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BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS FROM 2017 // Makeup · Skincare · Hair | Rachael Jade

The best beauty products from 2017 (according to moi)!

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I will update this list but I want you to watch the video first 😉

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ALL products shown in this video were purchased WITH MY OWN MONEY unless marked with * or stated otherwise. Products marked with an * have been gifted to me by a friend/family or a company for consideration. I am not being paid to make this video or show any of the products featured. I would not accept compensation for a false positive review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. ** denotes an affiliate link. Thank you for your support.


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58 Thoughts to “BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS FROM 2017 // Makeup · Skincare · Hair | Rachael Jade”

  1. Ruth Denisenko

    Love this video ❤️ would be interested in Ordinary review or a blog post.

  2. Love Life

    I’m so glad ur back

  3. Nicki Betham

    Hi – great to see your smiling face ❤️

    1. Rachael Jade

      Hi Nicki! Lovely to see you online too 🙂 xox Rach

  4. Prita Nandari

    I’m so happy to see you on my notifications, miss you Rachael ❤️❤️

  5. Amandaandlola NL

    My stand out for 2017 is the Tartette Toasted Palette

    1. Amandaandlola NL

      Rachael Jade i have a feeling you will fall in love!

    2. Rachael Jade

      Thanks for sharing Amanda! I still haven’t tried that one yet but it looks beautiful! xx

  6. Diane B

    I’m so excited giiiiiiirrrrll. Another video from you! ??

  7. Amandaandlola NL

    I love seeing the notification for your videos

  8. Mel Parkinson

    So glad to see you again! I really enjoy your reviews ??

  9. laura lee

    Great favourites, I must try to go without eyeshadow a few days a week just to speed up my morning routine….I watched your whole video while doing my makeup. I am so glad you are back!

  10. Jennifer McGonnell

    Great reviews Rach – thank you for sharing – so good to see you back on utube again ?

  11. laragab1

    Super excited to see you back! You were greatly missed.

  12. TheEv1968

    Great video Rachael, your knowledge of makeup etc is phenomenal ???

  13. KatieBeth83

    And as far as the number of times I repurchased, my stand out item of 2017 was the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation. My stand out for a new release is the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara. I don’t know if either of those are available in Australia, but I’m proud of myself for falling in love with two drugstore products lol

  14. zhada scott

    So glad to see you’re back on the train! Make sure it’s always and only for you girl xx

  15. vorkutyanka

    Really really glad you are back! I thought you’ve quit YouTube, but never unsubscribe hoping you’d be back. So glad I waited!!!

  16. KatieBeth83

    I just wanted to echo everyone else and say how happy I am that you’re posting videos again! You’re literally the only YouTuber that I missed during your break and that I hoped would come back soon. I’ll be catching up on your videos today. 🙂

  17. cherylcro1

    OMG..was wondering if I was reading your name right…we missed you..please stay 🙂 Your skin looks great

  18. MissAnneVu xxx

    Love these types of videos! Chit chatty are my favourites ?

  19. Kimberley Wilcox

    yay Rach! love this video so informative! so glad to see you back making video’s xoxo

  20. kylieD

    Loved this!!!!!!!

  21. Heather H.

    Rach, you could try the Ordinary Marula oil, it’s less expensive than the Drunk Elephant one. I am currently loving Smoked Almond liptensity by MAC, and the Milani prep+set+glow powder. Thank you for sharing your 2017 favorite products! ?

    1. Rachael Jade

      Hi Heather! I actually do have The Ordinary Marula Oil now. It was the last The Ordinary product I got my hands on as it was out of stock for a while (apparently there was a shortage due to flooding in Africa where it comes from). It’s great! I’m also loving the Smoked Almond Liptensity 🙂 xx R

  22. Karima McKimmie

    Yayyyy Rach! So excited to see you in my sub box again ❤️

  23. Danie Trips

    So nice too see and hear from you, you have such a nice calm voice, I could listen to you all day?. I would love it if you could do a vid on how you curl your hair, I love how it looks so natural and effortless!

  24. Be the CEO not the model

    glad to see you back! are you still working at the same job you were at previously? 🙂

  25. Rebecca Flack

    Yay!!!! I’ve been hanging for one of your favourites!!! Day made!!! Ox

  26. sophbee90

    Yay!! Great video Rach!!?

  27. Jessica Gutierrez

    I love your videos Rach !!! Please keep them coming!!! xxx

  28. Jackie Monagle

    Oh my god I have missed your videos so much! This is a weird compliment but you seriously have the most soothing voice

    1. Belinda Soderquist

      Jackie Monagle i agree!!

  29. Kaitlin Murphy

    I LOVE ‘Best of Year’ videos so this was an amazing surprise!!!! In 2017 I loved the Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette!! Just the other day I picked up the Stila Kitten highlight and I’m loving that too 🙂

  30. Claudia Z

    OMG 99 dolars? that’s amazing… In England you can find it for 42 pounds! I feel so sorry when I hear the prices for Australia

    1. Little Miss

      Claudia Z it’s all almost the “same”..their minimum wage is almost 20$ an hour…

  31. Laura Tammy

    amazing favourites Rach! i love your bronzer and highlighter picks ?

  32. AshleyOSNAP

    So happy to see you uploading again! Much love to you xx

  33. Alyssa Fleming

    Rachel where is your cupboard from behind you? Love your videos x

  34. Erya Zhang

    ??? no pressures, just do it on your own pace, but love that you’re back

  35. Katie MCPHERSON

    So excited to see you back again!

  36. Sadaf Ahmed

    Its so great to see vids frm u again!! I loved the Neutrogena micellar Gel to foam cleanser. Amazing to remove makeup.

    Also Rach would love if u could do a vid on the ordinary. Same skin type as u but im very overwhelmed by the brand. Too many products confuse me. But the price point is great. I cant afford any high end skincare. Thanks!!

    1. Wendy P

      Yes! A brand review on The Ordinary would be awesome.

  37. nayanth01

    Sooo glad you’re back!!!! Lots of love ❤❤❤❤

  38. rachill hicks

    Some excellent recommendations

  39. Katie Ngo

    Please keep making more videos

  40. UpToChris

    Love the video. Would you mind do a fav fashion and accessories products in 2017?

  41. Asad J.H

    From Iraq send to you my best wishes, we love you Rachael

  42. Wendy P

    yay! i’m so happy you uploaded this! ??

    1. Wendy P

      Two standout products for me this year were the Nars Laguna/Hot Sands duo (not sure if you can buy it anymore though, sadly) and the It Cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer ?

  43. LeeAnn Lockhart

    Missed you sooooooooo much ?❤️

    1. Rachael Jade

      Happy to be back LeeAnn 🙂 xx

  44. cosmeticslover85

    Really excited for this! It’s morning in my part of the the world and this is perfect to watch while putting on my own makeup! Lots of love xx

  45. Stephanie Martinez

    Love love love it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. Lydia Marida

    hope you stay for good ??

  47. jetsika

    I’m glad you’re making videos again ?

  48. neha bee

    YAY You’re back!!!!

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