Addressing TEA With Lauren Conrad ft. JAMES CHARLES! | NikkieTutorials

Today I’m getting ready with the person who’s responsible for me starting my channel YEARS ago! Please welcome The Hills star, Lauren Conrad!!! We play with her new makeup line as we discuss all the tea with James Charles!!! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!


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💻 Doing LADY GAGA’S Makeup! ►

🎀 Doing My FIANCE’S Makeup! ►



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Visuals & sound by Studio Beng Beng:

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ, I love you.

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1,000 Thoughts to “Addressing TEA With Lauren Conrad ft. JAMES CHARLES! | NikkieTutorials”

  1. NikkieTutorials


  2. Lori C

    Lauren has done an amazing job with her career. One thing I noticed is I don’t recognize her voice anymore, but probably because I just watched the Hills so I’m hearing her 15 years apart.

  3. aehr lynn

    *sees title*
    Oohh boy can’t wait to see this unnecessarily appear on a drama/teaspill video 🥱

  4. Danielle M

    Lauren has so much personality in this compared to when she was on Whitney’s channel talking about her line and reminiscing

  5. Brenda Cortes

    Lauren Conrad is the reason why I dated guys like Jason 😂

  6. Mariana Uribe

    Love love love

  7. jenniebabi2

    This is awesome!!!!! Loved this video

  8. zoë zoë

    this lip color for nikkie omg

  9. Beauty Wins & Fails

    Awww, I never really watched the Bergen (Hills), but of course I knew about the show. Thank you for sharing where your inspiration came from.🥰

  10. Priyanka Kapur


  11. Emmy Yaya

    Lauren is such an icon

  12. Vi Harrison

    I’m glad to see this moment 🙌🏾

  13. Natalie Womack

    This was fun to watch!! Lauren is so humble. I love it.

  14. Ashley Lynn

    James just gotta be reminding everyone how young he is at all times of the day lol I can’t wait until he is like 26 and starts thinking he is old

  15. carlythebeautiful

    Bergen ✨✨✨✨ love LC!!!!! 💖🙌🏼💖

  16. Claudia Neddow

    Thank you for this video 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Charlotte Beek

    de heuvels!

  18. Taylor

    Doesn’t seem like she even wants to wear makeup or even enjoys it. Why did she even make this line?

  19. Makeup & Crystals ✨

    I’m sorry I love Lauren Conrad and grew up watching The Hills but how can she launch a makeup line and NOT use more than one color or even have her eyeshadow brush ready for this tutorial/review with Nikki? 🤯

  20. Jules Ruano

    Lauren Conrad made me obsessed with eyeliner too!!

  21. Chris R

    Lauren is so wholesome! She has always remained that way and can we talk about the fact she’s never got lip injections amen!

  22. Dani PR

    omg i ‘m dead, love lauren!!!!!!!!

  23. Abbey Hill

    Omg I love LC and I still follow her because she’s so iconic! She’s always been a beauty queen, and I still follow her eyeliner tutorial 🧡 lol

  24. Samuel Hayden With a gun

    I only know who this girl is because of Eric Andre.

  25. Memin Rodri

    I’ve never heard of Lauren before this video and my jaw dropped when she said she “wasn’t wearing any makeup yet.” Like what! She’s gorgeous!

  26. Priscilla Ramirez

    I know why do people say 28? For 2008? 😂

  27. Cobe Hamilton

    Lauren is great and all, but can we get a quick shout out for Christina Applegate?

  28. Kathi

    James is everywhere. I am actually afraid to open my fridge😂

  29. asterismxx

    Seriously who refers to 2008 / 2009 as 28 or 29? Lol confusing much?

  30. snbblackangel

    Superb 💗💗

  31. coco cordova

    Her eyebrows tho. They’re like so dark or something. Just looks off.

  32. Kay

    this video makes me wanna do my makeup and chat with them lol

  33. LC

    I love Lauren’s style and vibe. ugh so good.

  34. Sara Webb

    My self esteem when Lauren said she wasn’t wearing any makeup PLUMMETED 😭

  35. Platte puss

    I love when you fangirl.

  36. cherrysoda97

    Lmfao the quote 😂

  37. Danae From The Bay

    Lauren just needs to blend out her cheeks , calm the brows down a bit and either calm down the eyeliner and just do what she said she normally does the powder as liner or do more eye shadow. With that dark ass wing and she would look so much better’!! But the brows in my opinion are too much

  38. Melissa Sanchez

    Omgsh LC is gorgeous! Such a classy woman. I love her

  39. Jessica Kennon

    She looks like Marsha Brady.

