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In today’s video, we will not be learning how to make slime, or any DIY slime tips and tricks… BUT, we are trying Givenchy’s SLIME/PUDDING/JELLY highlighter!! Wonder if this $45 crazy blob of glow is any good, keep on watching!!



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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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1,017 Thoughts to “$45 SLIME HIGHLIGHTER??”

  1. NikkieTutorials


    1. irenebvoisin

      Where the tutorial for that eye tho ?? love the look!

      Favorite product right now is probablyyyy my Ofra highlighter, that was so hard to pick out one favorite

    2. delaney p

      I freaking need this highlighter

    3. Ashley

      My favorite makeup product is my rimmel UK eyeshadow pallet. Love ya nikkie ????

    4. Slime/diy/hack/beauty/unicorn Guru

      NikkieTutorials ii

  2. itsmeehailey._ 06


  3. Rebecca Lis

    At the moment my favorite product is the Kathleen lights x colourpop lip gloss in moon child, it’s great for every makeup look I do and it’s so comfy to wear and shiny

  4. Christie Stephens

    I LOVE the look of this highlighter, but Gurl….$45….??
    What to do, what to do?…..

  5. Francesca Jansen

    My estee lauder double wear foundation is something I cannot replace !! Xxx

  6. Kat Floyd

    My favorite product in my stash… hmm… i’ll have to go with my maybelline colossal go extreme leather black mascara because everyone asks me if i’m wearing falsies! But i can’t leave outside my kat von d tattoo liner…. Best eyeliner i’ve ever used! And her everlasting liquids, in love with nahz fur atoo! Somebody stop me, i start talking about my favorite stuff, i can go on for days!!

  7. Ana Hartz

    I love how natural the highlighter looks! And you can amp it up so it’s versatile too. However, I don’t know about that price tag tho, so I’m gonna stick to shimmery eyeshadow lol.

  8. Alicia Coulombe

    I freaking love this!! Beautiful highlight! Never seen anything like this!

  9. cherilyn does

    You look gorgeous! My favorite thing at the moment is the Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint mascara. 🙂

  10. Kiaya Papaya

    My favorite product right now is the e.l.f brow/lash duo fiber gell ^-^

  11. The mage of twilight

    My favorite product is my Urban Decay highlighter and my better-than-sex mascara

  12. Miranda P

    Okay she beautiful, but THOSE NAILS HAD ME TRIGGERED X 10. OMG.

  13. Brecken

    My favorite makeup product is the Modern Renaissance pallet

  14. Aurea Geddes

    I absolutely looovve the better than sex mascara!!!

  15. Tashara Reddy

    Hey Nikki! Hope you’re having a great holiday season! ⛄?My current favorite go to product is the Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife highlighter! ☄☄ I literally find myself reaching for it every day! I’m such a sucker for an intense glow! ??

  16. Monica Avila

    I need money to look like a goddess ?
    Btw I need to know how you did that gorgeous eye look bc I’m living for that

  17. Danie Barroso

    My favorite product is definitely Mary-Lou by the balm ? literally hit pan and almost need a new one

  18. Xia Xiong

    My favorite makeup product in my stash is my concealer! Cannot live without it! Lol

  19. AyeitsTrisha

    You’re so beautiful nikkie and I’m so jealous ??

  20. Karla y su caotica utopia

    Try Jelly Beam by Farsali. The first Jelly highlighter ever! That’s the real deal!

  21. Mf Dgr

    That highlighter is on fleek???

  22. Kelsey Boles

    anastasia glow kit <3

  23. Katherin Clavijo

    Merry Christmas ? my favorite product is a colourpop liquid lipsticks

  24. Ester Gnecco

    My favorite makeup item is my Vipera primer.

  25. Hannah Jenkins

    Do the dollar store makeup challenge

  26. Kelly Nunno

    Tarte shape tape ❤️

  27. linsady sarti

    I love the abh sugar glow kit ❤️❤️

  28. Alahia Marie

    My favorite makeup product is definitely tarte shape tape! I literally haven’t found anything that’s lightweight and covers my dark circles

  29. jewel

    my favorite makeup product is my Carli Bybel palette,specifically the highlights in them! they are so natural but blinding!!

  30. Adrian Glasmyre

    fav product=brow wiz

  31. Kim Hessel Johansson

    Highlighter is my absolut favorit makeup product. Love to shine like a diamond 🙂

  32. cassie_xo

    I love my Bobbie brown bronzer; so much pigment it’s my holy grail ❤️

  33. Sasha Rose Darkus

    My favorite product is the Mary Lou Manizer ? But this video kinda convinced me to try out that highlighter ?

