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Christmas is SO CLOSE and I am feeling the holiday spirit HAHA! Today I’m showing you how to create this classic holiday glam but with a twist: ombre glitter liner. The most fun part is that you can create this liner in any color combo you like! Wanna see how to do it? Keep on watching!


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Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Primer Highlighter “Glow” ‣
Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation “Angel Food” ‣
Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Foundation “Alabaster” ‣ ( use code: NIKKIE to save $$ )
NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer ‣
Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder #05 ‣

MAC Next to Nothing Pressed Powder “Medium Plus” + “Dark” ‣
Rodial Instaglam Deluxe Bronzing Powder #3 ‣
MAC Extra Dimension Blush “Fairly Precious” ‣
MAC Eyeshadow “Nylon” ‣

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer “NW15” ‣
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner #10 ‣
NYX Glitter Adhesive ‣
Go Get Glitter Loose Glitters: “Goldmine”, “Amber Light” + “Red Velvet” ‣
MAC Eyeshadow “Nylon” ‣
MAC Extended Play Lash Mascara ‣
Tatti Lashes “TL6” ‣

Fenty Beauty #Stunna Lip Paint “Uncensored” ‣









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Music by Chillhop: Chillhop Essentials – Fall 2017:
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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  1. NikkieTutorials


    1. Rebecca Gandara

      Red lips for the holiday season ??

    2. Emma O Donnell

      Mine is a glowy highlight ( really shiny and bright )❤️❤️

    3. It's your momma

      NikkieTutorials where do you get your wigs ?!!! You are so beautiful!!! ?

    4. Angie M.

      You look gorgeous!

  2. Kayli Checketts

    Glitter all the way!

  3. Genesis Menchaca

    Red lipstick with glitter

  4. Melody Cabrera

    Love this look, definitely gonna give it a try. My favorite holiday look for this time of year is sharp winged eyeliner, bold red lip, glowy skin and glamour lashes !

    Good luck everyone ! And Nikki ♥️

  5. 3rilliantArt

    Since I’m a simple gal…I really like the winged liner with bold lip

  6. Kaitlyn ashton

    I like eyeshadow colors for the holiday looks

  7. Miriah Soliz

    Glitter lips !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. ZzCODGameplay

    Glitter eye, & a blinding highlighter! ?

  9. Aatika Jafari

    Winged eyeliner with the perfect bold lip ?

  10. Tonya Claxton

    I enjoy watching your videos. I don’t celebrate holidays. What i would love you to try is glitter….all glitter! Think it will be interesting. All glitter eye shadows, liner, blush, lips. Etc i believe you can pull it off?? trying to blind glitter. What a challenge. Its all about being creative and having fun ?

  11. Gabriella Rodriguez

    My favorite looks are definitely red lips with glitter on the eyes, but lately I’ve been loving blues for like a winter wonderland vibe ???❄☃?

  12. Ashlee Evans

    I like winged liner with red lipstick. Loved this look

  13. Rox Sam

    My FAV makeup christmas look is bold red ,with orange tint because it matches my skin, matte lipstick (MAC lipstick in the color of chili) and dark green liner. Then, i try my best to get an ombre color of black and red (with gold colored glitter in the middle) for my eye shadow look. BUT of course my nails need to be on fleek as well soooo i do a gradient of gold glitter and red holo polish for my nails. THIS TAKES A VERY LONG TIME TO DO SO I HAVE DONE IT JUST TWO OR THREE TIMES IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

  14. Rox Sam

    My FAV makeup christmas look is bold red ,with orange tint because it matches my skin, matte lipstick (MAC lipstick in the color of chili) and dark green liner. Then, i try my best to get an ombre color of black and red (with gold colored glitter in the middle) for my eye shadow look.

  15. katherine reyes

    Me encantó el labial. Amo todo el look. Luces preciosa

  16. Tiffany Hakim

    Nikkie your pretty ? You look like Adele ?

