Eat These Ingredients to Slow The Aging Process | Naomi Whittel on Health Theory

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This week’s guest on Health Theory is Naomi Whittel. Naomi is the New York Times bestselling author of Glow 15, a Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight, Revitalize Your Skin and Invigorate Your Life. In this episode she talks about the foundations of youth, the natural tendencies of the body, and mindset.


The foundations of youth [01:40]
Why you should be eating as many herbs as possible [06:40]
Why polyphenols are important and where you can find them [09:15]
How to kick off autophagy without fasting [10:58]
The best foods for glowing skin [15:37]
How Naomi got into keto [17:13]
Why exercise is an unnatural process [20:54]
How to tell if a workout is working for you [23:55]
How health plays into mindset [25:24]
Why intermittent fasting is a great health tool [28:33]
The reason food timing makes a difference [31:07]
How protein cycling helps stimulate autophagy [34:39]
What to do to get glowing skin [36:53]
Naomi’s daily skin routine [40:47]
Is caffeine bad for the skin? [42:33]
The one thing you need to work out to feel more youthful [43:10]


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198 Thoughts to “Eat These Ingredients to Slow The Aging Process | Naomi Whittel on Health Theory”

  1. GymDogs

    Get Dr. Berg on the show please !!!

  2. Mayumi Kakizaki

    They are saying Herbs, not Erbs…which is Right?

  3. Ferenx Mezga

    Tom please don’t invite people just to have an episode.

  4. Jon

    We need Dr. Peterson on the show!

  5. dandylion

    NEVER DRY BRUSH TOWARD THE HEART. The lymphatic system does not dump into the heart.

  6. WuX Motivation

    Of course you’re not going to know about a nutritional expert. It’s pretty hard to get noticed as one. Thank you Tom for introducing us to her. The interview is much appreciated, and you can still gain a lot of value from this!

  7. Hatuey McFarland

    This woman probably thinks her farts smell herbal and smelling them is antioxidant. Condescending to say the least.

    1. Mayumi Kakizaki

      Hatuey McFarland, HILARIOUS!!!

  8. yshk viswanatham

    If you fail so many times I am human you don’t create any extras to me human thinking human desires ,human thoughts , human work, human help ,everything human help human work produced .when human lost his desire 83 times he has forget his positiveness you created not in help to me more than two years work produced what you give to me so far NIL .when you give it fail not only one or two times you will try to fail 84 times no body accept this. As a human I cannot exist in failures . Two and half years my work worth value give to me when you fixed the date give it.yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  9. Robert Budlong

    I was also checking out her teeth and the look natural and they look healthy. She has a wide pallet, so she has enough room for all her teeth. And if her parents were all about organics, then she may have been fed dairy and meant from grass fed animals.

  10. Cherry BlossomTree

    By the way…I need to get one of those mugs, asap…lol

  11. Robert Budlong

    Excellent program. I loved it. She makes a lot of great points. I like what she says about working out and I agree; most exercise programs are not healthy. I also like the thought that everyone should study their own health program. I think so many people are too quick to go to the doctor for every ache and pain. Pain is not only part of life, it may even be the impetus that causes all species to evolve and it is what brought about our consciousness. I’m more curious about periodic fasting. BTW, I started a protocol from “Cure Tooth Decay” and my eczema went away; probably because I was taking in more bone broth, fermented cod liver oil, collagen , boron and copper. So, I know that this wonderful woman is talking about is true.

  12. Cherry BlossomTree

    Tom, this has to be one of the most interesting episodes…wow…

  13. Milan Lucky

    She is no doubt a moonbat, but the exercise comment is spot on. We simply don’t move anymore in today’s society. We work longer hours, sit in traffic longer, eat more fast food, stare at our phones until bed time. Where I live, no one is ever outside.

  14. Hein Dattel

    That butcherbox ad is really embarrassing though for a so called health theory activist that want to have a good impact. I just will not get it Tom why your eyes are still so close with all your possibilities. Its mind blowing.

  15. Jackie Purler

    Should’ve asked what work she’s had done (if any)…fillers, botox, etc. Not asking leaves us all skeptical about her forehead which moves as one big unit.

