Do this 10 mins Every Morning & look 18 years old, Skin Tightening Face Mask Anti Aging Flaxseed Gel

Flaxseed gel for skin is the best anti aging natural ingredient that you can use to remove wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines and lines on forehead. it gives you bright glowing skin. it helps to treat dry skin and keep it moisturized and hydrated.

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294 Thoughts to “Do this 10 mins Every Morning & look 18 years old, Skin Tightening Face Mask Anti Aging Flaxseed Gel”

  1. Beauty recipes

    Buy Flaxseeds

  2. prem priyosi

    Is that grow facial hair?

  3. radhika polamarasetti

    Hi, can we do more quantity?? How long it will be fresh…

  4. Sanika Todankar

    Can we use roasted flex seeds..

  5. Brinder Kaur

    Yes it’s really work I’m doing from last one week & can see the difference in my face skin ……

  6. Daniella Prince

    Ahahahaha. You have to grind it!!

  7. Soso

    what can u use instead of this thin cotton cloth?

  8. sana zeeshan

    I made it, its magical… even it cure my cracked heals❣?

  9. Vj Uma

    Should apply after the face wash?

  10. varethika

    Is it going to clear the black spots and pores on my big fat nose too? I can’t stand it anymore! Please answer anyone who knows..


    Which freeze we should store it? Normal or deep freeze ?

  12. shanmugam dr

    Direction of flax seed powder
    One tablespoon of powder should be added in to the “sambar”or
    And other curries.

  13. Island Girl

    Does it have a scent???
    I tried the Star Anise and that spicy aroma was NOT pleasant to me!

    I guess I will give it a try…

  14. Eman Ahmad

    Gr8 advice….thx?

  15. Qura Tulain

    WASH YOUR FACE WITH COLD WATER and you will look young, you don’t need to buy anything.
    So many have been doing this and they look young, try it ! I did just for a week and my skin was good, I washed my face with cold water at least 4 times a day. Your face glows Aswell ???

  16. Bing Toy Collector

    will it work for a giant bunny ?

  17. Nimo Lovey

    Omg i will do it when i am go at home

  18. Voice to Emotions

    Tried this and this z awesome

  19. J purple ramen

    I’m 18 years old so I can’t what to use this so I can look like a fetus.

  20. Tsetsi

    So … how do you apply it on the skin?

  21. Abeena C A

    Can we use it as a moisturiser?? Plz reply

  22. tanvi amin

    Anyone tried it with honey? Did it work?

  23. Vijeta Mishra

    I will definitely use it….

  24. Aisyah Siti Nuraisyah

    I’m from indonesia please translate with indonesian language ..

  25. Nandini Nair


  26. Kar3n

    I made this when I was cooking lunch and tryed it later and is amazing. I also did a raw honey mask.

  27. 11Bangladash_ _

    Cool definitely cool gotta try this asap thanks universe ???

  28. Paint Lady 22

    Save some steps. Why not simply put some flax seed oil on your face while making your morning smoothie, which should have flax seed oil in it anyway?

  29. Sadaf Shakir

    How many days in a week we can use ths mask?

  30. A G-rel

    can we use daily..???

  31. D T

    I thought it was a whole bunch of bed bugs

  32. Hana & Sara Shopping

    Waw magnifique

  33. Distinctor

    How to use flaxseed powder instead of seeds??

  34. Alice

    Can you use chia seeds too?

  35. Arshia Parri

    Flaxseed gel is also used for hair growth???

  36. raju ks

    Mam..without refrigerator how many days i can store this gel?

  37. Akanksha Upadhyay

    Can it be used for oily/ combination skin ??

  38. Lavanya Tellapuri

    Should we apply it daily or weekly?

  39. Smita Shrestha

    First i thought dat was a bed bug on her face???

  40. Mz Nene

    That’s funny because I said, WTH but after reading the comments I see I wasn’t the only one that thought it was bugs… the reason why I watched the video just to find out what she was putting on her face. Just saying but very informative, who doesn’t have flaxseeds in their home… will definitely try this recipe especially if it get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

  41. Suvarna Bhatade

    Is it necessary to store it in refrigerator ?

