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EPIC TV DEBATE: The Doctors VS ‘What the Health’

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Doctors Debate: What’s the Truth with “What the Health”? Featuring plant-based physician Dr. Garth Davis

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1,489 Thoughts to “EPIC TV DEBATE: The Doctors VS ‘What the Health’”

  1. Saturnreturn123

    I think had they researched grass fed beef or pasture raised eggs then their documentary would have been more valid. I think vegan would be healthy if it required a limit on carbs and sugar. I mean our ancestors ate meat and hardly any carbs.

  2. John Moss

    Vegan Squad mic drop!

  3. Denzil Panchhiya

    Vegetarian people rock ?

  4. Alvin Jackson

    Dr. Garth ruled this conversation…and “The Doctors”, never bring up real science. Its’ a very topical show that allows those who watch to get their fix of what they want to hear.

  5. Neon Emotion

    Egg’s are as bad as Cigarettes LOL! Yeah ok, tell that to my Grandad and Grandma who both lived to their 90’s eating eggs, meat & liver almost everyday without fail. Both died in their sleep, and suffered no ailments in old age. Bottom line is study’s mean shit, eat a well balanced diet INCLUDING lots of unprocessed MEAT and leafy green vegetables, and you’ll be fine – You still might get run over and die though ;). Garth Davis, you’re a shill and full fo s**t im sorry to say.

  6. Bik nIBBA

    am i suppost to beleive that chicken smoke marijuana

  7. Bik nIBBA

    fake news that milk is cancer

  8. Bik nIBBA

    This is why you dont look at the internet kids vegans try to get revenge while being silenced after 2016 years

  9. G Castillo

    All is good in moderation. In the end, we all bought the same one way ticket.

  10. Becky Taylor

    Thank you for posting this! The movie “What The Health” has changed my life. So many blessings to these men for trying to make a difference in our lives!

  11. Ms catt

    I watch the movie What the Health and October 2017 immediately after watching that documentary I became vegan cold turkey. Literally seven days from being vegan I had a doctors appointment that Monday and this whole year I’ve been battling with high blood pressure, this was the first time for this whole year that my blood pressure was perfectly normal and it was only seven days of being a vegan. This movie change my life I tell all my friends and family about it. It’s also changing their lives. I was also telling where aches and pains throughout my body I literally felt like a 60-year-old woman but after eating only a plant-based diet my joints no longer hurt. For me the proof is in the putting. I went vegan and I feel 100 percent better.

  12. Susan Spratling

    After reading the “China Study” I do Not believe anything industry says.

  13. TheOnlyCoop

    To me this looks like both sides were contradicting themselves.

  14. Brenda Lisa Guerrero

    Sheep will always believe what the media tells them. Of course those “doctors” are saying what they said.

  15. jugy

    I understand that some doctors have never been exposed to a plant based diet and they may be resistant to support it when their medical education has no emphasis on nutrition, but eventually if they try it themselves they will feel the difference, when you eat plant based your constipation goes away, you don’t crash and feel the need to sleep after eating, you don’t wake up bloated and groggy, there are so many benefits to eating real food devoid of toxic substances used to preserve them. It really comes down to each individual, anyone who is being introduced to prescription pills, they should really consider a change of diet before anything else.

  16. ParadiseLost Books

    ppl obvious dont know their history. meat has only now been consumed regularly by the masses. For thousands of years the human race has only consumed meat on very special occasions, such as ritualistic practices or celebrations. its amazing to see people defend eating dead animals

  17. Megan Harrell

    That’s why I have never ever watched or listened to the Drs!

  18. Dan Of The Day :

    This is great

  19. Kath Bates

    This is where we are at at the moment let’s all help it tip by spreading the word. I photocopy notes on the films to watch and the websites to visit and the books to read – 4 sheets and distribute them when out walking my dog. I met a family of six a few days ago and gave them one. ‘Oh, you already gave us your notes some time ago’ so I asked what they thought? Well we’re all vegan now. !!!! So spread the word people

  20. wisles zamor

    from when I hear this video this is the problem what we have in in America and everywhere else we got to be smarter than this I’m be having sometime issue what I be eating what I be taking what somebody me telling me what to take from watching this video this is embarrassing I felt like man that’s disrespectful for the human help because think of the mothers when baby is inside of them and how do we suspend to feed our family from looking at this this is crazy this is serious this person was trying to get inside his head trying to uncorrect him that’s what sounds like it sounds like a fight this look like a big battle man be honest the truth they not the only one who’s doing this is over a thousand thousand people I’m there doing the right thing and you got people like this I just can’t believe this you should post this video worldwide Facebook Instagram just posted dude just put it on the news go ahead cuz this right here we human suffering yes some people and then gym right now can’t even lose 200 lb your so fat you got some skinny people in this country you got 1 million people that’s fat what’s going on

  21. ajctube45

    I saw the documentary with a lot of skepticism and refusing to give up milk cheese and eggs ?. I started the diet and I must confess I have not done it 100%. Suficient to say I have lost 9 lbs and 70% pain free. I can’t wait to do it 100% vegan. But I have to tell you I’m convinced that what the health change my life.

  22. Mia Hernandez

    they are so brainwashed its ridiculous , lets talk about not just our health but the importance of compassion to treat all species equally. #VEGANNNN

  23. Latin Lover

    lol notice how this stupid what the health creator as soon as he gets thrown studies on his face, resorts to potato tactics such as “did you fund the study” when he himself didn’t fund any studies lmao

  24. Latin Lover

    lol just another stupid vegan thinking he can disprove evolution and nature

  25. Conny Söderström

    How is it possible that we have debates of this kind where the proponents don’t have to present their evidence systematically? Screaming out your message never amounted to a marker of critical thinking or empirical falsifiability.

  26. Matthew Maranell

    These television shows are sponsored by the commercials of big businesses….of course it’s going to be biased towards the industries that advertise during the commercial breaks of their shows. They’re not going to bite the hands that feed them money.

    I’m not even vegan and I could see what was happening here.

  27. Fru-Gal

    YES, that show is COMPLETE NONSENSE

  28. A1 Vegan

    lol dang bro vegan team always winning

  29. Aniko Kozma

    Just go vegan. Not hard–better for everyone…

  30. Donovan Jackson

    We never factor stress,genetics because everybody is different and environment when it comes to living but it is what it is

  31. Marco Lopez

    Biased video. A lot of meat eaters live up to their 90s and even 100s

  32. mimih23

    I think too that the reason so many doctors who are knowledgeable about nutrition will say it’s ok to do this or that because the assumption is people will want what they want.

  33. mimih23

    The level of cognitive dissonance though…..

  34. mimih23

    Veganism (healthy plant base non processed) and consistent exercise allowed me to get rid of my diabetic medications and brought my cholesterol and a1c down. Once I got off track due to stress and excessive travel for work, I had to get back on my meds to maintain my levels. What did I learn? You must maintain. It’s not magic. Just as diabetes is life long, your nutrition choices are life long. I’m working back to get back to that. Also, why is What the Health more famous than its predecessors!!? At least it’s out. Cheers to my reversing my diabetes again.

  35. Laura Banks

    They didn’t even let Dr. Davis sit on stage. Kinda pathetic. So proud he held his game.

  36. Robert Ramirez

    Fat and Carbohydrate at the same time?

    Nuts, avocado and milk. Is this guy for real?

  37. Renee Silvers

    Wow, these Vegan attackers are a joke.
    Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.
    Reminds me of turning on the news and seeing our president getting attacked by a bunch of BS also.
    Most of us have enough common sense to know all this is about trying to hide more truth from us Americans. Think about it…….If we cure ourselves from sickness being VEGAN; all these Doctor’s telling us to eat meat and dairy wont have such a huge salary. Who is gonna need them ? ( Not the VEGANS) How will they continue to be Wealthy Doctors if AMERICANS GO VEGAN? I don’t know about you, but it all makes perfect sense to me. We put a dent in their pocket being VEGANS and they are freaking out. Their next FAKE NEWS will be………If you dont eat Meat and Dairy you will surely die….. lol…. lol…..

  38. Farzan Khoobchehr

    All those hosts have recieved millions of dollars from meat and egg industries.

  39. Sedat c

    Im a vegan going on 3 years I’m 39 years old trust me I don’t look it. Being a vegan is one of the best decision I made. Before you knock it give raw plant based vegan a try???

  40. KT Lacorte

    These Fake Doctors from this Fake Show are not just ignorants but completely useless. They are not worth to be called as doctors as they are just lying about basic Science Data / facts.

  41. Desert Rose

    Thank you for breaking everything down ?

  42. Felix Cat

    So dramatic to claim that they are lying. I think they are both being honest to their beliefs. It’s not that simple. I love how everyone wants to so emotionally defend their side. Animal fat is bad, animal protein is bad. Plants are good blah blah blah. Our simple brains can’t handle the complexity of what constitutes a healthy diet. Either diet can be healthy with certain caveats. I think there is truth to the fact that you can eat plenty of animal products and be healthy as long as you eat low carb and get enough fiber and antioxidants from Frits and vegetables. I also think a plant based diet can be healthy if we supplement with some things such as b12. I’d say that a plant based diet it probably safer because it’s harder to screw it up. Whereas it’s easy to
    Screw up a high animal product diet by slipping in too many carbs or not getting enough fiber and antioxidants. Why can’t we both be right. Everyone gets so emotional and is so entrenched on one side or the other.

  43. Th Pain

    Funny thing is that being a medical technologist degree during the course teaches that there are MANY factors that lead to obesity. No shit the sugars bad sugars that is with the High fructose and other additives. However plant based is good to a certain extent but strict vegan without the proper supplements in regards to vit D deficiency megaloblastic anemia. one more important point that requires attention MAN CAN U FUCKING STOP INTERRUPTING THE DEBATE FUCK MAN EVERY COUPLE SECONDS IM TRYING TO LEARN THIS COMES UR DUMBASS SELF I SKIPPED ALL OF UR SEGMENTS FUCK.

  44. HiaaaFullpower

    I am critical about both sides, i just want good arguments.

  45. HiaaaFullpower

    This vegan doctor is wrong about triglyceride and heard disease, and cholesterol and fats. Fact most vegans are skinny and malnourished. And why most vegans have squeeky voices, answer low fat causes poor hormonal health. Hormones need hdl to function. Sugar destroys mental health, destroy liver, raize triglycerides lead to heart disease.

    1. HiaaaFullpower

      Long term veganism is dangerous if done incorectly. Luis has short term veganism still having a supply from the usual diet. In the start its ok, but look at all the skinny deprived bodies of good cholesterol and good saturated fat.

    2. HiaaaFullpower

      I know a vegan who got pre diabetes feom 2 year vegan diet

  46. DraganaGolub

    This is insane. There is proof that Big Sugar has used the same tactics as Big Tobacco. I’m diabetic and I have not eaten as much protein as I have eaten carbs throughout my life, since I do like my breads more than I like meat. It is absurd to claim that one egg equals 5 cigarettes and that all meat is bad for you. Although a vegan diet is environmentally friendly and probably healthier, some of the claims in the documentary are absolute crap aiming to spread a political and moral agenda that has little to do with medicine.

  47. Missy Lovely

    Sugar is cause of diabetes. Also in family genes. Its silly that they argued live on tv though

  48. Ace Of Moms Yea

    they want is to fight them and prove vegan is right bc they know It then Monsanto and gov can start corruption of our plants and taking down organic farmers:/ they know the sides ready won, they gotta find a way to take it down:( what I’m afraid of at least.

  49. tyla grissett

    Or 5 cigarettes nooooo

  50. tyla grissett

    1 egg Is NOT equal to 1ciggerate THATS A LIE WHO AGREES

  51. Dallas Burns

    Why is this tool commenting on this debate

  52. Joanna Martinez

    Those “doctors” are public figures, they work for a tv show, of course they’re gonna try to debunk the movie. But that only shows who’s really behind them. People are changing their eating habits, and that has made the big corporations mad!


    I am in deep depression once again

  54. Craig Smith

    The Doctors show doctors are still wanting to keep people sick, that is how they make a living, they do not want a cure.

  55. DaViper Venom

    I’m not here to protect the food industry. But this comes across like vegan propaganda. Which comes across like a religion in many ways. As long as people on both side of the debate have an agenda. Their will by lies, exaggerations and misinformation.

  56. I Q

    This is why I follow Dr. Morse. If he saw this, he’d flip his lid. He’s cured more people than every medical quack on this show combined.

  57. Sue Gonzalez

    I saw the video about a month ago. Changed to a healthy vegan diet and my sugar went from 379 to 135 in one month. My Dr suggested I see the movie after I was diagnosed with T2D. So thank you.

  58. Wendy Leppard

    So grateful to everyone involved in putting ‘what the health’ together. Imagine all our hearts connected and collectively beaming love to them and their families. <3

  59. Aerin Gossett

    This is really annoying with the guy stopping the actual TV show to tell us what to think. Let me watch it!

  60. theblackcat diaries

    I study nutrition in Australia. The blatant disregard these “professionals” have for vegetarian/ vegan diets is ridiculous.
    My main text book has “highlight” sections focussing in vegetarian and vegan diets and the health and risks associated with them. Even they say the diet is linked to lower rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and a lower risk of obesity.

    Our national guide to healthy eating even accepts a well planned vegan diet is healthy at all stages of life and offers listed replacements in the dairy and meat sections.

    America, wake up guys.

  61. netonentchev

    Last few months i eat only meat, eggs, cheese fish, almost zero carbs no plants, no fruits no sugar, huge amounts of fat, 60% fat, 20% protein, max 20 % carbs… i was fat, now im greatest shape in my life… can the what the health sect explain this to me im doing everything opposed to their movement

  62. Jump rope stairs

    Eating meat kills animals, and then you.

  63. Hecate Love

    Dr’s have no nutritional training. Some, maybe 1 week. They unqualified to even have an opinion on the topic.
    All the ancient alchemists, Hermetics, Gnostic, even Jesus were all vegetarian. Heck, even the gladiators were vegetarian!! We just weren’t designed to eat dead animals. Deal with it!

  64. Josh Anderson

    These “doctors” are blinded by the BS they studied and got them to where they are now

  65. Sunshine Windows

    Why not just realease the percentage of documented cured clients for each doctor..

  66. HappyPapa

    What do the plant based proponents have to gain by lying? It is not likely that they are earning income from “Big Lentil.”

  67. Susan Lin

    Reason for me to not watch Doctors or listen to “academic” physicians when they continue to base their “science” on studies funded by meat and dairy industry.

  68. Marina Henriksen

    can someone link me to some COMPLETELY independent studies on eggs that resulted in them being bad? I want some empirical evidence. I’m not saying it’s not true, I just want to know.

  69. village carpenter

    Garth did a great job even though he was out numbered. IMHO

  70. Phillip Barnard

    I’m fighting stage 4 cancer, turned too plant based since Jan 2016 and feel so much more energy


    That was fricking great.
    I was on a low sugar diet for a long time, but eating meats alot and was in “pre-diabetc” range. Going on Wheat belly diet, grain and wheat free got me out of that range. Now Im Vegan and looking forward to new blood test results.

  72. Ukapirms

    just eat little meat and lots of greens

  73. ClutchGaming 115

    I’m gonna eat what’s available ? why people complaining so much just eat healthy

  74. Ellis West

    People are researching and finding out the truth.

  75. kafleeen

    It’s insane that the general public would still *believe* these so called “doctors” and big business who say that meat and dairy is good! why would the vegan activists and vegan doctors lie about what they are saying? what do they have to gain?? They dont own multi billion dollar businesses, they are just trying to spread the truth!! These business people and industries are the ones who should be accused of lying because they have these billion dollar businesses at stake and would tear down ANYTHING and ANYONE who risks that.

  76. Lewis Evans

    When money is involved, of course these doctors are going to lie! There’s a cure for everything & they’re holding back!

  77. Derek Samuelson

    I’ve read multiple times that only 6% of Physicians in the US have any nutrition education background. The medical community isn’t focused on health. It’s focus is 100% on diagnosis and prognosis. They will never focus on prevention, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. Science aside….If these doctors have ever known a vegan on an all plant based diet, they would know that we just don’t have health problems like other people do. I’ve faced health problems my entire life, and I’ve been vegan for 6 months now. My doctors are confused as hell about how I literally reversed everything. It’s no miracle. It’s science. GO VEGAN!

  78. Wendy Asuncion

    The Doctors show is a joke. They’re probably getting paid by these industries….I wouldn’t doubt that!

  79. June Bijou Creative

    Thanks for the video. The show the ‘Doctors’ is bought & irresponsible.

  80. Eladio Mats

    I think he held his ground really well considering it took everyone on that stage to try and prove him wrong. I’ve been a vegan now almost going on three years and I feel absolutely amazing! I have a sixteen year background in martial arts training and I have never had the type of energy and recovery time that I experience as a vegan. Not to mention that my immune system is about ten times stronger than it has ever been.

  81. Stank Boy

    the doctors cant be successful if everyone if healthy

  82. penthesilliaas

    The film DID give the impression that there is NOTHING WRONG with sugar and carbs.
    And who pays you? Post, Pepsico? This is not a question of veganism alone. Of course plant based is better, but sugar and processed carbs are just as bad as processed meats, yet this film says that sugar and carbs are ok. It also gives the impression that colesterol is bad and you get a build up by eating it. Seriously?? This whole crockumentary is full of bull. I’m all for eating vegan, but this is not quality information. It is a lot of misinformation twisted into some common sense knowledge and sold to the latest hipster trendies.

