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7 Ways to get rid of Hickeys : Remove a Hickey FAST

How to Remove a Hickey

1.Cool the hickey. Apply an icepack or cold spoon on the hickey as soon as possible after you get it. You can wrap some ice in a towel, use pre-frozen ice packs or put a spoon in the freezer for a few minutes.
2.Brush your hickey with a toothbrush
3.Scrape your skin with a coin.
4.Apply a layer of toothpaste to the hickey.
Massage the area.
6.Apply heat to a hickey that lasts more than a couple days.
7.Wait it out.

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283 Thoughts to “7 Ways to get rid of Hickeys : Remove a Hickey FAST”

  1. manny mulla

    ik that shit had more then a mil views

  2. Pro ven

    When you told that specific person not to give you a hickey and they still did it anyways. Stupid idiot??

  3. Neymar da silva

    I did the shot glass around my mouth challenge and now I have a big ass hi my around my mouth and I have school pics tomorrow

  4. Issy Kent

    Which one works best/ fastest bc none of my concealers match me anymore bc it gone too cold and at this point I’m planning my funeral

  5. Chris Gomez

    It’s true

  6. J Woods

    My side chick gave me a hickey when she was riding me my main chick is seeing me in 6 hours I need to get rifof it fast!


    Are black ppl immune to hickeys ???

  8. Daniella P

    I get my self.a.hicky on my arm I bc idk

  9. Weekly Niyah

    I’m bout to get my ass beat If this DONT work man

  10. Jaden Rhode

    I’m only 12 and this bitch give me a hickey because she was high and so was I and now I wake up 2 am school is soon and I’m fucked

  11. Clouted Up Savage


  12. supergaming nerds

    I was sucking my arm and I got a hickey

  13. Princess Hoya

    I’m dead I’m here because my best friend got a Hickey ?????

  14. A Person

    Bruh…. I just realized that my boyfriend gave me one on my ass wtf

  15. A Person

    Thanks but…. This shit is still in my neck and I’m tried of wearing big hoodies to hide it for my parents, anymore suggests? Please this really needs to get off of me before my cuz wedding and my parents are gun beat the shit outta of me….. Please hurry comment back the wedding is in 2days anymore suggest?????????

  16. nico

    if y’all really have to hide it in an emergency just put some bandaids over it

  17. MoonshineHeeHaw

    Not cheating, just have to get rid of it because I got an interview in 3 hours

  18. THE big AL govea

    you are all my children now

    1. A Person

      THE big AL govea wtf

  19. dee abbott

    Just came on to let you guys know that you are fucked! hahahahhaha.

  20. Cat. Valentine.

    Does anyone else think the first guy in this video looks like markepier

  21. Joe Harrold

    Everyone here cause there gonna get their was beating by your parent ahah

  22. Lokimu

    I just came here to see the comments

  23. Dahlia Dodd

    I was being an idiot and put a piggy suction thing on my forehead (the things that hold up your phone) and well i had to go to school with a hickey looking thing on my forehead i also tried to put makeup over it, it worked a little but then it started to were off in 2nd period soooo yeah fml

  24. Chu Chu

    Am I the only one go gave myself a hickey or a rash above my lip by doing Kylie Jenner challenge.. DONT DO IT

  25. Benjamin Wasylina

    I have school tomorrow… this will be fun

  26. Viel Socker

    Am I the only one who did it by himself

  27. Zerda Yalcin

    I need to get rid of it fast I have school tomorrow it’s on my cheek ???

  28. cherrish slaymaker

    This better work

  29. Wavvy Bangerz

    My shordy thought in was cool to give me a hickey on my face

  30. LiAngelo Ball

    Don’t tell me why but I gotta get this shit out of my forehead ?

    1. Bjorn Arend

      Do the coin one works best

    2. Bjorn Arend

      Angel Villicana why the fuck do you have a hickey on your forehead??

  31. D Williamson Maremai

    So does that really work?