  42. minister parvej

    Pls tell me what this seeds call in Bangla??

  43. Tesfom Mael

    am 20 years old but my face is oily can I use?

  44. Arbish Fatima

    Flax seed means alsi k beach????

  45. Semper Fidelis

    What a fantastic idea. I eat flax seeds but I never ever thought of doing this.

  46. Muhammad Afzal

    Can i use it for very dry flaky skin?

  47. balpreet johal

    Is there anyone who experience it’s result??

  48. Tanusha Chavhan

    can we used any wer in skin

  49. jalaja goud

    How can we preserve this gel

  50. Nageenazia Zia

    daily use???

  51. Gaya Thiri

    Shall we used flaxseed powder instead seeds

  52. Rohail shahid

    Koi urdu main name send kr do

  53. Trishika Reddy

    Shall i use powder to boil???

  54. HumaPakistani

    Very very nice. Thumbs up with long claping??????????????????????????????

  55. Seetha Lakshmi

    Can I apply this gel total body…

  56. vijaya malvadkar

    In North Karnataka we make chutney powder by adding garlic,chilly powder n salt. It goes well with roti . We should add curd or ghee while eating

  57. TAURUS Khan

    I love to eat roasted flaxseeds I will surely try it gel on skin too.
    Thnx Mam

  58. Sai Abirame

    How many days we can store

  59. Hmza Hmza

    Kahan say mily gi ye??

  60. Isma

    Its known as Aalsi/aalas in HINDI ?


    Will this reduce Pigmentation

  62. Madalena Fagundes

    Deve ser um ótimo colágeno e bem fácil, como ñ falo inglês

  63. Firdous Khan

    When I mix honey in this mixture..I have also black heads on my chin, chiks and nose..and dark spots of piples also…so can I use this remedy for this.

  64. Mehnaaz Bint Rafiq Khan

    Seems to be an amazing home remedy?

  65. Lata Adwani

    Very nice thanks #lataadwani

  66. Diya Ash

    Whether dis increase facial hair growth.. Pla reply

  67. Imran Tahmin

    If someone hv facial hair, can they use it…..??

  68. Adina Mor

    its really good !!!

  69. KM

    FYI This also works as a great natural hair gel! Thanks for the skin tip too, I never knew!

  70. raju.bhavya bittu.bindii

    How many days have use this

  71. Veeranki Anuradha

    Can I use flaxseeds powder

  72. Wahiba Wabiba

    I will try it…thanx a lot

  73. JUST 4 Frendz

    Did anybody try this remedy??plz share your experience..

  74. Amayah Lliyaz

    Other word of flux seed seed please ?

  75. sanaya hoorain

    Oh dear I’ll definitely try it.. thanks a lot ?????

  76. Ramu Chithra

    pls .give me vedio of neck

  77. Ramu Chithra

    Hi ..pls give a tips for neck back

  78. karabrar 28

    Can we use this on kids skin for moisturize

  79. Sonya Berkenpas

    I soaked my flax seeds for 3 days on accident because I forgot about them. They’re kinda stinky now. Can I still boil them and use for face gel?

  80. Rana Hassan

    Is it use daily and when it use tell the time

  81. Marwanhussain Marwanhussain

    Can we use 12 year old children…
    Pls reply me..

  82. Mehar Rajput

    Kya hum is flex seeds me vitamin e capsule Mila kar laga sakte hai

  83. dream girl

    Mri skin pr frackles hain 15 saalse .bht elaj kiya nhi jti.kiya ye help kry ge.frm italy.

  84. Fida Irfan

    Can I use this around the eyes

  85. Hema MS

    What about the boiled flaxseeds? Should I consider that as waste and dispose?

  86. USA Babe

    can we leave it overnight?/

  87. sravanti salivendra

    My mom having so many wrinkles on her face so can she keep the gel all over night?! Plz give reply

  88. Saumya Perera

    what is flax seeds , is that sesame seeds

  89. rabbani thajudeen

    Is this good for sensitive skin…. Pls reply

  90. siya sahu

    Does it help to reduce facial hair growth?