  17. sarah Soliman

    gurlllll u slayed thatmakeup look, my fave holiday makeup is winged eyeliner, eyelashes, and ofc lipsticK!!! 🙂

  18. Rox Sam

    My favorite makeup christmas look is bold red ,with orange tint because it matches my skin, matte lipstick (MAC lipstick in the color of chili) and dark green liner.

  19. samantha mendez

    Favorite look is winged liner with a burgundy lip. And a smokey glitter halo-y eye lol if that makes sense.

  20. Marcela Diaz

    Matte red lips with a nice contour

  21. Chassidy Brown

    My fave holiday look is natural eye look with bold red lips

  22. ChristinaCherubin

    wing liner with red lipstick love u u funny i love your videos

  23. Janeth Rodriguez

    I love the glitter

  24. Gabi Simmons

    RED LIPS 100% ?? xmas is my favorite holiday and you’re my favorite makeup artist❤️❤️

  25. Kaitlyn Hailman

    Makeup these days

  26. Juliet Brown

    My favorite part of my usual holiday looks are the warm contours and the matte lips

  27. Mayelin Espinal

    Beautiful ❤️

  28. Maricruz Ruiz

    ??lips are a must for the holidays! I have different shades of red & burgundy and I will continue searching for that perfect red. I love your look especially the glitter…I’m obsessed with glitter, shimmer, sparkle! Thanks girl!

  29. Ramiel P.

    Favorite holiday look is a natural look, but gold leaf freckles over soft blush over the cheeks and nose bridge 🙂

  30. Juliet Brown

    I love this look ? I wish i was confident enough in my makeup skills to do this ??? but I always learn something new when I watch you

  31. Kenichi Sampaga

    My fave is glitter liner and red lips

  32. Lauren Pratt

    My favorite holiday look is a shimmery gold eye look with bright red lips!! Love you so much Nikkie!

  33. Rhea Ballani

    Glitter all the way baby!

  34. C. San Martín

    Winged eyeliner + red lipstick <3

  35. Katherin Clavijo

    My favorite holiday look is glitter ?

  36. Jacky 001

    Glitter and red lips ???

  37. Caroline J

    It’s definitely a classic red lip. It’s the best time of the year to rock the red lip ?

  38. pamela marin salazar

    I love make up!! <33

  39. Nic Paes

    Eh encantador como seu traço de delineado eh leve. Parece ser tão fácil… ??
    It’s lovely how your outline trait is light. It seems so easy.

  40. Maria Torres Galvez

    My favorite holiday make up look is a nudes with a brown lip color

  41. Christienne Anne Dadula

    My fav look would have to be a sunset ombre eyeshadow look since we celebrate Christmas during the summertime in New Zealand ✨✨

  42. amélia parisel

    It is a red lip with a natural eye look

  43. Candice Winchester

    Love warm tones with cranberry tinted lipstick usually, but you are definitely rocking the ombré eyeliner look!

  44. Anne Geddes

    lips and cheeks look weird jaw its hard

  45. liz flores

    Favorite makeup artist ??????❤️❤️???

  46. nicole tefel

    Glitter everywhere! That’s perfect for the holidays! 🙂
    u look gorg with that look Nikkie <3

  47. Adri Lopez


  48. Kasandra Anderson

    My fave part of holiday makeup is the gold!!! Gold eyeshadow, gold liner, gold glitter!!

  49. Caro Romero

    I love a glitter lid and red lipstick always!!

  50. Sonya Arden

    Glitter and red lipstick

  51. Lynette Salas

    Damn slay bitchhhh ❤

  52. Julianna Campos

    My favorite holiday look is this one you just did. I’m crazy about glitter. ✨✨✨✨

    Xoxo, from Recife – Brazil.

