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Get Rid of Bags and Dark Eye Circles FAST | 4 Easy At Home Remedies

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613 Thoughts to “Get Rid of Bags and Dark Eye Circles FAST | 4 Easy At Home Remedies”

  1. Teachingmensfashion

    Guys, this is not a “love bite” lol notice it’s on both sides. I was finding my PR push jerk last week and the barbell scuffed my collar bone

    1. Reiner Zufall

      Nice video

    2. Achilles Edi Corleone

      Teachingmensfashion I belive you like I belive OJ Simson

    3. Kim Soori

      *its harder to treat, but its easy to fight and prevent*

    4. Gautham Riju

      Teachingmensfashion hey dude can we apply ice cubes over our eyes?

  2. Gena_Fail

    Bro…tea bags ain’t free tho

    Idk why I’m here bye.

  3. Ramiro Morales

    who else saw his hickey?

  4. Dayah Lion

    You are getting crazy take care your eyes

  5. Fiery :3

    Dad I’m sorry but I have to stop drinking alcohol even dou I never drank it in the beginning so ._. Sorry?

  6. Faarax Shidan

    OMG its soo experience

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  8. Iliya bondarenko

    but would if i dont have spoons lol

  9. Mr. Wise guy

    Jose has a hicky

  10. Cody Laroche

    I think mine might be from hereditary and they are really bad and i asked my parents if we could see someone but they say its nothing

  11. Jayden Spendiff

    Instructions unclear ended up eating teabags

  12. Mummy Mummy

    Am I the only girl here

    1. sajjad mahar

      Mummy Mummy no!jose too

  13. christian hwang

    Jose gotta hickey on the bottom of his neck

  14. Mendez Gaming

    I stayed up sighning some papers and i passed out and got concious

  15. savogekill667 gaming, vlogs, and. more!

    Who did the spoon one that one kinda worked to me

  16. Robo Chop

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  17. The Bacon Experiment

    Sad commercial.. not useful

  18. Mystirious Nefartiti

    is that lovebite on his neck??

  19. Tippin Javier

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  20. Lethamaga Ntsoane

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  21. Axionnes Mapping

    The “Tool” looks like a vibrator

  22. Noji Emoji

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  23. Abdi Laaii

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  24. Aidan Timmins

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  25. daasa380

    Didn’t realize I was watching the Home Shopping Network…dislike

  26. Jonathan & Stuff

    Can you use a vacuum? Haha

  27. Breakitdown / :

    Get enough sleep ok but im watching this at 3 am

  28. Mujtaba Omar

    Most easily explained in simple terms and very simple and easy treatments given, if I were to rate this channel I’d rate it 100/100, in all other videos for treating dark circles, ladies making different mixtures and applying them but ofcourse, not everyone can make them… But this video just gives easy and simple solutions… ???

  29. Masterest Spy

    Get more sleeeeep!

  30. xo. ericcc

    Look at the views ?

  31. Shaza Maza

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too faggoty.

  32. John Lukach

    Good info with one exception…  Don’t ever use sunscreen.  Read up on this if you are a skeptic but all sunscreens are carcinogens.  They encourage exactly what they claim to prevent.  Reasonable exposure to sunlight is not unhealthy but in fact is required by the body to synthesize vitamin D which in turn is a key component of healthy skin.  If the sun is too much one day simply find some shade.

  33. Omar Ashraf

    guys I have veins appearing under my eyes and in the corners so what should i do to make them disappear without using make up or laser treatment

  34. Eye Bags Removal

    Woww! I am actually going to have to try some of these. Le’s start with the sleeping part. 🙂

  35. noah slagter

    dont do the pillow thing, it will fuck up your neck

  36. Isaac Alicea

    That hickie looks like he got it 1 minute before that video ???

  37. Isaac Alicea

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  38. Isaac Alicea

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  39. Isaac Alicea

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  40. Derrick Flores

    My favorite jacket from forever 21

  41. Robo Chop

    What if I have no money to get that stuff

  42. Kirito Gowra

    I’m Indian ( I’m black), I’m a teen, I’ve got spectacles, I don’t know how to make up at all

  43. Venkatesh Gudla

    hai bro u r really wearing nice bombing jackets…plz suggest good jackets under budget

  44. deej kingz

    is it okay to use any types tea bags to get rid of dark circles or clear skin? I started doing it and i use Yogi.

