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#FoundationFriday: NEW NARS Foundation First Impressions! More Shades for Olive Skin ? ▸ VICKYLOGAN

Cant find a foundation for dark olive/yellow skin? GIRL NARS GOT YOU. If All Day Luminous Weightless and Sheer Glow had a baby, this would be it!

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation – $49

Available at Sephora on December 26th

I wanted to show you guys some swatches of new shades and try it out to see if it’s really worth buying. The shades I tried were Moorea, Caracas and Cadiz. Moorea was the best match.

For reference here are some other perfect foundation shade matches for me:
Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme: Amber
Anastasia Beverly Hills (stick foundation): Cool Golden
NYX Total Control Drops: Caramel
Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless: 330 Toffee Caramel
Loreal Infalliable Pro Matte: Classic Tan
Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation: Gingerbread
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Y455

My final thoughts, should you get it? I think yes! I like it better than the All Day Luminous Weightless and the shade range is better than the sheer glow. So it’s worth a shot if you couldnt find your perfect match!



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FTC: Not sponsored. NARS sent me this product for promotional purposes! All thought and opinions are my own.

Psalms 91:1

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92 Thoughts to “#FoundationFriday: NEW NARS Foundation First Impressions! More Shades for Olive Skin ? ▸ VICKYLOGAN”

  1. The Bald And The Beautiful

    Have you tried the Diorskin Airflash?

  2. LaTya Arnold

    You look great!

  3. Br0wnSgr

    Thanks for sharing. I really like the Narrs concealer both the radiant creamy and then the matte concealer. I really love the FENTY 410 foundation. However I have only been able to purchase one bottle in my shade has been out of stock for two months. So I’m glad that NARS is coming out with lots of ranges around the time that my current shade will probably run out LOL so this will give me a great option for another high-end brand. Thanks Vicky hugs!

  4. Sincerely Roni

    I guessed and ordered Moorea I love it on you. We wear similar shades. Tfs.

  5. latrenda smith

    Please start back doing Full Face tutorials please I love your enthusiasm.

  6. susaneluwa

    Your skin is perfect wow. Oh cleared up so much.

  7. Asake's Solutions

    Girllll your skin is stunning …love the glow !!!!

  8. newchick10

    That lipstick is poppin.

  9. eleasha dorvil

    Can you do a tutorial with burts bees makeup or Jasmine la belle cosmetics

  10. simplybri

    Wish you would’ve swatched the colors since you had the whole collection

  11. TxBeautyQueen83

    The new shades came thru for us in between shade girls.

  12. TxBeautyQueen83

    This was a great shade match for you.

  13. Amani Cole-Felder

    What are you wearing on your lips? Love that red!!

  14. Chady Xxx

    Not impressed.

  15. . Galemonae

    Will this package be in stores? I need all samples too lol

  16. Mireille Meulema

    Wich schade is between New Guinee and Macau with a golden undertone?

    1. Mireille Meulema

      Humblediva thnks, I hope it works too!! Maybe you can leave an update?? I also have New Guinee and think it’s a slight to red for me

    2. Humblediva

      Mireille Meulema the medium dark 5 shade in this foundation is called Marquises. It’s medium to dark with yellow undertones. I was shade matched to New Guinea using color IQ at Sephora a couple years ago. I always thought it was slightly too red for me. I ordered Marquises from the Nars site last Thursday. I’m hoping it works.

  17. miya gisele

    always so well put together

  18. nyquil11

    Not sure why folks are saying this is not your color, it looks great! The color would be a perfect match for me as well!

  19. nyquil11

    I hope it’s a different formula then their other two foundations because they break me out.

  20. Mina Piña

    Hmm, I’ve never tried Nars foundation. I think I will tho, because I don’t like the way my Makeup Forever stick foundation makes me SUPER oily.

  21. Gina Jones

    NARS sheer glow is my favorite. I’ve never tried all day luminous. I’m gonna try this one once it hits stores! I wonder why they don’t put pumps on the sheer glow foundation?

  22. Sheen Boo

    Well Sis those darker shades are close to my skin tone and since you doing giveaways , I’d love to have them , and glad to see you doing some more makeup ?

  23. OhSoBariSaxy

    IT LOOKS AMAZING! Definitely gonna pick it up! 😀

  24. RaenaJenks

    I may have to check this foundation out!

  25. muna barkhadle

    I have a super yellow undertone and I’m so excited it so hard to find a yellow foundation on the darker end of the spectrum.

  26. TheStarLifeStyle

    i just want to see someone compare this to nars other two foundations. literally been searching all day.

  27. Buildinglifeconfidence

    The only issue I have with it is the weird green cast it’s giving off. I still love how you did your makeup look though.


      After seeing it in different lighting I may try the other shades all over to compare. I may end up having to mix shades

  28. Femmevision

    I really don’t think this is your foundation shade. The one the store matched for you was way closer. Great video though.

    1. TheSachajackson

      Femmevision You’re right its not her shade, she likes to wear to light foundations, look at her other foundation shades reference! She is not light with that jacked up complexion, she needs some good fade cream and skin care!???


      I haven’t tried the other one all over the face but when I get the full bottles I’ll try different shades to see. I don’t think the shade I chose is the perfect match but I wanted to see how it looked all over!