  53. Alyssa Wade

    I love gold glitter and red lips

  54. Sundip Rayat

    Ur honestly so gorgeous?? and ur makeup alwayssssssssss slayyyyysssss

    1. Sundip Rayat

      Ombre liner for sure my favoritee

  55. Zelimar Ponte

    I really love this tutorial, this is actually my favorite christmas makeup look, greetings from Venezuela❤❤

  56. Naomi Walsh

    My favourite Christmas make up look, not to be dramatic but it’s literally all of it!! I get a lot of new makeup at Christmas and just end up having so much fun with new eyeliner and lashes and lipsticks and glitters!! All though, glitter, lashes & red lips are a MUST at Christmas!! P.s this make up is slaying and I deffo need to give it a go!!! x

  57. C.R. Sanise

    Hey Nikkie. My favourite Holiday makeup look is dark, green ombre eyeshadow, with major face contouring and nude lips. And of course, winged liner!

  58. Chloe Williams

    My favorite look is gold lids and red lips!

  59. Rafaella Kopper

    I love red lips and smokey eyes!

  60. Abigail Vaill

    You were my first favorite YouTuber, and will always be my number one!!?

  61. live with izzy

    Your so beautiful even without makeup

  62. Sierra Sanchez

    luv u girl

    1. Hope High

      I love her makeup❤️❤️❤️???

  63. Marjory Moreno

    I like focusing on the eyes something dramatic and a soft lip

  64. Azu niin

    my fav holiday makeup look is the look of depression

  65. Yasmin Siouri

    Holiday make up means all or nothing! Glitter + liner + red lip + highlighter!

  66. emily grigg

    lipstickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. your lips

  67. Natalie Arredondo

    I love a wing liner for a holiday look ?

  68. Adeleon Pi

    Red lips and glitter!!! ????

  69. Sandy Goncalves

    Glitter all the way with a bold Red lip !

  70. Stephanie Lugo

    Red lipstick and gold glitter eye

  71. Sophia Rose

    I like to beat my entire face for the holidays tbh. Rose gold glitter eye shadow is my fav <3

  72. Bea Guzman

    I love glittery eyes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  73. Alyssa Triandra


  74. Lorenamiel

    My favorite makeup look is the red lips ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  75. Sophia Rose

    Wow what a queen

  76. Peace Love Hippie

    Idk if it’s too late to enter but I loveeee red lipstick for holiday looks, you can wear almost anything with a red lip and it’s beautiful ??❤❤❤

  77. Kendra Patton

    My favorite Christmas makeup look is a burgundy lip with a black liner and a gold foiled eyeshadow and a brown crease transition color

  78. rizzy fizzy

    Amazing ? cannot get over how good you look with makeup and without xx

  79. Mariia Sanyya

    My fav part of a Christmas holiday look is a classic red lip with some sort of glitter eyes ??✨✨ you can’t go wrong with that xx ?

  80. mpoland2

    glitter liner all the way

  81. Laura Medina

    Awesome video !!! Love a good glam slam lmaooooo

  82. Jackie Johnson

    My favorite holiday look is lashes! Big sweeping lashes all the way. Lashes so big they block the haters

  83. Ashley Ann

    My fav holiday look is a beautiful christmas red lip and wavy hair. Your video and look has inspired me to put more effort into my makeup. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

  84. Beth Eaton

    those lips!! gagged

  85. Carmellena Gaglioti

    My favorite holiday makeup look is black liner with some flirty lashes, a glittery red lipstick with gold reflects, and some champagne highlighter to match! ✨

  86. Magali Rodriguez

    perfect holiday look is anything with red lips!!

  87. Brie Christy

    Definitely glitter eyes with a popping lip

  88. Dakota Hoffman

    My holiday look is probably a more glittery look that is warm but it pops. A darker lip than what I usually wear. A glowing highlight of course.

  89. Ice Domingo

    i love you nikkie…. im a fan here. ?? i love your artistry. and fun funny vid. ?

  90. Priscilla Martinez

    Love your look! I love the classic red lip! Merry Christmas

  91. Hey it’s Amanda

    In a holiday look I love the glitter all the way. I also love the HIGHLIGHTER!