  40. l l

    lc’s eyebrows are so sick and nikkies too!

  41. Kayla Kennedy

    I am a Lauren in a Nikki world lol

  42. The Black 9

    Nick doesn’t like to hear this but there’s no way she’s trans

  43. Yasmine

    Omg i love your video’s .

  44. Justin Cole Porter

    James Charles 🙄

  45. A Mason

    Lauren looks so youthful, would love to know her skin routine. 👌
    Oh and her eyebrows, luv’em.

  46. Zombie 909

    I love Lauren, she is so humble and still so beautiful. When Nikki said the eyeliner was the start for her, Same!!

  47. Literally Botho

    James: *not a sister scandle NOT AGAIN*
    Me:*laughing so much 😂🤣

  48. mcbesety

    Yeah but let’s give a quick shout-out to christina applegate.

  49. Brisa Lopez

    now i want to watch the hills after this ICONIC show

  50. Javier Morales

    Nikkei is so gorgeous!! I love her videos, in fact she is the reason I love make up

  51. Ashleigh Vickers

    I miss the hills omg i swear i was just thinking to myself what a staple LC was in my childhood

  52. Nevolet

    im just like lauren with makeup..my face just looks harsh and like its been through too much when i use alot..i dont recognize myself. no makeup or really natural is my style

  53. asaratkhandr

    Why does this novice, unprepared person have a makeup line? Doesn’t do shadow, ok, fine, focus on skin or lips, don’t put out an shadow palette when you dont even have to proper tools.

  54. Desi Mint

    Lauren is the reason why I started wearing eyeliner 😂 so iconic 🥰

  55. Natacha

    I don’t want to be mean but It looks like she doesn’t know a lot of makeup or how to apply it. That’s why I find it a little bit weird that she has a makeup brand. But hey still congrats!

  56. Sus Ciechanska

    HUh? Waarom zeg je bergen en niet heuvels? Dat zijn toch 2 verschillende dingen…

  57. Kathy Jansen

    Omgggggggg thank you for this 🙏🙏😍😍😍♥️♥️ LC was everything back then.. even now!! I watched the hills religiously and she helped me get through alotta things ❤

  58. thejennerrxo

    Why did this make my night…. and it’s my bday today. These icons omg

  59. miss capulet

    i can die peacefully now!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  60. Ashelyn Rodriguez

    I didnt even realize Lauren wasn’t wearing make up

  61. Alexandra

    James is such a clout chaser and a jerk
    I wish he would just go away

  62. Penelope

    I still can’t believe you’re trans. You’re so beautiful and living your truth is so attractive. Good on you gal!!

  63. crystal mckellar

    OMG! NIKKIE thank u sooo much for this!!! I love Lauren so much! this warmed my heart! U need to do another one when ms rona leave, full beat face, full glam plz!

  64. Ginger R.

    Where I live is next to a Bergen.

  65. M Mu

    Best guest everrrrrr

  66. Presley Poesy

    LC will forever be my favorite.

  67. Bec Grinceri

    Lauren Conrad was my idol in high school!! Love her!!

  68. iloveunique07

    ICONIC!!! I copied her eyeliner from the Hills and I’m 35 and I still do it to this day!

  69. Liana Kall

    What bronzer brush is that?


    Wow super beautiful

  71. angel bird

    Hello sistersssssss oh gosh not this againnnn jamessssss

  72. Thebriabeauty

    Lauren’s makeup is every face I had to do when I was freelancing lol “I want something natural” she’s so pretty.

  73. Eleazar Galvan


  74. Tiana Parmar-Bruno

    Hey I want to become a makeup guru and an influencer, I would love if you could maybe stop by and give my channel a watch🥺 Lots of love T⛅️
    (Also love the video Nikkie❤️❤️❤️❤️)

  75. Marina Valdez

    This is my favorite video like ever, I love you LAUREN

  76. Van Johnson

    Lauren Conrad 🤣🤣omg I love you
    Ahhhh I have some of your stuff mt grandma loves your shirts

  77. Bianca

    When Lauren said she had no makeup on in the beginning, my jaw dropped.

  78. Budhgutta Surendra Babu Abhinand


  79. Jordan G

    Wait Nikkie I want a hair tutorial here!!!

