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CLEAR SKIN ALL YEAR! Skincare Routine + 2017 Fav Products for Dark Spots/Pores/Texture ▸ VICKYLOGAN

Check out my previous skincare video:

Products mentioned ↓

Sunday Riley Good Genes

Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Babyfacial

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

Cheaper alternative — AHA Cream

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

Soap & Glory Face Soap And Clarity Facial Wash

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

Glossier Invisible Shield


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Psalms 91:1

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67 Thoughts to “CLEAR SKIN ALL YEAR! Skincare Routine + 2017 Fav Products for Dark Spots/Pores/Texture ▸ VICKYLOGAN”


    Dairy is crazy for me too ?

  2. Sarrana Jeanty

    Your videos are always so refreshing!

  3. Kedice

    In your last detailed skin routine, I bought the AHA, cream and it had been a life saver ??, the only thing I’m working on is getting blackheads when I have extremely dry skin

    1. Kedice

      A A hey, I’ve been using it from June, so I would say ya, you need to have some patience with it, and I used it twice a day. In the morning I would put it on and wait for my skin to absorb it and then apply my moisturiser with SPF. If you use it without SPF, it’ll reverse in your results which is making the spots darker. And for the night I use it by itself.

    2. A A

      Kedice how long did it take for you to see results? I bought the AHA cream as well and have been using it since October but my dark marks are still here! Lol and I am so impatient. & did you use it only at night?

  4. Kimmy Banks

    happy holidays! Good vlog

  5. NJ Eberhart

    Your skin looks so good! Btw, Macy’s online has the benefit sunscreen in stock and free shipping!

  6. Mel's Avenue

    Thanks for sharing! Your skin is glowing girl keep it up! I’m looking forward to your health/stress reliever journey.


    My skin is dry AF oil nothing usually works so now I’m trying the Farmacy salve!

  8. Sladers10

    Shout out to the dog behind you I just think he’s such a cutie

  9. MsTaylor0304

    How often do you alternate between the Good Genes and the DE Framboos?

  10. Jasmine Taylor

    You forgot to add booty to the routine, ladies let cha man rub the booty ? that helps too. ??

  11. NaturallyE

    Let me just say as expensive as Sephora is, they do have some helpful employees. I was thankful to have struck up a convo with a male Sephora employee and he put me onto the brand The Ordinary(Sephora just started carrying some of their items). It is a inexpensive brand BUT works so well.

  12. BeautyNoChaser

    Gigi is funny lol

  13. La Faraona

    Too much acid on the face is not good.


      Right, that’s why I said only use one acid product at a time. You can’t use them together or your skin will thin out.

  14. Chinaija

    C’mon Gigi with the cameo! Hey niece! ?

  15. MsJadoreGlamour

    I thought I was only one who’s burn mark doesn’t go away, i have one on my arm that has been there since 7th grade, I’m 28. I see people with burn marks go away after a few weeks, please don’t say just use cocoa butter it never worked for me


      Same. I have chicken pox scars from when I was 9 years old that I used mederma and cocoa butter on, never healed. ??‍♀️

  16. Randomly Oni C

    C’mon Skin!!! I always tell people the more you stress the more your skin will be pressed!! You look beautiful girl!

  17. Sylvia Hill

    Your skin looks great…. you don’t need make up hun!!!!

  18. AlexisSheela Krow

    Your skin looks smooth as hell! have you ever considered chemical peels? I recently got one and it was honestly life changing


      I’ve considered it but I haven’t gotten one yet

  19. Janae S

    Your skin looks really really good. People seem to love Good Genes so I’m gonna give it a try next year. Have you ever tried products from Makeup Artist’s Choice?

  20. Faithful2K9

    Lol at Gigi in the back

  21. kalia ellison

    IT would help to Change your diet. And stop eating mucus forming food! .You can use all the products for you external but what you put in your body is the key. Eat to live


      That’s what I said

  22. Gracia-Dei MK

    Gigi chilling in the background and awesome video Vicky!

  23. AlwayzShaye

    Vicky your skin has made a drastic change and I am here for it! Definitely gotta try the drunk elephant products out myself!

  24. T Hynson

    I have definitely noticed how nice your skin looks. I have been thinking of adding an essence but I wasn’t really sure it was necessary. It sounds like it’s a nice but not crucial step for you. Is that how you see it?