  92. Leah Collins

    I’m excited for the natural look!!! Thanks so much

  93. Tomi Agbaje

    im actually such a fan, she’s so pengggg

  94. Berry O

    Fave holiday look glitter smoky eye and red lips ?

  95. kimkim laranang

    My fav part of holiday makeup is the maroon smokey eye and a nude lip

  96. MMariii13's World

    LITTERLY EVERYTHING I love everything but mostly a winged with a nice lip

  97. MMariii13's World

    LITTERLY EVERYTHING but winged liner with nice lip

  98. Camryn Fink

    Red lips are the key to a Christmas makeup look

  99. Lilybob Alvarez

    My favorite makeup look would be maroon lips, brown-Smokey eye and gold highlighter

  100. princesstia pia

    I come from a pretty conservative Indian family so I sadly can’t go full glam during the holidays. BUT I’ll be damned if I didn’t sneak in a winged liner and red lip to turn heads but not give my elderly relatives a heart attack.

  101. Morgan Ogilvie

    red lips!!

  102. Miangel Hurt

    Omg I love you so much ?you are my favorite beauty guru? I love glitter eye ombre with a red lipstick I hope I win?

  103. Michael Mrak

    mine is glitter and red lipstick with disco ball highlighter

  104. Isabella Lazo

    Gold eyes with a red lip!!!??

  105. Johanne Santos

    I’ve never one a holiday look before but I’ve always wanted to do a red liner and a dark, forest green lip <3

  106. alyssa rios

    halo eye with shimmer always eyeliner and beautiful red lips

  107. Makeupmakestheworld

    Classic cut crease with wings and red lips ?

  108. Ca N.6

    A look I’ve tried before was a cut crease with tape starting with a warm brown base. On top I applied a green glittery lid. I topped it off with red winged liner and a gem as the top of santas hat. Merry Christmas! ❤️?❤️?❤️

  109. Natalia Nycz

    To be honest, my favorite Christmas look is a ton of concealer under my eyes, so that no one asks if I’m ok, if I’m ill, if I have an alcoholic problem. This is how you survive family gatherings ?⛄️?

  110. Niamh Carey

    Fave holiday lewk: Shimmery eyeshadow oooo

  111. M C

    Hi you are amazing on applying your makeup…can you come…i love everyhing…tfs..please enter me…thank you

  112. Milika Walters

    My favourite look is glitter lips!!

  113. cyrbis

    Metalics, definitely!

  114. Muskaan Tahirkheli

    my fav is red lips and gold glittery everything

  115. Veronica cedeño

    red lipstick ❤️❤️❤️

  116. diandra x

    my favourite holiday make-up look is winged eyeliner and glitter all the way and ofcourse some extra highlighter, btw i love you nikkie <3

  117. Luana Rafaela

    Eyeliner with red lipstick!! <3 i love you

  118. Shanini555

    my favorite holidays look is a bronze eyes, non-winged liner and a nude lips ♥

  119. Neenah Janette

    Hello! My favorite holiday look would be a dark Smokey eye with red lips! Though, I think adding red glitter to red lips would also look very stunning and would have everyone’s eyes on you, when you walk into ur Christmas party!

  120. Madison Morgan

    I️ love red lipstick!!!

  121. Trinitee Imani

    I really like red lipstick, I think is something that really makes the makeup look.

  122. LacyLili

    Winged Liner all the way an amazing lash and an amazing bold lip!!! My favorite every time! Luv ya!

  123. Arely Aguilera

    My holiday makeup consists of nude pink lip, full brows, light contour, and an eyeshadow look sort of like yours (not the liner, I’m still learning to perfect it).

  124. Jordyn Friesen

    Winged eyeliner with red lipstick!

  125. elizabeth horner

    I love red lips and shimmer eyes for the Holidays! Live you, Nikki and all of your looks!

  126. Paulina Villalon

    classic wing liner, glitter shadow and lots of highlight

  127. Snowball1948

    My favorite holiday look is when you get to go super extra with the christmas colors even though on a normal day the colors might clash! <3 love you!!