  80. migmikko

    Lauren looks like Marsha Brady

  81. Esther Carrera

    I remember watching Lauren, and then watching you! Such an iconic moment. Love you both. Also, love the James cameo. Good vibes from everyone, thats what I love about the makeup community, put drama aside for the love of makeup!♡

  82. Tiffany Clark

    I must be really old when everyone remembers her from the hills but I watched her on laguna beach. I wasn’t a big fan of the hills. I still own all of the season of laguna Beach on dvd. I even had a shirt that said what happens in laguna stays in laguna 😅

  83. asmodeus

    Love this soft glam moment.

  84. Jessie Burwell

    “who is this girl? Who does she think she is??” (Wipes off make up) how FREAKING CUTE IS SHE!!!? HAHA 💜💜💜😂😍

  85. Kristina Mari

    I don’t wanna live in a world where people don’t know how iconic Lauren Conrad is 😩

  86. Rooftop

    Awww love how Nikki hypes Lauren’s basic ass up. Bless her

  87. Krystle Murphy

    Lauren is my fave! I have a Team LC shirt I bought from Hollister when Laguna Beach came out. ☺️

  88. Wendy Krommehoek

    Heuvels 💋

  89. Kehr Kulture

    This is why Nikkie is my favourite 💛

  90. Connor Eikelenboom

    lekker voor je dat je bent gepakt in jachtzijzoen 🙂

  91. Happychicx

    Love Lauren C on BH 90210 🙂

  92. sporter Rick

    Wooow looking 👍👍👍👍👍👍 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  93. MalibuSunrise

    Lauren you should blend the shadow upward and out… not how she suggested … that dragged your eyes down and that’s why it’s not flattering

  94. Ricky Payne

    Love Lauren Conrad!!! But, I have to say that the famous, “I forgive you, and I want to forget you,” was from a conversation with Heidi. The single black tear drop in slow mo was from a different and much later conversation with Audrina. And, I love how LC is so humble and doesn’t even care to remember those moments. She’s on to bigger and better things! Love this vid!

  95. Nitin shivalkkar T

    I just pray to God that there will not be any issue between nikki and James friendship

    Their friendship was awesome

  96. Younger Young

    New subscriber here..i cant get enough watching your videos..i like make up as well but not really passionate about it…its just that im always entertained whenever i watch ur videos i even forgot to subscribe first; that i only type ur channels name and VIOLAH…but now i did..😊thanks for the entertainment

  97. Makeup Everywhere

    Bergen Love it!!! I dont usually leave comments but this vedio was one of my favorite! I love Lauren Conrad!!!

  98. Jessie Lo

    Omg I love Lauren Conrad! Ughhh I literally admired her style so much watching her in laguna beach! I was in 4th grade watching her be a beautiful Cali girl!

  99. Aly Rau

    I loved this video. I can do relate to her. I just love both of you!

  100. Madvillain

    You just gotta eat the lettuce. Just straight up eat the lettuce.

  101. Seay My World

    As soon as James comes on, I exiting with Lauren 🤣😂

  102. jack stanley

    Lauren’s brows are so beautiful omg

  103. Laila M Guzman

    Hi girl

  104. Alex Shiflett

    When I think Lauren conrad I think anything fashion! Love her and nikkie!

  105. Marsha Bain

    ✨ Can anyone tell me what brand the yellow sponge is that she’s using? ✨

  106. Ashley Trujillo

    lauren’s voice changed lmao

  107. Isis helmons

    Hi i 💜 you nikki and good verry good day 😘😘😘

  108. Malachi

    hallo Nikkie, zou je een andere make-upuitdaging kunnen doen waar je je make-uproutine moet doen, maar zoals je team en vrienden het willen. Dus dat kunnen geen wimpers zijn, geen setting spray, één kleur oogschaduw, naturel, extra extra glamour etc. Bergen btw from South Africa 🇿🇦 sorry if my Dutch is off.

  109. Brilee baby

    Uhmmm where is your review on the blood money palette I’m so confused to not see you do one ..

  110. Janice Ann

    Bergen ….and I’m from Bergen county it makes sense it’s hilly here 🤍

  111. April Bastos

    I love her too, but she had to look to see the name of her own shadow and then just wiped it off 👀

  112. Sarah Hagerman

    I am like Lauren, I don’t like a ton of makeup on my face, but I do love eye shadow. 😁

  113. HeyMiss Ambrosia

    Lauren Conrad is so nice and likeable

  114. JazmineLAMBARCA

    I had no idea Lauren came out with makeup 😍
    And watching this makes me want to watch the hills again.

