5 Great Products to use for Facial and body Hair Removal

It is truly embarrassing as a woman to have hair on your upper lip. I mean I find myself plucking and tweezing every other day just to get rid of that hair so I know how you feel geesh 🙁 it can be a head ache! It also makes you very self conscious around friends and loved ones going to look in the mirror every hour just to make sure the hair hasn’t come back yet. (funny but true lol)

Excessive hair growth can come from many sources, It could be from hyper-thyroids or hormonal changes in the body. It could be hereditary maybe your mother or grand mother is very hairy  and you just couldn’t escape it from getting into your genes.

What ever the case I do recommend that you get some medical advice before trying anything too drastic as you could cause scars or permanent pore damage if you are not careful with what you put on your face.

There are plenty of products that can temporarily remove hair or permanently remove hair. The permanent removal products tend to be very expensive but they do work. Laser treatment is also available at any local business in your area as well. Home treatments works just as well if you use the right products and stay consistent with it.

If you are very sensitive I don’t recommend any harsh chemical products like nair or harsh cremes.

Check out these 5  top rated best hair removal products that I have come across and highly recommend.

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