  29. Jessica Miller

    Beautiful as always?

  30. Ronisha Hill

    Thanks for the video! Definitely picking this one up to try out

  31. Tammy L

    I may be tripping but your video is shaking lol


      Nah it’s the camera lol I gotta learn how to work it

  32. Yvette Arnold

    Beautiful finish

  33. T Hynson

    That was a beautiful match. Thanks for the review.

  34. Yolanda W.

    Nars must-have heard me when I said I need a shade between Macao and Cadiz and it’d be my perfect shade. I love the sheer glow but refused to but both shades for the price. Definitely picking this one up. And a pump! Thanks for the review


      There’s like 3 shades in between Macao and Cadiz so def try them out!

  35. James Connor

    You look green.

  36. JaeDanae

    I think this shade foundation looks beautiful on you

  37. naturalbeauty511

    I am very excited to see these new shades in person. As much as I love Nars, they do not have a match for me in foundation. Cadiz and Tahoe are too light and Macao is too dark.

    1. Lexie Brooks

      The new foundation comes in 33 shades so hopefully you’ll be able to find your shade now.

    2. Phoenix Moneypenny

      I have/had this same issue & ive recently had to try Macao & Tahoe mixed together, which was perfect. Tahoe is still yellow, just lighter whereas Cadiz is too pink/red. In the uk Nars don’t give samples but in the us they do so you can buy 1 colour and then get samples of the other until you get your mix ratio fine tuned. This foundation comes out in January here, so I’ll be mixing until then ????❤️

    3. muna barkhadle

      same I got tahoe and its on the light side but cadiz is too dark I’m hoping there is an in between

  38. Tee Lane

    Hi Vicky!! What lip color are you wearing? Very flattering on you

  39. Nike Rayne

    LOVE your Foundation Fridays! Can’t wait for more.

  40. Bre Lee

    Hair details please?

  41. Ashley

    It looks soooo good!

  42. JoAnna Johnson

    I’m so glad they are coming out with more shades for olive and yellow skin tones. I’m dark skinned but my skin is pretty yellow/ olive. I like getting neutral foundations because it adds that touch of warmth that I like and I don’t have anymore since starting chemo plus being anemic. My skin used to be quite warm but not anymore. It’s tough to find this undertone in deeper complexions so I’m very happy for this. Looks really good.??❤

  43. Rosemarie Collins

    Much too yellow

    1. TheSachajackson

      nyquil11 she doesn’t!

    2. TheSachajackson

      D B lmao ?

    3. Chady Xxx

      Rosemarie Collins ??

    4. nyquil11

      It’s beautiful for those of us who have yellow undertones.

    5. D B

      Rosemarie Collins It looks like mustard.

  44. Natural Afton

    Nice make up stay blessed

  45. ROBBIN F

    Cadeez I think!

    1. TheSachajackson

      ROBBIN F I’m surprised she didn’t delete your comment, she said Tahoe was a better match. She wants to be light skin, but she’s not!???

  46. Ginell Jenkins

    NARS did a great job… I must try. Thanks for the review.

  47. Sandia Marcellon

    Feel free to send me the dark shade of you want just saying!!

  48. Sybille J

    Could you please review the new maybelline superstay 24h foundation? Thank you!


      Been wanting to try that!

  49. toogood2btrubk

    U look beautiful

  50. Qwayshawn Adams

    I love Vicky!!! <3

  51. Lilcutenurse

    Yes!! Can’t wait till it his Sephora just right for yellow undertones and yes it looks good on you!! You picked the perfect shade too sis

  52. Sunny Emery

    Love how much Vicky has grown this year ! I have learned so much emotionally, beauty and health! Thank you Vicky ! Sincerely , a TRUE fan ❤

  53. Elrich Tolbert

    It make you yellow

  54. Zoe Nguyen

    when is it dropping in the UK??

  55. Life With JoyceNicole

    Yassssss!! Foundation Friday.. I always love your makeup videos.. I’m soo excited to find a new Foundation for the New Year.. Your hair looks soo DOPE!! God bless and Much love

  56. Leslie Harris

    It’s LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!! I’m so excited for this video??

  57. Kyra Myi

    Vicky for the slay ??

  58. Monie__tiana

    ?? hair is definitely popping

  59. shlomit esayas

    I asked you a question at Instagram, why do not you answer me? I thought you were helping your fans, but its doesn’t matter im already insulted ..

    1. Nouria Atangana

      shlomit esayas girl get over yourself it’s not the end of the world ???

    2. Don

      girl lol they has thousands of followers, if you dont get over yourself ?

    3. Reesee Forever

      Brooklyndeva lmao

    4. Krishanna W

      shlomit esayas You edited this comment and still messed up ?

  60. Brionne Webb

    Your hair is SLAYIN IT

  61. Artliker1234

    I think Tahoe would have been perfect

    1. Janay Johnson

      I think so too! That’s what I wear


      Tahoe is the perfect undertone but a bit too light.


    What type of eyelashes are those ?


      Koko Lashes!


    Your face is glowing & beat! ??

  64. Sita Asamoah

    I just wanna say I love you!!!

  65. Janay Johnson


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