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Holiday House Tour! | Jackie Aina

Hi guys! I’m finally getting around to showing you guys parts of my crib! This holiday house tour features a tour of my living and dining room. Hope this gives you some design inspo and ideas! xo

Gigi from Casa Mia Collection

P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:

-Dining area-
Dining Mirrors – CB2
Marble Buffet – Casa Mia Collection
Dining Table Casa Mia Collection
Handblown Glass Vase
Rose Gold Picture Frame
Rose Gold Candles

Sofas – Z Gallerie
C O D E S:

My man makes some DOPE lifestyle/motivational clothing!

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1,090 Thoughts to “Holiday House Tour! | Jackie Aina”

  1. Fedelyne Dieujuste

    I didn’t know Z gallery had an outlet.

  2. entiice


  3. 2011WEALTHY

    Love,love,love the open airy feel of your home!,,, That’s the way to go. Great balance Jackie with the tones in the room!

  4. Colipopkola

    Very beautiful house!

  5. Ashton Tyler

    I am very happy for you Jackie! Your house is amazingly beautiful.

  6. chesneectp

    Get the Golden Peach Sparkle candle from Bath and body works. It smells sooo good

  7. chesneectp

    I can tell there will be no kids any time soon lol….beautiful home btw

  8. ThisIsNajma


  9. TheRealLadyMagnus

    So… I love your house and need it in my life.

  10. Chochi Black

    Auntie house looking like some shit out of a magazine ????

  11. alicia smith

    Beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous!!!! I love it

  12. lucky30402

    Your home is stunning…your home lets me know that dreams still do come true…GOALS

  13. Christ Bella

    Congrats babes. Working hard pays.

  14. Jenny Trujillo

    Absolutely stunning!

  15. Lisa Del Sol

    “the don’t sit here section” lololololol

  16. The Dozer and Suga Mamma Show

    WOW! Absolutely stunning!! Low key feeling shady right now because after watching y’all’s Dennis and Jackie vlogs, I know what the kitchen looks like too. ?

  17. Karvis TV

    oooo girl you trending! lol but that house is giving me lifeeee! yesss?

  18. Bella Cosmetique

    Yes you did,I live in NY small ass apt and I put down marble floor purchased some white chairs but your decor gave me more ideas because I got stumped beautiful elegant and classy. Just like you

  19. Genese Knox

    I like how clean it is. There are decorations, but it’s not crazy busy. The soft colors makes the space look even bigger.

  20. Army Barbie

    Blessings on blessings ?

  21. Parislover1219 Hackworth

    Its TOO much…sorry,

  22. pinkbunnie57

    Hey ?? what’s up girl. I really want to send you a Christmas card this year please let me know where I can send it thank you. Love it yessss. ?????❤️??

  23. MichelleDenise64

    Congratulations sweetheart, it’s beautiful.

  24. Jada Boles

    waiting for an invite!! lol loooveeee

  25. Kenya Hollins

    So proud of you Sis! I remember back in the Lilpumpkin05 days….this is what hard work and dedication looks like!! Salute! Continued blessings and Merry Christmas! ??????

  26. At Home with Riana Anaïs

    Holy shit this is perfection

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    Go sista!! Young black woman doing thangs!!

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    Beautiful home and decor.

  29. Monica Wilcox

    Inspired!!!! Love your place

  30. Destinee Lewis

    This looks like a hotel Bish I’m so happy for youuu

  31. Nakiya Cooke


  32. loveislouderrrrr

    It’s almost time for trends to ditch in 2018.

  33. Dakota Love

    So inspirational!!?? Love everything about it!

  34. pinkiblush

    Thank you Jesus!!! Jackie your blessed this is beautiful!!!!!

  35. victorianparty

    her house looks so goooooooood omfg

  36. Klarke Scott

    Your home is so beautiful?❄️ felt like I was in a dream watching this video???

  37. Nunya Bidness

    I wasn’t inspired to get stuff for my place place, I was inspired to go HARD AF 2018 and have it be as good to me as 2017 was for you, Jackie, so I can get my own place. I rent, but want a house to call mine. I want a garden, I want trees and solitude, I’m inspired to really, really get on my game. I am.

  38. Nunya Bidness

    Hahaha! Aunty Jackie, our Grandparents must be related. We grew up with a “family room”, which is where we would spend most of our time, and a “living room”, a room Granny only used for special guests. Strictly enforced. >.< We'd get cussed out quick sitting on her "brand new couch with our dirty feet!" LMAO!

  39. Janelli Marie

    Where did she say the tree and ornaments were from?

  40. Nakia A'jae

    Wait wait wait let me grab my wine this classy aunt Jackie!!