  83. rigoberto lomeli

    Please add spanish SUBTITLES so more people can catch this info

  84. Diego Armando Vasso

    I ‘ve turned veg 3 years back and I could have not made a better decision.

  85. Earthelena Garrett

    Team vegan lol I’m pescatarian but switching over to vegan

  86. daissystacy

    Great movie, I’ve changed my shitty eating ways.

  87. SuperBullies1

    Add meat to a compost and you get maggots. Compare the ventilation system in a commercial kitchen that prepares meat with the ventilation system in a commercial kitchen that produces plant-based food. The system in the plant-based unit is nearly clean compared to the system that is used to prepare meat… which is packed with grease and garbage 2 inches thick.

  88. PuganPoo

    Guess what Travis is now a plant based diet person/just read it.

  89. PuganPoo

    plant based guys are the best/healthiest looking,

  90. PuganPoo

    so very confusing,think though plant based diet is best.

  91. Raw and Cooked Vegan

    Great break down. The way they set it up with 3 animal product apologists up on the stage and Dr. Davis down in the audience was a way to delegitimize his perspective.

  92. RaDe' Sooger

    The documentary is nothing but agenda to spread veganism

    1. TheGooseFat

      The truth will first piss you off but ultimately it will set you free my friend

    2. melissa koss

      RaDe’ Sooger by showing the truth of what meat and dairy does to the body

  93. Jay Bavis

    There are defending there to show and paycheck

  94. J Long

    Im vegan but i think youre pretty biased leaving out the part about eggs being as bad as cigs

  95. Timothy Burgos

    This make no sense. This is a vegan channel supporting the vegan side. And saying everyone else is biased. Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black??? Anyone can take that edit go to Wikipedia and make a bunch of cuts to fit their argument. Where can we find a truly neutral place for information

  96. Pavel Pulukchu

    Eggs are a super food eaten for thousands of years..what a stupid vegan world we live in.

    Eggs have to be organic and prepared properly.

    Veganism is a type of fast for cleansing. That’s why people feel so good on it..after a couple years they’ll be having problems of malnutrition.

    There’s nothing new under the sun.

  97. Laa Laa

    I think there is not a right answer to this problem. Eating a lot of sugar may be good for someone but it is really bad for me. My body just can’t handle too much carbs. I also feel better when I don’t eat red meat. The key is to find out what works for you and forcing a diet on someone, wether it’s a vegan or not, is not right. We should try out different things and if veganism suits you or eating a lot of fat suits you then go for it. For me it has to be low carbs and high protein and good plant based fats such as olive oil.

  98. Bruce Willis

    gotta love how they equal eggs to 5 cigarettes. How did they determine that lol

  99. nuolebab95

    i watcch what the health and turned vegan

  100. Bilo Vesi

    Can I just say, no doctor can ever change my views on veganism… I feel so much better since changing my diet. I no longer have to take pills for my pcos… Plant based diet changed my life…

  101. H Berry Santi

    Dr davis skin is so damn fabulous… no wrinkles…

  102. Elcoky Coky

    I am going vegetarian. I do believe plant based is healthier that eating meat

  103. Jonathan Lee

    Maybe you should actually look at Dr Lustig’s video ‘Sugar: The Bitter Truth’ from start to finish before judging him. I have studied Nutrition for over 20 years, and I think the Vegan Diet is one of the best diets out there when done correctly. But to suggest that there’s nothing wrong with eating sugar, as the documentary ‘What the Health’ suggested is absolutely ridiculous on every conceivable level. Also the meat/fish/eggs argument is not a black and white issue. Eating organic meats/fish/eggs in moderation that have not been overcooked and consumed with a variety of plant-based foods/green vegetables is perfectly healthy. Again, to ignore this fact with comments like ‘meat is bad’ when referring to processed meats in factory settings again is unfair. I respect vegans, but not everybody wants to be vegan, and to scare them with misinformation is totally unfair. Oh and by the way, you’ll  find that refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup [which is present in over 85% of ALL foods in most supermarkets] is the leading cause of obesity, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, gout, heart disease, atherosclerosis, tooth decay, gum disease, osteoporosis, leaky gut syndrome, fatigue, etc. But don’t take my word for it, I already know this to be fact. Do your own research and find out for yourself. When you eat unrefined, organic and fresh, whether vegan or not, you will naturally reduce your sugar-intake as well as consume and absorb the much needed vitamins and minerals that most Americans are deficient in. This is what makes you healthy.

  104. Stevie Shakelford

    Everything on television is a lie.

  105. Sir Christopher Odell

    All meat kills and doctors just want money for death

  106. Rusty Bayonette

    All I want is a rocket to Mars and a few cows to eat after watching this vegan propaganda

  107. NickPlayMusic

    Would have liked…but then I saw brett erlich’s face. No like from me for that alone but great video otherwise!

  108. Brandon Wright

    Plant based diet is probably a pretty safe bet but what the health is such a bad documentary with so much bad information I had to shut it off after 20 minutes.

  109. Robert High

    Their posture on this whole debate is being poorly played out. They’re arguing like middle school kids. Who cares about the science, the only reason why they require science is to get the government involved and have it regulated. It’s illegal to cure disease in the United States so therefore one has to show science to prove without a doubt that’s it is black or white. It’s disgusting and it’s between going on for years and I’ll be coming out with some truths of my own based on experience that I’ve seem with my own two eyes. The fact is that the body is NOT designed as a meat eater. The reason why man ate meat and started doing so is because he HAD TO, winter time nothing to eat can find fruits and other things gotta kill something right? Eat a damn squirrel and survive! Right? Everyone I’ve ever known to eat meat or animal based meals and food have always had SOME health issue, taking medication for something, there is a girl in my office that has cancer taking multiple medications because the doctor didn’t change her diet so she continues to suffer but the doctor continues to give her medications because she hasn’t been told to change her lifestyle habits she develops more symptoms so another med another symptom another med. That’s all they do but not the good doctors who are actually trying to help people but are getting shut down like the morons in this video. It’s sickening how thick headed and closed minded people can be.

  110. Mario Latino

    Interestingly enough, a little over 2,000+ years ago, the Hebrews knew of the positive benefits of eating a plant-based diet. In the book of Daniel 1: 8-16, the following was recorded: “But Daniel resolved in his heart that he would not defile himself with the king’s delicacies or with the wine he drank. So he asked the principal court official for permission not to defile himself in this way. And the true God caused the principal court official to show Daniel favor and mercy. But the principal court official said to Daniel: “I am afraid of my lord the king, who has assigned your food and drink. What if he should see you looking worse in appearance than the other youths of your age? You would make me guilty before the king. ”But Daniel said to the guardian whom the principal court official had appointed over Daniel, Han·a·niʹah, Mishʹa·el, and Az·a·riʹah: “Please, test your servants for ten days, and let us be given some vegetables to eat and water to drink; then compare our appearance with the appearance of the youths who are eating the king’s delicacies, and deal with your servants according to what you see.” So he agreed to their proposal and tested them for ten days. At the end of ten days their appearance was better and healthier than all the youths who were eating the king’s delicacies. So the guardian would take away their delicacies and their wine and give them vegetables.” It was from these recorded Biblical passages, where today’s “10-day plant-based diets,” are based from.

  111. jsorrenti88

    Why do you interrupt the debate every five seconds?

  112. Nora Knotts

    Love Garth!!! He knows what he is talking about.

  113. Alex Buckley

    Although I agree with the vegan side of things and always will, I thought this was so inappropriate and unproductive. Both parties were just screaming over one another, and shaking your head saying NO. NO. NO. is not beneficial to the conversation. This is why vegans get a bad rep.

  114. Muneeb Mashadi

    what the health is a bunch of crap, and you are full of it as well, i watched the full episode of doctors and you cut out most of the scenes that dont serve you. shame on you for misleading people. look at the name of the channel… i should have known

  115. solomonii0

    I watched Dr Lustig was right…his lecture was more thorough…What the Health was more propaganda

  116. jabari kidd

    More vegans lying lol

  117. Trina Gallagher

    The Doctors must be getting a huge payout, or they need to go do some serious non–sponsored research. It was SO OBVIOUS that they were ignorant regarding diet, and seemingly scared to let the truth come out.

  118. Renan Rennó

    How can they still keep talking without stopping everything and just looking at the damn data?! How can you debate anything like that?!

  119. chaosenergy1990

    Why is the narrator pre-loading the viewer with attempted rebuttals of Lustig before he shows us the actual debate. I’ve watched this movie and it makes some extremely bold statements including saying that sugar has no health risks whatsoever. Wow

  120. Hunter Dixon

    Glucose is how you get fat don’t deny the facts

  121. Kitty Cameron

    Very frustrating to watch. I can’t believe that the “doctors” are so ignorent. I certainly won’t give them any viewing anymore. They don’t know shit

  122. Kitty Cameron

    Very frustrating to watch. I can’t believe that the “doctors” are so ignorent. I certainly won’t give them any viewing anymore. They don’t know shit

  123. Jon Hohensee

    What did Travis think he was proving by saying that he has vegan friends who eat processed sugary foods and aren’t healthy?

  124. Gilberto Ramirez Pinheiro

    This is good. Drs. Debating over health studies and facts. Who do we BELIEVE ? KIP AND GARTH
    .All others I DON’T trust. beware..

  125. Alejandra Salas

    It makes me upset that Dr. Garth is trying to talk so everyone can understand, but the rest are trying to hide behind terminology. Personally I didn’t understand some parts of what they said :/

  126. lesson433

    where do I watch the actual episode without someone cutting in and out with their own opinions? The vegan doc was saying the study that showed no correlation between eggs and heart disease were funded by the eggs industry. but later the What the health showed a clip saying sugar doesn’t cause diabetes, it’s actually good for you. The other doctors said that these studies were funded by the sugar industry, and then the clip just cuts off… what happens? doesn’t he have a point here?

  127. Fatima Craft

    ❤️Dr.Garth. I love the movie ?. Love the vegan lifestyle.Do as u please with your health. What the health ?

  128. Kodey Graeff

    Travis looks like such a mouth breather

  129. Abigail m

    I totally agree with the doctors!! Vegan is so wrong and brain washing people!!! ??

  130. Colette Nevin

    Dr Davis did a great job defending the truth of studies about a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. Despite being cut off several times by his detractors, he held up his argument really well.

    I liked a debate from five years ago, ‘Should Animals be Off the Menu,’

    Despite the obvious meat industry biases in the audience, it was an excellent debate.

  131. Lotus Flower

    Omg !! It is not an either or diet.Is a majority plant based diet the best for us? Definitely YES however, majority is the key word because although we should all be consuming a 90- 95% organic plant based diet the other 5 -10% should be organic animal prpduce. TOO much meat and too much poor quality meat causes cancer just like TOO many plamts laced with toxic pesticides cause cancer.A completely vegan diet will not provide b12 or sufficient k2 so there’s the first clue that humans were not designed to be fully vegan.BAN ALL FACTORY FARMING(truly a horrific industry) and buy only biodynamic organic produce , yes it’s more expensive but we don’t need to eat a lot of animal products. It’s quality not quantity that we need.Surely I’m not the only one who knows this is not a black or white issue ?

  132. moliati huang

    Wait until she got cancer….

  133. Kim Sheridan

    You tell them Kip and Davis !

  134. Raf B

    this guy is incredibly stupid

  135. Alexander Gonzalez

    FUCK veganism if there’s no dead animal on your plate what’s the point of eating

  136. Dean Bush

    What the health is part of the propaganda of fear mongering. Because the government, mainstream, Monsanto, they all want everyone vegan. Because vegan equals death.

  137. Lise Richard

    It’s hilarious that they can’t just TRY veganism for a little while. JUST TRY IT! See what happens…. that’s really the only way they can make any claims about making the switch. People act like vegans are the devil. Like we want people to slowly die a painful, restrained joyless life. 😀 😀 … vegetarian since age 12… vegan for 6 years leaning more toward raw vegan. An athlete, a healthy woman and feeling amazing! Never looking back

  138. T Powell

    Dr Garth Davis battled an entire panel of Industry paid doctors….He is the MAN!

  139. Tasha Herlofsky

    This is the meat and dairy industry getting scared that the public is “waking up”. And yes, we are! I have no doubt in my mind that these “Doctors” were paid to say these inaccurate facts how a plant based diet is bad. When in fact, we all know they know the truth. They are just trying to create doubt in the publics mind, so that people will still continue to eat meat and dairy. Makes me very sad.

  140. evoXpress fo real forreal

    The white young dr, on stage is going to have a big bear belly n be bitter when he s about 50,
    Sad truth because of the saaaaad diet meeeeeaaahhh!

  141. Pratibha Surathi

    These are some weird doctors. Most physicians including me are aware that plant based diet is more healthy. Every physician advises their patients to eat more vegetables and fruits. No one encourages people to eat red meat!

  142. paul johnson

    I think that this debate beautifully illustrates the limitations of science and the quest for all or nothing answers, does it have to be so one dimensional and polarised? By basing the debate around veganism solely on health then a complex argument immediately becomes a single issue that is fought in the scientific arena which is not equipped to deal with it.

  143. Cole Marie

    Wonder how many people in that audience actually learned

  144. Cole Marie

    diabetes is caused by vaccines…. as well

  145. Cassandra P

    My house went vegan after watching the movie ??‍♀️

  146. chaline m

    Not watching doctors anymore.
    How can you be that stupid.
    It’s all about $$$ to them

  147. Ricky Powell

    This is awesome! Thanks for all the info sharing and all the work you are doing!

  148. Michelle Burke Mavroudis

    Kick some butt Dr Garth!! Keep it up.

  149. rachel lee

    It’s so obvious they lying

  150. Joseph Lee

    Drink your soda all day long and see what happen? All sugar and no fat!

  151. Abdelilah Jennane

    Athletes turned vegan like Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving . I turned vegan

  152. Michelle Houston

    Loveee this ❤️

  153. Keely_BiLove

    People are going to abuse “vegan” diet because everyone is not going to do it correctly!!! They may not even follow the TRUE vegan lifestyle

  154. Keely_BiLove

    I’m more confused now than I’ve ever been in my life!….next to the confusion of religion!

  155. Henry Yonarto

    good job man, just wanna ask if fats from nuts are good or bad for your body? comparing to the animal fats (saturated fats), is there any difference?

  156. Melissa Reid

    I loved this I would like to see a proper debate happen with them, its easy to see right through the doctors lies an miss-information, I’ve just subscribed and i’ll be watching more 🙂

  157. Dan Walsh

    TV Doctors are selected for the “look” and “speaking abilities” not their knowledge of science. Plant based spanked the pretty boy/girl bobble heads!!

  158. GOD is my lord and protector

    TV doctors are corrupted they are paid by the government to brainwashed us.

  159. Eduardo Alvear

    Bison, Elk, Beeeeeeeef!!!! Don’t skip out on your protein SOY BOYS.

    The industry is fooling.

  160. Joseph Bix

    How come no one is there to fact check some of the accusations made during the debate. Wouldn’t that provide a lot more clarity?

  161. Ronald Perez

    i went whole plant based felt great but after a year i became defficient so a vegan w out supplements is not healthy long term and guess what all organic vegetables are fertilized by animal blood and feces so joke is on you vegans

  162. Lenard Robinso Ln

    Vegan propaganda there is nothing better for you then real unprocessed meat don’t let these people fool you do the research yourself what the health is vegan propaganda and all lies

  163. Justin Nelson

    They’re missing the point on both sides. If you just become vegan for your health that’s for a purely selfish reason. When the ecological impact and rights of animals to live are reasons that go unchecked in debates like these. Health is important obviously but there are some many other reasons to go vegan.

  164. Jose Adriani Buselli

    I really enjoyed Watching What the Health. For sometime time I have had thoughts of going off meat. I failed on a previous attempt but am doing great now. However, I can’t be a vegan. I still add real cheese when cooking pasta. Basically, now I have a lot of vegetables, beans, fruit, nuts, etc. I never liked sugary drinks anyway nor fruit juices so that helps and I don’t struggle at all with that. I’ve been learning home made deserts too. I see all those nasty vegan food in the shops and that makes me feel sick as it is loaded with unhealthy stuff. 🙂

  165. Lamar Junior

    It’s a shame that this complete corruption of major health organizations has overruled the public to proper health and lives due to money

    When money is said to be the root of all evil countless hours or research will prove this statement accurate beyond measure.

  166. Jasao Ruion

    Science cannot prove everything even though I heard everything that they said still false. my boss is from India and he is vegan but he has diabetes answer me why he has diabetes even though he doesn’t eat meat.

  167. jkntiti

    Plant base baby!!!

  168. Keith Merriman

    It would be great if you just didn’t talk Klaus

  169. btvbrndn

    Being a vegan is a privilege. A lot of people in developing countries don’t even have the option to go vegan. Also most people can’t even afford a vegan diet

  170. btvbrndn

    Not saying you shouldn’t try to eat healthier but a lot of the studies used in “What the Health” are cherry picked

  171. Amy Lujan

    What the Health #1 !!!
    Thank you, for a much healthier life!!