  91. Nancy Shrma

    Yeah its right..I m also using this..its amazing..go for it gyess

  92. Frehiwet Genzebu

    How often we can use the gel

  93. Rukmani Patel

    Yes,,,i m try it this solution

  94. Curtin Corol

    Can i use it at night time

  95. shireen Ibdah

    It is treasure .I must try it. I think helps also grow the hair.

  96. Serhan Bhuiya

    how long to use for result . what is the age limit

  97. Rana Odetallah

    I dont have thw white sheet to squeeze

  98. Waseem Haider

    Can we eat flex seed jel?

  99. Amal Ahmad

    Am already 18

  100. 0121

    well im gona go try this out..

  101. Asadali0347123 Asad

    Nice I like it

  102. Sujana Swathi

    does it cure pimples

  103. Marie-Anne Elix


  104. jen tape

    Wow im gonna try this too

  105. YTfancol

    Does it work for the hair, too ?

  106. ayesha siddiqua

    Is it good for acne and pimple skin??

  107. sayujams


  108. Karuna Khattar

    So true

  109. varsha reddy vontela

    How long can we store this ???

  110. Lulu Escovar

    I let the flax seeds soak over nighg in the fridge. In the morning, I drink the water and then blend the seeds in my morning shake:D

  111. Laura Butler

    Woe! Amazing!

  112. nadine vits

    Thanks a lot!

  113. Shilpa N

    Can v use on hands n legs

  114. Al Wa

    Anyone else though it was bugs?

  115. firouzeh khosrowpour

    thank you seems working

  116. Neha Bavarva

    Is this seeds is useful for hair?

  117. Char Wilcox

    I have flax seed!! I have to try this!

  118. urvashi singh

    Can I use it on my hands also to remove tan????

  119. Jeny Urikouth

    Good one.

  120. Ahhw E-Any

    I thought that was bugs on her face

  121. Abdul Muthalip

    this remedy used in weekly ones or a daily routine ?

  122. Kavitha Kavi

    Very useful tip


    Shall we use it after facial

  124. Iman Ali

    I Just made it and applied it. I absolutely love the effect. How many times do I use it in a week? Thanks, this is the only recipe I ever followed and I intend to keep using it.

  125. Ritika Mangla

    Is it save to use on acne prone skin

  126. niharika badam

    Do we need to soak overnight??

  127. Sandra Copetti

    What are black seeds, and can I find them in Italy and what are they called in Italian

  128. Prerana Tekade

    This gel.reduce wrinkles from face??

  129. Malgorzata Madsen

    Also to eat a table spoon of flaxseed every day is beneficial for the heart

  130. tamil tamilselvi

    Can we preserve this gel in refrigerator?

  131. Janet Mary

    What about alovra frish can

  132. مغربية حرة

    I was going to use flaxseed for my hair I didn’t know that I can use it for my skin
    I will try it and I hope it will work to give my tired skin a bit of life
    Thank you darling for sharing
    Love from Morocco

  133. Nandini S Kumar

    madam can I add this gel to my face pack powder

  134. Geetha

    Can i use any time. Pls replay

  135. ayeza khan

    Is it helpful for acne scars??

  136. Shumaila Khan

    Can I use for ance?

  137. Kalanjiam 786

    I have cold asthma.if i use flaxseeds it makes allergy for me.please reply

  138. dhrisya his queen

    Can i use flax seed powder. ?

  139. Manmeet Kaur

    Iss se black heads n white heads n pimples remove ho jaengy?


    How can it use for pigmentation….. Thank you

  141. Komal Kashyap

    Is gel ko Mai daily use kr skti hu?

  142. sheetal arora

    I have very sensitive skin suffering from rosacea and ezcema,can i use it?

  143. aao kuch naya seekhe

    Es gel ko bina freej ke rkh sakte h mam pls

  144. Chochohtwe Chocho

    Wow amazing how about we eat

  145. jbains2009

    can we use this gel daily?