  115. Kacy Mah


  116. Emma Gill


  117. Jenni Bucci

    Omg 💀, I would fan girl for sure

  118. Trusty Garage

    I bought my 13 year old your palette as a surprise. You are her idol and a genuinely great person. It made her year! She is jumping around the whole house. Thank you for what you do and for inspiring younger women in a good way.

  119. FroggieJ

    Lauren is such a delight! She was the one on all the shows that I saw as trying to be as genuine as possible, and I’m happy she still is 😀

  120. Santa Marr

    I had this same exact thing happenn when I saw her eyeliner oooohmhgyhslkdfj

  121. Bram Bindels

    Berry good tutorial

  122. donya Reese

    She literally looks like my teacher when she wears makeup but that’s okay she looks pretty either way

  123. pauwlieh

    je moet een keer met make up je in een jongen veranderen! 💕

  124. Quwal R

    I miss nikki’s brown hair

  125. Gracie-lou Waggy

    My sister played with u on Amoung us and she asked u to say hi to me, I cant believe it I love u so much

  126. Chad White

    Ehhhh I love you did this for her Nikki but she doesn’t even like makeup. I would never buy makeup from a person who lowkey was shading full glam!

  127. Lily Perez

    I loved every moment of this. I adored Lauren’s style in the hills. It was always so classy. I’m like her I love makeup that is easy and simple. I followed her iconic eyeliner trend

  128. Svetlana

    that was really fun to watch 🙂

  129. German Diaz

    Lauren is the BESSSST

  130. Angel Brewer

    Nikkie’s skin tone always amazes me. It’s such a gorgeous shade of glowy peach. Also, total complexion goals.

  131. Sha[Na]Leaaa

    Nikkie is the sweetest fan girl of all time.

  132. Melody Bogus

    Lauren looks exactly the same. She aged and didn’t at the same time.

  133. Christy Woods


  134. Kele Beck

    I love Nikki I like Lauren I don’t love the makeup 🙁

  135. BTS with Christy

    I myself got into makeup because of LC’s iconic eyeliner!!☺️😍♥️

  136. Joshua Beech-Maher


  137. Joshua Beech-Maher

    (Offers Sophos Offcut 👁️🦷👂💰🌸🙊💸)

  138. Tayler Crawford

    What if you guys did a challenge where you had like a nigh vision camera and you did your makeup with the lights off??

  139. Tam In Nature

    The fact that every girl in my high school cut their hair exactly with Lauren and her bangs, I be straightening my already straight bangs and burning the hell out of my hair for this idol! 😂

  140. Natalie Foster

    I never watched the hills but Lauren seems lovely and really down to earth

  141. Bam Glam Buzz

    You wanna wipe off the shadow you’re trying to sell 😐 I’m confused

  142. Kimberly

    OMG MY TEENS YEARS 🥺 I miss Lauren & *Bergen* so much!!! What a cute video!!! Dr. NikkiTutorials in the hoooooouse!!!

  143. Joyce Lim


  144. mtstar89

    Wow she has not aged! A true beauty. And I loved how dramatic the hills was. I remember a show called “the soup” would make it fun of it.

  145. Angela Gibson

    James is only 12 now…😊

  146. Blair Westwood

    Omg lOoOOOOOOove 💕💕

  147. Dominika G

    Nikkie,could you start addibg subtitles in Polish to your videos?

  148. Sunniva B

    I never knew Lauren Conrad is so down to Earth. She’s cool!

  149. Daniela Brito

    Are you gonna review the blood money palette??

  150. Mr.G


  151. Naissa Aileen

    Love that you had LC on!!! Lauren is the whole reason why I got into the fashion industry, she was/is my inspiration and role model. I hope I can one day have the opportunity to sit down with her and have a one-on-one.