  172. Health for Life - Post Falls

    This is an interesting study…..about 50% of what TV doctors recommend is not supported by science. The BMJ researchers even included ‘case studies’, which are NOT the same thing as a scientific study. A case study (which the BMJ researchers included as ‘evidence’) is simply a story that a physician or researcher writes up about one person/one case. It is not a comparison between several people.

  173. Ross Maund

    As a former senior executive at several national foodservice companies, there is extreme fear by the meat, dairy & seafood industry of the growing science linking chronic human health to people who eat far too much of these foods.  The science confirms that Dr. Collin Campbell, Dr. John MacDougall, Dr. Barnard and a legion of other medical doctor-researchers are right – a whole food plant based diet supports avoiding chronic health issues by humans.  It is very disappointing that the doctors on the show “The Doctors” continue to refer to industry funded studies.  The key is to look for non-bias science.  Too many physicians are just chasing the money – sad.

  174. Ajiah Ci

    They say there is no evidence, well I went from the traditional American diet to vegan and my skin is clear, my thought process is faster, I have more energy sorry my body and experience is enough proof for me. VEGAN FOR LIFE!

    There is a reason the West is obese and sick and other countries are happier, and healthy people. Even in Africa, there is a tribe that is known as the healthiest people on earth and THAT tribe eats FRUIT! When a small African country is doing better than the West in diet you have a serious problem.

  175. Rudell Huff

    Travis full of it, these companies are killing us. And What The Health have exposed them.

  176. Laura McIntosh

    God original diet for mankind does not lack anything. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. A plant base diet keeps you in great health.

  177. Shaho koyee

    i have been to converted to Vegan and i am full of energy i swear i want to fly . previously all my buddy parts were hurting and i knew i am still young .. so i recommend you to go vegan for two weeks and see the results. Meanwhile, you could reconvert if you didnt like it which you may never do !

  178. James tao

    There’s one thing for sure. Our meat is filled with antibiotics and growth hormones.

  179. Danielle Buhr

    I rolled my eyes the entire time. No wonder people are so ignorant and defensive about eating animals.

  180. Konrad G

    I’m in the mood for some roast beef, yummy.

  181. Laveita McGruder

    I’m glad I watched What the Health, Dr Garth and Kip keep up the great work

  182. Wendy Johns

    At the end of the day – everyone’s chemistry and genetics are different – and to have a ‘blanket’ way for everyone is not ever going to work. Beginning with eating for your blood type (clean and organic) is the best place to start.

  183. Alex McManus

    Cringed when hearing the meat eater doctor stumble on his own words and lie. Dr Garth wrecked his ass when he referenced the guys own biased study.

  184. Happy Life

    woww I had doubt about “What the Health” but this made clear that what the Health is telling the truth

  185. crocfixio

    Dairy funded vs sugar funded?? I go with dairy all day everyday !!

  186. Daniel Lopez

    Meat eater and sweet fiend for life! 5’10 182 lbs with 9% body fat I stay active and eat the hell I want

  187. 82Bdog

    That stupid documentary has been debunked many times. It’s full of bullshit and pseudo science

  188. Stefanie Allen

    Just look at them squirm. So happy that the truth is coming out!!! Vegan is life <3

  189. g casas

    I eat vegetables for month and my gout was gone. I feel so much better

  190. g casas

    doctors are frauds. go vegetarian, or go vegan.

  191. emsta0236

    So intense!!

  192. Amanda G

    professional fuckin liars!

  193. Leo Boss

    How come this guy advocating no animal products is fat

  194. Tang Sensational

    The Dr.s from What the Health just SLAYED the corporate commercialized media Dr.s show. When you review the science, plant-based is the way to go. Animal products promote illness.

  195. Tang Sensational

    I want to punch that woman in the face when I hear her tell the public on that show that eggs don’t cause heart disease. OMG. Eggs are the HIGHEST CHOLESTEROL FOOD!!!! No other food has that much cholesterol. Someone who watches that show is going to trust that woman and sit down every morning and eat eggs, then 40 years from now will get heart disease. She just set the stage to KILL some of her viewers with her statement! She should know better.

  196. BaccaratFitness

    Who posted this video? PLANT BASED NEWS. So maybe there’s some bias right there. How can anyone say that eating excess amounts of sugar or carbohydrates doesn’t raise insulin levels and lead to insulin resistance which is a precursor to diabetes and heart disease? I have nothing against a plant based diet but why do vegans always need to put down and condemn the consumption of animal protein and fat? There are no indigenous people throughout the whole world who are vegans and  that don’t eat some animal product. And how do plant based advocates explain Otto Warburg’s work on cancer cells and their metabolism and the fermentation of glucose. How do you explain how, during the paleoithic period when we were hunter gatherers and would often be in ketosis during the winter months and we would live off of animal protein and fat, the lack of diseases like cancer and heart disease? Most heart disease and cancers started becoming a major health issue for humans after agriculture. For 2 1/2 million years we subsisted on meat, roots, nuts, seeds, fruit (when in season) and were virtually free of heart disease and most auto immune disease and a lot of cancers. It seems that the most important thing in today’s society is to keep our insulin levels down and I don’t see how that’s possible by not reducing or eliminating sugar and carbohydrates. Even on a vegan diet you can keep fat levels up and glucose levels down which in my opinion is what is the healthiest way to go. Often times when someone starts the vegan diet they think that just not eating animal products allows them to eat anything else and still be healthy because of evil meat. Bullshit. So to all vegans out there, stop putting down meat eaters. We’re healthy too as long as our insulin levels are low!

  197. Ayatron34

    Saying 1 egg is worse than 5 cigarettes, makes the vegans look like radicalized wackos.

  198. MrClearlySpeak

    “The Doctors” should be arrested for the simple fact that they are in a position to affect people’s life to the point of life and death…

  199. Jason

    Maybe if vegans stopped making their food look and taste like meat…

  200. CallMeJoah

    hahahah I can only really just laugh at these so called “doctors” on the show babbling nonsense without knowing the facts or rather believing meat and dairy industry produced facts. When I go to starbucks everyday smashing the vegan cakes loaded with sugar ito myself I feel bad, miserable, my skin is a mess, however I never experience any of that eating a high carbohydrate plant based diet. My skin cleared up so much, going vegan and I have so much more energy. It’s a mystery to me where these stupid ass doctors get their so called recent “studies”. It makes me so angry that obviously these doctors are just completely dumb… I already feel my fist clenching just hearing that womans incredibly high pitched voice…

  201. Alexandrea Acevedo

    i remember watching this on TV…cringing the entire time.

  202. Tango Nevada

    All I know is I stopped eating Sugar and Refined Carbs, Stopped Oils like Canola Oil and things like Corn Syrup. Started eating just Animal Fat and Meat, Eggs, Bacon, Small percentage of Veggies, And a tone of grilled (not fried) Buffalo Wings with Butter and Franks Red Hot Sauce 50/50, Grilled Steaks with Grass Fed Butter and according to my traditional doctor, my Blood Sugar went from pre Type 2 Diabetic Levels to totally fine, my Blood Pressure stabilized and at 5’8″ my weight went from 210 to 165 in less than a year and has stabilized. I don’t know the science. I just know the results. I eat very few veggies because they seriously irritate my digestion and always have. If they work for you, great. But I am proof they are not required.

  203. Just Think About It

    And to think most of this COULD be stemming from the misconception that we are all one and the same.

    Before the introduction of meat into the diet of certain strains of humans, they were eating plant based diets and had no ill effects as such…having to survive situations that changed that, they turned to a mixture and saw their health hover over the side of unhealthy.

    However there are strains of humans who’s diet was always mostly meat and based on their genetic makeup, would see their health become a lesser version of itself because they required more of a nutrient and or specific nutrients that were only found in smaller amounts in an omnivorous diet- or not at all- as opposed to a carnivorous diet with little to no plant element to it.

    Yes these statements are very non specific and may appear to be false but the bottom line is people need to do their own research and listened to their body more.

    Each nutrient requires a certain enzyme or a combination of enzymes to be broken down effectively.

    Eating acidic foods will mostly work for people who have that genetic disposition that requires that and the same can be said for people that have the genetic disposition that requires them eating alkaline food.

    The problem is when we start mixing these foods it either causes a cancel in the elements needed to break down the individual food groups (indigestion) OR, in most cases (with people mostly eating acidic foods nowadays) heart burn and or acid re-flux. The inefficient distribution of proper nutrients or lack of it is what causes or gives way to most if not all the health problems we face today, amongst other factors.

    This is not a set in stone situation. There are many other factors that would cause issue but is quite extensive.
    I’m not a doctor…these are just my two cents based on certain observations I’ve made.

  204. jerrodkilla23

    I absolutely didn’t want to believe this film when i saw it. Mainly because the information was so overwhelming, it was hard to wrap my mind around it. Being taught a lifestyle that was all so normal for me and millions in this country and to find out that this is all a con and damn near every Corp is in bed together, is spreading false information about our health and whats suppose be a safe and nutritional diet is mindfucking to me. I can’t help but think about the lives that could’ve potentially been saved if they had this information. i hate being lied to.

  205. Megan

    I think humans in general are very emotional when it comes to their diet. This was SO clearly a group of doctors being paid by the meat and dairy industry to protect their interests. Thankfully people are giving veganism a chance and doing their own research themselves. I came from the ATKINS lifestyle due to all of my health issues! Veganism was my last shot at a healthy life without the assistance of this effed up medical industry in the US. IBS, chronic cystic adult acne, lethargy, heart burn, constipation and soooo much more, ALL OF THAT has ceased to exist in my body and I’m slowly helping my family open up to this lifestyle as well. We just have to keep going. When I was a teen my family talked me out of the vegan diet and I wish we had this large of a vocal community then like we do today. This visibility is thanks to channels like yours and doctors like Dr. Davis and Dr. McDougall <3

    1. Jordan Godwin

      Megan i agree with you because it showing people who are not vegans couldn’t face reality that their own diet actually kill them ,animals and the planet

  206. Christian Alberto

    These guys don’t give af about people as long as they are getting their paycheck.

  207. Enmanuel

    People need to listen!!

  208. MrDuzee1

    Most vegans hear what they want to hear and Imo is a liar and a storyteller.

  209. MrDuzee1

    Began propaganda. Some truth, mostly hyperbole and cherry picking.

  210. Stelina Turner

    I am a vegan and I enjoy documentaries of all kinds including diet, nutrition, and health. With that said, I did not like What the Health AT ALL. I felt like it was a poor attempt at a conversation that does need to be had and more so a poor representative of the movement. While I agree with what I believe is their motive…. You know my opinion was not asked for and I can go on forever so ill just stop… You get the idea…. Not a good film in my opinion.

  211. HaHD Đặng Hồng Hà

    who blinks more?

  212. Phil Haughey

    I’m not vegan though I agree with this vid. It is difficult to find real information on any subject these days without someone aiming the results at a preferred result. All of these industries shoveling money to get test results to say xyz. At one point smoking cigarettes was “good for you” now we have this Dr saying this is bad another saying this is good. These Dr shows are muddying the waters because someone is throwing money at them.
    I’m a chef for 25 years now, I know a thing or 2 about food. Anything eaten in excess will cause problems. The dairy industry, meat, all of them lose money if public opinion is changed, same as how textile industries made marijuana illegal, it was someone else’s money. So all you can do is find the info for yourself. Take accounts from both sides, and look for the middle. That’s where the truth should be.

  213. Leyla Layaali

    Does anybody know which episode that was? and where i can watch it?

  214. Rebecca Francis

    Thanks to the documentary what the health my life is changed.. it’s an excellent lifestyle

  215. Philip Rowney

    I wish the he made a point of walking out and stating that the whole thing was a farce.

    Did you notice the way that he had people all over the place, one guy ‘pretending’ to be on side, sitting side on, but, sniping, the panel with the wall-eyed sociopathic looking bird and the painting old turd on the screen, it was a setup for him from day one. Defending from 3 different angles, talking over him is a way of confusing, frustrating and blocking points. Same sort of tactics the Scientologists use, ‘wall-eye’ probably is one, she looks the type. [ SEA can sue me for all I’m worth… f—-all ]

    He should have got up, gestured for the handsome ponytail guy to come with hi because they both had no reason being part of this farce.

    Aspergic and 95% Vegan, I have so many leather shoes and no money to replace them, ‘plant based’ is my thing supplemented with wild foods.

    I got down to 7% body fat last year eating my wild greens and plenty of colours. I’m told that the antioxidants are in the natural colouring’s of most plants [ sunscreen ] so eat the rainbow and keep healthy.

    Great presentation, not sure about sitting in a paddock though!?

    PS As a kid I ate what I was given, if I was asked it was always Chips and Beans at home, or Pineapple rings and chips at the chippy, I didn’t know I didn’t want to eat dead things, most of the plants I eat now are still alive when I put them in my mouth, bless their goodness.

  216. Isaac Simpson

    Meat is ON THE CANCER society list of Grade A carcinogens…They (The Doctors) aren’t touching on that fact lol …What a joke

  217. Lacy Gene

    Love the movie! Now Vegan! Healthier! Hate ppl liars!Stop big pharmaceutical Monsanto government!

  218. Philip J Fry

    PLANT BASED NEWS I have a friend who’s a cell biologist and all he does is give diabetes to rats and mice and when I asked him how they induce it in the laboratory he said “We give them sugar.” They get 1 water bottle with sugar water and 1 with H2O and they will take upto 40% of their calories from the sugar water. I know lots of people with raging diabetes an they drink sugar free pop and follow a low fat low sodium diet and its not working.

  219. Kyle Anderson

    So if somebody drinks a big gulp, then gains weight, there is no way that that big gulp caused it, because there is no correlation between sugar and weight gain? Is that what they’re saying?

  220. Travis Sharkey

    Going vegan!

  221. Dani Abadeister

    That’s another weird thing about the US : a reality TV show with scientists shouting at each other.
    Scientists actually don’t say “this is plain wrong” they say “We have found different results by changing a variable. Further studies are needed to find a consensus.”

    These people might have a PhD, but on the show, they are NOT scientists. They are hosts whose purpose is to make as much money as they can by getting people to be hooked. That’s sick

  222. Natasha Garcia

    I just love beans.

  223. ManoueCherie

    That doctor just said he has a lot of vegan friends who eat a lot of processed sugar and they are not healthy. Oh the lies!!!!!!!! These doctirs work for corporate that’s behind meat and dairy industries. The sad thing they are fighting against the cause but when they go home they eat vegetables. These doctors tv show are only worry about the paycheck.

  224. Gabriela Cosma

    The Doctors is a horrible show and I don’t trust any of those “doctors”. Whole plant based eating just makes sense!

  225. Jesse Campbell

    All this aside, “what the health” lost my trust when comparing cigarettes to eggs. It was a clear fear tactic to elicit emotion and it was dishonest. The truth is really in the middle. I’ve seen people reverse high cholesterol and type two diabetes while eating meat/eggs and I’ve seen it done by people on plant based diets too, which is what the studies also show individually. The fact is both versions of healthy “diets” work very well for health and longevity.

  226. Victor Gibson

    Thank you so much for showing this video keep up the good work we need more of this out there

  227. SmokeyCRO

    If you wonder why doctors aren’t pushing vegan.. just remember, illness is a profit!;)

  228. Shane Morrison

    Who cares who funds it, as long as it’s true

  229. Michael W

    1 egg = 5 cigarettes? LOL??? fucking lies… Edited; Ok, alright, well, I could be wrong with what I said… I’ve found some pretty overwhelming evidence to suggest my comments could be incorrect. :/

    1. Snow Fawn

      Actually it is a lie

  230. MissuhThangg

    The stuff that is a little biased or maybe not 100% true doesn’t even matter to me because the stuff from the documentary that is true is disturbing enough!

  231. Slo Mo

    The bias in the “documentary” was ridiculous! When they started accusing a farmer of causing cancer of his neighbors and then stated the food pyramid is racist when the food pyramid is recommended to everyone!

  232. Jordan Godwin

    I wish my high school in health class should watch what the health the movie will show people their western diet that school teach people is wrong

  233. Andy Garcia

    I’m so confused. Who was right?

  234. JaQuan Senegal

    I fucking love Garth Davis

  235. Sophie S.

    interesting debate 🙂

  236. Nicolaas Strik

    The Doctors show is nothing but a joke. You can’t take the show serious.

  237. andre paige

    thank you for posting this. i can tell collecting and editing this footage in order with the point you were trying to make took time and careful consideration. I also enjoyed the end clip. new sub!

  238. s c

    i stopped watching the drs long time ago.

  239. The Primal Nutritionist

    The best meat eater vs vegan debate….

  240. re575817

    I still like eggs.

  241. osiris f

    I’m vegan , but we also forgot that vegetables are poison with pesticides

  242. Adelene Thomas

    I really salute Dr. Davis for strongly standing his ground and speaking his truth even though almost everyone in the tries to take him down…that’s the power of being a vegan – plants really fuel our passion! I am proud to be a healthy vegan! =)

  243. Kate Spade

    I became vegan after watching what the health. Very positive life style i lead now.

  244. Living Raw with Rosie

    Great video, I totally stopped watching ‘The DR’s” years ago due to this kind of mentallity about plant base whole foods.

  245. ken james

    “The doctors” show is about SELLING, not Health…WHO doesn’t get it yet?