  32. Araceli Arambula

    How old are you guys I’m just her because I want to see how many people will get there ass beat

    1. Bjorn Arend

      Araceli Arambula 16 parents won’t mind though they chilled but it’s kind of embarrasing

  33. Lindsay Mire

    I just got my first hickey last night with my gf and my mom saw it the next morning and was “the fuck is that” and I just said I had a bug bite, and she believed it

  34. Tin Man

    I see 1.3 million people got hickeys that needed to be removed immediately… 😉 you dogs

  35. Katie Leigh

    yewwww my boss is gonna fire my asss

    1. The doggo legend 27

      Katie Leigh for what that’s not to get fired for

  36. Brian Garcia

    en pocas palabras estoy chingado.

    1. The doggo legend 27

      Brian Garcia ? que estes fuerte

  37. Shay Goods

    Not tryna get my ass beat ?

  38. starryeyed and confused

    1.2 million hoes

  39. Presenting Killeda

    Yup you so right

  40. Cup O' Trash

    I’m watching this just in case..

  41. Khahari Crawford

    take some warm water on a towel and hold for 4 minets

  42. HeyKay

    Help my mom thinks my hickey is ringworm

  43. Jawvir

    I can’t go to work with a biggass hickey I’ll get fired #prayforme

  44. Armel Schouten

    Instead of using a penny I used a scrub that I had in my shower and it worked like a charm and I did still hurt but it worked really well

  45. Armel Schouten

    Well shit I’mma get my ass beat cuz all those things are to notice able for me to do I told my boy friend to do it as a joke (I’m 12 I have a latino dad) I’mma get my ass beat cuz I got the hickey yesterday and I’m a dead girl

  46. Humble Gang

    First day of school tomorrow and I look like I got beat up

  47. Rachel Morris

    1.2m people don’t wanna get their ass beat


    my sister gave me a hikey on my face just two day’s befor my beauty contest ??

    1. The doggo legend 27

      ANA RIVERA wtf you incest dogs

  49. Kelly Leung

    I’m only here because I don’t wanna get my ass beat?

  50. Lily Mundy

    Bruh i need mine gone by like… NOW or I might as well start planning my funeral

  51. BladesOf Ri0tts

    oh no. my mom found out

  52. • Izumi •

    Guys just buy one of those foundations that cover up tattoos. Tbh for me I wouldn’t cover up a hickey, it shows who u belong to 😉

    1. The doggo legend 27

      •Anime Kitten• my ass bout to belong 6 ft under if I don’t cover this shit up

  53. Craig Gonzales

    Spoon first , than coin , than toothpaste it’ll fade

  54. Jashana Dukie


  55. Jashana Dukie

    Shit… my friends boyfriend and her recently broke up but him and I have been having an on and off thing ever since 8th grade and I’m not a senior and he gave me a hickey last night… no one can know I got a hickey from him or just one in general.. Shit. Ima get my ass BEAT by my parents and everyone in our county.

    1. Jashana Dukie

      The doggo legend 27 haha yeah but we talked about it and turns out she was cheating on him with a guy that I had a thing with too.

    2. The doggo legend 27

      Jashana Dukie you deserve to be caught tbh for being an ass of a friend

  56. Steph Michelle

    Good things come to those who wait ????

  57. CaitlynX

    I gave myself one on my wrist because I was bored lmao

  58. Just Jewelisa

    did anyone else suck there arm and dont want thair parants to see? lmao no just me

    1. Nat the cat

      Lol same ?

    2. Julia Kaiserty

      Just Jewelisa fuck me too

  59. Theo clarke

    I’m fucked

  60. Kemal Malovcic

    So i look after a way to stop hick ups. Since I’m not english I find this video. After trying everything I rub my neck to remove my “hickey” and it works. I look hickey up in google cause the comments looked a bit weird. Guess hick ups and hickey isn’t the same. But stilled worked for me for some reason?

    1. Ben Jensen

      Kemal Malovcic it’s spelled hiccups lmao

  61. Estrella Domingez

    What am I watching

  62. ;:Dren:;

    her fucking voice

  63. Bloom Cosplays

    My girlfriend attacked my neck and I’m trying not to get my ass beat lol

  64. Here Watch Th!s

    The coin worked the best for me almost completely gone after using a nickel for 10 mins. Then use ice to get rid of the rest. Problem solved! Promise this will help you too unless you got superman skin lol

  65. Asia and Kali hi

    mine is on my forehead from a suction cup

  66. Lord Satan

    My girl is coming over in a couple minutes and I have a fat hickey from her ex best friend now please pray for this kid

    1. Jacqueline Cerezo

      Lord Satan should’ve said “ ah don’t trip my homie gave it to me no homo tho “

    2. A Person

      Lord Satan Bruh how a girl gave a boy a hickey

  67. sophia ramos

    tom and jerry

  68. WildCrazer 123

    Im 13 smh u already know why im here ?