  45. Itz Cindy

    You no what I think this will work because I got 2 lines under my eyes and its dark .:(

  46. KIT

    Any nose tips?

  47. Jiminah Uzu

    I will try these tips bec i’m already a Panda

  48. Sin Vukasinovic

    I have spent months studying treating aging naturally and found a fantastic website at Nirca fresh look (check it out on google)

  49. Jared Rutherford

    Now.. If you have bags because of genetics, you’re fucked man.

  50. sajjad mahar

    Just having enough sleep is not the point,the main thing is do you really have that enough sleep on time? Sleep early till 10,11pm and wake up early it will work.

  51. Rathindranath Jana


  52. Spider Gaming

    Ohh the spoons

  53. Spider Gaming

    I’m 9 and it’s picture day

  54. [Na`Vi] Ghost

    Cant you just ask your grill friend to sit on your Face and T-Bag you ? does that also work? 😀

  55. Stuart Harold - 2-D

    Who else was looking at the extra nipple on his lower neck

  56. Saul Jaramillo

    this video feels like a remake of spankie valentine tv ?

  57. Nugget gaming 01

    my brother I ment

  58. Nugget gaming 01

    I have bags it’s because I play games alot and sometimes stress because o my broter

  59. Style Digest

    Great video! For those people who have eye bags mornings due to lack of sleep or drinking alcohol and eating spicy & salty food those tips are essential. But what to do if your eye bags are caused by aging or due to anatomical structure of your face you have them permanently since childhood and those tips don’t work for you? Here is my story of getting rid of eye bags permanently:

  60. MrMaus

    2:15 is legendary

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  62. just another commenter

    Jose Knows the secret of life

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  64. Emman Pain

    if it needs to be cold, Can i use ice instead?

  65. ClassicRaids

    Oh so creatine is why I have baggy eyes lol. Didn’t realize water retention caused it ?

  66. Wreck Tard

    I forgot to let the tea bags cool down! But not to worry, it burned the eye bags away ! Thanks!

  67. Daniel Becerra

    I’m watching this at 1:47 AM

  68. Harith Luqman

    Melayu kah?


    Jose the type of Zuniga to teabag his own face.

  70. Meta Man

    If you stare at the computer for hours or your phone screen at night then you get bags under your eyes. If you don’t do this then you reduce the risk.

    1. Jack 'O Lantern

      Meta Man crap I do that.

  71. Gabriel

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  72. PariS HermeS

    Good anti age cream works other stuff work only in the moment u use it.

  73. Ghost Life

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  76. The Apivisual

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  77. robert bytyqi

    I’m 18 and have dark shade under my eyes , anybody know what’s that all about

    1. Gagan Singh

      robert bytyqi can

  78. Michael JonesDougherty.

    Ok i must say ive watch these diffrent grooming .mens make up & hair there all just ok but ive came across on thats pretty good & easy thats james Welsh his videos are gr8 a must watch & for us gay & stright guys that donot want to look like we are doing drag his is well worth trying i think iam a new fan .

  79. Michael JonesDougherty.

    Ugh i have tried alot of stuff for my dark circles that i got from my mother ? but when i minerals moisturizer & then i use my bare minerals that makes me look brighter & there gone poof

  80. Brendon Owens

    Blocking out the haters

  81. Democretic India

    How to maintain a good hair

  82. fear_a_dub ,

    So handsome

  83. neonmoon82

    I don’t have eye bags, I have luggage under my eyes.

    1. Keegan K.

      neonmoon82 You will need to place a kettle of tea on it, not a tea bag.

  84. Jon De Vogel

    I gotta say, I watched this video and you were so down to earth and cool about this stuff. You have a new subscriber.

  85. Railway Boomin

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  86. BeastFrog69

    2:28 I cannot see becuz i’m legally blind

  87. GtaAddict

    Dude the problem with the spoons is that they get warm in like 30 seconds. I guess my eyes are very warm?