  246. kingorbit

    Proof of what we already know. Doctors are not knowledgable about nutrition. Dr. Davis was not needed to destroy these quacks , Vegan Gains could have destroyed them

  247. Oriana Nicole

    Whooooaaa this is so good and so funny ?????? love it

  248. Wayne Jacobs

    that doctor on the screen deals with children with obesity, vegans don’t have obesity so he is worried about his wallet.

  249. Avner A

    science is dead

  250. Deania Garza

    Luv your clarification!

  251. Andrew Short

    If meat is truly unhealthy, then the whole world would be vegan or plant based.

  252. Chani

    corporations are playing everyone. That money though…..

  253. Kashkaani Aspen

    I have been making changes daily to 100% whole food plant based diet and I am feeling as I did in my 30’s I was put on heart meds a few weeks ago and felt as though I was literally going to die while taking them that is what made me search for holistic health and found “What the Health” Thank you

  254. Kris Montgomery

    I wonder the sponsorship of the show and who puts the money in their pocket. Who really puts the money in their pocket. We could make more sense of their arguments.

  255. J Pat

    That Dr show is so BAD. I find it to be in bed with corporate $$$. Quacks! I love Dr. Davis, I have been whole food planted based for 5 years now and have never been healthier

  256. FoodAddict

    Yea… They can say and eat what they want. I am going to save my own health in the meantime by going plant based

  257. Lil V

    you know i hated the documentary but they won this debate. large amounts of meat can spike your insulin the same way carb haters think carbs spike insulin. so both sides are right

  258. judojustim

    Plant Based whole food less meat none of which should be processed. Its simple.

  259. Cashews Bananas

    So much denial it hurts

  260. Cashews Bananas

    Its so annoying how they say WTH is trying to market a vegan idea when practically 99% of ads market a meat based diet idea. The main reason people dont see it that way is becase meat based diets are all around us so it is normal to view. Why NOT be open to the vegan idea? Oh let me guess,because “meat tastes good”.

  261. Ella Rodriguez

    Thank you for being so honest to us Dr. Davis

  262. Kevin Santana

    Maybe industry raised and harvested eggs and beef are not healthy, but actual pastured beef and poultry have been consumed for thousands of years by humans. There is a distinction between the two, just as there a distinction between polluted and nutrient deficient soil being used to support a vegan diet.

  263. Sarah Smith

    The fact that they weren’t even allowed to sit on stage says so much.

  264. sveta stameni

    less you talk

  265. Michael Bradley

    I don’t care for either argument as I don’t eat meat, animal fat, eggs, milk or refined sugar, if it ain’t really food I don’t eat it, it ain’t food if it does not come from the fresh produce section of the supermarket, I don’t care if other people are cruel to animals.

  266. Max Goodwin

    You corrected Dr. Travis when he said rice but did Dr. Garth correct him?…or is rice what he meant when he said carbohydrates?

  267. Amanda de la oliva

    Thanks to “What The Health” im vegan now and for ever thank you for opening my eyes for saving animal lives and saving our lives ❤️❤️

  268. Sarah Reams

    Humans have been eating meat and eggs for centuries, but diabetes is only a recent epidemic with the agricultural upcoming of wheat and sugar?…??‍♀️…just saying. Take your blood sugar after a high fat meal vs. a high carb meal and the results speak for themselves.

    1. Andrew Brock

      Sarah Reams of course a high fat /low carb meal isn’t going to spike you blood sugar. You didnt mention the increase of dairy or meat consumption correlated to diabetes

  269. diregremo

    And here comes your opinion… damn, it would’ve been nice to see the debate without your OPINION.


    Thanks for sharing this and your comments. This debate wasn’t really a debate…it was a group of pseudo doctors trying to ambush Dr. Garth Davis and Kip. It was quite apparent especially in the way they positioned them on the show. They sat them with the audience and not on their level. It is no surprise that they attack the movie because less cash is made in the meat/animal industry and the doctors loose their “patients” = cash cows. I am on a plant based diet now for more than 3 months and feel much better than before. The movie What the Health and studies of the Blue Zone people were convincing enough for me to change my diet.

  271. Michael Pearson

    Garth Davis is legend

  272. Miggs

    God started veganism.

    Genesis 1:29 King James Version (KJV)

    29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

    Genesis 1:30 King James Version (KJV)

    30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

  273. Christopher Jones

    Yeah, Lewis Hamilton won his fourth F1 championship because he turned vegan a few weeks before. That’s me sold then. Ridiculous remark.

  274. Dai Mendieta

    Damn! This show is so lame. Can’t believe this show is still on air. Love this film. It made me go vegan.

  275. mahendra D

    Dr Garth Davis thank you very much for all the good information and supporting a vegan diet. I am a physician a gastroenterologist and I see many people with colon cancer and other types of gastrointestinal cancer I am a firm believer of meat consumption and cancer.I have seen it in my own experience ,35years of being a gastroenterologist. You are doing the right thing we need to keep people healthy rather than to work on them when they are sick and dying. Please keep doing the good work for the health of our planet

  276. Chet Storch

    I’m not a doctor I’m a 40 year auto diagnostic technician. I’m trained in data analysis. Clearly the anti whole food plant based people are having a great deal of trouble in cooling voicing facts objectively. Or coherently coming to a truthful conclusion of the effects of an animal based diet. Yes I went plant based and so happy I did. I’m 12 years a stage 2 colorectal Cancer survivor and the dishonest presentation by the animal based people does nothing to convince me.

  277. Kainthemain

    wtf is going on………..

  278. Hermineh Melkonian

    For me it took only one video one picture to go vegan because I have a brain and I know what is right and what’s not. Doctors can be so vicious to on,y care about their pocket rather than people’s health and wellbeing! I love this video keep preaching !!! The future is vegan and those who resist it will eventually pay with their health and life.

  279. A star

    doctors and pharma go out of business if everyone self maintains and self an industry that SELLS health..the healthy are bad for business

  280. God of war Golovkin

    This documentary woke me up…. thanks!!

  281. Destinee Merritt

    Dr.Sebi should have been on this episode

  282. Henry Martinez

    Why are they so angry an competitive? That was a rhetorical question…

  283. james jones

    ok just put them on a high meat and egg and dairy only diet see if their health goes down hill lol

  284. VK7001.P

    this is not gonna stop my dayly 12 egg breakfast or my 32 oz corned beef hash lunch or 20 oz steak dinner

  285. that feeling when june comes

    I mean if only 10% people die bc of cancer caused by eating too much meat it’s still chill bc it’s not 90% right :))) why is she so dumb???

  286. that feeling when june comes

    “you don’t have the data, you probably can’t even read!” that’s what I heard lmao

  287. Anthony Hammock

    The fact that hey have Lustig on the show demonstrates these doctors are clueless.

  288. Livinlifesimply


  289. kimmyjeans2

    Doctors show harms people in the name of greed makes me so angry a show like that exists that will make people more ill thinking they can trust tv doctors

  290. Murphy’s Law

    Day 3 no meat ? thanks to this documentary, not going back

  291. KYOZAKI

    Could someone please explain why eggs are bad for you? I don’t even mean that on a condescending manner, I would genuinely like to know. I’m 33, and have eaten at least six eggs a week since childhood, and for the past 6 years 4 eggs a day as I’ve gotten into bodybuilding. I’ve had my bloodwork done several times and the results have come back clean. I don’t have high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

    Just to give context I lift heavy weights 5x a week, I also eat a varied diet, vegetables, fruit, wholemeal bread, rice, quinoa, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, even sweets such as peanut M and M’s in moderation. I only get colds or flu, once a year, and even then the worst is over within 3 days. It used to be three times or more until 6 years ago when I cleaned up my diet and got into weight training.

  292. babygirl xoxo

    “Doctors” more like liars. Props to Doctor Davis for schooling these fools

  293. Nicole foysten

    I really like the doctors though.

  294. Survivor 6

    How about the pharmacy companies stop worrying about money and start worrying about peoples health. In what the health, the lead USDA health inspector said that he believes meat isn’t safe to eat. Industries (Wendies, Mcdonalds, taco bell), all fund the american health association. Thats why guidelines on the american heart association have meat in them! Because them, the resturant companies, and then the pharmacy companies=Government loss of money when we stop eating meat.

  295. PeachesCourage

    There is an honest (I believe) doctor video about the either or’s of your diet? It is titled The Bittersweet Truth About What We Eat ‘ they you can understand are truly concerned and Are Honest about what they are saying ( not cash value at all) Are we all made on production lines in a factory by doctor’s ? No so why either or here? There are people who live to be actually quite old and smoke drink and eat heavy foods. Then there are people who take care of their health and die early from something ( they eat vegan/ vegetarian or eat meat*) Also that the one doctor is saying that eating starch is good for you can be very true. However eating it with enough heavy fats plus enough stress is even on the British video would be killer . The why in these is just that nature and nurture made us not the Dr.s . Seriously the most honest video I’ve seen so far is that British flick in regards to these options & on youtube. More over they stated that it’s very important you look at yourself and your family for what you believe for you what should be done. Because in their views both divided opinions here become not true for people so no either or really just you and your family.

  296. Nancy Arenas

    Meat, egg and dairy industry is fighting hard to confuse the population.

  297. Yang Taiyang

    Im on a ketogenic diet and I eat minimum 4 eggs a day and I’m healthy af.
    Or I’m just lucky and I have amazing genetics?

    1. Yang Taiyang

      PLANT BASED NEWS Maybe I will try it in the future, but I just wanted to say that eggs are not bad for the body and health. Ethically its another story.


      try a low fat whole food plant based diet for three weeks then let me know how you feel in comparison

  298. John Dixey

    The 3 of you should be commended for standing your ground.  Hard to believe in 2017 this conversation is still going on.  It is so obvious that the American diet is the cause of health problems today and with all the scientific proof you would think there would be less opposition to a plant based diet – unreal!!

  299. Ngato

    It would’ve been nice if Kip was able to say something about that whole bias thing. I mean yes, the guy earns money from viewers watching his documentary, but afterwards, he gains nothing if those people decide to convert to vegans. Now on the other hand, these fake “Doctors” gain continuous funding from the very junk food industry that they advocate.

  300. Tracey Zimoch

    doctors caught in lies!!! it is great to see someone speaking up !!!!

  301. Lord Progress

    Vegans Unite

  302. Omar Bubteina

    Yesterday, I started my journey to become a vegan. I’m taking baby steps to achieve it. I have stopped eating all meats except for eggs and fish but eventually, I will remove any diary products and all meats . Today, my parents thought I was crazy for doing this and said that I was going to be skinny and I won’t see any muscle gains from lifting. This honestly irritated me so much ( I eat about 200 grams of protein). Now, I’m trying to find a new support system than can actually help me achieve this new goal. I’m subscribing to Youtube channels that promote veganism. The Journey has just begun!

  303. onedaywalkalone

    is meat causing sickness or is it not?……..why has everyone forgotten why we shouldn’t eat meat in the first place?…..forget these videos go stand next to a living cow pat it and look it in the eye and ask yourself from your heart……is killing you really going to make me healthy? in every way shape and form there is never a reason to kill meat for food….god has given all his food for our bodies on this earth without killing our fellow earth inhabitants

  304. J M

    So so epic! Thank you so much!!

  305. ChasingTheDream87

    What the health is straight bs, look how many if you are actually brainwashed, incredible…

  306. Wendy Johnson

    My mom had a massive stroke 5 years ago and was given up to die. She couldn’t talk, walk and could only eat puree food. She was taking 14 pills a day. She HAD diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, clogged arteries in her neck and around her heart, plus other serious health issues.
    I did not like how she was being treated in the nursing home so I brought her to live with me. After doing a little research, I decided a vegan alkaline organic diet would be best. After being on this diet for 30 days, her doctor was surprised at how well she was doing. To make a long story short, my mom is still alive today. She’s walking with a walker, talking very good and is only talking 2 kills a day now. Yes, she still need a little assistance with some things and that find. she’s 78 years young and still going strong. God is good. We must do our part. He has given us everything we need for our health. He said every tree burying SEEDS and the herds are good for food.
    It is a proven fact, My mother would be dead had I not changed her diet.

  307. Angelique Moreno

    I don’t understand how they can claim that eggs are as bad as cigarettes, where is that information coming from. I went on a raw vegan diet, and felt healthier, but was not eating a high carb diet and felt even felt even healthier eating some grass feed meat in moderation

  308. Xio Arleen

    I think the doctors are defending their industry because they will lose their jobs if there are no sick people. A vegan diet prevents people from visiting the doctors.

  309. Daniel Gaughan

    Thank you for posting

  310. nick lightbringer

    if it was not for meat we would all be eating and looking like big dumb fat cows..all of your human traits like forward faceing eyes sharp teeth and sooo many other things. we evod from 300k years of life.. ALL of what make us us, came from eating meat the human brain would not even be half its size if we where dumb grass eating cows not the hunting fishing gathering humans

  311. Joe Henshall

    this is what addiction and denial looks like

  312. japyivy

    Why wouldn’t you just let us see the debate?

  313. Frenemy

    1:18 : No food with fat + carbs ? : Peanuts, Soybeans, Most oily seeds have carbs too

    1. zhonestguy

      Frenemy I love how your logical statement brings zero overkill vegans to reply.

  314. Alexandra Leon

    After watching what the health it gave me the last push, I am Now vegan ☺

  315. San Walk

    To be honest I been thinking of going vegan for some time now. I don’t want to pretend I’m
    eating a sausage when it not a sausage or
    cheese when it’s not cheese. I just need to find a way of cooking my meal and making them taste great. Once I do that I know I can get my hold family on board. Also I think it’s some truth and facts to both sides but I also believe that meat are causing a lot of health issues. You can see clearly they’re not telling the truth about a lot of things he said.

  316. Leonardo Quijada

    We need carbs and sugar for our brain our brain basically run on it thats why someone who is on a low carb diet want stuff like pizza or bread

  317. spiro413 x

    The doctors is a day time talk show – and just like all the other day time talk shows it’s a complete joke. I have actually seen some of these doctors advertising on info commercials. You know what’s particular sad? These people are actually licensed – and instead of using their licensing to actually, you know, help people? They use their license to mislead the public and actually HARM people with misinformation.

  318. Narcie Hernandez

    I’d rather have the vegan doctor treat me than the other Dr he’s an idiot and why isn’t he up there with them they’re disrespectful to their colleague

  319. Dan Trovato

    i wish this guy shut up and let us make our own mind up

  320. Xavia Rendrag

    The world is so full of quacks that it saddens me. Majority of them have huge salaries too. Things are so backwards.

  321. Lane Banner

    Righteously given 🙂

  322. Shanez Veganess TM

    Dr Garth was amazing , against so many so called professional who are literally poisoning people 🙂 🙂 🙂

  323. Eliana Posada

    Dr. Davis is just amazing!

  324. headlines

    I wish I had the will power. I did raw vegan for 40 days. I was the healthiest I ever was in my entire life. Then I went back to sugar like a crack head and can’t give up sugar yet i feel like shit

  325. Dirk Pitt

    These doctors are idiots.
    I’m pretty sure the cigarette companies did their own studies on smoking saying studies show that smoking is not harmful for you.

  326. Gary Welsh

    Government changes its stand on Cholesterol

  327. Mauro Miceli Consigli (MauM) | Ética y Bienestar

    Truth ?

  328. Angelia Patterson

    If Dr Sebi was alive, he would slap every single one of them! No Meat, no starch, no hybrids

  329. John walker

    That movie was dead on.All you have to do is research I mean that’s it simple fuckin’ research on how the body works on how civilisations over thousands of years ate. Every place around the world were people are the healthiest and live the longest all have the same shit in common. I mean really people study how the body works and its simple to see

  330. suncam57

    I don’t watch this show, but I would imagine that they would lose nearly all of their food-related sponsors (processed foods, restaurants, etc) if they didn’t attack him. It’s sad to watch.

  331. Michael Adams

    We must understand that we were all born into a culture founded as an oligarchical construct. Thus, most of what we think we know, and understand, is “truth” based on an upside down world.

  332. MixItUp E

    Lmao what a damn joke i will never tune into the doctors again 4 paid lying “doctors” against one informed doctor they wouldn’t even let him finish one statement they just deflecting and i think the audience caught onto that as well

  333. michaelantonio

    The best way to stay healthy is to STAY ACTIVE. STOP pushing one diet over another, it is simply a waste of time!

  334. michaelantonio

    The strongest proteins for humans come from animals. You can’t get adequate proteins from plants. You need to consume BOTH.

  335. zighunt

    anoying cut ins from this youtuber. could you do another video without the narratives?

  336. Nora G

    Thank you ! This was awesome to watch! Shame on The Doctors!

  337. ivan nicolle

    I would NEVER trust “the doctors” they promote unhealthy diets and have a very one sided debate even when provided with scientific evidence and logic.

  338. Emma Peace

    the one and only thing I didn’t like about what the health is when they brought in race. they said that 99 or something percent of Asians are lactose I tolerant. the wierd thing to me was that the movie clearly states that dairy is bad for everyone. so why bring that up? and how is it racist if it’s bad for everyone lol

  339. King31395

    And the Joe Rogan criticism was such nonsense. He never even watched the documentary! He’s going by what other people have said to him about it. Ridiculous.

  340. King31395

    I’ve definitely been surprised by the vitriolic response to this documentary. Why are other Dr’s fighting so hard against it?Like it’s a scam…but what’s the scam? A scam to get people to eat less meat and dairy?Giving up most dairy for me has made a huge difference and clearly going vegan is making a major difference to the folks contacting Kip.

