ERASABLE EYELINER… YES! You read that right! Have our eyeliner dreams become a reality? Did The Vamp Stamp just change the makeup game? Today I’m testing out their new Vise/Virtue eyeliner + corrector that promises to take your winged liner skills to the next level. But does it actually work? Let’s find out!

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    Your face makes me want to throw up


  3. Cloveress ASMR

    You literally look like a P1G

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    When you finished the rest of your makeup i was half listening to you i was just like “Omg her makeup is the world. Omg that rose gold eye.Omg why can’t i do makeup!!!!!Lol!! Love you!!!!!!!

  5. Averi Jones

    Omg Nikkie what foundation did you use? your skin looks amazing!

  6. JJ Spark325

    You should do a Testing Weird Makeup Hacks video!! Btw love youuuu ??☺️

  7. Natalie's Lifestyle

    “This is nibbling the haters”
    ~Nikkie Tutorials

  8. Esther Martins

    do Brasil amo você e

  9. Gamila Abuseada

    Ok but does the eraser work on other formulas too or nah

  10. Sanne Zelders

    Nikki go to Eindhoven, everybody is all aboit the base and eyebrows and not about liners and mascara lol, im about it all

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    Your hair looks gorgeous …♥♥

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    Can you do a makeup tutorial on this makeup look you have on please?

  13. الملكة

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  14. KK Chand

    Wait so is this “correcter” just a tip soaked in makeup remover??

  15. Stephanie Pech

    I truly admire how you can have such a full on beat face I wish I could but I end up looking super cakey regardless of what I try ? kudos to you sis you rock it and you look AMAZING!!! ???‍♀️?

  16. Lovely Lia

    i love how your normal skin looked with the liner, i think you should make a video where you wear light coverage everything, even more natural than the natural makeup challenge

  17. Liza Lord

    Nikki literally said “hello guys” and I subscribed. I’m not kidding

  18. Sabrina Jade Phipps

    Nibbling their toes a lil bit

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    Lol what was that Mrs. Foundation??

  21. Taskute

    Could you please, please do a new most used brushes and palettes video?

  22. Marie Eshleman

    If you did your eyes before foundation you wouldn’t have to worry about it removing your base

  23. Camryn Boehm

    You should try it with a different eyeliner! Love your videos❤️

  24. Yosy Walker

    I found it weird that I wasn’t getting any of your videos notifications!!!! YouTube is weird! I do not like it!

    But I am baaaaaack! Catching up to your videos ?

  25. TypicallyTemo

    ADVICE: complete your eye look before you apply your foundation, this will help with eyeshadow fall out and any other mishaps. The eraser also won’t be a problem.

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    Omg Nikkie is so B – A – UTIFULLLLLLL

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    What did you use for your lips? ?

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    that’s a loooong ass wing-

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    Nikki I love you but you never really do tutorials anymore:(

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    I feel like the way to really use the liner is to do your eye makeup before your face

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    You look so beautiful even without the makeup ❤️❤️❤️

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    So basically just buy concealer with your eyeliner and all will be well. ❤️?

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    I had a dream about eraser eyeliner and I broke the eraser

  43. Aparna Jayakumar

    You could do the eye first and then apply the foundation.

  44. Débora Teixeira

    Nikke, sou brasileira, por favor coloca a tradução em Português em baixo do vídeo
    Por favor

  45. Veronica Montano

    Yasss!! Thank you.

  46. Feel Free To Subscribe

    Shes so funny XD

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    MAH!!! I totally thought you were an american chick! Come to Rome and be mah friend! <3

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    JUST PUBLISHED A NEW VIDEO! I would be so happy if you check it out!!??

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    danggg almost at 10 mil!! you got this, Nikkie!!

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    This is the first video of yours I’ve watched and I’m insanely jealous of your foundation coverage. Will be catching up on more of these for sure!

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    JUST SAYING ????‍♀️

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    How do you do such a perfect winged liner?? I gave up trying because I always ended up looking like I have a lazy eye. I thought about trying the Vamp Stamp. Have you tried it? A tutorial on cat eye/winged liner would be amazing!

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    You should try @pynkvanity on Instagram 3D Mink & 3D Silk lashes! They are so fluffy & lightweight! They’re very affordable. They also ship orders within the same week you order. They do giveaways and discounts. They have GREAT packaging as well. They also have LASH DIARIES where you get 3,4, or 5 pairs of lashes TOGETHER!

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  103. Ashley Nicole

    Erasing eyeliner with concealer never works for me. the concealer always either ends up, covering a bit to make the eyeliner less visible but clearly still there, or my concealer turns grey when mixed with the eyeliner. my best options are to do my eyeliner really thinly then correct it to normal size and/or remove a mistake with makeup remover and retouch with more eyeshadow/more foundation.

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    I love Nikki so much but wasn’t she just a little bit over dramatic when describing how the eyeliner was “breaking” or “getting rough” I mean it’s only eyeliner ya know?

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    To say: I love your make-up at the end. It looks very fresh and also kind of natural, what I really really like

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