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Chit Chat GRWM | Issa Update + MAKEUP

Finally a new video!!!! New make up and “new to me” makeup + updates. Shout out to you guys for being so patient with me. I’m back and new videos will be posted every week!!!

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Products Used & Mentioned

Artis Brush Elite Collection(Smoke) |
Teint Idol Ultra Wear Foundation Stick |
Morphe 3502 Palette |
Ofra Highlighter(Blissful) |
MAC Lip Matte Lip Stick(Mangrove) and Liner(Follow Your Heart) |
Tatoo Junkee Lip Kit |

17 DIY & Sewing Hacks |



037 COLLECTION | Premium Maxi Scarves, Head Wraps & Accessories

Wonder Tape | The 8th Wonder of the World |

DIY Maxi Cardigan | can be used for an open front abaya too








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Blythewood, SC 29016

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037 COLLECTION | Premium Maxi Scarves, Head Wraps & Accessories

Spin for Perfect Skin
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My current sewing machine | Brother SQ9185

My previous sewing machine | Brother XL-2600i great for beginners

My current serger | Brother 1034D


Comment below I LOVE LAMP! if you read the description box because that means you’re awesome! ?

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98 Thoughts to “Chit Chat GRWM | Issa Update + MAKEUP”

  1. The Beauty Appeal

    GREAT video … Hello from France <3

  2. Unakem Kazeem

    Diamonds are forever!

  3. Be Loved

    I love those freckles…I wish mines were as visual as yours.

  4. Be Loved

    Happy you are back. I love your sewing videos.

  5. Rebecca Conner

    Diamonds are forever. My favorite video is when you made the blue formal dress with shoulder wrap

  6. Khadijah M

    I’m so glad i ran across your channel. I’m excited to learn how to sew! Diamonds are forever! Now I’m gonna binge watch some more videos lol

  7. Senchelle Pierre

    Hey girl…. so glad you’re back “diamonds are forever”

  8. HalimahNia

    so happy you’re back! 🙂

  9. Alula Mama

    Dope video! Thanks Nadira, we missed you

  10. Sauliha Abdur-Rahim

    I’m so happy you are back and that you made this video. Totally understand when life gets in the way. Shoot I’m still regrouping from that myself after having two kids. But I wanted to comment on having your daughter make YouTube videos. I think it would be okay, only if it is parentally advised. I wanted to have my kids on YouTube as well just when they get a little older but I would monitor comments and all that good stuff. But again so happy to have you back. And diamonds are forever.

  11. Grammi Z

    You were so missed. You are such a beautiful young Lady. Diamonds are forever!

  12. Matthew O'Donnell

    So happy your back!!! Can’t wait for some more sewing tips.
    Diamonds are forever

  13. Jasmyn Jones

    Diamond are forever. I️ love your sewing tutorials especially since I’m a tall girl like you. Thank you. ??

  14. msthingstodo


  15. FullStyle Inc.

    I have some missed your videos!! Glad all is well & that you are back! Diamonds are forever hunny!!!

  16. Aisha Alabi

    Diamonds are forever

  17. Charmaine Brown

    Welcome back?

  18. Roberta Butler

    Diamonds are forever

  19. Blacknatural08

    Dimonds are forever

  20. Christopher Alexander

    Diamonds are forever

  21. Jazzy Kreations

    Hey love your vids and your daughter will be just as happy just recording and “thinking” it will be on youtube, you don’t have to actually post it


    Miss U! Welcome back!! Sorry to hear things got the away from you, I’ve been there. Do you have a man, support system that can help? I’m extremely independent but when I was at my lowest my man came through when I needed him the most. Can’t wait for your sewing DIYs.

  23. Charlene Colter

    Diamonds are forever??

  24. Rana Roshini

    Concerning your daughter, it depends on her age and personality which you would know better than us. I think if she wants to be creative on youtube, she should be especially if she is someone with a lot to share. And it would suck if she really wants this , and just has to wait until you are no longer in charge of her to pursue it. It can become messy when we say no to people.

    THAT SAID, i have alot of tips for that feeling you have to protect her. If she uses these platforms, make sure no one can message her until they are friends or mutually subscribed, this will filter out a majority of weirdos. It would also be a good idea not to link your channels to each other if you can, this way anyone who has something rude to say about you will not be able to find her profile and get to you through her. And thirdly, just make sure she can take a hit when reading comments, people out here are trying to start fights over anything under anyone’s videos. It can be very disgusting.