  146. Tanu Aish

    Market m kiss name s milenge y jo h

  147. Risla Jamaludeen

    Which typ of seeds can v use…..raw r roasted…..will d roasted seeds effective?

  148. nahida asma

    elarzy & oily skin can I use this?

  149. Bhawna sharma

    I have wrinkles around my eyes. Can i use this to get rid of them??

  150. Manisha Popale

    Plz mam make a vdo on large open pore skin

  151. SAM _

    I just put this on my face. It’s about 4 minutes in and my face feels really tight. I plan to leave it on for a half hour.

  152. 1868 Eli

    Lol i use this as a hair gel for curls or ponytail styles its awesome as hair no breakage n improves hair quality

  153. Ali Husnain

    Mam kya him isy daily use krein ya kitny din pls answer me

  154. Priyanka Kathad

    does it help to reduce open pores?

  155. Nora Liliannita

    If I were to boil some fenugreek in water till it is also a gel-like consistency and mix it in with the flaxseed gel will it keep in the fridge for the same amount of time?

  156. jahnavireddy janu

    How many days can we store it in room temperature because refrigerator is not available at my living place tq

  157. Raj Heer

    can it apply on dry skin

  158. Raj Heer

    can use under eyes wrinkles and after apply can remove it with water

  159. Shamim Khan

    Ice cubes bana kar use kar sakte hai kiya?

  160. Scififan9000 :P

    I ground up flaxseeds in a blender and stored it in the freezer. I take about a teaspoon of it daily with a multivitamin/multimineral. I started doing this a little while ago for overall health, but I wasn’t expecting my acne to clear up for good. I had bad acne since I was thirteen, and I’m almost twenty four now. It was driving me crazy! I tried literally everything to make it go away, but I knew that it was an internal problem that skin products simply could not resolve. I caught onto how it was helping my skin. I mixed a tablespoon of ground flax with a tablespoon and a half of water and put it on my face for a half an hour. It made a huge difference instantly. Not only did my acne clear up totally, it’s also healing the scars. It got rid of the dark circles under my eyes that I had for my entire life too. I swear my skin looks better now than it did when I was seventeen. I do this every week now. 🙂

  161. Ying Ying Guo

    Ok so i did this. And i still left a little bit of whole lineseeds in the liquid when applying on my face. A few days later, there is one cute small plant growing out of my sink. Turns out there is still lineseed stuck onto it, with mini plants growing out.

  162. Amy Haya

    Good recipe…can I leave the mask overnight? And wash my face the following morning?

  163. Ingrid Fonseca

    What abt tweezing/ plucking scars??? Will that also fade completely. I have too much on the face

  164. Sree Sanjanaa Bose.S

    Mam I have oily skin and lot of pimples … Will this help me….

  165. Sana Siddique

    Can i use roasted powder instead of seeds

  166. kanukulla veni

    May i use flaxseed powder mam

  167. Deepa Rai

    Mam how long can we store on a room temperature?

  168. A. Nour

    How much is ‘half bowl’ of flaxseed in tablespoon? I subscribed to your channel and thank you for this recipe, simple and effective!

  169. Asiya Ali Ali

    W0w i like y0ur remde nyc

  170. Ramya g shetty

    Is it dry skin can use this gel

  171. JVS SVJ

    Can we use on total body

  172. Nilima Dhobley

    Can we use it daily? Reply please

  173. babygirl1105able

    Can we use this gel in specially in Summer’s for oily skin

  174. lavanya kumar

    What we can do with that boild flax seeds any use of it

  175. Sonal Goel

    What to do with left over flax seeds.. in cotton cloth

  176. Satarupa Das

    I’ve oily as well as acne prone skin (full of marks), can I use this too? And, at the same time my skin is sensitive too.

  177. Anu Sawant

    Hello maam can i used this gel every day on face Plz reply

  178. Prajakta Indulkar

    Can I store in refrigerator for one month? Plz reply plz

  179. Mimi Me

    How much honey do you use and does it need to be refrigerated?