  34. MinHee Lee

    thst black blush tho

  35. Monica Marquez

    my favorite makeup product is the morphe second nature palette 🙂

  36. zoey r

    my favorite makeup is the smash box primer i loveeee the way it makes my face feel

  37. Belle Schroeder

    my fav product that I have is my becca highlighter, I got it for my birthday last year and it is my actual baby. I took it on a trip last year and it got knocked around at the airport and broke :(. but every morning I press it down with my thumb and use it lol.

  38. Iida Korhonen

    You can never go wrong with Benefit Hoola!! Perfect bronzer❤️

  39. Aileen Gandarilla

    my most favorite makeup product EVER is the Modern Renaissance palette, i love it soooo much

  40. Rashel Brown

    I would have to say my favorite product is a toss up between my swap queen palate and my dutchess liquid lipstick.

  41. Ely Paez

    My color pop lipis

  42. Lacie cochrab

    My all time favorite product that I have is my Lorac highlighters in starlight, it’s so beautiful for a natural look but you can definitely build it up to have a Nikkie approved glow

  43. Claire Shnerson


  44. Skylar Van Winkle

    modern renaissance w out a doubt

  45. Dami Silva

    you look plastic AF but thats good i guess

  46. Mallory Dunivent

    So so so so pretty

  47. Queen Taj

    My fav product are my L.A. Girl liquid lipsticks!!

  48. al is average

    Even though I do own high end makeup, my favourite product has to be the wet n wild megaglo highlighter cuz it’s soo goood I wear it everyday so I’m popping and like it was only four bucks but it’s blinding and beautiful and yeah

  49. Maren Hills

    Hi Nikkie! Merry Christmas beautiful <3 I've looked up to you since I was 12 or 13. I'm 17 now and you've helped me so much to be confident in my own skin. I love you very much <3 and my favorite product at the moment is the Sleek "Cleopatra's Kiss" highlighting palette

  50. Lauren Askew

    I don’t have anything I’m crazy about in my makeup collection but this would be nice!

  51. Kelly-Ann Rousseau-Bédard

    Did you try the jelly highlighter by farsali?

  52. Doriana Cruz

    @KathleenLights YOU NEED TO TRY THIS!!!!

  53. stephe

    My fav/go to product daily is L’oreal paradise mascara or winky lux eyebrow pencil

  54. Edgar Rosales

    slayy Nikkie? i was very curious of how this highlighter was going to work especially after the last video with the blush?but lord its STUNNING!!!!! favorite product in my stash is the fenty beauty highlighter in lighting dust and fire crystal?. If i somehow win this giveaway, im going to leave my instagram handle @deadxedgar

  55. Ely Paez

    I love your chains were do you get them?

  56. jules

    fav is definitely the abh sugar glow kit

  57. Sydney Bieber

    I love my Laura Mercier lipstick ❤️

  58. Geneva Anders

    My fav product has got to be my abh dipbrow pomade

  59. Tazia Wagner

    My favorite makeup product in my stash is hands down my colourpop brow pencil!! It’s affordable and does its job!!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  60. delaney p

    My absolutely favorite part of my makeup collection is my moon child highlighter palette by Anastasia, can’t live without glowing

  61. Pamela Pulliam

    I like the highlight I bought from shop miss a, it’s a really good highlighter.

  62. Dani Stewart

    My trusty morphe 35T pallet ?

  63. Caroline Araujo

    My favourite product is my Mac lip glass li just lobe love love glossy lips and blinding cheeks would love to win thanks

  64. earthenkittenqueen

    In my stash, my favorite product(for the moment, let’s be honest here) is either my wet n wild mermaid highlighter or my liquid catsuit liquid lipstick in Sea Seduction, even though I can not pull it off by itself. I just love that the color exists XD

  65. Celia Olsen

    Hi Nikkie!! ❤️ my favorite makeup up products would be either KVD or ABH ??
    I hope you’ll have a Merry Christmas with your loved ones ?? can’t wait for your next video ?❤️❤️

  66. Rebecca Larsen

    i love my ofra beverly hills highlight

  67. Angel Onuegbu

    My favorite makeup prodcuct would be my Nars All day luminous glow foundation. It’s just perfect for my skin.

