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14 Mistakes Of Your Life You Will Realize When You’re Old

It’s not that Most people are Afraid of… It is getting to the end of life only to realize that you never truly lived. Young life…this life…it precious. You don’t understand what you have now until you’re old. Its the vibe, energy and beauty of youth that writes most of your life story. Its what you do then that makes you feel content and happy. Make sure you don’t miss out on your youth and have the time of your life.
Here Are 14 Mistakes of Your Life You Will Probably Realize When You’re Old.

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65 Thoughts to “14 Mistakes Of Your Life You Will Realize When You’re Old”

  1. DragonPupEclipse

    Travel= a lot of money. It’s not that we don’t wanna travel is that we don’t have the $ to travel.

  2. Drew Grow

    Of course those are true to some degree. But what is gained through years of existence is knowledge and wisdom. In general young people need to exploite their opprotunities instead of taking them for granted and passing on them.

  3. Liz Medina

    You hold grudges AGAINST, _not_ “with” people. Geez, English is going to the dogs.

  4. Jing Law

    bullshit…live in a third world country for a month…dumbass first world problems


    How can a poor and jobless man travel?

  6. William J.

    It makes no sense to live with regret. When we made the decisions we made, they were made without the knowledge we now have or were made to change the situation we were in at the time. All we can do now is to take inventory of our decisions, change what we can and accept what we can’t. Living with regret only serves to make us lament on our past and prevent us from changing our present or future. Besides, not all of us need all of those things to fulfill our lives.

  7. Rob Brenton

    Fix the whole in the roof while it’s still sunny out !

  8. Rob Brenton

    I regret finger banging my grandma so many times in my youth………wait, no I don’t!

  9. angel me

    So many of those “mistakes” encourage egocentrism… -_- Videos and ideas like those make people worse persons… only caring about what they want and what they “need”… There is not only you! There is also everybody else… When it comes to the bad relationship (or more specifically maybe marriage), you should try and make it work. Running away from a relationship in the first sign of “bad” is just dum… My advice is: think before you act, find the good into everyone and help them and yourself become better. Anything else is egocentrism….

  10. awgdak jayasinghe

    It depends on thoughts in situations what you have and how you accept them.

  11. 45eno

    You forgot the 15th and most important. The ending of your life without the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Dying and standing before the Lord and not having Christ’s sacrifice to atone for your sins will be the ultimate regret. That regret will live on for eternity when you are separated from the source of all that is good, God. Since you did not want God during your life you won’t be with him in your afterlife. Biggest regret and it will never go away. Repent (turn from sin) and Believe (put your faith in Christ’s work on the cross, dying for YOUR sin that has been committed everyday against your creator)

    1. Kaatje Van der Zee

      Read what I posted above. Please dont use fear and extortion to convert people.

  12. Dave S

    The “best version of yourself” or the “only version of yourself”.
    There are no mistakes.

  13. Vickie Clark

    I have to disagree with others below. I worked at several jobs I hated at the same company for 34 years. I ended up with a nice pension and a 401K plan that let me retire at 62. Sometimes enduring pain for a while pays off in the long run.

    1. Rob Brenton

      I have a feeling you would enjoy anal

  14. Queen Malka

    Dont drink this koolaid folks! Just what the already superficial young generation needs to hear..

  15. Bill y

    life’s a bitch and then you die. deal with it .

  16. Daniel Nelson

    As a 23 Year old guy I found this video quite valuable and I feel like I can apply these lessons to my life with ease. Thank you

    1. Rob Brenton

      I hope you get hit by an asteroid

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    Amazing Homemade Drink to Lose Belly and Back Fat Fast | Wonderful Life Tips

  18. Uber Driver

    This applies only to a niche of people

  19. Priscila de Almeida Leone

    #14 is partially wrong. It should simply say ” not taking the time to learn something new” full stop. You can always learn something new, even when you are old. In fact learning something new when you are old will keep you younger for longer. Anyone can learn anything anytime.

  20. Warren C

    Agree with most of these but not all.

  21. James Humphrey

    universal basic income to all people in the world would help to solve these things…..

  22. peter sachs

    Travel more and then be financially stressed out from the debt it incurs? I wonder who exactly made this list? Young people trying to get clicks or older folks passing on life advice?

  23. ilias marr

    biiiiiitcch i’m poor :'(

  24. Nikhil Khandekar

    None of these will ever really apply. Looks like I did get it right all through. I continue living well.

  25. Mahalo Freddy

    I almost unsubscribed because this tripe. Please don’t push your ideologies on me. I don’t need your advice. Stick to the natural things. That’s what I like about this channel.

  26. Patricia Sias

    A life with little regret…being the best person you can be well rounded.

  27. Kevin

    My lifes motto is, It’s Never Too Late. I’m in the process of proving that right now. There are handicaps that may prevent a person from covering ALL the items, but do what you can. I was slow in school and I think I had some undiagnosed learning disabilities. I was overlooked, ignored, and not helped in the educational area. But now as an older adult I can develop new areas of interest and abilities. Lack of money commonly interferes with most of the things stated in the video. Do What You Can NOW and maybe other things can be worked on down the road. Don’t hold on to past resentments, it’s not healthy And it’s counterproductive. Do things now that make you happy. Become a Believer in Yeshua HaMashia. That helps a person in so many ways. Be Positive No Matter What! Don’t Hang around negative people All The Time!

    1. Carolyn Powell

      Kevin And don’t worry too much about how you look to other people. If you want to do something and it won’t hurt anybody (including yourself), go ahead and do it. Try to enjoy as much as you can – the little things as well as the big. This day will not come again. On the other hand, don’t cry about what you can’t do anything about.

