you only have one attempt at resurrection whereas with a digital record of your neural networks there can be an infinite number of attempts plus computer technology advances more quickly than medical and virtual environments and associated computer technology are funded by the video gaming industry.

    It would probably be wise to also keep journals and vlogs for your reanimated self to peruse. It may be possible to repair cognitive functions damaged by death but not necessarily memory lost by death so it’s best to assume that your reanimated self would only have at best partial memories of your life.

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    Atoms are subject to rust, rot, and degeneration. However, if you constantly run an electric current through a piece of metal, the process of rusting will take much longer. Running energy through matter can achieve this same result for other substances too. Matter is a high entropy substance, but applying coherent energy to it can make a difference. In our bodies the condition of advancing entropy is temporarily offset by ingesting food, which provides energy to cells and reinforces their structure. Energy is also replenished by the sleep cycle, and by energy chakras that take energy from the sea of energy present in the world and also spiritual dimensions.
    Matter may not be as connected to vital energy fields, when compared to the human spirit. Matter’s connection to energy fields may be weak and objects made of matter may be compartmentalized and mainly cut off, like separated, discrete islands. Pieces of matter have a propensity to rub against each other randomly in the environment (or external energy impacts the matter indirectly from various sources), causing destructive friction and descent into entropic disorder. Energy circulation and influx systems are combating this tendency in the body, but eventually they fail. The deterioration of the telomeres is an example of this, the telomeres eventually decay because of entropy’s influence and failure of body energy systems. It seems that the body is not receiving enough energy as it gets older, which is really what causes the breakdown into entropy. The resulting disorder manifests as missing bits of telomere DNA code that pass into evaporation. When available energy in the body is at a low state, it is closer to entropy, and thus degeneration. What the body needs is a constant supply of energy in order to keep it intact. Energy must be running through all parts of the body, every cell and DNA strand, on a constant basis. This is not a simple task. The consciousness of the person must be adapted to permit this, or overstimulation of the mind will lead to madness. The amygdala, or pituitary gland, can receive energy from energy resources that extend beyond our Universe.
    When a coherent resonance state of energy in the body is reached, time will slow down for the person and even timeless reality can be experienced. Spontaneous teleportation and time travel avenues may open up for a body so enhanced. Entropy may reverse, and negatropy may ensue, which is the state of coherent, high energy resonance, accumulating energy flow, and interconnection. All energy converges at a high energy state, so when enough subtle energy is passing through the body normal parameters of physics will no longer apply. Stability will increase, rather than abate. The process is not without risk, as many phenomena will rapidly be encountered, but who said that living forever would be boring. Once the body is exposed to a high energy resonance reality it may explore various pockets of resonance, that ultimately comprise the energy continuum. In conclusion, energy and the connection to energy fields is the means to immortality. Our body, in its current state of matter, is subject to erosion. Circulation of energy through the body is thus necessary to delay the aging process. The energy has many safe sources, energy from food, sunlight, chi energy, kundalini, energized water, minerals. The answer to longevity will likely not come through a pill or therapy, but by enabling the body to receive enough life giving energy so it is made stable when high energy resonance is attained. Extreme longevity is somewhat the realm of the spiritual hero or science fiction adventurer, but it may be feasible.

    The implications of supreme longevity are radical. Understanding regenerative Physics is the means to discovering how longevity can be extended indefinitely. Consciousness and its connection to source energy completely circumvents entropy, reversing decomposition and maintaining stability. Deliberate commitment to focused, high energy resonance and interconnection to energy fields can lead to eternal life. Relying on virtually disconnected and detached matter will eventually lead to death. Energy does not have to always flow downhill, it can flow uphill into higher dimensions. The mind is the prime engine of this upwards action. Energy can flow both downhill and uphill, in a feedback circuit of interdependence and escalating dynamics. Once the body and mind are firmly plugged into the spiritual energy flow and are receiving copious energy, the accessible niches of experience are interminable.
    Opening and exposing the human physical body (or any other piece of matter) to a burgeoning stream of spiritual energy will cause the matter to act in manners that are not typical of its usual virtually sealed off condition. Exposure will strengthen and augment matter so treated. Interconnection is positively correlated with coherence, when interconnection is improved coherence increases. Harmony between interconnected entities is the synthesis.

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