  69. Heddy Yanes

    so how did u guys get yours

  70. Estrella Domingez

    I was sucking my own arm to prank my mom arm and I don’t want my dad to see it cause he won’t think it a prank

  71. Google user

    the coin trick is the most effected one but it needs to be fresh and you should clean the coin so WELL before using it.

  72. Asha Tune

    Bruh I got 2 interviews to go to !!!

  73. Shade Kingz

    Can some one please help me

  74. Legit Vic

    might be going swimming and i have a hickey??im gonna get my ass beat lmfao im dead

    1. Nat the cat

      Legit Vic u accidentally gave my self a hickey bc I was sucking on my arm but its cold outside alot so I can wear a jacket

  75. raversfantasies

    Only here because I already got caught by mom lol but I still have work tomorrow ?

  76. VorTEK Slidezz

    Who else being a hickey

  77. Jordvn

    Yep I’m fucked

  78. Chickenn Dipper

    Penny ones just giving me a red mark around it

  79. Chickenn Dipper

    I need this gone by tomorrow! My girl gonna see it

    1. Elijah Medley

      Chickenn Dipper lmao same

  80. WhoKnewIWasAGamer

    I didn’t get a hicky from a guy…but from a suction cup XD

  81. Endergurl123

    I got a hickey on both my cheeks because I sucked on them with an empty plastic bottle ;;

  82. Drea Diamond

    very helpful

  83. love ya MX

    mi cuello luce como si me hubieran tratando de horcar??????

  84. Jonathan Herrera


    1. The doggo legend 27

      Jonathan Herrera let her see it cheating ass

  85. America The Hero

    … a week?!?! Uuugggh fml everyone

  86. J-Hope 정호석 BTS Armys!

    Vaseline always works the moment you get it just put it on and it removes in a couple of hours

  87. Sidra Baig

    my hubby bite last night …????

  88. Caleb Lapwood

    I gave myself a hickey on both of my arms

  89. Cassidey Beleche

    Bro I’m going to the doctors they gonna check me ?

  90. Julianna Esola

    my friend and me shouldnt have water bottles anymore

  91. Blue Falcon

    i gave myself a hikki?

  92. JOLENE allison

    My my mom is gonna kill meh

  93. Ikitomi TheGypsy

    Why does the dude in the coin picture look like Makiplier ??

  94. Casi Perez

    A penny is that most affective! Mine was gone in an hour with constant rubbing on it!!!

    1. Jamie Sellers

      Casi Perez I know this is late but… how much longer after the it was done did you wait to do it because I’ve had mine just longer then a day and it’s really bruised and hurts a lot when I scrape it…

  95. iTrap Murder

    95% side hoe

  96. Giovanni Ace

    Do they actually work?

  97. Maree

    My boyfriend and I were in the moment and he left me a hickey. It’s Thursday and prom is Saturday and I’m wearing a strapless dress ?

    1. Hate Being Sober

      rat who cares why u being a pussy?

    2. A Person

      Marie Sole Maybe if u have long hair

    3. xanarchy

      Marie Sole omfg I’m having the same problem except i also have to walk across the stage in front of classmates and i have a fucking heck ton on my chest im so fucked

  98. Roberto R

    156 people got caught

  99. Roberto R

    I’m fucked

  100. Brett Domenick

    when in doubt: “I fell asleep with headphones on.”

  101. Corrupted

    scratch yo hickey with your cat’s claw if it’s on the face … wala easy coverup

  102. Sonik64

    I’m only here cause I put one of those little suction cup thingies on my forehead :

  103. Ειρήνη Παπαδήμα

    I dont even have a boyfriend to have a hickey why am i watching this?

    1. Dina Orellana

      SAME but I am here for the comments HAHAHAHA

    2. The doggo legend 27

      Ειρήνη Παπαδήμα I gave myself a hickey on accident

  104. Sy Eckbe

    I need mine gone in 5 hrs before my bitch gets back help!!! ????