  180. flo marchand

    how much honey do i put in

  181. BUKIDNON Philippines OFW MALAYSIA

    What about chia seed can make like this? If we don’t have flax seed?

  182. hummingbird

    Great idea!!! I have made my own masks for many years yet have not heard of this one….. I’m excited to try it. Thank you so much!

  183. Laxmi Mudikonda

    Will this make our skin darker

  184. b

    has anyone actually tried this? does it make a difference in your skin

  185. Saba Ali

    May v wash our face after ten min massage ?

  186. my life

    Can it be used for breast tightening. Plz reply

  187. inez mickel

    Or …just be black

  188. Priya Ranjan

    Can I drink it….?? ??

  189. durga tiwari

    Thanx for flex seed remedy

  190. Israt Saleh

    What is Flaxseed ? How can I get it from Bangladesh?

  191. dev sagar

    Can we eat d squeezed flaxseed after extracting d gel

  192. Mh h

    Can men do this too

  193. SAN MID

    Please can i use them in contourin of eyse

  194. ela Chopra

    Can it used in summer also

  195. Nandhini Nandy

    Whether can we store thiz in a container???And how many days? We can store

  196. ravinder kaur

    What can we do with the left over flex seeds? Can we use them in food or we shuld throw it.

  197. Saloni Tripathi

    Kitni der tak face pe laga kar rakhna hai

  198. Cassara Rion

    I use this as a moisture Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment and I think it helps my skin stay young looking. I would highly recommend this product and I thank my friend who told me about this product. Great skin cream to help prevent wrinkles. I found it by searching on Google as an argan life.

  199. Zara’s Afghan Cuisine

    Thank you so much for your amazing video

  200. Rekha Budda

    My skin is dry can i leeave it over night

  201. Jyoti Kumari

    can i use it daily for one month

  202. Rukh Khan

    It looks like a great information to me, thanku ji,

  203. Starla Jones

    I’m this, amazing. I subbed.

  204. Rakhi Lalwani

    I hv a oily n pimple prone skin so can I use dis plz reply

  205. Sanjay Bhootra

    Hello Mam
    I also made this gel but I didn’t white Crystal gel. It’s like brownish color.. is it ok with that??

  206. hina pervaiz

    Bna kr isko kitny days k liye save kr skty hain..

  207. Damcia Gomes

    Is it to be applied everyday? And is it once a day?

  208. Manisha Panda

    i have oily skin can i use this

  209. Zeeash Shan

    Hi i have a problem that when i boil it the gel does not remain white it changes its colour like honey. ? is it good enough even then? plz do reply

  210. Merab Bramuel

    Did anyone tried this did this help?

  211. chaity akter

    it stock how many days?

  212. Holly Markle

    Thank you. So sweet for sharing

  213. Tazz

    Did any of try this and see positive results?

  214. Richard Ronald Ronald

    ,can I use chia seeds too?

  215. Robbie Rice

    How do I store it? And for how long

  216. Farheen Faree

    Can we use this gel in summer. ?? Best time to use this gel??? Day or night??

  217. Jia Wei

    Is this okay for people who have enlarge pores?

  218. Abdeali Bhimsor

    Mam isko kitne din tak use kar sakte h or seeds kitne g.m lene h

  219. justlaugh83

    How many times we can do this in a week?

  220. sujitha lakshmi

    Mine is dry skin & have pores can i use it?

  221. Beatrice Boahen

    Please,can it cure wrinkles and fine lines?

  222. naveena 1119

    I have oily skin shall I use this or not reply me

  223. Basharat Hussain

    Hi mam ap mujhy bata sakti ha k ya danay kis cheaz k ha

  224. Siham Hbak

    waw the is a great

  225. Tiara Redmi

    How long this gel can be stored at room temperature?

  226. Kanchan Singh

    I will try it too?

  227. Starring

    Yes good people it really good ??????