    1. T Hynson

      Good suggestion, thanks!


      I wouldn’t say “crucial” but I definitely notice a difference in how hydrated my skin is when I don’t use it. I do like to use it in the daytime vs at night and I HAVE to use it before traveling on a plane. HAVE TO. My skin drinks it up! I literally went to Kiehl’s and got some samples just so I could take it on the plane with me lol

  25. Sierra LaFaye

    I so needed every second of this

  26. GlamTam

    Your skin is glowing like the Holy Spirit’s light is shining upon you! ?

  27. RaenaJenks

    Ok so I’m a Good Genes user but I buy it maybe twice a year because its a struggle lol! But I hate that in between time when I don’t have it and I desperately need to exfoliate. The drunk elephant products are slightly cheaper. Do you think they are the next best alternative? I just want something that works just as well as the Good Genes but cheaper lol!

    1. RaenaJenks

      VICKYLOGAN cool I’ll have to try them!


      i think so! i love drunk elephant!

  28. Bri smith

    I love your skin

  29. King Chrissy

    I need to get a job at Sephora so I can get a discount ??

  30. Bri

    Got the eating healthy down now it’s time to invest ? in my skincare ✨?

  31. JustAngel

    have you ever considered getting a chemical peel? I have a lot of acne scarring and considering it, but I need to do more research.


      Considered it but I don’t feel like peeling

  32. p34rl Girl

    *Question – best makeup brush cleanser ppl?*


      Dish soap lol


    I’ve been waiting for this video yasss ???

  34. Buildinglifeconfidence

    Vicky your skin looks amazing, I also appreciate you being honest about getting the occasional pimple. This is an awesome review!

  35. Carmen Rollizo

    Someone at Ulta told me that the Benefit Dream Screen is discontinued ??

  36. LovelyBreanna

    I loveee the vibe your videos give off❤️

  37. Krystal L

    Skin snatched 2018…Amen?!?!

  38. OhHeyOlive

    This whole year has been such a skin journey for me, and I been scruggling chile. I picked up some of these suggestions and they really have helped my skin along with my diet and everything. S/o to Vicky for coming through with the quality recommendations! love you girl!

  39. divinely_Giovanah J

    Hey maybe Medrema would work for your burn Mark! I burnt my face in high school when I was straighting my hair and you can’t even see where I burnt my face. It worked so fast! I even used Medrema on my blemishes then as well and it really worked! My skin was so clear all the time! I’m actually looking for my bottle now to start using again

  40. Sarah Mariah

    Girls yes your skin give me hope ??????

  41. Sabrina Evans

    Come on through here woman of God! Skin poppin or whatevaaaa ?

  42. Jaydah Teaunna

    You are so gorgeous!! Your skin loooks great! Keep it up. It’s so great seeing you transform your skin

  43. HappyFroStyle

    thanks for sharing !! 2018 bout to be popping´ 😀

  44. Mina Piña

    I 100% agree with the consistency thing. Me having a really crazy sweet tooth kills me man, my eating habits are probably the icing on the cake as to why my acne isn’t under control. But 2018 is around the corner and there’s room for a fresh start !

    1. Mina Piña

      Chadel Mathurin on top of being lactose intolerant I’m just in a weird spot. But gluten and dairy aren’t good for acne prone skin anyhow. But good luck on your journey beautiful ✨

    2. Chadel Mathurin

      you’re speaking my truth. I’ll be transitioning to a more plant-based diet AGAIN in 2018; and this worked before for me; but I don’t know about giving up the sweets.

  45. Gamergirl101

    Yassss i needed this i need these dark spots gone!

  46. AK

    I’ve never clicked a video so fast

  47. Sipho S

    Haven’t even finished watching but girllll thank you! ???

  48. Maia Anderson

    love being able to see your growth ?? love you mahm ??

  49. Sunny Emery

    Thank you Vicky for this ?

  50. Novella Joy

    This background! This camera quality! That skin! Yessssss ????

  51. Civil Luxe

    Listen your skin looks great. I’m here for all the Vicky Tips and I love how straightforward you are about your routine. But also knowledgeable at the same time. Thank you

  52. Elisha Lanier

    Never been this early ???

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