  152. Casey Marie

    I used to be obsessed with Laguna Beach and The Hills! I always saw Lauren as the “it girl” yet still somehow found her super relatable even though I was not going through any of the same things as a little 5th grader 😂

  153. lux 28

    What is that white and glittery pencil you are using? <3

  154. sony buttar

    Hello i know you nikki you were playing among us with james Charles

  155. Desiree Gallagher

    If anyone wants to send me nikkis glazed doughnut highlighter or any of them i would forever love you. My insta is @Desireemariee18 thanks in advance lol. I know most people use it once and dont use it again so if thats the case send me it lol

  156. Crafty and Creative A.A.

    I love rolling down bergens!😊

  157. Priyanka Keshri

    Please do a full face makeup tutorial in Hindi language it’s my humble request to you
    It’s going to be a funny challenge for you

  158. Saleha H

    my favorite song is Bergen by The Weeknd

  159. warmcozy

    Why does Lauren Conrad even wear make-up? Like, what is the thinking because her face is so pretty naturally.

  160. Tessa Schutten

    maby you follow a asmr maku-up thing

  161. Jenifer Hollings

    Nikkie: trying to have a cathartic, full circle moment
    Lauren: No

  162. Bibi Nijkrake

    Je moet echt een vidio maken waar in je aan leen maar Kylie x grinch gebruikt 💚

  163. Kalpana

    She kinda looks like emilia clarke

  164. Spookay T'is Me

    It sounded like there was a cat purring throughout this vid

  165. Аня Закревская

    I love when you do challenge! Could you do your makeup with super long nails?

  166. unknown

    Nikkie! You should do a no blending challenge. I mean you should do your everyday makeup by only blending your foundation and concealer

  167. tycho savelkouls


  168. Joshua Beech-Maher

    *Māori accent* both your signature weapon is the melting flamethrower because your omg yaaaaaasssss queen 👑

  169. SimplyNiki93

    You’re a beautiful woman, Nikkie! I enjoy watching your videos and being yourself in front of millions of other people in the world! It takes a lot of courage to publish YouTube videos and be completely yourself and sharing your honest ideas while keeping in mind of other people’s thoughts! Je bent een hele lieve meid en ik vind het erg knap van je dat je zoveel al hebt bereikt in een paar jaar! Keep shining your light, girl! ☀️💕

  170. Jose Osorio

    You should do a makeup tutorial with envy Peru winner of drag race Holland

  171. Lauren Ashby Photography

    Why do celebs ALWAYS say they don’t watch shows they’re involved in or know people in? Is this like a coolness thing? No one is too busy to be curious, c’mon.

  172. TrulyMKE

    One of the best videos yet!! Funny, charismatic and just a fill good video! Love it! Bergen

  173. Kristine Zvirzdinis


  174. Iam Zari Starchild

    I love Lauren… But… Makeup line… and she doesnt even like wear makeup…dont know some terms yadi yada.. im not sure that her heart is all the way into the makeup… Just my opinion…. @Nikkie…….some celebrities have only one goal sometimes… and very good at acting….so pleasssseee Nikkie be careful babe you are on top and the ABCDEFG Listers gonna come for your Audience.. Screen the products/guests. Secure the Bags! Hunthy!! xoxo From Amsterdam Staadsleidenbuurt


    Hallo my friend…

  176. Marina Miranda

    Omg love Lauren so much but drinking game on how much she said the word like no shade I do the same but you would be in the hospital

  177. Jessica Girl

    Lauren your eyebrows are so so dark hun.

    Nikki your nose is so so dark.

  178. Audi Werst

    You’re so sweet Nikkie! You are genuinely a good person. You’re a breath of fresh air in a swampy area!! The makeup industry is really a cruel place. I refuse to watch most but I do watch Nikkie,

  179. Zoe Balch

    “She does know how to do soft and dainty…” …adds falsies…

  180. Malin Rejsby

    Time for a new ‘No mirror makeup challenge’?

  181. Astro Moon Goddess

    16:48 “you’re gonna get so glam for the living room.” 🤣

  182. Gretchen Weiners

    Omg me and my best friend in highschool LIVED for Lauren conrad! We loved her sooo much.

  183. Kate Lin

    You shouldn’ve at least warned her tho 😛

  184. Aria Membreno

    James is passionate about makeup so I understand why he got upset he is still maturing lol glad they made up

  185. Lindsay DeVore

    Where’s LC’s top from though 👀👀👀

  186. Lauren Edmunds

    She seems so sweet but why is she making makeup if she doesn’t really wear any

  187. kasandra keenan

    I’ve tried so many different liquid eyeliners, right now I’m using the Kat Von D one but I hate how fast it dries out. Can you suggest or tell me your favorite?

  188. lala

    James is so young I bet he doesnt even know who lauren conrad is 🙄

  189. Relaxing Music Garden

    I give up. I will just watch your videos and not do makeup. You are so good!