  105. Trevor P

    Try being a cashier with a hickey. Hahah that is the worst

  106. Dovah

    lol everyones here from sex stuff i just put a piggy that holds your phone up on my forehead and it fuckin gave me a hickey like mark

    1. Dahlia Dodd

      Dovah SAMEEE

    2. bmay19

      Dovah omg I have one of those piggy things and put it on my forehead as it was entertaining my 2 year old. She pointed at her forehead and wanted me to put it on hers lol so I did for about 7-10 seconds I pull it off and it’s a perfect circle of a hickey mark lol I felt so bad but looking back it was a good laugh!

    3. The doggo legend 27

      Makkron same!!

    4. issac fuentes

      me too just rn

    5. Makkron

      i just sucked on my arm randomly and i got one and i was like shit

  107. clandestine ღ

    I literally sucked on my arm and now I’m here

  108. sierra king

    I had a eraser at school during a test and I attached it to my face and now it looks like I have a mole under my mouth :C

  109. hanna hogan

    ik im here bc i dont want my mama to beat my ass ??

  110. Harry Shore

    cheers my m80 Hannah had this badman hickey and this apparently helped her#gay

  111. Adrian Garcia

    instructions not clear enough, got dick stuck in computer

  112. Kristy Root

    that penny one hurts like a mf

  113. go lebanon

    anyone used fullips and came here?

  114. Akeliahsmusic89

    I need this shit gone by Sat…aww shit church!! aww shit my side nigga…awww man…I should have karate chop this nigga in his throat when he was doing this…

  115. Jonathan Vazquez

    I got one dead center of my chick. I hate my life.

    1. The doggo legend 27

      Jonathan Vazquez chick?

  116. DeShea Danielle

    my boyfriend put a hickey on my forehead. ? he’s so embarrassing

    1. that lonely snakeu

      DeShea Danielle aww

    2. Elijah Medley

      DeShea Danielle he put one on mine too!? I hate when our boyfriend does that to us ?

    3. Jacqueline Cerezo

      DeShea Danielle SAME ??

    4. Serena Estrada

      DeShea Danielle mine did one right on my left cheek!!! Smh

    5. GlitterMazing Customs


  117. Briana McGruder

    I have 5 hickeys on my neck and they’ve been there for 2 days and looks like they’re not going anywhere no time soon !!! I think my mom almost seen em so I need these hoes gone today !! ???.

  118. Ruth Beyne

    Omgsh thank you soooo much I gave a Hickcy to myself I did not think it would work but it did and the first one I did was rub it with you fingers omgsh thank u

  119. Connor Murphy

    I was dared to do this t my arm

  120. Kyle Simmons

    827,467 people were with their side bae

    1. Amber Nash

      Kyle Simmons actually i gave my self one and i have to go to dinner with my grandfather in 4 hours

  121. Makayla Sistrunk

    NOO im getting my lip pierced TODAY IHAVE A BIG ONE ON MY MOUTH HELPPP

  122. Prod. ArminHamr

    My girlfriend doesn’t know I have a side hoe

    1. Alex A

      My side hoe doesn’t kno I have a girlfriend

    2. The doggo legend 27

      Prod. ArminHamr plot twist you are the side hoe

    3. Aaron Rodriguez


    4. OmbreBackpack

      Prod. ArminHamr WELL NOW SHE DOES

    5. James Bond

      Prod. ArminHamr why is everyone laughing. This is disgusting

  123. zach gordon

    If this don’t work wish me best luck lol

  124. Septiplier

    0:41 OMG he looks like markiplier!!

  125. Holly Sayeau

    How long do I keep the ice on? And do I do the toothbrush RIGHT after

  126. tatiana zapata

    I just got three buckets and I have to wear my air force uniform Makeup isn’t helping

  127. Life with Norabella

    Follow me on Instagram @bebebellaaa !!! And subscribe to me on here & I’ll show u what I did to hide my hickeys ????

  128. Leslye Swor

    Lol tf, I searched “how to get rid” and this was the main suggestion lmao I’m immature

  129. Kane Harvey

    The ice trick works

  130. payton price

    I have one and I have thanksgiving dinner with my dad tonight ?

