DIY: How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes Fast!

Get rid of Dark Under Eye Circles and Remove Bags Under Eyes super fast with these easy DIY At Home Remedies!


DIY Dark Circle Removal Remedies:

1. Coffee Mask- great for decreasing puffiness!
x. Coffee (Organic Coffee is best)
x. Aloe Vera Gel
x. Vitamin E (Grapeseed Oil or Vitamin E Capsules)

2. Tomato- has antioxidants and natural skin bleaching agents to help brighten skin and reduce dark pigments.

3. Tomato Juice & Lemon Juice- both have powerful and natural skin lightening agents. Mix together and brighten dark circles fast!

4. Coffee Scrub- works together to tighten, brighten, and smoothen skin.
x. Coffee
x. Black Pepper (Black Peppercorn is better)
x. Coconut Oil
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      Shauna Rose dear +Shauna Rose, clearly understand your sleep issue. May I suggest trying a fave technique: 1-2 hrs before bed find something VERY calm & private to do in a QUIET space (not bed) like read book, browse-web shops (save items to buy for later do not purchase….yet!), absolutely no work-related activity), or listen to soft calm music. Then stop all activity and music after 30 min. For next 30 min. just sit and empty your mind of all worries & thoughts DO NOT FOCUS on ANY single thought, let it go until next day or later! Sip warm liquid as you do this either chamomile-infused water (relaxant), whole milk (tryptophan causes drowsiness), or herbal NO SUGAR tea. Then head for bed in a dark bedroom (obstruct all lighting and a.m. daylight). If you have a Sound Machine select a soothing sound or use a Waterfall Fountain or just very calm music that doesn’t make you want to tap your toes/feet/fingers while going to sleep. HOPE THIS HELPS YOU AS WELL. So far it has worked wonders for me, male friend, stressed clients & friends (about 20 ppl so far).

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