  25. Lexus Smith

    Diamonds are forever! ?

  26. Mama With A Fro

    I LOVE LAMP. I don’t show my kids faces for pretty much the same reasons. I wonder though if I would let them if they asked… Maybe when they’re like 13+? Glad you’re back 🙂

  27. Ms. Cummings

    Diamonds are forever

  28. Hidayah

    Wa 3alaykum assalaam Nadira, so nice to see you again. 🙂 I hope its okay that Im posting a sewing related comment under your newest video eventhough it’s a grwm video. Can I make all full circle dresses/skirts also with “half circles/umbrella type” of skirts? Will there be a umbrella long skirt tutorial in the future insha allah? I feel I can safe more fabric with umbrella skirts and they are “easier” in weight and closer to the body which is easier while working. Thank you very much. 🙂

  29. sandra-pearl


    1. Nadira037

      +sandra-pearl you’re awesome! ?❤️

  30. خدوده الجداوي


  31. Angel J.

    Please do a wrap tutorial on this look

  32. Darcie Basilico

    Welcome back! Diamonds are forever!

  33. tanishalynne

    As salaam alaykum sis. Glad to see you’re back and that you are well. I was watching M2M the other day. Diamonds are forever

    1. KVKClay Family

      Diamonds are forever! ?

    2. Nadira037

      +tanishalynne wa alaikum salaam Sis. I’m happy to be back and thanks for supporting from day 1! ❤️ #a1fromday1

  34. Yasmine Bey

    This is Yasmine Bey, from Georgia State University, how old is your daughter? You can always tell her she can have a Youtube channel when she is older. I am glad you are back and you always wear a leopard scarf on your first videos and your come back video is no exception, you are a diamond and diamonds are forever! My fav videos from you are the lookbooks, particularly the lookbook for eid outfits.

    1. Nadira037

      +Yasmine Bey hey Sis!!!! How have you been? In shaa Allah we’ll. Yeah I’m thinking about creative ways she can do a channel at her age. ? That’s funny you noticed that, leopard has always been my fave. Thanks for the support! ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Divas Zone

    Diamonds are forever

  36. My Hootd

    Assalamualaikum dear . Can you do a tutorial of BATWING DRESS ? Please

    1. My Hootd

      Thank you so much . I’m looking forward for it . In shaa allah. ?

    2. Nadira037

      +My Hootd wa alaikum salaam. In shaa Allah

  37. KVKClay Family

    My son does have a YouTube Channel however he does not show his face. He films what ever content or subject he wants to share but never reveals his face or other personal information.

    1. KVKClay Family

      Nadira037 He does not obtain the viewing traffic as his peers. However, the satisfaction of sharing what he has a passion for make for a satisfied tween.

    2. Nadira037

      +KVKClay Family That’s what I was thinking about doing. Do you find his channel to still be successful, I know even though it’s YT people still want that connection.

  38. Annette Smith

    Diamonds are forever!!

  39. Carrie_Jo

    Diamonds are forever ? happy to see you’re back ?

    1. Nadira037

      +Carrie_Jo I’m happy to be back ❤️

  40. Latonia Fugate

    Diamonds are forever

  41. A'isha Raven

    oh just not liking that yellow background….it drowns you out. so glad to see you back through love the sewing tutorial

    1. Nadira037

      +A’isha Raven yeah I peeped that when I was editing, don’t think I’ll be using yellow again. I’m m a little too yellow for a yellow background ? I’m glad to be back ?❤️

  42. Sharon Rose

    “Diamonds are forever “

  43. Renecial Porter

    I love lamp! Glad you’re back❤️.. Diamonds are forever?

    1. Nadira037

      +Renecial Porter You’re awesome! ?❤️ I’m glad to be back

  44. V MD

    So glad you are back! Girl diamonds are forever!

    1. Nadira037

      +V MD I’m glad to be back ❤️


    Diamonds are forever.

  46. Ashley G

    You’re Back! I’ve missed your videos, and your smiling face! I was worried I’d have to venture into the world of garment sewing without you! XD
    And Diamonds are Forever.

    1. Nadira037

      +Ashley-Rosetta Gardiner Never that, I got you ? new tutorials coming soon

  47. Mymodamoi

    Contente de te revoir, i miss your vidéos?

  48. Crowned Luv

    Yay walaikum salaam!!! I missed you!! Diamonds are forever!?