  131. Janeth Romero

    i need my Hickey gone by…NOW OR IMMA GET MY ASS BEAT BY MY PARENTS!!!

    1. Kathy Bass

      Janeth Romero I got a really bad hickey right below my lip but not on my chin, but it looked so much like a bruise that I just pretended I fell down and hit my chin on the chair. My parents believed me, so I didn’t get in trouble.

    2. Anthony Simmons

      Janeth Romero how old

    3. Faraas Nadeem

      •Irene• same ?

    4. •Irene•

      Janeth Romero people are here because they’re boyfriends did it to them but I came here cuz I sucked my arm last night…..

    5. Anee Loves Gems

      how old are you

  132. Treasure Peatross

    my older brother found out and is going to beat my bf’s ass and if my mama find out…my ass is grass

    1. The doggo legend 27

      Treasure Peatross lmao that make no sense

  133. Anthony Speedster

    It just had to be the day before I go barbershop, about to look like mummy in the morning.

    1. Anthony Speedster

      Lol same but mine was to big man

    2. U liftbruh?

      i was thinking about covering it with those small circular bandaids lol

    3. Anthony Speedster

      Lol thank goodness I had a jacket covering it

    4. U liftbruh?

      Anthony Speedster hahah i thought the exact same shit

  134. bluberrybabe1013

    What sucks most about this is that I have one on my cheek and I’m desperately trying get rid of this over night ??

  135. Dienes Flores

    I gave my husband a hickey on his cheek because I sucked on his face and now our coworkers think I abuse him. ? If only they knew the truth they would think I was so weird..

    1. topher

      Dienes Flores how old are you actually ???

  136. Diamond Gray

    does the toothpaste works

  137. DeAries Perrin

    this was a life saver

  138. käss c:

    Am I the only one who accidentally gave myself a hickey???? lol

    1. iDubz Studios

      Guilty as charged~ Úuù

    2. Katherine Zhang

      käss c: same. I was watching videos last night and I was sucking on my arm and then now it looks like something happened

    3. Stephanie Orellana


    4. Ana Ramirez

      käss c: i did that on accident and to see what would happen

    5. Modern Gaming

      Don’t worry me too lmao

  139. shyla prieto

    When you try every single method on here the same day hoping it’d go away faster lmao

    1. Jessica Prescott

      shyla prieto Do you live in Hawaii?

    2. Little Icon

      Jamie Weston so press the bottom of a lighter on a bruise and twist it on the bruise for like 10 minutes?

    3. Jamie Weston

      I tried the bottom of a bic lighter and twisted it to the left a few times and then to the right a few times and after about 10 minutes of repeating it’s gone. I’d say try that the next time you need one gone right away

    4. Fahd Sumat

      hahahahahaha and none of these methods are working

    5. shyla prieto

      +Riley Peck damn lmao

  140. sbeide castro

    im here cuz i wanna know how to take it off before i get it lol?

    1. LilRice21

      sbeide castro same here ?

    2. Jasmine Cosio

      sbeide castro sameeeee?

    3. Jeffrey dean Morgan

      sbeide castro I’m her cause I gave myself one LOL..I don’t know how??

  141. Trinity Duffeck

    I just used so much makeup but it’s finally converted up. Thank God though I have worked today and I was so worried.

  142. Kennedy


  143. Saba k


  144. Tatyana Gunshefski

    I got 13 hickeys on my boobs how do I remove them?

    1. A Person

      annica klockars …… U can die from a hickey? Oh hell no fuck that I’m going to the doctor

    2. A Person

      Tatyana Gunshefski Wtf I have 5 on my ass and 3 on my boobs and 2 on my stomach

    3. blinky

      Tatyana Gunshefski the fuck was ur bf even doing there

    4. Shameless Son

      Tatyana Gunshefski on both boobs wow u gona alot of ice

    5. Jason

      What naughty girl

  145. Rez Empire

    You fucked my shit up bruh

  146. Dr.Dimes gaming PLANET


    1. Emily Carina

      Dr.Dimes gaming PLANET I have school tomorrow

  147. Dr.Dimes gaming PLANET


    1. A Person

      Dr.Dimes gaming PLANET wtf

    2. princesss_h

      Dr.Dimes gaming PLANET same

    3. Aimee Green


  148. Dr.Dimes gaming PLANET


    1. A Person

      Dr.Dimes gaming PLANET Like ummm NO ONE HAVES THAT TIME

    2. sparkle hughes

      ? it’s gone now

    3. MetaMike

      Dr.Dimes gaming PLANET I don’t have days or weeks. I have seconds and minutes!!!! Days or weeks is when ima be in a casket!!!