  28. Hedgehog Legs

    Patronising, demeaning, offensive, and utterly disrespectful.

  29. Bluewren Reilly

    ROFL. How appropriate how young just wait until reality kicks in !

  30. Jason Bean

    Don’t you forget about me.

  31. VideoTime Unlimited

    Life always not easy, it is truth!

  32. A Monotheist Translation

    1. I was born

  33. I Confess The Lord Jesus.

    The most important thing that anyone can ever do is to believe
    3 how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
    4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: 1Co 15:3-4 KJV.

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Jhn 3:16-17 KJV

    This life is`nt all there is, eternity comes after this life.

    1. Kaatje Van der Zee

      Martin G:

      I’m sorry you do not understand.

    2. Martin G

      +Kaatje Van der Zee There’s something you don’t yet understand: God knows you better than you know yourself. He created you, so naturally He knows exactly what you were created for. All you know is what you already know; you do not yet know what you do not yet know. How could you, because it hasn’t happened yet? I speak from experience; God has shown me my true, ultimate purpose in my life, which is FAR beyond anything I could have conceived of on my own, and there’s still more to come. This path isn’t just for certain people, it’s for EVERYBODY. Although I will admit, not everyone is ready for it just yet. But if you ever want to know your ultimate purpose in life, only Jesus knows that and you have to ask Him to reveal it to you. If it didn’t work out for you in the past, it’s not because the path was not right for you, it was because you were’t ready to go that far at the time. That being said, enjoy the path you’re on. When you’re ready, you will knock on Jesus’ door. Cheers.

    3. Kaatje Van der Zee

      Martin G:

      As I’ve said before it is not for me. I know my life and myself better than you do. If you knew me, you would understand why I feel the way I do about Christianity and not try to sell it to me.

      Not everyone has had good experiences with your religion. Know that.

      That being said, if you find peace and meaning with Jesus, that’s OK.

    4. Martin G

      +Kaatje Van der Zee Indeed, “Christianity” is not for me, either. Or should I say, “churchianity”. However, JESUS is definitely for me! I doubt that you’ve ever experienced Jesus, because if you had, you would never look back. You may have a wonderful spiritual path/system, and I applaud you for that, but I’m just saying that ONLY through Jesus are you going to plumb the full depths and heights of the rich spiritual life God has planned for you from the day you were born. Far from being a “fearful slave”, I am a beacon of light to those around me, from family to co-workers and friends, as well as complete strangers, because I am following NOT A PATH, but rather the Spirit of God Himself. When I witness and minister to people, they KNOW that I am telling them the truth, not because I have been TOLD what to say, but because I am LIVING the truth and it is abundantly obvious to them. We may not “experience the world and reality in the same way”, however Jesus is the one true, living God no matter WHO you are, and no matter HOW you experience reality. It is simply a Universal fact no matter how you look at it, and there is simply NO OTHER WAY around that fact. And, once you KNOW Jesus, you wouldn’t WANT any other way, because He is the FULLNESS of God. Cheers.

    5. Kaatje Van der Zee

      Martin G

      1. My religion / pathway is Asatru. I try to follow the ways of some of my ancestors.

      2. I am not the ultimate authority. I know what I want. Christianity is not for me, since I’ve seen what damage it has done to people, including myself. I dont want that. I want a way of life which would make me strong, honourable and with virtues to strive for.

      3. The gods do NOT want fearful slaves. They are the forces of Nature and the Universe, they dont need to use fear, emotional manipulation, threats to get people to acknowledge them.

      4. Different people see divinity in different ways. We do not experience this world and reality in the same way.

  34. guypithecus the 1st

    I’m 78 years old, and you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    1. Rob Brenton

      He’s a filthy liar !!

    2. Jalil Popalzai

      Rob Brenton if he really is 70+ it would be best to show some respect while differing with him. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and we have the right to differ, but respect is still not to be forgotten.

    3. Rob Brenton

      That’s because you’re old and your brain has deteriorated to a slab of shit.

    4. CookieMonster.

      You’re like 1year old

  35. Fairy Frequency

    Like #170 from the Fairy Frequency channel! Wishing you a beautiful day ?

  36. Fukuoka March

    Some people regrets that they married today’s spuot when they are young.

  37. the joker

    This i bullshite.

  38. Master Tracker

    After getting rid of a nasty tempered ex wife , I lost 200 pounds of unwanted and unhealthy fat .
    Great decision !

    1. enzo Boy

      Master Tracker

  39. Storm Crow

    Some people don’t wana travel dumbass.

    1. Rob Brenton

      Yeah, because some people are just lousy pieces of shit……………… you! Go fucking kill yourself, bitch

  40. NuNu Ding-Lam

    being old is about more happier and not regret at the end

  41. Behzad Kamini

    Now that I’ve almost reached the old days must agree that I do regret 4 or 5 of the points in this clip of yours. thank you ???

    1. Behzad Kamini

      Rob Brenton.. Hi, no (1) and no (12) ?..?

    2. Rob Brenton

      wHAT’S YOUR biggest REGRET ??

  42. Augustine Jr. Cabanban

    Most humans are not contented on what they have. Money is only important when you’re alive but when you’re dead it’s nothing at all.

  43. Visy Visy TV

    It’s true, most of us squander our youth.

  44. K K

    I agree with some points

  45. Maksim Krachenko

    many people cant lose their job because they need money , what you fuck you speak about ?

  46. droid264

    The job thing is absolutely correct…if you hate it now find something else….fast

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