    Yeah, exercising in a gym isn’t what our ancestors were doing. They weren’t sitting at a desk job all day. They were busy hunting and gathering. We, on the other hand, must come up with some type of physical activity to stay healthy. There was no real challenge to her statement.

  16. lee lunk


  17. Hein Dattel

    So she spent 1000 per week for the stuff to put it on her skin?
    Well yeah things workout indeed different for different person then. 😉

  18. yshk viswanatham

    83 times fail no give to me they are again fail when they give they don’t know.without give manifestation cancel, no seminars no class no coachings better to stop the program .to write books better .yshk viswanathamMsc Bed

  19. montourigirl

    Sulforaphane is created by the process of chewing. It is not in food.

  20. Camille Lambert

    Video has some good points but everything is too vague and nothing rooted in science. I wish guests had to come prepared with a few studies proving their stuff. Her body language makes me uncomfortable. The way she has her eyes wide open reminds me of Elizabeth Holmes or these ‘how to spot a liar’ videos

  21. Sosha

    I really enjoyed Okinawa! ?

  22. Maria Nguyen

    “exercise is unnatural” how about all that makeup and eyelashes on your fucking face… long sigh because I want to just punch her for promoting this!!!

  23. The Power Moves

    Hey Tom, that’s not an ideal positioning of couches from a body language point of view as you’re putting up barriers between you and the guests.

    1. C M

      I agree. A better arrangement is necessary here. She even has her legs cross to his opposite, body language says a lot.

  24. Mary Cate O'Malley

    Her skin sure reflects health. Never mind. A commenter just said botox.

  25. David Bolick

    Ken Berry (a real doctor) made more sense on the Carnivore diet interview. Make our diets ancestral appropriate, for those from Europe that means meat and animal products, very little plants if any.

    1. dandylion

      in coming, euro narcissists talking about themselves again

  26. Starlight

    I’m approaching 60 and live a very natural life. I avoid large cities, gyms, artificial blue light, cell phones, processed foods, foods that are not local, processed people and anythng that involves instant gratification. I like to spend time out in nature, naked and connected to the earth. Good show!

    1. Cherry BlossomTree


  27. Maria de los Angeles Castro

    As always, Tom asked EXCELLENT questions but her answers were all too vague. I was really looking forward to her before-bed skin care routine (which I thought was a brilliant question to ask, props to Tom) and she was soooo vague about it, how hard is it to say what you put on your face on a given night? I know that most women don’t use the same regimen every night, including me, but I can sure walk you through my routines with precision. Tom, you have all my gratitude for always asking such substantial questions. Till next time!

  28. i. zak

    How cute and wise.

  29. Faten S

    She uses “quotes”? How intelligent

  30. Najmeh Alyasin

    Her comment on exercise made me not listen to the rest of her talk!!! Exercise is man made…..what?!!

    1. anuar utara

      It’s man made… To sell cloth, shoes, accessories, gym membership, ‘health food’, insecurity fix…our ancestors don’t exercise they just move… The okinawan don’t go to gym and spend hours looking at their butt at the gym mirrors.. They just move and live

    2. Najmeh Alyasin

      +Valerie Ellis exactly!!

    3. Valerie Ellis

      And then goes on to list all the man-made exercise she does.

  31. Maria Clara Irisarri

    Mmmmm, I couldn’t really get value out of this. The title is misleading and throughout the interview, Tom keeps asking the same questions, but no concise real actionable answers. It’s all a little random.

    1. Erin Stern

      Maria Clara Irisarri I agree! She definitely knows all the buzzwords, though ?

    2. Maria Clara Irisarri

      +Valerie Ellis Yeah exactly ??‍♀️

    3. Valerie Ellis

      I found the same thing…it felt rambly and vague and pseudoscientific. By the end I still had no idea what she actually does.

  32. Hawa

    Definitely want to dive into her material, I feel she just barely touched on so many things… on that note, Tom please research Dr. Caroline Leaf, she speaks on how thoughts & mindsets affect eating & digestion.

  33. Gauti Fridriksson

    Holy shit, burned by the snake oil. Being able to talk fast does not mean you are correct. Worst episode by an incredibly embarrassingly large margin. Scathingly awful.