  128. Rosario Robles

    Glitter and dark lipstick❤️

  129. Lilianna Petrivnaya


  130. Meghan Taylor

    I love true red lip

  131. Elizabeth Burke

    I think the reason I clicked on this video is because glitter and red are my holiday staples. I never wear strong reds or bold glitter otherwise, so I really love taking advantage of the season by wearing them often. That red looks stunning on you, I’m def going to add it to my holiday wishlist! <3

  132. Amber Worsham

    your makeup is so flawless i aspire to make mine as flawless ?

  133. thefloatingshoppinglist

    My favorite holiday makeup look is glitter lips!

  134. PalePink Lips

    Nikkie should have been in Pitch Perfect

  135. Mimisha Mulugeta

    Hi Beauty, my fav makeup look is some bold lashes on a nude eyelid with a vampy lip and some great bold eyebrows <3

  136. Codie Kohlenberg


  137. Sofia Dukes

    My favorite Holiday look would have to be a gold glittery smokey eye with nude lip…and maybe if I’m feeling bold, I’ll add a red lip! Loved this liner girl, it takes precision and patience! 🙂

  138. Sabrina de cosmi

    not sure what my fav look is but i’m absolutely in love with your look!!!

  139. Anh Phan

    My favorite holiday make up is a bright red lip with a bold eyeliner with slight smokey eyeshadow along the lash line, then top it off with some big lashes. Or a glitter halo eye with brown, earth tone lips.

  140. Hannah Susan Lord

    Candy cane styled wing liner, full coverage (obviously) and finished with a red liquid lip, with silver shimmer gloss on top (maybe Kim k? ). I think you’d slaaayy that look as you always do ??‍♀️ much love! Xx

  141. Nellymarie Navedo

    my favorite look for a Holiday is im a glitter girl so everything is glitter like everything like my full face glitter

  142. Savannah Irene

    I love a dramatic winged liner with blinding highlight✨✨

  143. Jo G

    That lip shade is so pretty!

  144. Charlotte Connaughton

    winged liner and red glitter lip!!!!!!!

  145. Hailee Peterson

    My favorite holiday look is glowy skin and a red lip! Plus blinding highlight ❤️? love you Nikkie ❤️❤️❤️

  146. Sophia Amato

    My first time I actually sat down to fully watch one of your videos. And I like ur video and I just subscribed! I can’t wait to see more videos from you. ?

  147. Nicolle Wagner

    Nikki, my favorite look is very gold glittery eyes and red lips <3

  148. StateofGrace

    Hi Nikkie! Love the look! The red lip is my fave part of the holiday look ??

  149. Violet Tear

    Your makeup looks so goooood!!! I tried the smoky eye myself but it didn‘t look that great… wish you all a nice holiday season.

  150. Zoe Di Rosario

    My fav holiday look is natural bronze with a wing liner ??????

  151. maria delatorre

    My favorite holiday makeup look is actually plum/blue glittery shadow. For some reason blue seems more festive to me than red ? idk what’s wrong with me

  152. Christina Wood

    My fav is red lipstick

  153. Kady Odusanya

    ???? I love her

  154. Carter Cameron

    I love the classic red lip for the holidays, I’ve actually been on the hunt for one for this season ?

  155. xoxShadowWolfxo x

    My favourite holiday makeup look is eyeliner that looks like candy canes ❤️

  156. shayla arnett

    I love natural, glowing looking skin with deep green and gold eye shadow. Of course a bold red lip makes it the perfect holiday look. Love everything you do and your take on holiday glam!

  157. ninegreencats

    My favourite holiday look is a simple smokey eye with red glitter lips 🙂

  158. Hope Simpson

    Can you do a tutorial in dutch

  159. brianna murphy

    I really like a glittery halo/matte eye for the holidays…I’ve used green and gold and got tons of compliments ?? p.s. LOVED your ombre glitter liner!

  160. Rachele McVey

    Anything with a true red lip??