  149. Dr.Dimes gaming PLANET

    the toothpaste one helped alot but it is still very notice able

    1. Mike Litoris

      *Notice able* instant meme

  150. Felipe Lopez

    I need my hickey gone by tomorrow ??

    1. A Person

      Felipe Lopez me too bruh

    2. Yasin Che

      wappaganamstyle lule OH MY GOD WITH ME FUCKING TOO

  151. Bdbling Correct

    damn hickeys are hot dont remove them

    1. Minodrey

      If you’re afraid your parents will see and they’re not okay with that, you need to remove them

  152. Blue Guy

    Don’t fuck up the coin one it’ll make your hickey black or it will make it GONE

  153. Life with Norabella

    Everyone’s here Cus they don’t wana get they ass beat lol ?

    1. the last gamer bryan

      Life with Norabella right

    2. Leroy Bluefort

      Life with Norabella damn str8

    3. Pearl LeMaster

      Life with Norabella for realll


      Life with Norabella right

  154. Derek Chanley

    what’s the best way

  155. FelOFinO

    oh gawd I thouht there’s no cure for hickey’s I actually came here to remove my hickey in my nose cause my friends twisted my nose and it turned like I got a bruise

  156. PuggiePlayz

    IN the middle of the night I was sucking on my arm and I got a hickey XD

    1. Jose Quintero

      PuggiePlayz all yall niggas gay

    2. Adolf Hitler

      Lawrence Billeza omg same I’m in the bathroom rubbing a fucking toothbrush in my shoulder

    3. _Smol_ Bean_

      PuggiePlayz me too ???

    4. Mr Legend27

      Lawrence Billeza Same.

    5. •Irene•

      PuggiePlayz Exactly why I’m here…?

  157. Yessi Perez

    The lipstick method and cold spoon works magic if you do shortly after you get the hickey ? its like it was never there lol

  158. zoewild14

    Dose anyone know which one is best?

  159. Flowa Powa

    I just gave myself a hickey on my wrist. What???

    1. Pewdiepie kk

      same bruh im not tryna wake up and my mom asking me why I gave my self a hickey -_-

    2. Xx Cas xX

      same I gave myself a hickey but on my shoulder??

  160. Abbie Adorbes

    I got it on my under my lip from doing and accidental kyile jenner challenge

    1. Abbie Adorbes

      +ch0colate Milkshakes i know i have done it multiple times

  161. treasur carrington

    do the spoon work ??

  162. kill me


  163. Freyja

    Dont do the coin one I scraped the skin really gently and it made my hickey ALMOST BLACK!!

    1. Silent_VoicesYT, Wizard/Witch lolno

      Freyja i

    2. Haylee Troutman

      Mine did the opposite it almost went completely away

  164. Ruth Perez

    I never knew ed there was something to get rid of hickis

    1. Warm Penguin

      right mate?

  165. Heidi Mari

    One direction get it ???????????

    1. The doggo legend 27

      Heidi Mari wasn’t that funny

    2. The doggo legend 27

      Pewdiepie lmao

    3. Juliana Reyes

      lmao I though this too

    4. Pewdiepie kk

      HAhAHAAHAHHAHAHA *sarcasm*

  166. US trend

    If you need the cold spoon fast , put it in liquid nitrogen HAHAHA

    1. MetaMike

      US trend omg this had me dying hah hahahahaha literally me

    2. Music Central

      US trend ?

    3. Ally Dansby

      Love Affect literally me rn

    4. Love Affect

      anyone else tryinto give their boyfriend a hickey but your moms crazy and so is his , so if you give him one , he has to give you one to . so you search up how to get rid of it before your mom comesnhome and beats your ass ? . yeah me to

    5. sobuj abdullah

      If anyone is interested in ways to treat Bashful Bladder the greatest results that ive had was with the Gabs Shyness Guru (i found it on google) – definately themost useful info that I’ve tried.

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