  68. madycat71

    I would love to try that pink blob highlighter but also would love to see a video on how you did this magnificent makeup, you look super beautiful!

  69. isabelle bogan

    Hi Nikkie my favourite makeup product in my stash is definitely highlighter and it is my Mac pigment in vanilla where I feel like I am the worlds main source of light with that incredible Photo shopped glow I just love it I walk out the house like a glowing slaying white walker from GOT if they were drags xxx love u Nikkie ??❤️??❤️

  70. Ashley

    My favorite makeup product is my rimmel UK eyeshadow pallet. Love ya nikkie ????

  71. Tobi SHELLEY

    My favourite makeup product is my Revlon colorstay overtime because it literally stays on for the whole day and night, it never comes off which is great for when I’m eating food! ?

  72. Lucille Pennewell

    My favorite thing in my stash is a highlighter called you glow girl by j cat. It’s got a golden hue to it that I just can’t get enough of.

  73. Rachel Walker

    My favorite product in my kit would be my Pat McGrath GOLD 001 pigment. I use it for super special events!

  74. Amanda Wendt

    My favorite thing I have right now is the morphe 3502 palette that you reviewed earlier!!

  75. delaney p

    Your excitement is making me excited and you’re freakin glowin nikki❤?

  76. Lady Thorne

    My favourite product is Essence Pure Nude Be My Highlight.

  77. Katherine Wilson

    Girl I can’t live without my concealer! I’d be lost without it!

  78. alilouimar

    My favourite product is DEFINITLEY my zoeva cocoa blend pallette.

  79. Hannah Rubia

    My favourite makeup product would be my ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I waited way too long for it to be in stock, and I’m glad that I wasn’t disappointed!

  80. Tobi SHELLEY

    Me after watching Nikkie’s video…. ? (they’re blind sunnies)

  81. Kaitlyn Laurel

    My current favorite makeup product is my jouer highlighter in rose quartz <3

  82. Aubrey Zinser

    I need that glow

  83. Alice Felberg

    Honestly my favourite product that I own is probably my Juvia’s Place pallete, i use it almost daily and if i go anywhere overnight i take it since the colours are so nice, enough subtle colours if i need them but also nice pigmented and blendable colours if i wanna go for more intense (also that highlight is amazing)

  84. hluhlui hmar

    Hello NIKKIE …. it is always fun to watch your video…funny comments about yourself…how you react with the product you used,facial expressions….pure joy to watch. But at the end of the video,you always manage to transform into the goddess you already are. SALUTE
    MY FAV MAKE UP- Juvia’s place The Saharan

  85. Lucille Pennewell

    You missed your Cupid’s bow ?

  86. DonaNovinha

    Hiya Nikkie! Thank you so much for sharing this highlighter! It looks so good. My favorite time tested makeup product is the Tom Ford lipstick in Casablanca. It’s my perfect shade of lipstick and I always have one!

  87. sammy s.

    I think my fav products from my stash would either be champagne pop by Becca or the black eyeliner from miniso ? they’re so good for everyday use or for glam days, I love x

  88. Alexis Murray

    Love you so much! also I love highlight is by far my favorite makeup product! My favorite highlight is my champagne pop by becca and jaclyn hill!

  89. Erin Lockey

    Absolute favorite product is Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick almost every time I am in Walmart I get a new one lol

  90. Myra Severson

    I have to say my favorite product that I personally have is my combo of two foundations. I have Cover Girl oil control in light ivory (raised on that brand, and I’m so white, I’m transparent… ask my friends), my recently discovered Maybelline Fit Me 115 dewy and smooth foundation. I recently discovered I’m a mix of these two colors, lol, and my coverage has never been better for me. I don’t like fuss, I don’t have lots of time for makeup (3 kids), and I don’t wear makeup often. But these two.. they blend PERFECTLY into my skin!! Anyway, that’s my fave product!

  91. odetoanathema

    this highlighter is pretty but like, girl, why did you bring your highlight that far in/under your eyes ?

  92. Vianca Rivera

    i loveeee the fenty beauty foundation

  93. Emma Smith

    My favourite product is a Revlon highlighter I’ve had for the longest time, I always go back to it no matter how many I buy? used it almost everyday for at least 3/4 years and still haven’t hit pan??