  161. anna gonzalez

    Holiday makeup look: for Xmas something more on the natural side on the eyes and red lips. For New Years: glitter, dramatic eyes, glitter and more glitter ?

  162. Lexsis Baxter

    I like a very natural holiday look with red with blue undertone lips!

  163. Stephanie Michelle

    glitter all the way

  164. batula musa

    I love a ombré red and glitter eyes with a nude lip

  165. Imogen Wardley

    glitter all the way niki xxx

  166. Sarah Wederquist

    Silver glitter cut crease with a bright red lip((::

  167. NeveMoll863

    Ngl this look is bomb!!! I really want to re-create this look but don’t have the products to
    it :(((

  168. ismahane

    I love it ? specially the glitter ✨ liner

  169. Esmee Velazquez

    everything that you did in this video i love it and its my fav makeup video.

  170. Kartika Triyanti

    Woww that red fenty lipstick is the real definition of classy red. The color is no joke and looks great on you ??

  171. gaby gee

    Favorite look: warm tones and bold lip❤️✨✨✨✨✨✨

  172. Brianna Bloom

    My favorite makeup look is definitely a red lip. I love that around Christmas time, I can wear red lips everywhere and be festive. 🙂 Also, I’ve actually been watching your videos for a while, so I’m not entirely sure why I wasn’t subscribed.

  173. gianina edella

    i like the look where there’s christmas-related art (i. e. snowflakes, snowmen, etc.) incorporated. also, candy cane colored liner. ?

  174. Enma Alvarenga

    My fave makeup look for the holiday is the winged eye with blinding highlight and with a soft metallic red lip, and of course lots of glitter with a half cut crease.

  175. Paola Camacho gasca

    Wing liner, glitter and red lips ?

  176. Lexie Miller

    My favorite Christmas makeup is a red smokey eye with winged liner and green under the eye and drag it up under the liner. This paired with red lips is my favorite. I did this a couple of days ago and posted it on my Instagram @lexie.monster82 if you wanna check it out 🙂

  177. Indra Aru

    Red glitter ❤️

  178. Hannah Thompson

    Ombré Cut crease glitter eyeshadow

  179. Ana Torres

    full glam look , bronze eye and bold red lip!!!

  180. parisiennelite

    Everyone typically goes for reds and golds for their holiday makeup looks, but my fave are greens. I love a dark emerald smoky eye during this time of year! However, I’d love the opportunity to try a bold red lip this year! Thanks! <3

  181. Helmi a

    I’m definitely wearing a red lip on xmas

  182. Таулан Чеченов

    i like a glossy red lipstick, bronzer on the eyes, clumpy mascara and more effortless complection

  183. W0MANiTY

    This is my fav look of you! That halo cut crease?

  184. Marthe Breistein

    Red lipstick and black eyeliner!!

  185. Jessica Doyel

    Definitely love a dramatic eye with reddish brown Smokey lower lash line and a medium nude brown lip. ❤️ or a red lip. Lol love you girly!!!!!

  186. MangoTangoTime 13

    I love the blinding highlights!

  187. Raeann Luca

    Okk, that highlight pulled the look together, i loved thatttt

  188. Sienna Harrison

    My sister acc works there omfg she works there ??

  189. Summer Harvey

    first of all, that glitter liner might be my new fav look, but if i had to go with a tried and true fav holiday look, im gunna go with this super glittery loose powder gold eyeshadow i have that i’ve been using as highlighter since the day i got it. it’s from ulta and literally has no name or brand on it at all, i have no idea how to identify it but yeah i love it (and i love u)

  190. Anaa Adrienne

    My fave holiday look is a deep red lip with a full foundation look and brown mascara to put emphasis on the lips ❤️❤️❤️

  191. Karlie Armstrong

    My favorite had to be the eyeliner!

  192. Bethalli

    Red lipstick 100% ???

  193. Mia Pinnington

    You always slayyyy ??

  194. Mayana Barros

    I love your crazy way!!!!