  49. PoisedbyLiyah

    Diamonds are forever

  50. Maïmouna DIEDHIOU

    Missed you! Welcome back!

  51. Eman Albalushei

    I’m from Oman ? ?

  52. Hanifah M.

    I love your content! especially the diy stuff. Diamonds are forever!!

  53. Antoinette Deitcher

    Diamonds are forever. Glad you’re back! Can’t wait for the next sewing tutorial.

  54. Teasha Stewart

    WS! Missed ya Sis.!

  55. Shamsa Hussein

    Diamonds are forever.

  56. Chantelle

    Welcome back! Diamonds are forever!

  57. Rabiah Johnson

    ASA good to see you ! Looking beautiful!

    1. Nadira037

      +Rabiah Johnson wa alaikum salaam, thank you Sis. ? I’m glad to be back ❤️

  58. Olasubomi Bello

    WELCOME BACK! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. BeckyKalaKayKay

    Diamonds are forevey

  60. ocean bella

    I was literally just thinking about you!! Missed you! diamonds are forever

  61. georgiapeach310

    Wow! I was just watching some of your old videos yesterday. I was wondering where you were. Very good to see you again! My daughter was 13 or 14 when she started her YT channel. The hateful comments were too much for her. She made the decision to shut it down on her own. She has not fully recovered from some of those mean-spirited comments. On the videos where she disabled comments she got fewer views. It was almost like if people couldn’t be rude, they didn’t want to view. Be careful of that decision.

  62. Fabulafricana

    u are very pretty au naturel, MashAllah

  63. Life Beyond the Kitchen

    Just discovered your sewing and DIY videos. Diamonds are forever 🙂

  64. zu zu

    glad you are back.

  65. Mistress O'Naps

    Missed you bae

  66. AmAyANiQuOlE

    Diamonds are forever ???

  67. Qute Quest

    Diamonds are forever!

  68. Lavette Terrell

    Diamonds are forever…I am very scared of the weirdos out in the social media world…So not trying to tell you what to do as far as your own baby girl but be careful sis!!!

  69. Qute Quest

    I miss you!!!!

  70. Amira NYCz Muslimah

    Diamonds are Forever!!

  71. Angela Early

    Glad you are back and doing well! Diamonds are forever!!!

    1. Saturday Shay

      Angela Early ?

  72. amatu ibrahim

    aaww.. missed you sis.. been hungry for ur turban tutorials. welcome back

  73. Amira NYCz Muslimah

    YEEESSS Sis!!! It’s been a while!!! Miss U!!

    1. Nadira037

      +Amira NYCz Muslimah I’m so happy to be back. I’ve missed you guys. ?❤️

  74. Safiyah H

    Are you a muslimah?

    1. Safiyah H

      MsBasimah24 my dear sister there is no compulsion in islam is a very poor response. The point i was just trying to make is that when you are a public figure most people tend to take you as a role model and the head tie tend to resemble that of the faith called Baptist and our beloved prophet (صلى الله عليه سلام) said do not imitate the dress of the disbelievers. Please really in your honesty in the name of Allah you really think its right? I love my sister nadirah but i must tell her because its my right as a muslimah and with all respect. I dont see you wearing yours like that ?. And my question was for nadirah dont see how you are answering because you know the hadith of entering a conversation without seeking permission. By the way i love you too my sister. May Allah continue to guide us and keep us on straight path.

    2. MsBasimah24

      Are u a muslimah? Did you see her other videos. If you are a muslimah, do you know that there is no compulsion in Islam..her actually being a muslimah however she dress let that be between her and her Lord, because she know what to do or not. If you see her other videos then you would know that.

    3. Safiyah H

      angeljar2012 . There are ppl that are not muslims who give salams anyhow why i asked to make sure because i wanted to know what type of hijab style wearing is that, where is it permissable to wear it like that?

    4. Angel J.

      Safiyah H you must’ve missed the first 2 seconds of the video where she began with salaams

  75. meccarebbie

    Missing you. Glad you are back!!! Question. Do you know how to do eyelash extensions in pieces?

    1. Nadira037

      +meccarebbie I’ve missed you guys too! ❤️ Sorry I don’t how to do eyelash extensions. Now individual lashes I do know how to apply those but to be honest I’m not a big fan of falsies.

  76. dont worry bout it

    So good to see you back!

    1. Nadira037

      +dont worry bout it thanks ? I’m glad to be back ❤️

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