  341. alan whitham

    Humans are not not natural predators , we are herbivores .

  342. alan whitham

    If we all ate a plant based organic diet doctors and their big pharma puppet masters would be out of business . Corporate money owns science and medicine , oh and and the government .

  343. daryl holloway

    Just eat air lol

  344. Yannick Berends

    Every time someone talks about Kip Anderson, I giggle a bit. Because ‘kip’ means chicken in Dutch xD

  345. rifle madness

    I like how all the doctors against the vegan diet are always bringing up their degrees and schooling like just because you went to school means your right.

  346. Mic Mag

    They are taking it personal because they are doctors and secondly just because they have been conditioned their whole lives. Vegans, get your omega 3 to 6 ratio correct and take b12 for true Vegan health

  347. SirLangsalot

    You, sir, truly have the mind of a child.

  348. pop65z

    The problem is here is “Vegan Diet”.. It’s the name and it’s wrong … This should be ” Plant Based Diet “. That the true answer to this film and the health issues in the Movie ” What the Health “.Vegan diet is all over the place with foods and drinks. Once you get away from the Vegan Diet name you’ll get better results and attitudes..The film is true. These foods are killing and ruining peoples lives everyday.

  349. Nephilim Slayer

    Eskimos. The Inuit People. Veganism debunked.
    Traditionally, the Inuit people have a fat and meat based diet, with very few plant foods.
    They were, at the time of the study, some of the healthiest people on the planet.
    No signs of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or even tooth decay.
    The Masai people of Africa also are healthy on a meat based diet.
    Veganism is useful for fasting, cleansing and detoxing. Long term, it is slow starvation.
    Sugar and refined carbs are indelibly linked to diabetes, heart disease, artheriosclerosis, and cancer.
    B12, haem iron, Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids, are essential nutrients found in animal foods.
    Yes, on a vegan diet, you will feel good in the short term, while your body detoxes. Over time, health deteriorates.
    Eating factory farmed, GMO, processed vegan products destroys health and the environment. It is unsustainable long term.
    Go shove this biased “documentary” up your rear ends. Humans have always eaten animal foods, and have been healthier for it.

  350. Tialor Abelin

    It’s just deeply upsetting.

  351. Amber McEwen

    american doctors dont know shit about nutrition and this does nothing but prove that. i cant believe what idiots we have to deal with.

  352. Ceeckoful

    These doctors are shills that dont care about health they are meat and dairy etc shills they are evil.

  353. Casey Gonzalez

    funny how dr neal looks down quickly and says quickly how sugar is not the cause of diabetes. thats lying behavior.

  354. Brianna Elaine

    those doctors are a joke. they didn’t even give Dr. Davis time to speak

  355. jootg22

    Thanks for this post and comments that validate Dr Garth’s positions. I watched the movie and went right on that very day. I even asked to have my mother not make the steak she had out. Within a week My ALL of my stomach issues were gone. My tummy bloating was gone. I had more energy with less sleep. I’ve lost 25 lbs in this past two months even though I had to quit exercising for one month. There is nothing anyone can do to refute that. Also I did go off of the diet for my mothers birthday dinner and it took me three days to recover from the massive stomach ache and bloating. Never again. I absolutely love being vegan and have also converted all of my Beauty products as well.

  356. Alcom Solutions

    I️ am not vegan, yet. But those doctors are wrong. Garth won that.

  357. Kristoffer Quiaoit

    “The more carbs someone ate, the less diabetes they had.” -says the weightloss surgeon. Hmm….

  358. LadyLight

    Its all about Pride…Think about it. No doctor wants to admit what they learned is just mainly anatomy and RX or surgery; instead of the science of HEALING. That degree gives them superiority. They don’t want that taken from them.

  359. Michelle Brown

    Does anyone have a link to where I can find this episode?

  360. Brenna Paulson

    I would love to go vegan and pretty much am tbh unless Starbucks runs out of coconut milk soy and almond, but I honestly am the pickiest damn eater in the world. I hate the texture of vegetables as it makes me gag, fruits are too squishy half of the time. It all makes me sad at the end of the day. Sorry for a depressing comment.

  361. Carmen de la Rosa

    Infuriating. Honestly… I’ll never be watching that show. I don’t understand why the carnists must hold on so so hard to their cognitive dissonance and indoctrinated belief systems and can’t just step back and say, hey maybe you’re right, let me try a plant asked diet and see how I feel and have analysis done and look at the numbers. I mean, wtf more do you want the evidence is RIGHT THERE

    1. Carmen de la Rosa

      ***plant based (not asked)

  362. will v

    all these vegans love smelling there own farts cause they don’t eat meat and do cross fit

  363. Mark Brienza

    just use common sense eggs vs cigs…. are you really that stupid ppl? we don’t need studies to say that eggs are good and cigs are bad lmao!!!!!!!! stupid video.

  364. Michael How

    If they want and even and fair debate why are they sat with the audience? Why does this other doctor appear on a gigantic monitor. Dodgy af! At least allow them to deliver their point from the same platform rather than placing them like kids in the audience. All carefully manufactured to create a platform for their anti vegan propaganda. Thanks for sharing and the break down and research into their studies and lies.

  365. E. Smitty

    I have watched What the Health and am now fully vegetarian, while transitioning to veganism. ✌

  366. Jo Jo

    What the health is movie that will cause peoples death not eggs. A movie full of cfear mongering, cherry picked studies and the one size fits all dite thinking. Any one who supports this movie or even believe it, is an absolute idiot. People have been following the low fat high carbs dite for the last 40 years since Ansel keys and the results from his study is a fat population. Plant based dites are not bad Paleo is not bad it’s this movie that is bad and miss leading that even hurt the vegan cause than help it. And who converted to a vagen dite because of this movie is an idiot. Look at the recent studies for suger how it can effect health and fructose via even worse. Our current agriculture products are far from man made. All grains veggies and fruit have been modified to death since it’s inception by modernized farming. So open your eyes plant based news and stop printing this stupid film it will only make you look like a fool

    1. Jo Jo

      El Vegano Cordobes totally agree with you

    2. El Vegano Cordobes

      yeah grains and veggies and fruit have been modified to death, but the animals you eat remain the same unaltered genes for the last 8.000 years right? Futhermore, those animals you eat on a daily basis are feed with the exact same modified grains and veggies you claim to be modified to death. But Ansel Keys though… GTFO

  367. Tara Martine

    Kudos to Dr. Davis and Kip! I’m a dietitian and help people convert to more plant-based diets every day. I can’t even count the number of successes I have seen and how happy and hopeful people are when they realize they don’t have to be sick. They are truly amazed at how good they can feel eating whole natural plant based foods. On the contrary I have never seen a patient improve their chronic diseases by eating more animal products.

  368. Kaz Pen

    He needs to go with more back up next time!    It seemed like it was 4 against 1 – but he held his own and called them out when they lied – so good for him!

  369. Crystal Walker

    The Doctors is barely a step up from The Jeremy Kyle show

  370. Gacheri Kigunda

    I am not even vegan, but the amount of nonsense from these doctors is ridiculous. If you listen to your body you’ll know meat is not good.

  371. tcampbell2186

    Are you too young to remember when the beef industry sued Oprah because she said she wasn’t eating meat again? That’s why mainstream media cannot ever go there with food. Advertisements for the program are all meat and dairy industry.

  372. Shataiya Jones

    How can these people sit and lie about people’s health. Vegan is the right way to go.

  373. dany. beez

    I cannot believe “Doctors” are not supporting the vegan cause. It’s so simple. Plants = life. Meat = Poor health.

    These doctors are being paid off by the meat industry. They WANT you to get sick so that they can get rich off of your medical costs. I’ve lost so much respect for this show.

  374. Fernando Fidalgo

    Dr Garth Davis just like Dr Greger need to be more out in the publics eye to encourage and educate folks on the benefits of a plant base lifestyle.

  375. Natureallyme

    Travis is the same guy that said it’s ok to drink tap water… Talk to Flint, MI about that great idea… Loved this..

  376. Nina Fuentes

    I have been vegan and plant based for 4 months now after watching what the health. I have reversed a sinusitis issue that I had been suffering with for 20 years on a daily basis and I have also reversed a urine infection that only antibiotics would stop every 3 months. I have not taken 1 pain killer for 4 months for the first time in my life! Thanks so much What the health! #govegan #goplantbased

  377. Eric Panneton

    The documentary was created and funded by vegan…. this is the worse and non-scientific documentary of all time.

  378. Domepy

    This is very ironic. Sugar and carbs doesn’t cause diabetes??? Bruh the reason why going plant based is healthy is because your not eating sugar and starchy foods anymore. The problem isn’t the meat, is the sugar and carbs. Ever thought about that??? Look up Ketogenic diet. That will change ur life.

  379. 54jeanmarie

    In general, eat more fresh fruits & vegetables, decrease meat intake w/ protein alternatives eating beans. I eat small amounts of meat & more colorful plant based nutrition. Following the 5-7 servings/day. I enjoy a mug of tea w/ a sweet treat & want to decrease the frequency of that.

  380. Travis Carver

    I️ will keep my coconut oil and continue staying clear of sugar… thanks.

  381. Brad Fraser

    Love the info.. but man you interrupt and comment to much

  382. Yina A. Santos

    Omg I watched that documentary movie on Netflix and it opened my eyes wide open..I can say today that I have become a vegan and it’s been two weeks and I have been feeling less bloaded and hungry I keep a plant based diet and I feel so good and with alot of energy. Please people the government and these companies want one thing TO KILL us..n in the process they want to keep making money by making us sick that’s they’re job…let’s not allow it… please pass that documentary to your families and friends. Thank you kit for all this information eye opener…

  383. Amelia Watkins

    Im not going to lie. I did not like the documentary what the health. It was corny and some parts were stupid. Calling reps for a website on cancer research and asking them why the website didn’t have certain content is where I turned it off. They are just workers. They didn’t create the damn site. I have no qualms with its vegan message. It was just cringe worthy to watch. There are better documentaries to get the vegan message across but I Know several people who were not feeling this. Still, it has turned many others vegan.

  384. Alex Petrolia

    who do i listen to!!!

  385. Heather Snow

    Pretty aweful watching them argue, but I’ve had friends tell me this movie was bad science….BUT, I really liked it and I have been incorporating more legumes. Greatest food argument……fat vs sugar vs meat….fact is we are all being poisoned and that movie brought that issue home. Thanks for doing it.

  386. Romano Gitano

    Needless to say, one can’t trust neither side of this debate. With that being said, one has to take their own health habits and remember that everything in moderation is alright, like trying to sleep for 8hrs. eat healthy, plus exercise and hope for the best.

  387. Ori Mansouri

    I have been a Vegan for 15 years and have not been sick, not even a cold for the last 15 years. Go figure

  388. cornellius01

    I used to feed my children an egg, now I give them a cigarette instead, its healthier

  389. Angie Harper

    But I always get fat when I eat a lot of sugar and carbs. These health experts are so confusing, so I just eat whatever I want within moderation. I stop at like 85% satiation and no in between meals. Dinner at 5 or 6 is my last meal of the day.

  390. Riaan De Winnaar

    Dude, pushing your opinion in between what we are actually trying to watch. Its distracting to say the least.

  391. StarKiller

    1 egg % 5 what lol

  392. John Howard

    Mate I’d love to get a similar page up and running in Australia, there is so much deception here and I’d love to debunk it with your help! If you want to expand I’m here.
    Get back to me if your interested! Zac

  393. John Howard

    Your a legend bro!!

  394. E Santiago

    Lots of sugar makes you fat. Period. Stop making it complicated.

  395. Stephen Sumner

    Love your work mate.

  396. petecabrina

    Meanwhile some people doing ultra marathons thrive off of a keto diet, as doing many athletes and body builders, especially combined with intermittent fasting. Not that I am taking sides but this black and white debate is totally absurd when clearly there are many factors at play. High plant and fibre base is still fundamental to any diet, but it is totally absurd to think adding some seafood or meat to it is suicide or something. Likely that people constantly eating crap and excessive amounts of certain fats contributes badly to health outcomes.

  397. Erick Minor

    Vegans are so sensitive and irrational(a side effect of decreased androgen levels and neurotransmitters), I feel bad for these guys.

  398. mike P

    Did this doctor say people will die from veganism? to someone whose been a vegan for 10years? LOL

    And who benefits from “vegan propaganda”? Big industry vegan farmers? LOL im sure..

  399. BerrysJSRD

    Your calling a scientist a liar does nothing to help your case about veaganism.

  400. Educate Society

    Lol it seems like everyone is “debunking” What The Health.

  401. susiedo

    Did Nobody hear hear Dr Robert Lustig clearly state “that there is no food stuff on this planet that has both fat and carbohydrate”….Oh look there went all his credibility as an informed expert….Let me see now…. Black eyed peas are approx. 73% carbs, 4% fat, 23% protein. Eggs are approx 6% carbs, 3% fat, 91% protein… do the research people instead of trusting every word that someone tells you.

  402. Brandon Weaver

    Believe In a Vegan Diet or not it’s sad how much they tried to turn the conversation into another direction and kept it away from the Meat Industry..

  403. Isspy

    God I hate that show

  404. Ann Blake-Tracy

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I cannot say that enough! I had not heard of Dr. Garth Davis because I’ve just been too busy with all the work that I do with antidepressant adverse reactions. But I am so grateful to hear someone saying what I have said about the PROTEIN THEORY for decades! (We keep forgetting that it is still only a theory!) The first book I collaborated on was titled “Protein Pollution”. 

    The fact remains that protein is the only molecule large enough to block the lymph system and prevent the body from cleansing. And when you are making the most growth ever in your entire life which is the first few years of life what is your main source of protein? Mother’s milk as what percent of protein? Mother’s milk is only 3% protein so why would you need any more than 3% protein or the rest of your life? The whole protein theory is absolutely ridiculous! It is one of the biggest lies of modern medicine and brought to us by the meat and dairy industry in order to market their products. They tell us the body feeds on protein while the brain feeds on blood sugar. But when you’re in a hospital hooked up to an IV what are they pumping into you protein? No! It is glucose. I can hardly wait to get a copy of his book and read it!

    To rid myself of cancer years ago I did the same thing my now dear friend, Dr Lorraine Day, did to get rid of her cancer. We both went Vegan! And I went really strict Vegan to a diet of only fruits and veggies with a few nuts. I did that for 7 years and I never felt better in my life! Of course I’m still Vegan but have added back in the grains and beans which I wish I had never done.

    I would absolutely love to recommend the movie “What the Health!” But I cannot because it would encourage people to attempt to come off antidepressants too rapidly which is the most deadly thing anyone can ever do! Going to a Vegan diet is a must after these drugs, but Pharmaceutical has made the drugs so difficult to withdraw from that even with a Vegan diet patients have to wean extremely slowly down off of these drugs taking months and often years. I have spent years searching for another way to safely get someone off faster, but as yet have found nothing that can get someone safely off these drugs in just weeks. The withdrawal from these drugs is very deceptive  because the drugs, just like the benzodiazepines, are 98% protein binding. Because of that the flushing of the drug is greatly delayed  and  the worst of the withdrawal is often delayed for several months. But when it hits all hell breaks loose! I feel so very sorry for the women in the movie who came off those drugs so fast! And one who will back up every word I just said is Frank from the movie “May I Be Frank?” If you recall that is what happened to him in that movie. 

    So while both movies are EXTREMELY INSPIRATIONAL when it comes to going Vegan and demonstrating the amazing benefits from doing so, the implication that one can so rapidly discontinue these so-called “medications” which are by far the worst and most addictive drugs I’ve ever seen, has the potential to harm far too many. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  405. Safar De Bon

    You will note that Garth and Kip are seated in the audience and not on the same table – so they can try talk down to them. Very crude tactics

  406. Dr. Toni Y. Pender

    Heated debate, heated discussions, so many clinical studies, some confusion… but… everyone is talking, AWESOME beginning to weed out what fact and non-facts. Keep talking because so many people are listening, learning, researching and making a change for themselves and their families. I’m Toni Y Pender, I became vegan in 1981. Check out my VEGAN Lifestyle blog at featuring debates, documentaries, clinical studies, current articles and delicious Vegan Recipes. Thank you PBN for this and many videos!

  407. Jennifer Butt

    I never liked this show the doctors. It always seemed like there was some Advertiser on the what to say.

  408. baddoggie101

    Yes, let’s get the two Drs into the same room but please be certain that the chairs are bolted to the floor.

  409. CluelessGmer

    If you switch cookies with an apple, of course your diabetes will go away.

  410. CluelessGmer

    This video is about 2 extreme views. Macros are good if consumed in the right amount that satisfies your metabolic needs.

  411. Sheila More

    I agree with that guy I think eating all this meet is what’s causing all our health problems there’s nothing better than the plant-based diet for help it’s just common sense

  412. necro mantis

    how can you take the doctor’s opinion seriously? they may be intelligent and qualified but,.. wouldn’t they just side and sway towards the opinion of their investors and producers? Which means 90% of their opinion and debates are biased and follow a agenda. don’t forget it’s a TV show guys

  413. Deran Deranovic

    Robert Lasting,are you a medical doctor and where did you graduate from.Amount of disinformation that comes from you is just unbelievable!The Canadian government is moving away from meat and dairy in new food guide! Canada’s new food guide changes causes dairy, meat industry …

  414. Flowered Sentiments

    that guy with that SF background is trembling, while the vegan one is completely chill

  415. Xenos _

    The doctors are shills! I saw one episode where the doctors were saying marijuana was worse than cigarettes, and addictive. These people are SHILLS!!!

