Every Beauty Secret We Learned in 2018, From Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, and More | Vogue

It was a year full of brushing, blending, daubing, and posing—and tons of beauty secrets culled from around the world. Featuring Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, Kim Kardashian West, Tinashe, Jhené Aiko, Taylor Hill, Troye Sivan, Emily Ratajkowski, Elsa Hosk, Imaan Hammam, Pabllo Vittar, Hannah Ferguson, Jeanne Damas, Jennifer Hudson, Kelsey Merritt, Halima Aden, Lily Aldridge, and more.

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Every Beauty Secret We Learned in 2018, From Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, and More | Vogue

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1,041 Thoughts to “Every Beauty Secret We Learned in 2018, From Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, and More | Vogue”

  1. Sade N

    The person on red lowkey looks like bambii

  2. Aesthetic Shock

    “I always use my fingers because it blends more seamlessly” Is she high?

  3. M G

    Why is no one talking about 4:25?

  4. anna castra

    All these women explained their beauty tips precisely except for one person that supposedly makes billion selling make-up… Unbelievable!

  5. RihannaNavyVevo

    Queen Riri 💥👑

  6. Lu_lu

    Amo kylie a mais linda

  7. stefani

    please get gaga on here !!! would love to see her gorgeous face !


    ok so rihanna wasted like a whole concealer usage that could be on her face??????????

  9. Eylul Bagriyanik

    15:29 who is she?

  10. Exo Who

    12:17 a whole MOOD watching all these pretty humans

  11. Hannah Rose

    wtf is BAKING?

  12. Milena Nellarete

    Rihanna needs to change the nuance of her foundation stat.

  13. Carla Burkhart

    So many beautiful women, living for this.

  14. Dunia Jawad

    Summer,sunset,love,drama, *BITCHES*

  15. Pink Wing

    Kyle struggling to get words out over a simple thing like talking about makeup.

  16. Mia DelVecchio

    At 11:01 she seriously looks like Betty for Riverdale; Lili Reinhart😂😂❤️

  17. Mia DelVecchio

    Tbh Kim looks like a bird when she bakes😂😂 I love her though😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  18. Elizabeth Thaman

    I’m taking J Hud’s energy into 2019

  19. Nicole Lynn

    7:26 “I swear I could just go out like this” 😂😂😂

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  21. Amya Kendrick

    Troye sivan is such a beautiful human being

  22. Paula Martín-Albo

    13:09 illuminati..

  23. shailly varun Sharma

    Rihanna: you all know concealers are used to hide dark circles, under eye bags, hangovers, Bad decisions 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  24. Ruby Corcoran

    I love how Troy doesn’t completely know what he is doing😂😂❤️

  25. Ruby Corcoran

    This is probably my favourite vogue video!

  26. xomittensloveox

    anyone here in 2019?

  27. *s p i c y*

    troye sivan is a beauty guru

  28. Ishi Moore

    Who is the person with the headscarf?

  29. Eliot Glassier

    1:59 ???

  30. Alicia Xu

    ok, u might not like kylie jenner, but u gotta admit she can do makeup

  31. Cloud 999

    I love how Hailey looks so good without makeup

  32. ¡ blueberry !

    *let’s go meninas*

  33. isa bela

    Brasil olha isso ….uau

  34. Nayana John

    Omg I neede this video

  35. YouDon'tKnowNapitanumul? Bitch!!!

    While other being lovely


    RIHANA:”Sunset, love, drama, *BITCHES* “

  36. Garrett Wynne

    You good sister

  37. HYOSubs

    Pleeeease do this with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

  38. Samhie Whzgud

    i liked the video.. but i found this anti ageing cream that works 100%. click here to check it out: https://amzn.to/2RUuZAM

  39. Giovanna Nogueira de Oliveira

    73 questions with Sara Sampaio please!!!

  40. Funny Puppies And Cute Puppy


  41. yhasmim moraes

    pablo vittar is amazing!

  42. Jessica C

    oh my gosh every time i would need the subtitles in the video an ad would pop up on top of it xD

  43. Steffy Ani

    No Jessica Jung?

  44. mecotoddler*

    I love how aquaria suddenly pops up with a full face of pink, and we’re all left here wondering how she got there without us noticing

  45. Sunamawit Y.

    concealers cover everything including “bad decisions” I love Rihanna lmaooo

  46. Naya Hvidtfeldt

    What are those roll disco cheekbone stick thing called??

  47. Miss Barbara

    IM FAST!!
    1:SUB ME
    3:SAY DONE 👍

  48. Kranz Fafka

    Why is there no Asian in this video? No seriously

  49. Qu33n Ni

    I love this video. Great tips!

    Go check out my natural hair and makeup channel!

  50. bïtch

    “Love, drama, *bitches* ” -Rihanna, 2018

  51. philocal

    Plz feature Liu Wen in Chinese in 2019!!!

  52. Dany Gray

    Rihanna so cute!!!! 🌟💎😘

  53. ian

    Rihanna and Pabllo Vittar the besties 😍

  54. gianna kai


  55. bulma philif

    Do this with blackpink members and Ariana grande

  56. bulma philif

    4;55 .. it’s kiko??right?

