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GET GLAM WITH ME!! – Glow Around The World: Amangiri & NYC

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It’s been a while since I last talked to you about life and sat down to do my makeup while updating you on everything that’s been going on! So today I’m doing just that. Let’s sit down, talk about life while getting GLAM!!! Ah, let’s grab those brushes and let’s get FLAWLESS together!

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Music by Chillhop: Chillhop Essentials – Fall 2017:
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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1,000 Thoughts to “GET GLAM WITH ME!! – Glow Around The World: Amangiri & NYC”

  1. Emma Cooney

    I love the movie black panther

  2. Frieda S.

    OMG you’re SO beautiful! I love your looks! Greets from Germany hun.

  3. M4tilde

    This was AMAZING ? and u’re so talented


    It looks like you have an ocean sunset on your eyes. Beautiful!

  5. Sonia L.

    Nikkieeee you’re one of my favorite ytbers ever. Just wanted you to know that you literally CANNOT disappoint me. YOU DA ONE. I LOVE A LIVING LEGEND.

  6. Isa Shisha (aka Isa's Pieces)

    MATURE WOMEN NEED HELP TOO!!!! all these tutorials that are done on makeup channels are always on young, firm faces. i just hit my mid 40s and am having to reconfigure how i apply makeup. one major issue? eyeliner! evvverybody says “do NOT pull the upper lid’ when putting on eyeliner….but damn…when you are gettin wrinkle/not so firm skin, there is no other way to get the skin taught enough to apply it straight. help some of us badass full mature face makeup wearers out puhhhleez?!

  7. call of heart call of heart

    GOOD TIME OF DAY! my name is Anton, ASKING for HELP, possibly Kama not nezhalko, dime or dollar you help save up for the kvartik. ZARANIE THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE HELP AND UNDERSTANDING. here is my visa card number 4276310043220443

  8. Ellie Rose062

    Your honestly my fave makeup artist and my idol and you’re the person that introduced me to makeup when I stumbled upon one of your videos. Ever since then, I’ve been in love with makeup and I homelsty just look up to you and I think you need a massive well done for just everything ❤️

  9. Chloe Griffiths

    I absolutely love Juvia’s Place, I did a order from their website and used your code and they’ve messed it up and not even sorted it at all or even refunded me!:(

  10. Vanessa the Awkward


  11. Aurora Make-up

    Beautiful make-up

  12. Gnarly Jada

    okay well give me your sponge

  13. Terryjr Carnathan

    Nikieeee why are u not doing ur brows on your tutorials anymore 🙁 can u pls upload a vid dedicated for doing ur brows with diff brow products. Loveu xoxo

  14. Snow White

    Normally, I’m not a VLOG person but yours was soooooooo entertaining and interesting! I am so thrilled to go to Amsterdam myself this May ?❤

  15. jerrey n

    Her poll…. *whose not who’s

  16. Ana Edith

    Did you dye your hair darker ???!!

  17. Tyron Delarosa

    your eye look looks like patrick star’s

  18. evelyn gutierrez

    Red orange lip w gold smokey shadows poppin for holidaze

  19. Chelsea Renae Ausland

    Is that sponge “flocked”- I didn’t see it in detail, you were working pretty quickly but my fave sponge is by Jane Iredale and it seems like it may resemble that… check out their website and let me know if thats similar, if so I can connect you with the company, I’m an authorized stockist 🙂

  20. Marie Langeway

    That Highlight! ?

  21. Nisco Racing

    Pretty much they trap into going and stuff.. kinda mean!

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    Try J’dez beauty plisssss ??

  23. Ana Paula Schwarzer Paim

    Nikkie, check the channel: Pausa para feminices, is a Brazilian makeup artist that has her own make up line. You both are my inspirations! ❤

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    guys! NikkieTutorials just commented on my video I made on her :O

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    New York city❤

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    You look beautiful with and without makeup!!! ?

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    You should lose weight and surprise everyone with you hot bod

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    You and your makeup are so flawless ??
    You’re a queen Nikkie ❤️??

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    Does Nikkie still do the end of the months HITS and oh GOD NO’s??

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    You should do a makeup collection!!!???

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    Nikkie has such beautiful eyes?❤️

  40. Aaay Afff

    Nikki can u please use asian makeup product and do pakistani bridal makeup…..

  41. Flores Graphics

    Awww I had one of those breakdowns recently.. everytime I think about it I cringe….love this eye look! ❤️❤️

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    Omg I love that look like if u agree ❤️??

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    I can’t be the only one that think she reminds me of Adele? ?

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    Hey could you do a video about societies beauty standards? I mean a with the shootings in America going on teenagers are starting to go back to self image issues. I mean I’m one of those many teens. And it seems so hard to get people to listen. Could you talk about these issues? And maybe do a natural look vs what society wants you too look like?

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    *P.s : ya girl would rather pay for college tuition than buy expensive makeup stuff??? this bitch out here struggling lol

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    You should do the “I followed blanks make up tutorial” but follow a drag queens one! Like Trixie Mattel ❤️❤️

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    The look for the Marc Jacobs fashion show was bomb it may not have been completely your style but you rocked it!! I loved that look on you ❤️❤️

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    Heyy Nikki een vraagje voor jou: Durf jij zonder make-up een week rond te lopen?

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    Nikki you are an inspiration for me thankyou for all your amazing tutorials. I am 48 and have acrophobia, I’ve not left my house for over 6 years now. Watching your tutorials has given me the inspiration to learn how to apply make up with the end hope of it giving me enough confidence in myself to try to leave the house. My hubby bought me some bits of make up to encourage me to do this. Thankyou for being on youtube you and Chloe Morello are my favorite as you are both so funny and amazing love you both ?

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