  416. Jordan McDaniel


  417. Ann Lyons

    All I know is that my daughter and I stopped eating meats in July and by the beginning of September we were off blood pressure meds! Thanks kip and dr davis!!!

  418. Alisha S

    speaking from being on both side eating meat and dairy for 23 yrs and living plantbase for 4 i can say I’ll never go back no matter how much my doctors tells me I should

  419. Jessica R.

    Scientifically proven vegan diet! Wow, that statement alone indicates the sheer ignorance regarding the scientific method. Thank God The Doctors brought in Dr. Lustig who appears positively Eurudite compared to these vegan hacks.

  420. Octavious Talbot

    I really wanted to watch this, but after 4 minutes with this random dude butting in I’m cool.

  421. Eileen Turner

    Just the fact that Kip and Dr. Davis are being attacked confirms that they are on the right track. They are threatening Ag, Pharma, Dairy industries bottom line.

  422. Alf Berg

    This vegan cult is getting scary…

  423. Kathrin Graf

    How can you study medicine and still not believe in science and the proof that clearly shows that a healthy vegan diet is the best you can do. Also the ethical reasons wasn’t taken into account. Extremely sad

  424. Gary Welsh

    More ice poeple

  425. Roger Thompson

    Great video, thanks 🙂

  426. JAM229

    1:17 The trail mix, cereal and bread I eat beg to differ. He needs to read more nutrition facts labels.

  427. ArtLife

    Klaus you are fantastic for doing this work! Thank you from a vegan mum of 3 surrounded by Paleo devotees who even have nutrition degrees – so they will not listen! Keep up the amazing work! You are welcome at our house in Washington DC – anytime!

  428. Carol Ferguson

    Could someone please recommend some good books on plant based diet. Replacement foods for the things were used to eating such as eggs, mayo, cheese Thank you

  429. Nuan Jia Huang

    Neither side has it completely right. Going completely vegan is not healthy and will eventually lead to anemia, nervous system issues, due to malnutrition, and malnutrition can lead to cancer also. Plant base sources are not as adequate as meat base sources for amino acids, minerals and vitamins, not to mention it provides none of the cholesterol your body needs to function. Meat would be the perfect product if it didn’t sometimes come with bad fats and bad cholesterol. But not all meats are the same. The meat part is tricky also because it depends on the meat and how it is processed also. People have to understand bad fats and good fats and bad cholesterol and good cholesterol, so it is ignorant to say fat and cholesterol are bad. Your body needs both to function. There are bad plant based fats such as palm oil and coconut oil, highly saturated. So not all plant based foods are health. Soy, which is plant based messes up your hormone balance due to phytoestrogens, etc. So this one diet fits all is retarded. Certain meats give you the good cholesterol which helps take away the bad cholesterol and other meats give you more bad cholesterol. It is the bad cholesterol that hardens your arteries. Going vegan won’t prevent cancer and going non-vegan won’t prevent cancer. You need a precise balance of both, and not be in either extreme. This side picking is the dumbest thing in health based science currently. You can find a bunch of studies saying vegan is good, and you can find a bunch of studies saying eating meat is good. And every side will say their side is right and the other is wrong. What does this show? Neither is completely right. You need a balance of both.

  430. Blackheart TV

    Theory: reason doctors won’t recommend vegan? Population control. Government could’ve payed scientists to create some bullshit research and encourage unhealthy eating. Unhealthy eating = obesity = death = less mouths to feed and less money to give. First ones to go? The disabled and those relying on government paycheck. But that’s a theory

  431. Emira Marra

    So then can someone explain to me why when I️ stopped being vegan and went paleo all my problems went away? Including rising insulin? This is bs! Eat meat!

  432. Rupert Giles

    I’m all on board with the plant based diet but to say sugar is not a problem with health is just irresponsible.

  433. Henry Jackson

    Wow, these MF’s had the nerve to act as those there is a corporate push for a plant based diet. Wow!

  434. Endlessbeauty

    damn this debate was heated!!!!

  435. storm le cat

    Eggs = lung cancer aha

  436. storm le cat

    Why do rats get breast cancer then nothing to do with food they are predisposed

  437. Alec Sillifant

    Isn’t what the health funded by vegans? So isn’t that biased….

  438. Lynn Armand

    I can’t believe how the Drs were so against it. I’ll never watch their show again. They are ok with government killing us slowly.

  439. Alex R

    I was as mad as Dr. Garth Davis when I watched this.

  440. Polar Bear

    Of course the movie is getting attacked. Think about all the industries that could lose so much money because of this! It’s horrible to think about that people’s health is less important that earning billion for the few big bosses. Disgusting!

  441. Jason Crawford

    They tried to set that dude up. It’s the three of them plus fat boy Lustig against Dr. Garth Davis. Why wasn’t that plant based doctor on their show their to at least attempt to even the debate out. As far as him cracking his voice…he probably felt he had to hurry up and talk over their nonsense to get the truth out.

  442. tay5250

    lmfao some people are SO close minded

  443. William Norder

    Oreos are not vegan contain palmoil

  444. Adri N

    You guys are idiots. There is nothing such as animal protein

  445. Ethan McMillion

    we dont wanna see u talking about it i wanted to watch the debate

  446. FreedomParadox

    Interesting ‘debate’ (people yelling at each other).
    I haven’t eaten meat for 20 years now. I want to see the documentary cause I still eat eggs and cheese from time to time.

    Now, regarding sugar and diabetes: fat storage and diabetes are linked, as is the relation between glycemic index and insulin resistance (which leads to diabetes).
    Is there any vegan out here interested in a ketogenic diet? It works. So… nothing is black and white, as far as diet is concerned.

    We don’t need meat to thrive, that’s for sure.

  447. Delilah Rivera

    Our world is so corrupt.

  448. Ricky Forever

    The Drs is not a credible source for health information because they don’t promote health, they promote industry.

  449. Aaron Bradford

    My body has naturally rejected meat and rejecting many other foods. Seeing this documentary, I know I’m moving towards a vegan diet.

    1. Jas298 Riley

      Aaron Bradford good for you ☺

  450. AROD LUM

    To me and my family help is a lot that documentary we lost 30 lbs in 3 months me and my husband each. My kids one lost 20 and the other ones 15lbs. We could see the cellulite on their stomach now is gone and they are healthy. They still eats now and then other foods but now their shoices are way better. My husband colesterol drop 30 points and he is healthy , we all are healthier because we leave the lactose and the meats we have no more allergies and feel wonderful with a lot of energy my skin feels better so all I have to say it help us a lot so eating meat and lácteos is not good at all.

    1. Jas298 Riley

      AROD LUM awesome ☺

  451. Knowledge Is Knowledge

    I eat 3 eggs every morniing for 20 years now, do i have lucky? I want the best for myself, but i dont want to be arrogance, i want truth.

  452. Sérgio Mesquita Rocha

    Is this a debate for a dumbed down audience? It sounds so ridiculous I did not even watched to the end.

    There are two points here that these last-of-the-class doctors seem to get very wrong:
    -Scientific statistical analysis is never to be cited for reference by serious scientists because correlation, obviously, does not imply causation, hence just because there is a meta-analysis saying that fructose reduces diabetes, it does not mean that it is true.
    -Diabetes T2 increases as fat builds up in the liver, it’s as simple as that. What causes fatty liver, however, is agressive fasting, eating too much fat and/or sugar (especially fructose).

    There you go, everything else is ignorance and bullshit, specially when being arrogant af by telling others what diet to eat. If I start teaching you how to vote properly in the first place, probably you wouldn’t be thanking me either.

  453. Sheila Majors

    Thanks so much for.sharing this! This documentary has truly opened my eyes and I am totally going VEGAN

  454. Jill Cummings

    That was brutal! Dr Garth you did an excellent job with the truth!

  455. Ed Stander

    Dr Davis: be unstoppable, be unbreakable, be unbeatable, be unshakeable in life. Great JOB! I am a Vegan SOS Free and eat Whole Plant Food

  456. Tommy Greeen

    The doctors are failures who got a tv show they don’t know shit

  457. AP

    Eating eggs watching this. I get a kick out of this. Did vegan 1 year, felt and looked terrible.

  458. Iidentyasyourb0ss

    My goal is for the whole world to go vegan, I know that seems impossible right now but you never know, vegans have to keep on fighting, it would truly be amazing if most can go vegan that way I can have all the bacon in the world, yum yum.

  459. Henry Martinez

    Amazing the amount of denial out there. I have been arguing the benefits os a plant-based diet for so long to deaf ears, it’s exhausting. Even my recent improved blood-work fails to convince my family and friends of the benefits, because I am an obese vegan. Appearance over blood-work. Go figure.

  460. Gephart Strength - Phil Gephart

    This is hilariously awful. Eat a PLANT-BASED diet … WITH animal protein!!! No people, race, civilization etc eliminated a food group “just because” (read: pick your reason, it doesn’t matter here) – Most people don’t eat enough veggies. Some folks DO eat too much protein. We absolutely NEED fat for optimum health. But to eliminate animal protein completely is just plain wrong. “1 egg = 5 cigarettes” ??? Worst nutrition statement probably EVER and immediately invalidates this fictional propaganda. Eat less processed food. Eat less anti-inflammatory foods. Eat lots of greens and pastured, clean meats. Drink water. Get sunlight. Get good sleep. Get movement. You’ll be a healthy human.

  461. May L.

    My Indian manager who is a vegetarian since she is born. She is diagnosed with high cholesterol due to her love for fresh milk. She drinks at least a carton a day.
    Does vegetable cause high cholesterol or milk does?

    My grandpa hardly consume veg and is on braised pork belly rice/porridge daily. The same pot of braised gravy boiled for years on his stove which is said to be cancerous. My grandpa smokes and occasionally drinks hard liquor.

    He owns a very routine lifestyle through his whole life.
    Wakes up, sleep, nap, eats at the same time every single day.
    He could walk kilometres on foot daily and lives till 80 plus years old in pink health illness free.

    I think a routine lifestyle, sufficient exercise daily, not to over eat, lesser cold drink, stay positive, and balance diet is the best for our body.
    Our body RIP with cold limbs. Do kind to our body and it will return that too.

  462. Francesca Jennings

    A plant based diet changed my life

  463. Michelle Baxter

    I know when I went off carbs and sugars and went to high fat I lost 24 pounds and lowered my cholesterol. I felt better than ever off the carbs. If I followed Dr Davis I would be ill. I am now moving away from lectins and cows dairy. So much out there we just need to research ourselves

  464. liltika007

    The real issue is that all the information on this topic comes from a biased subject… on both side of the spectrum… it’s never from an objective viewpoint! That’s why folks are so damn confused!

  465. Chris Wellington

    It made me so angry to hear so called doctors talk about % s not being a very much higher risk group (prostate cancer)when these figures are people’s lives? 2 % of 1000 is 20 lives that could be saved. you would think the oath they took to saves lives would cause them to do anything in their power to encourage people. (protential patients in the making ) to live healthier lives in any way possible……but as usual the power is in the dollars and cents (industry). I watched the video and was horrified and enlightened and am on my way to being vegan. Thank you❤️

  466. chase bowker

    Anyone know where to find the full episode of this?

  467. una versum

    who founded that study? that’s the question….hahaha…

  468. Carrie Schugar

    Dr. Garth Davis is an outstanding plant-based doctor. Him and Kip deserved to be right on stage as the sole guests talking cordially and scientifically about the tremendous benefits of plant-based nutrition and the movie What The Health.

  469. Kristen K

    Dr Davis…thank you and keep doing what youre doing…trailblazing.

  470. The Fraud King

    Garth Davis is a SAVAGE!!

  471. Ciarrai B

    So all these years cutting carbs which has prevented my prediabetes, caused by PCOS caused by a benign pituitary tumour, from developing further for absolutely no reason. No association what so ever apparently. I do agree that fruits and vegetables do aid in preventing chronic disease but to say an entire vegetarian or vegan diet does the same based on that concept doesn’t add up. I guess we’ll find out after more research. Thank God for research is all I can say.

  472. Danielle H

    Let thy food be thy medicine
    ..every food bearing plant is our medicine thank GOD no lie can live forever

  473. zeco loco

    All docs now a days are evil, dentist are evil, lawyers are evil, governments are evil. Rich people are evil. Same with Dr.Oz

  474. NurseMyk

    Travis hears rice when someone says carbs. Was his Mic malfunctioning?

  475. Mako Yuhara

    Honestly thank you so much Dr.Garth Davis and Kip for representing the truth. The doctors (the “doctors” Beside Dr.Garth Davis) were so immature and obviously don’t know how to have a discussion or debate because there was obviously TOO MUCH SCIENCE on the tip of their tongues. I just can’t understand how they could just flat out lie like that. I also hate the whole “vegan agenda” thing. What would be our agenda? Since when was spreading truth, science, ethics, and wellness a bad thing? What money do we make from this? God. People are so emotionally driven and speak such UTTER bullshit. Bless you guys Kip and Dr.Garth Davis. I wouldn’t have been able to keep my cool.

  476. Jeramey Schaffner

    All of this is laughable… plant base vs high fat and they are both wrong…it’s starches grains, breads, legumes, pastas that is the problem for diabetes, heart disease and other big health problems.

    I was diabetic, high blood pressure and on testosterone shots 5 months ago… at 315 pounds wearing size 46 pants and xxxl shirts.

    I started a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting eating high fat, moderate protein and less than 20 carbs a day.. I eat low glycemic load carbs…mostly plants..cabbage, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, carrots, cucumber etc..

    For my fat and protein mostly from meats..steak, chicken, salmon, butter,eggs, heavy whipping cream, olive oil, lard.

    I am no longer on any medications 5 months later..blood suger daily from 70 to 90.. no more high blood pressure medication and off testosterone shots.

    I am currently at 220 pounds size 36 pants and large shirt..

    Processed suger, breads, pasta are the problem people…

    1. Derek Adair

      Good to hear you have your diabetes under control with the LCHF diet. Processed foods and sugar I agree is making people unhealthy and overweight but the others don’t correlate when you look at the diets of the healthiest countries and Blue Zone pockets around the planet with diets often starch based.

      I myself now 58 eat a lot of starchy plant food high in calories and glycemic load, I have never had a weight or health issue related to my starchy diet, my fat content in my diet I wouldn’t call high or low. I do have mitral valve prolapse and last year started getting chest pain when my heart rate was elevated. After a number of tests didn’t show the cause of the issue I put it down to my MVP which can sometimes get symptoms with MVP and chest pain is one of the most common symptoms.

      Start of September my wife and I changed our diet cutting out all diary and cutting right back on oil. Four weeks later the chest pains stopped, now one and a half months on and I haven’t had any pain when I get out on my mtb rides. I have swapped saturated fat from dairy in my diet for good fats.

      Like you I also do intermittent fasting, a 12hr feast/fast I don’t eat after 7pm and 3 to 4 time a week do a 90 minute fasted mtb ride before breakfast with heart rate around 70% of my max to help burn off fat and teach my muscles to store and release glucose more efficiently. I can ride 3 and 4 hours now fasted or unfasted with just water and no need for refueling during the ride.

      Our All Blacks rugby team have adapted a LCHF diet but they stop short of going ketogenic.

  477. Raider Zacc

    Funny, I cut carbs and I lost weight, and got healthier. I think eating 3 meals a day with snacks is what causing the problems.

  478. Just DeWitt

    Thank you for this debate “The DR’s” are full of it. perfect example of Doctors not biting the hand that is feeding them.

  479. Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News

    thank you for sharing this!!!! MISs you guys ; ) PS the Doctors show is a sold out pathetic joke (as are the doctors..sorry not sorry!) and we know Dr Lustig but he’s got half his story wrong.

  480. Rebecca Hutcheson

    I say a plant-based diet can turn your life around. as a critical care nurse for 12 and a half years when I got sick myself and the medicine that I was taking made my life worse in order to turn my life around I took it back to what the father of medicine HIPPOCRATES said ” let food be thy medicine and Medicine be thy food. ” the doctors who signed the “Hippocratic Oath “have totally been brainwashed by the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY 2 totally alleviate Hippocrates healing.. what is happening now in medicine is completely for the” medical industrial complex” to make money it isn’t about healing the human body anymore. so I packed up and I walked away from the poisons that are being fed to our patients. I will say that emergency medicine can save your life but you need to stay out of the medical system and learn how to treat your ailments with the food and herbs . live food has live enzymes that nourish the cells in your body if your body can grow a baby you have to think about how genius the cell is….
    Analogy would be just like a car you can have a beautiful car you can have wonderful interior great sound system but if you don’t have fuel in that car or the proper fuel let’s say you put gas with a little bit of water in it, do you think the car will run good for you? you have to treat the human body with clean fuel “clean food .”
    fuel is live enzymatic food the more raw you can eat the more healthy you will become.
    I will say that meat isn’t necessarily your enemy if the meat is pasture-raised with no vaccinations and no antibiotics or it is wild-caught but you cannot take in anything that is given antibiotics vaccinations they are all based on fungus antibiotics are on mycotoxin you can Google this yourself it is a deadly toxin . fungus reproduces in animals and humans which we are just two legged animals. the animals are given growth hormones and you are taking them in.. if you have tumors it will cause them to grow there’s so much going on with our food and water and our medication (POISON) that is too much to even start to right here, but what you have to know is your health is your responsibility.
    we didn’t have all the cancer the autism it all Alzheimer the diabetes. And all these crazy diseases that we have now majority of all things have been created… AIDS is lab-created you can even Google this one. cancer is a fungus and it was proven In 1902 and more so even after those early years. do you think they’re going to acknowledge it ? no because that’s an easy fix .this is a trillion dollar a year industry you will never have a “cure for healing” they only “treat and suppress”.