  94. Maria Torres Galvez

    My favorite product is the Anastasia brow wiz. ♡

  95. Disney&Makeup Lover

    Highlighter ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  96. Amy Vernon

    My favourite makeup product is defiantly my Helen E glitters, I remember I got my birthday money and ran to my shop and bought them for myself. I feel like a dazzling princess with them on and it makes me so happy xxxx

  97. Elizabeth Fisher

    This is what highlighter should look like. My hourglass eyebrow pencil is my favorite holy grail.

  98. a jm

    ok wow this is so pretty I want it now

  99. Jennifer Chapa

    I love watching your videos! Thank you for sharing your makeup tips and talent with the world ? I recently bought the new Urban Decay quad highlighting palette and I do like it for a natural glow but I have to say my loose highlighting powder from OFRA is my favorite when I want that frosted, extreme glazed donut highlight lol so that is my favorite product right now…..but if I had a chance to try the Givenchy….omg I would probably die in a glowy, glittery puddle. And I’m ok with that!!!! ???

  100. Sophia Failla

    My favorite makeup product is clor pop highlighters or modern rennesaince pallet

  101. Sophie Felice

    My new favourite make up product is the Fenty beauty foundation. It’s really matte but not drying, it provides enough coverage for me and does not make me break out at all which is a first for me and foundation. Seriously I’m obsessed ?

  102. charlizzzeee19

    Becca champagne pop highlighter, old but gold ?

  103. Danielle Leask

    Fav product is prob a tie between Monsieur Big mascara and Becca pressed highlight – can’t complete makeup without!!

  104. Raelene Holshouser

    My smashbox full exposure mascara

  105. Yasmin Siouri

    Can’t live without black eyeliner ?

  106. Monique M.

    My favorite product in my makeup kit are my eyeshadow palettes because I can show my creative with different eye looks

  107. Nati f

    Tutorial for this gorgeous look please! Continue to slay! I love you so much beautiful?

  108. Erin Fischer

    My favorite makeup product is the lancome teint idole ultra wear foundation??

  109. Daniela Bernard

    Boom boom boom I want this highlighter in my room ? ??????

  110. Anastasia Phoenix

    I love it

  111. Maxine M.

    Love the marc jacobs liquid lipsticks

  112. Josette Chavez

    my favorite product is the Maybelline MasterChrome metallic highlighter ✨

  113. lolliedmagallan

    Highlighter is definitely my favorite thing I love to put on my face for the top total glow

  114. Minzy

    What setting spray is she using?

  115. Dani Sophia Rose

    My favorite makeup product at the moment is the Isa Aren asian touch highlight and black shadow palette by kiko xx

  116. Jacky 001

    Ive been subscribed ❤️?you remind me of myself when you do your highlight i have the same reactions when i do mine??my favorite product is the bh cosmetics highlight palette , wild and radiant ✨✨✨

  117. Jac_key Reyes

    My favorite is ….. trophy wife highlight lol

  118. Kelessa

    My favourite product lately has been the ColourPop liquid lip in Calypso. It’s just a colour that’s been working really well for me!

  119. Erin Lockey

    Straight fire ???

  120. Shayshay -


  121. Brianna Garcia

    My absolute favorite makeup item in my collection is my Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette I love the shimmers they’re so creamy and pigmented I just die every time I use it

  122. Jayni Martinez

    my favorite product in my makeup stash is my cover girl healthy elixr foundation & dermablend setting powder! best combo for my skin right now <3

  123. angel lu

    Nikki you ARE the gorgeous model you were talking about…I live!

  124. Valery Zuñiga

    My super black mascaraaaa <3

  125. Kate Santiago

    My favorite make-up are highlighters and I’m really loving Fenty’s Trophy Wife right now! Hopefully I’ll be able to try this too!!!

  126. Alyssa Wade

    Slime is back!!

  127. Zoe Jones

    My favorite product In my stash is my Hoola bronzer ❤️

  128. Sophia Failla


  129. Fearless Beauty Queen

    Merry Christmas Nikkie. My favorite thing in my makeup stash is definitely highlighter

  130. Héloïse Alhaits

    My favorite product is a Kiko lipstick that always make me more ten times more attractive than what I really am haha

  131. nutcrack ed

    i love highlighter and lip product! that makes me looks on point! and a blush!