    1. Faten S

      Gauti Fridriksson agreed

  34. Catriona Mack

    To be fair, she looks amazing for 45. Not that I think 45 is old by any means. I do not wish to detract from Naomi’s incredible efforts to defy ageing naturally, but it’s quite clear to me that she’s had Botox which is not really consistent with her ‘all in with both feet with the pure and clean approach.’ It was certainly a fascinating interview.

    1. Catriona Mack

      Valerie Ellis yes, I raised a slightly cynical eyebrow at that one too!

    2. Valerie Ellis

      I thought similarly, something more cosmetic is happening that hasn’t been disclosed…some more pointed questions to ask about what else is being done would have been useful but I expect that’s difficult to challenge someone over when they come to your own home for an interview. I scoff at the proposition that “mindset” is the strongest beauty secret, pleeeeeaase!

  35. joel witherspoon

    hard to relate to this woman….hard to believe she lives in the “real” world. She seems very nice, however….

  36. Lucian Marian

    She looks fake…and plastic. Momy

  37. Robin Labranche

    What brand of the Citrus Tea do you drink?

  38. Healthy MBS

    I hear a lot of snake oil statements from her

  39. Eric3Frog

    If a person has a 2000 calorie meal before a 24 hour, water only fast – it is quite different from a person having a 500 calorie meal before a 24 hour, water only fast.

  40. Eric3Frog

    Fasting is such an over used and under defined word.

    1. Mary Cate O'Malley

      I know. My pet peeve is the trend to put some food or food group in front of the word “fast,” totally eliminating what a fast is.

    2. Tactics-MNK

      True. Strange word for it’s purpose.

  41. Nes Dennis

    seems like Dom D’Agostino, Rhonda Patrick and Dr.Berg got entangled in her tiny head into something in between and spewed out something that surprises even herself.

  42. Eric3Frog

    Pollution rankings of many world cities:

  43. Brent Lancaster

    This lady is grating. Rich Swiss lady whose egotism and weird privileged lifestyle makes her think she’s sharing amazing thoughts with poor uneducated idiots out there. Sorry lady, you’re not that profound; in fact you’re repeating a lot of stuff everyone knows. I feel bad for Tom to have to pretend to be interested.

    1. Jackie Purler

      Agreed. There is nothing new in her statements. I could’ve come on and said the same things. Her emphasis of the “h” in herbs drives me nuts. She’s obviously had botox, her forehead moves as one unit. Botox smooths your skin and makes it look amazing, but she failed to mention that which makes me distrust her. She needs to be honest. All these generalities remind me of a psychic giving one a reading. Sounds good, makes sense, but anyone could’ve said it and been right.

    2. Faten S

      Brent Lancaster finally somebody said it. I mean she is a privileged lady who “travels the world” and thinks shes a genius for visiting Asia and knowing what they eat. We already knownall these informations thanks to the web

  44. Jonathan David

    Tom I’ve been watching since 40k subs man, love your work! Its my dream to meet you one day, you’ve helped me get past so much I cannot express my thanks enough for gathering all these amazing people to learn from!

  45. Karlbooklover

    Hey when are you bringing Dr. Michael Greger on the show?

    1. Dr. Michael Fartface

      I’d be more than happy to join but I’ll need a few number of bathroom breaks during the discussion.

  46. Rebecca Haak

    I just love all the brilliant people you share with the world through your show . The best thing ever !! Lots of gratitude for you Tom

    1. Faten S

      Rebecca Haak except shes not so brilliant. All of the things she says exists in google . And skipped most questions with “its different for everyone “

  47. mzaprilmae

    Would you cover someone who does the carnivore diet? I hear so many conflicting ways of eating it’s crazy. Keto, paleo, plant and herb based diets, carnivore diet…etc etc etc.

    1. Lee Tucker

      I would be curious to hear him interview someone on a carnivore diet as well. Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson have apparently solved a majority of their health problems using it

  48. Rebecca Haak

    I just love all the brilliant people you share with the world through your show . The best thing ever !! Lots of gratitude for you Tom

  49. C Ls

    Exercise can be life changing in so many ways!!! It keeps my major depressive disorder at bay, as well as chronic anxiety, pain, fatigue, etc. Processed food??!!!!!, I have a hard time believing that!!

