10 Dry Skin Hacks You Need to Know | Arianna Jonae

I’ve gathered a list of tips from Pinterest, Dermatologist appointments over the years, and life experience to help you with your dry skin problems as well.

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55 Thoughts to “10 Dry Skin Hacks You Need to Know | Arianna Jonae”

  1. Hanbin's wifeu

    I jumped when the video starts, you were so hyper and my volume was high

  2. Arianna Arnachillam

    Thx for the advice really helped #Arianna for life

  3. Karli Marie

    How hasn’t this girl blown up yet?

  4. pwussy!

    I bought all the products you were advertising the thing is I didn’t even know this was an ad ? you’re so good at advertising videos

  5. Monica Janabajal

    5,000 viewer 🙂

  6. Alice Compton

    wow. I love how happy this girl is. I watched this first thing in the morning & it just woke me up this morning.

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Alice Compton haha! I’m glad I could start of your morning with a little positivity ? Thanks for watching! ??

  7. Alyssa Threadgill

    so happy I found this video!!!! I always love watching your videos they are so helpful and amazing

  8. SolelyVanessa

    This is so important!

  9. Yazzy G

    I love your profile picture so much u r just beautiful

    1. Yazzy G

      +Arianna Jonae ur welcome!

    2. Arianna Jonae

      +yasgoins goins Thank you so much!! ?

  10. Shaquierra Mayo

    family dollar sells it

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Shaquierra Mayo oh good!! Get it I love it!!

  11. Denisha O.

    So do you like the lotion?

    1. Denisha O.

      Lol ok cool. I got the coconut oil and lily kind.  

    2. Arianna Jonae

      +Denisha O. Oh yes it’s def good! And it’s only $5 and soooo smooth! My whole family’s been using it now! Haha!

    3. Arianna Jonae

      +Denisha O. Oh yes it’s def good! And it’s only $5 and soooo smooth! My whole family’s been using it now! Haha!

    4. Denisha O.

      +Arianna Jonae (Henderson) I was just asking because I wanted to try it and didn’t want to waste my money lol

    5. Arianna Jonae

      +Denisha O. Of course! I wouldn’t promote it if I didn’t! Haha!

  12. Anne Cuthers

    totally unrelated but ihop’s free pancake day bout to be LIT ayyyyyyyyyeeeee

    1. Anne Cuthers

      its cool me too lol

    2. Arianna Jonae

      +Anne Cuthers I totally missed it ???

  13. Sophie marck

    i love it ??i made a makeup hacks video to check me out !

  14. Juliet Chukwu

    Where did you get the red and cheetah/leopard print shirt?

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Juliet Chukwu Rue 21 ?

  15. Maryam Hampton

    Awww the baby is so cute!!! She going to be a future youtuber lol!

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Maryam Hampton haha! Thanks girl! I need to make her a mini channel! LoL!

  16. Maryam Hampton

    I LOVEEE OATMEAL!!! But I suck at making it lol

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Maryam Hampton girrrrrl I got you covered! I’ll teach you the tricks of the oatmeal trade when you get here!

  17. Aras Reis

    For oil skin, pleaseeee ???

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Aras Reis I wish I could but I have dry skin ? I don’t know anything about oily skin :/

    2. Aras Reis

      +esther ogoti Girl, yeees.

  18. Kea'Era Brown

    Your curls are sooo GORGEOUS??

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +kay bee thank you ??

  19. Ashleigh Again

    Lol sadly I hate oatmeal

  20. BillNydia

    oh my gosh, cuteness overload!!!

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +BillNydia haha! Thanks girlieee ?

  21. Taylor Scott

    Can u do 10 dry hair facts or ways to keep ur hair moisturized ?

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Taylor Scott that’s a great idea! I’m still learning myself but once I find the perfect solution I’ll def make a vid about it!

  22. Shesbliss

    I currently use St.Ives face scrub. Love it

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Shesbliss omg yessss! Do you use the apricot scrub? That’s the first one I ever used!

  23. Jay Xo

    I don’t have dry skin but I always watch all your videos ?
    I cant get over how your hair is fully recovered and just bouncy as hell, loving the curls.

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Jay Xo haha! Thanks girrrrl ???

  24. Tee Bellamy

    So oatmeal is a Major ? that’s cool
    Imma eat a lot of it first though lmao ?

    1. Arianna Jonae

      +Tee Bella (TeeBellaTV) yeeeessss maaaajor key!!!

    2. Arianna Jonae

      +Tee Bella (TeeBellaTV) yeeeessss maaaajor key!!!

    3. Arianna Jonae

      +Tee Bella (TeeBellaTV) maaaaaajor key!! Haha! Yeeessss!

    4. Arianna Jonae

      +Tee Bella (TeeBellaTV) maaaaaajor key!! Haha! Yeeessss!!

    5. Arianna Jonae

      +Tee Bella (TeeBellaTV) maaaaaajor key!! Haha! Yeeessss!!

  25. Zack Morand

    I love that video ❤️?

  26. Braids Wig Queen

    great tip..tfs

  27. chiquita adams

    Great tips! For any skin type really Ari!! and ummm why is your niece so stinkin’ cute???? Later!!

  28. Mercy Babs

    I loved St. Ives but for me, when my skin has tried a product for a period of time, it doesn’t react to it anymore. but St. Ives is a greeaattt product.

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