  41. Simply Jay

    I feel like I’m watching HGTV gurrll! Yes Aunti Jackie come through with the bougie vibes! I love it!

  42. Bartos Andrei

    U should check pinkbarbie_x3 on insta . She is a beautiful chocolate girl and Im sure you will love her because she is soooo talented . AM I RIGHT PEOPLE :))

  43. NuNu’s Room

    Loved your house!! Can we meet you now?

  44. Joleen Rose

    Wow!!!! So beautiful!! Love what you did.

  45. Jade Olaoye

    is the space rented or bought? looking for a space in LA

  46. Darlene Sterling

    Absolutely gorgeous home Jackie!

  47. Rhonda Jackson

    Beautiful! No kids live here! Pre-kids I had a cream sofa and my mom had a fit! Lol!

  48. Ceanna Carrazco

    your house is gorgeous ????

  49. brianna fox

    Blessed my dear

  50. Ren Hibbert

    Omg Jackie! You really did a great job decorating ! I love your style !

  51. Slay Or'Die

    Omg, Jackie! WOOOoooooo! I remember watching a video of you a couple of years back in an apartment! Wow, you movin’ on up!!

  52. Liz Moore

    do me a favor and never delete this video??? because i need this for 10years from now when i move out and get my own place???

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    Auntie Jackie what can I have that’s in that buffet ? ?

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    CRIBS MTV needs to link ya

  56. Orincy Whyte

    THIS IS LIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INVIE ME OVA SIS

  57. IvyBean

    Gurl! Congratulations on all of your success. You never disappoint and you are so entertaining so you totes deserve it. xoxoxo

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    This is your House? Gorgeous this is pure motivation.

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    WOW! Absolutely beautiful Jackie!

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    I loooove home tour!! So inspiring! Beautiful home Jackie?????????

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    This house is GOALS. I needed this motivation as Iv been feeling ??? about putting in the work on my channel .

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    Beautiful home Jackie…great colour scheme love it…blessings

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    beautiful home and you so fine ?? yesss jackie i’m so happy for you!!! You deserve that and more ❤️

  64. Marriage & Motherhood

    Absolutely Stunning Jackie! Your growth is so inspiring! Many blessings to you and your family! Merry Christmas!

  65. Irisafros


  66. Rifa C

    Issa Queens Castle ??✨ Can’t wait to move into my new apartment next year a decorate my room. Jackie inspired me aloot ❤️

  67. Fed up

    Jackie this is beautiful, I’m trying to do the same to my room but instead furnish it with Ikea (my funds aren’t up there yet)

  68. Robin Speaks

    So PROUD OF YOU!!!! May God continue to bless you!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

  69. lala62ify

    everything looks gorgeous!!

  70. HER z

    I work in television girl so i had to come and give props to the shooter … beauty shots on fleek steadycam lit

  71. Alison Thomas

    This is a very beautiful home. You have excellent taste. Blessings, always.

  72. Mary Johson Vialva

    Absolutely beautiful! You’re so inspirational bravo ?? Take that criticizes! Success is the great revenge! That way you don’t have to render evil for evil because you reap what you sow and life this way you don’t read anything bad because success is the best revenge!

  73. DaTeamMinaj

    This rented home is beautiful!

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    Wow, she’s so blessed and her house is aesthetically beauftiul. <3

    But like are we not going to talk about what a nice body she has??

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    Um… am I the only one that just found out Jackie is RICH!? ??

  80. TheHellbred Satan

    *Now, I know how to rob you*

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    I want a white dining room table so badly! I can’t find a nice one in my price range.

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    Bravo!!!!! I can’t write into words how beautiful your home is and how proud you should be of yourself!!! Simply beautiful great job!!!!!!

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    Gigi is the real MVP out here

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  85. Juanita Christine


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    I’m so happy for you ♡

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    beautiful ???

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    I would never want to leave that house! It’s so freaking beautiful!

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    so BEAUTIFUL but I have a 6 year old and a clumsy black dog sooooo…..maybe in 12 years? ?

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    when you see a crib as gorgeous as that you know they WORKED HARD FOR THAT MONEY. YES QUEEN!

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    So beautiful!!!! I hope when I get my own place I can make it look as beautiful as yours ?

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    Simply Stunning! So happy for you both x

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    Beautiful home!! And beautifully designed!

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    sorry i’ve to say this girl your house is the most beautiful house that i’ve seen on youtube you have great taste .

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    Very humble even though she could be showinng off. She’s like girl discount lol

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    Beautiful home Jackie!!