  190. Sandy Rivera

    This is awesome! Thank you for sharing 💗

  191. laurenbear


  192. Sam R

    i do think it was a bit mean when james slated her line over social media 😳

  193. Gro Nundal

    When Lauren said “when makeup smelled like makeup”.. OMG I felt that!!!

  194. fabfatcat catblog

    Lauren’s eyeliner is y2k teen makeup inspiration, chic and not too much

  195. 19 Krishangee Khataniar

    My dog pick my makeup

  196. Shadi King

    Hey dude🥵

  197. TheEklecticChair

    Why do I wanna cry everything I watch your videos?!?! I love your kindness, and how much you share your heart each and every time you film. Thank you for being so amazing!

  198. Renae Joseph

    Love Lauren !!!

  199. Alondra Rojas

    Who else thinks Nikkie should do a full face of makeup with only eye shadows or leave a comment on this comment

  200. L tilli

    I think Nikki was definitely being kind, she even credited Lauren for her career, but no woman or man, regardless of who is saying it, wants to be told “i grew up watching you since i was a little girl” …it’s reminding someone how old they are and that STINGS.

    Of course i don’t think Nikki did it on purpose at all … Now james on the other hand, he was like “I’m so young , i was a zygote when you were on tv and didn’t even know who you were”. He’s such a little bitch, no wonder he gets cancelled every 5 minutes!! Can’t wait for his time to be up, who tf does he think he is??

  201. Brittany and William Maglicco

    I loved this video!! I’ve been team Lauren since season one of laguna beach! ❤️❤️❤️

  202. Mim Mungar

    Felt so awk watching this 😫 I am so sorry. Love you nikki

  203. Norma Lilia

    Anyone else grew up with The Hills … loved that kinda drama even tho later found out it was staged 🤣

  204. Katrina West

    As a full figured mom, I LOVE that Lauren has her line of women’s clothing at Kohl’s. For the first time in years, I feel pretty when I wear her line!!! Before, I felt it was just “mom jeans” and baggy clothing to conceal any imperfections. I love that LC’s line conceals a lot but is still breathable and is flawlessly chic!!! Lauren is a generation behind me, but still makes this “old” Mama sing in her clothing line.

    And Nikkie? You rock my world as always. As soon as I had my daughter I didn’t do much with makeup for about 20 years. Just getting back into it in the last couple of years, it’s been interesting and so fun thanks to you! Keep rocking girl!!!!

    Bergen (bear *phlem*hun)

  205. Chelsea Moore

    Nikkie: And now onto the Dutch word of the day
    Lauren: I’m not even gonna try
    Lauren: *says it perfectly first attempt*

  206. Pamela Minchola

    I LOVE LAUREN CONRAD! Simplicity is key!

  207. Scott Young

    Hahae so good

  208. noemy c.

    Lauren’s eyes are to die for!! I loved the makeup look!

  209. Luisa Fernanda U.

    Nikkie Phill next move… How about go deep deep with Jeffree Star ☮️ Jackie Aina, would be great to let go, acknowledge and forgive

  210. Lewis Derakhshan


  211. Sabs M

    Lauren so cute ☺️

  212. Karli Hellriegel

    I laughed so hard when she took it off! Never watched “Bergen” but maybe now I will.

  213. Anne G

    What is this? I LITERALLY have been rewatching the Hills….wth..this is so werid…had no idea sge came out with a makeup brand💜💜💜💜

  214. sharon samaniego

    Did she just put foundation with her fingerssss

  215. Johanna-Laina Fischer

    Look, I get that this was exciting for Nikkie, and I’m so excited for her, but here’s what I just don’t understand. Lauren created this makeup line with eyeshadow and then she refuses to wear it? Like it just feels like this is just another money making endeavor vs someone who is passionate about makeup. This is a makeup passion space and to have Lauren not show up for it just feels off.

  216. harlo paige

    I love this collab! “bergen”

  217. Neveah Tomblin

    Nikki reminds me of bailey sarian

  218. Alyss

    omg i love lauren ❤❤❤❤

  219. Lakeisha S Hocog

    Cash app is $lilkizzy
    Anything would help. I have an almost 3 year old boy and another on the way in 3 months but due to COVID my hubby is working full time and the paychecks go to the bills only do I’m not able to work or make extra income to help us afford more groceries or anything.

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  633. D

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