  57. The M Network

    Is that a girl or a guy that has the pint shirt on. lol

  58. sxde Sxde

    Rihanna is queen

  59. Dayanara Trujillo

    This video called me ugly

  60. movingonandup773

    @ 6:54 – Lmao!!! I’m dying! “Dear go!” Lol! I loved that pop of comedy right, smack dab, in the middle of concealer talk! Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh sis!

    *EDIT* – Omg… That’s Jennifer Hudson, isn’t it?!? Lol! I didn’t recognizer her right away! I never saw her joke around before. That was too funny! Loved it!

  61. Shelby Lytle

    Well ive finally done it. Ive seen a French person eat a croissant. 13:27

  62. Alice Muller

    Yalitza Apalacio pls

  63. Natalie Rivera

    6:54 her eyebrows

  64. AMBAR1333333

    who is the lady that appears the firts and speak in spanish?

  65. William Zelaya

    Rihanna’s Foundation Is Not Her Skin Color

    1. William Zelaya

      At Least March It With Your Neck 🙄

  66. c sab

    beauty secret it’s plastic surgery ..pathétique..kiss of France.

  67. Rachel amber is a Bitch



    Rihanna called her concealer “the cure” in this video, and now actually has concealer called it.

  69. Em

    whats that roller thing lol

  70. Isabel Duque Londono

    hailey bieber*

  71. Ruby Young

    Rhiannas lipstick has me like omfg
    I stan it 🏁🏁🏁 14:15

  72. laura

    please make one with Blanca Padilla

  73. titin wulandari

    half of them I watching it

  74. Madeline Styles

    Do Taylor Swift for beauty secrets!!!!

  75. Samuell Santos


  76. Turnermyhero

    For 2019; RIHANNA again please! 😭

  77. Maryna LoveLife

    I would like to see Selena Gomez Beauty secrets in 2019

  78. erick rian

    Pablooooo Rainhaaaa

  79. Kami 1

    Rihanna the best!

  80. Montefiore

    pabllo vittar representa o Brasil

  81. Karin Salomon

    Zendaya, Yara Shahidi, Sza, Beyonce.
    that’s all I ask for 2019.

  82. stuti pandey

    Gosh! It amazes me.. how low volume Kylie can actually talk in..

  83. Katherine Perez

    Hailey is my favorite

  84. NunaGirl toys

    They actually have no make up on!

  85. Alexus Greene

    Any beauty influencers? Subscribe to my channel 💚💚

  86. Smiley Sammy

    Does anyone know which blending method under the eyes is least damaging?

  87. Ajeng Junika

    Soojoo Park pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  88. Sssahiba A

    Omg 14:22 😅

  89. Von Marie Oliva

    Love Jennifer Hudson. Love this video!!

  90. Da Pi

    WHO IS THE GIRL ON 9:00 ????

  91. Giulyarts Tutorial

    This famous people are more real than many beauty gurus. I mean, they sound so next to me than many other who act like a pro.
    Ps. I love how they use a lil bit of their makeup to complete the look, like, thats all you need after all

  92. não sei

    Que porra pabllo vittar está aí vei?

  93. Ava Suarez

    6:55 😂😂

  94. ace ashley

    Hailey is just so naturally breathtaking they ALL ARE but to me her natural beauty just stands out so much!

  95. Gabriel Bossio

    Invite Lana Del Rey to teach her cat eye 💕

  96. Lauren Jane

    6:55 had me howling 😂 bayam! Brilliant.

  97. Easy tutorials

    It’s Hailey BIBER

  98. Mas óia

    Pabllo Vittar 💕💕💕

  99. Val

    where was Kendall lol

  100. PRIYA T

    Rihanna is the cutest! But the other girls/boys are cute too 😉 !

  101. S. Sherazi

    Lol they are just rich and famous. i haven’t learned makeup but still i can do better than them….people like nikkie are guru. They aren’t!

  102. Melissa

    I love Candice and Rosie, thank you Vogue 💕

  103. pink victoria 's secret fan

    Good job

  104. Kala Prasai

    9019 anyone??🙌🏻🌹

  105. p12345

    they’re so gorgeous!!

  106. Effy Congrossi


  107. honey48708

    14:29 umm ok didn’t expect that lmao

  108. honey48708

    They make it look so easy 😭😩

  109. I got no name

    Everyone is beautiful here but I think Hailey is most beautiful here.

  110. sumthinsnazzi78

    It’s so evident why hailey is like an all American girl and loved by all. She’s so cute, seems so genuine, is so relatable. ♥️

  111. Jenae Ann

    Add more women of color 🙂 models, actresses, designers that are actively killing ish <3

  112. WeeeItsNookies

    Who’s the girl at 6:00?

  113. Nadia Gorbacheva

    why were some of them in identical bathrooms?!?!

  114. Roudha Aldhaheri

    haiely bieber **

  115. yah yeet

    we need Laura Harrier and Zendaya😍🤠

  116. Bella

    I wish I had Taylors face

  117. WeeItsNookies

    Can we just take a moment to realize a girl that was a fugly ducking that ended up getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery to look more ‘ethnic’ is giving beauty tips and it’s being ate up by her mindless fans!? Talking about Kylie obviously..