    1. Sandi Lincoln

      Keep doing what you are doing. I stopped watching I it’s just her opinion. Read Target 100 or watch his interview w Liz Josefberg’. Boom that’s wisdom and aligns with the amazing work you are doing for yourself ?

  50. TRe' CooL

    OLNY LCHF dudes… jees

  51. little princess world


  52. YezidJimenez

    The problem with her theory like many others ‘experts’ put in evidence is that plants really do well for the body but, in a very complicated boring and never reachable way for the average person.
    The solution is to eat just plants, what we are designed for. Leaving the animal flesh and it’s secretions like eggs and milk out of the question is the real answer.
    I really thought she was a vegan guru but unfortunately no.
    If you are the average person who is looking for a real and positive change in your life without having to go to Japan for a herb or to Italy for an unknown fruit, simply switch to plant based eating or better go vegan. There are 80 thousand plus, plants to choose from. You cannot imagine the peace that it brings eating without hurting innocent beings while trying different and delicious plant based foods. The taste is in the spices!
    I was looking for an answer for too long, that ‘magic pill’ to transform my life and for my own surprise, it was simply by leaving the animals alone, out of the question. At the same time discovering a galaxy of real foods for the human body that are naturally produced by mother land.

    In terms of ageing, there are countless studies, testimonies and evidence that ageing is speeded up significantly by consuming dairy. People becoming vegan like me gain 10 years back of youth thanks to that change.

    The body is designed to move or to keep moving or to keep flexing our joints or to be active, etc. Exercise is not needed if you do the previous ones. Exercise is a beautiful thing to do if you want to develop strength, muscle, balance, etc,etc. But I had friends who exercised and were strong but died young because they clogged their arteries with whey, eggs and animal flesh way to much.

    In conclusion hoping for the body to heal, look and live longer while eating animals is the same as having a brand new Ferrari in your garage but without the wheels. No matter how much you care to keep it shiny it eventually deteriorates, as it is designed to operate like a car. Likewise the human body is designed to eat plants.

    Now go out (in the wild) and ask a gorilla, and elephant or a hippo, how come are they the strongest animals in the animal Kingdom and their answer will be: ‘Because we do plants”

    1. YezidJimenez

      +byReZio in our origins we evolved as omnivores because we had the ability to run and hunt. Irrelevant today. I eat apples produced naturally in my garden, same as pears, cucumbers, just to name a few. nature is nature. your argument has to do with efficiency and productivity so irrelevant. humans have been doing nothing else but comparing to animals, with mouse testing, chimps, rabbits, pigs, etc. That is non-sense and even non-vegans will agree that those practices are wrong. Therefore looking at nature not to compare but to understand if plants have some effects on mamals look at an elephants and realise that it make them strong. we have also compared for hundreds of years to baby calf by drinking their mother’s milk and nobody is saying; ‘hey that is a cow, let’s drink milk from a gorilla that looks more like us’. I like the fact that you are a vegan though :}

    2. byReZio

      YezidJimenez I’m vegan, sorry but I don’t necessarily agree with your claims. You’re trying too hard my friend. The nature argument is really not a good one. In nature we would be omnivores most likely. Actually most if not all of the plants (and animal products) we eat today don’t exist naturally. They’ve all been genetically selected and bred to be a certain way.
      And comparing humans with elephants and hippos is irrelevant. You could compare us with other great apes but not elephants and hippos come on. Yes they’re strong, as they are also strong carnivores animals. This isn’t a good argument.

    3. Teri Balla

      Lions are strongest animals?.I am on my way to be vegan .?

  53. Purpose & Mind

    GREAT VALUABLE information as always! ?YOU are the MAN, Tom ???

  54. Brian Kersten

    You’re a strong man to have these beautiful women in for interviews and not get in trouble with your wife lol. I’d be mezmerized. Thanks for the video Tom!

    1. Faten S

      Brian Kersten wtf are you 12 ? not every man is a cheater

  55. Hanan BN

    Amazing stuff, thank you soooo much for introducing us to Naomi xx

  56. *GoTeamLonnee_MichiganProfessionalRealtor*


  57. Ada Strzelczyk

    Love your question about the skin?I didn’t expect that but extreme good info. I definitely must read this book and do some of it. Coz Naomi looks amazing and happy!?