      Spoons don’t work just by themselves because of that, WRAP a wet tissue around the spoon, freeze it, and place on bags

  88. Chester ed Wabingga

    Cutting cucumber in the plate? ?

  89. IMortalNemesisI

    Why did I get a spanish wendy’s ad before this?

  90. kirito kazuto

    Orrr you could’ve just gone to sleep when your mom told you to

  91. angelina. tbh

    I miss my old self a year ago when I had ZERO 100% NO bags but now I have a little bit but not veryy bad


      I’m turning 27 and now my bags are worse than ever, last year(or ever) I did not have issues but now I wake up and they stay for 3-5 hours in the morning, sucks

  92. Charlie Lopez

    “AND IF YOU DON’T HAVE SPOONS you can use condoms just put it in your fridge and apply to your eyes”

  93. Takoda Elitch

    “Age” I’m 14 and have had bags for like 2 years?¿¿

  94. Zayy F

    I’m watching at 1am in the morning and complaining about my dark circles ??

  95. Pierre

    This nigga don’t even have bags. Why do these ppl who don’t even have these problems make videos on these subjects. Where are the people who actually had eye bags/dark circles and cleared them up?

  96. Vickram Rayman

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  108. NEVANA


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    Now I have myopia and cataracts.

    My seeing eye dog is going to come to your home and devour your tiny testes.

  112. Noob Helper

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    I like sleeping on my side tho :/

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    I got scars but I look better with them

  120. Omni Moon

    Says to cut down on salt intake, but I FRICKIN’ LOVE soy sauce!! <3

  121. jasmean

    my bags are horrible rn

  122. Charlotte B

    I bet the pmd thing doesn’t even work. He’s mentioning it because it sponsored the video.

    1. Tea

      Charlotte B it just exfoilates

  123. Lomot Zin

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  124. ronak god

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  125. Soldier Fella

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  126. Christopher Moffitt

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    1. Vishal Hirawat

      Read book at the time of sleeping or just wake up early in the day n do excercise

  160. MCdantie

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    hey great stuff

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  171. People People

    tea bags, a cup and water are all COMPLETLY free.


    You really got to stop looking LEFT constantly…Place the script above or below the camera….You been doing this for Soooooo Long ….But you are still spewing Great Tips!!!

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    Getting enough sleep is hard.

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      I’ll definitely try to get to sleep earlier, but when you’re grinding for your future that’s not always an option :p Tears will definitely need to stay under control, I’ll keep that in mind going forward. Going to spend the next few weeks trying to take as much care to the area around my eyes.

      edit: I have been using coconut oil around my eyes as a home remedy

    3. Its Not Joke

      TShorty929 Then go to sleep early? And too much salty foods can also cause dark circles. Tears too. See, what happens is : Your body holds onto excess fluids even when you sleep. And gravity takes role right here, when you sleep, make sure you sleep on your left side. It increases your blood circulation, and that way you don’t really need to worry about excess fluids. Only cons are that you’ll have to wake up every now and then to pee, or just have to pee real bad after waking up. Oh yeah, too much water is also a problem, too little water is a problem aswell, so just get your regular amount of water. Exercise can help too, just don’t do it right before bed, do it around 1-3 hours before sleeping.

      Sleep on your left side
      (You’ll need to pee a lot, though)

      Do exercise 1-3 hours before laying down or sleeping.

      Get an average amount of water, not too much, not too little.

      Don’t eat salty foods too much in a day.

      Sleep early.

    4. TShorty929

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    4. Teachingmensfashion

      Kiwi yeah thanks man. It actually doesn’t hurt, it’s just a bar rash from the various reps I did. Kind of like what happens to your shins from various deadlifts

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    1. Roberto Ramos

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    2. Roberto Ramos

      dude you answered??? ever since I started watching your videos I’ve built style, confidence, connections with more females, and more positive vibes.

    3. Teachingmensfashion

      Roberto Ramos no lol notice it’s on both sides. I was finding my PR push jerk last week and the bar scuffed my collar bone

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