  132. Selene C

    it’s beautiful and so amazing but the price ehhhhhhh

  133. Jenifer Ramos


  134. Ashley Cruz

    My favorite product is either my blush or highlighter, I think its the easiest way to bring some life into my face

  135. Kate Wiri

    The Maybelline Fit Me foundation ❤️❤️

  136. Liliana Chavez

    I’m watching you from Phoenix, Arizona, USA ? i love love love love love you. I hope I enter this giveaway and win !! SC: m.lilianaa

  137. Roger Waters


  138. Emily Nichole

    Rhythmically chants “I’m a slime I’m a pudding I’m a slime I’m a pudding”

  139. Ximena Bautista

    My favorite makeup product is my Bare Minerals liquid lipstick in shade Bo$$, is the perfect nude, I LOVE IT. ?

  140. Queen Coco

    I don’t have a favourite makeup item because I don’t really have good makeup its from like 4 years ago!?

  141. Alexandra Daley

    My favorite makeup product is my coco bling. Girl, I know I don’t have to tell you the brand or what kinda of product it is. You’re the reason I bought it.(x

  142. Gamora Ora

    My favourite makeup in my stash are ALL OF IT. No exceptions

  143. Alyssa H

    My favorite product is my born this way foundation <3

  144. Trizzlee Nguyen

    My favorite product from my stash has got to be my Nars Banc De Sable palette(:

  145. Clarissa Garza

    my favorite product is Benefit’s “Goofproof Eyebrow Pencil”.

  146. Julia Stein

    My favorite make up products are my revlon matte liquid lipsticks <3

  147. Luiza Chagas

    My favorite makeup product I believe is a blush by Mary Kay that has the exact color that I get when I go to the sun – a red/pink tone that is not too bright and gives my really white skin the feeling that it has been to the sun. Kisses from Brazil ?? ?

  148. Savannah Myers

    All time favorite makeup product I cannot live without is my concealer. I use NARS radiant creamy concealer and tarte shapetape as a mix and it is a dream! The dark under eyes are the thing I hate the most and they take care of that coverage!!

  149. Andressa Galli

    Oh and where do u get that highlighter ??its GORGEOUS ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  150. Jessica ThunderHeart

    It looks so gorgeous both by its self and with the powder highlighter on top.

  151. Mjim

    My faves are definitely brow products!

  152. Amy Ramp

    My favorite makeup product…can I really only say 1?!…I’m obsessed with tarte shape tape and my Maybelline Chrome highlighter and my liquid lipsticks…and blushes (all and any!)

  153. Rodrigo Gil

    Favorite is hands down my clinique 2in1 foundation ❤❤❤ love u

  154. Courtney Barrett

    lol this is perfect for all those ten year olds that are obsessed with slime yet somehow still better at makeup than me?

  155. YOUR MAMA

    Oh mama goddess ??

  156. Zani J

    My fav is the lipstick I wear I have full lips and I wear a dark pink color to but I love highlighting my cupids bow

  157. Alicia Osler

    Love watching you! I’ve been following you since 2009-2010. I have watched you grow in your profession ever since. You have also taught me so many things along the way! My fave makeup is Sugarpill eyeshadow and Stila’s magnificent metals liquid glitter eyeshadows!

  158. Gizem C.

    You should try the farsali jelly highlighter!!!

  159. Becca Crawford

    my fave product would definitely be my highlight, just being able to glow like a queen is amazing and makes me feel so good and confident about myself which is something i hardly ever feel

  160. flutteringwings123

    dang i kinda want to add that highlighter to my cosplay makeup collection

    as for my favorite product, well. probably my dolly wink liquid eyeliner since its the only liquid eyeliner ive encountered that lasts more than 4 hours. and yes i’ve tried kvd and stila. no contest man. no. contest.

  161. Katri Hautala

    My favourite makeup product in ma bag gotta be the Loreal’s Plumping brow gel. It has made my brow game so much more easier!

  162. Anna Ivanova

    My favourite makeup product is either concealer or a brow gel

  163. Marcie Dressler

    That highlighter slime looked amazing on your skin! Right now my favorite cosmetic item is actually my e.l.f poreless primer ☺ I have bigger pores and it really smoothes everything out! It also leaves my skin very soft.

  164. s p

    my favorite make up product is my wet and wild liquid lipstick in shade dusty rose???