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    OMG ~ your place is beautiful!!! Talking about never wanting to leave!!! Thanks for sharing and yes gurrrrlllllll that Christmas tree is EVERYTHING!!! ? Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  98. S Douglas

    Thanks for the inspiration: I had a bad experience with a contractor and he has put me off. So, you have given me bravery to try some more again.

  99. nata be

    Haha with all th shiny things and white furniturenyou can see that therenarent children livingnin that house. It is super beautiful, Jackie!! Ly!

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    Hey Jackie! Love your home ! Crazy that you put all that together basically alone . So GORG ! I wanted to know where did you get that distressed turtle neck dress ?

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    this is stunning!!! I’m so happy for you! well deserved

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    Formula everywhere less direct study speaker portfolio

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    I love this video. I love everything about it from how it was filmed to how you are sitting on the couch. It has a very personal feeling as if you are specking directly to your audience.

  106. Dejah Turner

    This is literally my DREAM house, something I’ll probably never be able to get. But I feel like I got my dream just by watching you. God bless!!! ??

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    Can you pleasseee do this every year this made me feel so cozy and Christmasy!!

  108. Chileshe Zulu

    To the person reading this, you are who God says you are. You are made in the image of God, The Creator of  heaven and earth. Because of His love for you and I, He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for you so that you can have everlasting life and not go to hell. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, invite Him into your heart/life today. Wherever you are, He can hear you for He is everywhere. Remember Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God. Jesus loves you sooooo much so that He gave His life for you. You are valuable…You are loved.

  109. Samantha SB

    Your home is gorgeous…love it!

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    Your house is beautiful!! Making me want to decorate but on a teacher budget. Happy for you

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    Who’s thumbs down on your come up?? If a 6 year old can become a millionaire reviewing toys on you tube I thinking you will be the next girl get yours and congrats

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    Wow, gorgeous! And the music though! What track is it???

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    Yessssssss when Jackie walked in to shut the curtain with that freaking dress on! Yasssss queen ??? that booty dress tho!!!

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    Your home is so beautiful

  123. nyadichi ikemifudu

    Does anyone have a link to where she purchased the Saint Laurent photo, cant seem to find the website.

    Love this video by the way showed my mum as we are renovating our house in London and she loved it! x

  124. gigi black

    Would be nicer if there was another color implemented into the color scheme. All white is kinda cold & takes away from the spacious living arrangements. Regardless though, your home looks beautiful. I love your style.

  125. Edna Sackor

    Beautiful n cozy home

  126. marie watson

    It’s French and buffet does have the silent t. They are just being pretentious. Many brits mispronounce French words seemingly purposely. Idk. But that’s an “English pronunciation”. Don’t do it.

  127. AlongCameTiffy

    Aww hearing how excited you are that this beautiful home is really yours makes me feel so happy for you!! You’ve worked for it & you deserve it, enjoy the f out of it girl

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    Love it! Thanks for sharing. Your home is absolutely gorgeous.

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    Where are those weird black candles from ? Under the st.laurant picture

  130. Tré Melvin

    we love black excellence!

    1. Rcj. Queenie

      Tré Melvin yasssss queens supporting queens.

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    Welp..,its time to call Iyanla, cuz CLEARLY i ain’t living right. That’s a beautiful home!

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    Your place is amazing Jackie! Congrats girl!!

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    I thought she meant GIGI from YouTube ~ hehe
    The fact that her and Angels pic is way bigger than her and baes ~ haha
    Lovely house, I mean amazing. ????

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    I love ur homeee. Goals

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    bruuuh with couches that colour how much cleaning do you have to do? lol i would have to put plastic when visitors come over

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    You people must have never seen a Z Gallerie catalog lol, looks just like it.

  137. YukiSkullDoll

    Do you even live in this place! Everything is sooo clean and untouched looking
    It’s beautiful like a magazine photo

  138. mclovinnbabe

    If only I didn’t have dogs 🙁 I love white on white

  139. Maya,Danielle M

    Your house looks like something in Ikea, this is the house that you are scared to go in… so you stand by the door.

  140. Jenna Kraft

    Pleeeaseee hop on that sephora gel serum concealer????

  141. Maya,Danielle M

    Its so sweet and thoughtful that you donate makeup?

  142. Sharmane

    Thank you for sharing, you have a beautiful home. ❤️

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    Your home is beautiful! It’s chic, sexy and comforting. I love Restoration Hardware, always interesting finds there.

  144. Deanna Maurice

    Shoutout for not having a fake thumbnail! Love the decor beautiful!!!

  145. TheAugustRush_

    If this doesn’t make you wana be a success, & work at your dreams, i dont know what will. This is amazing jackie, I love to see successful black women. Decor is beautiful ???

