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GRWM ? Organic Skincare | Wild Beauty Apothecary, Whamisa + more


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S.W. Basics Makeup Remover
Evolve Beauty Liquid Crystal 2-in-1 Micellic Cleanser
Reusable Organic Cotton Cosmetic Pads
Wild Beauty Apothecary Harmony Rescue Mask
Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner Deep Rich
MV Organic Skincare Rose Hydrating Mist
Wild Beauty Apothecary Harmony Bloom Oil
Mádara Smart Antioxidants Fine Line Minimising Day Cream

Video on Sustainable Palm Oil

Shout out to the rogue piece of fluff in my hair.

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16 Thoughts to “GRWM ? Organic Skincare | Wild Beauty Apothecary, Whamisa + more”

  1. ttjnaaa

    Cotton instead of paper labels? I don’t know…I think that cottons needs a lot more water and destroys a lot more soil than a tree…Sounds like marketing maybe?

  2. oneeyedwitch

    you should look on etsy for the reusable cotton pads. you can get them in different colors/styles which might help with them looking so dirty.

  3. redweathertiger

    i remember that exact same gilmore girls line every time i take off my makeup!

  4. E. A.

    Have you tried the Palmers Oil cleanser? I’ll do a double cleanse with it and it’ll remove all my makeup without the need of makeup remover or cotton rounds. And in regards to toner, I’ll pour some into the palms of my hand and pat it into the skin as opposed to rubbing it on the skin with a cotton round.

  5. Jennifer R

    This week I learned that reusable bamboo nursing pads are a good alternative to cotton pads. If only they came in the black

  6. Cece

    I think about that Gilmore girls line all the time when I accidentally fall asleep with makeup.

  7. Jenny M

    I tried some reusable cotton rounds but found most of the toner soaked into the material so I would have to use a lot more to get the same amount of product actually onto my face. For eye make up I use cream remover which is nice and moisturising and I can just apply it with my fingers. It then smears/dislodges (??) the eyeliner instantly then I can just wash it straight off

  8. Hermione Can't Draw

    flannel is good for reducing waste ! x

  9. noaveragenerd

    College gave me the bad habit of sleeping in my makeup. I have been out of school for almost a year, and I still do it because I work late. When I do, I know I will wake up to acne. It’s a hard habit for me to get out of. 🙁

  10. Lauren Lemon

    Not sure if it’d be any different but you can find a bunch of different reusable cotton rounds on Etsy.

  11. Shamblingundead

    When I put toner on, I usually put it straight on my hands, then onto my face. Using a cotton pad makes me feel like I am wasting the product. To each their own I guess.

  12. queenlucysroyalmaid1

    how do you find these brands?! I know the majority of brands Sanne talks about, so I am more familiar with their cf stance, but the brands you talk about Marion are very different – do you do the research yourself to find out if they are cruelty free or? I hope that doesn’t come across as sceptical, cause it isn’t intended to sound like I’m doubting you, I’m just genuinely curious! I definitely want to try any brand that does great organic skincare in glass and plastic free, yes yes and yes!

  13. Pinky Lui

    you had me with GRWM, but then you reaaaaalllyyy had me with Gilmore Girl reference.

  14. Laima

    how do you not get dark circles under your eyes? have you sold your soul to the devil???

    1. marionhoney

      Afraid Beelzebub has me under an NDA for that one.

  15. Purpletee

    Love these videos! Keep up the good work 🙂

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