  118. Bidiya K Damian

    Jennifer Lopez
    Angelina Jolie
    Ariana Grande
    Taylor Swift
    Demi Lovato
    Amber Heard

    Pretty Pleeeze…
    With Sprinkles on Top?

  119. thivy thaya

    They’re all so stunning and talented, I love the way they all do their makeup differently, yet so gorgeously. God Bless truly xx

  120. LEAA113

    *Kendall Jenner obviously!*

  121. Preesae Waseem

    U have a mistake in the title, its Hailey Bieber now 😁

  122. Evelyn

    I would have loved to have seen zendaya’s makeup routine in this video

  123. Amanda Chanelle

    exemplos perfeitos de como NÃO usar a esponjinha, todas estavam esfregando no rosto que horror D:

  124. P K

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  125. Phoenix C

    You guys should do Zendaya

  126. Phoenix C

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  128. Greta J.

    Yeaahh sooo… These videos are just convincing me that no amount of makeup can save my face.. 🙂

  129. M Johnson

    Lana del Rey and marina diamandis next! 😘

  130. Aricc25

    Well that killed my self-esteem

  131. Lil Kaity

    Ive never felt more ugly

  132. Vanessa 23

    12:17 😂😂

  133. vothuong1973

    Where’s Kendall?😖😞🤯

  134. Icy Javahiryan

    We need Ariana Grande make up pls

  135. Moon

    Everyone has a special beauty 🖤

  136. youngbloodsucca


  137. Jessica Armijo

    this video just told me wash my face and get a job

  138. Izzy

    Rihanna’s foundation cannot be the right colour tho

  139. M M

    SO FUN! For 2019, can you do Gal Gadot? Michelle Obama?

  140. Yusrah Cassim

    My favourite part of this video was definitely Jennifer Hudson 😂

  141. Yusrah Cassim

    Jennifer Hudson was my favourite part of this video 😂

  142. Shypha Sharyph

    Hailey Bieber*

  143. Victoria A

    Better than YouTube rewind tbh

  144. Haizrul Hajali

    Kylie really sounds like whispering. Well she can do ASMR!

  145. Caitlin Van Wyk

    I’m sorry but WHO can afford to warm up concealer on their hand like that!?

  146. lissy udk

    It looks like the most of them don’t even have make up on hahhaha except for some

  147. lissy udk

    Ok now we need Lana Del Rey

  148. lissy udk

    Hailey Bieber* sis no Baldwin anymore hahahahah

  149. Anastasia Ner

    omg i love u Rihanna

  150. Amira Kasymova


  151. Rosie Taylor

    Your beautiful the way you already are

  152. dipshitnihon


  153. Zeynep Şahin

    Start 2019’s videos with Miley Cyrus! She’d be really energetic and funny

  154. Bolle Geit

    Why am I wachting this as a man

  155. Killuax

    This hurt my fuckin brain

  156. Господин Ли

    Vogue, when can we get the KAROLINA KURKOVA here? She has an AMAZING skin!! I would love to know what’s that girl has been doing… Her skin is glowing!

    Also, she should grace your cover at least once more. Her covers with you both shot by Steven Meisel are my favorite. Can’t wait to see Karolina Kurkova again on Vogue!

  157. tengku denaya

    Kourtney kardashian please

  158. KJB

    Omg they’re all so pretty the heck

  159. Zeina Alkhawaja

    I had a dream that I met the Kardashians. BEST DREAM EVER.

  160. Patricia Hopey

    The best Beauty secret is no secret at all beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

  161. Thejas K R

    Ohh, why are they water painting their face😂😂😂

  162. earlvince Enero

    Natasha Poly


  163. Marlie Walker

    Came here for Troye and Lili ❤️

  164. Lola Park

    Any small you tubers willing to help me grow 🙂

  165. tiffany

    does anyone know which lip gloss rihanna used? it’s so gorgeous omgg

  166. The Killer Midnight

    Troye is so cute ❤

  167. Kylie Shepherd

    It’s Hailey Bieber

  168. Sani girli

    rihanna baby 😍💜

  169. sajedha ✨

    ririiiii. she is all of my moods. we even share the same birthday skrkrksks.

  170. Nicolette Paris

    kylie jenner look alike makeup tutorial coming soon on my channel! ❤️❤️

  171. Ryceldi Estevez


  172. Queen Vee

    I want confidence like Jennifer Hudson

  173. Elizabeth Dufour

    I said at the beginning of the year that the “natural” makeup look would be the big thing in 2018. I was right! I predict that in 2019 the big thing will be little to no makeup and emphasis on better skin care and hair care.

  174. Fartun Mohamed

    We Need Ariana Grande On This Channel This Year (2019)👏🏻

  175. Kay

    Did @14:21 only scare me? I was not expecting that

  176. Célio P

    I just loved Pabllo’s video 💕

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    i love it!

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  197. Sarah Louise

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    look at all these gorgeous people!!

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    *next clip
    Troye: I don’t know
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