  481. YBVeto World

    They are not “The Doctors”… They are “Pharaoh” High Priests

  482. Evol M3

    Great post. When it all comes down, it’s money. Who funds who and for doctors to lie and not back up their studies with independent non funded studies on live television with viewers who believe these guys cuz they are PHYSICIANS…man….thank you Kip for speaking out and showing people real data and having great support especially from Dr Garth.

  483. pgrothschild

    Eerily similar to the smoking giants that panicked, avoided and ignored the facts and repeated over and over again that smoking wasn’t bad for you.

    We all know how that worked out for them.

  484. dreamsdo cometrue

    I’m proud of Dr Davis and Kip, I can’t believe I used to look up to those 2 biased Doctors and that ‘industry funded’ nutritionist on the panel

  485. zapowee

    Lol, My grand mother and my wife’s grandmother lived to their late ninty’s and ate eggs every morning of their lives. You Cherry pick through the whole debate which is typical of most vegan propaganda. If the vegan diet is the optimal (God given) diet why do you need to supplemet B12, your channel bores me.

  486. Tricia Morrow

    I didn’t watch the video but I’m going to now! I don’t watch the Doctor’s, much but now I won’t be watching it at all!

  487. vintagenow

    It makes me really sad that Docs would bury the truth…so scary 🙁

  488. JB95

    Im 22 and talking from experience. A plant based diet is the way to go. It feeds your body the right bacteria to digest and absorb nutrients. I have meat as a cheat meal which I’M fine with. When I was eating meat all the time my metabolism was so slow that I was always bloated and in pain on my left side of my stomach. I started eating fruit/veggi like crazy and saw my metabolism shoot back up and I took a lax to speed up the process. Now I’m back to my happy self and pushing more iron in the gym. Try it for a month and don’t be scared to season your food.

  489. JB95

    It’s crazy how hard they discredited dr sebi but want to hop on the train now.

  490. zhonestguy

    Sugar isn’t that nasty devil that everyone makes it out to be. It’s hard to make the argument of them being “unnatural” and “bad” when the human body has a process named Glycolysis. Too much sugar does in fact influence diabetes (That’s not new science), but that’s when it is taken by itself without proper amounts of fiber being considered in the conclusion. I’ve generally agreed with Dr. Davis’ views, but his presentation was very poor. It’s not hard to appear a winner when you never give the other side a chance to complete a full sentence. If you want to go vegan because you think it’ll heal you, go for it. It’s wishful and inaccurate, but it’s your body and concern to no one else but you.

    Overall, What the Health was hard to take seriously. I liked their intentions, but some of the claims they made in there were so far beyond bullshit, it managed to surpass even pseudoscience.

    My message? Do your own research, don’t listen to this movie, and don’t listen to hardcore vegans and vegetarians who tell you that greens contain all of the essential nutrients because sadly, they don’t. The human body is complex, but most of the major functions have been proven through beating the scientific dead horse. Don’t fight it and don’t try to reinvent it; instead, look at ways in which you can simply use the info to you’re physiological advantage.

  491. Kris John

    I have not completely gone vegan but, decreased meat to just a few times a week. I feel so much better!!! Losing weight still, and less inflammation. Much less!! Thank you

  492. thefamilymixx

    It’s so obvious why the Doctors are so defensive because they know they are dead wrong & it’s scary.

  493. Tas J

    I converted to raw plant based after watching WTH. I’m not turning back and I’m promoting the movement.

  494. Maria Mootoo

    These dr”s are obviously being paid by the meat and dairy industry… Such complete bullshit .. The world makes more money by keeping their people sick . It is all about money.

  495. A Subjective Perspective

    ?? she’s falling asleep 6:47

  496. Kalashnikov Cortez

    Dr Lustig is a shill for the meat industry, no doubt. Goes to show that even a physician can be gun for hired

  497. FirstName Last

    1600 calories is not a deficit for children. I am an adult who is small and when I’m not pregnant I eat 1400 calories a day and that maintains my weight and I feel overly full most of the time.

  498. FirstName Last

    But to say sugar isn’t bad is ridiculous.

  499. godless 789

    This video is dumb on so many levels.
    The stupid doctor you fight in it says more true statements than you guys. Even though he is dumb too. You guys are just dumber.

  500. Inspire

    Vegetarians and cognitive bias. Yes eating plants is healthy, also meat and fat. Industrialized, refined, modified food are not.

  501. Alexandra Montclare

    Travis dr travis stop you have disappointed me personally . I watched you on the batchler and loved you … Tell me how much ego you and your colleges have to have to posture that you had intelligence of something you have never studied .. tell me in collage how much did you learn about nutrition ????? non to an hour .. dont believe what the people that are behind the scenes the government the meat and dairy and the oil industries and bif pharm!!! whom give pay to the doctors!
    you are a victim of the old way of thinking because their is no money in being healthy helping the planet and being kind to the animals might be a thought you should ponder.. and while your pondering remember when doctors used to prescribe cigarettes for breathing problems ! or drilled a hole in a womens head for hysteria …. need to reign in the ego uneducated doctors

  502. Lance Pillay

    Thank you Dr Davis and Kip for exposing the food industry, you helping people to live better lives and longer healthy lives and look younger, the food industry are evil they just care about making money.. And pays a share to the government to give it the go ahead, so the government can make millions off them

  503. Bunghole35

    Dr Garth is totally wrong protein doesn’t spike the up insulin levels. I went on a Keto diet for 6 months my sugar levels went down and maintained a healthy level. Just buy eating fats, protein and veg no starchy carbs or fruits.

  504. Serena Crismali

    This reminds me why I refuse to watch “Doctors” and most television programs.

  505. Quiet Storm

    Lol I love to see good overtake evil. Doctors are so corrupt man all they care about is keeping you sick so they can keep money in they pockets. Selfish buttwhipes and worthless human beings smh plant based is obviously better and idk why they still trying to brainwash people into thinking anything different.

  506. D J

    What the Health helped so many people and lead me to become a fake vegan.

  507. Sturm Reiter

    Wait a minute, did Lustig just say at 8:30 that when they replaced sugar with starch that things got better? The movie isn’t saying people should consume sugar for good health. The movie is trying to point out that sugar, alone, is not the direct cause of diabetes. There is a difference between gulping down sugary drinks and eating starches. Starch = carbs, does it not? And the movie is saying starches aren’t a big deal; fat is. Lustig just proved their point.

  508. Bernard Popp

    Everybody’s at war …the culture is sick from sin.

  509. Ham Som

    Not even real scientist nor doctors… just a bunch of cry babies trying to be the next Mr. Right just to write and sell some books.

  510. nevadaxtube

    Misinformation and propaganda are cornerstones of the art of deception. The tobacco industry for decades used this tactic to deny science. The same tactics have been used by climate change deniers and politicians. The so called merchants of doubt have used confusion and lies to advance their agenda. The same is done in the multi-billion dollar food industry. They try to muddy the waters so much they they create doubt in the mind of the public. If the doubt exists, they can continue the lies and maintain their profits for many years. Clearly, the meat, dairy and egg industries do not want their profits threatened by scientific evidence so they wage a misinformation war to mislead and deceive.

  511. Annie Stoppelbein

    It’s just…. even if you take the whole health debate out, shouldnt we do it for the animals? If it’s proven that we CAN survive and even thrive on a plantbased diet, and not unecessarily kill billions of animals, then shouldn’t we?

  512. llegumesV

    Don’t mess with Dr Garth.!! All these meat and dairy shills are scared of the damm truth. GOVEGAN!!!!

  513. Greg Risinger

    He won’t let anyone talk. Because he knows he will get owned. Your only answer is who funded the study. Doctors see vegans all the time and they know the truth.

  514. Phillip Gonzalez

    Without GOD there is no science

  515. Peter Gee

    i love this video

  516. Blu Pyxi

    These so called “doctors” are so warped! It’s about fat yes however it’s the sugar and refined carb addiction that draws you in in the first place! We eat LESS FOOD when we omit refined carbs PERIOD!

  517. Kim Johnson

    Sugar does cause diabetes and cancer! I work in a pharmacy and most people that get diabetes medication are the ones who ate processed food and vegetarians. Personally I eat meat, eggs, butter and my triglycerides is 42.

  518. Blu Pyxi

    The Inuit, folks (aka Eskimo)

  519. Natural Revolution

    YES, plant-based diets are much better for a person. BUT, to make a claim that sugar doesn’t cause diabetes and other diseases are irresponsible. Also, the meat that people eat now in the 21st century is vastly different from the meat we ate prior to the industrialized farming that is taking place and has rBGH (a genetically engineered artificial hormone injected into dairy cows) along with livestock eating a GMO diet. These are huge co-factors of disease unlike we’ve ever seen before in history.

    I believe the overall message of the doc had great intentions, but the fear that it put into people doesn’t serve them but rather is using fear to bring forth the message. Using fear begets fear which further puts us all in a state of fear-based living (stress), which strays us away from what could otherwise serve our higher selves us all in the long run.

    In the end, it’s up to the individual to make their own decision whether they’ll choose an ethical, sustainable, compassionate and healthier lifestyle eating more plant-based foods (organic as possible) to feel good in every way possible.

  520. LefkiosG

    How are they different to creationists and flat earthers? They are the same, they are not willing to change their mind in presence of evidence, they just want to believe one thing and evidence doesn’t matter. Except when “evidence” supports their argument. These people would have put Darwin on the stake for claiming we descended from apes.

  521. Dawn W

    Transitioned to WFPB over the past 7 Year’s. Went from size 10 to 2 and feel absolutely incredible. So much energy. Keep doing!!!

  522. Mc later

    Hey kids, eat all the sugar you want. You’ll have no teeth left by the time you’re 10 years old. But hey, at least you’ll be vegan. ?

  523. Javier Martinez

    Okinawans are the most healthiest people in the world with their diets and let’s not Forget the biggest piece of the Puzzle…. And nobody talks about. Water!!

  524. upliftspirits

    The show was an educational moment for us viewers; who want healthy bodies and mind!!??✅???? Will be on the plant based diet for sure!!? What do sick people have to loose??….Sick bodies and minds!!???

  525. Tracy

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  526. Kayla Dukes

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  527. John Galt

    Paid for by the sugar industry.

  528. matrixlone

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    I thought Dr Garth Davis did a great job debating because he seemed to have actually read everything and was prepared.

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  531. Conscious Soul Boutique

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  533. Lauren Smolic

    Thank you for this video!! Its so wonderful to hear people defend natural health by plants!

  534. Angeleen Smith

    I no longer have respect for the “doctors” show. It’s obvious who’s pays their checks ?. Thank you for making this video. What the Health changed my life ❤️??

  535. Raul Bonilla Navarro

    Omfg I cannot stand vegan bullshitters. I’d love to reread those studies indicating that meat was directly responsible for colon cancer. I’d love to know total caloric intake for those ppl as well what the meat what eaten with. Daily micro and fiber intake and family health history.

  536. Red Headed Kayla

    Vegan hero. ????

  537. Ameen Sh

    I am not sure if this show deserves the title THE DOCTORS. More like, THE MONEY MAKERS. Seriously, can you not lie and or use industry funded studies?

  538. Alvin Jones

    I think he not only challenged them but defended his position with facts

  539. Skylar Z

    Thank you, Klaus! Dr. Garth Davis is absolutely amazing! ❤️

  540. SMILF Club

    Dr.berg should be on this show

  541. Annette Deming

    Thank you, Dr. Garth Davis and Kip, for valuing science and medical studies through unbiased means. I too was skeptical at first having also grown up with the ideologies that sugar and carbs were bad. I decided to do my own experiment. After spending 3 months on a whole-food diet, I sort of felt that I was headed down the road to a vegan lifestyle. I have since adopted a complete whole-food, plant-based diet. I have been doing this since the beginning of October. I have lost 15 lbs. already in 3 weeks eating potatoes, bread, pasta, and honey in my coffee. I don’t drink soda and I am not an active exerciser. I’m a believer.

  542. sweetpaow

    I’m just thinking- what would they have said if they talked about cowspiracy or earthlings

  543. sweetpaow

    What is it with the sugar that can reverse diabetes? or did I understand wrong?

    1. Derek Adair

      It the high level of saturated animal fat consumed today that’s inhibiting the body to utilize the sugar so it stays in the blood stream. Google ‘saturated fat cause diabetes’

  544. Nathalie Menard Calvano

    this show makes me mad because they don’t want to listen and try to understand what this doctor is saying

  545. Liz Q

    Hopefully, one day, eating animals will be a thing of the past.

  546. Xymo Nau

    It’s a shame he got obviously angry, but he was wiping the floor with them, except they kept cutting him off. The trick is to harness your anger into energy and not defense, and that is a very difficult thing to do, but it makes for a stronger response. I’m not sure I could have weathered all that. The Doctors is such a cheap – and industry funded – show, and the old guy on there is clearly alcoholic. They are a show for entertainment, and watchers will turn off in droves if you are not making them feel good about their bad choices. They bear a huge responsibility to the gullible public, and they are killing people. It will be interesting to see them all in the future and what kills them, especially the old alcoholic. This documentary has been attacked so often that it is obviously having a positive effect. but misery and vested interests love company, and they will fight it all the way. Well done Dr Davis, and don’t stop.

  547. jamie5mauser

    I think ppl are misinterpreting that it’s the vegan part rather than the whole foods part that is helping ppl. It’s not the veganism that’s important.. It’s the whole food consumption! There’s a big difference between wild game and commercial sausage and lunch meats. He’s absolutely using a correlation

  548. nicole talbott

    I’d stopped watching both The Doctors and Dr. Oz sometime ago as I feel they’ve become sellouts and have huge conflicts of interest due to pressure from advertisers and industry

  549. Day DelaC

    This is good stuff… I’m not a vegan but I think plant based is the new medicine. There are so many health professionals following industries that are obviously correlated with certain diseases, so studies will always be biased. Meat and sugars taste way better than plants. And most of us will choose taste over health. As simple of that.

  550. Ras Mus

    This impressively shows how relevant the topic diet and food choices is. Millions and billions of MONEY are made in the food industries. Critiques can heat up extremely…
    Just wow.

    Still I have the feeling the debate was uneven…

  551. Mila Suljagic

    It changed me. I became vegan after 30 years of eating meat… I would NEVER go back. EVER.

  552. Gjermund Kristiansen

    From a rhetoric point of view Garth Davis and Kip Anderson where set up to fail this debate.
    The critics of What the health are sitting higher up on a podium and with Lustig on a huge screen all facing the audience, while Garth and Kip are sitting much closer to the floor with their backs to the audience. This sets a stage where the critics have a overpowering advantage. In adition to this they outnumber them wich further gives the critics the advantage.
    Along wtith other things in the same line of thinking makes Garth and Kip the small underdog and the critics the larger and more grounded voice in this debate.

    I still think Garth and Kip carried themselves well and answered pretty good for them selves, even if the debate got to heated and spun a bit out of control. But hey, it`s a TV show, so it has to be entertaining.

  553. Loxley81

    Robert Lustig ? “Lustig” means “funny” in German. That guy is definitely funny…

  554. Roxanna Sanchez

    great job on presenting the information. I was unaware of this but now I’m never watching The Doctors again!

  555. Vince Jones

    Vegans are some of the most angry people in the world …???

  556. Vince Jones

    In the mood for steak just watching this video …??

  557. Taunya Morson-Peuplie

    If nothing else it made them question it I think that’s what it boils down to is question everything don’t take anybody’s word for it on any topic whether it be food or career or politics or anything do your own research form your own opinion and stand by It Whatever It Is there isn’t even really need for a debate I honor all paths and respect everybody’s decision even if I don’t follow it myself and that’s totally fine I think that’s what it really boils down to is that it made everybody who watched it question their own actions Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror you looked at yourself you decided if you were okay with it and if you are that’s cool and if you’re not you made a change and maybe it felt better and maybe it didn’t maybe you need more research maybe you don’t maybe you don’t want to change a damn thing but at least you thought about it maybe you want to change everything and that’s cool too but it got question no more of the passed down to follow the leader and to me that’s a win-win right there no matter what the results were no matter what is true or not true no matter whose opinion is swaying what way at least people had an opportunity to examine their own behavior their own choices and their own lifestyle how that came out is an individual result and that’s just fine

  558. Kim Lim Chin

    Vegan diet is good. But what the health is the most ridiculous thing in the world

  559. Nothingness

    When you eat meat your skull become thick.