  228. Tamanna KTamanna

    my skin is very dry and wrinkle can I use this dear Sis pls reply

  229. Rajashree Biradar

    Very useful

  230. Anna Huff

    does the flaxseed remove wrinkles please reply

  231. God is good any time

    East africa the country Eritres we drink this normaly ❤

  232. Bilal Ali

    Very nice thanks

  233. Riyaz Isani

    Superb info thanx ma’m for this video

  234. Thelma Galabay

    Is it good for dry and sensitive skin?? Pls.let me know! Thankss??

  235. Shajnen Sudha

    Apii mere face me acne haai and oily bhi haa face mera ye use pe koyi prblm tw nehi hoga???

  236. Hương Việt

    Wow , great to know, flaxseed’s very refreshing and tasty in smoothly too!

  237. Faya Olives

    Let me start this recipe n l will comment the results

  238. Jaber Bhai

    Could we use it on oily skin….

  239. Gayatri S

    Mam we have to store in refrigerator not in freezer right for long life…

  240. SRK . SRK

    Hey thank you. I have a flaxseeds I’ll try now definitely ?????????????? how many days we can store in room temperature? without refrigerator

  241. Bhavesh Bulani


  242. Neha Parveen

    Ohhh realy mam it ok i will try it tomorrow thnx alot mam nyc video but it is very hot

  243. Khadija yaseen

    Can we drink it?

  244. ali amjad

    I been doing this for long it works
    Apply that gel on your hair an leave it for 20/30min then wash it of an be amazed

  245. Devu D

    Can we leave it overnight without using aloe Vera gel

  246. jayasree pedireddy

    how many times can we use this Jell?

  247. VijayAmen Sidhu

    oil skin bare vi daso kuj

  248. sumi rajput

    Can i use roasted flex seed??

  249. Indian Moms Beauty

    Hi dear. Hru? hope doing great. I am using this for the past 14 days I think, it’s amazing n my skin looks young, hydrated. ??

  250. Saba sabz

    Summer m use krskty hain??? Oily tw nae hoga face??

  251. Rida Baseer

    Hello mam plz make a video essential oils humble request u mam

  252. priyanka gurusamy

    Can v use face wash to wash our face or else only wid plain water? Plz reply sissy…

  253. Aslam Shaika

    Hii.. Am new subscriber in kerala??

  254. khush deep

    can it be used in summer???

  255. God is great forever

    Can help me for melasma?

  256. fawzia haiderzada

    Thank you 🙂

  257. nitu singh

    Hope it doesnt help in hair growth

  258. Meenakshi Nath

    Is it good for dry skin

  259. Mariya Sonkachwala

    Freez me rkhna hoga kya

  260. pallavi waghmare

    Can i use it daily ?

  261. Usha Kumary

    Thank you for your valuable information

  262. maya khan

    Can it use for dark circles

  263. smita tiwari

    Can i add vitamin E nd A capsule in this gel?plz reply

  264. faiza sultana

    Flaxseed kisku boltay bolyea n a plz

  265. sahana senthi

    After dis v have 2 wash face with face washer ah

  266. Umar Abdullah

    It’s best for open pores?????

  267. ሀያት አብደላህ

    Ican use daily?

  268. Kushbu Khan

    Mam alovera gel ko hum ketne din tak rakh sakhte hai .?

  269. kanchan Anshikha seth

    I think you are absolutely right

  270. Frazer Fernandes

    ,?I’ll try.Thankyou.

  271. malathi aimfill

    oily skin can use this gel??

  272. G V RAO Gangapuri

    I like all ur videos thanks

  273. Teju

    Can we leave it overnight

  274. Sunil Sharma

    mam is gel ko without freeze kitne din store kr skte h plz reply me…..nd thanx alot mam

  275. Ester Kwamboka

    Where will I find this flax seeds?

  276. Bajwa Guneet

    plsss share the respie for weight gain i really need plssss m yiur biggest fan

  277. Bajwa Guneet

    very nice n easy

  278. rk sastry

    beauty recipes ???

  279. natural beauty tips

    1st mam plz weight gain full day routine plz

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