  58. Rory Gryfoss

    It’s easy for your skin to look good then you face i plastered in makeup.
    And if twitching was even nearly on par with regular exercise then games would be super healthy.
    Seems like a bunch of woo.

  59. Ferenx Mezga

    She doesn’t recommend weight training but she does just because of she wants to look good for her book cover. What a snake oil. LOl

    1. Faten S

      Ferenx Mezga ikr?! And so many other statements seem not genuine and doesn’t know what she’s talking about

  60. getenlightened

    This comment isn’t meant to be mean or cynical, just realistic. Has she had any cosmetic work done, or is she 100% natural? It’s not uncommon these days…

    1. Valerie Ellis

      You’re being observant…there’s more cosmetic treatments going on here than has been disclosed.

  61. Max Moose

    All right I’ll be honest with y’all I bust on that woman’s face every night that’s the secret

  62. Lolo lopez

    Say what???

  63. kat Forbes

    I’m sorry… but this lady sounds insane. Ketosis is BAD for your body. It eats your muscles and brain…
    And everything that she says that she does is so technical and restrictive… no one should want to live like that and that doesn’t sound healthy at all. I bet a lot of her research or research that she uses is bunk.

    1. kat Forbes

      I don’t know everything, but I do know what I learned, from a scientific level, in my nutrition and chemistry classes. Ketosis is bad for your body and does damage. I’m not going to go over the chemical and metabolic processes of ketosis, but you can look that up yourself, not from the TV or a book or anyone else trying to sell you a book and/or a fad diet.

    2. kat Forbes

      Do I get my information from TV? No, I studied nutrition and chemistry on college…

    3. cwstars

      Keto fasting is amazing and facilitates youth raw dairy and eggs and grass fed meat for me.

    4. Crystal Areal

      kat Forbes have you even researched ketosis? Do you watch the MANY doctors that live a keto way of life and recommend it? Do you watch the keto body builders that damn sure aren’t losing muscle on keto? No? Didn’t think so.

  64. Mike McClair

    Anyone else have to stop and google her age? When she said “back when I was in my 30s” I was like Wow wait a minute!
    Also I have to say her answers at the end kinda surprised me and enough that I’m going to try to work on practicing gratitude more often. It sounds like it is more beneficial then we realize.

    1. getenlightened

      Looks like she’s 45 ish, for anyone curious. ( Actually 44, according to another comment )

  65. Koroglu Rustem

    I don’t think she knows answers to all the questions. But I think she knows how to navigate her way through her diet.

  66. Joana

    I am a resident Dermatologist in Berlin, Germany and I absolutely loved this interview. I confirm that on a daily basis it’s still very hard to explain the effect of stress to my patients presenting with eczema. I’d say that only about 30% of the Patients that I see make the connection between Mindset and Eczema. Many of them are actually extremely sceptic when I say that stress plays a very important rolle in the disease’s progression. I am aware of the relation between the lack of awareness and fact that the german culture still tends to praise strictness and emotional toughness.
    Just downloaded Glow15 on Audible. 🙂

  67. Dhyana

    Ayurvedic medicine prescribes eating strictly between sunrise and sunset for the very specific reason described in the video. Which automatically puts you in a fasting state for a good amount of time every day. Please interview a knowledgeable Ayurvedic practitioner, Tom, and make your interviews diverse and applicable to many sets of people. Of course I know it is not considered popular/stylish/cool since it does not come from Japan or anything but it is 5000 year old science. Remember many surgical techniques that are used today came from India, not Japan?

    1. WineNBitch

      I love this so much! I’m big on Ayurveda and still waiting for it to be mainstream.

  68. Sim simmaa

    How can she be keto and vegetarian?

    1. Faten S

      Sim simmaa coconut, avocado, nuts and oils are ketogenic

  69. India Bliss

    Walking is the best exercise

  70. Ruslana's Self-Care Diary

    She’s looking so good, I would have never guessed that she is a mother to 4 kids, wow

    1. getenlightened

      She really does look amazing.