  195. AG girldollfun

    Wing liner and red lip

  196. Jai Chronicles

    Flawless as always

  197. Shelby Boury

    this video shows how damn talented you truly are

  198. Gloria Espinoza

    I love a look very simple put with red lips

  199. Isabella Fonseca

    For sure my favorite look rn is winged liner and a very smoky eye with a red lip stick or a glittery gloss

  200. Romina Pérez

    My favorite holiday make up look is a smokey eye with a nude matte liquid lipstick ???

  201. demi prince

    Your make up tutorials are truly amazing. I have yet found a foundation that completely covers my freckles yet but can’t wait to find one. Your amazing thank-you so much ??

  202. Katelyn Skidmore

    love u queeen

  203. Matilde Oliveira

    My favorite holiday makeup look is a winged liner with a nude eye look, red lipstick and a lot of glitter (cause I’m extra af )
    PS: Ilysm Nikkie, have a Merry Christmas!! ??
    PSS: Can’t wait for winter wonder week!!!

  204. Afsha Shrestha

    can’t wait for more bold lippie looks!

  205. Kelly L.

    My favorite holiday look is a bright red, classic red look with a soft glow and a wing that will cut the reindeer reigns RIGHT off Santa’s sleigh girl!

  206. Simona Sborchia

    My favourite holiday makeup look is matte liner and burgundy red 🙂 Love you Nikkie!

  207. Bardha Meshi

    My favourite look has to be glitter and lots and lots of highlight ✨? with a bold red lip ?

  208. abi_ nx

    my fave festive look has to be a gold glitter cut crease with a red ombre lip and I would love to see a true artist like yourself do a look on your channel p.s I love u xxx

  209. Beauty Bees

    Omg another amayonasing look from you love your eyes and the glitter ✨ you are an inspiration to the makeup and YouTube industry ? god bless you girl ??

  210. Victoria Carroll

    glitter red lip, gold eyeliner in the shape of a bow on the end, and tons of highlight

  211. Hadiqa Ali

    Love you nikkieee you’re absolutely gorgeoussss ❤️ this makeup tutorial was amazing I can’t wait to recreate it ??? good luck everyone with the giveaway xx

  212. Anna Sokołowska

    some color on the eyes and red lipstick of course ♥

  213. Charlotte Kane

    My favourite makeup is a bold red lip!

  214. Rosa Quiroz

    Thanks for the giveaway!! For Christmas GLlTTERRRRR and red lips

  215. Francisco Berumen

    i love her ?

  216. melzö

    Basically my holiday makeup is no makeup-makeup ?

  217. Gabby Durand

    My fav is emerald green liner.

  218. Sarah Willis

    My favorites holiday look was one I did yesterday!!! White duo chrome inner lid and inner corner highlight with a purple Smokey lashline and a red lip! I felt so royal!

  219. Aleesha Broussard

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    Btw… what a perfect ombre eyeliner ???

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  388. Lovly sisters Lol

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    On a different topic, I (Usually) during holidays, I’ll go all out on my make up even if I’m just going to my grandma’s. Lol. I’m not shy to put lots of glitter on my eyelids and usually wear all my favorite make up. I usually wear my favorite (sometimes expensive) make up on special occasions due to not want it to be gone so fast or it’s almost gone! My favorite glitter has to be the milan. Works very well with other eyeshadows n It’s beautiful. They discontinue it and thank god I had managed to stock it up! I like to wear silvery blue eyeshhadow with black eyeliner. I’ll also draw the wings. With a nude pink color lipstick but this year I’m gonne try to follow ur tutorial n wear red lipstick.

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    Classic & Elegant.

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  435. Ruth Stevenson

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  436. Killeen McGovern

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  437. Liz Strickland

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  438. EmmaaxBarness

    my favorite holiday makeup look includes half cut crease with a bold inner corner highlight with some dramatic lashes ?