  560. Cesar Recinos

    Best way to debate; try a well rounded and balance VEGAN diet for 2 weeks;

    See how you feel in 2 weeks? You be the judge

  561. kxvinninezero

    Clearly this was an attempt to get a bunch of animal eating apologists to gang up on Dr. Garth Davis. They should put everyone on what the health vs everyone attacking Dr. Davis.

  562. darrene2002

    Animal protein cause diabetes omg rofl thats hilarious. Do explain how it does that.

  563. Nina Jey

    I was vegetarian for 13 years, a Dr convinced me that I needed meat or I was gona die lol… 2 years later I have never been so sick in my life. I’m back to being vegetarian, my health is slowly improving. I’m not switching over to vegan.
    it’s all about profits…

  564. google using animal

    ??Dr Garth is so sexy when he all hyped up and passionate ?? I wish I could meet him ??

  565. brandon day

    3:00 cholesterol and diabetes are not the same thing. I have been doing the ketogenic diet by the letter (75% healthy fats, 20% white meat protein, 5% vegetable carbs, 0% sugar) for 6.25 months at the time of those comment. At the 5.5 month mark, I had blood and urine tests done in a lab and tested by 3 doctors. They tested everything, I even requested additional things be tested. Of the 40 or so things tested, there was not 1 thing unhealthy, except for the amount of albumin levels in my urine, indicating a UTI I was already aware of. When the seasons changed, I sneezed twice and that was it. That’s how healthy I am. At 3:06, the doctor mentioned a protein based diet. That is the adkin’s diet. I do ketogenic. 2 weeks ago, I went off my diet for experiment’s sake (eating sandwiches, ice cream, pastries). I had a weigh-in at the hospital yesterday. I had lost another 5.1 pounds of fat within those 2 weeks!!!! That is the power of ketogenic dieting. Once your body adapts to the battery fuel source, it doesn’t even look at the gasoline. The gasoline is just thrown away. Healthy fats, by the way, are oils (some of them). They are lubricants. Arterial plaque is caused by insulin binding to blood sugar. Research this stuff people. At the beginning, the one doc says that fat and carbs are never together in nature. Exactly. Fat and protein are essential nutrients. Carbohydrates are not. When you do not consume enough glucose (fructose is the bad kind of sugar), your kidneys will process the body fat as fuel. The kidney metabolizes the fat, producing ketones (ketone bodies). Your brain preferrs ketones, and the other cells of the body can use them just as well as glucose. There are 4 calories per gram of sugar (a type of carb), compared to 9 for fat. Which means that ketone production is 225% as efficient than carbs. Because sugar is used as “nitro” for the body, sugar makes a person hyper then crash. Fat is used when walking. Sugar is used when running. Thus, fat is more stable, cleaner, more natural for modern society needs. If you have any comments, questions or concerns let me know. My fiance and I will be making a channel just for this subject. We want to know what you guys think 🙂

    1. brandon day

      the guy said “meat based, animal based diet”. that means a predominate focus on meat from animals. animals arent made of plants or bread. they are mostly protein with some fat thrown in and water, blood, calcium etc etc. for the sake of diets, when one says “meat based”, you know they are talking about protein. that said, yes you can get all the protein you need in life out of plants. there are plenty of healthy life-long vegans and vegetarians. when you say “meat based”, you arent talking about plants dude. you arent talking about bread. you arent talking about butter. you arent talking about water. you are talking about beef, chicken, fish….ya know….animals….ya know….things that have a lot of protein but absolutely no seeds. btw, to your comment “only plants can produce protein”: what do you think steak has??? what do you think DNA is? DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a nucleic acid, composed of phosphate and sugar groups, with purine and pyrimidine bases. However, it does bind to proteins called ‘histones’. Proteins are comprised of one or more chains of amino acids bonded together. DNA and proteins are key molecules of the cell nucleus.DNA’s instructions are used to make proteins in a two-step process. First, enzymes read the information in a DNA molecule and transcribe it into an intermediary molecule called messenger ribonucleic acid, or mRNA. Next, the information contained in the mRNA molecule is translated into the “language” of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. This language tells the cell’s protein-making machinery the precise order in which to link the amino acids to produce a specific protein. This is a major task because there are 20 types of amino acids, which can be placed in many different orders to form a wide variety of proteins. […proteins] also assist with the formation of new molecules by reading the genetic information stored in DNA. (Everything I just said about DNA was pulled off about a dozen un-releated websites, including a .gov site.

      I really hate to be condescending, but meat and vegi have protein, but meat has more than vegi. when someone focuses on meat, they are focusing on heavy protein. i think this clears up the matter quite nicely for anyone honest enough to care about logic

    2. Derek Adair

      Not to me. Protein based diet can be plant or animal based. Only plants can produce protein (amino acids) not animals. Protein in a cow is comes from their protein based diet. Blue Zone area shows their 15% protein is from 5% meat base, 10% plant base

    3. brandon day

      2:58 “builds up the amount of fat in the blood” = cholesterol (that one I may have misinterpreted)
      3:00 – 3:02 “typical meat based animal based diet” = protein based diet
      simple enough?

    4. Derek Adair

      +brandon day at 3:00 in the video there is no mention of cholesterol or at 3:06 no mention of protein based diet. It’s not cholesterol or protein causing diabetes, Google “saturated fat cause diabetes”. A ketogenic diet to me seems unnatural with our body design. We burn two fuel types, sugar being the bodies natural primary fuel source unless you go on a carbed starvation type diet like ketogenic. The planet’s Blue Zone world’s longest lived people diet on average is only 5% from meat. 65% carbs, 20% fat, 15% protein. The recent Pure study suggested moderate consumption of fats, carbohydrates best for health not one extreme or the other.

  566. Julie Chavez

    I really hate this. Not the plant based side, but the other side. This makes people confused and when people are confused, they choose a side they are already familiar with. This is what they do. It is common sense, that a plant based diet, is the only diet for humans. If we need to survive, then we take the necessary measures, but we are not in that state.
    Some day, the world will see that this is the truth.

  567. Lifenunderstanding

    What the health documentary changed my whole life thanks kip keep it up

  568. Food Lies

    This is absurd. All backwards. How do you think we survived for millions of years eating animals and wild vegetables if meat is so bad?

  569. tickyul

    One egg equals 5 filtharettes…………..LMFAO, yeah, I totally believe that!!!!!!

  570. Cynthia Hammett

    I don’t think it was fun or entertaining at all. If anything it was confusing the situation more. I’m vegan and plant based and it is my proof because I’m off all medications and feel better delaying my confinement to a nursing home.

  571. Ashlee Pyanowski

    Love this breakdown of the debate!

  572. Bella Femme

    All these doctors are so scared that people will wakeup  and become healthy. If people eat right and take care of themselves they wont need doctors, eating right means no sick patients for these pill pushing doctors. I’ve been in the health care field for over 13yrs and the way the doctors lie to their patients is disgusting.

  573. Butterfly Garcia

    The Drs show. I am Dr hear me roar they count on us staying stuck on stupid. But a lot of people have stood up for themselves.

  574. Liam Adams

    Dr. Davis and Kip, well done!! You guys conducted yourselves as true professionals.

  575. Jade brice

    They call themselves doctors ?

  576. trevor uttley

    Every animal in this world is directly or indirectly a vegetarian. The problem is humans interfering with nature. If a cow eats good food then you can eat the cow. What some people don’t realise is that plants make meat, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a vegetarian or a omnivore as long as the food is good and not tampered with. Having said this a vegan diet will always be the best for humans.

  577. julebugmama

    All I know is that I’m living proof. 3 months ago I turned vegan, and I just received my blood test results. I dropped 39 points off of my cholesterol, so I no longer have to listen to the Dr telling me I need cholesterol medicine, even though I wouldn’t have taken it anyway. And I dropped 27 points off of my glucose, because I was diagnosed as “prediabetic”. 50 percent of my diet consists of fruit with only about 35-40 percent from vegetables with 10 percent from nuts, grains and legumes. I have consumed the most sugar everyday in my life then I ever have, and I dropped 27 points! But I don’t consume any animal products at all. And I don’t have cravings anymore either. I think it speaks for itself. At least for me it does. Peace and love, everyone, and take care of yourselves.

  578. Ashly

    I think if they made a point about fructose in the whole fruit form over the added processed form they could’ve done alot better. It clouds the whole argument from that point. Excess sugar and calories, processed foods, animal products, trans and saturated oils etc everyone pretty much agrees are bad right. Except if you can’t give up meat or don’t want or w/e than really limit it , and to like fish and chicken unprocessed.

  579. Ashly

    Why do they push bs like sugar is fine? It’s all bad isn’t it added sugar, trans and saturated fat, cholesterol etc.

  580. Manny Radzky

    Sorry buddy, you took a one sided approach to your vid. There was no balance to your presentation.

  581. Mike Berhane

    Research shows excess sugar is converted to fat in the body. It also suggests that fat causes diabetes and premature aging. I don’t understand why they chose to say sugar (even though converts to fat) does not cause diabetes when they’re clearly admitting fat causes it. What the health is a compelling documentary with some solid facts but throwing in these types of information does make it seem biased.

  582. Just thoughts really

    What the Health was very biased which has damaged the credibility of vegan advocacy. One example was the woman who had advanced arthritis where Kip explained that she had bone-on-bone rubbing. Suddenly in two weeks she can walk again fine. Advanced arthritis where the bones are now just rubbing together in contact cannot be fixed by a brief change in diet. The cartilage does not grow back. A friend of mine who’s on the cusp of going vegan was so offended by the bias in this film that it’s made him more sceptical than ever.

  583. Kenneth Allen

    Misleading. I don’t need a bias narrative.

  584. Ivan D

    Yes!! Dr Garth Davis strikes again!!he’s the Luke Skywalker of nutrition science! Absolutely annihilating these pseudo tobacco science cherry picking snake oil merchants.. He totally won that debate with pure logical reasoning and real objective peer review to back his claim’s! Totally shredded the Drs just like he shredded that ass hat vanilla ice wannabe.. ??

  585. John Stratus

    anyone who adopts a “vegan” diet for health reasons isn’t a true vegan. vegans are people who believe that anyone who does not share their moral values has a double standard regarding ethnics and they use rhetoric to push this narrative and they do this to avoid the realisation of the fatuousness of their sacrifice.

    what vegans don’t seem to understand is that non vegans eat “vegan” food too, they just include meat and dairy. there is not one shred of science which proves that people who eat a healthy balanced diet and include meet and dairy in moderation are going to be unhealthy.

  586. Ashraf Iqbal


  587. corymartin1967

    Any publicity is good publicity

  588. Mahmoud Eledrissi

    i went vegan when i watched this whats the health documentary and really i thought i could last one month and now i am so scared to get back eating meat, diary or egg, go vegan i am loving it.

  589. EbronahHisD1 RRP

    WOW ? Great info ?????

  590. Ryan Thomas

    @2:00 number 10 on the list is suicide-self harm. Being a vegan will prevent suicide, OK. When you make false claims it negates everything else that might be good.

    1. Nephie Hazel

      Ryan Thomas going vegan helps with depression. It helps balance the chemicals the right way. There are videos on it look them up

  591. SevenRayedGod

    Can someone answer this question for me?
    What the health states that saturated fat clogs the cells preventing absorption of the sugar leading to diabetes. Then why does an insulin shot help a diabetic? If the cells are clogged that sugar has nowhere to go with or without the insulin????

  592. James Wood

    Eating meat is just out right stupid.

  593. papparocket

    I think Dr. Davis and all the other plant-based doctors should come into these “events” with two big fat folders, one with the real non-industry studies showing the health promoting effects of a whole plant based diet as well as the real studies documenting the disease promoting effects of animal foods and refined plant fats, and the other with the fake science studies funded by industry. Then when these industry shills (I will not call them doctors) claim that there aren’t any causal studies or that some study shows that eggs are good for us he doesn’t have to say a single word. Just dig into the appropriate folder and pull out a copy of the appropriate study, read the title, researchers, funding source, and key conclusions. When these frauds understand that they can’t get away with their deceptions maybe Stork and Lustig will just start telling what the best science is saying. Of course on that very same day pigs will sprout wings and take flight.

  594. Jamil Meskoukouh

    Team what the health

  595. Mark Anthony Lisica

    Oh this isn’t biased at all…
    Just keep cutting off the POV you don’t agree with

  596. Skankhuntt 42

    Carbs kill!

  597. D Isaac Faddis

    Wow prophecy being fulfilled 1 Timothy 4: 3 ” 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.”

  598. Rachel Remy

    Not surprised the Docs felt this way. Big Pharma has trained them from education to profession into looking the other way on plant based diets. They really don’t think there is a correlation. They are only trained to medicate and cut

  599. Jazmin Aron

    It’s crazy how these so called educated physicians are supporting the very industries that cause most of the problems we are facing in our world. And when you are an awake conscious being, you see through the ego-based mentality and it’s really disturbing.

    To people, I say, just simply ask yourself whether it is aligned in your heart and the very core of your being to cause the suffering of others for unnecessary means.

  600. shon

    Im confused. I dont know what to do now

  601. dreamdoll1988

    bottom line dont trust paid doctors 😉 lol paid by egg and meat companys to promote there product and not to help your health at all.

  602. everyday316

    Love your work man… Keep it up. (Oreos arent vegan though)

  603. Ginger Rogers

    They are afraid to get sued remember went Oprah got sued by the cattleman

  604. Ginger Rogers

    Dr stork is behind the timrs

  605. Cindy A

    “The Doctors” are bullies…the way they are up on the stage and Dr. Davis and Kip have to argue their side from the audience. The Doctors will just keep changing their mind on what is healthy to sell a new book. Been plant based for two years and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  606. mabbz

    These guys need do try being vegan and see how they feel
    I used to love this show but now im disappointed in them

  607. Teresa Pacelli

    My husband and I are two of those individuals whose lives have been completely changed as a result of the research and work that Kip and all the Dr’s put into the documentary “What the Health”. We started 8/8/2017 on a wfpb diet – collectively we have lost over 35 pounds without trying – meaning we aren’t “dieting” – we are EATING and a LOT. I have struggled with my weight all my life – doomed to the conditions of my parents and now I know and feel FREEDOM. We have shared this documentary with everyone who we come into contact with not to “convince them” but to let them do the research that they need to do to make smarter choices. Kip is right – this documentary is a wonderful PUBLIC service. He has all of our support to continue to educate! Focus on the evidence | the evidence does not lie.

  608. Maria Checo


  609. rising surfer

    If a study is funded by an industry, does it mean that the researchers who conduct the study are necessarily biased towards the industry?

  610. NKB GUY

    I actually didn’t mean to refer to Dr.Davis in that broad statement I made. He is actually the 1 Dr. In the video I believe

  611. Michel

    Of course meat are not bad or unhealthy. A majority plant based diet with some animal product is just fine and might be the healthiest way to live. Eat meat 1-3 times a week and some egg the other days and youll be just fine. Not every meal every day

  612. Nancy Arellano

    Im am totally confused with the whole damn thing!
    I personally want to lose 80 lbs fast..whats the fastest and most best way to do it??
    People have done it…but how..cause for me..nothinv works i stay at 274!!

  613. Paul Harris

    Any documentary with Dr Michael Gregor makes me gringe, ones diet should not be motivated by morality but by facts. Do you know how many animals are killed with agricultural farming practices? The documentary is so cherry picked in data and people interviewed, it was an immediate toss out the window for myself, someone that knows the truth. And comparing an egg to 5 cigarettes, are you F&%ing kidding me? Stupid video, and supporting the video has made me come to unsubscribe to this channel… and yes, I am a plant based eater, but deal in facts only, not on emotions or ‘side picking’ that seems like that is all either vegans or meat eaters do. Follow the science, not these wanna be You Tubers that are taking a side without all the facts and backing videos and documentaries that are SO one sided. Good luck and good health people, just use common sense and you will be fine, and keep your eggs range free and you will be better than fine (cough cough not!)…

  614. Daniel Mahoney

    Dr Davis is my new hero! I just wish he had had Dr McDougall there as his wingman…

  615. Mark Troughton

    Simples, just don’t buy meat and the market will follow the money

  616. Mark Troughton

    The strength of resistance means it’s making waves amongst those who have a vested interest

  617. Ray K

    Debate Sv3rige

  618. Javier Stroud

    5 likes and over 150 dislikes says it all. Metabolic syndrome is caused by sugar, processed carbs and lastly too many calories, in that order of importance. Big food has been fooling us all for years.


      5000 likes #JustSaying

  619. SeaLisa

    “I actually have friends that are vegans and all they eat are processed sugary foods”. Does that strike anyone as a dopey statement? Use common sense and listen to your body!

  620. Marco

    After 2 years of low-carb “healthy” meat/eggs/fish and vegetables (no junk no sugar) that almost killed me and 10 months whole plant based, tons of beans starches veggies fruits nuts and seeds (no junk, no integration pills) and FASTING, during which my body went into such an impressive (positive) transformation..I AM BIASED too! They can invent any crazy fantasy research that proves we should eat tons of eggs and fear the carbs…if you do sport, in a serious manner, can’t really neglect the evidences. I was badly biased when following that unnatural animal-based nutrition despite the huuuge signs my body sent.. Dr. Davis (and Campbell, Greger, Bernard, Fuhrman, McDougall) thank you!!

  621. NandBLong

    Dr Garth is amazing!

  622. George Harmony

    Good job kip dr.garth plant based news anji ryan