  71. Dhyana

    Her mother developed metabolic syndrome when she moved to this country – sums it up! Which is why keto is not the solution that takes care of every one in the world. She only is on keto diet for past year and a half. We need to overhaul everything that is started and promoted in the west like Monsanto created round up. That is how we will change the world. The rest is all ? Although I commend her for at least ack that keto is not for every person on earth. However fasting/autophagy should be part of every one’s life.

  72. MR.X

    22:00 She’s actually right. I’m obsessed with exercise/fitness/lifting. National Geographic reported on tribes who think exercise (gym) is a joke. That’s because their lives are so physical (naturally).

  73. Igor Shipe

    Everyone is so smart talking about autophagy, but are there any trustable researches on humans? No, there are not…

  74. Patricia Green

    So what is her education/credentials? I can only see “Education: Attended Florida Atlantic University” on her website. What does that even mean?

    1. Benny

      +Alex Nosky yea. people are conditioned to believe that.

    2. Alex Nosky

      Many entrepreneurs drop out of universities or school to start their passion and dive full time into that, truthfully from my perspective she doesn’t need any prior formal education, you can be the best at what you do, and never attend a day of college in your life. Let’s look at GaryVee he publicly states he was an D and F Student and now he owns a VaynerMedia, especially by immersing yourself in culture like traveling to Okinawa experiencing a new way of life first hand, can make a profound impact on ones life, and that could inspire that individual to share with others, I’m 99.9% certain she has no malicious intent, again this is all merely my perspective, I gained massive amount of value from this episode of IT

    3. Seri Abutaha

      Ikr. What a fraud. Thanks to all the multiple credentialed doctors keeping the modern healthcare system alive. Pharma, Ensure, SAD, for all!

  75. Mysterious Moon

    She’s a little all over the place. Yes there’s a connection with mind, body, health, but I believe it’s more like a cascade effect. She talks about what works for her but then says there’s is no one way. Ex. my eczema went away after eat whole foods & lose weight not brushing my skin & using special water. Her way is very complicated and NOT intuitive eating or exercise or health. You’re going to drive yourself nuts & quit following her advice.

  76. P.O. M.E

    “Modern exercise doesnt benefit us”

    “What exercise does?”

    “its different for everyone”

    Thanks Aunt Becky

    1. P.O. M.E

      +Huppim Muppim & Ard Fair enough but there’s still plenty of things we can do in a gym that are enjoyable. Not everyone in there is powerlifting and putting stress on their body. My point was that she was so general with saying modern exercise doesnt have any benefit and then spoke on how we’re all different in the same breath. Kind of contradicted herself.

    2. Huppim Muppim & Ard

      I think her point is that movement that is an enjoyable perhaps useful activity that is not stressful, like she said being outside and doing stuff you might like, like gardening I guess or walking or bathing your dog or doing laundry, going canooing, hiking ect. vs. being in a gym.

  77. Huppim Muppim & Ard

    Fasting makes me less anxious. Its almost like the effect of a painkiller. It’s interesting.

    1. FOX

      Sorry but what do u by fasting??

    2. Huppim Muppim & Ard

      +Tactics-MNK not quite the same way but I will give you an example. There is/was this girl I liked and she hurt my feelings quite deeply so that the sight of her triggered in me pain but when I fasted it did not matter as much.

    3. Mary Cate O'Malley

      Same for me with Wim Hoff Method.

    4. Tactics-MNK

      So a painkiller kills your anxiety? Interesting. Oxy?

    5. cwstars

      Feel clean light and focused

  78. Nes Dennis

    man this lady is just an enthusiast of modern plant based fads… everything is mixed up in her head… discovered keto just a year ago and attributing her good looks to it? lolz

    1. Nes Dennis

      taoist40 duh. But it can be set up in a way that it is, and from what i’m hearing she’s heavy into greens and such .)

    2. kat Forbes

      Fad diets all put your body into ketosis so you lose weight fast. But it’s also eating your muscles and brain at the same time. Every fad diet leads to ketosis, but they label it a different name and change the wording or gimmick around.

    3. taoist40

      Nes Dennis Keto is not a plant based diet.

  79. I will quit my job

    Wow ? impactful thanks for this

  80. Corina Dumitras

    wtf?! not even one relevant answer or solution, she is just mumbling concepts and Tom is really trying to get smth valuable from her? is this just me?