  439. Perla Donjuan

    My favorite holiday makeup look is a very glowy makeup look. I like brown on the crease of the eyes with highlighted lids. And a glossy lipstick. I also love smoky eyes with red lipsticks. Those are my two favorites. Love you Nikkie! <3

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    Love you so much and have been watching you for a long time, each time i try one of your looks it goes so wrong with me ???all love for you from Egypt ❤❤

  444. Caitlyn Ervin

    my favorite holiday look is red liner w/ a nude lippie? i’ve been subscribed for a longggggg timeee? i love you so much nikkie i’m gonna eventually gonna start up my youtube channel, i’m 17 and my beauty insta is @makeupbycaitttttt Merry Christmas ❤️

  445. Emma Bjergbakke

    My holiday make-up is winter wonderland! Silver and dark blue smokey eye and cutting the crease with GLITTER (how can you not??) and then I sharp that eyeliner like a knife I can open my presents with. Merry XXXmas!

  446. Alexa Fowler

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  448. Carey


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  578. Beauty shadow


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  611. Iris Blaauw

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  659. A B

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    Love your videos, no doubt you are very talented and beautiful❤️

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    One of the traditional Christmas makeup looks that I have always loved is a simple winged eyeliner and red lip. But, I have really recently gotten into the Christmas tree eyebrow trend. I think it’s super cute and festive. Not entirely practical but I still love it. ??

  678. Caroline C

    So glam! I love your ombré glitter liner. My classic Christmas look is a burgundy lip with metallic eyes ?

  679. Shansico

    Fav holiday look is this one you just did!!  But yes always a red lip and a dramatic winged eye look 🙂

  680. Savannah Lee

    My favorite holiday look is gold eyes and red lips 110%

  681. Jaquelyn García

    Happy Holidays people! My fvaorite makeup is bold red lips and glowy asf highlighter! Love you ❤?

  682. Christina Corral

    My favorite holiday makeup look would be a black winged liner with a dark red lip with a BOMB ASS BLINDING HIGHLIGHTER LIKE YOURS MOMMA ❤️

  683. Tara Corrigan Walsh

    A smokey eye with red lips and bright highlighter

  684. Homaira Slayyy

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  685. Pure Pineapple

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    Love u Nikki! Keep doing yo thing ?

  686. Mady Adkins

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  687. Salimah Javid

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  689. Musa Koseibis

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  693. Gurdit Singh

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  694. KatieAndMads 19

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  695. Dinisha James

    Nikki my favourite makeup look is the ombre liner and a blood red lip ? I hope I win

  696. Cammy Le

    Soft smokey eye and red lips are always beautiful for the holidays

  697. Fantasma PumpkinHead

    My favorite holiday look is honestly silly and dramatic, I love to put on red lips and very heavy handed blush, it gives me a cute, almost elf like look

  698. Oly Bee

    ???????? i love a ombre wing liner and red lippy is bomb ?????

  699. Tiffany Jean

    Smoky green shadow with some glitter!!! ?✨

  700. Έλενα Σιαπατόρη

    Please make a video on soph x palettes

  701. KR Slime

    Winged liner and lips

  702. Emily Coll

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  703. sarahlhaoad15

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  704. Riley's Room

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  707. Gabriélle

    I get so hyped when it comes to holiday make up,my ideal make up on Christmas is a cranberry eyeshadow look with warm red toned eyeshadows and a red glitter in the center,winged black eyeliner and definitely falsies,the brightest highlighter because in my opinion the highlighter should be poppin and a wonderful red lip ,now on New Year’s Eve I’m thinking of a gold eyeshadow look and a winged eyeliner,highlighter of course and a bright red matte lipstick,Christmas is my favorite season ?? I would love to win the Fenty Beauty stunna lip because I’ve been trying so long to find a red like that ,I just love it ,plus,we don’t have Fenty Beauty in Greece and this makes me so sad.. Love you Nikkie,thank you for giving us this opportunity internationally since the most giveaways are U.S. only ❤️?

  708. Abby

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  709. Rosa-Maria G.P

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  710. Cassandra Herdman

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  712. sim1321

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