  165. Mariel Geda

    My favourite product would be laura mercier candle glow foundation xx

  166. Malaika Alilaw

    My favorite product is mt Arbonne highlighter stick. It gives a very natural glowy look

  167. Rebecca Marshall

    My favourite makeup product that I own is my becca moonshine highlight

  168. Loubug

    THAT GLOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Amber Otter

    that eyelook is so so so so pretty

  170. Kelsie

    Ooh, I don’t know what my favorite product would be… I think it would be Sephora’s mascara (triple something?) in brown. I can never find brown mascara in drugstores but I’m pale as heck and need it for all but the most dramatic makeup looks. Recently I tried Benefit’s They’re Real! in brown and it definitely made my lashes look long but I found the plastic wand irritating. Sephora’s is a fiber wand and it’s much nicer on my eyes! I know mascara is a basic product to choose but my eyelashes are blonde so it makes the biggest impact out of all my makeup!

  171. Jadranka Mwangi

    My favourite makeup product is my Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara. Goddamn.. It makes my eyes look bigger than the entire universe!

  172. Andressa Galli

    Nikkie u look better without highlighter I prefer u matte

  173. Maria Jose Sandoval

    That was so pretty!!!

  174. Jazmin Flores

    Lash parasise hun

  175. Agent von Haught

    My fave product is my Lancôme teint idole foundation. The most perfect color match and formula!!!! ?? I tried cheating on her with other foundations and they all failed to compare! Long live the Teint Idole!

  176. Alexandria_ Makeup

    my favorite product is my tarte ready set lashes mascara!

  177. Luiza Chagas

    For me, that like a more natural look, I think this highlighter will be perfect. The only thing is that in Brazil Givenchy costs a lot because of all the shipping and tax

  178. xkitty333x

    I love my peach palette

  179. Óscar Zárate

    My favorite product is Becca Champagne pop ♥️

  180. Alexandra Bonar

    I LOVE most things by Tarte (obviously shape tape is a must) but I’ve been really enjoying my maneater mascara and liquid liner lately.

  181. Anni Black

    Hi niki! I like using my estee lauder shadow in kitten heel for a highlight! It’s pink, but has a golden reflect in it and it makes me ready to slayyyy ?

  182. Natalia hellnah

    My favourite makeup product…glitter, glitter is glam and if needs be it can cover pimples and dark circles like nobodies business. I feel if you’re gonna put something on its got to be blinding! ??

  183. lovelylindsay1

    My fav product is Tarte bronzer in Park Avenue Princess, thanks to @nikkitutorials I leaned about it watching her video back in the day ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  184. Lil Red

    my favorite makeup product I’ve ever had is my Luna highlighter.
    it lives up to the name and makes it look like the moon is shining down on your cheeks! (and its only 9$)

  185. Lisa Smith

    My favorite product is RCMA foundation and their powder. Though made for artists, which I am definitely not, it’s a must have for me. So many colors too, even the perfect ones for my dry ghostly pale skin!

  186. Alyssa Marie

    i love love love the anastasia beverly hills sun dipped highlighter glow kit

  187. Ashley Wallace

    My favorite makeup product is setting spray! So refreshing after you put in work and makes my skin glisten!;)

  188. Bambi Couture

    my newest fav is the abh moonchild glow kit, to die for 🙂 love that this is wet and won’t ruin the base

  189. Innaray Oliveira

    You’re such a Queeeeen! I’m just like you, I can’t do my makeup without a highlighter. Currently, my favorite makeup product is my BECCA Opal highlighter. I got a sample size at Sephora & honestly it’s one of the best highlights I’ve owned so far. Once I run out of the sample, which is quite a lot actually, I will be buying the full sized product.

  190. Choi Jay

    My favorite makeup product is the loreal lash paradise mascara and the loreal voluminous mascara. I also like the marilou manizer highlight by the balm

  191. Megan Hallie

    My favorite makeup product is the little wet n wild glitter single. Can’t decide if I like the gold one or the white one best, but I wear them pretty much every day, and I feel like a fairy. ???

  192. Estefany Torres

    My fave makeup product is my hourglass ambient bronzer

  193. coco c

    highlighter is ofc my fave

  194. Dianna Hunter

    I actually don’t have a lot of makeup. I only have eyeliner by wet n wild and great lash mascara lol.

    1. Dianna Hunter

      But I love your videos and you’re what inspired me to actually get into the makeup game. I can’t afford much but starting next week I’m gonna try to buy some foundation and setting powder. Eeee! Wish me luck!

  195. Fe Porras

    You know why they say ,Second is the best ❤️❤️

  196. Queen Coco


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    2. Demi Leigh

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    1. Kaitlyn -Leigh

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  570. Alyson Bitel


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  602. Amber Mancha


    1. Amber Mancha

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  610. DeAnn Brisee

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    as a makeup artist i use almost only on this cream contur for my girls ❤

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