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Please welcome to my channel: NICOLE RICHIE – CAN SOMEONE MAKE SURE I’M NOT DREAMING?? – When Nicole asked me to do her makeup (I peed my pants) I immediately knew I wanted to do a beautiful smokey eye using the NEW Urban Decay Naked Heat Petite Palette! Hope you enjoy!

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1,000 Thoughts to “DOING NICOLE RICHIE’S MAKEUP?!”

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  2. Del Carmen

    Hi Nikkie! Super leuke video! Je make-up is THE BEST ?????

  3. Alicia Rojas

    Is anyone else living for Nikki’s subtle makeup ???

  4. Drama Llama

    guys! NikkieTutorials just commented on my video I made on her :O

  5. Vicky Mills

    She’s so freaking cool!

  6. isinha michels

    GIRL YOU ARE STUNNING!!! soooo soft i’m dying for this look

  7. Erin 84

    One looks like a ghost & the other looks like she is about to be a ghost ? ?

  8. destiny blog

    hoi nikki love jou videos

  9. Bernadette Boren

    This was amazing ???

  10. Marlian Gollu Wola

    Its not as flowless As she do her own make up so maybe it coz by her skin by it own

  11. Belle Xox

    You look so good in this video x your hair and makeup???aghhhh xx

  12. Elianna Diaz

    please drop that perfect nude lip combo for us fair skin girls struggling to find a nude that isn’t actually darker than our skin and just pink nor washes us out

  13. Maria Ruiz

    Haz videos en español

  14. MsWhut

    We need a tutorial on your makeup here Nikkie!! 🙂

  15. Érika Buss

    Omg vc tá usando luvas ou sua mão é branca assim

  16. All about Sara

    Je bent echt goed in make-upen❤️

  17. Nora Baggarly

    Lol it looked like she sniffed Nikki’s hair. But idk if she did. Probably not. Yeah no, she didn’t.

  18. Muse California

    When Nikki tried to lift her brows her face froze.

  19. Nathalie Altamirano

    I tried this look!! I love it practiced it tonight.. doing it for real to go out and about tmrrw

  20. J T

    She looks amazing!

  21. Kermit Kardashain

    Her career is really going downhill if she has to make a video with Nikki anything for views tutorials

  22. Cali Girl Newz

    I need a video on your looook girl!!!!!!!!!! why dont you have a video on this look …. could this be your new 2018 yaaaas

  23. Lex Manson

    This was so much fun to watch?

  24. Tuba Güler

    Nikkie what a makeup.I want a tutorial for this stunning look

  25. Sam 30

    Hey Nickie! Can you please tell me what foundation did you use on your face and what shade??? Thank u❤️

  26. Dolly Handerson

    Her PR is good man. Hooked her up with two amazing top MUAs.

  27. OkayItsJ

    Who’s bow? Lmfaooooo

  28. OkayItsJ

    Wait why didn’t I see this video?!

  29. Elaine Bines

    hmmm i think Nichols said – don’t do too much – and you didn’t ?

  30. K W

    Omg I just love listening to you. I love your little comments lol
    You are a genius. I had sooooo much fun watching you. You are a GREAT makeup artist btw

  31. K W

    Nikkie you look soooooooooooo great

  32. salonika101

    Thumbs up for Nicole’s explanation of what is liquid eyeliner.
    Lol !

  33. Ana Patricia

    Who is she (I don’t mean her name, I mean why is she famous) sorry for my ignorance. She is so nice and humble, I like her.

  34. Ash TAGsg

    Stunning !

  35. Danyell xo

    “Take that BO !!”

    Whose BO ???

  36. Weezie

    If you’re doing one of the “I try to follow ______’s tutorial” I’d love to see you try to do one of Lisa Eldrige’s. I think doing a very natural skin would be an interesting challenge for a full coverage queen.

  37. Reinecouturia

    I love Nicole’s style so much. Gosh remember her on the show back in the day?

  38. Margot[Arte]

    OMG? “put that on paper” hahahaha

  39. Jess McNutt

    Funny that urban decay collar with someone who’s not that in to makeup? But fair play. Slaying as ever Nikkie!

  40. Maddy’sMakeup

    Hey everyone I’m trying to start my own beauty channel so if you would go and subscribe to me that would be amazing! It’s @maddysmakeup

  41. Elizabeth Porter

    Your ring thingy looks like a Pringle lmaooo

  42. Seraphine Botanicals

    She is STUNNING!