    1. BeautyGuruTarahe

      TheAugustRush_ Girl, yes!! It was just more motivation

  146. Indigenous Destiny

    Z gallery has an outlet store!?!?!?! Since when?

  147. Toccara Martin

    I’ve been watching your channel for at least 6 years and I’m so happy for you. Your house looks so luxurious like its not meant to be lived in, just admired, lol if that makes any sense. Stay blessed.

  148. sequioa Anderson

    its so glamorous …like movies

  149. NeeCJae

    Beautiful!! I just see how God has blessed you and with hard work and dedication all things are possible. thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us!!! ??

  150. Tamara Johnson

    This is GORGEOUS and looks like you take naps in the afternoon?. I love it. Keep hustlin’ and living your dreams beautiful ❤️

  151. elena mendoza

    Fucking kill me right now, my life is shit.

  152. loveislouderrrrr

    Do I see snowdrops? Beautiful home wow

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    Jackie, you’re the epitome of a fine ass boujee Aunty.

  154. MichMichxo

    This video was so relaxing and your joy and happiness radiated through the screen. Happy Holidays

  155. Kya Howard

    people keep talking about kids getting the white dirty.. BUT YOU AINT GOT NO KIDS. it’s just two GROWN ASS adults who like what they like and are treating themselves in the NOW ?

    1. Jackie Aina

      girl YES ?? that part!

  156. Afia Belle

    Omg your home looks sooo cozyyy ???

  157. Tiphanie Marquis

    You did a great job! Most people think that you need to spend a lot of money to make your place look like a magazine cover and you don’t. Working with what you’ve got is the key. Knowing how to accessorize helps. Organization just wins. & Now that you’ve accomplished this dream … DREAM BIGGER JACKIE! So happy for you, you truly deserve it.

  158. MissWay

    wow! do you guys actually live in that house!

  159. thebest101 cool

    Literally my style and dream home omgggg????

  160. Trice Tyme

    Yay Jackie??

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    bump a kid, my husband would destroy that house. it’d be a chip back, cheese dust and cans all over that room lol

  162. Kristina Kelley


  163. Luke_CX

    I hate it you can never drink kool aid anymore

  164. Eriele Tellis

    Beautiful home!

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    Jackie i am SHOOK. Like what the actual hell, your home is amazing. It’s beautiful

  166. Coco Walters

    i want jackie’s body for christmas ???

  167. Lizmayfall

    I’m still in high school, but I love seeing older black women being successful, working hard, and enjoying their lives!!! Love you Jackie!

  168. N Sun

    Thank you for sharing!! This video was so inspirational and truly a blessing and motivation for me to keep going and keep dreaming! I’ve been sharing your video with my friends! I hope you continue to be blessed so that you can continue to bless us! 🙂

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    Your home is absolutely breathtaking. I loved everything about; your selection of furniture & decor…..Wow! Continued blessings. ???

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    Love the windows in your home! Definitely the highlight of your home.

  177. Rubi B

    I’m So Happy For You ?? I Have Been Watching Your For Years And I’m So So Delighted To See All Your Dreams Come True. Your House Is Beautiful, Thanks For Letting Us In ❤️ Jackie Jackie Jackie

  178. True Optimist

    I have the budget version of your house! Your house is my dream house. I have the same color floors, cabinets, color theme….thanks for the inspiration ❤️❤️❤️❤️????

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  183. Styled by Geneva

    Absolutely stunning!

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    This inspires me to follow through with suicide because I’ll never reach this amount of success and comfort. ???

  185. Hannah Cloutier

    Also that makeup look is EVERYTHINGGGGGGG

  186. Hannah Cloutier

    You need a roommate?!?!?!!! That house has me like ??????????????????????????

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    Absolutely Beautiful!

  188. mom molette

    Jackie Aina, I LOVE to see you and Dennis winning!

  189. Lovely AriellXo

    Sooo much inspiration in this video ?? yooo you’re house is so beyond gorgeous!

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    How about you change your theme song to, “Money money money money! Jackie got some money!” Lol! Beautiful home❤️

  191. modelchickny

    Jackie, Jackie, Jackie! Your home is gorgeous!

  192. Alyssa Mathews

    Such a beautiful home!! You definitely have an eye for interior decor!! Thank you for sharing your space with!! Now Auntie Jackie can we get more fashion videos?! Cuz you be killin em with your style too! Love you girl! Such an inspiration!!

  193. Kaitlynn Watts

    I am in LOVE with your home. Such a beautiful place. Happy Holidays from me to you!

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    Love ur vids!! please review the kylie concealer!! i’m dying to hear your opinion on them!!!