    1. C M

      You dont need to buy her products, as a matter a fact DONT, it is not needed to achieve the results.

      However, the health strategies and nutritional dense foods that she recommends are scientifically valid, not to mention her facial skin speaks volumes ( with and without botox, which ever one you want to believe)

      Did you look like that when you were 45?

    2. Craig W

      Watched about 5 minutes and then tuned out. She’s full of herself, very vague and shallow. Show the science lady.

    3. Plant Based for the Whole Family

      What a painful interview! She’s in for selling her stuff. Special water, special diet, make up blah blah blah. ?

    4. Brent Lancaster

      no she’s pretentious and lame

    5. Chelsea Shang

      Tom asked great questions

  81. anton Royanto ahmad


  82. MR.X

    She says, ” herbs” really funny. Like, when people “whip.” Too much emphasis on the H. Also, she looks like the lady who got busted for the college scandal.

  83. Lauren Burger

    Great information. Thank you.

  84. Leo Chuskas

    Thank Tom that was Awesome….

  85. Michel Geurts

    Super awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Ketogenicinfo

    Quercetin is also a supplement that has shown to help with fighting antioxidants. Grapes are high in Quercetin

    1. Ketogenicinfo

      +I will quit my job Long known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, recent scientific breakthroughs reveal that quercetin may help promote longevity by mimicking the effects of caloric restriction. Furthermore, this powerful antioxidant demonstrates multifaceted protective effects against cardio-vascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and even cancer.

    2. I will quit my job

      Ketogenicinfo epxpand on that for

  87. Ketogenicinfo

    What a great video. What are your thoughts on nicotinamide riboside? Or just plain niacin? There are studies that show that regenerates our michtocondria?

    1. Riley Forbes

      Not sure about regeneration, however the B vitamins are vital for metabolizing and therefore extracting energy from our food. Such an interesting idea though; I’ll definitely be looking into that!

  88. Kayla Austin

    What is so bold about saying exercize the way we do it is unnatural…. I’m not the smartest person but even I can see that exercise the way we have created it is not natural at all, it’s not the way caveman exercized, its not the way most of the world exercises

    1. P.O. M.E

      cave men also didnt take showers and sit on toilets.

  89. C O

    “there are so many types of pesto”
    An Italian grandma from Genoa died when she said that.

    1. kat Forbes

      Also: claims exercise is a man made thing that’s not necessary. But she’s also doing weight lifting to look good for her cover picture ????

    2. Faten S

      Brent Lancaster and so many more

    3. Brent Lancaster

      stupid statement number 56 by this woman

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    3. bnsgokugreat

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    1. I will quit my job

      K. Lynne Collier I agree once you have reached a certain weight you will be more productive

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    2. Rambo

      Donald Trump eats like shit and doesn’t train – still he looks max 55 at fricking 72. it’s all about the first 20-30 years of your life. if you grow up wealthy you will generally age much slower.

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    *The formula is the most amount of nutrients for the least amount of calories.*

    1. C M

      Best Nutrient dense in the world is Marine Phytoplanton, hands down.

      The problem is it’s expensive and it taste like crap.

    2. Russian Bot

      Im sure some of our ancestors would have been able to get milk from the udder after the animal was killed, but yeah it’d probably be pretty uncommon. Good source of fat, its easy to find (unlike brain), and cheaper than caviar. Eliminating it is best though.

    3. byReZio

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      +byReZio Lmao I’ve had this argument before. Someone said just because you feel good doesn’t mean you’re healthy. My skin is clear, my mood is stable, I don’t get cravings, I’m building muscle, I don’t need any stimulants to make it through the day, I can keep going… This is quite the contrast to myself 3 months ago. Am I healthy? I was actually unintentionally vegan then, now I’m carnivore.
      You have no basis for promoting a plant-based diet. Try me.

    5. byReZio

      +Russian Bot Yes of course it’s nutritious, it’s breast milk, it must be nutritious. Unfortunately, very nutritious doesn’t mean good for us, humans. I can make a high calorie drink with lots of minerals and vitamins added to it, it’s gonna be very nutritious but not necessarily healthy.

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