  43. Edward Devlin

    Could have been Sofia

  44. Tender Turd

    I can’t help but keep staring at Nicole’s earrings

  45. Lux Cat

    Cool ? hope she visits my channel too ?

  46. jenifer wendt

    The never-ending story reference was beautiful

  47. fenne frank

    Ik dacht eerst dat je Nederlands was??

  48. MzClementine

    Well, you can get everything in your closet. ??? oh the troubles!

  49. Katarina Vaughn

    I would LOVE for you to do my makeup!!!!

  50. Laia Marie


  51. Olivia Newton John

    Was I the only one bothered that she didn’t fix the left eye

  52. Projet 2501

    CHUCK !!!

  53. Hunter Newell

    Hi Nikki! I’m sitting at home watching your video with pink eyes and strep throat. 🙁 Your videos cheer me up though so thank you for posting! Keep up the wonderful work! 🙂

  54. Tracey Mullen

    hey nikki happy b day for tommorow hope you get all the make up you want xx

  55. Louisa Ann

    “I hope you got that on paper” ??

  56. susie gonzalez

    I live for your makeup Nikki! Please do a tutorial on that look pretty please ??????

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    Anyone knows where are those Nicole’s earrings from? They are stunning!

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    Nikkie ik wist niet dat jij nederlands was

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    Love you from morocco

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    Nikkie is so tall that she would probably look like one of those supermodel drawings if she was skinny

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  66. Sam McRae


  67. chloe holzwarth

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  69. LoL Lisa


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    Nikkie I love you so much! I wish you would pretty please post even more videos because I just love watching you 🙁

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    do a “The Color Workshop” makeup review and tutorial

  73. My Space

    Loved it!!!❤️️

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    You both are so Beautiful ???

  75. ViViTheKpopTrash


  76. Elvin Rosas

    Man how tall are u lmao ?

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  80. Agirlslyricses X

    Ik vind het ook zo rot voor je, dat er allemaal rare video’s over je worden gemaakt, maar ik vind het zo knap hoe je met alles omgaat! Ga zeker zo door, want je bent zo ontzettend knap! Ik ben zelf ook onzeker geweest en je bent echt mijn voorbeeld!,❤️

  81. Agirlslyricses X

    Zo een leuke video! Wat ben je mooi en wat een leuke humor heb je! ??

  82. chypy Cosmétique

    Hola Nikkie la has dejado fantastica es sorprendente como cambia una mirada con un buen maquillaje de ojos. Me gustaria pedirte un favor, a lo mejor me encuentras atrevida pero sino lo intento pues no sabre nunca, bueno lo que te quiero pedir es si pudieras obsequiarme con un poco de material de maquillaje , para hacer feliz a gente que no tiene dinero para ir a maquillarse y vienen a verme porque yo desde que te conoci empece con el maquillaje para personas mayores porque vi en ellas un agredicimiento solo con sus miradas de contentas de verse bellas y esto lo que he aprendido que podermos dar momentos de felicidad con nada, simplemente con un poco de atenccion y unos colores en la vida. Bueno te doy simplemente las gracias de compartir estos momentos de aprendizaje, Kiss

  83. horses girl

    my birthday is on march 2

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    where did she go ;-;

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    dying to know what Nikkie’s wearing on her lips! does anyone know?

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    When will you be posting a new episode? Miss watching you


    where is Nikkie??? there is no Valentine’s video(( Is she ok?

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    Hey can you please make a review on skindinavia’s products (primer spray, finishing spray and post makeup recovery spray) I’ve checked these products out but I don’t know if they’re actually effective.

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    Oh my gosh I’m totally that girl who gets excited and lifts up her brows! Great tip!

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    What a fantastic video and look. Never before have I seen a guest so poised, yet fun with such a great personality! I never watched any of Nicole’s
    shows on TV, so I never knew about her true persona, but I’m thinking that she had turned into quite a lovely lady, and have a greater respect for her. Annnd you two had great chemistry. Top notch tutorial, honey. She looked beautiful after you got ahold of her face.
    Congratulations on a job supremely done!?☮?
    Love you to bits and pieces!!!!!!! ? You are gorgeous to the max!?

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    nikki tit and nikki petite

  108. Sharkes are Sexy

    ewwww she looks like regamortis granny

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    i just love nicole’s personality ?she’s so elegant and humble

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