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    Wow I’m broke

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    This is such a beautiful home. This is really an inspiration and shows how hard work really pays off. ✨? You are so blessed Jackie!

  197. Sunni Smilez

    Absolutely beautiful. Soooo happy for you. You grind. You have purpose. Honestly you deserve it all!

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    Jackie is giving rich auntie vibes with this decor.


    Your decor ???❤️ love everything about your place

  200. Bang Bang

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    zayyyyyyummm Jackie over here living lavish like i’m comin over to yo house for the holidays.

  202. Rose Claverie

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  203. Daphne Dadzie

    Congrats on the beautiful home and on all your success. Love the color scheme. You just can’t have any kids over because it’ll get dirty real quick. Lol.

  204. Trish J

    I am so happy for you. I have been following you since day one an have seen you grow as a person so much. I thank God for your blessings. now back to makeup girl. can you do a dupes video an your this year favorites an what we ditching in 2018. love you Jackie have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year

  205. Alicia P

    It looks absolutely beautiful! Congratulations ???❤️

  206. Ummu Asmaa

    Beautiful…Just Beautiful!!!

  207. Yana Gerasimovich

    If my house looked like this I would never leave

  208. Mak TV

    When I get an apartment its gonna be this, im glad the links in the description ??❤️??‍♀️

  209. B Howard

    And may God continue to bless you exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can ask or think. Imagine, this is just the tip of the iceberg of blessings God has for you. Awesome!

  210. Mia Ayiti

    I’m so proud of Jackie!!! Happy Holidays to you and the family

  211. Mak TV


  212. TomorrowMims

    I wanna be like you when I grow up! Looks amazing! That Tree though ????. So beautiful!

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    Your house is chic heaven!!

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  215. Anissa .Hance

    I mean, I’ve always know you’re fabulous, but Jackie…. Honey! This is home decor goals, like wow. My heart cannot handle this level of greatness.

  216. hannah bvb


  217. Jay Mo

    Looking at Jackie’s condo like.. damn, I really need to get my life together. Aha, so proud of you! ?

  218. Irene Sevilla

    Jackie, I haven’t been a subscriber for long, but you have this very genuine quality about you. Like I can tell you have been in the struggle to some degree. The part where you said, I never thought I would live in a place like this or come home and see how much my hard work has paid off or I dreamed big but not this big. Omg you spoke to my soul. I started my business (not beauty related) 3 years ago. And as I grow it feels so amazing to hit those milestones. You have clearly gained a massive level of success and I feel so proud of you. It’s also super cool to see the level of your success but also watch your videos and see how true you have stayed. I mean your house is effing STUNNING. I just redecorated my home, and it is nowhere near as amazing as yours, but I sit and look around and feel so good seeing the fruits of my labor. I can only imagine how you must feel. I can’t wait to be on your level. Congratulations and God bless

    1. Jackie Aina

      With this mindset you are going to go very far, no matter what my portion was I was always happy and proud for what I had at that moment so hearing you say the same thing means you’re on the right track ??Thank you for your support and may God bless you xo

  219. Stephanie Ekezie

    ??? bruh I can’t wait till I graduate so that i can decorate my house or apartment like that..

  220. Hanna Behin

    This is goals??????????????????

  221. femineity

    Dear Jackie,
    Your home explodes with splendor! It is, breathtakingly beautiful Sis…AND YOU CAN TELL AIN’T NO CHILREN HANGIN OUT AT YO CRIB WITH ALL THE LIGHT-BRIGHTNESS YOU GOT GOIN ON! LOL…No Sis, on the for real, thank you for sharing your beautiful, BEAUTIFUL home with everyone here on YouTube! You’re a hardworking, GOOD woman who deserves all the best this world has to offer. I’m so very happy for you! Blessings upon blessings to you always, Jackie Aina! ?

  222. Abena Prada

    GORGEOUS ???

  223. DetroitsFinest725

    The level up is so real. So proud of you and ur accomplishments. You are definitely goals. Congrats queen

  224. Glori Rapalalani

    This is sooooo inspiring!!!

  225. Dabora Madit

    Why is this video so soothing

  226. prettyshamarlee

    I thought I wasn’t going to like it because of all the white. But I was pleasantly surprised by all the layering of textures and the different metals used. It was gorgeous. The dark hardwood really grounded the space and even repeated above the dining. It was very different. Plush and Luxurious. I loved it. You did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing.

  227. Hannah

    I needed to see this…. Thank you for motivating me!! This has lit a fire under my butt to get in gear and get that two bedroom loft I was trying to talk myself out of. Tuh!!

  228. Taylor Miller

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